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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 26, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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all too often abhor as bay area residen residents. we don't want this to happen on a regular basis. >> reporter: they already put more officers at games with known rivals, but will have a larger presence in tonight's game with officers dressed in giants and dodgers gear. the giants will observe a moment of silence for the victim, jonathan denver. the giants released this statement today, we are deeply saddened to learn of last night's horrific incident. our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time. the dodgers also responded this evening. the dodgers are shocked and saddened to learn the death of johnathan denver who is the son
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of one of our security guards. he was here in town to watch his favorite team, the dodgers, and to celebrate his father's birthday. we talked to some of his family members. >> it was completely senseless. he would never hurt anyone. he was a very gentle, sweet boy. >> we'll hear from more of his family members coming up an our 6:00 newscast. this attack is reminiscent of the attack on brian stowe. the giants are holding the second of three fundraisers for stowe. stowe currently needs 24 hour care. besides brain damage, he has nerve damage in his left arm.
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he needs more surgery for bone growth. do you feel safe attending a giants dodgers game? one for yes, two for now. you can tweet us #nbcbayarea. 20-year-old justin valdez was shot to death monday. this man was arrested. he was carrying $23,000 in cash. when they entered his home, they found assault weapons and a lot more. >> two assault weapons, an m&m.
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backpack and laptop computer, combat type knives. rai razors. survival gear. >> investigators are still calling this an unprovoked attack. he pulled a gun on another person shortly before valdez was killed. a school janitor found a graphic scene and called police. the discovery led to the arrest of a math teacher accused of having sex with a student. good evening. >> reporter: it is these court documents that provide a rather graphic account of the alleged sexual relationship between this teacher and his 17-year-old student. much of this is too graphic to share with you on tv. the police think these two may have had sex as recently as five
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days ago. we're learning about what was inside that classroom that sparked this whole investigation. the police reports read like an actual laundry list. even a quote, nasty green foam mattress under the teacher's desk. panties, wrapped condoms. it led to the arrest of a well liked math teacher. the 32-year-old teacher appeared only briefly in court this afternoon. while talking with the teenage girl, police write victim admits she's in love with cortez and have been since september of 2012. he had a quote, father and
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daughter relationship with the girl. the girl admits they had sex several time in his jeep when they were parked near his house. it appears to end with the 32-year-old behind bars and ordered to stay away from the girl. we have also shared with you students at santa clara high all saying positive things about cortez guzman. included in that evidence are some letters between the teacher and the student. this letter written by cortez since his arrest. we'll tell you more about what's inside this letter later tonight. some santa fe families are homeless tonight after a fire swept through their complex
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today. the flames were visible from several blocks away. no one was home at either place. but firefighters had to evacuate four other nearby town homes. >> they had a hard time getting access, but once they got the supply line down, they were able to knock it down pretty quick. >> two units burned and a third has smoke damage. no cause has been determined. there's a bigger showdown in a few weeks, the fiery debate about obamacare. >> it could be messy in the next couple of days. you know washington. a deal is not done until its
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done and this one isn't. the trouble could be more severe with the tea party holding the reigns in that branch of congress. the possibilities over the next few weeks guarantee a nasty fight over the debt ceiling. with a government shutdown possible on tuesday over obamacare, the president was out selling his plan. >> knowing you can offer your family the security of healthcare, that's priceless. you can do it for the cost of your cable bill. this was maryland. he said insurance in this state will cost $80 a month for a single 25-year-old. that would help the economy. republicans know it. >> once it is working well, they
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will not call it obamacare. >> i think obamacare is the biggest threat to our budget and to our culture. >> many in the gop would not sh oppose a shutdown. >> they're willing to give it a try. >> in two weeks looms a bigger clash over the debt ceiling. >> the president says i'm not going to negotiate. it just doesn't work that way. >> yes, it does so mr. obama. no compromise on the credit rating of the u.s. government. no majority compromises by the president to keep the government going next week. still to come at 5:00,
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listening closely to a baby's cry. the new technology that could determine what your baby is trying to tell you. >> what's next for the america's cup? >> there's that feeling when you discover something new that's really special. >> what this young scientist says is the key to her success. her story is our bay area proud tonight. >> we'reworki working right now verifying a wind gust of 50 miles per hour in the area. we still have a red flag fire warning in effect. we'll let you know more in just a few minutes.
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no sailing hangover today.
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it is still a hot topic around the bay area, from cheating to champions. team usa's comeback has a lot of people asking today what's next. this was no easy event. it did not live up to the financial expectations. >> reporter: just the day after the big win, crews are hard at work here at america's cup park taking it all done. the america's cup has to return this to be used as a cruise ship terminal. a couple of officials say they are taking a much deserve e ed breather. they started planning for this cup in 2010. there are already talk about the next event. cup officials and san francisco
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leaders will have some wheeling and dealing to do. the mayor says it costs the city a lot of money to host. he wants to make sure there's an economic benefit. >> i think we have reduced a lot of costs. i'm hoping we can get into those details very quickly and maybe pronounce we have a future deal in sight. >> reporter: we're waiting for cup officials to decide when the 35th america's cup will happen and then where. they say there are many cities in the united states who will do their best to play host cities. san francisco is not a shoe-in if san francisco decides it's a good investment.
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shops will remain open in the area until monday. >> they'll be crunching a lot of numbers. the fight against breast cancer is difficult. every bit of knowledge about the disease is incredibly valuable. >> knowing what cancers might be best treated with chemotherapy and which ones are not. we have the story of the surprising young woman behind the research. >> she's on her way to washington, d.c. to pick up a prize she was awarded for that research. when that age is 17, it's tonight's bay area proud. inside this lab building just off the stanford university campus, natalie ng is doing scientific grunt work. they are the beginning steps of
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her latest research project, one that may very well end up breaking new ground in science's understanding of how cells in the body work. >> you have your pattern inside. >> natalie will need to finish this necklace at first. natalie is still in high school. a senior, she's already polished every science class they offer here. now she works with a teacher helping to prepare lessons for younger students. lessons involving things like necklaces made from light sensitive beads. the goal, make science fun for young kids, just like it has been for natalie. >> it's the idea that science is so fun that's kept me going. >> all the way to a first grade
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project to her latest work with breast cancer cells. all something natalie says she could not have done if she didn't really like what she was doing. >> it seems torturous if it's the parents their kids to do it. >> natalie manages to find the time to play on monte vista's golf team as well. it requires a lot of work and many failures before one sees success, much like science. >> there's that feeling when you discover something new that's really special. i'm waiting for another moment
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like that. >> while she's doing the research at stanford, it was an internship where she did the work on breast cancer that got her the award. even if she had a hole in one, it wouldn't have been the greatest thing to happen to her because she got the scholarship as well. >> we're talking about weather sneaking up on the weekend. we'll get you right into that weekend after the wind story. we are working on verifying with the national weather service wind gusts at 69 miles per hour. it's entirely possible we could have had winds in the 60s. mill valley at 23.
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here's the good news. as we head throughout tomorrow, the winds will be 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow morning, the wind relaxes and again it gets even calmer in the afternoon. one of the best days coming our way. cloud free here at the coastline. sunny skies expected by the bay. expecting those sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s. you can see we do have this red flag nifire warning through 3:0 p.m. tomorrow. then off to the north, that wind we have been dealing with stirring up the water small craft advisory until 5:00 p.m. tonight. overall temperatures tomorrow will be warming up. we're going get a little bit of
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heat surging up from the south. 83 in san jose. santa cruz will be 74. awesome weather in the east bay. we're going to crank up the heat a little bit above average, but still comfortable. 77 castro valley. san francisco getting up into the 70 degree category. 78 in oakland. 81 in sonoma. we're going to see those temperatures increasing even more on saturday. san jose 83. san francisco expecting 74 degrees. we're going to shift gears as we head throughout sunday night. a storm system is going to line up here across northern california. the rain will step down to the
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south on monday. timing and intensity could still change. we're looking at trace amounts to a 0.1 of an inch. it starts to calm down by the afternoon. mid 80s. sunny skies. saturday, going close to 90 inland. low 70s at the coastline. sunday, it starts to cloud up. fog at the coastline. a slight chance of showers maybe at the north bay at this point. if you're headed out to the coastline, swells over the next couple hours will stay five to eight feet. surfers are giving it two thumbs up, but it still is a little bit dangerous. the suspect in the killing of a dodgers fan last night has been identified. he is a 21-year-old.
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he's been charged with murder. can social media make it easier for you to quit smoking?
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the michael jackson civil case is now tin the hands of th jury. the jackson family is suing aeg life for the pop star's death by hiring dr. conrad murray. aeg attorneys say the company never entered into a contract with dr. murray and jackson hired the doctor himself. the jury must decide if aeg live should pay damages.
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a faith based legal group is petitioning to overturn a state law effecting transgender athletes. it will try to collect 505,000 signatures. that would qualify for the ballot next year allowing the voters to choose. >> i feel very uncomfortable, reluctant to want to go to the locker room. >> the better solution would be to have uni sex bathrooms for the students. >> the group wants transgender students to register with the school district and produce notes from their doctors. it is natural for babies to cry, but researchers are
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wondering if those cries could offer health clues. it's an accuoustic cry analyzer that will shed light on why babies cry. depending on the pitch, researchers believe they can determine early on if the baby will have developmental delays. social media could help you quit smoking. the university of georgia found smokers on social websites that are geared towards quitting more more likely to actual quit. the sites create a community where people can build relationships and get support. when we come back, clearing
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we didn't have the foggiest idea why anyone would want to celebrate the pea soup that blankets san francisco. >> it's beautiful. it's hard to see through it, but it's nice to look at. someone we met today sees fog differently.
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this weekend this -- >> here fog a cloud on the ground. you can stand on the bridge. >> you're saying we can experience all the fog without going to mount whitney. we can be here in the bay area. it's not foggy at all today or this weekend. the fog fest is from saturday at noon until 5:00 at the exploratory yum. >> i would say to do it on saturday. we'll be fog free. on sunday, if we have fog out there and you go -- you know. >> saturday is the day. >> yes. >> i've been out there. it's awesome. it's killer.
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>> slight chance of showers up into the north bay. >> thank you. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. nightly news is next. arrest warrant has been issued for the woman who has been called the white widow. the question is was she among the attackers at the mall in kenya? time running out until a big deadline now days away, and it's getting ugly in washington. tonight can anything be done to save our government from itself? ready or not the new health care law is coming and it's causing confn. tonight we'll take on your questions with dr. nancy snyderman. and rosie the riveter, a world war ii original, now 93 years old and still on the job. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. the americans have now arrived in force.


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