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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 26, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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have played a part in the violent confrontation. >> police issuing a warning about an upcoming show at shoreline but it's not because of the noise or traffic that has them worried. >> should b.a.r.t. strike be against the law? we'll tell you about the lawmaker taking his pitch to the b.a.r.t. platform later this morning. >> we are just five days into fall, certainly feeling like it. plenty of upper 40s, even mid-40s on the map. the big story, elevated fire danger. we'll let you know how long that will last. >> as your commute is getting kicked in we have a crash in fremont, another in san jose following both of them as they were in the lanes. we'll give you the latest. >> we give you a live look at the bay bridge, a nice shot on this thursday, september 26, this is "today in the bay."
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good morning to you. it's 6:00. i'm marla tellez in for jon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have an update to breaking news we've been following. san francisco police still looking for witnesses following last night's deadly stabbing after the giants/dodgers game. so far three people have been detained. the stabbing happened at third and harrison not too far from at&t park. christie smith is talking with police this morning working to get new details. what do you know? >> reporter: well, the stabbing happened four blocks from at&t park after the night game between the dodgers and the giants. this stabbing happened at about 12:40, what san francisco police are saying there was some sort of confrontation between two groups of men. at least one of the groups had on dodger colors. it was a father and a brother and another man, they were all together when there was some sort of friction that developed between another group.
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san francisco police are not saying whether that second group had on giants colors but we know that in this one of the men with the others that had on the dodgers gear was stabbed, he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police have detained three people but say no one has been arrested and they are still looking for witnesses to come forward. they don't know if this is part of a dodgers, giants rivalry. one man is dead. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> 6:02. a candlelight vigil will be held tonight at san francisco state university in remembrance of a student shot to death earlier this week. meantime, san francisco police say they plan to tell us more later today about the man suspected of killing him. 30-year-old nikhom thephakaysone is suspected of shooting justin valdez, a sophomore water polo player at san francisco state.
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here she. police say he shot valdez after he got off the train. the candlelight vigil will be at the student center on campus. >> police say they have an 18-year-old person of interest in the beating of a man found unconscious outside his home saturday morning. officers say the person of interest has not been arrested but they have three witnesses, all teens, from pleasanton. david lamont was beaten after going outside to ask them to quiet down. his wife tells us he remains in critical condition. >> police are concerned about a big concert happening this weekend, not because of the noise but the possible drug use. bob redell is live at the shoreline amphitheater with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can see the setup for this enormous event saturday and
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sunday here at the shoreline amphitheat amphitheater. this will be packed according to what we heard from the police department and the health department and these are people attending what is called beyond wonderland. it's bill withed os a 34-electronic dance events. college students call it something else. >> it's a rave. >> a rave. mountain view police and the health zrept issued a warning. they believe there's going to be a lot of drug use among young people especially since it's sold out. they are concerned with the use of so called club drugs. molly is a more powerful version of ecstasy. younger people overdosing on molly has become such a big problem that congress has taken notice. it was yesterday at a hearing that dianne feinstein called these drugs, quote, diabolical. she has proposed a law that
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would better regulate these. the health department reminding attendees that stay hydrated, drink lots of water. and don't bring in, please don't use drugs at this event. they will be patrolling not only the outside but the inside and will be cracking down if anyone is violating. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> 6:05. a politician hitting the streets trying to drum up support for legislation that would ban public workers from striking. steve glaser will talk to riders. he wants colorado to adopt a law similar to major cities making transit strikes illegal. b.a.r.t. is two weeks from another possible strike. it looks like workers will strike on october 11. the agency has come up with a contingency plan just in case.
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the plan needs approval from b.a.r.t.'s board. >> as you get ready to head out the door you do not want to forget that jacket. it's chilly out. meteorologist christina loren. >> yeah, you know, we just finished off summer this past week so a lot of people may not be prepared for that. the reason for the cool start, clear skies, this is san francisco, no need for that fog light here. temperatures ary looking really good. the 70s for most of the bay area. 45 now in gilroy or 48 in santa cr cruz. where you may be caught off guard, concord and livermore in the upper 40s, that hasn't happened over the past two months so we're waking up cool and it's really dry out there. for someone who suffers from
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chapped lips have that chap stick handy. you'll notice on the key the warmer colors. that's where we expect the strongest wind. by noon seeing a lot of that wind especially in the north bay. at the immediate coast. the second half of the day between lunch and 4:00 p.m. the winds will increase. they will remain strong which is why we have the red flag warning. temperatures looking good. 80 degrees inland. at the coast 69 degrees for you with a lot of sunshine and breezy to windy conditions. >> you know, i think they are getting better as they are getting more crowded. we'll explain. this is north 101. the traffic flows more smoothly. heading up to mckee we had the earlier crash in the lanes. we'll look at the map when we see the slowing has evened out and spread all the way to 880.
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chp has the activity off to the center divide if not out of the roadway now. we'll see that, if it is in the center divide we'll see slowing until they completely clear. i'll let you know. they got a lot of work to do. north 87 a little slowing but not a big deal. the rest of the south bay freeways are moving nicely. as we look toward the south bound direction for 880, an earlier crash for about 8 to 10 minutes we had the crash in the second and third dlans. that had an amount of snowing. there is a slow stretch there. that's unusual off that dumbarton bridge. we expect it, this is typical south 880 down to the san mateo bridge. off to the right as folks make the shift toward san mateo, 92. the operation moves but you have
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a lot of the cash lanes off to the left only back to about mid parking lot. back to you. >> thank you. 6:09. new this morning our first look at the collapsed parking lot at a mall in nairobi, 10ia, militants held off police for four days. 72 were killed. 175 injured. the red cross says 71 people are still missing. the militant group al shabaab has claimed responsibility. a team inside that mall getting fingerprints to try to determine identity and nationality of those gunman. there are reports some could be american. those behind the mall also attacked near the border.
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al shabaab says if kenyon tripes remain kenyans must be prepared. >> the number of people killed and the amount of earthquake continues to climb as the search for survivors intensifies. we have new video from some of the hard hit areas. combing through the remnants of collapsed houses. 348 are confirmed dead, more than 500 injured. and thousands more are homeless. the 7.7 quake struck southwest pakistan on tuesday. >> 6:10. will dysfunction in d.c. force a government shutdown. >> are graduating high school seniors ready for next step in school? less than half aren't prepared for a college level workload. >> one of those is zombie class.
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welcome back now. good thursday morning to you. just a spectacular sight here. this is san jose. clear conditions. what you can't see from this camera we have gusty winds even down through the south bay this morning. you want to keep that in mind for your morning drive. a red flag warning for much of the area. and your seven-day forecast, those weekend numbers coming in in moments. >> your live look shows you the oakland area. coliseum, the taillights southbound, we've got a heavier
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flow near the san mateo bridge. and for the mountains, we'll update you when i come back. >> 6:14. today's top stories. san francisco police say a suspect is in custody after a deadly stabbing in the city's south of market neighborhood. some sort of fight broke out after the giants game last night. the victim's father and brother were wearing dodger gear but it's unclear if that had anything to do with the fight. >> a hearing will be held today to determine the fate of two dogs involved in the mauling of a boy. 10-year-old hunter killborn was visiting family and friends when one of the dogs attacked him. the owner originally agreed to have the dog put down but is now fighting to keep them alive. >> mountain view police issue a warning about drug use ahead of a major concert plan forward the shoreline amphitheater. beyond wonderland is billed as a two-day music event.
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police say drug use is common at these and say they will have extra patrols out. >> this morning we are four days from a possible government shutdown that means money for routine government operation is street run out by october 1. here's where we're at. the senate is debating a bill passed by the house that will fund the government a couple months but that includes a measure that would take funds from the president's health care law. democrats are trying to get rid of that part of the measure and take another procedural vote. that means the final senate street send the updated bill back to the house could come as late as sunday. we'll have much more coverage and all of the rangling going on including a live report from washington, d.c. plus how the shutdown could affect your daily life. >> we do know that concern over what will happen has taken a wobbly consumer. >> scott mcgrew, even regular
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shoppers concerned over what will happen. >> on tuesday, the consumer confidence index showed you a growing concern about the economy among regular people. the other we get tomorrow, friday, the university of michigan's consumer sentiment. the difference between confidence and sentiment the same but they have a big effect on how wall street feels, it's already worleyed about the government's behavior. some of this is money coming off the table. investors think the markets peeked. twitter users, clips of plays so they can tweet their friends, hey, did you see that. they will be available seconds after they were on the field. in other cases you have to wait
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until the game is over. the university of california at you are vine will launch a new course called society, science and survival, lessons from the amc's walking dead. the class will study a spread of infectious disease, nutrition in a post apocalyptic world. i talked to the course coordinato coordinator. says she is a fan of this show. the network came to them to offer course earlies. apparently irvine is moan for incorporating pop culture. it's all stuff that students have to learn. >> but it piques their interest. interesting, thanks. 6:17. less than half of this year's s.a.t. takers are ready for college level work. 43% of the high school class of
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2013 earned high enough stores to indicate they will succeed. the board use as combined score of 1550 as its mark. the class of 2013 had a combined score of 1498. >> not bad. want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> no clouds means it's cold. >> you need something on. you'll likely keep that with you until about 9:00 a.m. after that the sun is going to warm us up. in san francisco, a lot of sunshine coming in early. the coast this morning is clear. i do want to point out we have the red flag warning for elevations above 1,000 feet. i can't stret that enough. temperatures are cool to start. mostly in the upper frs.
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we're watching this warning up in the north bay hills and the east bay hills as winds pick up. as we head throughout the day today. what we're talking about when it comes to a red flag warning we have plenty of dry brush to fuel any fires. gusty winds also can shift those fires very quickly with little notice. then of course flying embers. no outdoor burning especially in the high country across the bay area. 77 in santa teresa. 75 in freemont. we're so close to that all torrent weekend. we like to call it friday eve. 84 degrees on friday. we're going to numb to 90 on saturday. what i can tell you is this is
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one of our final days at least of september when we're going to see the 90-degree mark. cooler than average weather and a chance for showers. good morning to mike inouye. >> pretty bold. one of our final days in september. period. september. i saw that smirk. we had the earlier crash that moved to the shoulder. that caused an early slowdown. the rest of it is showing signs of the build. toward 880 with the stretch, ziming down below 60. 87, fluttering with that yellow color. over the summit reports of a crash and a surf board in lanes. dude, watch out. doesn't sound like things are still in lane but watch for the activity on the shoulder.
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a smooth flow of traffic into fremont. once you get there we have slowing approaching the crash at mallory. that too was in lanes about 10 minutes that could cause slowing. you should be clear moving better by the time you get to stevenson. you're okay from 680. a crash at winton may cause slowing the next few minutes. we see slowing into union city. over here 92 and 84 t dumbarton and the san mateo bridge. 101 moving smoothly along the peninsula a. good flow of traffic. we look to the tri-valley. typical out of livermore and a nice flow. we should -- nothing dramatic. typical of that major area. the castro valley, the approach
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to the san mateo bridge. the bay bridge hampered by a crash. i turned it around, i couldn't see it but we are blocked by the building we're mounted on. it appears lighter south of here so watch as you approach berkeley. which emeryville you're okay. back to you. >> getting busy, mike. >> 6:22. coming up, the savy yard shooting. a message on one of the guns means. >> free from prison after 30 days behind cars. what's next for a teacher convicted of rape and why his sentence may become much longer.
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at 6:25. new this morning an international war crimes court rejected an appeal by former liberian president charles taylor. taylor was convicted last year of crimes against humanity including terrorism, murder, rape and using child soldiers. taylor gave financial and material support to rebels in the neighboring sierra leone. >> hewlett-packard fired the computer firm the shooter worked for. it has hired the experts to
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update computers at the yard. the navy says there is no indication that alexis was targeting specific people. while the investigation into the 34-year-old's motives continue the fbi says alexis was delusional and thought he was controlled by low frequency waves which is why he wrote on the shot gun. he killed 12 people before he was killed in a shootout with police. >> a former montana teacher is expected to be released from prison after serving a controversial 30 days. 54-year-old was convicted of raping a 14-year-old student who later killed herself. the sentence given prompted protests last month for being too lenient. and the judge in the case was criticized for comments that placed some of the responsibility on the victim who he described as, quote, older than her chronological age. the teacher will remain on
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probation while the prosecutors appeal. >> a fight turned deadly on the streets near at&t park after the giants game let out. new details about three people now detained, next. >> and you heard all about the possible government shutdown. what does it really mean for your daily life? we'll explain in a live report from capitol hill. >> a cool fall-like feeling as you head out the door. beautiful golden gate bridge. it is clear out there. we'll check the forecast with christina coming up.
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breaking news. a stabbing deadly near at&t park minutes after the giants game ended against the dodgers. we'll tell you about concerns that team rivalry may have fuelled the violence. >> and a bay area school district punts a decision about new lights on a high school football field. we'll tell what you the holdup is. >> a live look, wall street this morning, first the new york stock exchange.
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ringing the opening bell. also taking you live. you they're difference in the bells there at the nasdaq. a full look at the market this thursday, september 26th, this is "today in the bay." a good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm marla tellez in for jon. an update to breaking news. police say a suspect is in custody following a deadly stabbing that happened shortly after last night's giants/dodgers game. so far three people have been detained. the stabbing happened in the area of third and harrison not far from at&t park. san francisco police say a fight broke out about 30 minutes after the game ended and we don't know all of the circumstances of the fight but police say the victim's father and brother were wearing dodgers gear.
6:31 am
christie smith is getting an update on the story from police and will be live with us with new details and information. we are now four days away from a possible government shutdown that would keep hundreds of thousands of federal workers off the job. tracie potts live on capitol hill this morning, the deadline is midnight on monday and the senate is back to business after that marathon speech by republican senator ted cruz. so far we're really not seeing much progress. >> reporter: they voted to move forward, laura, what they are moving forward with probably is not going to fly with republicans, the senate looks like it's going to pass a budget that would include money for health care that was the thing that cruz was talking about for about a day and a half. it would include money for the affordable care act. that's probably going nowhere when this bounces to the house. democrats are going to fight to keep the money in so. where are republicans with all of this? they are expected to counter with a budget that could include some things the democrats don't
6:32 am
like, tax reform, the key stone pipeline. remember that. they want that approved. others like medicare and social security up in the air, if any of them are going to get a budget tolg before that monday deadline that you mentioned. then we have tuesday. stews a key date when president obama's health exchanges are going to be opening for enrollment. a lot of people don't understand them. they don't understand how they work or what they are for. that's why today president obama will be at a community college talking about this. he is doing the speech as part after big p.r. effort to get people out after tuesday to sign up for the health exchanges, the idea is lots of people buying into insurance at the same time will drive down the cost and the estimates from the white house are the costs could be low, in some cases into $80 a month for low income individuals. >> people have to understand how it works for them. thank you. >> if lawmakers cannot come up
6:33 am
with a solution money for a routine government operation is street run out october 1. that could have an impact on your daily life. national parks like yosemite will be shut down to visitors. the same goes for national museums and national zoos. if you are planning a trip abroad hopefully your passport is up to date. it's possible the government will not process applications during the shutdown. most federal employees bill be furloughed but air traffic controllers and food inspectors will be on the job. troops would be paid in ious, gun permits likely will not be processed and some federal loans for housing and small business may be on hold. >> 6:33. you can feel how much cooler it is outs there. >> we've got that deceptive sunshine this morning. good morning to you. sun starting to make an appearance. this is high atop san bruno.
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crystal clear over the bay. it's not that choppy yet but we will see those ripples start to build as we head throughout this afternoon. really strong wind headed our way. look at these numbers. this is the story of the morning. temperatures have not been this cool at this hour for about two months. make sure you are ready for 44 in gilroy, 49 in livermore. 47 in concord and the upper 40s even in santa cruz this morning. so don't let it catch you offguard. later on we'll see sunshine, by noon inland, touching on the low 70s up to 8degrees in the heat of the day. 75 bay side at the coast 69 degrees so you are getting comfortable in the afternoon hours by the water. i have to point out this red flag warning in place until tomorrow to elevations above 1,000 feet. high fire danger. i'll health you know when we'll see better wind conditions and what's on tap for the weekend. the seven-day forecast in minutes. check your drive and say good
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morning to mike inouye. >> a nice flow of traffic. a lot of folks hitting that freeway. this is 880. past the truck scales. a little bunching up. a look at the map, the southbound 880 south of the dumbarton bridge, 84 there, bunching up because of an earlier crash. we have traffic smoothing out but the backup continues to build quicker than it can recover. slow to stevenson from that union city border past the dumbarton bridge. approaching the san mateo bridge we had an earlier crash. anotherish cr isis issuissue. the bridge moves, the bay bridge, moves smoothly once you get there. bunching up around powell because of a crash. you see a clear segment west of
6:36 am
university avenue. but that doesn't last long. the backup at the toll plaza. we see while your left lanes as you approach, that pattern. off of 580, if you come off the northbound 880 you're doing better. back to you. >> also in the east bay a vote is on hold, the mt. diablo school board will wait, they want to add lights and a sound wall at the high school in concord. the school is using portable lights on its field but the vote was expect last night but the board had not looked at the environmental impact report. the people near the field are not pleased about the plan. >> the lighting, we could live with it. but p.a. system, play by play, i can hear it in here. >> neighbors say it would be okay if the lights and p.a. were
6:37 am
only for friday night but the school wants to rend the field. >> still ahead setting fire six times in a row. the arson spree that burned at least one business to the ground. >> tens of thousands of east coast commuters try to find a backup plan to get into new york city. we'll tell you about with the glitch that's prompting so many rail delays.
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welcome back. just in police are investigating a series of arson fires in the los angeles area. officers are continuing to question a man in his 50s. they say this person is a person of interest and have arrested him on unrelated charges. someone set six trash can fires along ventura boulevard last night. the first was spotted about 8:30. one caused about $20,000 in damage. >> this morning tens of thousands of railroad commuters trying to find another way into and out of new york city. investigators say a power failure on a busy metro north rail line is bringing service to a crawl. apparently a high voltage feeder cable failed at a suburban station and now crews are looking for an alternative power source. diesel trains are run between
6:41 am
stanford, connecticut and grand central station instead of the usual electric train. the commuters face hour-long delays and it's possible that the delays could last four weeks. that's not a fun thing. >> 6:41. an update to breaking news. that deadly stabbing near at&t park after the giants beat the dodgers. team rivalry to blame? we'll have details in a live report. >> take a look at the markets and something cool out of going to thl morning, all ahead in business news. >> cool it's your birthday, scott mcgrew. taking a live look, golden gate bridge, crystal clear. you can see the sun coming up. we've got a red flag warning and it's clear because of the wind. going to tell you when that's going to let up and our next chance for showers looking better and better. >> i'm going to show you the sun rise but focusing on the headlights. these are the folks westbound on the san mateo bridge.
6:42 am
that's crowded but moving. we have crashes in the south bay and slowdowns in the east bay to talk about coming up.
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6:44 we have an update of breaking news we've been following where three people have been detained after a man was stabbed to death after a giants/dodgers game in san francisco last night. it happened at third and harrison. the victim was in a crowd of dodger fans at the time. christie smith just spoke to police. she joins us live. >> reporter: good morning. i got off the phone with san francisco police. they are speaking with those three men that they detained, speaking with them right now but they have not been arrested. they are talking with them about
6:45 am
this stabbing that happened after a fight broke out after the giants/dodgers game ended at at&t park. it was 7:15 game. then around 12:40 a.m., 30 minutes after the game ended an argument started four blocks from the ballpark. one man was stabbed. he was not wearing dodgers gear but we're told that he was with his father and brother, they both were in dodgers colors and they were unharmed in all of this. the victim taken to the hospital where he died early this morning. of course, there has been a long time rivalry between the team fans. police say this time they are trying to get to the bottom of what started this fight. they have not said whether that second group was wearing giants gear or not but they are asking for witnesses to come forward. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> time to check the weather as we take you outside, how about a trip to san francisco. what a great shot.
6:46 am
golden gate in the distance. crystal clear out there. don't seem to be ripples on the water either. >> we were wondering at this point yesterday whether that america's cup race was going to happen. it did happen. yes, my gosh, it was so great. what a fantastic event and big congratulations to team usa. now this morning we have quite the contrast between your inland valleys and what we are seeing at the coast. low clouds filling in some of the east bay valleys. this live picture of sunol and to give you a look at that dry brush out there. 1,000 feet, we have a red flag warning that's going to stand until tomorrow afternoon. winds are going to be strong today. but the difference between yesterday and today t reason we didn't have a red flag warning is because the winds were off the northwest, grabbing some of
6:47 am
the ocean air and bringing it inland. winds are coming straight out of the north. that's leading to a cool morning. temperatures mostly in the 40s and the 50s. pull out the jacket. look at this. all of this wind pushing to the south. and as those winds move they don't have the moist ocean air coming in. that's why it's going to be dry. low relative humidities, expecting those to drop into the teens as we head through tonight. a red flag warning for elevations above 1,000 feet, east bay, also santa cruz mountains and the north bay. by noon today that breeze will build, even here in san jose, it's going to start to be pretty active as far as the winds go at noon. then between about 4:00 and 7:00, i think it's getting the orange and red, we're going to see serious wind across the bay area. tie down loose objects especially in the higher terrain if you don't want it to get
6:48 am
knocked around. 74 in san jose and 77 degrees in los gatos. the big story is the chance for rain. i'm watching the forecast models. it's looking better at this point. not the showers expected in the north bay. i think we'll see action in the east bay as well. and if the system digs to the south we could see shower activity right here in san jose. we'll talk more about that. coming up a look at your drive. good morning to our highway man. >> good morning. looking here toward the south bay with the build. had an early crash that kicked things off but that held steady so you have a gentle build from capital expressway. the big issue, highway 85 we see a lot of slowing off the interchange, then there is a crash reported around here, 85, 17 interchange. if that is in lanes mor than a couple minutes it could cause more slowing up into this area. bogging down around saratoga.
6:49 am
we're watching for that to affect the flow. south 880 an earlier crash. mallory avenue, that caused a backup early on. and now it's sticking around. by the time you get to stevenson you're clear. slower approaching that dumbarton bridge. also south 880, another crash cleared but that's more distraction past that san mateo bridge. shifting to the right over to the 92 interchange. watching the castro valley y for slowing as you're commuting, west 580 it new problem. reports of a stall around the 580/980 i want change. it's out of lanes from what i understand. there is a new crash at el portsal. that just happened a couple seconds ago. a live look, how things are oakland, the volume not a problem. southbound a little heavier
6:50 am
flow. oakland in toward hayward. on the palo alto side, northbound 101 and southbound. filling in but not dipping with speeds, even san mateo it's the stretch to 101. >> a south bay high school teacher will be in court facing charges that accuse him of having sex with a student. "hugo" guzman teaches math at santa clara high school, he is accused of having sex multiple times with a 17-year-old girl. he has worked at the school more than four years and has a good track record. he is on a compulsory leave of absence. the fate of two dogs could be decided today. hunter was visiting family friends when one of the dogs attacked him. his mother tells us the attack was so severe part of hunter's ear was torn off.
6:51 am
we've learned it's not the first time this dog has done this. according to city records one of the children in the home with the dog was also attacked but no word on the extent. >> belmont police asking for your help tracking down a burglar who stole from several cars at the sports complex. police say this man has stolen from cars at the sports complex on three sunday this is month. police say he takes wallets and purses and uses the victims' credit cards to buy power tools. he may be driving a ford ranger pickup. tan or light colored. >> mountain view police are issuing a warning ahead of a major concert this and. their main concern is drug use. bob joins us live with more. a big setup going on behind you. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. come saturday this setup will be packed with people attending
6:52 am
annie vent called beyond wonderland. billed as an electronic dance event. college students, like to call it something else. >> bebeyond wonder land is a rave. >> reporter: which is why police and the santa clara health department issued a warning. they believe there is going to be a lot of drug use especially since it's sold out. they are concerned about club drugs like exas they and molly. molly is a more powerful version of ecstasy. young people overdosing on molly has become such a big problem that the u.s. congress has taken notice. yesterday at a senate hearing dianne feinstein called the drugs diabolical. the health department here is reminding attendees to stay
6:53 am
hydrated, drink lots of water. police reminding don't bring in or use drugs. they will be at and around the event, trying to find any one not complying with that request. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. 6:53. police will soon have new surveillance cameras and license plate readers. the council authorized the department to buy the new equipment. they won't use it until there is a privacy policy. the surveillance cameras will be in the bell haven neighborhood where five shootings have happened. >> did you see a bright orange light this morning? probably not. we almost missed it but our own bob redell caught a glimpse on his iphone. the quality is not so great. in bob's words it's horrible. if you look in the middle of
6:54 am
this, there we have the arrow, a bright light. bob spotted it over the southern skies of san jose. we checked the launch schedule. it appear this is was an icbm test. >> or get his retinas checked. >> google had hits own marketplace. >> scott, you may it looks like a charm. >> google working with stars like target. you indicate what you want. i ordered something before i left work yesterday, it was waiting for me on my doorstep. >> i'm not telling. this is waiting for me when in get home. i order it, there it is. here's the site. it works in san jose, the peninsula, san francisco, google is going to charge $5 per
6:55 am
delivery. right now it's free to those that sign up and will be free for six months. the service is like ebay now. same territory, same delivery price. ebay may have the handicap of brand. an international day on the markets, you have africa, slowbox -- there we go. on the nasdaq. there are people visiting. watch jc penney, down 15% yesterday, down 6% today. i don't want to predict anything but if you have a jc penney gift card i'd spend it. do your shopping. >> i don't have one. >> we're not going to get you one. >> happy birthday, scott.
6:56 am
>> we have other plans for you. stick around. tim cook joined twitter earlier and he already has over 246,000 followers. >> jimmy fallon has a lot. okay. jimmy fallon had a little fun with some of the posts on cook's twitter account. >> thanks to our amazing customers. nice. later, just sold 90 million new ipho iphones. do the math, suckarz. then wrote i got 99 problems but a glitch ain't one. the last, congrats to blackberry for being acquired. i just found 4.7 billion in an old pair of khakis. >> i love when that happens.
6:57 am
if iphone were its own company. >> hash tag a lot of money. >> and hash tag happy birthday. >> thank you. >> hash tag feels like fall. >> good morning to you. temperatures mostly in the upper 40s, low 50s. it's cool enough for a jacket especially gilroy. 44 degrees. yes, just about 5 degrees away from the upper 30s. just to give you an indication of how cool it is. grab that sweater. we'll see a windchill factor. lots of high surf at the beach. not a great day for the beach even though mike was reporting a surf board in the roadway. 80 degrees inland. at the coast 69. it is scott's birthday. i hear someone's jumping out of
6:58 am
a cake. my money is on mike inouye. my money's on you. >> got to get my shimmy on. we're looking here toward the tri-valley. south 880, slower now over the last few minutes. 580, so that's your build you see even on a thursday when we see this kicking in before 7:00. but now this a. new crash west 580, currently sticking into lanes. that could cause backup into the altamont. holding off for a few minutes, follow me on twitter if you are interested. i'll update you. looking to north 101 which has bogged down at 680 in mckee where things are starting to focus in as well down here toward the capital expressway area, 280, 87 not a big deal. 85 look at that, north fift here north of 87 as well as a crash at 17, two issues unusually slow.
6:59 am
then up the santa cruz mountains. the surf board off to the shoulder. a live look, end with our shot at the berkeley curve. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you. 6:59. a final check of the top stories. police say they detained three people after a deadly stabbing in the south of market neighborhood. some sort of fight broke out after the giants game last night. the victim's father and brother were wearing dodgers gear. it's unclear if that had anything to do with the fight. >> a warning about drug use ahead after major concert at the amphitheater. beyond wonderland is billed as a two-day event. police say drug use is common at these and they are going to have extra patrols out. >> the clock is ticking. congress has four days left to pass a budget that will keep the oft from stopping services. >> that's what's happening.
7:00 am
we're back at 7:26. . good morning. d.c. dysfunction. just five days left for the two sides to strike a budget deal and avoid a government shutdown. is the threat real or another manufactured crisis? standing her ground. georgeimmerman's wife speaks out in an exclusive live interview. her first since that very public confrontation with her estranged husband. >> i don't know what he's capable of. >> this morning what she says really happened and why she hasn't pressed charges. and comeback kids. in a thrilling finish, team usa sails to victory to keep america's cup right where it belongs.


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