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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 20, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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up. >> reporter: breaking news out of san francisco's bay view district where police are looking for a burglary suspect that may be hopping from rooftop to rooftop. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up. >> it's been a cool start to the bay area. 40s and 50s outside right now. and we're tracking a rare opportunity for september rain in the forecast. a look at that straight ahead. >> we're looking at very early address for the bay bridge. rare as well for a light volume but things will pick up. we'll track it. >> a live look outside, another shot of the bay bridge. it's friday morning, september 20th, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. we start off with breaking news.
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police and firefighters are on scene checking rooftops after getting reports of a man trying to break into a bank. christie smith right now live at that scene in the bayview district. she has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. right now san francisco firefighters have a large aerial ladder truck out here blocking san bruno avenue. we've seen san francisco police officers going up and down that ladder on the rooftops. this is the third we've seen them check. what they are doing is looking for a burglary suspect. san francisco police climbing up there, we've seen them checking with flashlights. i spoke with one officer, it appears the man they are looking for may have tried to rob a bank of america. they believe he has at least a crow bar. as one officer said, when you try to rob a bank it's likely you have a gun on you but they haven't been able to confirm
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that yet this morning. we're told that the suspect is raring black clothes, a dark hoodie. we haven't seen them take anyone down. we're seeing police officers and firefighters congregating in the middle of the block. looking to those rooftops. they haven't been able to tell us there is dodge to these buildings, just that they are looking for a burglary suspect. i can tell that you this is here near 101, san bruno avenue. in the bay view which is shut down on the 2400 block. it looks like it will be this way for some time so you might want to avoid the area. we haven't seen musts or anything bet through. lats the latest. live in san francisco. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> we also have developing news coming from chicago. this morning police are looking for the gun men involved in a mass shooting that went more than a dozen people to the hospital. the youngest a 3-year-old boy. marla tellez is live with the
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latest on the investigation. and how the victims are doing. >> i want to start with an update on the 3-year-old boy. his name is dyante howard. we have a couple of pictures. he was shot in the face in the jaw. he is listed in critical condition but our affiliate in chicago is reporting he is expected to survive. his grandmother is at the hospital telling reporters her grandson is a fighter. he is one of 13 shot on chicago's south side at a city park. you can see the paramedics. so far no one has died. it happened at 10:15 central time so. 8:15 here in california. witnesses say at least 20 shots were fired from multiple gunman. >> like boom, boom, boom. >> it happened so fast. >> the 13 victims range in age
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from 3 to tour 1. 10 are male. four are listed in serious condition, eight in stable to good condition. dyante is the only one in critical condition. police believe this was gang related though they aren't saying why they think this, so far no one is in police custody. this is a an active investigation. i'll keep you updated throughout morning. >> things calmer in a south bay highway. someone opened fire on passing drivers wednesday night. police ordered extra patrol where the attacks happened. police know of nine victims but say there could be more. officers say the shooter used a bb gun but they don't know who the shooter is or why theyit. fortunately, no one was hurt. anyone with information call the chp. >> police could soon be armed
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with tasers a. handful of officers in menlo park tased with stun guns part after program to test whether the weapons should be give tune all officers. and the police chief telling the "mercury news" he is working on a taser use proposal to present thethe city council by the end of the year. the cities are the only two in san mateo county that do not arm their offers with tasers. >> san jose mayor chuck vooed considering an appeal after the state's watchdog rules he violated campaign finance laws. the fair political practices commission violated the law by tunnelling $100,000 to start city councilwoman in her bid for re-elect. she has supported reed on other reforms. the commission ruled the mayor did not intentionally violate the law and fined him just $1. reed insists he did nothing
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illegal and may appeal. >> 5:05. christina loren has the day off. so the duties for the weekend, falls to rob mayedmayeda. >> we're seeing change, the fog is starting to creep back in, 40s and 50s now. and we have a stronger sea breeze. that plus the clouds on the increase are going to bring our temperatures down. southwest at 14 into san francisco and we'll start off with the low clouds independent san francisco, sunshine inland but increasing clouds as you go through the day. and you can see here hour by hour we're going to keep the low clouds around all day long, then eventually in the evening you're starting to see light rain north of the golden kbat that will push southward. highs in the 70s, only 60s san francisco. that's a big time drop in your highs. and 70s inland. the start of the weekend looks
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damp especially the north bay. scattered showers across the rest of the bay area, cool and breezy into sunday, turning a little warmer early next week. >> looks good. nice for a change. here east shore freeway looking at westbound with the headlights under university avenue that's the silhouette there. you see the good spacing. you're at the limit off the carquinez bridge. the rest of the maze, ashley avenue, where it does berkeley. oakland 880 we had construction crews causing a slowdown. now fg all the way down to the coliseum moves smoothly and at the limit. 92 and the dumbarton bridge. both very slow yesterday. 92 has had a lot more traffic the last couple of days. the dumbarton ever since the shut down of the bay bridge has been popular as well. >> thanks, mike. >> 5:07. for are a lot of apple fans it's
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almost as sweet as christmas morning. we can tell you the new iphone going on sale in stores today. >> people as always very excited. this is the seen earlier this morning. earlier than 5:00 this morning? the apple store on midtown, manhattan likes past lunches. just to get their hands on the 5s and 5c. they set up extra barricades to keep the lines organized. >> trying to figure out if they are bored. >> or getting paid. there is excitement here. rob is live outside the apple store in palo alto. how is the line there? they got the barricades up? >> reporter: not as bad as manhattan. good morning. i'll keep my voice down out of respect for these apple die-hards still a sleep. it goes down tufrt the left and turns the corner. i'm guessing maybe 150, 175
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people. all i can tell you is these people must want the iphone. they are sleeping on the concrete until like moments ago this guy's head was tilted left. i know he's going to need a chiropractor later. i don't know if that's a body or a live person. someone starting to wake up. it's like during yosemite they attached it from the light post and to the car. we've got people here with opportunities, even brought a table out here to do some food. you guys got out at 11:00? >> yes. >> why did you have to be out here or order on line? >> be here, my gosh. >> what about you? to wait in line. >> to be closer to the front of the line. >> as opposed to coming back at 2:00 in the afternoon when there is no line. >> you mean even earlier in the
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day. >> are you processing this? why do you want the new iphone 5? >> i guess it's -- i'm an android user so just having the experience, something that i want to have. >> experience of this, leaning against this wall for the past five hours must be awesome. >> yeah. >> earlier we were having -- it's died down around 3:00 in the morning. >> reporter: best of luck to you. they are going on sale at 8:00 this morning. down there is the store where you see the bright lights. once it goes on sale these people have a little wait. the guy who brought their dog. the iphone 5 s has a faster 64 bit processor compared to the regular with the fingerprint sensor and new gold color and camera can shoot in slow-mo and have the burst mode where it can take ten shots in one second. we're hours away, about three
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hours away, before the 5 s goes on sale at the palo alto store on university avenue. jon, laura. >> we were just acknowledging the sleeping habits. >> that dude is snorg and slobbering. i can see it. >> i like the girl that -- away. >> i want to know how many of those people stumbled out of a bar and sleeping off a night on the town. 5:11. coming up the budget battle that has families all over the bay area worried. >> pinterest adding advertisements. what the sharing site says is going to start doing to your profile. >> most of vus a new iphone in the form of ios 7 but there is a problem, we'll take a closer look coming up. ♪
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♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars.
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so you want to drive more safely? of smart. stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ >>. >> welcome back everyone. 5:13. i don't know if you are a pinterest fan, i am, now they are experimenting with ads, the social media site says it's
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going to start promoting certain pins from businesses based on user's interest. the promoter pins will show up in search results and category feeds. businesses will not pay for these experimental pins but the idea is to turn it into a revenue source for the company. >>a lot of people finding cool new features in their phones after upgrading to ios 7. there is one they may not like. >> good morning. it's a hack that allows someone to see in your phone even if the screen is locked. we're not going to tell you how to do it but it would take you about three seconds on google to find this youtube video showing you how. the trick was discovered by a fellow who figured out unlock tricks before. he works as a driver and has lots of time to sit in front of the car waiting on people and he's been playing with his iphone. the trick and i can do it on my phone, allows you to see how many text messages and e-mails i have even though my phone is
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locked and some people report being able to browse through pictures but i have not been able to repeat that. apple says it is aware of the problem. other news, shares of the pandora will open at highs this morning despite the fact that apple released a competing service this week. pandora won an important court case and that helped. yahoo! closed last night above $31 a share. in 2008 microsoft made a final offer of $33 a share. yahoo! turned it down, widely seen as a mistake. but its ceo even a penny above that offer that would be a huge victory for her and the company. let's check the rest of the market. seema mody is live. good morning. >> scott, tgif to you. futures mixed as the fed fueled a market rally on thursday. the dow and s&p 500 snapped a winning streak but on face for a
5:16 am
third week of gains. no economic data today but several key officials will speak this afternoon. the dow falling 40 points, the nasdaq up by 5. back to you. >> seema, have a great weekend. the internet moves and trends, second hand old cotour. traded among people sell used expensive high ticket items. really rich women are doing a lot of the selling. why do rich women need to sell their shoes? leah parks says it appeals to their vanity. >> it's the privilege of having it first, and so now they can show off what they have and it's more and more women want presence on line so this is a way to get people into their homes, to understand what they have achieved. >> we'll take a look at this, this weekend after "meet the press," also talk about other issues but i think this is fascinating, this idea of buying
5:17 am
used clothing in the thousands of dollars. >> exactly. i'll wait for my prada bag. >> i figure you would be. >> the high end stuff. i got you. >> thanks a lot, scott. >> 5:17 now. meteorologist christina loren is off. meteorologist rob mayeda is in to talk about the weekend and more. >> changes coming our way. >> you all right? >> we're going to see dropping temperatures. dropping into the 60s and 70s later on and raindrops could also be in the forecast. it's chilly in the north bay. 43 degrees, feel a bit more like fall though officially fall doesn't roll in until sunday. 43 at santa rosa. 40s and 50s across most of the bay area, the sea breeze is stronger, that's helping to bring in the low clouds and it will lead to bigger changes in terms of the temperatures as we head toward the afternoon. a's game looks nice. not as warm as yesterday.
5:18 am
notice the clouds sweeping in. 60s around game time. and as that game goes on, talking extra innings, after 9:00, may see some drizzle coming in to oakland later tonight. right now we're clear in terms of the rain producing clouds, those are here offshore. these are going to sweep closer to the bay affecting the north bay. so you can see a cloudy and cool day. san francisco out to the coast. 8:00 now starting to see the rain on the approach into tomorrow morning. mainly spotty areas of lighter rain. saturday afternoon we'll add heating to the day with cooler air aloft. this may drive some pop-up moderate showers at times, essentially around the hilltops. this will be saturday afternoon. second half of the weekend those look drier into your sunday forecast now. breezy with more sunshine, it's not going to feel that warm even as the showers leave come sunday. rain projections, for a september system this is significant. anything that can wet the ground or get up to a quarter inch of rain in the wetter locations of the north bay would be pretty
5:19 am
impressive this time of year. all of this coming in tomorrow. today, 78 degrees san jose one of the warmer spots. mid to upper 70s across the east bay and tri-valley. a cool day at san francisco. highs in the mid-60s. we'll see if we can get in the america's cup race after 1:00. so more clouds later today. tomorrow look at the highs, 60s to near 70 inland saturday. showers are gone sunday. we'll stay mild and breezy to finish off the weekend. >> rob, we're looking toward the tri-valley with an easy flow of traffic. even this early on a friday we start to see these into the 50s. that's the orange out of the altamont pass. that will be an issue. the bulk of the slowing right here as you head into livermore. again out of the altamont pass. we take a look here, our caltrans camera a good amount of cars, heading away from us on the right side of the screen, those are the ones heading in your commute direction where the orange and the yellow shows up. in toward the heart of livermore
5:20 am
you're fine. there is a crash here in the hills. this is norris canyon road. over at oak tree. so not a huge issue but there is a pole that's hit. let us know if you experience problems. as we look toward san jose, nice easy drive, and it's 880 there where the construction s both directions show slowing. live look outside, show you the peninsula no problems here. as we look at the north bay, the southbound side moves through the light volume down into san rafael. back to you. >> it's not one of the things you want to mark your calendar and look forward to but only about with 10 days left until a possible government shutdown. house republicans meeting this morning to talk about their strategy on the debt limit. how speaker john boehner says they will not vote to increase the spending limit unless spending cuts are made. if approved 4 million would be
5:21 am
ineligible for food stamps. this has evans scared. he signed up for the state's food stamp program after he was laid off four months ago. he says the $200 a month does help but really doesn't go very far. reduction he says would be very hard to handle. >> you buy carefully, you try to go through your mind, what can i afford. cheese is out, fish is out. potatoes, carrots are cheap. >> cal fresh clients are also facing a different kind of reduction. benefits are expected to be reduced in november because the 2009 stimulus package is expiring. >> it is 5:21. the man who missed out on a million dollars because he pronounced the word curio wrong. he gets a special gift from
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i want to give you a live look outside. that is in palo alto. those people, looks like they are chilling out, sleeping on the streets, which they are. but, they are doing it with a mission in mind. getting in line very early for the new iphone versions that are coming out. they decided to pass on ordering online. wanted bragging rights. it's the pride to have one first. the experience of sleeping on cold hard concrete. congratulations to those people. 5:24 now. in one man's opinion i they they should give the guy the cash. a little redemption for the wheel of fortune contestant blows the answer to a puzzle earlier this week. >> i'm going to solve.
5:25 am
corner curio cabinet. >> he said corner curio cabinet. it was corner curio cabinet. the contestant had a shot of a million dollars if only he could solve the puzzle. he did gain national attention. jimmy fallon tracked him down and invited him to the show. check it out. >> corner curio cabinet. >> it's not a million dollars we do want to offer you something as a consolation prize. here it is, your own corner curio cabinet. >> see, sometimes it's right. a lot of jimmy fallon free stuff in it. it's a guy, he will continue to ride this fame. the words were spelled out. he got tongue tied and it cost him a million bucks. >> nervous. a million dollars on the line. a nice corner curio cab nebraska
5:26 am
>> pat sayjack. >> i think he walked away with $2,000. >> wow. you know what that is, won-won-won. >> it's going to rain on some folks possibly in the north bay. >> hearing some of that. some places around the bay area, today will be fine. highs inland will be in the 60s and 70s around the bay area. cooler san francisco, 67 today, 70s in san jose and in livermore. tonight in the north bay you'll see the showers and plan on showers to start the weekend, drier come sunday. >> reminder, that first rain will mix with roads. the north bay especially. the san mateo bridge no problems over the high rise. a smooth drive you can see the high rise in the distance so good stuff, the map shows you no problems on the east bay side.
5:27 am
and also through oakland no more slowing through the downtown area, east shore and the bay bridge all looking like they should. >> all right. thank you, mike. 5:27. we're going to have the latest on breaking news in san francisco this morning where officers have been searching rooftop to rooftop searching for a man who tried to break into a bank. >> we'll tell you about the disgraced south bay politician back in court trying to get charges against him dismissed. wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need. new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly baked. made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon. they're nature valley's brand new take on a morning classic. because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand new places. ♪ nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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new this morning, breaking in san francisco, police taking a cat burglar into custody. we'll have the latest coming up in a live report. >> and we're tracking rapid changes to the weather forecast. 40s and 50 this is morning, then raindrops could be coming in for parts of the evening commute. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and your friday commute getting started but weet have a new crash in the south bay.
5:30 am
we'll see how this affects a popular highway. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live in palo alto, we'll show you what people will do, what they will go through to be the first to get their hands on that new iphone. >> looks comfortable. right now a live look outside, that is your golden gate bridge getting the weekend rolling. we are here, ladies and gentlemen, please get out and enjoy on this friday, september 20th, this is "today in the bay." >>. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning. we have an update to breaking news in san francisco this morning. kind of like out of a movie scene. this is where police and firefighters have been searching rof tops after reports after man trying to break into a bank. christie smith is live on that scene now in the bayview district. we're hearing you saw police
5:31 am
take somebody into custody. correct? >> reporter: that's right. a couple minutes ago we saw police walk out of a staircase of one of the buildings here on san bruno avenue and they had a man in handcuffs they put in the back of one of their patrol cars. this they believe is the burglary suspect they were looking for overnight. i just spoke with one of the officers and what they are telling me is the suspect was on one of the rooftops, the third they were checking and he fell through a weak spot in the roof. that's how they were able to find him and bring him down. this started when they noticed that someone was up on one of these roofs running around, they believe that he may have tried to rob a bank of america building that is here on the center of the block. they started checking rooftops, they believe he had a crow bar with him and this went on for some time. they brought in san francisco firefighters who brought in aerial ladder trucks, going from
5:32 am
rooftop to rooftop checking. then like i said, maybe about ten minutes ago they were able to come up with a suspect who somehow fell through the roof. they tell me he wasn't hurt, at this point they haven't been able to recover a gun or anything like that but he is in custody. and again, they are going to be checking the buildings to make sure that this is the end of it but they do have one man in custody. that's the latest, reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> 5:32. a former san mateo chief found guilty of possessing child pornography will be sentenced. steward james forest was arrested in december after the u.s. postal inspection service reported that he possessed hundreds of images of child pornography on his personal computer. forest claims he bought child pornography to do research for his job. he faces up to three years and eight months in prison and will have to register as a sex offender. >> disgraced and former
5:33 am
supervisor george shirakawa jr. wants charges dismissed. shirakawa now facing a false impersonation charge back in 2010. today a judge will hold a hearing on shirakawa's request to dismiss that charge. earlier this year shirakawa admitted to misusing public funds and resigned from the board of supervisors. >> as of this morning, the iphone 5 is officially outdated. >> it was like a super bowl championship. the new iphone-s in the hands of some of the people. apple fans getting them too. this was the scene in hong kong as the doors flew open this morning to the rounds of cheers, like they were doing the wave. here you have to wait a few more hours. the lucky few who stuck it out on the streets, bob redell is
5:34 am
joining us live in downtown palo alto. and bob, a lot of people hanging out with you. anybody still asleep? >> reporter: apparently we've got a few people catching some zzs. these are the first people in line. they are with an organization called gifted vet. they came here, what they are doing take their iphone and donate it to a vet in need. he has been here since tuesday morning. what are we talking about. is that 76 hours? >> 72. >> why? >> tradition for me. i've been doing this for the past four years. i plan to do it the rest of my life, i guess. >> maybe there is an app for insomnia. these guys i think are maybe like wednesday, here we are to the yesterday's and these are
5:35 am
perhaps people that have been here, when did you good ket here? >> yesterday at 5:00 in the afternoon. >> so you have to wait less than you know, 12, 18 hours around there. >> just about. nowhere near as busy as last year. >> what are you looking forward to with the new 5-s? >> it's going to be faster and have the fingerprint sensor and won't be broken as my current one is. >> you can get these online like starting at midnightant can come later when there's not a line. >> but it's more fun to camp out in downtown palo alto. >> okay. good luck to you. some guys playing soccer. other things that they have with regards to the new iphone 5-s, the faster processor, the fingerprint sensor, a camera that can take slow-mo that the current iphone 5 cannot, and also have a burst mode have you can take ten shots in a second and it will take the best based on the lighting an and that sort
5:36 am
of thing. this guy went the entire distance, brought his furniture out here. how was that. >> not bad. >> a regular thing for you? >> we were joking about it last night. might be more fun. >> also make it more illegal, i'm not sure. >> how long have you been out here? >> since about 6:00 yesterday. >> and you have to be one of the first, i guess. >> absolutely. >> him and about, looking down the block, around the corner, 150 other people, maybe 175. they only have 2 1/2 more hours to wait before the doors open and get their hands on the new iphone 5-s. >> bob, thank you. >> a lot of men out there. >> yeah. apple fans who loved snuggies. bob has been there so long he is on a first game ways is. >> that's bob. you got to love him. a little cool this morning.
5:37 am
rob is in for christina. >> good thing we're not seeing the rain this morning. compared to what we'll see in 24 hours we'll see rain around palo alto. right now 40s and 50s, you want to bundle up in pashts of the peninsula, the south bay. we have the sea breeze bringing in low clouds across san francisco, it's going to drop our temperatures down, 60s and 70s for highs. even san jose, 78, 67 san francisco, 78 in livermore but you'll also notice increasing high clouds coming in later on if you're not sucking the fog. starting in the north bay by the evening then into tomorrow morning, mainly just hit and miss shower, light rain at times. perhaps a few brief bursts into saturday afternoon. into sunday skies will clear out. it's going to feel cool as we wrap up the weekend. some rain for early tomorrow, sunday we start to see partly cloudy, breezy conditions as we head into sunday and monday.
5:38 am
fall officially begins sunday night there, mike. >> all right. a shower to bring in the fog. looking toward fremont where you are ringing in the morning commute for this friday 18 gentle fashion. we see it later build. that should be an easier drive. we'll focus on the maps and the sensors here approaching mission, about 680. no problems. 880 to 237. clear and clean into sunnyvale. we hear about a crash. sounds like the activity will move to the shoulder. we'll track that. and up to the same area from north 101 at the lawrence expressway. another crash there. highway 101 is fine. heading out of sunnyvale, and mountain view, palo alto a live look, see the volume of traffic stead we the taillights north and coming off the san mateo bridge. you're fine.
5:39 am
thanks a lot. >> we have new details concerning the gunman in the shooting pam page. zeroing in on a possible motive. >> we continue to find developing news in chicago. a today her among 13 people shot in a park overnight. marla tellez will have the latest out of chicago coming up. [ wind howling ]
5:40 am
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>> is we have an update from chicago. a 3-year-old boy in critical condition after being shot in the face. a dozen other people were also hit in a mass shooting that happened on chicago's south side. marla tellez in our newsroom with the latest on their condition and police -- and who police say did this. >> good morning so. far seem it's a miracle but no one has died. we got an update, that 3-year-old boy just underwent plastic surgery and he is said to be doing well with his family by his side f. you haven't seen his sweet face, dyante howard is
5:42 am
his name. despite the good news he is still listed in critical condition. the boy's uncle telling the chicago sun times that dread locked men drove to the city park, got out of the car and opened fire. witnesses say at least 20 shots were fired, in all as laura mentioned 13 were hit, many in the foot, the back side and their legs. but that 3-year-old boy, he took a bullet to his jaw. >> the kid was the number one priority. it was about 7, 8 people laying down but they got the kid first. >> the boy is the youngest victim but among the shot two teens also a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old, the rest are in their 20s and 30s, the oldest hit is 41 years old. we just learned two more are in critical condition, the rest are reportedly in serious or fair condition. police do believe this is gang related but have not made
5:43 am
arrests. i want to tell you about a sad detail to this. dyante howard's family has gone through so much recently. an uncle of his was shot and killed just over labor day weekend. his grandmother now pleading with the suspects to quote stop killing innocent people. >> it has been ugly in chicago. thank you. we now have a possible motive for the horrific killings at the washington navy yard earlier this week. "the washington post" reporting that aaron alexis started on the fourth floor building 197 where he shot people, he worked with. witnesses telling the post supervisors they did have concerns about alexis' job performance. ves kbers now looking into whether that may have led up to that rampage where he killed 12 people. alexis ended up being killed in gun fire with police. investigators say once the first people were shot everyone else simply had the misfortune of crossing alexis' path.
5:44 am
we're finding out the same contractor that gave alexis his security clearance also screened edward snowden. the blog reports that both were screened by a private company, ufis based in virginia. a new press review finds the government is overwhelmed and does not have enough resources to adequately investigate the nearly 5 million americanshave security clearances. >> a massive landscheid in mexico as tropical storm manuel continues to drench the country's coast. dirt, rock and mud tumbled down a hill. it left 68 people missing. landslides triggered by days of 18 from tropical storm manuel which battered mexico's pacific coast. the death toll has risen to 97. officials suggest some of those
5:45 am
missing may have taken shelter in neighboring areas. this is showing the extent of the damages. helicopters have been rescuing and bringing them to acapulco. about 400 people survived that landslide. now look at the recovery. >> looks like a tidal wave of water rushing through. >> if you remember the pictures in colorado, about the same rain totals. with this storm coming in in about a day and a half. the problems on the coast here, we're going to see changes in our weather. 40s and 50s. in san francisco or across the bay we've got low clouds with the winds stronger than yesterday. stronger sea breeze to start the morning. that's going to be an all-day event which will make oakland a's game cooler. probably not cooling off the a's. the magic number down to 4. bartolo colon taking themound.
5:46 am
7:00 game time. 60s and cooling as we get toward 9:00. we'll hope the rain holds off as we go through the rest of the thixt the clouds on the increase. this will be part of the weather picture, cooling down plus filtering out the sunshine and by 8:00 now talking about lighter rain moving into the north bay, first band pushes through for tomorrow morning. mainly enough to wet the ground, then spotty areas of moderate showers possible. especially in the hill tops, heading into saturday afternoon. second half of the weekend looks drier. don't expect to the feel warm. we're going to get cool breezes for sunday which will help clear out our skies. rainfall projections, impressive for this time of year. manage about a quarter inch or so, probably more in the north bay and then enough at times to wet the ground in parts of the south bay on saturday.
5:47 am
then to the tri-valley yesterday low 90, today, you can see the cooldown. almost 80 yesterday. today mid-60s all day low clouds and breezy conditions. 70 in the north bay so you'll see the temperatures drop off. most of us in the 60s for highs on saturday. sunday looks drier as the clouds depart and for tomorrow again, we expect to see the chance of showers. fall gets started on sunday. our temperatures beginning to look and feel like it with temperatures in the 40s. >> i kind of like it. we have to put on -- just a little cooler. over to the east shore or the connection from the east way to thence pens this is west 92. you're picking up the volume. as you travel toward fox city a report after stall. nothing shows up on our sensors.
5:48 am
again right around foster city reports there may be a stall. as we're moving to the south bay looking at west 237 t earlier crash got -- a slow lane is blocked. there is a crash involving a big rig. as you look at northbound 101, the other crash affecting the on ramp, not the freeway for the bay shore. shoreline has a comedy festival. there may be traffic as well. we'll end with a live shot with a -- that's the first to start the backup. >> thank you. it's 5:48. limousine group urging governor brown to veto a bill that would require all to have emergency exits. the association wrote to the governor to protest the bill saying the standards for the new exits are not clearly defined.
5:49 am
and the time table is unrealistic. it's waiting the governor's signature. the bill comes in response to the deadly limousine fire on the san mateo bridge earlier this year. five women died when flames blocked the doors at the back of the limo. they couldn't get out. another bill requiring safety inspections, is also on its way to the governor's desk. >> i want to give you a live look at the golden gate bridge. later on this morning plans to close that wrij for a weekend will become official. yesterday golden gate bridge committee approving a plan to buy and install a movable median barrier to help prevent accidents. later on this morning, installation is not expected to take place until late next year. >> there may be fewer parking spots in some bay area zis because they are turned into
5:50 am
parks. they will celebrate parking day transforming some metered parking spots to temporary public parks. events are planned in los alto. parking day started in san francisco eight years ago. >> sounds fun. 5:50. oracle team usa will sail at least one more time on the san francisco bay. fresh off avoiding elimination at the america's cup. yesterday, race 12 was actually postponed two times because of all of the high winds out there. when the weather agreed it was all team usa leading from start to finish. beating emirates team new zealand. this one heavily in favor of the kiwis. the americans down 8-2. they need to keep winning to stay alive. the kiwis need one more to capture the cup.
5:51 am
race 13 will be scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon. if you can't be there you can watch it on cozi-tv. s the >> fun to be on one of those. >> that would be cool. we need to pull that off. next time. >> $17,000 bottle of scotch. what makes it so special. >> i want to know. we'll look at what makes this dog leash so special. ♪ $5 footlong [ male announcer ] footlong nation rejoice! right now at subway, any regular footlong is a $5 footlong, all subtember long! subway. eat fresh.
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did nana ever give you cheerios when you were a little kid? yeah, she did. were cheerios the same back then? cheerios has pretty much been the same forever. so...when we have cheerios, it's kind of like we are having breakfast with nana... yeah... ♪ yeah. you're so smart.
5:53 am
i like scotch. >> are we on? there's a rare scotch with a hefty price tag. it has hit the shelves. >> there is a reason why we're
5:54 am
doing the scotch bit. it's called mcal11. it will set you back $17,000 no joke. it is on sale at costco in scottsdale, arizona. about 400 bottles were made and there are only 72 for sale in the united states. no word if you'll be able to find any in the bay area. in case you wonder it's $17,000 per bottle that breaks down to about $1,000 per shot. >> a nice bottle. >> if you are looking for a different way to get lit, scott mcgrew has lights. >> i have two lights. we'll start with this, an update to the l.e.d. bulb. it's going to get harder to bright incandescent bulbs. this is an l.e.d., people have
5:55 am
been pretty happy. the company started selling one they claim is the closest to regular light. we turn off our studio light. this is as close the government says to a regular incandescent bulb as any one has ever gotten in the past. then i have this which as i figure dogs, this is called doggy light. heat me turn off this light. this one glows which is cool. you see it at 1,000 feet. you have some too. you have a dog collar. and another leash. it is really a great idea and i have not seen these, a marvelous idea. >> walking my dog is my zen. it's fantastic. >> to be able to see, it's bicycle light quality, see you that far away. especially at night as you cross streets.
5:56 am
i think it's a genius idea. >> little dog bones on there. >> a reason for the kelly family to get a dog. i keep telling him that. >> we have plenty at the mcgrew family. >> i was thinking "50 shades of grey." >> you nasty boy. stop that. an early show. >> very good. i'll turn off the lights. >> scott mcgrew lounge. >> freshen things up and check that forecast. >> the forecast looking a little cooler outside today. we've got 60s and 70s for highs as the sea breeze and increasing clouds drops the temperatures today. speaking of drops, raindrops coming back in the forecast, tonight into tomorrow for a cooler start to the weekend. >> we're looking here, it's a friday as we approach that. look at the maps, the upper right-hand corner. a little slowing, not a big deal. we'll focus on slowing right there at 237 westbound approaching matilda. that's a distraction.
5:57 am
here westbound 92, debris in the roadway we'll look, watch for the rock. >> 5:57. one wheel of fortune contestant lost out. jimmy fallon is going to make it right. >> pretty fun. more feet on the street. bay area police force graduating a new class of officers. >> we continue following breaking news, a cat burglar snagged in san francisco after a rooftop to rooftop search. what we are now learning about that man coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ [ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need. new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly baked. made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon. they're nature valley's brand new take on a morning classic. because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand new places. ♪ nature valley. nature at its most delicious. right now, a bank burglary suspect up on the roof, the early morning search that had police using extra long ladders from the fire department. >> developing news in chicago. a toddler shot in the face, 12 others injured as bullets fly
6:00 am
across a basketball court. we're live with new details up next. >> we're watching a cool start to the morning and the day could finish with some early fall rain showers heading toward the bay area. we'll have a look at the changes in the forecast coming up. >> and i'm watching our live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. we see a crash at the edge of the screen. i'll track this and let you know how it's affecting your drive coming up. >> a live look at die hard apple fans waiting in line for new iphones. they are dedicated. it's friday, that's a good news. september 20th, this is "today in the bay." 6:00. good friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. an update to breaking news in san francisco where a rooftop search for a bank burglary suspect is o


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