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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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it's a shame you need such a presence for a game. >> right now, at 11:00, stepped-up security at at&t park after the giants/dodgers rivalry turns deadly. >> there's a lot of people across the bay area who are disheartened and shocked. we start with new video tonight from at&t park. a moment of silence to honor that dodgers fan who was attacked following last night's game. tonight, a somber reminder of
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fan violence. >> the killing evoking memories of the attack on bryan stow. >> we have multiple reports tonight. we begin with jean elle who is at the ballpark where many fans are hesitant to cheer for their team. jean? >> reporter: that's right, raj. you might hear some sirens right now. there are a lot of police officers here. they're taking things very seriously. and sounds like they're going to check something out right now. but baseball fans say they're a little nervous about showing their team colors. and they say it's a shame fear is part of baseball. >> the giants and the dodgers want to extend our deepest sympathy and prayers to jonathan's family. >> reporter: giants and dodgers fans took a moment to remember jonathan denver. after the game, the 24-year-old was stabbed to death near third and harrison.
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police say denver's group and the group of giants fans got into a fight fueled by team rivalry. 21-year-old michael montgomery of lodi is under arrest, booked on homicide charges. >> devastating. like, why? >> reporter: the torontos from fair field have a friendly family rivalry going. fan violence has her nervous about showing her team spirit. >> i had to ride b.a.r.t. today. and i did not wear my gear. >> reporter: san francisco police are hoping to ease fears and help fans stay cool with a visible presence. >> there's going to be a lot of security today. and that's good. >> it's good now. but it's a shame you need such a presence. >> reporter: ollie says his friends told him to keep his enthusiasm in check. >> you rep the dodgers. keep it calm. >> reporter: his friends are hoping the death of a baseball fan allegedly at the hands of
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another, is a reminder that it's just a game. >> it's supposed to be about fun, right? >> right now, you're looking at a picture of several san francisco police officers responding to something. they're not taking any chances tonight. several officers are responding to one incident. and the deadly stabbing is still under investigation. police have one other man in custody and that are still looking for additional suspects that were involved in that fight. the deadly attack hit close to home for the dodgers organization. the victim, jonathan denver, his father works security for the dodgers organization. >> jean, thank you. we did mention that the jaet was a security guard for the dodgers. today, we had a chance to speak to other family members of the victim in southern california. >> it's senseless. he wouldn't hurt anyone. he never hurt anyone. he was a gentle, sweet boy.
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>> that's jonathan denver's aunt and grandfather. his father was working as a security guard the day bryan stow was beaten at dodger stadium. he remembers the family talking about that incident after it happened. tonight's game was a previously planned fund-raiser for bryan stow. that brutal attack happened in 2011. monty francis talked with stow's family and friends this evening. >> bryan stow's family and friends say hearing about the attack took them back to the day when stow was attacked. and it appears that fan rivalry appears to have played a role. >> it feels like it was yesterday. >> reporter: martin says bryan stow used to light up the halls
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with his smile. and what she calls an indescribable spark. she and fellow co-workers are reliving what happened to their dear friend two years ago. >> another family is grieving. another life -- it's senseless. it should not happen. >> reporter: news of another attack on a baseball fan and this time a dodgers fan, who was killed, stunned stow's former paramedic partner. >> it hits home. especially with the whole thing that happened yesterday. it brings back memories of everybody that went through that tragedy with bryan. >> stow's family is also reacting tonight. his sister told me by phone. it's so senseless. we're heartbroken for john's family. and truly, we're keeping them in our prayers. stow was wearing giants gear when he was beaten by two
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dodgers fan in 2011. now, he raequires 24-hour care. he recognizes people and he has his famous sense of humor back. but his absence is still felt every day at his former workplace. >> the fact he is still alive. >> thank god for that. and that we can see that. >> reporter: stow's family has filed a civil lawsuit against the dodgers, claiming the team did not do enough to provide security to prevent the attack. and in the criminal case, the two men arrested are still awaiting trial. >> thank you. new tonight at 11:00, a vigil for the san francisco state student killed as he walked off a muni train earlier this week. justin valdez was shot in what police call a random attack. friends attended the vigil tonight. his sister, jessica, thanked
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everyone for coming out to remember her brother. >> there was nothing that could top him or hold him back. he was fearless. >> valdez is originally from orange county. he was a member of the sffu men's water polo team. police say valdez did nothing to provoke monday's shooting. today, police showed off the arsenal they found in the suspect's home, which included two assault rifles and u.s. combat mags. police arrested him yesterday as he walked out of his home. he had $26,000 in cash on him at the time. new details about what led to the arrest of a south bay high school teacher accused of having sex with one of his students. he appeared in court today.
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and according to court documents, a janitor at that school uncovered the abuse. the janitor got suspicious when he saw the teacher and student watching a movie together. and he found a mattress under the desk, along with other items. cortez guzman wrote from jail. i am truly sorry for everything that has happened, the better begins. later in the letter, he writes, i love you more than i let on. every night i will think about you. i have no idea where my life is going to go after this. he is do back in court october 4th. a south bay teacher is due back in court tomorrow. craig chandler was convicted of molesting five students in his classroom. his sentencing is set for tomorrow. chandler faces 75 years to life in prison, for blindfolding girls between the ages of 7 and
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9 and sexually abusing them. >> now, to an nbc bay area follow-up. weeks after a vicious dog attack, a decision about the fate of the two pit bulls that mauled a 10-year-old martinez boy. the decision to euthanize, an emotional one for the dogs' owners and the family of the injured boy. cheryl hurd talked with the boy's mom. >> reporter: i did talk to the mom tonight. she knows that those dogs are being kept alive because the owners of the dogs have five business days to appeal today's decision. a decision made right here at antioch city hall. >> hunter was a survivor. and the next victim may not be a survivor. >> melody waited weeks for this day. the day to hear that the pit bull who attacked her son, hunter, will be euthanized. >> i'm happy about it.
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and i think that it's not only giving hunter the justice he deserves, but it' preventing another attack. >> her 10-year-old son was mauled by one of two of the pit bulls in antioch. one of his ears was severed. animal control officers seized the dogs and recommend they be euthanized. the dogs' owners appealed that recommendation. that's how they ended up in this hearing today. hunter sat in the front row. the dog's owners were also in the room. >> motion to deny the appeal. >> the panel voted unanimously to put the dogs down. she says she's a dog lover herself. but it's something that must be done. >> he's never going to look the same. he's going to have to have
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reconstructive and lasers. and another piece of his body to put on his face. we have to take it day-to-day. i don't know what the future is going to hold. >> we tried to talk to the dogs' owners. they did not respond to our request. >> good evening. we are tracking a little bit of snow across yosemite tonight. adding up to about one inch. and our storm track is changing. we'll talk about rain returning in the seven-day forecast. also ahead, the controversial comments that have led gay rights groups to boycott the world's largest pasta company. and the cutting-edge lab using animals as evidence. and a dramatic scene as a gunman storms into a texas mcdonald's. the stroke of luck that saves self looifrs.
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new tonight at 11:00, animal cruelty, dogfighting and horse dumping. there's cases where animal evidence is key to the crime. at a lab with cutting edge veterinarian genetics is about an hour from the bay area. we go there and see how pets have cracked some california cases. man's best friend. unless that man is a criminal. then, fido could be his undoing. dog hair, saliva and his business could lead a criminal to a crime scene.
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>> investigators will call and say, you've never seen this. >> reporter: elizabeth is the head of the u.c. davis veterinarian laboratory. unassuming trailers on a country road. this forensic unit is the only one credited for doing dna testing on cats and dogs. because of the stringent standards, they've been called to testify in more than two dozen criminal cases. like that of 23-year-old dave williams who was drugged, killed and his body was found dumped in a san diego alley, wrapped in a blanket in 2008. >> they collected some dog hair from that blanket. and we were able to match those hairs to his mother's dog. >> reporter: in that case, the dog dna linked to the killer was indisputable and he was convicted. >> we got the nuclear dna that individualizes. and when you get that type of dna, the odds of another dog having that dna profile is one in a quadrillion, just like
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human dna. >> that was nuclear dna, which can come from saliva, on the hair, on a dog bowl or a toy. mitochondrial dna is less definitive. and dna evidence is stable. it can be used years after the crime scene is clear. when linda and steven of sacramento were violently stabbed 19 times in their own home, the killer, their own son, threw some of the evidence on the roof where it sat for a year. >> those were animal hairs that were up on the roof. they had been sitting out in the sun over a year on the rooftop in sacramento. we did not have the dna to work with. but were able to do the mitochondrial dna. >> reporter: part of her job as a pioneer in animal dna is to persuade investigators to collect the evidence everywhere.
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it's less expensive to analyze the human dna. but because it's so new, there's not a backlog. >> they don't think of it first. i'd like it to be one of the routine tools they go to in their tool box. >> the three woman team created meat i.d. new video tonight, caught on camera. this is surveillance footage from a mcdonald's in ft. worth, texas. a man was trying to rob customers and employees last night. and pulled the trigger of the gun five times. but the gun would not fire. once he got outside, the gun did fire. he went back into the mcdonald's and pulled the trigger again. and once again, the gun failed. certainly lucky for the people inside. the head of the italian
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pasta brand barilla said he would never use a homosexual family in any of his ads. he added the gay customers could go elsewhere. italian lgbt groups are calling for a boycott of the company. he issued an apology. he said his statement was meant to express the central roll of women in the family. we're going to crank up that heat a little bit. going to feel a lot better out there. you're going to love what we have. look at some of the wind gusts. it's been annoying. pesky out there. if you're driving or live up in the hills. we had winds topping 50 miles per hour across the foothills today. s.f. airport, 45. and the good news tomorrow, not only hotter. but we're also going to get rid of the wind. also, sunny skies from 8:00 a.m.
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to 4:00 p.m. i don't want to get ahead of myself. tomorrow morning will be chilly to start. you need the jacket as you head out that door. for the interior valley. temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s from the bay to the coast. by 4:00 p.m. to the east day to the south bay, temperatures in the mid-80s. let's take you outside to the high-definition view on this thursday. it feels like a friday. and you can see across the south bay, that weekend warming is on tap. the temperatures about three degrees to five degrees warmer. looking across the bay. calmer winds. better conditions for boaters. small craft advisory will be canceled. and the wind-whipped waves will be going down as we head throughout saturday and sunday's forecast. 84 in morgan hill. 74 in santa cruz. that's the spot to be if you
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want to head to the beach tomorrow. a three-day or four-day weekend, that's where you want to go. 77 castro valley. 80 in pleasanton. and 83 in walnut creek. san francisco and downtown is going to be in the low 70s. look at this. classic september san francisco weather with 72. 74 in richmond. and 83 expected in napa. and as far as saturday goes, we talked about the warming. look at the warm-up for the east bay. we'll see temperatures approaching the upper 80s in walnut creek. and san jose in the low 8 0s. we're going to change things up even more. you want to enjoy it to saturday. seasons have shifted. we're now going to be talking about rain by sunday. storm system off to the north. then, as we head throughout monday morning, it looks like a chance of showers for the north bay. most of the activity looks to stay in the north bay. we could get showers down to the south bay again on monday. overall, the best spot again
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will be off to the northern locations as we head to the forecast. and nice, crisp fall air coming back. and temperatures in the mid-80s. it will be more comfortable out there. and saturday, the best day on the weekend. if you're debating the plan, saturday's the day for you. >> what do you want to do saturday? >> $2 million check mystery in spain with a connection to california. ♪ for a store near you go to
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a few weeks ago, it was a soft launch for google. google announced its new formula that will allow for complex searchs. a company rep said changes need to be made because people enter lengthy questions in the search box for google.
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users can download a new search engine in a few weeks. after apple released an update on its ios 7 system to fix bugs. also, there's a complaint about the new oerptding system. some say it's giving motion sickness. the way the apps zoom and in out are making them nauseous. the operating system has been downloaded 200 million times. apple has not issued an official statement on the issue of nausea. two big stars of two big games. fun show tonight. julia louis-dreyfus. and ron paul here. and we look at what's trending tomorrow.
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who said the 49ers were in trouble? we don't believe it? >> they're back. just like that. one good rushing game here. it was a short week for the 49ers. they look to snap a two-game losing streak against the rams on thursday night. trying to get back to .500. they look pretty good. 49ers down 3-0, in the second quarter. third and 19, no problem. colin kaepernick to anquan boldin. barely staying in bounds. 7-3, 49ers after that. 44 seconds left in the half. same score. fourth and inches. this is way more than inches. 34 yards for the touchdown run. 49ers win. gore, 153 yards rushing on the night. >> frank gore. he was awesome. he did a beautiful job tonight.
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i applaud him in his efforts. >> i thought we had a good play. we have frank gore. and nobody does it better than frank gore. >> coach, holler at you coach. >> what? >> holler at you. >> okay. >> they're having fun now. terrelle pryor back on the practice field today. just three day after suffering a concussion. he has not been cleared for full contact. his status for sunday's game against washington, uncertain. how about baseball? dodgers and giants before the game. a moment of silence for the dodger fan who was killed a block from the ballpark last night. hanley ramirez, versus tim lincecum. possibly his final start wearing orange and black. after the game, a weird moment. brian wilson, words with larry behr. peeved about not getting his
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world series ring yet. >> like i said, i keep repeating myself. not dismissing i haven't seen yet. i'm a product of familiarity. and i like this team. we'll see what happens. >> is this your last game here? >> i don't have an answer for that. >> no answer yet. one final note. bud selig announced his retirement effective january 24th, 2015. he says before he leaves, he wants to clear up the oakland stadium issue. that's going to be after next year. >> and bring that plunger. last night, we had zito saying good-bye. and tonight, lincecum. it's like a going away party. >> and ryan vogelsong on the mound for them tomorrow? is it three in a row? you have to way for the off-season. >> you'll be back tomorrow night? >> absolutely. we'll be right back. [ maragno ] if the car was invented today,
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okay. is it real? madrid police have a pricey mystery on their hands involving a $2 million check. get this, from a sacramento company, issued to a california man. the worker on the metro found the check inside a wallet that appears to have been stolen. the worker turned it over to authorities. they haven't tracked down the payee. it is postdated to january 14th. authorities have a lot of questions for the check's recipient, including where that money came from. >> i've been missing a check. >> have you? >> yes. >> from january 14th for $2 million. >> wow. >> a lot of questions for you. >> 11:30, which means weekend.
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>> a million-dollar forecast. back it up saturday looks like the best day of the weekend. sunny skies. even beach weather at the san francisco coastline. >> looks nice. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> see you tomorrow. bye-bye. unbelievable.
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