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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 27, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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good morning, everybody. thanks as always for joining us. i'm john kelly. >> i'm marla teyez. a teenager is dead, and his mother and sister are in the hospital right now as investigators are figuring out how they were hit by a speeding car in san francisco this morning. nbc bay area's christy smith is live at the scene near pine and goff now with the latest details. christy, good morning. >> good morning to you, marla and john. you know, this crash was so violent that it's hard to tell that there are even two cars there across the street. on the right a minivan. a mom and her two kids were inside. the top actually had to be cut open with the jaws of life to get them out. on the other side a silver car that police say rammed into the minivan at up to 80 miles an
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hour. one witness described the sound. >> like a bomb. like an explosion. i have heard car wreck brz, but you could tell this had weight to it. you could tell it was really serious. >> a teenage boy, 17, who was in that minivan was killed. police say the mom and sister suffered very serious injuries. this started around 6:50 this morning. patrol officers actually saw this silver car, an suv, blow right past them through two intersections, and then around a bus before hitting the minivan so hard that it rolled and the suv rolled too here at pine and golf street. a delivery man with three people inside also hit too. they suffered nonlife-threatening injuries, though. neighbors say a nurse who happened to be in the area helped all of the injured while police chief greg who has seen a lot says this is about as bad as it gets.
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>> i also -- she was helping someone. they were either on their way to work, but, i mean, thank god, you know, that they were on hand to be able to -- and the police started directing traffic, helping the situation. >> lis say they don't know why this driver, a woman, was speeding in the first place. the posted speed limit that i'm looking at here, because there is a school nearby, says it's just 25 miles an hour. witnesses say this woman got out. she seemed shaken up, and she was then put in an ambulance and taken away. what police chief is telling me is that it looks like charges are pending, but at this point they still don't know exactly what those charges will be. reporting live in san francisco, christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> well, from san francisco to
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atherton where police are looking for the driver who hit and killed a pedestrian here. around 5:45 this morning officers got a call from someone who saw a body on the side of the road on glenwood avenue near middlefield road. investigators say the man was hit and killed by a car that drove away from the scene. they're now looking for any sort of description for that car. investigators this morning looking for the cause of a house fire in san francisco's sunset district where, sadly, both a toddler and her father have died. that fire started in the basement of this home. the girm's mother and grandfather were also at home during the time of this fire. the mother, she was able to escape. crews say they had a very hard time trying to get into the home to rescue the people inside because of an iron security gate that was double locked. >> everyone is hurting a little bit this morning. this is not what we are in the business of doing. we are in the business of saving lives. this is sometimes an outcome. we have a rescue squad on scene performing search and rescue.
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the mom had indicated when we got on the scene that there were people inside. i believe particularly she said her baby is inside. >> along with that mother that was able to get out safely, the grandfather who was inside remains hospitalized this morning in critical condition. the mother of the suspect facing homicide charges in the stabbing death of a los angeles dodgers fan says her son was "just trying to protect himself and is in shock." victoria montgomery's 21-year-old son, michael, is accused of killing this guy you see right here on the left of your screen. 24-year-old jonathan denver. wednesday night near at&t park. she tells nbc bay area her son is "freaking out about what happened after the giants-dodgers game ended." the suspect is in lodi, and his mother says he was hit by a chair in a fight that broke out. denver was wearing his dodgers wlu blue and was in town from fort bragg to meet his brother and father at the game.
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as we have been reporting, denver's dad happens to work security for the dodgers organization in los angeles. his extended family in southern california tells us they just can't understand why this happened. >> just didn't deserve that. >> he wouldn't hurt anyone. he has never hurt anyone, and he was just a very gentle, sweet boy. >> saturday of denver's death san francisco's police -- at the final -- this video here shows all was not quiet at the game. at least one fan was taken into custody for an unrelated incident. now, police are expecting to release montgomery's mugshot soon. in the meantime, they say they are looking for two more suspects, so more arrests could come. zoo may recall stowe had a dramatic brain injury when he was attack at dodgers stayed ym opening day.
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>> another family is grieving. another life was -- it's senseless. it shouldn't happen. >> stowe's family is also reacting. his sister, erin, telling nbc bay area "it's so senseless. we are heartbroken for john's family, and truly we're keeping them in other prayers." a murder harj is expected to be filed today against a 30-year-old nicom. he is suspected of shooting and killing 20-year-old justin valdez as the student walked off a mu ni i train earlier this week. last night family and friends and fellow students attended a candlelight vigil on the campus
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where valdez was a member of the school's water polo team. his sister thanked everyone for coming out to remember her brother. another vigil will be held tonight at valdez's high school in southern california. he was from orange county. yesterday police revealed this ars malthis they say they found in the suspect's home which included two assault rifles and combat knives. police are calling the killing a random attack. we have new details about what led to the arrest of a south bay high school teacher accused of having sex with a student. hugo cortez-guzman, he kept his head down during the very first court appearance. now according to court documents, a janitor were at santa clara high school, he says he became suspicious when he saw the teacher and the student watching a movie together. the janitor apparently also found several items in the teacher's classroom including underwear, a mattress, and a copy of the book "50 shades of
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grey." he also revealed in court that a letter the teacher wrote. it says, "i am truly sorry for everything that has happened." it goes on to say, "i love you more than i let on. every night i will think about you. i have no idea what my life is going to go after this." cortez-guzman is due back in court in one week. a jury convicted craig chandler in august. he faces 75 years to life in prison for blind folding one girl and sexually abusing her in his classroom. last november a jury also found the school's principal was guilty of failing to pass on reports of possible sexual abuse to police. a morgan hill daycare center worker put veepg -- she was
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sentenced six months in jail and probation. investigators say she put insomiex into their sippy cups at the kitty academy daycare. another worker saw her do it, and that worker reported it. the good news, the silver lining, those cups were taken away before the kids actually had a chance to drink from them. two dogs involveed in an attack will be put down unless their owners file an appeal. the administration board voted unanimously yesterday to euthanize the dogs that attacked 10-year-old hunter kilbore. he was at the hearing yesterday. his face, you can tell and see her, still partially bandaged from one of the dogs biting him on the head. his mother says, yes, he is healing, but still has a long way to go. >> he is never going to look the same. he is going to have to have reconstructive and lasers and possible fat from another place on his body to put on to his face. we have to take it day to day.
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i don't know what the future is going to hold. >> man, poor little guy. well, animal control officers seized the dogs after the attack, and they recommended both dogs be euthanized. the owners, they are fighting this. they have five days to appeal the latest ruling. a san ramone man accused of shooting his property manager after being evicted is expected to make his first court appearance today. mike is charged with attempted murder. investigators say he shot at the property manager and two sheriff's deputies when they attempted to evict him from his home on september 19th. a property manager was hit many the leg. michael surrendered after deputies tossed tear gas into his home. sheriff officials say the home is in foreclosure. still to come at 11:00, new efforts to legalize marijuana right here in california. we'll let you know when you could be asked to decide the issue. coming up, some really interesting new foods for mcdonald's, including fruit on a stick. we'll take a look coming up in business.
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>> plus, snl gets ready to begin a new season tomorrow. the new faces set to hit the stage. >> "saturday night live." >> good morning to you. want to show you a smoky sky over san jose. this is coming from a fire burning near sacramento. we're going to tell you why and what it means for you and your family's health concerns coming up next.
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zifshlgs welcome back. another effort to legalize marijuana in california is now underway. the california candidate hemp initiative 2014 has been cleared by the state and law for licensees and taxing of militia sales. reporters have until february 24th to collect the 504,000 signatures needed to put the initiative on the 2014 ballot. voters rejected a similar initiative in 2010.
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>> well, the ultimate home diva martha stewart was on the today show earlier today trying to sort things out and clear it up explaining why she expects better service from apple. >> a bit of a public misstep from the domestic diva. >> yeah, good morning. tweeted out yesterday she had dropped her ipad and broken it, and then she waited, but nobody from apple called her. she tweeted out the complaint that nobody from apple would come out to check on her ipad. apparently not realizing at the time apple doesn't come to you. you go to apple. now, this could be a silly story about someone who is not sophisticated in technology or too wealthy to get it, except stewart is very savvy. earlier this week her company, martha stewart omnimedia was sued by a patent holder claiming the ipad apps made by her company were in violation of patents and they demanded money. what some people might call a patent troll, but rather than caving in and paying, her company is counter suing asking a court to declare that
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attacker's patent invalid. it's very aggressive. it's very good business. now, hopefully she can get her ipad fixed. kiwi on a stick. pictures from mcdonald's this morning. mcdonald's says it's going to offer additional health where i options like kiwi and watermelon. these are products under consideration. they have done well in some mcdonald's foreign markets. the company is also going to offer an option of side salad instead of fries and only advertise milk, water, or juice with its happy meals. back to you. >> everything tastes better on a stick. i'll be impressed when they do salad on a stick. that will be great. moving on, san jose will soon where more law enforcement officers on the street. today the police academy will graduate a new class of officers. there's a plan to add 1 200 officers over the next four years. >> my bad. >> saturday night live embarks
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on the start of its 39th season this weekend. >> yes. it's going to be fun. one of the show's alum, tina fey, she's back in action to host the thing, and she'll be shepherding in an ensemble that has undergone one of the biggest overhauls. mark barger has a preview. >> for every saturday night live cast member ever -- >> bobby moynihan. >> there's always been a first show. >> it's like 10,000 middle school plays. i remember just being so unbelievably nervous for that. >> this week snl has six new performers all performing for their debut in studio 8h. >> we've been here for a while, and it's fun to be watching them terrified because -- >> it's kind of fun. >> the newcomers are the product of a massive talent search by creator lorne michaels. there are several departures.
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>> everyone from tina fe wr to will ferrell. he has an extraordinary eye for talent. >> among the snl rookies is beck bennett, who stars in at&t ads. >> he doesn't get it. >> it shows in those commercials how funny he is, so i think now people just get to know him on the show and then they'll eventually, you know, he won't be the at&t guy anymore. elian be the snl guy. >> media writer bill carter says those ads were probably a factor sfwloosh he says that doesn't tell me at all whether they can stand on a stage in front of a live national audience and perform. that's a totally separate skill. >> and finding unknowns who have it has been a key to "snl's" long-running success. mark barger, nbc news. >> i think the at&t guy is going to hit it out of the park. >> he is going to be a smash hit. >> i love those commercials. >> "snl" keeps finding new talent out there, so i'm always excited when new people start. christina, i'm also excited about the fact that it's friday,
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and it's sunny out. >> it is. new season just started here. last sunday. we're now into fall. want to start with the live picture. you can see all the smoke over san jose. we've had a lot of calls into our newsroom. a lot of people wondering where is the fire? well, nowhere near where we are here on the south bay in particular. let me take it right to my wind speed and give you an whered of what we're talking about. the fire is burning on the 505. it's the direction of our wind and a lack of any constapt wind down here in the south bay that is -- we have all that sinking smoke coming into the south bay where it's clear conditions in concorde, oakland, san francisco. we're getting more of that atmospheric mixing. that's going to be the case if you head throughout the next couple of hours at least. potentially all the way through tonight, and fire officials always tell us here at nbc bay area, if you can smell the smoke, then it's probably bad for your air quality and bad for your health. especially if you have respiratory issues.
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limit your outdoor activity for the next few hours. we'll have an update at 5:00, 6:00 and, 11:00 here on nbc bay area. winds right now have dropped off. they're sustained 10 to 15 miles per hour. they still have the red flag warning going, and that's until about 3:00 p.m. temperatures aren't that warm. we're getting those dried down sloping winds, and so still a concern for firefighters and that red flag warning, though, should be able to expire right on time at 3:00 p.m. temperatures look good for us today. if you have been wanting to hit the beach tomorrow is your day to do so. really comfortable weather as we ramp up your numbers. by about five to ten degrees from today's hide. 69 out in pacifica. 71. then everything changes as we get into the weekend. especially late sunday into monday. we're talking about our next chance for showers. mostly north of the golden gate bridge. on and off activity. we're talking about maybe one-tenth of an inch. maybe not. we'll get another round of gusty winds. there will be on shore winds and cooler temperatures. your seven-day outlook tells the story. we're want going to see any major extreme swings when it comes to your temperatures.
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however, we are going to see that rain as we head through late sunday into monday, and then we have a better chance as we head through the end of next week. back to you, jon and marla. >> beautiful. thank you. >> we should take that. you know, a reminder it's friday. still to come, caught on camera. how about brian wilson flexing some testosterone and vocal cords? a heated conversation with giants ceo larry bear. we'll let you know what this was all about. [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday.
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pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop! a milestone for the new san jose earthquake stadium out there this morning. the team holding a little pour ceremony. that's where they dump the new concrete. it's located just across the street from mineta international airport. sam licardo was out there helping out with the very first pour along with the earthquake
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stars and danville native chris wondelowski. the city announced a setback -- >> delay of three months for this -- >> a bizarre scene on the field last night at at&t park, and it had nothing to do with the game. instead it was all about a ring. >> larry followed the giants 3-2 victory. animation going on. not the conversation with the media. the giants vice president stacy slaughter told comcast sports net the piper was demanding his 2012 world series ring from the team. slaughter says the team has tried over the last seven months to arrange a meeting with wilson, but their calls were not returned. >> trying to get some help getting that rubber band off his
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beard. >> well, hey, the win over the rams with the 49ers. this play, a lot of people wonder, what's going on here? at the end of the fist half the 9ers take a free kick. this one is just an obscure role that the coach decided i'll take advantage of that. here's the deal. the team catches the punt, which the 9ers did. they can then try for a free kick. the other team can't defend. if it goes through, it counts for three points. this one was about a 71-yard field goal attempt. no shock it didn't go through. they return it. they didn't score anyway. the 9ers, they attempted that big field goal. didn't get it done. no sweat. no worries. they head into the locker room with a 14-3 halftime lead before winning this by a final of 24 points. >> the announcers, they gave harbough props for that. >> a smart coach. >> yeah, they won. >> so there is cute and then there's really cute. >> that's when she does the when she gets really cute. what it looks like for a panda
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cub to learn to crawl. that's coming up after the break. ♪
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a propane tank explosion at a u-haul facility. no one was hurt. crews are putting water on the tank to cool it while the propane runs out. of course, we do have a crew on scene, and we will update you at 5:00. >> we want to leave you with a giant dose of panda. i know you love it. >> you remember bambi tried to walk on ice. this giant panda cub is sort of doing the same, except she's trying to take her first step. she was born in july, and her caretakers seem to think she's strong enough to actually walk, but it looks more like she's crawling around. >> she can do anything she wants. >> she's just precious. now, she's the first cub born to her parents who were presented as goodwill gifts to taiwan of china. >> how is that on a cute factor? >> ten. have a great weekend.
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