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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 17, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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differently. at this point we're not completely sure of the extent of the child's injuries, but there are no reports of any other children or adults being charged. we have a crew on the way and more information available for you as soon as it becomes available. >> new at 6:00, american and california state flags flying outside government buildings, but what about the flag of china? an east bay city council has given the go-ahead to fly the flag outside city hall beginning next month. kimberly terry joins us from san leandro this evening for an explanation. >> reporter: october 1st is china's national day. it's also the day the city council here in san leandro says it plans to hoist that nation's flag right here in front of its city hall where the city flag would usually be. this decision has caused uproar among human right activists upset about the message they say this city is sending. >> san leandro is a beautiful place. >> reporter: council member benny lee made the controversial proposal to fly china's flag
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outside san leandro city hall. >> i think it says that our cities are for sale. >> reporter: people at last night's city council meeting says lee said the chinese flag would help attract investors. today he backed away from that. why the chinese flag? >> acceptance, people of chinese ancestry. >> reporter: to draw in business? >> you know, i think that's a channel. >> reporter: because you said that in the past. >> yes. >> reporter: that it's to draw in business. >> well, i think i said a whole bunch of things. >> reporter: some residents and human rights organizations are angry saying the flag represents the pain the chinese government has put tibetans and their own people through. >> reporter: any comments about human flags and american concerns about it? >> i welcome their freedom, that's the best comment we can have. >> we were kind of dismayed at fact that this was being done under the auspices of bettering economic ties with china without actually thinking about the egregious human rights abuses committed by the chinese
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government. >> it is honoring a nation owner dorising a nation that's been virtually violating human rights and that is responsible for the death of 1.2 million tibetans. >> reporter: those who oppose the city's decision say they will be back on october 1st when the flag is officially raised on china's national day. >> the first message is that they are endorsing, you know, a brutal regime. it is like akin to kind of, you know, like honoring bin laden on the american soil. >> reporter: i asked the councilman if the city plans to raise other nation's flags in the future. he told me, quote, we're going to cross that path definitely. live in san leandro, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> the list grows. more children have stepped forward to say that they were violated and abused by 20-year-old rmca day care worker. nicolas lhermine is accused of
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molesting four young girls, the youngest just 3 years old. lhermine back in court today facing more charges. more now live from the south county courthouse in morgan hills with the new details. >> reporter: jessica, charges now have been filed involving four victims and prosecutors now say lhermine molested two girls within two hours on the same day. nicolas lhermine could face a life sentence if he is convicted of all the charges now filed against him. two new victims have come forward. today in a morgan hill courtroom lhermine learned of the new charges he now faces. >> it involves lewd and lascivious acts of a child 7 years old and the other would be lewd and lascivious acts touching of a child who is 3 1/2 years old and that brings the count to four children in regards to child molest cases. >> reporter: prosecutors say the four girls were all molested here at the day care facility on the campus of the paradise elementary school this summer.
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he allegedly molested two girls in one day and made a 5-year-old girl undress on a bus and took cell phone photos of her and then just 90 minutes later he allegedly molested a 6-year-old girl. since then the ymca hired a third-party investigator to see how it could better protect kids. >> one of the things that we've added is additional staff during different times of day so that we're well above california state licensing standards. we also have added staffing. >> reporter: prosecutors say it's very possible there may be more victims, but they say they have a strong case now thanks to the young girls who have already come forward. >> there's forensic evidence taken from cell phone. still examining the laptop. it just makes this conclusive. there's no issue. there's something wrong with this guy in his pre-disposition to molest young children. >> reporter: we're learning that lhermine's mother worked at the ymca as the services director. jane lhermine is now out on leave. we're live in morgan hill,
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george kitiama, bay area news. in san jose a convicted child molester pled not guilty to exposing himself. 70-year-old christopher miller was arrested last week after a mountainview woman reported he touched himself while she shopped with her two children. miller, a convicted and registered sex offender, was out on bail waiting trial for another complaint. this picture of miller was taken at a renaissance fair last mall. prosecutors say he wore a kilt and flashed children who walked by. they also say while awaiting his sentencing day for that crime, a surveillance camera at a peninsula book store captured miller luring a 10-year-old girl into this hallway. miller's bail is now set at $2 million. for the latest on the developing story out of washington, d.c. today investigators say there were signs that accused shooter aaron alexis suffered from mental illness. months ago he apparently complained to rhode island police that people were talking to him through the walls and the ceilings. the investigation into the killing of the 12 people is just beginning.
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we go live now to nbc's steve handlesman who joins us from d.c. for the very latest. steve. >> reporter: jessica, thanks, good evening. obvious signs of mental distress. good evening from the washington navy yard. the fact that aaron alexis was cleared on to this space yesterday and concealed a shotgun, the fact that he was allowed to work here which required the special pass is prompting tough questions today about how this man got a security clearance and perhaps more importantly how he kept it. some workers returned to the navy yard calling yesterday a nightmare. >> i'm glad to be alive, you know. everyone is glad to be alive. >> reporter: investigators searched a hotel nearby, used by aaron alexis who the fbi confirmed today acted by himself. >> this type of lone wolf actor is very difficult to identify unless they send up red flags on a repeatable basis. >> reporter: but alexis did. law enforcement said he was treated by the v.a. for paranoia. police near the navy base in
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newport said alexis told them last month that he was hearing voices. he had run-ins with police after firing a gun in 2004 and 2010. in 20119 navy discharged him early for insubordination, but alexis never lost the security clearance he had been granted in 2008, good through 2018, and used his pass like others did today to enter the navy yard and open fire with a shotgun, not an assault rifle, says the fbi. crystal stock is hailing a hero. her mother texted crystal from the navy yard. during the rampage. she was saved by an officer who was then hit. >> the security officer that pushed her and her other co-workers into the fire escape, right before he got shot. >> reporter: among those killed yesterday was this 25-year navy employee and kathy gaarde, a 38-year d.c.-area resident.
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defense secretary chuck hagel placed a wreath to honor the dead and injured and the navy and washington is still reeling. the republican chairman of the house armed services committee suggested today the navy put into place an unproven security system to try to save money. live at the washington navy yard, i'm steve handlesman, nbc bay area news. >> steve, thank you. that's the next concern now. the pentagon has ordered a security review for all u.s. military bases, not just domestically, but around the world. there are plenty of questions and concerns about how the government vets its huge workforce. we continue our coverage of the navy yard shooting on the website. there you'll find a photo gallery and text messages sent out during the tense moments after the shooting. that's at more money, more cops. california getting nearly $20 million in federal grants to help hire more than 100 new police officers across the state. congresswoman barbara lee announced today that oakland is getting ten new overs with that
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portion of the money. oakland was awarded the largest grant out of the 39 california cities. the grants are awarded based on financial needs, crime rates and community policing plans. the city of heyward is also receiving funding which money will be used to hire two safety officers to address the issue of gang violence. >> b.a.r.t. says there's one more day of negotiations scheduled for this week and one next week. last night the unions did bring a new proposal to the table. this one asked for a wage increase of 13.5% over three years instead of the 21.5% increase they were previously asking for. >> still to come at 6:00, a troubling investigation. a blind man and his seeing eye dog both run down. >> also, thousands of unemployed californians left high and dry. the glitch that's leaving a trail of empty pockets across the state. >> and a v.i.p. in a hoodie, of
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course, the advice mark zuckerberg had today for some bay area students. plus -- >> i'm scott budman. the investment game is on again. coming up, why big companies like twitter filing to go public are helping small companies notch some delicious funding. the story just ahead. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. a gusty day across most of the bay area. in fact, america's cup was postponed. we'll talk more about that forecast, plus rain in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. unbelievable.
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were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. on the peninsula the search continues for the hit-and-run driver who struck a blind reverand and his seeing eye dag in east palo alto last night in the 8:00 hour on myrtle street. you can see the map here. reverend robert macklin says the
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female driver stopped after hitting him and asked if he was okay. she then fled the scene. east palo alto police are asking anyone with information to come forward with information. in tonight's classroom education face to face with facebook's ceo. mark zuckerberg made a rare public appearance at a bay area school this morning. z zuckerberg attended a new charter high school and he spoke directly to the new students inspiring them to think big. >> all the ideas that really resonate people and inspire folks are really simple, and they are simple because they affect something fundamental about people's lives, and that often makes them really hard to pull off. you know, but that's what facebook and every successful company is about. it's solving a simple problem, in our case helping people connect. that's what kip is about. >> zuckerberg told his high school fan base to go after the
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dreams and not take the easy route. zuckerberg is well nope for having donated $100 million to schools in new jersey but rarely made public appearances in the schools here in the bay area. it's a little unusual to see a superintendent speaking at a charter school opening since many districts have had a rocky relationship with charter. the san francisco mayor ed lee says things are different in his city. >> and for us in the city, to work collaboratively with our school district and to work with the kip foundation to bring that partnership to this school is incredible. >> so what do we know about kip? it has five middle schools in the bay area, three high schools made up of mainly minority and low-income kids who apply through an open enrollment process. kip also says that 85% of the students do head off to college. well, the uc regent voted unanimously today to make emergency repairs on the old
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president's mansion. it's in the berkeley hills just north of the cal campus. it's been home to uc presidents for 40 years, but now it's in such bad condition it's not livable, so the uc rents a house. incoming president janet napolitano will move into an oakland home that the uc will rent for $10,000 a month. the hope is the fix'd up mansion will be a cheaper way to house president. the vote will now go before the full board tomorrow. pizza from chicago, cheesecake from brooklyn and pastrami from your favorite new york deli, it's mouth watering, not just for customers but investors in bay area startups. let's bring in our business tech reporter scott budman. talk about all that food in the 6:00 hour it gets me going. >> reporter: business good for tech startups these days, mott just for social network companies, not just for the cloud but even for companies that want you to eat better. >> new york city bagels, junior's cheesecake from
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brooklyn and red velvet cookies from byrd's in savannah, georgia. >> reporter: think of your favorite foods back home. now, even if you moved away they can find you, thanks to a startup called goldbelly. >> our mission is to discover every amazing bite anywhere in the country and make it accessible to people wherever they are. >> reporter: that mission just got more possible thanks to a $3 million round of venture funding, an investment that will held goldbely find more food, refine its software and hire more employees. >> so we are hiring on the engineering front, you know. it's top priority to build out further because we view ourselves as technology first and then clearly on the marketing area as well, on the content side, on the social media side. >> reporter: it's part of a flood of funding recently fattening the bank you a counts of tech companies like uber and pebble, and one of the reasons more money is starting to flow into companies is that more money is starting to flow out of
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companies, largely in the way of ipos, with big companies like twitter filing to go public, investing early in small companies is once again paying off big. as for goldbely it's way too early to talk ipo. >> but we wouldn't be doing what we're doing if we didn't see that opportunity. >> pretty amazing. >> reporter: perhaps giving investors and customers a taste of what's to come. >> pretty tasty. >> oh, yes. >> the best news, a lot of money going into the startups because the ipo market is hot, but the best news broadly is these companies get money, and they will hire more people and that's the lifeblood of silicon valley seeing the startups grow and then hire more people and then grow even more and that's what you're seeing with companies like goldbely. >> stone crabs from joe's stone crabs in miami. >> one of the things they will be able to do with the money besides hire more money is reach out to the customers that they already use and say what do you want and then reach out to those
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companies and say let's hook you up because there are people in places that you don't even want to know about. >> three customers right here. >> i'm thinking warm drawn butter. yummy. >> thank you very much. high winds caused both america's cup final races to be postponed today. races 11 and 12 were moved to tomorrow. wind limits were put in place as a safety protocol after the racing crash that killed a sailor earlier this year. emirates team new zealand can win the america's cup tomorrow if they win both races. they lead team usa 7-1. let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri to find out what the wind conditions will be tomorrow. >> i think they could run into problems again with the wind sticking with us at least the next 24 hours. the boaters today not only dealt with these winds over 20 miles per hour but a strong outgoing tide that was basically coming up against the prevailing wind as well. so i definitely some oppose forces there that made it difficult for those boaters.
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for tomorrow we'll see winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. also that small craft advisory in place and if it gusts up to the 20s like we think there definitely could be a few moments tomorrow where they may need to take a break or it may even get postponed again. just know that if you're heading out to pier 27 and 29 to view that. also catch the action live on nbc sports network at 1:00 p.m. and temperatures at the coastline, if you're going that way, will be in the upper 60s to also low 70s. now the wind right now is continuing at sfo. that's producing one to two-hour delays with increasing air traffic that's getting stacked up, so if you're doing any kind of flying tonight or tomorrow morning do watch out for those delays at sfo. let's get you outside to the high definition sky camera network. you can see clear skies in emoriville looking towards san francisco, and it's that north wind that we've had that's helped to scour out that fog. as far as the forecast goes on wednesday, let's get a first look. fog at the immediate coastline. temperatures near 60 and by 11:00 a.m. even the coastline
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with the windy conditions persisting will start to clear out. sunny skies there and also by the bay and inland. right around lunchtime temperatures expected in the mid-70s. on the three-day forecast we'll have the mid-80s again inland for tomorrow. temperatures warm up a little bit by thursday and notice friday. going to get some cooling in here. cloud cover is going to increase, and coming up in the seven-day forecast we'll talk about more of these showers returning and also, well, a lot cooler than 80s coming our way by this weekend, guys. >> sounds nice. thank you, jeff. coming up, san francisco gets its chance to shine. the new plan expected to bring a tv crew and big bucks to the city.
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the clock is ticking. the governor has a little less than a month to wade through hundreds of bills on his desk awaiting signature. it's a banner year for the california state legislature which has flexed its muscles of independence against the fed on a variety of issues.
6:23 pm
nbc's political analyst larry gerston is here to explain. >> calling it taking care of business or looking out for your own needs or whatever, but california has passed all kinds of legislation that placed the state clearly at odds with the federal government. it's very interesting and any time the state does that kind of things the partnership has caused lots of ripples. >> and can you see that with school testing. >> that's one example. we can begin with the revised school testing which has led states to scrap the federal government's no child left behind testing requirement, and why, because the state says we don't need double testing. as a result the u.s. department secretary arony duncan has threatened to withhold as much as $7 billion in federal funds if california carries that through. we'll see what happens and then
6:24 pm
the immigration reform issue. while dong dithers on this session, they have allowed bills to allow undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses and practice law. call it immigration reform california style, and if we go to the energy front the state passed a bill to require energy companies to get permits for fracking. that's the controversial hydraulic fracturing process that breaks up shale to get oil and in the meantime they need to notify them of the contents associated with that process. each of the moves takes the state in a direction not gone by the feds or in the education case defies the fed outright. >> isn't it risky to pursue the policy on their own considering that we're dealing with the feds. >> a lot of legislators feel that the fed is too slow in
6:25 pm
adopting certain policies. >> they are tired of waiting. they feel if they act now maybe it will get new attention. it's worked on automobile requirements and stem sell research and even the right to choose legislation all of which became models for national action. what remains to be seen is the consequences down the road. have to see what happens with the california model. >> still to come here at 6:00. convicted of murdering four women and now he's learning his fate. a serial killer's final moments in court. >> and in tonight's "reality check," why the 7 million people who don't have health insurance in california are not the only ones who can take advantage of covered california. who can boy in the exchange and who benefits the most? reality check is coming up next. >> plus a chain reaction hit and run in the south bay this morning. the clue the driver left behind that could help police. there are so many things that we do on a daily basis.
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we run errands. we run to the grocery store. in fact, the average american drives fewer than 29 miles a day. the 100% electric nissan leaf goes two-and-a-half times that on a single charge. it's a car. it just doesn't take gas. [ farrar ] so think about where you go in a day. do you really need gas to get there? [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪ the verdict is in. 79-year-old joseph nassor, will pay the ultimate price. late this afternoon a jury recommended the death sentence for his role in the murders of several women in southern california. jodi hernandez was in the courtroom this afternoon and joins us this evening from san rafael. >> joseph naso tried to convince
6:29 pm
jurors he's a caring man who has compassion for others but they just didn't buy it. it took them no time at all to reach a decision concluding the serial killer should pay with his life for his crimes. >> angelique mcdonald says a day doesn't go back that she thinks about her mother car men colon. the man who did it now, 79-year-old joseph naso, is heading to death row. >> this is just a rest for us to know that she can finally rest in peace. >> after just about four hours of collaboration the jury announced they believe naso should pay for his life for killing women in the 1970s and '80s. his attorney says he's taking it in stride. he read a statement from naso
6:30 pm
outside the courtroom. >> i want to help others in prison. i am on the threshold of a new life and will make the best of it. >> while the 79-year-old will be among the oldest inmates on death row and may die of natural causes before the sentence is carried out the district attorney believes the jury's decision is the right one. >> i think anyone who is involved in a series of serial murders which he stands convictions of and the way they were. >> done. the evidence that these two attorneys presented in exceptional fashion showing what he did the verdicts are justified. >> he took something away from me that i'll never have back. i'm glad that we can put this to rest now after 35 years. naso's attorney says he feels it's his role as a fatherly figure to help other inmates who
6:31 pm
perhaps suffer from mental illness. he does have experience with that because of his mentally disabled son. the judge will formally sentence naso on friday morning. reporting live in san rafael, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the driver who caused the five-car pile-up this morning is still on the run. the drive crashed the jaguar near the baskin avenue exit. they say the driver lost control of the new car and in a chain reaction four other people then crashed their cars, the driver ran away. shouldn't be hard to figure out who he is. left the cell phone and car behind. luckily only minor injuries were suffered. >> new at 6:00, unemployment checks are delayed for 50,000 californians. the department is struggling with a computer system upgrade. 15,000 claims were processed overnight and the rest could be finished by the end of the week. the system upgrade has affected
6:32 pm
less than 20% of the biweekly claim forms. >> skies over colorado are clear for a second day in a row giving crews a chance to rescue more stranded residents. so far 12,000 people have been evacuated with the help of helicopters. today though sadly the death toll rose to eight but nearly 600 people are unaccounted for, most likely stranded and unable to contact loved ones. the torrential rainfall and flooding started last week. it's damaged 18,000 homes, 1,600 completely destroyed, mostly in larime and boulder counties. officials say those numbers are expected to rise. an electrical malfunction. a massive fire at the jersey shore was caused by electrical wiring. the fire started under an ice cream shop and spread to several businesses on the boardwalk that
6:33 pm
was just rebuilt after sandy. officials are saying it was an accident. >> much of the nation is recovering from the economic recession but not for the poor. a census report today reveals the u.s. poverty rate is at 15% where it's been for the last three years. however, african-americans as a group fared the worst with a poverty rate of 27%. for hispanics the rate tops 25%. foot stamps get 4 million americans out of poverty and house republicans are vote on a bill to reduce food stamp enroll meant. >> we're zeroing in on the state health insurance exchange that opens october 1st. >> up to 7 million californians go without health insurance any given year but who exactly will benefit and the who can use this exchange. for answers we look at who is
6:34 pm
tracking obama care. >> last week we broke down insurance options and doesn't who might benefit from covered california and if you thought it was those with government aids, you'd be wrong and those without insurance you'd be wrong. anyone can buy health insurance on covered california. californians with health insurance and without health insurance and trying to find quality health insurance. covered california should have a little something for all comers when it launches october 1st. the only qualification is that you are a legal resident and that you are not incarcerated. >> that's it. >> dana howard with covered california helps us trace out who is likely to join and in what numbers. it will probably take a few years but projections show 1.4 medical recipients now that the poverty line has increased. now there's another 5.3 million
6:35 pm
people without health insurance and half will be eligible for subsidies, about 2.6 million and half will not and the subsidies will make a big difference. >> insurance experts like charles bocce will tell you without subsidies the health exchange options will net you much lower savings, if any, but here's what you need to keep in mind, plans on the exchange will bring you richer benefits due to new federal standards and even employees who already buy insurance through the workplace can opt out and buy products on the exchange. >> you can make that switch and drop coverage from the employer and go buy coverage in the, change or outside of the exchange if you think it's a better deal for you. >> my caution is that it's going to be difficult if you don't
6:36 pm
qualify for subs disbecause you'll be leaving the employer contribution on the table. >> if the work coverage right now eats up a certain kennebunk of your paycheck you're eligible for subsidies which the gentleman said would make a very large difference. if you can't get health care at work you should be able to find is elsewhere. that's today's reality check. >> timing is everything. you've heard that. coming up, early harvest for part of the wine country try. >> plus, norton was the best character and best loved. >> the birthday celebrations today in true san francisco style. >> and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. winds 15 to 30 miles per hour this afternoon and currently san jose with possible rain in the
6:37 pm
seven-day forecast. ♪ for a store near you go to
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the rush is on a little bit earlier this year in some parts of the wine country. wineries in livermore have already started harvesting their grapes for red wine. this morning while most of us were asleep workers plucked ten tons of their cabernet savingon fruit and it's only mid-september. last year this happened in the first week in october. timing is everything when you're a wine-maker. you pick too early and the wine could end up with a vegetative flavor and too late it could taste a little like canned fruit. >> playoff fever in the bay area. the a's are a hot ticket. fans lining up as early as 7:00 a.m. to get their hand on upcoming playoff tickets that
6:40 pm
went on sale at 10:00 a.m. the playoffs begin october 2nd. the first place as are likely to make the playoffs. no guarantees but the fans are very excited. >> it's been way too long. i'm a dyed in the wool as fan so i'll stand in line for three hours and get these and we'll be back to get our world series tickets. >> wishful thinking. tickets for round one sold out in two hours and they will take up the darn tarps from the upper deck creating an extra 12,000 seats. the as likely to make the playoffs. >> to far away to see what the weather will be then but jeff has the forecast prepared for the next coming days. >> i'll give you a little gims. >> a little bit of fog, some sun and maybe a chance of showers. i'm just having fun.
6:41 pm
my monday. had yesterday off. live look out here in san francisco. >> we'll talk more about gusting winds in the forecast for tomorrow. hey, jim. >> a little baseball. giants open the final road trip of the season in new york, and the as, i know the fans want their tickets. they look to bounce back after monday night's loss but first it's football time. the 49ers suffering from a sunday night hangover and there's no time to pout in the nfl. a full report from santa clara as jim haar pawing and company got back to work today. that's all coming up from the xfinity sports desk next.
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6:43 pm
lights, action, san francisco. not since nash bridges was filming in san francisco has there been such joy among the city leaders.
6:44 pm
hbo is filming a new tv show here called looking. a couple of video game designers who happen to be gay. estimated to bring in 2 million. hoping for another streets of san francisco that had a lucrative five year run, the stars really did film their scenes here in san francisco and not an l.a. studio. >> today one of san francisco's lesser known historical happenings, the day an eccentric business man declared himself an emperor. a lock now at how the legacy of emperor norton lives on 150 years later. >> the bay area is a place that appreciates a. >> good character which is why this has lived on in its lore for over 100 years. a large majority of the citizens of these united states. 154 years ago joshua norton, a failed san francisco businessman delivered letters to the city's
6:45 pm
newspapers declaring these famous words. >> declare and proclaim myself emperor of these united states. >> the anniversary of norton's inauguration was as good an excuse as any. >> norton's story is one that gets told over and over again. someone who came here and met with adversary and reinvented himself and was wildly successful as it. >> norton stronghold the streets issuing proclamations and fame out called for the building of a bridge between san francisco and oakland nearly 80 years before it opened and decreed congress should be and lishd. >> i think in this day and age that might be considered a plus. today one of those original notes can fetch $15,000.
6:46 pm
>> some would say he's crazy and others would say he's crazy like a faction. >> willy has the sharpest political mind in california today, but since we're and squaries we prefer the emperor norton. >> it seems this serious man with his curious ways and military gash has become the patron saint of the downtrodden and in the bay area plenty good reason. nbc bay area news. >> only in the bay area. >> i would like to get you one of those outfits. >> emperor ranieri joins us. >> emperor maathai. i'm saying you should wear it. >> it would be grand. both do it just for tv. >> let's get a look at the highs
6:47 pm
for. >> today. >> 66 in frisco and also the thing that was pretty annoying to you this often. i do think tomorrow we'll have the wind back in the forecast. >> lots of yellow tomorrow morning. winds 15 to 25 miles per hour and then as we happens this into the early evening, orange getting close to the north bay. >> coastline. may again pose some problems for the america's cup. otherwise in the seven-day forecast we'll push ahead to cooler weather and also some showers ending our way as we get a look at the forecast for tomorrow. what you find it's completely dry, and by 11:00 a.m., even at the coast, sunny skies coming on back. full on sunshine before the noon hour. let's get you outside to the
6:48 pm
high definition view and like to take you outside if you're stuck in the office all day, a chance to get the view across the pay. palo alto with a bit of haze and not a major marine layer and still clear in san francisco at this hour. that's, again, a signal of that stronger wind we've been dealing with across most of the bay area. our weather graphics, what you'll find is the fact that temperatures will go up. we'll go up to 83 in san jose and 85 in gilroy and 86 in the castro valley. 82 in sonoma and upper 70s in oakland, now, the rain in the forecast as we head through the end of the week, not a big storm system coming our yeah. it will line up to friday and friday into early saturday morning we'll start to see some rain pushing to the south.
6:49 pm
trace amounts to maybe a tenth of an inch in the north bay and those in the south bay may not see anything at all. what you should know is for saturday, when we keep the umbrella handy for the scattered showers in the area and temperatures going down into the 70s. the first time in five years we've had a. >> season arrive on sunday. maybe a typical season coming our way. who knows at this point. >> takes about five years to customize the forecast. >> we've got it done. >> thanks very much, jeff. >> let's get to sports. >> still upset about the 49ers loss. >> i'm devastated, but i kept my eyebrows just in case. all right, guys, 49ers still searching for answers after sunday night's dropping in seat.
6:50 pm
the mood of the team was somber but on tuesday the team was ready to move on and shift their focus to week three showdown against the indianapolis colt. >> the 49ers watched the game video as a team monday morning and contend their offensive problems had little to do with the seahawks. >> we knew. >> they would shift around, especially the front and play hard box. it's all about execution, and we could have done a lot better in terms of execution. >> as an offense i think the thing that we took away from that one is turnovers, drive killers, penalties. we played in long down situations early, second, third and long so we have to. >> stay away from that. the players found the video difficult to watch as they had a week of preparation even for the world setting crowd noise.
6:51 pm
>> we didn't miss anything communication wise. >> the team is teaching its coaching points from the loss against the seahawks and turningies attention towards indianapolis. the loss in seattle will stick with them as a brutal reminder of the result they can expect if they don't implement the changes. everything they did we have adjustments already there. >> we just have to make them and be more focus. a's magic number down to seven games and the schedule the rest of the way for teams not in the playoff chase. >> they have been playing great baseball. they won't make it's on us. that's the one thing they can play for is to make it tough on us and try to force us out of
6:52 pm
it. >> these team are playing with nothing to lose and that makes teams out of it still dangerous and they can still play a factor and we can't take anything for. >> granted. >> bases loaded for angel pagan. a single to right between sandoval can come in to score. >> 3-2 giants. the single to center. duda scores and then he gets caught in a run down. flores scores and mets go up 4-3. right now bottom seven and the giants have reclaimed the lead at 5-4. >> the warriors just over two weeks away and one egier to get
6:53 pm
back on the court. >> the young forward from michigan state knows a repeat performance won't come easy. >> we're still going to take it one game at a time and go out and try to win every game. >> if you try to win every game you won't win them all but you will win a lot more than if you just go out and play them. it's going to be a great year and we'll keep approaching it with that attitude an keep putting the work in to make sure it's a great year. >> draymond green is a fan favorite. that's going to do it from the sports desk. back at 11:00 a.m. highlights from the as game. raj, jess, back to you. >> and you got the tickets just in case. >> for all three of us. >> he said for all three of us. >> and jeff, too.
6:54 pm
>> you can always watch "sportsnet central" and comcast sportsnet bay area at 10:30. >> back in a moment.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
among the many things we discovered is emergency slides don't always work. in fact, they have a history of problems. >> that accident involving assariana revealed that nasa has received more than 1 lunn anonymous complaints in the last seven years and from 2007 to
6:57 pm
2012 they reported difficulties with slides to the faa. here's former boeing engineer todd curtis. >> like with any other manufacturing system you're going to have failures of various types. >> for example, deploying inat verd entally and deploying incorrectly, et cetera. >> we'll have more details on that in the full investigation at 11:00. >> okay, we look forward to seeing you this evening. >> that will do it for us. see you tonight at 11:00. >> have a great night. >> bye-bye.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
britney's toxic helicopter ride, her emergency on the way to our interview, now on "extra." a flash mob of britney lookalikes, a chopper delivering the queen of pop. >> she's here. >> how brit's vegas grand entrance took an unexpected twist. >> she barely made it to "gma." >> then all the new details on her vegas show. >> how many hundreds of thousands she's making per show. plus, mario's shocking accident taping "extra" caught on camera. >> oh. valerie harper's courageous first night on "dancing." >> that smile on your face.


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