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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 21, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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good evening, i'm dianne dwyer. we begin with that unusual weather today. in days you didn't know it, today is the last day of summer but it sure did not feel like that outside. in fact the rain broke all kinds of records. it also broke up all kinds of outdoor activities from art festival to weddings to two sporting events. the storm even delivered some early snow to tahoe. kimberly terry is in oakland. what's going on, kim. >> reporter: well the weather impacted the game here at the
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stadium. the oakland aerks's are very close to climpling the al west title for the second time. the first pitch was supposed to be thrown at 1:00 but it was delayed for thatdown pour. the dugouts had to be emptied out of rainwater. the first pitch was thrown out just after 3:00 p.m. which gave the stadium a chance to dry out. rain heavy a and long lasting had some effects not yoous here at the stadium but in events throughout the bay area. the rain dampered the art wine and music festival. today people had to hold their umbrellas along with their wine glasses and food plates. and finally in san jose, willow glen elmebt triwas celebrating
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its 150th anniversary and festival goers there looked for krofr where they could. now it stopped range here as i mentioned in oakland at about 1:00. now the sun is out but again that very intense rain did dampen a lot of events all across the bay area today. live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> nice to have the sun out a little bit right there. all right. meteorologist rob my had has been tacking the rain. >> the rain totals did so in record breaking fashion for the day. look at the numbers, san jose airport, more than a half inch of rain, same around mountain view, oakland, look at that, close to an irj of rain at the airport, more than a half inch at san francisco. the numbers at the bottom of the screen are the monthly averages
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for september. so we exceeded that monthly total in a day. so record smashing numbers. some of the highest totals were around mt. tam and there you see around that va to, about half an inch of rain came down. why did we get so much rain today? well we had the moisture that came out of the south today. we woke up to temperatures in the 60s. all of the factors coming together to bring us the rain. right now as you saw east of oakland, the showers still firing up, we have a few more north of santa rosa but the majority is in the rearview mirror. heading up to the sierra nf, we're looking at snow.
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so tonight, things start to calm down. showers are possible and as we head into the first day of fall tomorrow, the weather may actually feel a bit more like summer. we'll talk about some of those changes coming our way in the sunday forecast in a few minutes from now. the weather also caused some problems for the nerk's cup races today. lauren scott has been covering the races all summer long. >> reporter: hey, diane how are you doing. it's a beautiful day out here right now but here's the deal. the wind is blowing in a different direction than it has all summer. the ra get that director has got a tough job. he's got to make sure the racing is safe and fair and in this case today they're making a tough decision but it's probably the right decision. take a look. the weather related delays are mounting and now for the second time in a week the race day a complete wash when the cup could have been claimed.
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saturday's showers accompanying a shift in wind direction and unable to reconfigure the race course, the e decision was made to wait until the afternoon to see if the wind would follow the direction it has all summer. and thus at 2:40 p.m., yet another race postponement. in what is now one of the longest america's cup's in action, sunday may be the day. regatta director' onmurray explains the race committee's conundrum. >> what it means to oracle team usa, it's important that it's a quality race. we want to hold every race as a quality race but these remaining races it's super important that they're right. >> reporter: you know, when we
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look back on this entire america's cup experience, one of the things that will stick with us is the stunning visuals and images on the bay and they certainly want a proper ending for this thing. and really, today, a decision made to make sure that things stay fair for the teams and people get that great ending. and the racing continues weather permit. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> despite the races being canceled today, many people we talked to have come from all over the world to watch the competition said they still enjoyed it, well, you know sort of. >> it's been absolutely wonderful until today in the rain. we come from a rainy country, just like home. >> as lawrence mentioned earlier, weather per. mitting america's cup race
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tomorrow will happen at 1:15. we are more to come on the weather including pictures of the snow in the sierra and the full forecast with rob in ten minutes. we have a major development tonight. in a hit and run accident that killed two women in san jose this month. the women were on their way to work at san jose international airport when they were killed and police announced today they have made an arrest in the case. >> reporter: good evening. here at the sky port is where the accident happened with two women trying to turn left here on to skyport. it was the early morning hours just before 3:30 on a monday morning. check out the mugshot that we got. 24-year-old danny cole man. this is the man that the police arrested for murder yesterday in union city. police say coleman was the one behind a silver mercedes when he crashed into carmen zavala and
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christina alvaro when they were on their way to work. they were trying to turn left on to skyport when the mercedes collided into the toyota and inted of stopping, the mercedes kept going. this was after after he evaded two off officers that saw him swerving. that was seconds before the crash here at north first and skyport that killed the two women. now police say investigators with the covert response unit tracked down coleman. it took round the clock work and described the efforts as complicated but are protecting the investigation by not releasing any more details. we know the santa clara da's office has filed murder charges against coleman which are now our 37th and 38th homicide of the year. the driver of a street
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cleaner had a close call when he crashed on an overpass in oakland today. take a look at these pictures. the accident happened apt the mcarthur maize at 6:00. morning. the driver fell asleep and the street sweeper slid along the barrier. a team of firefighters rescued the driver out of the truck and crews rushed him to the hospital. the ramp was shut down while the crews carefully removed the street cleaner. the hospital has not released information about the driver's condition. coming up next at 5:00, a terrorists attack at a kenyan shopping mall killed dozens. we'll show you who's claiming responsibility. plus the federal government is headed for another shutdown. we'll show you what's at stake there. and a california transgender girl made history last night.
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now to a developing story in kenya tonight. dos are dead and more than 150 injured after terrorists hit an upscale mall in nairobi and the terrorists are still inside holding hostages right now. the attacks started just after noon when they opened fire with assault weapons. and islamic group out of somalia
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called al-shabab claimed responsibility and said it was in retribution. the u.s. state department says it has reports of american citizens injured in the attack but is not releasing any other information at this time. it is now sunday morning in nairobi. the attackers remain inside with an unknown number of hostages. we will have more on this information on this developing story as we get et throughout this newscast. 49 ers all prolinebacker aldon smith is out on bail today. yesterday police arrested him on suspicion of dui. around 7:00 a.m. yesterday a neighbor called to report the accident on bentley ridge drive. san jose police booked smith on dui charges and also for possessing marijuana. smith has had several recent run-ins with the law np if january he was arrested in miami on suspicion of dui.
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six months later he was stabbed during a party at his home. and earlier this month he was named in a lawsuit by a man who said he was shot during another party smith was hosing. smith is scheduled to appear in court on november 4th. the nfl player's association just signed a deal to help address the problem with athletes driving under the influence. the players association is giving all of the players a $200 credit to use uber. now to news of a possible legal problem for the quarterback. he faces a civil lawsuit after his two dogs killed a chihuahua. a woman was out walking her dog when jones' two put bills attacked. jones' agent said his client was was his dogs at the time and never had any trouble before. coming up next, we'll introduce you to america's very
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first transgender homecoming queen. plus why this ordinary south bay home could soon be declared a his tore ri historic landmark.
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in southern california, football players at a high school homecoming game were upstaged by the homecoming queen. she made history as the first
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transgender teenager ever to earn that hit until the united states. >> reporter: when cassidy lynn campbell was crowned homecoming queen, she made history. cassidy is a 16-year-old transgender. >> i am so proud to win this not just for me but for everyone out there. for every kid transgender, may, bisexual, straight, black, white, mexican, asian it doesn't matter. >> reporter: cassidy says he couldn't be herself until this year. that's when she started living her life completely as a female. >> i have my bag of so rings right here. >> reporter: the decision to run for homecoming queen garnered national attention. >> i realize it wasn't just for me anymore. >> reporter: consistdy faced
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backlash. this tweet said some girls actual deserve to win. cassidy hopes winning the crown with cause some of her critic to rethink their opinion. >> if they can make them look a little bit differently at myself or anyone else in this world and judge just a little less harshly then it wu all worth it. the group that protestsed gay marriage in california is now throwing its energy into another cause. the national organization for marriage says it's joining the effort to repeal a new state law that allows transgender students to pick the school bathroom that they feel matches their gender identity. the group has until november 8th of this year to collect more than 5,000 signatures to qualify the measure for the move ballot of next year. as we mentioned all of the activities that were affected today because of the rain, this one got a boost.
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coastal cleanup begand around the bay. the wet weather caused some problems but ultimately it helped them in their cleanup and educating the public. >> a lot of people don't think about how a piece of trash could end up on the bay. a lot of people think it's been illegally dropped there. but the majority of the litter that we see is coming from our urban street and through the storm drains and out into the bay. >> this year save the bay organizers are calling attention to the large number of cigarette butts they pick up. they account for nearly 40% of all litter collected and could end up flowing into the bay where they pollute the water and kill off the wildlife as well. in the winter rain in the bay means snow in the sierra. today the snow reaches some tahoe ski reports. these this is the first snow of the season. the pictures were taken around
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1:340 this afternoon. some of it looks like we're ready to ski. right now let's check in with rob mayeda. that kind of got me psyched for ski season. >> some interesting changes in the area around the bay area, not just the rain fall but the wind shift. september 21st, see onshore winds racing through the golden gate racing north the east. and if you can imagine, it's sort of like an elongated football field, the winds moving west to east. but today the cold front on the approach, the rain started develop and the winds moved south to north bring in the moisture from the south and instead of going end zone to end zone, changing the wind direction to go from sideline to sideline. and the race course isn't set up for the southerly winds. the hope was that when the cold
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front went by that that could shift the wind back. but the winds stayed out of the southwest today. so the race area not in the configuration you would want. there is hope tomorrow, though. we'll see those winds once again coming more out of the west for sunday afternoon. right now still a southwest wind into san francisco. you can see the wind is gusty and today's highs only in the 60. not om did we get all of the rain, but you saw the high temperatures not even get a into the 70s. but right now the sun is breaking out along the bay area and as diane mentions off to the east where the showers are heading out of the central valley. they're heading up to the sierra valley. we are seeing some snow, just enough to stick for 12 hours. so the sierra forecast brings in a little more snow then things
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will dry 0 out. there's an ironman triathlon tomorrow in the tahoe base sin. thankfully for that event we'll see some clearing in the sierra for sunday. hour by hour for this evening, we're not quite done with the showers yet. if you look in the hill tops, just after midnight you're seeing some showers here. but after sunrise, the skies will clear out. mostly sunny conditions for the afternoon. morning temperatures in the 50s. outdoor event tomorrow looking pretty good as the a's try to wrap up the al west. temperatures will be 70 in oakland and for the san francisco 49ers we'll see temperatures in the 60s. fall begins tomorrow at 4:44
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p.m. upper 60s in san francisco as the temperatures begin to climb up. a little bit of cooling tuesday into wednesday then the numbers come back up. so all of this weird weather now, next 12 hours will be out of here and we'll get back to summer like weather moving into fall if any of that makes any sense. >> thank you, rob. still ahead at 5:00. >> i honestly thought at first that ith might have been a scam because they seemed to offer educational benefits, financial benefits and the support of community. it sounded too good to be true. >> but actually it wasn't too good to be true. it's tonight's bay area proud.
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>> but actually it wasn't too
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>> but actually it wasn't too there is an opportunity gap in this country, perhaps no more more pronounced here here in the bay area. recent studies show that growing
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tech companies struggle to find qualified applicants. many young people are ready for a job but don't have the tech skills needed. gavin thomas has tonight's bay area proud. >> every day she heads 27 steps aup to take her seat at sales for ellie, that's more than just a commute. it's also her life story. after spending years living in various central american countries with her motherary younger siblings, ellie's family moved back to the states and the bay area. >> it's difficult to land in the united states on child support and land on your feet. so my mother and siblings were on the street of san francisco for six months. >> how ellie got from there to
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here has everything to do with this place. year up bay area. >> we've been around for 13 years, here in the bay area for five years. we as an organization are help l 8,000 young adults. >> what year up does is take groups of 18 to 24-year-olds from low income backgrounds and spend five months intensely teaching them the skills they'll need to survive in the business world, then places them in interships with bay area companies like sales force under the care of mentors. it has proven to be a remarkably successful arrangement for all involved. she says of the 80 interns that have been placed at sales force, close to half of them have ended up landing full-time jobs here just like ellie. >> i'm so proud of ellie. i'm so proud of her. she's taken a talent and gift she has naturally and she's
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taken it to the next level. >> skills that ellie takes back to year up to help following classes with successful, offering tips on how not just to get by in the was world but get ahead. >> there's a reason that people seen so energetic, they drink a lot of coffee. >> ellie says what year up promised to do at one time seemed too good to be true but it no longer does, and he's not the only one who's better off for it. >> i feel like i'm a much better example for my siblings. i'm going to cry. >> that was bay area's garvin thomas reporting. we'll be right back. pepper jack cheese, mushrooms,
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