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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 17, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>>. >> we start off with breaking news out of oakland. crews are right now battling a three alarm fire engulfing a pair of homes. it's 4:30. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the fire is burning on 24th street at the intersection of market near interstate 980. christie smith live at the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we just got here about 20 minutes ago. oakland firefighters have the streets blocked, they are battling a stubborn fire in west oakland at 24th and marketment it started around 3:30 this morning. when we arrived we could see smoke pouring from the top of that blue building and also flames. we could see the smoke from as far away as the freeway. we're told that it's two buildings burning, residential,
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these are much older buildings. i spoke with one neighbor who tells me he heard what he thought sounded like gun fire or several small explosions. he was up watching tv, turns out it was a duplex around the corner that was burning where his friends live. he says he heard someone screaming. he got up because he knew that person needed help. >> i ran outside while this lady was screaming help, help, call 9 911. she's out her window screaming. i can't get out of my house. my door is locked from the inside. i went up while i'm on the phone with 911 telling them the cross streets, kicking down her door from the outside and my friend kenny, he came and helped me. we got her out. >> reporter: that neighbor tells me it's a duplex and also a four-plex. we've seen at least a dozen standing around.
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it looks like firefighters getting a handle on it. when we arrived you could see flames coming out of the top. we're not seeing that anymore. as far as what started it, we don't know yet. the battalion chief arrived. when we got here firefighters were running down the street trying to take care of all of this. so we're hoping to get an update. i did have a chance to talk with one firefighter. asked if anybody was hurt and he said not as far as he knows. that's what we have from here. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> very active scene there. and there is more breaking news, this time in san jose. a major crash on i-880 damaged several cars. the driver responsible nowhere to be found. >> marla tellez is live at the crash site with the latest and with what we learned from investigators. >> reporter: good morning. we a we are quite a bit away from the site, we're staged at a gas station on the alameda near 880
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where the crash happened. why we are here is because this is where chp brought all of the cars and now you're looking at the video of the car that caused this chain reaction. it's hard to tell but this is a jaguar, a newly purchased jaguar. it's very smashed up and the front end t back end, the air bags deployed. i saw the point of sale papers and it was purchased just six days ago on september 11. the driver of the jag as john and laura mentioned is on the run. officers here tell me the crash happened northbound 880 just past bascom avenue at 2:12 this morning. the driver lost control, ended up in the middle of 880, then four more cars crashed into the jag. it was a volvo, toyota, camry and a pt cruiser. officers say it's too early to tell what happened exactly, why the driver lost control but in any case he did take off on
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foot. three of four lanes of 880 were shut down for more than an hour, reopened just before 4:00 this morning. at least five people were involved in the crash, four were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, that's the good news, scrapes and bruises according to officers. what we can tell you about the driver not a lot. just that it is a male. no other information is being released to us. also, how chp is going to handle this, they are talking to the victims of the crash, those four people hurt. and then their focus will turn to the driver who is still on the run this morning. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. over to mike. >> good morning. we're looking here, as marla said the crash north 880 cleared, traffic flow not a problem north of 280 as you head north along that stretch. 880 moves through fremont. no delays, we have a good flow of traffic south past the truck
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scales. a car fire reported around sunol grade. haven't seen anything yet but we'll bring you the latest in the next report as we see what they find. we're looking at 880, what i can confirm at the top of the screen you have folks moving over one lane to the right. overnight construction, that means they are likely going to do those, slowing north of the coliseum as they remove the construction zone. we'll track that. back to you. >> thank you. 4:35 now. new developments in washington, d.c. the navy yard now closed as the fbi investigates yesterday's shooting leaving a total of 13 people dead including the alleged gunman. authorities say aaron alexis was a civilian contractor and a navy veteran who had legitimate access to the navy yard. fbi agents could be at the site for another two days investigating alexis and any motive he may have had for the shooting. >> we continue to work to determine where he has been, who
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he has talked to, and what he has done. >> we take very seriously when security at one of our most secure facilities is penetrated. >> we can also tell you schools will be back in session this morning, and flags will fly at half-staff through the end of the week remembering the victims. coming up we'll go live to washington for the latest on this ongoing investigation. >> police all over the bay area are looking for more possible victims of the san jose man with decades long history of sex abuse against children. police arrested 70-year-old christopher miller earlier this month after a mother reported seeing him touch himself at a walmart. he is a registered sex offender with convictions dating back 25 years. police say he's not just a suspect in the mountain view case but similar ones in union city, palo alto and gilroy. police linked miller because of his distinct look, a floppy fisherman's hat. they say there may be more
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victims and they would like anyone with information to come forward. a major intersection in livermore now open following a crash involving a pedestrian. a driver struck an 18-year-old man who was crossing airway boulevard. it happened just before 10:30 last night. the victim is recovering from serious injuries. the driver was questioned by police and released. >> when the sun goes down one south bay neighborhood has been in the dark for months. more than a dozen street lights on stallion way near king and aborn in east san jose have been out since late may. neighbors say they called the city dozens of times, usually get a recording telling them because of copper wire theft and lack of resources their lights may be out for some time. >> it's very scary especially for the kids and also we come home late at night and then i don't think it's right. we're also taxpayers like the rest of the county.
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>> neighbors tell us crime has gone up since those lights went out. one woman says somebody slashed her husband's truck tires and stole gas from their tank. another neighbor points out somebody broke into her dad's car and stole a car stereo. >> there could soon be more police officers patrolling the streets of oakland. the city awarded federal funding through the cops hiring program. the money goes toward hiring officers dedicated to specific challenges in the kmuchblt barbara lee and mayor quan will discuss details. it will be held at the federal building in oakland at 10:30. >> it's 4:38. let's get our first check on the weather. christina loren will be out in the field. anthony slaughter is here to help. >> we're going to see christina. right now temperatures are cool, we're talking about the wind today. it's going to be all about the winds because america's cup is throughout and that's what
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christina is setting up for. the winds gusting up to 20, even 35 miles per hour the past hour. again, that's what it's all going to be about, winds that will gust this afternoon about 25 to 35 miles per hour. this is around the start of the america's cup race. 1:00, the winds gusting already close to 30 miles per hour. look what happens as we head to 4:00, even stronger so we could talk about cancellations of the america's cup again because that threshold right around 26 miles per hour. for today temperatures comfortable, 70s around most of the bay. 65 san francisco. san jose at 77 and livermore right at 79 degrees. the seven-day forecast does have rain in it. we've been telling you about this since the weekend. of course as each and every day gets closer the models start to pinpoint this. looks like the best chance for a few showers will come in early saturday morning, of course fall begins sunday so mother nature right on time with a little bit of rain. we'll see christina in a bit. back to you guys. >> we'll look over to the
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freeway through fremont. 880 moves but watch 680 toward sunol. there are reports of a truck fire. i could not find it and there is no slowing on the maps. around the 84 interchange. we'll look over toward another live look, this is a beautiful look of our bay bridge. look how nicely late this is. a smooth flow as well. look at that. across the san mateo bridge not quite as lit but as smooth across the peninsula, no delays 1010280 along that stretch. and up through the city and across into or from the north bay look at that. you can see all of the lights across golden gate bridge. no fog, no clouds, no problem across this span. there is america's cup today and christina is going to be there. one of the last few days, maybe not. if oracle pulls out wins we'll have a few more days. >> or if it's delayed.
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facebook's mark zuckerberg teaming up with a local school. >> the bay area connection to that messy massive molasses spill in hawaii. >> and road to recovery. the update from the boy seriously injured after he was mauled by a pair of pit bulls.
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4:44. the ship wrecked cruise liner off the coast of italy is again upright. this is a look at the "costa concordia" this morning. you can see the water line on the side of the ship that was submerged more than a year and a half. salvage crews finished the pain staking task of righting the ship yesterday. look at the time lapse video. the entire operation took 19 hours, seven hours longer than expected. you crews say it was a success. they have to prepare it for towing in the spring. >> that was quite the undertaking. with all of the tension over this region the syrian government accusing turkey of trying to escalate tensions along the volatile border between the two countries. a turkish fighter jet shot down a syrian military helicopter yesterday at the border.
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the syrian military now says the helicopter entered turkish air space by mistake and was turning around to leave when it was shot down. turkey's government says the helicopter ignored several warnings to leave. the border is a hot spot for rebel infiltration. >> clear skies and receding waters are allowing crews to intensify the search and assess damage in colorado. heavy flooding is blamed for eight deaths and destruction of 1800 homes. more than 600 people remain unaccounted for, down from more than 1200 people yesterday. dozens of helicopters will continue evacuation orders as crews now go door to door searching for missing people. >> the company responsible for spilling hundreds of tons of molasses in the hawaiian waters says it will cover the cost of cleanup. the ceo of matson apologizing and say the company will not ship more until it is confident
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another spill will not happen. 1400 tons spilled out in the harbor from a leaky pipe as crews pumped the substance on a ship headed for oakland. crews say they found about 25,000 dead fish in that harbor since the spill. >> markets continue to react to larry summers pulling out of running for the fed chair. what the fed does today could impact what happens on wall street. seema mody is live with the details for us g. morning. >> good morning. that's absolutely right. futures now mixed after stocks closed mostly higher on monday, the dow finishing at a more than 5-week high as investors reacted to larry summers' decision to drop out of the running to be the next fed chairman. summers had been seen as likely to hike interest rates sooner than others. the fed, the central bank begins a two-day policy meeting. we get data on consumer prices and housing, the dow rising 118
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points. general motors is working on an electric car that can go 200 miles per charge for a sticker price of about $30,000. that's much less expensive than tesla's luxury model. a gm executive disclosed it in michigan while the technology is available now he wouldn't say when the car would hit the market. back over to you. >> thank you, seema. >> the time is 4:47. christina loren is gearing up for that america's cup race. she will bring us the weather reports. in the meantime, while she gets ready let's get anthony on board. >> temperatures today are going to be comfortable, 60, 70. 59 in san francisco, 60 in san mateo. now today once we get in the afternoon that's when our winds pick up. overnight they have been blustery. we're going to see is onshore
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wind rev up as we head through the afternoon. in fact, winds today will gust at the coastline from 25 to 35 miles per hour. especially once we get to 1, 2, 3, 4:00 in the afternoon. the threshold for them to cancel these races is up to about 26 miles per hour. so it's going to be very close as we get into some of our finals. out on the water temperatures back in the 60s, the water temperature chilly around 60 degrees so you don't want to fall in there. again, the wet suits help. 72 in oakland, 65 in san francisco. and 8 oyn gilroy. telling you about the chance of rain, what's going to happen, we're going to see a cooler day today, warmer for tomorrow and look what happens thursday. talking about temperatures in the 90s by then and there is that chance of rain. it's going to move on with the sthaem comes its way in time for fall. so friday night into saturday we could look at showers and some could linger into saturday afternoon. fall begins as we head toward
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sunday. back over to you. >> i guess we have to. anthony, thank you. we are learning this morning how much americans will be paying for health insurance through the new health exchanges set up as part of the health care reform law. "usa today" reporting families eligible would pay $100 or less per month in premiums, the department of health and human services says the lower premiums would apply to customers who buy what are called silver plans, subsidized by taxpayer dollars. the exchanges open october 1. >> a big honor for a bay area congresswoman at the united nations general assembly opening today in new york city. president obama has named oakland congresswoman barbara lee as the u.s. representative to the united nations. the conflict in syria will be a main topic of discussion at this year's assembly. lee has been a critic of the president's plan to attack the country. lee will not be leaving her oakland seat and the appointment is not expected to interfere
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with her congressional duties. >> three people accused in the death of a business man now expected to be back in court. d'angelo austin and javier garcia scheduled for a pretrial hearing. prosecutors say they broke into a home, rob and murdered a man. prosecutors turn owed phone records and thousands of pages of reports giving them to the defense team for the hearing. >> plans for the lawrence berkeley lab to build a new campus are on hold after the lab lost out on a major federal contract. lawrence did not make the cut for $1.5 billion contract to bailed super action ray microscope. the lab had set aside a large chunk of its facility for that project. the department of energy which funds the lab says the lab should now have plenty of free space without needing the new richmond campus slated to break ground as early as 2016. uc-berkeley is looking into
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other course sources of funding. >> the 10-year-old boy attacked and mauled by two pit bulls finally getting a chance to say thank you to the people who rushed to his aid. hunter kyle more dropping by giving a big time thank you to the team and yes, the firefighters they were waiting for him, presenting hunter with a lego fire truck as well as a fire department cap and t-shirt, got to jump aboard. taking care of business. hunter recovering from last month's attack forcing him to undergo two separate surgeries. he's in the fourth grade at morilo park. he is only able to attend part-time while he fully recovers. great to see that smile hanging out with the firefighters. >> a nice smile and big thumbs up. facebook's kre or will be in san francisco celebrating the opening of a new charter school. zuckerberg will join at the
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ribbon-cutting ceremony for the first kip high school. the opening ceremony will be held at 11:00 this morning. >> nice event. zuckerberg looks like he can still be in high school. >> kind of. >> that checkbook says different. 4:52. former stanford quarterback andrew luck emortalized. a special halloween tribute. >> the warriors breaking a franchise record as they gear up for the coming season. >> we're looking live, 101 moves nicely a. good amount of traffic. things are moving at the limit. we'll show you the update for what we found for 680 and the car fire, the issue with the truck as well.
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welcome back everyone. 4:55. warriors season hasn't started and already the team breaking records. yeah. right. more than 14,000 season tickets have sold for the upcoming season, a franchise record. 17 games will be nationally televised. another franchise record. tickets go on sale to the general public today. >> how is this for the ultimate honor. former stanford quarterback andrew luck now immortalized in an indiana corn field. that's right. for your viewing enjoyment.
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lori smith created a 12 acre corn maze. the inspiration came from a similar maze when peyton manning theft colts for the broncos. the farmer says not everybody is happy with the maze but most of the unhappy ones are bears and steeler fans. they take on stanford and the 49ers this sunday. that's pretty cool. >> no kidding. there you go. walk through that. 'tis the season pretty soon. fall's going to hit this weekend. check the morning commute with mike. >> we're looking toward the south. northbound 101 flows smoothly and nice conditions. we'll show you the map, the same area 101, 880 moving smoothly. 87 as well. earthquakes play tonight so a
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great night to head to the south bay. northbound 680, there is slowing through sunol as you head up to sheridan where the truck fire reported and the slowing, a distraction. >> thank you. >> 4:57. still to come on "today in the bay" an overnight car crash ends with a suspect's car ramming into the police. the latest on the injuries to the officers. >> we're keeping our eye on breaking news in oakland, crews working fast to put out a fire damaging at least two homes. we'll get the latest in a live report.
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>> reporter: breaking news out of oakland this morning where a three-alarm fire overnight forces people from their beds while they are sleeping. hear from a witness, coming up. >> reporter: and new this morning, chp is investigating a hit-and-run crash in san jose involving five cars, at least four people taken to the
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hospital. we're hearing alcohol may have played a role. that story coming up. >> i've got two more, we have the construction and changing conditions north 880 toward the bay bridge and the truck fire in sunol. we'll give you the latest there as well. >> right now allow us to take you live outside, that is the city by the bay, also known as san francisco. a beautiful look. i kind of like the morning look with the lights. glistening, dancing, feeling good about life in general on this tuesday, september 17th, this is "today in the bay." it's 5:00 straight up. good morning. thank you as all for joining us. >> in oakland it appears crews do have a handle on a fire that damaged a couple of homes. it broke out on 24th street at the intersection of market street near 980. christie smith is live at the


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