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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the trains are getting old and this is leading to delays. i'm marla tallez with that story coming up. we have a new span across the bay bridge. getting there, there is an issue on that treasure island tunnel. we'll talk about that coming up. i'm meteorologist, christina loren. you are halfway through the workweek just about. temperatures today are going to be phenomenal. i have your full forecast. we are still tracking those showers and some winds today. that's coming up in just a few moments. we'll look forward to that, christina. in the meantime, a live look outside from the south bay. full moon on wednesday, september 18th. this is "today in the bay." >> here we go on a wednesday. 5:00 on the nose. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we continue to get new information about monday's horrific shooting rampage. now, we are hearing the 911
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calls. >> we got a report on the fourth floor of a male with a shotgun, multiple shots fired, multiple people down. we are still waiting for the okay that the scene has been secured. we have an active shooter. >> police say between 30 minutes to an hour later, that rampage ended with the shooter and 12 others dead. among the people killed, michael around, who attended stanford's graduate school of business in 2007. the 59-year-old was a navy r veteran. an avid pilot. his mother remembers him as a loving son, husband, and father. >> it is not real. it's just not possible, not possible that they shot him just for no reason. he loved his country. he loved the navy. he loved flying. he was just a happy person. >> arnold's mother says he was building his own small plane and
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planned to fly it from his home in virginia to his family in michigan before his 60th birthday next year. we're also learning sthat shooting suspect, aaron alexis was likely mentally unstable. he reported hearing voices harassing him and following him. he was reportedly being treated for serious mental problems. the security clearance was not a threat. they have prompted multiple investigations. his motive remains a mystery. as you might expect, this most recent mass shooting now renewing the debate over gun control. the ceo of starbucks is weighing in and asking customers to stop bringing firearms into his company's stores. bob is live in san jose with more details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it should be noted this is not a
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ban. rather, starbucks ceo, howard schultz, is asking customers to leave your guns at home. don't bring them into their stores. tomorrow, the ceo will explain in national advertisements and newspapers that the open-carry gun demonstrations that have taken place in starbucks stores need to stop because they have made some customers uncomfortable. if you are not familiar, these are events which gun rights advocates show up in the store with a gun, hence, open carry. to them, it is an expression of their civil rights. he will not be asking people to leave. he doesn't want employees in the position to confront someone who is armed. he is hoping that these gun rights advocates will respect his request to not bring firearms into stores. if you are wondering how starbucks ended up in this. they have a perception that has
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a company that liens left politically. gun control groups have been pressuring them to ban guns in the stores with the assumption the company would comply in line with its liberal doctrine. instead, they said they would defer to local gun laws. gun rights advocates saw this as an invitation for their rights. the company said this made them come across as a champion of open-carry laws, unquote, which they clearly are not. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." 5:04. the three children of a south bay mother who was allegedly stabbed to death by her husband earlier this month need help paying for her funeral. 39-year-old martha cassias was stabbed to death. her husband is being arrested
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and held without bale. her death left her 22-year-old daughter as head of the household. the nonprofit group, mothers against murder, have stepped in to help. they need nearly $9,000 to cover the costs of funeral and the burial. they hope to collect the remaining balance before tomorrow night. services will be held on friday police in san leandro are releasing a sketch of a man wanted in connection with a takeover robbery early this summer. this picture is one of the two suspects that climbed through an open window of a home on july 14th while a family member was asleep. officers say the two men demanded money and threatened to harm them with a hand tool if they didn't cooperate. the family did cooperate and nobody was hurt. the san leandro police have not yet released a sketch of the second suspect. 5:05, moving on to baseball where the oakland a's could be days away from clinching the
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spot. the talk is about their home stadium and why it stinks. christie smith with the latest on the stadium whoas. >> reporter: well, it doesn't. on the bright side, the a's did win over the los angeles angels. that's where the smooth ride ends. there was yet another sewage backup here at coliseum. despite being on the verge of clinching, the second title was low. the average attendance, just 18,000. maintenance workers had to clean up a sewage backup at the a's dugout during the seventh inning while the players had to scramble and find a vantage point to watch the game away from the smelly mess. a bathroom is adjacent to the dugout at the 45-year-old coliseum. you may recall it was back in june the old coliseum made headlines when sewage spilled into the clubhouse. umpires rooms, managers offices,
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underscoring why the team wants to leave. kind of a contrast here. the opening night tickets to the division series sold out in just ten minutes yesterday. owner, lou wolf, wondering where everyone is during the regular season games. he told "usa today," i expected the crowd it's to be huge. it would be nice if people didn't wait until the playoffs to show up. the a's are saying that that blockage was isolated to one toilet. they will use a snake on it to try and clear it out before today's game at 12:30. tickets still available for that game. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." we wish them well on their cleanup, christy. thank you very much. next month, major league baseball now trying to get san jose's antitrust lawsuit dismissed. lawyers filed a brief last week saying this case should go to trial pointing out the league's
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antitrust exemption points only to players and labor issues not to team location and relocation. mlb lawyers will get a chance to make their case at a hearing come october 4th. christina loren joins us right now. a little cooler this morning. >> it certainly is. good wednesday morning to you at home. i get to be the bayearer of goo news. wednesdays can be tough. the weather is going to make it nice. we have a full moon out there. as you make your way out the front door, a clear shot of that. skies are mostly clear. we don't have the low blanket of warm clouds to keep us comfortable. upper 40s in gilroy before the morning is done. that is the case in napa. the winds are going to play a factor today. not quite as strong as yesterday. we are going to slice those wind speeds right in half for you. that means the america's cup race will likely be able to go on. this is what we are expecting from the winds as we head throughout the day. you may recall yesterday, we had
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hot pinks showing up on your futurecast. we stopped the clock at 1:00 p.m. 20-mile-per-hour wind gusts. it won't be quite as active. at 2:00 p.m., if we have to see any sort of cancellation or postponement of today's race, it would be likely for the second go-around. winds starting to increase at that point. nothing like yesterday. i do believe my forecast is both of those races will be able to happen. look at your temperature in san francisco today. 73. 75, santa cruz. 79 degrees in san jose. warmer today in oakland than what we are expecting here in san jose. you will be at 80 degrees in oak town. let's take a look at your drive. 880 and beyond. here is mike inouye. >> we are looking at a connector. >> folks with the head lights are coming out of the treasure island tunnel. i have been watching the stream. it is uninterrupted. we will take a look at the maps and talk about the issues. beautiful view. your commute direction moving
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smoothly. coming out of san francisco, reports from debris, a few cones from overnight road work going on. they sound like they have been removed without issue. no more slowing shows up. that's good news. any approach or departure from san francisco, here, a nice flow of traffic across san mateo and dumbarton. 880, checking on that as we come down past the mission boulevard. no problems in the roadway. we are going to end with this p ma. we'll send it over to you. we're going to continue the transportation talk. caltrain computers have had to deal with more than one headache as a series of mechanical failures slow trains on monday and tuesday. problems drawing attention to their aging fleet and how to fix it. marla tallez joins us live at san jose's station with what riders are saying. >> reporter: their reactions are surprising to me. i'll get to those in a moment. first, i wanted to point out the
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fact that caltrain trains are a lot like people. they get old and with old age comes the typical aches and pains. instead of a bad knee or a bad back, they have brake problems. that was the case for a trin here at the station. a northbound train was stuck in the track because of brake issues. the passengers directly affected not happy about that at all. the passengers we spoke to here this morning seem to be happy with service. receiptality is the trains are getting old. caltrain spokesperson tells the san francisco examiner, 20 of the 29 trains are more than 25 years old. their life expectancy is 25-30 years old. as laura mentioned, this week has been a rough one for caltrain. i mentioned the brake issues. another train died on the peninsula yesterday for some time. of course, that led to a backup. on monday, a speedometer failed.
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even with delays, they are loyal. >> they run what, some 90 odd trains. you are going to experience delays. i take it with a grain of salt. i am on my way home and i'm happy. >> i like them. i haven't had a problem. >> reporter: you've been getting where you need to go on time? >> yes. >> reporter: so the trains, although they are old, aren't going to be entirely switched out until 2019. we are still more than five years away from that happening. that's the day for their modernization program. live in san jose, marla tallez, "today in the bay." it is 5:12 right now. coming up on "today in the bay," it could be determined if homosexuals can be kept off juries. officials in san mateo
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county weigh in on a plan to resell the guns what happens to your iphone today. we'll talk about it coming up. farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart.
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gay rights will be a key issue in san francisco. the ninth circuit will hear arguments on whether prospective juries can be excluded based on sexual orientation. it was brought to light in a case based on the pricing for a drug. they deny the juror was bumped because he was gay but it sparked a discussion on whether a person's sexual orientation should have an impact on whether she can be selected for a jury. apple engineers just about ready to push out the latest
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update. this is a big one. apple's ios 7 will radically change the look at feel of your iphone. when can we get it? >> apple only says sometime today. logically, sometime later this morning when all the staff is in the office in cupertino. last time we saw a big update was around 10:00 a.m. here in california. >> you don't have to wait in line on friday for the iphone 5 s to get a new phone. anybody with an iphone 4 or better will see brand new features today with ios 7. including itune radio, a streaming music service based on your taste. the ability to block texts and phone calls from people you don't like and a noticeably cleaner, slicker look. a centralized control center.
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>> big updates are coming. she will be able to quickly access wikipedia. i would recommend sinking your phone to your computer now if you even still do that. back up everything ahead of time and plug it in. the download is only going to take place if you are on wall power. based on past updates, i'm thinking about 10:00 a.m. you don't have to do it right away. lots of people are eager to see it. >> are you going to do it right away? >> absolutely. so i can get back and tell you all about it. >> he is cutting edge, always a step ahead. >> got to back up my 5,000 pictures. >> save those photos. >> 5:17 right now. protecting us from any weather conditions and telling us what's happening. it is going to be a nice day. you don't have to keep the iphone sheltered today. if you are going to be headed out and about, we do have
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rain on the way to the bay area. we could be measuring .10 of an inch or a quarter of an inch. it is early for that. we are still in summertime, at least for the next few days. we kick off fall officially. the day and night of equal length after which time we start to see our days get shorter and our nights get longer. temperatures are really comfortable out there. we have a full moon if you haven't yet seen it. it is just spectacular. once you drive to work, if you are headed out and about in the next half hour, 45 minutes, you are still going to get a chance to see it and then it will be gone. the sun is going to be coming up full force. not expecting a lot of low clouds to kick off a wednesday. san mateo, 54 to start the day. 50 in gilroy. it is a chilly start in napa. 48 degrees there. you drive 30, 45 minutes over to know vari novado and it is 63.
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the reason why it is so warm is because you are getting substantial down sloping warm winds pushing to the south. breezy conditions for today. these numbers are substantially lower. let's talk about what we are expecting. area of low pressure slowly but surely tracking toward the california coastline. we north expect the any real changes until late friday when the clouds will increase into saturday night. that's going to be a cool day. once we hit sunday, it is all out of here. let me show you on your futurecast and give you a visual representation of what you are expecting. we stop the clock at 8:00 p.m. santa rosa to novato starting to get a little rainfall. between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. saturday, a little action. it clears out and leaves us with comfortable conditions. 75, santa cruz. before we hit those showers,
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we're going to get one last summer blast. thursday, you can sneak out and head to the beach, 75 in san francisco. it is going to be nice. sunday, sunday, fall begins at like i said about 1:30. monday, into tuesday, temperatures level off. then, we'll get spoiled with another stretch of beautiful weather. a little bit of action between now and then. 5:20. let's check the action in the traffic department. here is mike. >> we are going to do the crossover. you talked about the beautiful full moon. wanded to ma wanded to make sure folks could see that. you see the bay bridge. beautifully lit up. a nice, clear flow of traffic. no delays, san francisco to oakland. a little build to the volume. a slight one for the cash lanes. no surprises there. be careful. if either metal or fiberglass, you don't want to hit it.
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no delays reported through the area there. we do see a little slowing kicking in for antioch. typical pattern. 84 and 580, your typical build is coming over here. a live look outsan jos san jose. northbound, a little build. that's about it for the south bay, guys. back to you. it is 5:21. san mateo's county board of supervisor shooting down a plan to sell hundreds of old guns to the sheriff's department to a gun manufacturer. the sheriff asking the board to approve that sale of more than 700 used guns to be replaced with new guns. some guns would be sold to deputies within the department and the rest to gunmaker, smith & wesson. selling them to a manufacturer would then risk putting those guns out on the street. 5:21.
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a group of high school students have dropped their lawsuit to have their a.p. scores validated. they announced, they, along with students and parents, would not pursue their claim against the college board and educational testing service. the students were upset over the company's decision to throw out hundreds of test scores due to a seating chart violation. the district says individual parents and students still have the option to pursue their own claims against the testing service. it is 5:22. we'll tell you about some instant fame. remember the grandma that made that phenomenal claim. hitting the talk show circuit. we'll give you a preview. >> i love it. [ mom ] in my family, we're big cereal lovers.
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an officer putting himself in harm's way. a red subaru came up speeding behind him. the driver was not going to slow down. he used his car to block the employee and save him. he slammed into the cruiser at 65 miles per hour. the officer ended up with minor bumps and bruises. both the driver and the working were not hurt. >> the bay area grandma who made headlines after her snag at a recent giants game. she is stopping by "bethenny" today. she gave her a big hug and sat down for a chat. then, bethenny had a surprise
5:26 am
for the giants fan. >> isn't she cute? you can see the gift she gave her today at 3:00. >> that is a good tease right there. i'll recreate it for you. this is what the granny did. >> she grabbed it. she was high in the stands. >> it is pretty awesome. she should be getting all that love. want to check in with meteorologist, christina loren, talking about being a little cooler out there. light taste of fall in the air. good morning, laura. good morning, jon. >> we do have a good-looking day shaping up. the winds will play a factor yet again for today. 73, san francisco. 79, san jose. 87 degrees in livermore for today. if you missed it, we're going to track that system. of low pressure, we are expected to have some rain as we head into the rain end of the weekend. if you can't, if you have to leave us, we are going to miss you. mike can tell you what we are going to face on the roads. >> you are leaving us but meeting a bunch of other people.
5:27 am
they are waiting for you right there. the cash lanes starting to back up. a little bit unusual for a wednesday pattern. where is my mind? wednesday, not friday. a traffic flow that's very nice. no problem at the toll plaza. we end with the north bay starting to build and some flashing lights. send it back to you. it is 5:27 right now. coming up, new images just in of an overnight fire in the south bay. one person ended up going to the hospital. we'll have all the details coming up next. >> a blind reverend involved in a hit and run while he was walking on a peninsula sidewalk. what he is asking for this morning.
5:28 am
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new pictures just released of a man police say is connected to a string of burglariries on the peninsula. >> reporter: a rough week for caltrain with several delays reported already this week. i'm marla tallez. will show you what's going on.
5:30 am
the morning had been calm. a new crash reported for san jose. we'll see how that's affecting your 101 commute good morning, i'm meteorologist, christina loren. temperatures are nice and cool. we have a spectacular day shaping up. one final blast of summer and rain showers a couple days later. i'm going to sort it all out for you in a moment. >> still hard to believe. summer is almost gone. look at this shot for you. how about that to start the day? that's like some very artsy, creative shooting over there. that moon, glistening and peaking behind the structure. one day closer. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> we have some artists out there. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning, san jose fire
5:31 am
department tweeted out these pictures of a fire that broke out on the city's east side on toki court near mt. pleasant high school. the tweets say the fire is under control. an elderly woman who was awaken by her firearm was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. she is in stable condition. >> east palo alto police asking for the public's help looking to are the driver who hit a blind reverend with her car before driving off. the accident happened around 8:00 monday night. reverend albert maclin was on his way to meet his wife at a starbucks when a woman backed her car into him near myrtle streets and sparrow court. that woman stopped for a moment to ask if he was okay. then, she just drove off. police say they are now investigating this as a hit and run. >> i yelled to her, you hit me and slammed on her trunk with my fist. she stopped. i proceeded to pull the dog out
5:32 am
from under the back. >> he is well-known in the community. it is time for the community to step up and let us know who did this. >> a rough and scary situation. the reverend for his dog were hurt. the company ceo of starbucks wants you to know. guns no longer welcome. bob redell live with reaction from the customers. >> reporter: when you hear from starbucks what they are asking customers. they are basically saying that lattes and firearms don't mix. they do point out, it is not a ban. it is a request. howard schultz will explain in national newspaper advertisements that the open-carry gun demonstrations that have taken place recently in starbucks, need to stop,
5:33 am
because they have made some customers uncomfortable. schultz points out that store employees will not be asking people with guns to leave, because he doesn't want his employees to be in the position of possibly having to confront someone who is armed. he is also hoping these gun rights advocates respect his request to not bring firearms into the stores. if you are not familiar, these are events in which gun rights advocates show up with a licensed gun in their hip or side holster, hence open carry, which is legal in many states. to them, it is an expression of their second amendment rights. >> i don't think anybody should be carrying around firearms in our society today. there is no need for it. they are just trying to prove a point. it's ridiculous. >> i believe in the constitution. this is america. we're the best. that's just reality of how we got to be the best. i don't personally do it but i understand our history. >> wondering how starbucks ended
5:34 am
up in the middle of this to begin with? they certainly have the perception of being a company that liens left politically. that's why gun control groups have been pressuring the coffee xhan to b chain to ban guns with the perception they will comply enter line with the liberal doctrine. they said they would defer to local laws. gun rights activists saw it as an opening, an invitation and opportunity to demonstrate their second amendment rights. they started hosting starbucks appreciation days in store bucs in the bay area nationwide. the company was bothered by the fact that this made them come across as a champion of open-carry laws, which they are not. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." 5:34. san mateo police releasing new surveillance photos of a man suspected in a string of commercial brakeak-ins. this is the man they think is
5:35 am
part of a group that committed six burglaries in 25th avenue and el camino last wednesday night. if you happen to know him or recognize him, you are asked to please call san mateo police. 5:35. four bank robbers on the run after ripping off a bank in fremont. they walked in to the wells f g fargo and ordered everyone to get down on the floor. they escaped in a green, honda sedan. no one was hurt and no other weapons were seen. caltrain drawing attention to its aging fleet. "today in the bay's" marla tallez joining us live to talk to riders this morning about what they feel. good morning. >>. >> reporter: despite the aging system, riders we talked to, they seem pretty satisfied with caltrain service. i spoke to one man. he started riding in july when
5:36 am
bart went on strike. he hasn't gone back. in his opinion, caltrain is more reliable. no matter what, the reality is that the trains are getting old. caltrain spokesperson tells the examiner, 20 of the system's 29 trains are more than 25 with a life expectancy of 25-30. caltrain rarely meets the goal of 95% of trains leaving within five minutes of their scheduled time. this week alone, there have been several problems. on monday, a speedometer failed on a northbound train and that led to up to 20-minute delays. another train had brake issues. yesterday, a train died all together on the peninsula. more brake problems for another northbound train. as i said, the riders seem to be loyal to caltrain. >> no, not my commute at all. we have had a few delays but not many. maybe two since i have been riding. >> reporter: you are a happy caltrain rider?
5:37 am
>> i am. i don't like driving at all. plus, i work in the city. this is much better. >> reporter: although the trains are old, they are not going to be entirely switched out until 2019. we are more than five years away from that happening. 2019, the completion date for the modernization program. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> smart woman. >> it is definitely cooler out there. part of the reason why, we have a clear sky. that enables you to see this beautiful full moon spectacular this morning. we are going to get 15, 20 more minutes and then we are going to trait that for full-on sunshine. upper 40s to mid-50s. 54, oakland. 61, novato. 56 in san francisco. a bit of a windchill factor as well.
5:38 am
definitely not as breezy as 24 hours ago. let's take it through your hour by hour forecast. temperatures are going to be comfortable just about everywhere. 75 degrees in livermore at noon. 74, san jose. 72 in fremont. a gorgeous day shaping up for us right here in the south bay in particular. we will be at about 79 degrees. a nice breeze picking up as well. not as strong as yesterday. open up the windows in your home. you don't need that a.c. you are going to get the air moving in and out. 85, gilroy. 75, a beautiful beach day in santa cruz and 73 in san francisco. just want to bring this to your attention. a couple more days of summertime left before we get to fall. we are going to hit the equinox at 1:44. mid-october through early november, that's when the bay area starts to look just spectacular. let's check on that drive. he always looks spectacular, mike inouye, ladies and
5:39 am
gentlemen. >> i'll take that for 5:30. anything is good. my eyes are open. all these folks eyes are open and the lanes are slowing now. because there is that first burst we typically see. there is a crash in the area. let's talk about the maps. overall, the south bay moves very smoothly, including at 680. just farther north. this is out of camera range. we do have a crash reported north 101 at the oakland on ramp. that is affecting the on ramp. we may have it shut down as crews arrive. you jump on to 101 from that point. we are looking at a smooth drive as well through the tri valley. a little slowing for 84 and 580. no surprises there. the lanes between the hov and the fast-track lanes, the lanes you approach off to the left for cash are showing more backup. back to you. the time now, 5:39.
5:40 am
coming up, trashing your trash bill. we'll let you know why san jose will soon be getting rid of that bi-monthly garbage bill. a look at the coliseum. the latest in the series of issues the owner is talking about this week. we'll have a live report next.
5:41 am
5:42 am
welcome back. it is 5:42. new details about the man accused of killing 14 people at the washington navy yard. he may have suffered from severe mental illness. tracie potts with the latest. good morning. >> laura, good morning. here is what we know. aaron alexis was experiencing mental health issues. he had had run-ins with the laws before. at least two arrests involving
5:43 am
gun-related issues. the question being asked, how was he able to hold on to that ten-year security clearance and how weighs abas he able to walke virginia store and buy a gun? >> the law daidn't allow the veterans administration to reveal that information unless he was declared unfit by a gun. it is part of what a lot of people are urging congress to deal with. this has raised a lot of questions about security. the president, pentagon chief and navy xheechief. it is raising questions about gun control. today, we have the families of the newtown, connecticut shooting victims here. the problem is the senate. democrats in charge say, they don't have the votes to make it happen. >> thank you very much, tracy.
5:44 am
investigators in jersey say electrical wiring damaged by superstorm sandy floodwaters is to blame for the fire last week. they are confirming the fire was accidental and not because of any suspicious activity. they say the fire started underneath a section of the boardwalk that had an ice-cream store and a candy store. they are blaming the sis thamysr damaging the wiring. it destroyed more than 50 businesses. barry bonds could soon start serving his 30-day house arrest as a result of his felony conviction for obstruction of justice. yesterday, the judge told the former giant to meet with the u.s. probation department to work out the details of his sentence. bonds says he would like to immediately start serving that sentence. he lost an appeal he filed with the ninth u.s. circuit court.
5:45 am
he still plans to fight to clear his name. in addition to home confinement, he will spend two years on probation and pay a fine. the oakland a's on the brink of some good news. their problems with their stadium and attendance has taken focus off the winning ways. >> instead of last night's walkoff victory, the talk is all about sewage. christie smith is live with the very latest on the stadium woes. >> reporter: good morning. i'm happy to say i can't smell anything here tonight. the a's taking the good with the bad. they did win last night but also had a sewage leak into their own dugout into the seventh inning. the players had to find a clean, less smelly vantage point to watch the game. it came from a bathroom near the
5:46 am
home dugout tichlts n. it is not the first time. it was worse in june. this underscores why the team would like a new home. despite the major league plumbing problem, after selling out the first two levels in just two hours yesterday, the a's will remove from the upper level to bring in more fans. owner, lou wolf, doesn't understand where the fans are during the regular season. the average september attendance just under 18,000. he told "usa today," you would think this time of the year, when the teams are in the standings around where every game means something, people would come out. it's depressing. the a's said that tuesday's blockage, they are blaming that on one toilet. they will go ahead and snake it before the final game in the series today at 12:30. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." 5:46. christina loren is back to talk
5:47 am
about a cool, crisp morning. >> it is really spectacular out there. i say, you guys win the world series. the regular season, those stands will be filled as we head through next year. we want to push for you. giants not looking so good this season. 54 in oakland, 56 in livermore and 49 degrees in gilroy. you can't win them all. you can't win them all but we all win when it comes to the forecast. temperatures are looking good. we have sliced those wind speeds in half over the past 24 hours. that means that america's cup race, more premier sport action right here in the bay area. looks like it will be able to go on at both 1:00 and 2:00. we are expecting the next two races to take place. we are expecting wind speeds to be half as strong as yesterday. as you may know, they had to postpone the races because of the fierce wind yesterday. it is bizarre to see wind hamper
5:48 am
a sailing event. you are looking at a high of around 79 in san jose, 85 for gilroy and 75 degrees. if you can get out to the warm santa cruz, we kick off fall. we want to give you a little taste of where we are headed as we get into your thursday. at 3:00 p.m., temperatures are going to be much warmer. one last blast of summertime before things start to thank. area of low pressure is slowly but surely making its way toward the coastline. you will see the clouds increase. by late friday night into saturday morning, we are tracking showers. this is how it all works out. stop the clock on your futurecast at 8:00 p.m. friday. a little bit of activity up along the marin county coastline into sun knoma county. we head to the first part of saturday the, the final day of summer. not expecting a whole day rain event, not a washout by any
5:49 am
means. in fact, as we get into the afternoon on saturday, expecting mostly clear conditions. on sunday, we kick off fall very comfortably. 82, inland, 74, bayside. 66 at the coast, leveling off monday into tuesday. it is picking up out there, mike. >> good morning. >> we are starting to pick up the volume. i want to show folks. this is our live look of 280 coming toward us. this is 17 behind me. despite what it looks like, a lot of traffic. just because the head lights are coming toward us. we'll see speeds dip down below 50. from tully to oakland, where we had that crash. the crash is at the on ramp. this is a zone where we typically see that first slowing anyway. watch for the slowdown. the rest of the south bay looks fine. we're looking over here as you cross the bay. at dumbarton bridge, highway 84.
5:50 am
san mateo, highway 92, at speed across the bay. let's show the volume right here at the san mateo bridge. you are getting a good amount of company. no slowing for the high-rise. the bay bridge, you have the backup forming again. these lanes off to the left. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:50 right now. a follow-up this morning. some new charges against the 20-year-old ymca daycare worker accused of molesting little girls. morgan hill police say nicholas lermina now accused of molesting four young girls. all of the victims attended the ymca daycare. if convicted on all charges, lerminae, facing life in prison. 5:50. time to dump the traditional trash bill.
5:51 am
san jose moving closer to moving to bi-yearly billing. instead of paying every other month, the new plan calls for homeowners to pay for their trash collection along with county property taxes in twice yearly installments starting in july, 2015, just like they do for sewer service. officials say the change would save the city about $3.2 million a year. it is 5:51. coming up on "today in the bay," a painful price hike. why the nfl is now saying it is basically doubling the price of tickets for this year's super bowl? new secret documents show what phone companies did when they were forced to turn over your records. we'll take a look coming up.
5:52 am
♪ [ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need. new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly baked. made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon. they're nature valley's brand new take on a morning classic. because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand new places. ♪ nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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will the 49ers make it back
5:54 am
to this year's super bowl? expect some pain in the wallet. tickets expected to be almost double to what they were in new orleans. the nfl says this price jump is an effort to close the gap between the face value of the tickets and what they sell for on sites like stub hubs. they want to undercut these scalpers. tickets expected to go for $2600. >> the best premium seat, at your house. next year's seats will go for about $1500 compared to $950. general admission expected to cost just upped $1,000 per ticket. >> save your money for your nachos at home. >> cold beer on the lazy boy. she has spoken out saying why she thinks it is constitutional for the government to record the numbers you call. the phone companies apparently have no problems with it either.
5:55 am
>> judge claire egon said her courtroom had no legal objections from phone companies over the domestic spying program. she declassified a number of documents, though the names are redacted. the very first revelation from edward snowden was that the government documents, called upon millions of millions of americans. they don't report the conversation but they do document the phone number called and the length of the call. the judge, egan, says that practice does not violate the fourth amendment against unreasonable search and is made legal by the patriot act. other news is the day apple releases the new ios 7 for everyone for free, 4 or better. ipad 2 or better, it will have some limited functionality on some of the older ipads. you won't get everything. and then ipod touch 5 as well. the world's largest video
5:56 am
game maker has a new boss. andrew wilson has been working at electronic arts for 13 years. he gets to call the shots. the company is trying to navigate a time where there are lots of people playing games but they are doing so on their phone. that's not their strong suit. they are more the big, complex, expensive games on xbox. they are involved in the heart walk. we have an nbc bay area sponsorship. it happens today. they're all getting ready for it. 5:36. let's get a check on what's happening on the roads. mike inouye to talk about the possibly traffic you might run into. >> the eastshore freeway, pretty normal. flowing nicely as well. we'll look at the maze. not a problem. highway 24, reports of a crash. one report says it is right by the caldecott tunnel in your
5:57 am
right lane. another one says it is closer to the lafayette portion of 24. so i'm tracking that. to the south bay where north 101 continues to slow toward the crash scene. oakland road, we are following this ibuild as it continues. 5:57. how one police department is now arming its officers while they are out on control. we will also tell you about the local connection to that horrific shooting at the washington naval yard. two former secretaries of defense now calling out president obama on his policy. unbelievable.
5:58 am
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it's just not possible, not possible that they shot him just for no reason. >> a mother shares her pain after discovering her son was among those killed in the navy yard shooting spree.
6:00 am
how she describes the son she lost and his connection to the bay area. plus, come on in for the coffee but please keep your firearms at home. we'll tell you why starbucks is now taking a new stance on guns. that's coming up next. commute delays for passengers as cal trains shows its age on the tracks. we'll tell you what the agency plans to do to freshen up its aging fleet. i'm meteorologist, christina loren. a cool start to the day. a's have a day game. america's cup back out there on the water. a comfortable day ahead. we're talking showers in your seven-day forecast in moments i'm talking about two crashes causing a couple of spots for slowing. one in the south bay for 101. another for highway 24. we'll sort out those two issues coming up. >> take you live outside for a very beautiful look. inhale the gorgeousness of san francisco before the sun comes up. nice way


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