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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 19, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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® >> good morning, everybody. i'm john kelly. marla teye sfwl has the day off. here we go again. a new america's cup champion could soon be crowned on the waters of that san francisco bay, and it could happen as early as this afternoon. now, despite being just one single race away from elimination, the skipper aboard for team usa said it is not over. it is a long way from over. got to love the eternal optimism. nbc bay area christy smith live along the san francisco waterfront this morning with a preview of that race, and matter of fact, can you watch it right here on nbc bay area. how does it look out there? >> good morning to you.
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the weather is beautiful. already a good crowd out here this morning. maybe that's because they know that this could be it. emirates team new sfwleeld only needs one more. oracle team usa needs eight. yesterday's second race was scrapped because of the high wind. so far we're hearing that today is looking much better. america's cup racing fans were here as soon as the gates opened at 10:00 this morning to watch what could be the end for team oracle. the new zealanders here in san francisco are so ready to pop champagne for the kiwis, as they call them. race 12 was called before the cat marchans crossed the start. oracle was stopped before going into the match. the wind limit was reduced from 33 knots to 23 knots as a safety recommendation after olympic 8ñ simpson died in the capsize of artimus racing catamaran. they need a hail mary pass to
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capture the trophy. >> san francisco here has embraced the event. ol trophy in sporting history, and it's going to leave these shores, so it's going to be from a kiwi cup. >> it's a tall order. their backs are against the wall. they've shown they're competitive. the boat is fine. it's not the problem. they really need to win that start. they don't get the start, it's really hard to pass. they have come from behind. they have passed in other races. >> it would be awoodwarded one hour after the last race ends right here at pier 27 and, of course, as always, the public is welcome. that's the story from here. reporting live in san francisco, christy smith, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you. the big question today is will those winds cooperate for the race? for that let's go to meteorologist rob myetta for christine. >> good morning. as can you see from the beautiful live pictures, the kwr'd not much of a factor righ now. fairly flat across the water. you can see no white cap from our hd camera looking over the embarquedaro. it's a gorgeous picture-perfect day around san francisco as we watch the winds right now. only southwest at four. the's time starting at 1:15. for the first race, the upper limit would be for the winds to be over 22 knots for more than five minutes, and can you see that doesn't appear to be an issue for that first race. heading towards the second race. 2:15. it's also below the speed limit for the sustained winds for five minutes with the second race. both races right now wind-wise, looking pretty good. temperatures looking outstanding
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around the bay area. stay tuned. big changes in our weather forecast. cooldown, plus a chance of some showers this weekend. win or go home. again, you can see all that action right here on nbc bay area. it all starts at 1:00. right before that catch "days of our lives" bumped up to noon. bethenny then airs at 3:00. at 4:00 it is "ellen." as always, can you stick around for nbc bay area news coming up at 5:00. i tell you what, if you are heading out to o dot co for the quest for the division title, pack extra patience along with your pennant fever. starting tonight, just like you would at the airport, fans will have their bags searched and their pockets emptied out before walking through a metal detector. they're keeping it pretty strict. this is part of a new league-wide mandate that's in effect from here on out. all major league baseball games. the a's, they recommend fans do
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allow themselves extra time to get in the park and enough time for that first pitch. los gados cracking down on gun shops. this week the town council approving some new regulations restricting where gun stores can operate. gun dealers must get an annual permit and stores must be at least 250 feet away from youth-oriented businesses, schools, churches, parks, and government buildings. these rules the result of a public outcry when templar sports opened up. their current location does not comply with these new rules, but a space right across the street does. templar has four years to either change locations or to stop selling guns. parents in the south bay neighborhood very mad this morning after the city removes a crosswalk from right in front of a local middle skoog.
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this one right up to burnett middle school. this is known as a pretty dangerous intersection that has already had a few accidents. back in may 12-year-old daniel funk here, well, he was hit by a truck after school. he was thrown about 145 feet. he still limps and has scars from that accident. daniel, he was in a crosswalk at the time when he was hit, but that crosswalk no longer exists. the city did narrow lanes, and they put the streets and put bike lanes out on that street to slow down traffic, but the issue here remains the lack of crosswalks. now, daniel's father and some other neighbors are urging the city to put the crosswalk back in. >> you can't leave this kind of chaos going and every morning roll the dice, close your eyes and hope everything comes up aces. investigators expected to
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return to an upscale neighborhood in san ramone where a man was arrested after shooting a sheriff's departments who were trying to evict him from his foreclosed house. the sheriff's office says two deputies, a locksmith, and a property manager went to that home in the north canyon estates and unincorporated san ramone to evict that man just yesterday. the man locked himself inside and started firing his guns through the door. the property manager was hit right in the leg. some of the neighbors had to be evacuated after this. others, they were told just to stay inside. >> i would never imagine this could happen, but foreclosure is happening everywhere. you have to deal with it. you can do stupid things like this. >> well, authorities had to take action. eventually using tear gas to force that man out of his home. he is now locked up in jail. well, nearly two years after that deadly crash, the captainic of a costa concordia said to be in court next week.
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michelle kazinski giving us an up close look at the massive cruise ship that has finally been set upright. >> as we speak, divers and equipment are arriving here on the island preparing to go back inside that ship. now, we know they'll be going into the engine room and other areas looking for key pieces of evidence in the criminal case against captain francisco fatino, but the top priority is to look for the remains of the two victims that have never been found. >> approaching the costa concordia, a side of the ship that was submerge the for so long, hidden away the crushing force of the rocks below, shredded balconies, missing windows. a ship that was once so grand that is now lower in the water than it was on an enormous underwater platform. the port side still white. >> as many time as we've seen it, you get up close, and it takes your breath away. the size of the ship, the scale of the disaster, and now the
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ability of salvagers. mroo many of them, america. >> terrifying for the passengers because we had built a series of walkways, ladders, stairs, but we think of all the women and children and elderly trying to get out of there, must have been horrible. >> reporter: hilo's wife, maria gracias is still missing. >> today -- he was not on the trip nearly two years ago, but his teenage daughter who survived, but was too emotional to speak about it. they are grateful to those that helped give them a chance now to finally bring maria home. a salvager who gathered for a final picture and to give one another a hand. basically, this is a big crime scene now. in the custody of prosecutors. only once those divers are finished can salvagers go back and finish the work in order to finally move the ship out of here, and that won't likely
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ñ back to you. >> michelle, thank you very much. now to a exclusive investigative unit report. the buses and trains operated by san tran provide more than 100,000 rides per day on a half billion dollar budget, but the investigative unit has learned inside of san tran, they say your money is being mishandled. employees coming forward to raise concerns saying they were instructed to inflate expenses to make it look like the agency actually needed more of your tax dollars. >> they want you to ask questions. they just want you to do what they said. >> so this series of mistakes that was initially denied has now admitted to is it just bad accounting, or is it financial fraud? >> no, i think i'll try again. i've answer thissed question. there were some mistakes. >> they're calling the adjustments honest mistakes.çyw÷ now, tonight our sources detail what they call questionable
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accounting that went on for years. we investigate tonight at 11:00. still to come on the newscast is the golden gate bridge bracing for a weekend-long shutdown? we'll tell you about the plan that could bring the longest closure in the bridge's history. apple says their new center will not work with a severed finger. how do they know that? we'll take a look coming up in business. i'm sure if you count all the fingers out here, they're attached, and they are twidling in anticipation waiting for the new iphone 5s to go on sale. they still got a good 20 hours to go. we'll talk to some of these people coming up in a live report.
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zirjts right now a live look. this morning the golden gate bridge authority voting on whether to close the bridge for an entire weekend sometime next year to install a moveable median barrier.
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now, if approved, it would be the very first time in the history of the golden gate bridge that it would actually shut down for more than just a few hours. we can tell you since back in 1971 a total of 36 people have died in crashes on that bridge. 16 of those crashes were head on collisions that ultimately could have been prevented by a median. now, in recent years the bridge district has lowered the speed hiked up speeding fines to try and make sure that span is safer. all right. here we go. more than 20 hours from right now it's the chance for us all to finally get our hands on that brand new iphone, and i guess it shouldn't come as a real surprise here, people already lining up outside the apple stores all over the bay area. nbc bay area bob riddell, he is live outside of one of those stores in downtown palo alto, and, bob, no doubt on this one. a lot of people want to be like our old pack bob eucher, must be in the front row.
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>> all right. we're obviously having technical problems. bob and his friends hanging out at the iphone store. trust me, sheer excitement. not just apple fans fueling that excitement. bay area police, the department there, thinking the different departments have different security features in the 5s and 5c that will make the smartphones less attractive to -- this is because they have fingerprint sense ors, and the new ios 7 software that comes with it, it has an activation anti-lock, i should say. now, this lock makes it nearly impossible to clear your phone's information and then try and resell it. >> two out of three robberies in this city involve a mobile phone. we've made more robbery arrests for the sifrt in my 30 plus years in the police department. >> i can take your phone, plug it into my computer, completely wipe it and sell for hundreds of dollars. with this activation lock feature, you can't do that.
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it requires them to type in your password to get any type of access to it. >> the ios 7 also available on most older iphones and older ipads. police are hoping the users will download that lock system and then keep things locked up. let's keep it on with bob riddell. the countdown is on. about 20 hours. bob, you are hanging out with -- looks like you are making close friends out there in line. >> lots of friends. good morning, john. i want to say to people at home, if you are about to file a missing persons report on your son, hold off. take a look at these guys and make sure they're not one of the -- these are some of the guys that have been missing in action from society since the start of this week. instead of being at work or at school, they've been sitting here in line outside the apple store in palo alto so they can be the first to get their hands on the brand new iphone 5s when it goes on sale tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. >> it's important to be the first in line. >> i mean, we're pretty much, like, basically die-hard apple
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fans. we really want the phone. i had a 5 before it got stolen, and i want a new phone. >> so were you the first person to have an iphone 5 stolen? >> no. >> man, where don't you just work this week and wait the extra couple of days to get the phone? >> well, i am one of those people that just want to get it first, and i like to brag about it too. i like the attention, stuff like that. yeah. >> all right, john. what do you get with the iphone 5s that you don't get with the 5? you get a faster 64 bit processor, a fingerprint sensor, a gold color option, the camera that can now shoot slow-mo pictures and take pictures in bursts of ten per second. if you have been waiting in line, you probably get an added bonus of a new friend because we assume there's been plenty of time to make one. some of the people here since monday morning, like that guy right there in the cameo. it should be noted while you can
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preorder the iphone 5c, the cheaper cousin of the popular phone, you cannot preorder -- the line here in palo alto is about to number in the double digits at any moment. we're just waiting. incidentally, that first man i just mentioned in line, he is with an organization called -- his group will be giving the new iphone 5s to a vet in need. again, we've been here since monday morning. the next guy in line tuesday morning. some guys since yesterday, and, of course, as you can see, they're pouring in right now. i'm amazed we're able to find space onk?r!e sidewalk. >> all right, bob. good stuff. nice to know that those new i phones are worth the price of admission, but the prize priceless. bob, thank you very much. we can also tell you the new fingerprint sensors on the phones can actually recognize five different fingerprints. scott mcgrew, that means, i guess, either one hand or you maybe can use four of your closest friends and you. >> yeah. five fingerprints. if you want your kids, for instance, to be able to make a
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phone call on your iphone 5 without getting your print, they can use their own. you can always use a pass code as well, like you used to, just in case they have dirty hands or something. we should point out, by the way, that apple has said it will not work with a severed finger, which is reassuring. though, logically that means someone at apple has tested that. apple is not saying. apple shares are up ever so slightly this morning. we won't see any major move in apple shares until we get some kind of sales figures about the new phones, and we certainly have not seen that yet and probably won't for a while. the rally really not keeping up. yesterday, as you'll recall, the fed saying it's continued quantity takive easing had a great day. we're just not seeing that hold today. back to you. >> all right, scott. thank you very much. right now christina has the day off, but rob working hard in that nbc bay area weather department. looks like things are starting to warm up today.
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>> we are seeing the numbers really climb close to 80 in a few spots. san jose looking mostly sunny, and one of the spots south of downtown today, around morgan hill, we could see the numbers getting closer to 90. right now 73 in san jose, but look at san francisco now. up to 72 degrees. upper 70s around livermore. still cool out on the coast. the sea breeze really not firing up yet, but by 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon we'll see the winds picking up. up to the east bay, oakland a's taking on the twins. we'll see temperatures in the low 70s around 7:00. then cooling as it goes through the game as the sea breeze strengthens and drops the temperatures later on in the 60s. right now no sign of fog. across the bay or even off shore as we've been seeing some northwest winds aloft mixing down some dryer air, which is breaking up the low clouds, but we're going to see a lot more clouds as we approach the weekend. the type that will bring us the chance by bring evening into the north day. a chance of seeing a few showers. then probably for the first half of saturday into early afternoon that's when we could see scattered showers around the rest of the bay area, and we'll
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see temperatures dropping big-time as we get into the weekend. rain totals not a whole lot there for saturday, but anything for this early in the year is fairly significant. something to plan on for your saturday morning plans. 85 in san jose. los to 90 in morgan hill. trivalley we'll see some of the bay area with low 90s today, and back over to the rest of the bay area, around san francisco and oakland, 07s to near 80, mid to upper 80s into the north bay, and starting tomorrow temperatures come down. clouds start to fill in, and for the north bay after sundown tomorrow night into saturday, there's a chance of showers. look at the temperatures now. almost 20 degrees cooler for the weekend for our valley and staying breezy and mild into the beginning of next week. >> a little something for everybody. okay. thanks a lot. well, still to come at 11:00 a.m. some teenage partiers turn into complete jerks trashing the home of former raider and stanford graduate. we'll let you know how he is fighting back using social media.
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talk about the party via twitter. the teenagers, they caused nearly 20,000 dollars in damage. holloway decided post those pictures from the party on-line hoping he can identify those teenagers. the offensive lineman played for the l.a. raiders back in the late 1980s. >> i'm going to send to you the world series. >> oh. whoa! >> going to give you a hotel and airfare. major league baseball is giving you two tickets. you are going. >> well, it's good to be a superstar. we told you yesterday giants fan virginia smith, yeah, look at that grab. she got a big-time surprise we
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told ow bethenny, and there it (t&háhp &hc&g-time surprise we tickets to the world series. i just can't get enough of this lady. she deserves to suit up, get a jersey. maybe take some swings for the giants. smith, of course, gaining that national attention just a few weeks ago when she made that superior grab during a game for the giants. nicely played, virginia. well, still to come, a slam of epic and gigantic proportions. this one may have registereded on the richter scale down in l.a. i'll show you what we're talking about coming up after the break.
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>> we finish up this morning not only going big, but we decided super size it. look at the fellows go. this is from the sumo open championships in l.a. it's unbelievable that he could pick the other guy up. this is large and in charge. 340 pounds versus 400 pounds. they're not playing. that's a lot of skin too. i have no idea how they score this. it's kind of scary and entertaining all at once. >> we know where the beef is. see you tomorrow.
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