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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 26, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and harrison, the south of market ticket. >> within the past 30 minutes the suspected killer has been identified as 2 1-year-old michael montgomery from lodi. we have multiple reports tonight. nbc's kim baldonado is in los angeles where she spoke with the victim's family. we begin in town with kimberly terry live at at&t park. kimberly? >> reporter: raj, a as you said, police announced 45 minutes ago they have charged and arrested a suspect for the stabbing death that happened last night. that man has been identified by police as michael montgomery, 21 years old out of lodi. >> one of the suspects that was in custody has made incriminating statements and will be charged with a homicide. >> reporter: san francisco police say the suspects were in the vicinity of a nightclub near third and harrison where the stabbing a cured at the victim, jonathan denver was decked out in dodgers gear along
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with the rest of his party. he was at the game hours earlier including his dad who works as security for the dodgers. >> i know that there were two fights. the first fight obviously there's winners and losers. we're not sure at this point in time who wouldn't let it go. then there was a second fight and that's when the stabbing occurred. >> reporter: police say the fight was over the dodgers/giants rivalry. >> it's a game. there is absolutely no place for this, whether here, los angeles, or between any other team rivalry. right? i mean, people can be passionate, but they need to keep their hands to themselves, there's no place for weapons. >> reporter: mayor ed lee who we caught up with tat a luncheon today echoed the police chief's sentiments. >> i tell you, that is so horrible to hear. again, you know, the giants and the dodgers areçó very historic rivalries, but that should be only on the baseball field. >> reporter: those who live on the street where the stabbing happened say violence and sports is out of hand. while they understand passions run high, it should never come to this. >> it is a limit to how crazy, you're allowed to get with that kind of stuff, and it's
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shocking. >> reporter: chief greg suhr says they put more officers at games with known rivals but will have an even larger presence at tonight's game with officers dressed in both dodgers and giants gear. before tonight's first pitch scheduled for 7:05, the giants say they will hold a moment of silence for the victim, jonathan denver. live in san francisco, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you. not just tonight's moment of silence but the giant also releasing this statement. it reads in part "we were deeply saddened to hear of last night's horrific incident that resulted in the tragic death of 24-year-old jonathan denver. our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time." the young man was here to celebrate his father's birthday. tonight, his family in southern california needless to say is stunned. nbc's kim baldonado joins us from covina this evening. she spoke with jonathan denver's aunt and grandfather. good evening, kim. >> reporter: good evening, raj.
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the family is gathering at a relative's home in covina, it should have been a gathering to celebrate jonathan's father's birthday which is today. instead that family is in mourning. relatives say jonathan denver was looking forward to meeting his father and brother at the dodgers game in san francisco. it was a trip to celebrate his father's birthday, but it was a celebration that ended in the 24-year-old's death. >> i wish i could tell you how this happened. why this happened. i have no clue why anyone would do this to any family. >> reporter: we spoke to jonathan's aunt and grandfather at their home where they're still try to make sense of it all. >> he didn't deserve it. >> completely senseless. he wouldn't hurt anyone. he's never hurt anyone and he's, he was just a very gentle, sweet boy. >> reporter: janet says her nephew grew up a dodger fan in southern california, and remained one even after moving up north to mendocino county several years ago. >> it never dawned on us to worry or be upset or frightened
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for them. >> reporter: jonathan's father, robert priest jr. works as dodger stadium as a security guard and has talked with his family about the night giants fan bryan stow was severely beaten by dodger fans. >> my son was actually there at dodgers stadium that night. >> reporter: priest says his son was stunned at the violence then and can't believe the longstanding rivalry has now taken the life of his own son. >> we're just trying to figure out what's going on with this country. >> reporter: this afternoon, the dodgers tweeted their condolences to jonathan's family saying the pain this has caused his family and friends is unimaginable. words are not enough to describe our sadness." reporting live from covina, kim baldonado, back to you. >> while we have you, any indication, you spoke to family members down there, of what might have provoked this incident, on what side, who started this? >> reporter: i can tell you that they are very shocked that this happened at all saying that jonathan is not one to cause any trouble. they have no idea why this would
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have happened. police are saying that there were some words exchanged regarding the giants/dodgerss rivalry. exactly what the words are, we don't know at this time. >> kim baldonado reporting from los angeles for us this evening. thank you. we talked about the dodgers releasing tweets. here's some more responses they have via their twitter account. the dodgers are shocked and saddened to learn after the death of jonathan denver who was the son of one of our security guards. there is no rational explanation for this senseless act." this attack brings back some painful memories and raises yet, again, the issue of fan behavior. you might recall this scene two years ago before the giants and dodgers game. a lot of the players gathered on the field to make a plea to the fans. giants pitcher jeremy affeldt and dodgers second baseman jamey carroll put out a joint message saying the rivalry must stay on the fields without violence and hatred. >> that attack is reminisce sense of the beating of giants fan bryan stow left with severe brain trauma. that happened at dodgers stadium in march of 2011.
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stow currently needs 24 hour care and includes immediate attention on the nerve damage to his left arm which prevents him from lifting it or opening his hand. he also needs more surgery for bone growth. tonight the giants are holding the second of three fund-raisers for stow. $10 for tickets sold in certain sections will go to the bryan stow foundation. two men have been arrested in stow's beating. they are still awaying trial. offer coverage continues on our website, there you'll find what other giants fans are saying and find the latest on this investigation. we want to know what you think. do you feel safe attending a giants/dodgers game? vote by texting or calls 408-300-9222. text 1 for yes, 2 for no. also tweet us @nbcbay area. we'll have the results later in this newscast. other headlines this evening. a follow-up to the pit bull attack that put a martinez boy in the hospital. an antioch appeals board ruled two dogs involved in that attack
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should be euthanized. 10-year-old hunter kilborn was visiting family friends when the dogs mauled him in august. kilborn had to have surgery to repair a partially severed ear and cuts to his face. animal control recommended the dogs be put down. the owners appealed the decision. a panel of antioch residents heard the appeal and delivered its decision today. the panel voted unanimously to euthanize the dogs. america's cup, there's already talk about where the next cup will set sail. larry ellison says san francisco is on the radar for a repeat, but financially, the event was not a smooth ride for the city. nbc bay area is live at america's cup park with insight on this debate. >> reporter: well, janelle, the party is over here at america's cup park, and now san francisco city leaders are considering the successes and failures of this huge event. over 1 million people visited america's cup park and village since july.
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crews are now taking it all down and returning the pier and park to san francisco. and city analysts are crunching the numbers. the city spent a lot of money playing host. larry ellison did say yesterday he'd be interested in having the next cup here on the bay. now cup officials, city leaders and ellison will have to do some wheeling and dealing. the mayor says if they decide to launch an effort, some things will have to be different. >> scoring a better economic deal for the city, but also anticipating how to market it even better. and, you know, i think inviting more people to make it less exclusive. >> reporter: the mayor does say the event filled hotel rooms and restaurants, provided lots of jobs and was a great pr campaign for the city worldwide. so we're now waiting for a meeting of the stakeholders to first decide when the 35th america's cup will happen and then where. cup officials say there are many cities in the united states who will do their best to play host city. so san francisco is not a shoo-in if city leaders decide
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the event is a good investment. summer of high-speed sailing is quickly becoming a memory and most of this venue is expected to be dismantled by next week. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. new at 6:00, this will change the way domestic workers get paid. governor brown signing a bill today that will require overtime pay for domestic workers. under the new law, housekeepers, nannies and other domestic workers will be paid time and a half if they work more than nine hours in a single shift. or if they work more than 45 hours in a week. that doesn't apply to part-time baby sitters. the overtime requirement will take effect in january. it will end in 2017 unless it's renewed by the legislature. still ahead at 6:00, chilling new details in the killing of a san francisco college student. the surprising discovery in the suspect's home. also -- >> reporter: it is the love letter written by a teacher to his teenage student after that teacher was arrested for having
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sex with that student. i'm outside the santa clara courthouse. we'll tell you what this teacher has to say in his letter coming up. i'm marianne favro. -- some say it's leading to discomfort in the locker room. i'll have that story coming up. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. breezy to gusty day across the bay area. right now a red flag fire warning remains in effect. some of the worst fire threat across the north bay. with humidities down 10% to 20%. we'll track all of it for you coming up.
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a new state law allowing transgender student athletes to play sports according to their gender identity is under attack tonight. a faith-based legal group in san francisco is petitioning to take
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the issue to california voters. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live in the newsroom. >> janelle, starting in january, california schools will allow transgender students to youth bathroom and locker facilities of their choice and play for the male or female team that they identify with. in july, a central valley teenager went to the fwomgovern office to lobby for the new law in person garnering lots of support in the process. governor brown signed the bill and today in san francisco the faith-based pacific justice institute announced a petition drive to overturn the law. a student athlete who attended the news conference said she and her friend are not comfortable with the change. >> we feel very uncomfortable, kind of reluctant to want to go to the locker room or to school bathrooms. >> opponents say they don't want to trample the rights of the transgender athletes. they just want to protect the
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privacy of the rest of the students. >> a better solution is that we can have some unisex bathrooms for all the students. and that can basically solve the problem. >> the group also wants transgender students to have to register with the school district and also produce notes from their doctors. now, in order to qualify for next year's blot, the group must collect 505,000 signatures by november 12th. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we have new information in the cheating episode which has damaged the standing of a south bay elementary school. add m administrators says a second grade teacher at ruskin elementary erased errors and gave students another chance essentially to get the correct answer. this happened on the spring test. the unidentified teacher was placed on leave. the "mercury news" reports the superintendent won't confirm whether the teach's still employed there.
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the district self-reported the incident but ruskin elementary still punished. its test results are invalidated for a year. two assault rifles, combat knives and a lot more is what san francisco police say they found inside the home of the muni murder sp. police gave us a look at the arsenal today. they say it belonged to 30-year-old nikolm accused of killing 20-year-old san francisco state student justice valdez as he got off a muni train. police arrested him as he left his home miles from where the shooting happened. he was carrying $23,000 in cash and they found the weapons when they went inside his house. >> two assault weapons, m10 7.62 caliber, and ruger mini .14 223 caliber firearm. backpack and laptop computer.
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combat-type noknives, razors, first aid kid, sewing kit and flashlight, as survival gear. >> investigators are calling this an unprovoked attack and have a report he pulled a gun on another person shortly before valdez was killed. a well-known bay area chef is leading the latest charge against fracking in california. dozens of chefs and food experts launched a petition today calling on governor brown to put a moratorium on the destructive practice of a hydraulic fracturing. known as fracking. the practice blasts water, sand and chemicals underground fracturing rock so oil and gas can be extracted. the petition argues that fracking puts food, water and people in danger. and the additional regulations that governor brown signed into law this year don't go far enough. >> people who say that it has no impacts don't live next to fracking facilities. don't have kids that are coming home with nose bleeds and that are getting -- that have to wake
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up because they're nauseous. they go to the hospital because they're sick. they're seeing their property values drop. they're seeing their beautiful places and their landscapes destr destroyed. >> critics say that alice waters and other chefs are off face and the current frackitracfracking s are sufficient. clear blue skies. how long is this goingñi to las? let's check in with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> we want to talk about the top winds. so far it looks like we had the winds around 60 miles per hour across parts of the east bay or the south bay foothills on the eastern side. also mill valley at 23. throughout tonight and tomorrow we're gradually going to see the winds steps down and getting a lot better. i do think the worst fire threat at least for our friday forecast will be in the north bay. especially for places like napa. winds gust to 22 miles per hour. not as fwugusty as today. humidity at 20% keeping us with elevated fire danger.
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the high definition view. see here in san jose, red flag fire warning for hills above 1,000 feet. that's good for the entire viewing area right now. once again, 1,000 feet. off to the north, what we'll find here at san francisco is clear skies right now. the fog getting scoured out. possible rain in that forecast on monday. i'll have more on that onlying up. let's get to those daytime highs for friday. this, no doubt, is going to be the best day of the week for us. clear skies. 1 1:00 p.m. tonight. also through 5:00 p.m., right through 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. by the bay, low 70s. sunny. and also inland, mid 70s throughout pleasanton, liver swrp more, san jose and up into napa and sonoma. a as we head throughout the 1 11:00 hour tomorrow. watch the area of low pressure as we head throughout this weekend. it's going to dive south as we head throughout sunday's forecast. primarily what that's going to do is return the storm track across northern and central california. not a major storm. as this arrives sunday evening we'll get drizzle building up at
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the immediate coastline and primarily by monday the north bay and the coast will have the best chance at some showers. also winds gusting anywhere from about 15 to 30 miles per hour. we may actually see some of this rain extend to south bay. we're going to have to wait and see the timing and intensity definitely could shift. as we head throughout our forecast friday, mid 80s inland. sunday, once again, that weather will be cooling off. of course, more any time at >> thanks, jeff. still to come at 6:00, a downside to the upgrade? a problem that has apple customers feeling sick. plus -- >> i'm scott budman in the south bay with a peek into the future courtesy of a silicon valley convention. and our flash survey this evening. we want to know what you think after last night's deadly stabbing at giants game. do you feel safe attending a giants/dodgers game? vote by calling or texting us,
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408-300-9222 or tweet us @nbcbayarea. we'll have the results of this flash survey later in this newscast.
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google took a blow today in court when a federal judge refused to dismiss a class action lawsuit against the mountain view-based company. the suit accuses google of violating several laws including federal anti-wiretapping regulations by scanning customers' e-mail for the purpose of targeted advertising. the internet giant moved to dismiss the lawsuit saying customers agree to the e-mail scanning when they agree to google's terms of service. the case which is heard in san jose will now move forward. there's a new complaint apple's new iphone and ipad operating system. users say ios7 is giving them motion sickness. users say the way the apps zoom in and zoom out is giving them headaches and making them
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nauseous. the new operating system has been downloaded 200 million times already. apple has not issued any official statement on this issue. a big honor for a big area man. san jose man was honored at the white house today. john hogan was recognized as champion of change by the obama administration. hogan created team force which is a silicon valley non-profit staffing agency aimed at solving teenage unemployment. the white house created the champions of change program to honor people working with local officials to help find jobs for our youth. team force has put 77 foster kids to work with a goal of 100 by the end of this year. still ahead at 6:00, keeping workers off the picketlines and on the job. the new effort gaining steam right here in the bay area. and i'm sam brock. good news. the president says health care rates will be even lower than expected. can we trust these rosy predictions of how obama care will effect your checkbook?
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reality check coming up next. a secret affair exposed. details revealed in a jailhouse letter from a south bay teacher facing sex charges. stay with us. ♪ for a store near you go to
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disturbing new details in the arrest of a popular santa clara teacher accused of having sex with a student. the details come from court documents which reveal the school's janitor apparently uncovered the whole thing. nbc bay area's chase cane is
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live at the santa clara county courthouse in san jose where the suspect made a brief appearance today. chase? >> reporter: well, janelle, there's about 40 pages of evidence we got our hands on late today. when you go through this, you certainly get the sense that this teacher cared about his student. at one point he tells police he looked at their relationship as that of a father and daughter. but police and prosecutors say it did not matter how this teacher felt because they say what he did was wrong. "i am truly sorry for everything that's happened" how hugo cortez guzman begins his letter written in jail to a teenage student. prosecutors say the 32-year-old teacher had sex with at least four times over the past year. the santa clara teacher also writes the girl, "i love you more than i led on but it's because i knew it was wrong and that this would happen so it will never be your fault." court documents reveal it was a janitor at santa clara high who tipped off police to the affair. that janitor finding the two
6:28 pm
watching an r-rated movie together. then later finding the classroom with a mattress under the teacher's desk, pieces of female clothing and even a copy of "50 shades of gray." police reports reveal cortez guzman and the teenager had a romantic relationship for at least a year having sex in his jeep after school while they were parked near the girl's house. the girl even wrote her teacher a christmas card saying "i love you." in another letter kor tesz guzman writes back "i will miss you during the summer more than you can imagine" and signing it "you're always in my heart, hugo." now a judge ordered the teacher to stay away from the girl if he gets out of jail. guzman writes "every night i'll think about you. i have no idea where my life is going to go after this." the judge also set cortez guzman's bail at $250,000. he will appear back in front of the judge early next month. meantime he islso still on leave from santa clara high school. reporting live outside of santa
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clara county courthouse, nbc bay area news. >> chase, thank you. fremont police are asking for your help searching for a man accused of robbing and kidnapping a woman in the warm springs area. here's a sketch of the suspect. it happened on september 9th around 6:30 in the evening near mission and mojave. the victim arrived home and got out of her car when the man approached her with a gun. he made her drive a short distance where he took money from her and took off. the woman thankfully was not harmed. in washington, a partial government shutdown is just days away if congress can't compromise on a budget. the fight continues to be over obama care. house republicans are vowing to reject the bill if it includes obama care. they say they'll counter with a budget that includes things that democrats don't traditionally like such as tax reform or changes in medicare and social security. the president continues to sell his plan touting how it will benefit families. >> knowing you could offer your family the security of health care, that's priceless. now you can do it for the cost
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of your cable bill. probably less than your cell phone bill. >> i think obama care is the biggest threat to our budget and to our culture. >> congress has until monday to strike a deal to avoid the government shutdown. a lot of questions about this and we hope to provide some answers here. you heard the president say what will cost you, the cell phone or health insurance premium. now on the heels of a new report, president obama says the two might be about the same for many americans who currently don't have health insurance. inne tonight's reality check, s brock looks into the president's claim that obama care's actually cheaper than expected. very interesting, sam. >> it's interesting. so much about what's not being conveyed, raj. the average plan on the exchanges is lower than what budget daary experts predicted it's true the premium average a month, the one the administration keeps highlighting is substantially more than what many folks were paying under the old system.
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>> washington says we have to accept this train wreck, this nightmare, there's nothing we can do. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz famously railed on obama care from the senate floor, president obama offered a counterpunch to critics claiming insurance plans on health care exchanges across country are actually cheaper than originally expected. >> competition, choice, transparent citrans pa transpare transparentsy, all these things are keeping costs down. >> reporter: here's how the rates are playing out for americans all over the u.s. according to the administration. the average plan on the health care exchange is $328 a month. that's before counting subsidies. and using the second lowest tier, the silver plan. it averages out to 16% less than what the congressional budget office had estimated. could this be right? >> yes, these products, as we understand it, as i've seen, are less than what the congressional budget office predicted they would be. but, you know, you're still looking at average of over $300 a mon to have one of these health insurance products. >> reporter: gary lauer is ceo
6:32 pm
of mownen view based ehealth, the longest insurance marketplace. we asked lauer what average plan costs on the ehealth exchange. obviously before the implementation of obama compare. >> we published something called a cost and benefits survey of individual health insurance. frankly what we find is on average across the country, it's less than $200 a month is what someone typically pays in the individual market. >> before obama care? >> that's correct. that's correct. >> reporter: that's $200 a month compared to the $328 the administration is touting. now, it should be noted many people will use subsidies and pay less than $200. and mr. obama says many will pay less than $100. but what about those who aren't eligible for subsidies? >> and the subsidies so key in lowering costs. according to covered california, there are 2.7 million uninsured californians who will not be eligible for subsidies and could pay higher rates. lauer also points out rater could rise for everybody if
6:33 pm
young, healththy consumers don't sign up on the exchanges. while the president's claim in absolute terms is true, there are many ways that this could play out. i'm sam brock. that's today's reality check. let me send it back to you. >> thanks so much, sam. a worldwide ban on nuclear weapons. iran's new president delivered a strong message today during a united nations session on nuclear disarmament. president hassan rowhani said no nation should possess nuclear weapons adding there are no right hands for wrong weapons. he also urged the international community to establish a nuclear-free zone in the middle east. specifically calling on israel to sign an international treaty. meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry met with his iranian counterpart today to discuss iran's nuclear program which he says is for friendly purposes only. >> we're not expecting any breakthrough in this initial meeting, but i think this is part of us testing the seriousness of the iranians. >> and apparently there was a
6:34 pm
breakthrough. a lot of progress today. iran and members of the u.n. security council agreed to fast track negotiations over iran's disputed nuclear program. nearly two years after capsizing off the coast of italy, divers believe they have found the last two victims of the costa concordia disaster. dna tests are being done to confirm if they are indeed the remains of a missing italian passenger and an indian waiter. the remains were found in the center of the cruise ship where both were last seen alive. the search for their bodies resumed last week after the capsized ship was righted. the ship's captain, francesco chittino is on trial for manslaughter and abandoning ship. the ship wreck in january of 2020 killed 32 people. we have dramatic video of the mall massacre in nairobi. a kenyan freelance photographer is being called a hero after rescuing a mother and her children shortly after the mall was attacked last saturday by an al qaeda-linked militant group. for the next four days, kenyan forces were engaged in a deadly
6:35 pm
and fierily standoff. one area of the mall is still smoldering today. now, in the end, 72 people were killed. the kenyan government is in the process of identifying the captured and deceased suspects, but at this time, there's no indication that any of them are americans. hewlett-packard fired the contracting firm which employed the washington navy yard suspect. september 16th, aaron alexis killed two people at the navy yard. as a result, hp terminated its contract with the contracting firm, the experts, which hired alexis. hp believes the firm did not conduct a proper background check on the suspect and failed to appropriately address his mental health issues. the experts responded with disappointment claiming they had no greater insight than hp into alexis' mental health. he was killed in a shootout with police. it's the largest antitrust investigation in the history of the justice department. a massive conspiracy to fix auto parts might have impacted the
6:36 pm
cost of your car. honda, toyota, ford and gm are just some of the companies victimized in a scheme to drive up the cost of auto parts. justice department says auto parts manufacturers targeted more than 30 different products over several year. nine japanese companies and two executives involved in all this have agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy charges and pay more than $740 million in fines. the attorney general says as a result of all this, car owners paid more for their cars. how much more, they don't quite know. a politician is hands out flyers at a b.a.r.t. station as he pushes for state law banning transit strikes. orinda city councilman wants california to copy new york city and washington, d.c., which has made transit strikes illegal. b.a.r.t. is actually just over two weeks away from another possible strike. negotiations will resume tomorrow but without an agreement, workers could walk off the job on october 11th. >> they could have their
6:37 pm
disagreements, have their fights. it shouldn't be a consequence of herring our economy here in the bay area and hurting the 400,000 riders that depend on b.a.r.t. >> b.a.r.t. managers have a contingency plan which includes implementing charter buses, extra carpool lanes and hours and limited b.a.r.t. service. it's not official without approval from b.a.r.t.'s board of directors. still ahead here at 6:00, another benefit to peanut butter. why it might help fight breast cancer. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. winds gusting anywhere from 20 to 50 miles per hour today. a red flag fire warning still in effect. and you can see it's here for hills above 1,000 feet throughout tomorrow. we'll have details on a much hotter weekend, even rain sneaking into that seven-day forecast, in just a few minutes. there are so many things that we do on a daily basis.
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in health matters we have new information out tonight, says peanut butter could lower the risk of breast cancer. a new study found girls who ate peanut butter or nuts regularly from the ages of 9 to 15 years old were less likely to develop benign or noncancerous breast disease by the time they were 30. girls who ate peanut butter or nuts twice a week were less likely to have the disease. the risk was lowered even if the girl had a family history of breast cancer. the study was published in the "breast cancer research and treatment." it's natural for babies to
6:41 pm
cry but could the cries offer early health clues? doctors at a hospital in rhode island develop a new tool along with acoustic engineers at brown university. it's an akustic cry analyzer they hope will shed light on why babies cry. depending on the pitch and other acoustic features, researchers believe they can determine early on if the baby will have developmental delays. the cries are measured in milliseconds and can be evaluated in more detail and more efficiently. jeff ranieri is back to talk about our weekend and still wind out there. >> little bit for the next eight to ten hours then looks awesome this weekend. that's what all of you want to hear. we have clear skies. while those hill are brown now, you've got good old-fashioned rain coming in the seven-day forecast. i'll have details when that arrives. i don't like that news, jeff. i don't like rain. coming up in sport, a preeminent n professional sports is calling it quits. i'll let you know who.
6:42 pm
tim lincecum is taking the mound tonight in what could be his final start as a san francisco giant. we have a report from at&t park. that's coming from the xfinity sports desk, next.
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for the tech community, this is a big deal. silicon valley will be buzzing over the next few days with founders from apple, atari and mcafee coming to san jose to talk tech. >> it's part of a convention called c2sv. it kicked off today. we get a first look from business and tech reporter scott budman. >> reporter: some are calling this south bay's version of a smaller south by southwest. the emphasis yet on smaller. there is an emphasis here on technology with music thrown in and, perhaps, a peek into the future. a peek today in the form of a seminar on robotics.
6:45 pm
drones and self-driving cars from the perspective of people from "wired" magazine and singulairty university. something of a peek into the future of what we consumers here in silicon valley, how we might get around. >> we talked about how that's going to happen, how the technologies go from the lab to people's hands to change the world. the process of adoption and how quickly that can happen. >> reporter: are consumers ready for these technologies? >> sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't. we always find consumers move more slowly than technology creation. sometimes it takes a generation. >> reporter: this is certainly where you'd find the generation of consumers looking for that sort of tech following. also here, lots of technology companies are represented. they're showing off their instruments not to mention their phones, tv sets and their software. i should mention that c2sv takes place in the new $130 million wing of the san jose convention center. a wing that doesn't officially
6:46 pm
open until next month. among the speakers here scheduled for tomorrow, apple co-founder steve wozniak and atari founder nolan bushnell. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. we don't have a foggiest idea why anyone in the world would want to celebrate fog. that drizzly and cold condition in san francisco. someone does. he is paul dougherty of the exploritorium, the site of this weekend's fog fest. >> here fog is a cloud on the ground. you can come stand on the bridge and get the experience you'd have to climb mt. whitney to get without the oxygen tanks, of course. without the breathing, the heavy breathing. >> the fog fest is saturday from noon until 5:00. the fog bridge art exhibit is scheduled to close the following weekend. many moons ago, i lived in fresno for a year and a half and we had tooley fog.
6:47 pm
>> that's hard to see through. >> it makes you appreciate the san francisco fog. >> i love our fog. >> yeah. look at this picture behind me, guys. looks fake, right? >> uh-huh. >> it is not. this is actually fresh snow over the past 24 hours. >> wow. >> yeah. up at northstar. brooke rose giving us these photos and talking about next season expected to start november the 22nd. the storm that produced this, again, just a light dusting was way too far to the east to give us any kind of rainfall yesterday. the thing we've been dealing with on the back end of the system has been the wind and here we go. throughout tonight, still about 10 to 25 miles per hour. really on the tail end of this wind event. by tomorrow morning, a lot of blue color on this map that corresponds with the key on the bottom of your screen with winds at about 10 miles per hour. let's get the first look at our friday forecast. sounds so good. doesn't it? friday we'll have clear skies here. throughout tonight. 5:00 a.m., also 11:00 a.m. for tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. even at the coastline. classic san francisco september day for us. 70 by the bay.
6:48 pm
also mid 4770s inland. live sky camera network shows us fog-free conditions continuing across san bruno mountain looking out across the bay. a stellar evening for us. also into san francisco, what we'll find is a small craft advisory until 9:00 p.m. tonight with the wind-whipped waves in effect. see the camera shaking around a bit. again, that wind is going to subside as we talked about. overall temperatures will be warming up in response to the cooler system now kicking off to the east. any of that heat surges up from thes out. 84 in morgan hill. 83 in san jose. 83 in los gatos. 82 in palo alto. the east bay, you're going to get close to the mid 80s. definitely no upper 80s. it's going to be just right for us. 83 in walnut creek. 83, livermore. 80, pleasanton. pt 80 in pittsburg. san francisco, you're heading to downtown, maybe still celebrating that america's cup win, with team oracle usa. we'll have 72 along the
6:49 pm
embarcadero. 70, pacifica. 82, santa rosa. mix of low 80s throughout wine country. if you like what we're getting for tomorrow, you're going to love saturday. temperatures going up hotter. walnut creek with mid 80s. san francisco, 74. also oakland expected to get close to 79. enjoy saturday. sunday comes, a storm system lining up to the north is going to push to the south. we think by monday morning we'll pick up on a little bit of rainfall. not too much. trace amounts to a tenth on after inch. we could still see it push as far as the south bay, but it's too early to tell right now. as we head throughout this weekend, saturday is the best day. chance of showers coming as we head throughout monday's forecast. smooth sailing the next two days, guys. >> okay. thanks, jeff. we have the results of our survey tonight. we asked what you thought, do you feel safe attending a giants/dodgers game? the results are in. 66% of you actually say no. and only 34% of you say yes. let's bring in jim kozimor
6:50 pm
now. joins us from the comcast sportsnet newsroom. it's unfortunate we have to ask that question. i know we have coverage now with the giants, what they're doing tonight. >> yeah, guys, thank s very mu. they'll have a moment of silence before tonight's game in honor of jonathan denver. the game, itself, tim lincecum is making what could be his final start as a giant. let's go out to at&t park and check in with amy gutierrez. >> reporter: last night fans witnessed what could be barry zito's last start as a san francisco giant and this evening it is tim lincecum's turn after sunday he becomes a free agent. he was drafted by the giants organization back in 2006. it's hard for fans to see tim as anything other than a giant. his teammates and coaches agree, timmy has a special role and place with this club. >> he's really, i think, pushed all of us as a rotation to try to get better. you know, because he came up here and really from the get-go he did really great things and i
6:51 pm
think that all pushed us to try to catch up to him and i think that's been a benefit. >> unbelievable talent. this kid. what he's established in the game is pretty amazing at his young age. and, you know, i'll be watching him tonight like i do every start and appreciate what this kid can do. >> reporter: congrats are in order for brandon crawford. he was chosen as this year's recipient of the good guy award. it is vote ed on by the basebal writers association, san francisco and oakland chapters. it's given out annually to the giant that's most accommodating to the media. reporting from at&t park, amy gutierrez for nbc bay area. how about baseball commissioner selig announced next season will be his last. the man who was originally named interim commissioner back in 1992 will officially retire on january 24th, 2015. his tenure was filled with ups
6:52 pm
and downs. he introduced the wildcard, interleague trade and resided over the steroid era and canceled world series in 199 h. terrelle pryor back on the practice field three days after suffering a concussion against the broncos. pryor has not been cleared for full contact but it's a step in the right direction. pryor's status for sunday's game against the washington redskins is still uncertain. >> there's still some hurdles he has to clear, but he was yeared to go ahead in noncontact pack s practice. he was able to get in there and practice on a limited basis today. my hope is we're going to learn sooner rather than later. it's really a process of, you know, when the doctors, he passed all the tests and doctors clear him for full participation. that's when we'll know whether or not he can play in game or not. to the ice we go. close to hockey starting. sharks torres had successful
6:53 pm
surgery on his torn right acl. torres expected to miss three to five months. general manager wilson says he expects him to be back at 100% when he starts. their season begins next week against the vancouver canucks. i love when athletes help youngsters learn the tricks of the trade. hunter pence made an instructional video that bill help all little leaguers play just like him. if it is you do want to play just like him. let's see how it looks. >> hi, i'm hunter pence. outfielder of the san francisco giants. as you can tell, learning baseball for me was ugly and terribly awkward. i sack pseudoucceeded. i want the same for your kids. >> a big leader with a lifetime 150, your child will sharpen his skills using proprietary training techniques such as running during an earthquake. >> i like the form. love the effort. >> throwing like you don't have an elbow. >> between you and you.
6:54 pm
show me something. >> this thing. >> i so love when athletes can make fun or have fun with themselves and the way they play. well done, hunter pence. he wins my award. nice guy. my nice guy award. also some nfl, 49ers/rams rolling in st. louis. 49ers lead 7 -3. we have full highlights at 11:00. >> i didn't know that was a fake video until halfway through, by the way. >> exactly. wasn't that well done by them? all the baseball ones are kind of cheesy. >> exactly. >> that was perfect. >> that was good. thanks, jim. >> for a full half hour of local sports coverage, watch sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay area tonight at 10:30. >> and we will be right back.
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6:57 pm
tonight at 11:00, it's animal evidence. how pets can be valuable tools in criminal investigations. that's tonight at 11:00 after an all new "parenthood." before we leave you, one more look at our fog-free forecast. >> yes. absolutely. >> or a fog-factor forecast? >> it will be back into effect sunday night also into monday. our weather team on the weekend will gear that thing up. tomorrow, though, it's going to stay warm inland. little bit hotter than today. mid 80s and sunny. sunny throughout saturday. close to 90 degrees is. the pinnacle of it, though. as we head throughout sunday, a system moves in from the north, increase cloud cover. the fog by the evening hours. for monday, a chance of showers mainly in the north bay. trace amounts to a tenth of an inch at this point. may go as far as the south bay. we're going to have to wait on that with the timing and intensity. overall, much needed weather coming our way. >> as of right now, a beautiful sunset outside. thanks for watching. see you back here at 11:00. >> see you later. >> oh. >> gorgeous.
6:58 pm
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jon hamm takes on the rumors he has throat cancer, now on "extra." "mad men's" chain-smoking star on the tabloid headlines about his health. >> that i was coughing up blood and probably have cancer. >> his new interview setting the record straight about his upcoming operation. now trending, did lindsay lohan's sister get plastic surgery to look like lindsay? then, hours before his big primetime return, michael j. fox revealing his parkinson's diagnosis drove him to drink. >> i was drinking alone. >> and every day? >> every day. rosie o'donnell versus anthony weiner. >> even his junk wasn't


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