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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 16, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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the big concern for us right now is that we potentially have two other shooters that we have not located. >> a shooting rampage at the washington, d.c. navy yard, several people killed including one gunman. but we can tell you this threat is not over. a community still on edge this hour with authorities still searching for those two additional gunmen. good morning, everything, thank you very much for joining us, i'm john kelly. >> the tragic numbers are changing by the hour, but here's the latest, 17 people dead, another five wounded in the
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rampage. this all happened about 3 1/2 miles from the white house at this navy yard. we turn to danielle lee with the latest. >> reporter: we now know the shooter is dead and police are looking for two additional shooters that could be in the area. meanwhile the area where i am remains on lockdown. as you can see behind me, on alert and on edge. >> authors say a gunman possibly armed with a military style assault rifle walked into a building at the washington navy yard where 3,000 people work and started shooting. police say multiple people have been killed and even more are injured. >> he was shot in the head and did not look like he made it, so
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i ran from there. >> reporter: dozens of local and federal agents surrounded the area. meanwhile helicopters hovered rescuing the wounder. police say they're looking for two additional possible shooting suspects. >> one being a white male who was last seen about 8:35, 8: 40 this morning, in a khaki, tan, military uniform. we also have a lookout potentially for another shooter involved, that was a black male approximately 30 years of age, that may have been in possession of a long gun. that man was wearing a drab, possible military style uniform. >> reporter: police escorted d.c. metro busses into the area to evacuate people stuck inside. police also stepped up security at the u.s. capitol and the faa temporarily put flag flights out
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of reagan international airport on hold. president obama spoke about the shooting. >> it's a shooting that targeted our military and civilian personnel. these are men and women who were going to work, doing their job, protecting all of us. >> in washington, d.c., i'm danielle olli danielle lee, nbcbay in colorado, phone service there being restored in some communities that were simply cut off by fofood and water. the number of people unaccounted for will be dropping. more than 12 hung people who have not been heard from yet. as many as 1,000 people in larimer county still out there waiting to be rescued. more than a dozen helicopters will be searching all day long
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for residents that have been cut off. five deaths have been reported since flash flooding hit that state very, very hard just last week. and three red cross volunteers from right here in the bay area in colorado helping with this relief effort and more are expected to be sent out very, very soon. local offices are waiting to find out exactly what kind of aid is needed. >> all of these kind of disaster situations, whether it's a house fire, that only affects one family, or a massive disaster that affectses a region, either way, it's always heart breaking and the red cross is there to make that journey a little bit easier and help out as much as we can. >> one of those volunteers helping from the east bay, and colorado, the shelter there are packed with families and pets. people were forced to evacuate so quickly, a lot of them didn't have a chance to grab any
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identification. most people don't know exactly when these roads will reopen or when they will be able to return home. here people are preparing for a different kind of disaster. it's all related to the air crash at sfo. the training exercise is still going on, it started just a couple of hours ago? >> reporter: yes, first responders are learning all about loading patient into military aircraft in the event of a disaster. this is the mc-2 aircraft that could be used when access is limited and roads are down and you have to move large amounts of people. what's unique about this craft, is that it lifts like a helicopter, but then can fly quickly more like a plane. the ausprey was used in military applications to move troops before. two are here at sfo today to help firefighters train. this is sort of a preview.
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this training goes on. the ausprey is move about 24 patients at a time and is about five times faster than the traditional helicopter. now san francisco firefighters will have seen it firsthand. >> during a disaster like a catastrophic earth quake is not the first time you want to be exchanging business cards. we want to make sure that we know how to work together, what our capabilities are and what our roles are. >> the application in this instance would be a natural disaster, we don't have an airfield or an airport that would allow other assets to get in and effect that response. but yet you still have that range of the airplane to go farther and faster and hopefully in crease the likelihood of survival for the patient. >> some of those were the same
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ones when the us -- this is a new set of tools they'll have. also they would learn how tto. they have found chemical weapons were used in sere yac t yachlta. the inspectors, they were assigned to report on whether those weapons were used, but not to determine who was responsible.
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>> police tell us when the coroner took a look at the man who was found dead here, the coroner, she didn't think that on the surface, his death appeared to be natural. so she's labeling it suspicious, what did she see? what led her to come to that conclusion, police won't say. now as somebody who called 911 a little bit after 3:30 this morning to say that there was a dead body inside the camper. they're still trying to identify him but they say he appears to be in his 70s. and he had been living in that rv for quite some time. >> besides this happening and
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then the shooting that happened about 2 1/2 weeks ago, i'm about ready to move out of here. >> reporter: hmm. >> i've been here seven years and nothing has ever happened. nothing has ever happened. now this. >> reporter: that shooting he was referring to was a shooting when a man was shot and killed a few weeks ago. police believe the body they found this morning, the death they believe is suspicious. they did have their crime scene detectives out here to analyze the scene. meantime in the east bay, a two alarm house fire leaves three people dead and fire officials now say those deaths possibly could have been prev t prevented. the fire broke out about 12:30 yesterday morning in pittsburgh. this happened on dimaggio
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avenue, and there were no working smoke detectors. firefighters say the three women were likely asleep when that fire started and they were simply overcome by the smoke as they try to escape. >> they are some nice people. right now fire officials tell us the cause of this one is under investigation. >> starting to budge. we'll tell you about the all-day effort to upright this search stuck in the italian reef for almost two years. everybody's going to get a new iphone. coming up in business at 10:00. and a week after that large fire on mt. diablo, rangers
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there getting ready to reopen the park and start the rebuilding efforts. it's a comfortable monday amp. temperatures are going to be down right perfect. then we take you on a wild roller-coaster ride for the final week of summer. we have got your america's cup forecast, and your seven-day coming up, when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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12 people are dead at the scene of the shooting. right now we have no word yet on a motive. but the number of dead in this
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shooting has been raised to 12 people, according to local police on the ground in washington, d.c. we'll of course keep you posted. crews are upright that ship out of the hole in that reef. the crew also now have to roll the ship off the seabed and on to huge underwater pralatforms. the ship likely will not be towed to shower until next spring. in all, 32 people were killed when the ship plowed into that reef. the captain's trial resumes next week. some positive news to report closer to home. mt. diablo state park opening this morning. park workers there will spend the coming weeks repairing restrooms, trails, picnic areas
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and campgrounds. the morgan fire was contained saturday, and this one burned a little more than 3,100 acres. investigators say target shooting, gun fire is to blame for starting this fire. and firefighters say they're very close to containing that rim fire in yosemite national park this. one's been raging for a while now. cooler weather now has helped them tamp down this fire. the rim fire reporting at about 84% contained. the third largest fire in arks history. state lawmakers decided to name is western span of the bay bridge after him. this despite opposition from former supervisors and even governor brown.
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he wrote in his column in the "san francisco chronicle," this is quote, if having even part of it named after me helps black kids understand that you don't need to be a good jump shooter or a rapper to get somewhere, that if you go to school and work your tail off, you may get a bridge named after you someday, then it has the potential to do some good, end quote. it's back to the bargaining table for b.a.r.t negotiators and labor unions. we can tell you they are still, b.a.r.t leaders are meeting with the two labor unions together. they did that last week and things were separate. among the issues still to be decided, employer health care, pension and the length of the next contract if they finally work things out.
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if they have not reached a zeal by october 10, the union will go on strike. scott mcgrew says a new operating system even for old phones. >> as long as you have an iphone 4 or better, you can get the new operating system os 7 as a free download wednesday. the most notable change is going to be digital. your phone will look different. there are new features as well. there is an easy to access control center. where you can quickly turn your phone to airplane mode with a quick swipe. you don't have to upgrade, but you're going to find it harder and harder to resist as the apps you decide to use upgrade. and wall street guys doing very well today in the morning show, we talked about larry summers not becoming the fed chief, he
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withdrew his name from consideration. wall street likes that and we have seen the dow rise more than 100 points. speaking of good vibrations, how about some peninsula little leaguers over the weekend. hundreds of people turning out to pay tribute to belmont's little league team. the 11 and 12-year-olds came within one victory of making it to the little league world series. >> i cry every time i see this team together, even today, a few weeks ago the final game because they are such an amazing group of individuals. >> and yes, they are. look at those proud young men. the boys, they celebrated with an awards ceremony, they had a little autograph session out there, and then to satiate their appetites, they have a little
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barbecue to go along with it. >> the bay area hockey may soon find themselves skating for a local pro team. the san francisco bulls held tryouts today with players all over the bay area and all over the world came to try out. one hopeful from new jersey, he tells us he thinks he has a good shot at making the team. >> so far and so pretty good? >> got a few goals, a couple of cy assists, not that bad so far. i hope i make camp or something. >> at least one player from the open tryout will earn a spot in a preseason game with a chance to play in the regular season. >> that's a cool option to have. out there trying to make the team. >> that's like mark wahlberg based on a true story, he was playing the football star. the philadelphia eagles. >> you get your tooth knocked out and it look likes you signed
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up for some beat town halloween costume. >> i think of mark wahlberg, i think of nicole from "fear." good morning to you, beautiful day. here's what happened, we were nice and clear over the golden gate bridges a couple of hours ago, we lost that wind and all those low clouds were able to develop and settle in. >> the races will go on tomorrow. oracle making a big come back over the weekend. we're going to see a pretty robust onshore flow, that's going to bring all those clouds right back inland as we head through tonight. temperatures 85 degrees in livermore today. a high of 75 in fremont and 79 degrees in redwood city. let's talk about america's cup, this is what we're expecting. the winds are likely going to play a big factor. so breezy to windy conditions
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out there, all that racing starts at 1:00 p.m. we're going to have it right here for you tomorrow. here's the good news, i'll be out there live, so i'm really going to take you behind the scenes. i've been itching to get out there. we have some rain on the way, especially up through the north bay, as we head through the second half of the weekend. best chance looks likes saturday into sunday. and sunday is the first official day of fall. let's walk you through your changes. 85 degrees for today. 79 so we drop off like a rock tomorrow. then we climb right back, wednesday, 94 degrees. 93 on thursday and then we drop you off again for friday to 81 degrees, saturday into sunday, expecting those showers. pretty good chance of seeing them in the north bay, about a 20% shot at this point. down in the south bay, that could get better. we will let you know. i'll be checking those models all night long. back to you, john and mar la. >> going to be out there live, be ready for a rush out there, security, christina loren is on
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we all know the expression sometimes you got it, sometimes you ain't got it. that summed up the 49ers last night. yeah, turn away yes your screen if you don't want to see it gerve. that is painful, didn't even want to keep it close until the end. seahawks capitalizing on a bunch of turnovers. seattle win this is one by a final of 29 to 3. ugly. >> the raiders, they won their home opener. it wasn't pretty though. both teams had a tough time generating offense. but the raiders, they came out on top in the end, they win it 19-9. right now we want to get you to a special report again, again, a navy yard out in washington, d.c., right now wire
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being told 12 people dead out there and we want to check in with nbc right now, they're doing a special report talking about the chaos and some gunmen still on the loose. >> this is an nbc news special report. >> good day once again, we're coming on the air to update you on an event in washington, d.c. this morning that is now a mass casualty event, a mass shooting at the washington navy yard. here is what the chief of the metropolitan police force cathy lanier just told members of the news media outside the scene. >> right now we have multiple pieces of information that would suggest that we have at least two other individuals that were teamed -- style uniforms that does not mean, we do not know if they are actual military employees. but these are people that we
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really believe are involved in some way, we're trying to locate those systems. >> that has to do with the ongoing manned hunt, what we do know is the death toll has risen to 12, 12 dead in this single incident. we believe that number includes the shooter or a shooter. again, right now the emphasis is on the search for two other individuals who my, may have been involved in this. of course this takes on a lot of the qualities of the -- you see the response at the washington, d.c. naval yard this amp. tracking it all day has been our justice correspondent pete williams. for those who have perhaps just joined the coverage. reset this for us, when did this happen and when did we start to find out that was a mass casualty event?
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>> this started just before 8:00 a.m. eastern time at the washington navy yard. because of a large confluence of law enforcement agencies, there was a huge response, first to get a perimeter around and then find out where the shooting was happening and get it stopped. now, most of the shots were fired relatively early on in this process. that had wounded and killed people. but, as you heard the police chief say, rather cryptically, reason to believe there were two other shooters. we're told that that evidence is in part surveillance video, that at least one man, a man she described as a white man in a khaki uniform. you see that person leave the frame and that western -- not clear whether the person was
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shoot inging at the victim or - based on this video, and eyewitness reports, that's why they're looking at the possibility, i guess the best way to say it is, investigating the possibility that there could be other people involved. as for the person suspected of firing the majority of the shoots inside building 197, at the washington navy yard, that person is dead. we're told that is a 34-year-old man from texas. here's where the story gets complicated, brian. near him was found an id badge belonging to another person who worked at the washington navy yard. that person was detained by washington, d.c. police at home and is now being questioned. a key question at this point is, how did the man who fired the shots inside the navy yard get that id? is there any connection? is it just someone who lost a
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badge. that's what police are trying to determine at this point. so more unanswered questions, what's the motive? why did that happen? why the navy yard? that we don't know. we do know the man that's dead that fired the majority of the shots was heavily armed. he came into the facility this morning dressed in black, carrying a shot gugushotgun, a style handgun and an assault rifle. >> this is a military base where weapons are familiar and prevalent and, pete, this kind of mass casualty event puts it on par with a ft. hood and aurora, colorado. >> is its a terrorism like ft. hood or is it more like a pork place shooting, that's the question. >> pete williams has been tracking the story all morning and will of course be a large part of our coverage when we come on the air tonight with what we know for nbc "nightly
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news." we wanted to update you, though, that the death toll has risen to include at least one shooter at the washington, d.c. navy yard. we'll stay on it, we'll be back on the air with any extraordinary developments. i'm brian williams, nbc news, new york. #. >> so that is the very latest there coming from new york. be sure and stick with nbc news for our coverage on the navy yard shooting. you can also go go to n >> we'll continue covering this, again, that death toll has risen to 12 people out there at the naval yard in washington, d.c. make sure you can get the latest information, - [groans] - well played, lemon. [door opens] you went running? i thought you'd left.


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