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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 18, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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how she describes the son she lost and his connection to the bay area. plus, come on in for the coffee but please keep your firearms at home. we'll tell you why starbucks is now taking a new stance on guns. that's coming up next. commute delays for passengers as cal trains shows its age on the tracks. we'll tell you what the agency plans to do to freshen up its aging fleet. i'm meteorologist, christina loren. a cool start to the day. a's have a day game. america's cup back out there on the water. a comfortable day ahead. we're talking showers in your seven-day forecast in moments i'm talking about two crashes causing a couple of spots for slowing. one in the south bay for 101. another for highway 24. we'll sort out those two issues coming up. >> take you live outside for a very beautiful look. inhale the gorgeousness of san francisco before the sun comes up. nice way to get your day
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started. we are at mid-week, which means it is wednesday. september 18th. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. we have some new things for you this morning. the san jose fire department tweeting out pictures overnight of a fire that broke out on the city's east side. this is on toki court near mt. pleasant high school. the tweets say the fire is under control but an elderly woman, who was awakened by her fire alarm was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. we can report to you right now she is in stable condition. >> we are learning more about the shooting spree at the navy yard in washington, d.c. and how the tragedy unfolded. we now have the 911 calls we got a report on a fourth floor. a male with a shotgun, multiple shots fired, multiple people down.
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>> they say the rampage ended between 30 minutes and one hour later with a shooter, aaron alexis, and 12 others dead. among the 12 victims was michael arnold. a 59-year-old who attended stanford's graduate school of business in 2007. he was also a navy veteran and an avid pilot. his mother says she is still in shock that someone would kill her son for no reason. >> it is not real. it is just not possible. he loved his country. he loved the navy. he loved flying. he was just a happy person. >> you can feel her pain. arnold's mother says he was building his own small plane. he had planned to fly it from his virginia home to his family in michigan before his 60th birthday next year. >> beyond heartbreaking. >> as for the gunman, aaron alexis, we are now learning more about his mental state. just last month, he called rhode
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island police to his hotel room. he told them he was being followed and hearing voices. alexis believed people were keeping his awake by sending vibrations through the walls. he even told police he was a navy contractor. police did file a report after the ins dents but even so, alexis was able to keep that security clearance democratic lawmakers and people affected by gun violence will be on capitol hill pushing congress to act on universal background checks on gun purchases. today marks nine months since the shootings at sandy hook elementary. families will be in washington, d.c. to help with the effort. president obama is renewing his call for congress to act. harry reid says he does not have enough votes to revisit the issue. >> while gun violence is being debated, one of the biggest companies taking their own stance on this issue.
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starbucks says guns are no longer welcome in the cafe. it is starting short of an outride ban. "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us live. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, jon. that's an important distinction. starbucks is not banning guns in its stores but requesting that the customers leave them at home and don't bring them into their stores. tomorrow, ceo of starbucks, howard schultz will explain in national newspaper advertisements that the open carry gun demonstrations need to stop because they make some stores uncomfortable. they will not be asking people with guns to leave the shops. he doesn't want to put employees in the position of possibly having to confront somebody who is armed. he is also hoping that these gun rights advocates will request his request to not bring firearms into his stores. if you are not familiar, these are events in which gun rights
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advocates show up in the store with a licensed gun in their hip oride holder, hence open carry, which is legal. for them, an expression of their second amendment rights. >> if you walk inside, go by the rules. if it is allowed and walking around, that's fine. going inside, they don't want you to. don't. just respect it. >> i don't want to see that unless they have a badge on there, i'm police or something. >> reporter: wondering how starbucks ended up in the middle of the gun debate. starbucks does have a perception of being a company that liens left politically. some time ago, gun control groups started pressuring the coffee chain to ban guns in the stores with the assumption the company would comply in line with its liberal doctrine. turns out, starbucks instead said it would defer to local gun laos. gun rights activists saw this as an open, an invitation to
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demonstrate the second amendment rights and started hosting starbucks appreciation in stores bay area nationwide. they were also bothered by the fact that this made them come across as a, quote, champion of open carry laws, unquote, which they say they are not. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay" 8#f menlo park police office will soon be outfitted with two-inch cameras. they will clip to the front of their uniforms. they have 40 cameras but they haven't been used because the department needs to upgrade their computer system, which could take a few more months. camera recordings will be downloaded and kept for 2.5 years. the cameras were paid for through a state grant. in all, they cost $65,000 dealing with more than one headache as a series of mechanical failures slow trains up and slows down the peninsula on monday and tuesday. the problem is drawing attention
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to caltrain's aging fleet and the request remains, how are you going to fix it. marla is joining us with what they are saying about all those problems. good morning. >> good morning. here we are speaking about delays. i have to mention right away that the last train to leave this station was scheduled to leave at 6:03. just a couple of minutes ago. it did. it left right on time. i've spoken to a dozen people out here who depend on caltrans. they are happy riders. truth be told, the fleets are getting old. 20 of the system's 29 trains are 29 years old. the life expect tennessancy are years old. on monday, the pedometer failed
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on a northbound train. that led up to 20-minute delays. another train had brake issues. yesterday, a train died on the peninsula between burlingame and millbrae. more problems for another train here on the station. the interior could use a makeover. >> the inside might need a little update. that's about it. >> i have been riding for a month and a half. >> reporter: how has it been? >> it has been okay. >> reporter: any delays? >> no, not that i could really think of, no. >> reporter: well, if you are one of the enclosure es to 50,000 people that ride caltrain every weekday, mark your calendar for 2019. that's the year the fleet will be entirely switched out. just about five years away. speaking of the aging trains, an interesting side bar. caltrain turns 150 next month.
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live in san jose, marla tallez, "today in the bay." >> she is looking pretty good. maybe in need of a little nip and tuck, nothing personal. christina loren, talking about weather, a crisp start. nice and clear. >> no modifications needed here. a live look at a crystal clear start. good air quality. we have a gorgeous day shaping up. it il wiwill be a little breezy. for the second half of the day, similar to what we did experience for your tuesday. 56, livermore, 56, san jose and 55 in oak town where the a's are back at it for today. if you are going to be headed out to that game, it is going to be pretty nice out there. temperatures in the 70s. winds will likely play a factor. make sure, ladies, if you are going to be going out there, you bring a ponytail holder. they are taking on the angels. a day game. 70 at 12:35.
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1:00 p.m., 73 degrees. i want to point out, we have america's cup happening on the other side of the bay bridge. there is going to be a lot of traffic funneling into the bay bridge. 75 degrees. it is pretty comfortable. great day for a ball game. otherwise, forecasting temperatures that are down right comfortable everywhere. 79, san jose, 82, santa teresa. you might have to turn on the a.c. in livermore. a couple days of summertime left. showers this weekend. first, want to check on your drive. here is mike inouye. you have a lot of company. the metering lights just turned on over at the bay bridge toll plaza. no surprises for wednesday. there is your backup. the lanes off to the left have been filling in just about as quick as the lanes off to the right. that's a little bit unusual regularly since that came into place. things continue to shift at the toll plaza as we are looking at
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the maps. a nice, easy flow of traffic. just starting to see the build through berkeley and emeryville. no real slowing. the issue here, west 24, a crash reported. another crash, sounds like the same vehicles involved in lafayette. somewhere along the stretch, there is a crash. it sounds like it is still blocking your slow lane. we don't see any slowing in either sections. we continue to track that. watching from the chp. warning. there is something going on along the stretch. a smooth drive for the tri-valley. no problems for dublin. a nice, smooth slow of traffic into the south bay where your northbound routes continue to build. it is 6:11. coming up, leon panetta questioning president obama's strategy on syria. we'll let you know why the former secretary of defense says the country's credibility is at
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stake. that's coming up next. about i big changes coming your iphone. we'll take a look at it. everything is coming up roses for the oakland a's but definitely not smelling like roses at the coliseum. we'll tell you about the new sewage spill reported near the dugout.
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on today's top story, families of the shooting victims will be on capitol hill pushing for congress to act on new gun laws. today marking nine months since that tragedy at the navy yard. pushing gun violence and debate back into the spotlight. the ceo of starbucks is chiming in on the gun debate asking customers to stop bringing firearms into stores.
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you says people carrying guns had holsters are making some uncomfortable. they will not ask those carrying weapons to leave, though. leon panetta says president obama should take a hard line against syria to keep other countries from using chemical weapons. he also says the president should not have asked for congressional approval before launching a military strike. 6:15. apple engineers, they are just about ready to push out the latest update to your iphones. be ready. this is a big one. it is apple's ios 7. it will radically look and change the feel of your phone. >> when can we get it? >> apple says sometime later today. logically, they will hit the go button sometime later this morning when all the staff is in the office and ready to go. the last time we saw a big update was around 10:00 a.m.
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>> reporter: you don't have to wait in line on friday for the iphone 5-s. anybody with an iphone 4 or better will see brand new features with ios 7. including itunes radio, a streaming music service based on your tastes. the ability to block texts and phone calls from people you don't like. a noticeably cleaner, slicker look. a centralized control center. swipe up from the bottom to quickly access airplane mode music controls and the phone's camera. >> there are big updates coming to syria as well. she will be able to quickly access wikipedia and access your twitter feed. she will for the first time speak in a male voice. i would recommend sinking your phone to your computer if you still do that. just to back up everything is a good idea ahead of time.
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plug it into the wall. the download is only going to take place if you are on wall power. it could take quite some time. based on past updates, we are thinking maybe 10:00 a.m. but we got no information specifically. >> you gave good advice to me in the makeup room? >> not too much. >> that you should probably do to overnight when you are sleeping. >> if you can wait. i can't wait. do it overnight. the phone is not going to be something you can really use while you are updating. absolutely. charge it up tonight. >> and easy on the rouge. >> scott's rouge is perfect today. >> always. those eyes. >> that reminds me, i have to get some new, what's it called? >> the dark, heavy stuff. i need to get more mascara. i don't even know what its called. >> scott does his hair. he comes from your makeup room over to my dressing room.
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that's how he gets that hair perfect. tweet me, i'll let you know what kind of products he is using. 6:17. you might need extra products this morning. it is going to be easy. you can borough my mascara, my manscara any time. beautiful sunrise over san bruno this morning. you will see a little bit of haze out there. i am happy to report, good air quality. courtesy of all the movement we have in our atmosphere. that's because of the winds. they will play a factor this morning. the camera holding quite a bit more steady than 24 hours ago. the winds haven't dropped off. temperatures mostly in the 60s in the north bay where we are getting straight line north winds. we are looking pretty good everywhere else. you will notice a chillier start to the day. you can see these numbers have significantly dropped off. your wind speed looking a lot better specially when it comes to the america's cup race later
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on today. i believe the winds will not hamper or postpone the race. they should be just about perfect for choice racing. 5-8 degrees warmer for today. cool, ocean breeze kicking in later this afternoon. warmest day of the week. the last thursday of summertime. embrace it and the showers arrive. let me show you what we are working with. we stopped the clock on your futurecast at 8:00 p.m. north bay showers. we are going to see all this moisture start to spread to the south over the course of friday night into very early saturday morning. the whole thing high tails it out of here. you can still get outdoors comfortably with clean air quality. go figure, the last day of summer, we've got showers on the radar. 87 for livermore. 73, san francisco. 79 degrees, a comfortable day in the south bay. let me show you your seven-day outlook. we're getting closer to the weekend at this point. you want to make the plans. friday, temperatures will tumble. you will get some sunshine before the system arrives late
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friday night. saturday into sunday, that's where we transition from summertime into fall. a nice first day of fall. check your drive. your northbound commute, just fine. you are okay, palo alto into san francisco. i want to talk about first southbound side where we have seen some slowing crop up. there is a disabled vehicle there. that will mean a pause from palo alto heading toward mountain view. just in, before i hit the set, north 101 at sierra point, you are heading up toward candlestick, reports of several cars and a little fender-bender. they may be moving to the shoulder very quickly. we have seen the censors check in. i will make sure it clears without any major issues. the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lines
6:21 am
are on. a look look for the krcensors. volume is building heading into the south bay. a's magic on the field overshadowed by issues behind the scene. we are going to tell you why sewage leaks and concerns over dwindling crowds putting a big damper op the a's big win. there are so many things that we do on a daily basis.
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with less than two weeks remaining in the a's season, their number down to six to clinch the american league west title. they dropped the magic number in a walkoff fashion. josh donaldson doing the magic touch. brings in the winning run with a single to right center. that was good news. the a's also dealing with a couple of issues that could overshadow that big-time victory. >> they are looking good but not smelling so great. "today in the bay's" christie smith live at, dealing with a sewage leak and perhaps some attendance trouble. >> the a's are doing well. inches toward the postseason. they always seem to have problems creeping up on them like a sewage problem. sewage leaks into the home team
6:25 am
dugout. owner, lou wolf wonders where the crowds are during the regular season. the first two potential games sold out in two hours. the team decided to remove the upper level blocks so more fans could come. capacity would be 48,000. the average september attendance in the regular season, closer to 19,000. on that same day, they lined up to show their pride, the sewage made a smelly mess in the a's dugout. the backup apparently came from adjacent bathroom in the 45-year-old coliseum. pretty nasty stuff. not as bad as in june. a's infielder summed it up. he said, there is no carpet down there in the dugout. he is comparing both times it
6:26 am
happened. it is still pretty gross. it is kind of repulsive, honestly. >> the a's blaming it on one toilet. they are going to go ahead and have it snaked. reporting live in oakland, kr is sti smith, "today in the bay." >> they can't worry about all that sewage. the fans, more so. how will the attendance and the sewage problems impact the a's potential move down to san jose? we'll dig deeper into that side of the story coming up in 25 minutes. >> right now, 6:26. still ahead, unemployed and out of luck. we're going to tell you about the computer glitch that's keeping thousands of californians from getting unemployment benefits. >> also, hearing voices. we have some new details about the navy yard shooters mental state. and some new concerns about why he was issued a security clearance anyway. a live look outside. look at the sun coming up. a live look from the south bay this morning. cooler temperatures.
6:27 am
you can already see a little taste of fall in the air. >> is that what that is? >> i think so. >> how about a nice sunrise for you. look at that. just enjoyable to think about getting out and walking around. this is over san bruno. look at that. the orange sherbert vibe stacked up over there. we have more coming up on "today in the bay." please stay with us.
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we have new details about the navy yard shooter and his state of mind. we'll tell you about the investigation into why he was given a security clearance despite undergoing treatment for serious mental health issues. plus, unemployment benefits delayed statewide. we'll tell you about the computer glitch. first up, the new york stock exchanges. they go first on these days. we'll allow them to do what they do and wait and see what the fed
6:30 am
is going to do with everything. >> that's one bell. we also have the nasdaq to watch. they have a much more accelerated bell for you. wait for it. >> don't they look good in their suits. very sharp today as everybody brings in the day. you've got the cow bells. it is wednesday, september 18 tth. this is "today in the bay." 6:30 on the nose. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia cannon. more details are emerging about the gunman that killed 12 at the navy yard in washington, d.c. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live from our nation's capital. there is mounting evidence the gunman suffered from severe mental illness? >> right, including police reports where he said he was hearing voices. we also know he sought treatment with the veterans administration. that's raising a lot of
6:31 am
questions in this investigation. how, with his background of arrests for gun-related problems and now mental illness, was he able to hold on to that security clearance and walk in a virginia store and buy a gun? >> that void will never be filled. >> the fbi is tracking every move aaron alexis made. >> how did he carry out and plan this attack. how did he get access to the weapons. >> it was a lawful purchase of a shotgun made in virginia. >> legal even though the veterans administration was treating him for mental illness. less than a month ago, he reported hearing voices. >> i don't know how in the world he got a clearance to be able to get into the navy yard with those weapons. >> he got them because it is illegal for the v.a. to report treatment. as a contractor, he had a ten-year security clearance. >> it is not that difficult to have a security clearance if you do not have major red flags in
6:32 am
your background. >> the incident is raising more talk about gun control. >> we do not have a firm enough background system. >> we are going to move it up as quickly as we canme. we have to have the votes first. >> reporter: lawmakers want more details on a pentagon report that questions whether the government cut corners and put bases like the washington navy yard at risk. >> lots of questions about gun control and whether it can pass. the families of the newtown tragedy were already scheduled to be here today. they are going to be talking and other families of victims of violence around lunchtime here at the capital. live from washington, i'm frascy po frascy pots. san francisco board of supervisors shooting down a plan to sell old guns to a gun
6:33 am
manufacturer. that plan would have allowed some of the used guns to be sold to officers within the sheriff's department. then, the rest would have been sold to gunmaker smith & wesson. the board argued selling a gun to a manufacturer would allow the guns then to end up out on the street. the board did, however, agree to let sheriff officers buy their very own weapons a trio of bay area police agencies will get new officers. oakland will receive $4.5 million, enough to hire ten new officers. hayward and east palo alto were awarded money to hire new officers. state officials trying to straighten out a computer glitch that's keeping thousands of californians from getting their unemployment benefits. the unemployment office recently stopped mailing checks in favor of direct deposit. the new computer system has not been sending the money out to people's bank accounts. some people have not received
6:34 am
their unemployment checks since labor day. >> this is not what we want for our customers. we are doing everything, everything we possibly can, to catch up with these people. >> the e ddd says it has a tota of 700,000 claims. so far, the department has resolved 15,000 of them. officials are not saying when they expect to have the problem fixed. they are asking people to try and be patient. gay rights will be a key issue in a federal appeals court today. the ninth circuit court will hear argument on whether perspective jurors can be excluded from a jury based on sexual orientation. the issue was brought to light two years ago during a civil trial that focused on the pricing for an hiv treatment drug. lawyers for abbott lab torreys, bumped a perspective gay juror from the lineup.
6:35 am
abbott denies he was bumped because he was gay but because the move as sparked a discussion on whether a person's sexual orientation should have an impact on whether they can be selected for a jury. it is 6:35. you said you felt a little bit crispy. >> you can feel fall. >> was it too cool or invigorating? >> just right. >> christina loren is going to tell us how right it is out there. right as rain which we are tracking. good morning. 6:35. not today and not tomorrow, friday night into saturday, we are looking for showers. we want to show you how crystal clear it is to start the day in san francisco. because we don't have the low blanket of clouds, temperatures running anywhere between 2 to 13 degrees cooler. santa rosa, where they are getting a nice north wind. it is a warming wind.
6:36 am
they are 12 degrees warmer. mostly uniform numbers later on today. 56 in livermore, 56 in san jose to start the day. you are at 55 in concord. here is the wind right now. mostly coming out of the northwest. winds will continue to pick up. nothing like yesterday. the wind forced flight delays. no flight delays out of sfo. inland today, 88 degrees. 77 degrees, bayside at the coast. 72 degrees. it is going to be a nice day for racing out on the san francisco bay. america's cup back at it. that race had to be postponed yesterday. i am going to take a look at the forecast for that. the oakland a's have a day game. if you missed christie smith's report earlier, just say she has a nose for news this morning. >> that's good. let's hope the game doesn't stink. we want a good game. the bay bridge, traffic flows very nicely on the eastbound direction out of san francisco into oakland. the opposite direction westbound, reports of a three-vehicle crash around the
6:37 am
treasure island on ramp. i did see some slowing for the red lights coming around the bend. they are moving a little more smoothly. another crash reported north 880 at the grand. those two issues may slow you down heading over towards san francisco. the maze itself looking pretty smooth. we do have a lot of slowing northbound 101 coming up toward oyster point or center city boulevard. you are traveling north there. there is a three vehicle crash reported there. it sounded like things are moving to the shoulder. we have seen a lot of slowing. as you are heading north. meanwhile, crossing the bay to the san mateo bridge, moves nicely. 84, the dumbarton bridge, reports of a stall around the high rise. it happened around 15-20 minutes ago. they may have been able to clear that pretty nicely and the south bay, the volume of traffic for 101. we'll show you the slower spots.
6:38 am
>> 6:37. the new video that shows how a man barely squeezed by to safety after finding himself in the path of an oncoming train.
6:39 am
6:40 am
we have new video of a very close call at a train crossing. take a look. pretty scary. a man trying to get to the other side of the tracks. he narrowly avoids getting hit by a speeding train.
6:41 am
look at how close. he was remarkably okay. the train officials say the man illegally barged through closed pedestrian gates. he faces charges and could pay thousands of dollars in fines. >> that's cheap compared to sparing your life. >> he is lucky. 6:41. coming up, no guns at starbucks. we'll tell you why the coffee retailer is jumping into that gun debate. caltrain showing its ag we're going to tell you why the fleet may be moving a little slower these days. magic out on the field and some problems out on the plate. we'll tell you about the sewage issues that happen to be overshadowing last night's big win. >> ready for loss. at least two things, rockets and iphones. >> live look here. san bruno, beautiful start to the day. last wednesday of the season,
6:42 am
we're going to get one last summer blast and rain in the forecast. showers out to your doorstep coming up. a live look at the bay bridge now. a beautiful view of the sunrise. traffic doesn't look so bad. it is going to get more backed up because of the crash. we're on the san francisco side. i thisnk i see flashing lights. we'll explain it to you coming up.
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we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. welcome back. 6:44. a rash of mechanical problems for caltrain drawing attention to its aging fleet. marla tallez joins us live. you have been talking to riders this morning. >> reporter: laura, i have. all of them, more than a dozen
6:45 am
riders, they all seem to be happy with caltrain services. that's good news. so far, so good this morning. the underlying problem is the aging fleet as laura mentioned. caltrain spokesperson tells the san francisco examiner 20 of the 29 trains are more than 25 years old. their life expectancy is 25-30 years. they are definitely at the end of the line. this week, it is showing. take a look at some of the problems on monday. a speedometer failed on a northbound train. that led up to 20-minute delays. another train had brake issues. just yesterday, a train died on the peninsula all together. more brake problems for another northbound train. this is not turning away riders i've talked to. in fact, one man tells me he switched to caltrain in july when b.a.r.t. went on strike and he hasn't turned back. >> the train is smoother.
6:46 am
it is a better ride. it's on time more than b.a.r.t. is and it is closer to my home. >> i think you are going to experience breakdowns. i kind of take it with a grain of salt. i mean, it happens. i look at it as, i'm on my way home and i'm happy, you know. >> reporter: if you are one of the close to 50,000 people who ride caltrain every weekday, mark your calendar for 2019. that's the year the fleet will be entirely switched out. just about five years away until new trains or rolling on the tracks out here. what's interesting, even with the aging fleet, since 1997, caltrain has increased its average weekday ridership by more than 90%. live in san jose, marla tallez, "today in the bay." it is 6:36. christina loren along toll us about a crisp start. it is nice and clear. we get the beautiful view. >> i hate to say it.
6:47 am
summertime over. i know, i know. it happened so fast. you know what? you know how the bay area is. we still get warming trends in the middle of the wintertime. i'll be here to let you know as things change as i always am, day to day here in the bay area. we do have some significant changes headed our way. we want to start with the temperatures right now. 60 in santa rosa. typically, that's the coolest spot. they are getting some warm, north winds. temperatures there in the 60s. meanwhile, we have the 40s in some cities. napa, just bizarre how the micro climates work around here. as you are getting ready, putting your socks on, getting that coffee ready to go, it is going to be breezy today, not as windy as yesterday. keeping the breezy conditions going for today. yesterday, we had to postpone that race, maamerica's cup on t san francisco bay. today, we slice the numbers in half. right across the bay bridge, we
6:48 am
do have the a's back in town. the game starts at 12:35. they are taking on the los angeles angels. 70 degrees at gametime. look at these numbers. 75 degrees, a little bit breezy. america's cup, beautiful conditions out there. as of noon, 69 degrees out there on the bay. it is going to be really nice out there. make sure you bring your sunscreen. 70 degrees at 1:00 p.m. and 72 at 2:00 p.m. you can catch that broadcast. cozi-tv. we are going to have it on our sister station for today. like i said before, i'm sticking to my forecast. both races should be able to start right on time. no postponement. team emirates, new zealand. 78, fremont. 79, san jose. we have showers on the way.
6:49 am
i want to time the system out right to your doorstep. we started the clock on friday night. mostly s mostly sunoma county. the whole thing blows out of here by saturday afternoon. the first day is fall. 82 degrees on sunday. by monday, we start to level off. meet back here next week. looking really good for your outdoor plan, getting a beautiful first week of fall. a crash has been reported right at that first san francisco off ramp. you do have a couple of cars still involved in lanes it sounds like slow. all the way across the span. i can see a little bit of the tail lights. look at it over here. slow. just starting to move better. heading up toward treasure island. the metering lights will be slower as you look toward the
6:50 am
maps. a very slow approach as things are rippling back to treasure island and back toward the oakland side. we will warn folks about that. if you are taking 880, you can use the bridge. from the airport up past oyster point and the sierra point parkway, there is a slow drive due to an earlier crash. if you use the san mateo bridge, an easy drive. the dumbarton, after an earlier stall, reported a little slowing. you are still okay hitting over from fremont. south 680 really showing the build. we'll end with a look over 84. there is the build, guys. back to you. 6:50.
6:51 am
east palo alto police asking for the public's help looking for the driver who hit a blind reverend with her car before driving off. the accident happening about 8:00 monday night. reverend albert maclin says he was on his way to meet his wife at a starbucks when a woman backed into him. he did have his guide dog with him. the woman stopped long enough to ask him if he was okay before she drove off. police are investigating this one as a hit and run. >> i yelled to her, you hit me and slammed on her trunk with m! fist. i proceeded to pull the down out from under her back. >> this is the time for the community to step up for the reverend and let us know who did this. >> the reverend, luckily, didn't suffer any severe injuries.
6:52 am
maclin was not hurt and neither was his dog. a man suspected in a rash of commercial break-ins. police think he is part of a group that committed six burglaries at 25th avenue and el camino, last wednesday night. if you know him, call san mateo police. >> if you are heading to starbucks, the company ceo wants you to know guns are no longer welcome in his coffee shop. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. what starbucks is doing is not banning guns in the stores. it is, instead, requesting that customers leave their guns at home. do not bring them into their stores. tomorrow, howard schultz will explain the so-called anti-gun demonstrations that have taken
6:53 am
place at starbucks stores need to stop, because they have made some customers uncomfortable. they will not be asking people with guns to leave their stores in part, because he doesn't want to put employees into a position to confront someone who is armed. he is hoping that gun rights advocates will respect the requests to not bring them into the stores. gun rights advocates have shown up in the starbucks with a licensed gun on their hip or side holster, doing this as an expression of their second amendment rights. >> i don't think anybody should be carrying around firearms in our society today. there is no need for it. >> iblg in the constitution. this is america. we are the best. i don't personally do it but i understand our history. >> if they are walking around,
6:54 am
that's fine. going inside, if they don't want you to, don't. respect it. >> if you are wondering how starbucks ended up in the middle of this gun debate, it started a few years ago. you may or may not know, starbucks has the perception of being a company that liens left politically. gun control groups have been pressuring the coffee chain for some time to ban guns in its stores with the assumption the company would comply in line with its liberal doctrine. starbucks has been saying it will defer to local gun laws. they saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate their second amendment rights. any store hosting the starbucks appreciation in the stores nationwide. they were bothered by the fact this made them come across as, quo quote, a champion of open-carry laws, with i this he say they are not. bob lredell, "today in the bay."
6:55 am
another company ready to send a capsule. >> these guys are experienced rocketiers. orbital science that got a contract from nasa to supply the space station, here is a launch of their earlier rocket. a model similar to this one called a nontali's rocket will lift off from virginia less than an hour from now. orbital launches things into space all the time. speaking of launches, we've got the apple launch of its ios 7. lots of features. we went over some earlier in the newscast. the update is going to make your iphone look different. this is the first time johnny i, behind the design of the
6:56 am
software, is going to be there. you don't need all of the visual cues. you know how notes look like a legal pad. gone, forget it. you should understand what notes are now or what a calendar is. you don't need the real world equivalent. >> but i'll still have my notes. >> you will have your notes but it won't be in the form of a notepad. >> johnny i is such an artist. i'm looking forward to the upgrade. 6:56. a little baseball. a's are doing great. magic number now six as they try to clinch the american league west. looking good. the a's beat the angels, 2-1, a walkoff finish. two other problems could overshadow last night's big victory. christie smith live at coliseum. the a's kind of dealing with a
6:57 am
sewer leak. >> reporter: good morning to you. i'm glad i don't smell anything out here. you have a winning team that's inching toward the postseason and they have plumbing problems here at the coliseum. they had a sewage leak enter the a's dugout during the seventh inning last night. a sweet victory that didn't smell too good over the angels. players need bats, balls, buckets and boots to deal with what's going on here. this backup came from a bathroom nearby but it wasn't half as bad as the sewage leak in june that spilled into both clubhouses. it is not just sewage but the seats. owner, lou wolf, wonders why fans don't fill them up in the regular season. they sold out for potential games in the season for hours. they decided to remove the upper
6:58 am
level blocks to allow more fans in. he told "usa today," there's something wrong here. you would think that with our lead, people would want to come out, count down the magic numbers and all that stuff. they say a blockage came tuesday from one particular toilet. they are going to look at it and have it snaked before today's game at 12:30. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> that will be good news to all. it is unlikely the attendance problems and sewage troubles will do much to bolster the a's move to san jose. san jose is suing major league baseball challenging the giant's territorial claims to the south bay. the claims allow them to veto any other claims. they say the lawsuit should be dismissed. it has been ex temempt from anti-trust laos. the exemption no longer applies to the relocation of the team. 6:58.
6:59 am
one final check on the weather. i cannot think of a better person to check in with, christina loren, our fair meteorologist. thank you. ar fair-weathered friend. i know i am not with you, jon kelley, no, sir. high atop san bruno mountain, gorgeous sunrise. 88, 87, bayside. 72 at the coast. if you missed when he with are expecting the showers, stick around. we'll have your seven-day forecast throughout the "today" show every 15 minutes. the backup at the toll plaza. going well past west grand avenue. look at the map. it is because of the crash still clearing from the san francisco side. we are going to end with this shot. thank you very much. braking news from ottawa, canada, where police say there are several deaths after a passenger train and a transit
7:00 am
bus collided at a crossing. the front end of the double-decker bus was ripped off by impact. that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> see you tomorrow. have a great one! good morning. hearing voices. that's what the troubled navy yard shooter told va officials weeks before the deadly rampage. how did someone with his troubled past get security clearance to military sites? frantic search, police in georgia are loing for a 14-year-old girl kidnapped by armed men during a home invasion. now the fbi is involved. we'll go there live. and going deep, an exclusive look inside the world's only operating underwater lab, and the man that plans to set a record there. we're live from under the sea today, wednesday, september 18th, 2013.


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