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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 23, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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they just left him there to die. i can't even understand it. >> right now at 11:00, an east bay man beaten near his home. we learned new details about the investigation. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. an east bay man is in the hospital tonight. his attackers are high school students and they know where they go to school. the attack happened at midnight friday night on middleton place.
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terry mcsweeney joins us live where that man is in critical the. and pleasanton is a very small town. >> reporter: it is. only two high schools. the police are telling me tonight that the suspects not only go to those two high schools but high schools in surrounding cities. here 51-year-old david lamont is in critical condition, his wife telling me she is not certain he is going to survive this attack. all she can do is pray. >> they hit him and drove away and left him to die. >> reporter: agnes is talking about her husband and father of their two teenaged daughters. he has been in a coma since he was beaten outside their pleasanton home. >> we are praying so hard he will makes through this.
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>> reporter: david went out at midnight to ask people to stop being so loud. when he didn't come back she went out and found him unconscious. some of the neighbors are remaining anonymous out of concern. >> it makes me feel not safe. this is a pretty safe town. so, yeah. i'm very surprised. >> reporter: another neighbor sees this as a tragedy in another way. >> also for those who did it. certainly they're going to be caught. it will be a tragedy for them and their families as well. zblnt tonight nbc bay area has learned that the police believe the people responsible are high school students. >> we have a couple of witnesses that the detectives and officers at the scene were able to talk to. one did see a vehicle leaving the scene and they developed leads based on that. >> reporter: police and the family are pleading with the public for their cooperation. >> people know what's going on. somebody, please, please, please
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tell the police. the pleasanton police department. >> reporter: pleasanton police are happy with the way this investigation is going. they are moving forward with this and in response, perhaps to agnes' plea, the community is stepping forward in this case and the detectives will be back on the case tomorrow morning, every available detective. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news a two-year-old girl is seriously hurt after being hit by an suv in pittsburg. the girl ran on to the street. they say she chased after a ball and the driver didn't see her until it was too late. the driver did stop and help the girl. a tragic morning turned into a tearful night. family and friends held a vigil to remember a 12-year-old boy hit and killed in front of the school. he was riding his bike when a woman hit him.
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she was dropping off her own kids at the school. the woman stopped right away and realized the boy was pinned under the suv. they are not offering any explanations for what happened. but the chp does not anticipate any charges will be filed. new tonight, shrinking police budgets and vising violence it's a crime crisis that many cities are facing. but one city is turning to technology that helps to fight crime and helps predict it before it happens. nbc bay area's jean ellie is in milpibis with more. >> they are a presence all the
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time. >> reporter: brett webber likes to see the police on his street. but next month that pattern may change. the police department is about to log on to predpol. >> it will essentially predict where the most likely occurrence will occur. >> reporter: the chief admits the idea will take getting used to. >> it feels strange in a certain sense. but we have to leverage technology to be better at what we do. >> reporter: the santa cruz and los angeles police department signed on and are seeing a reduction in property crimes. it analyzed crime data and adds in other factors that lead to a prediction. webber says he supports the effort. >> if they can predict it and prevent my car being stolen, thank you. >> reporter: a state grant is paying a $37,000 for a three-year trial. it's a small price to pay for a
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program promising big results. >> i like them driving up and down my road but if they can concentrate on a road where it is more likely to happen that's better. >> reporter: a couple of key strokes should help officers curb the rising number of burglaries and vehicle threats. the pd will start using the program next month and seven other departments are in the process of signing up to use the software. >> thank you, jean. more details now, that predictive policing technology comes when there is rising property crime. car thefts were up 62% from 2011. burglary up 11% as well. a double negative for the 49ers. the team is being criticized for its performance on the field and the way it handled the aldon smith situation off the field. the player has checked into
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rehab. he will miss thursday's game and several "m" more games. he had another dui arrest last week. smith could be suspended by the league office pending the outcome of the dui case. we'll hear from jim harbaugh later in this newscast. people in west oakland lost not only a place of prayer but a place of community gathering. 100 years of history and worship up in flames. a three-alarm fire burned this church. the firefighters attacked it from all sides and on the roof. the smoke could be seen across the bay. it didn't destroy the entire church but damaged a building that has been an important part of the community almost a century. >> it has been on this corner 97 years. it has been a serious community outreach for this entire west oakland community and it is
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devastating. we see -- we reach out to the community. this is an open door church where they can come in at any time. >> no word yet on when worship services will resume. process over safety. a pg&e shareholder is suing management. the woman has been a shareholder more than 20 years. in her suit she alleges that pg&e's corporate kutch led to the san bruno explosion. she is filing the suit on behalf of the shareholders and company itself. she alleges they used money for safety for corporate bonuses instead. now to a developing story out of kenya. where security forces are make the final push to rescue the last few hostages in a violent attack inside a popular mall. at least 62 people are dead and 175 hurt. the somalia al qaeda linked
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rebel group called al shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack. two or three americans are in that group of al qaeda linked terrorists. security inside the mall says there was another explosion today. they report at least ten people are hostage inside. now to an nbc bay area followup. one week after the shooting at the washington navy yard security changes are being made. the navy is tightening its clearance process. all police reports about a person should be included in the clearance process. alexis killed 12 people last month. are some of the richest executives around getting taxpayer help to fly around the world? we investigate the government deal that allowed google's founders to get below market
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rates on jet fuel and pay no property taxes to boot. and giving teens a chance to erase their past. and only on nbc bay area, specialized airport training in the south bay. back in a moment. [ superfan ] we're hitting the road to help america discover the new helper. you've got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken. crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪
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[ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant . they are the billionaires next door. are google executives taking advantage of taxpayer's money? >> google's founders and principle owners are parking their private planes on publicly owned land.
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>> steven stockbroken broke the story last year. >> reporter: just about everyone has heard about the deal. a deal that allows them to keep up to seven private airplanes and two helicopters there under a company they call h 211. tonight for the first time we take you inside that relationship and we piece together exactly how much you are subsidizing google's founders to travel all over the world. it's a common site at nasa ames one of the airplanes belonging to google's founders, sitting in front of the hangar that gave h 211 its name. the principles are larry page and eric schmidt, the same three at google whose headquarters is less than three miles away. according to federal records,
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the 757 for years used taxpayer supported jet fuel to fly around the world to places like liberia, scotland and hawaii. take september 22nd, 2009 the plane gassed up the day before leaving to fly to mexico. h 211 paid $2.37 a gallon for 2,218 gallons. it cost between $5 and $8.50 a gallon at local airports. and then paying $14,000 for 4200 gallons of fuel or $3.27 a gallon. >> this may have been the greatest sweetheart deal in the history of nasa. >> reporter: the santa monica group that first raised questions about this deal years ago. >> this is giving the keys to the nasa gas station to
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executives who clearly are not using it for scientific purposes when their contract spells out that's what they have to do. >> reporter: the original agreement signed in 2007 stipulates that they could house the airplanes paying $109,000 a month in rent in exchange, h 211 would allow nasa to use the plane for scientific mission. it does not set a number of scientific flights. but our investigation last year showed out of 1,000 flights only 155 of them were for science. >> it boggles the mind. >> reporter: and 1200 different times, h 211 bought fuel at nasa ames totally $7.9 million, paying well below market rates. >> they should give the money back with interest. and if there was an intentional attempt to mislead the government, i think it rises to the level of a false claim
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against the government. >> i hope obviously to get to the truth. >> reporter: paul runs a non-profit based in palo alto. he asked and has been denied to base his operations at moffitt field. in the last year he obtained and shared with us the federal fuel records. we independently verified their accuracy with federal officials. >> there was "a" preferential treatment. >> this plane, a 767 flew to paris, cancun, switzerland and tahiti. it has been fuelled 100 times for 442,000 gallons of fuel. or these gulf streams gassed up 404 times with 919,000 gallons of fuel. airplanes that records show flew to hawaii, scotland, st. martin and nice, france.
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>> this investigation is something that smells to begin with. and we want to get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: this senator saw our investigation a year ago. >> what bothers me a most is what is the justification for it. it implies a favoritism going on. that would be wrong and implies a waste of taxpayer money. >> reporter: nasa ames division chief e-mailed a statement that reads in part, nasa is always looking for innovative public-private partnerships and there is no agency on mof it from which to obtain field. as for google we were turned to ken ambrose who sent a statement that reads in part, h 211 aircraft buy only the fuel
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available at moffet and nasa and the taxpayers are $2 million to the good. a helicopter owned by ambrose was we fuelled with 7,078 gallons of d.o.d. field. >> we do not have discretion as long as the planes are hangars within what is the federal enclave. >> reporter: that is larry stone the assessor for santa clara county who sends out the local tax bill for all property taxes. what he's saying is that h 211 pay no county taxes on any of the papers because the planes sit at a federal facility. >> is that fair? >> it's the law. i don't know if it's fair or not. i think if someone has their plane within the federal enclave at moffet field and not paying
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property tax where the same plane at the san jose airport would be paying a property tax that's not fair. >> is h 211 getting an unfair advantage? >> reporter: last summer i asked her about the relationship between nasa and h 211. >> people in the community that care the most about what happens at the airfield have signed off on this. why? because they are a partner with nasa ames in terms of research. >> reporter: her staff said she was too busy to answer our questions on camera this time. >> i think this is something that is celebrated in my congressional district. this is not a favor in any way, shape, or form. >> while she wouldn't answer our questions, her people did send us an e-mail to update her stance saying she supports the inspector general's add it into
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this deal and if it is found the federal government was shortchanged, h 211 should make good on the difference. you can read the statements from this story on and the defense department did announce that as of august 31st they were doing away with this deal and no longer would sell fuel to h 211. >> thank you, steven. if you have a tip for steven stock, we urge you to give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. they are cute and cuddly but they are working. workers and volunteers for guide dogs for the blind took part in a training tonight. four legged trainees are getting used to going to security and getting pat downs and the sound and smell of all the things at the airports. >> it gets them used to the plane and used to the normal
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ambient noise and temperature and the distractions they will be facing in real life. >> training sessions have been going on at the airport for the last four to five years. let's bring in the chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we head into fall. >> today is first official full day of fall and the weather is not wasting time. we will see the jet stream take a dive over northern california. that will increase the winds the next two days. otherwise let's get a look at tomorrow. starting off a bit chilly. mid- to upper-50s. clear skies. we'll stay sunny tomorrow but it's the biggest difference, the temperatures will be cooler. instead of mid-80s we're in the upper 70s. a crisp fall day. let's take you to the high-definition sky camera network. clear conditions and developing dry winds the biggest weather
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headline the next two days increasing the fire danger. in san francisco it is clear. the wind beginning to start. it's scouring out the fog and giving us wind-whipped waves. the seas could build anywhere from seven to ten feet. that is a cautionary note we'll have more in the seven-day forecast. on tuesday the numbers at 75 in san jose. 79 in gilroy. looking great for the east bay. it's going to be temperate no matter where you go in the bay tomorrow you will find 74 in the castro valley and 77 in livermore. san francisco and the coastline will be coolest it 66 in pacifica. and you get 74 in berkeley and 75 in oakland. let's get to the winds. it's the biggest disrupter when it comes to the weather. tomorrow we're not going to see it too gusty. 10 to 15 miles an hour. watch the key at the bottom of
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the screen as we advance this by the afternoon look at the colors amplify. that's winds tomorrow. but we think it will ramp up throughout wednesday as the bay area looks to have a chance of winds that could top as high as 40 miles an hour. wind gusts not sustained. as we look it the seven-day forecast, high and dangerous surf, waves from 8 to 11 feet and by friday, saturday, and sunday we start to warm up a little bit with plenty of weekend sunshine coming our way. if you are visiting and watching this right now headed to the beach watch the water carefully it's going to be dangerous the next two days. >> we have a lot of visitors in town as well. plenty of room for the fans but not their cars at the 49ers new stadium. in order to add 5,000 parking spots, santa clara may relocate youth soccer fields. the youth soccer teams are
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the question isn't "why electric?" it's "why gas?" [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪ it happens to a lot of people, post a photo or message online only to regret it. if you are under 18 you have a chance to erase it. governor brown signed legislation that will require web companies to remove online content if it is requested. it goes into effect in 2015. it is supposed to keep the inde cessi -- inde cessions of youth from haunting your future. a bill went unpaid and a san
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francisco strip club is suing oracle. an oracle employee, jose sanchez charged thousands in, quote, services last year at the strip club using the company credit card. oracle says it's not paying. the strip club says that oracle is financially responsible. the raiders run into peyton manning and the broncos tonight. so what can i get you?
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it has been a lousy 24 hours unless you are an a's fan. >> a's good, the raiders knew this game would be hard and it was. the raiders took a stage to show off their quarterback but they ran into the greatest signal caller of all time, peyton manning. it's 30-7, broncos. the pitch to darren mcfadden and
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he throws it. a 16-yard touchdown. 30-14 after that. fourth quarter, broncos up 37-14. pryor hit hard here. he would finish the drive but would leave. he has a concussion and his status for next week uncertain. the raiders lose 37-21. the 49ers linebacker aldon smith will seek professional help for his substance abuse problems. jim harbaugh spoke about the health and welfare about his pass rusher and the 49ers moving forward without him. >> we are supportive of alden as we are of all of our players and coaches and personnel. always supportive in house. there is adversity. there is an opportunity to stare in the face and whip it. that's our approach. >> the a's and angels. here's the good news.
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jed lowrie with a three-run home run. a's win again. 10-5. the a's now just one game behind the red sox for best record in the american league. that will do it for sports. we have more news after the break.
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talk about luck. the winner of last week's $400 million power ball game had no intention of playing. he said he played the lottery once before. he ran into a convenience store to buy hot dog buns when he bought $20 worth of tickets. under state law he can remain anonymous and other than lottery officials only his wife and their dog know about the win so far. >> wow. >> you think jessica would tell us if she won? >> i think i would be able to
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tell. >> she would still show up to work. >> i would not. >> very honest. >> jay leno is next.
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