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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 27, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. a breaking news, a national story unfold right now in the bay area. we have confirmed late tonight the man suspected of killing a dodgers fan was released from san francisco jail. >> the sheriffs department says it didn't have enough evidence to keep michael montgomery in jail and the d.a. now says it's possible that he acted in self-defense. >> let's get to nbc bay area who joins us outside the san francisco county jail. what do we know at this hour? >> reporter: raj and jessica, this case is under investigation
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but tonight the sheriffs department says michael montgomery has been released from jail. the sheriffs deputy tells me the computer tells her michael montgomery was released at 9:04 tonight. now, the victim in this case is 24-year-old jonathan denver. the dodgers fan was stabbed to death just a few blocks from the ballpark. investigators say montgomery was wearing a giants hat and that his group and denver's group may have exchanged words inside a bar about the team rivalry. then the groups cross the paths later at third and harrison, where denver was killed. nbc bay area spoke with michael montgomery's mother today. she told us her son was hit with a chair and he was trying to defend himself. the district attorney's office saen the san francisco police department are both asking the public for help in this case. they're looking for witnesses and video evidence. the san francisco police department says they arrested michael montgomery because he made incriminating statements while interviewed by police.
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but tonight it is now clear that the district attorney's office does not believe there's enough evidence to prosecute, to prove this case. so right now michael montgomery has been released from jail, but this case, again, is still under investigation. and it's possible that he will be rearrested if hay collect enough evidence in this case. tonight there was extra security at the ballpark. as the san francisco police chief tells me, that will be the case for the remainder of this last home stand for the san francisco giants. so, again, the suspect in the case of killing jonathan denver has been released from jail tonight. back to you. >> okay. thank you. the story we'll continue to follow. new details about a story we brought you earlier this week. we're learning more about the record of a company behind a rave at a shoreline amphitheater in mountain view. the techco music and laser light shows. records show a startling number of overdoses at several concerts
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in several states. cops say they're going to be out there in force. >> reporter: jessica, thabs rig that's right. see the stage behind me, it's up and they're testing the lights tonight. i spoke to mountain view's chief of police. they've had raves here at the show in the past two years without any fatalities but expects a large number of medical calls this weekend given what's happened here in the past. insomniac is the company behind beyond wonderland, a two-day rave this weekend at the shoreline amphitheater. this is promotional video from their website. the l.a. coliseum banned insomniac's concerts in 2010 after a 15-year-old girl died from a drug overdose. an investigation by the "l.a. times" found there have been 11 such deaths at concerts by insomniac and go ventures since 2006. the paper examines 64 concerts in nine states including california. most of those who died were in their teens or 20s and overdosed
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on so-called club drugs such as molly, otherwise known as ecsta ecstasy. >> we know there's going to be the possibility of use of some of these especially club drugs out there and in other venues we've had some very serious medical issues with that. >> reporter: mountain view police chief scott vermeer says more than 50 police officers will be inside the concert venue this weekend at tshoreline, bot uniformed and in plain clothes. >> we'll have sexual assault investigators out there to make sure there are not registered sex offenders trying to prey on young girls who might be extremely intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. >> reporter: two years ago, two concert goers died from drug overdoses. a strong police presence should prevent tragedies this time. officersñi won't search everyon come in but vemeer says there will be an amnesty at the box to leave their drugs no questions
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asked. a 22-year-old who has a friend going to the concert isn't sure that will do much to prevent drug use this weekend. >> why would they do that? if you're going to bring drugs to a concert, why would you put it into a box? you bring it to the concert to use it, right? >> reporter: live nation bought a 50% stake in insomniac last june. we tried reaching someone from insomniac. we heard back from the concert promoter with a statement which reads "with the festival this weekend, the entire insomniac team is preparing for tomorrow and is unavailable for interviews." however, they did promise to provide someone to us tomorrow. now, both saturday and sunday the concert starts at 1:00 p.m. and ends at 11:00 p.m. live in mountain view tonight, nbc bay area news. we're also following developing news in the tiny town of winters north of vacaville. a massive hayfire continues to burn tonight. it started about 24 hours ago and has burned about 10 acres thus far.
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it's also burned at least one building. the smoke from the blaze could be seen across the tri valley and into the south bay. it's also causing poor air quality. more smoke is expected through the weekend. that leads us to our weather conditions. specifically the wind and the rain. meteorologist rob mayeda is in the weather center. >> right now we're watching winds very closely, raj. we're starting to see a little bit of a pattern shift we hope that will start to push more of that smoke away from the bay area. throughout the day today we've seen the smoke into san jose and up and down the tri valley. within the last three hours or so, notice the direction of those arrows reflecting a westerly wind instead of the offshore northeast wind that pumped all the smoke across the bay area for the first half of today. so tonight, we'll still see some patches of smoke. i think out toward the tri valley around the 680 corridor,corridor, livermore. temperatures in the 40s and 50s and a stronger westerly wind taking shape tomorrow that hints at changes come sunday, changes which may involve needing an umbrella, especially around san
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francisco and the north bay. we'll talk about the timing for the next rain event for the bay area coming up in a few minutes from now. jessica? >> see you then, rob. nbc bay area follow-up. a 2-year-old girl hit by a driver in an suv in pittsburg has died. the accident happened monday. police say the girl ran out to get her ball and she ran right in front of an suv. the driver is cooperating with the investigation, and neither speed nor alcohol police say played a role. tonight we're hearing firsthand from one of the people involved in a crash in san francisco this morning. killing a teenage boy and critically injuring his mother and sister. new tonight at 11, we spoke to a woman inside the catering van that was also hit by that same driver. >> you know, you kind of feel guilty at the end because you're okay. someone else isn't. >> reporter: gloria franco is thanking a higher power tonight she and two other people she was
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with were not seriously her when a woman slammed into her delivery truck and a minivan positioned behind her at the intersection of goth and pine streets. >> it sounded like a bomb exploded. like really loud bomb. i completely blanked out and ended up in the back seat in the back of the seat. >> reporter: it was just before 7:00 this morning when police say a 58-year-old woman driving a silver mercedes up to 80 miles per hour struck the car carrying kevin san, his sister and his mother. on the street all you could see was debris, a backpack and a book which may have belonged to san. a student at lincoln high school in the city's sunset district. >> he wasn't, like, really quiet or loud. he wasn't involved in the school, he was part of the rotc. he was in the staffroom. it's sad that he got killed like that. >> reporter: police say the woman who caused the crash was driving so fast that a patrolman saw her go by and didn't have time to turn on his emergency
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lights. >> i had food all over me, ended up in the back on top of all these, and juf hearing everything in the background, you know, cars, people. >> reporter: franco says she sat next to the driver of the mercedes in the ambulance. she says she appeared to be okay and was very calm. >> you know, just the experience, itself, is going to be with you, but i think it could be a lot worse. >> reporter: in san francisco, nbc bay area news. police on the peninsula need help tracking down a hit-and-run driver. someone killed a pedestrian and tried to cover up the ycrime. a man's body was on the side of glenwood avenue near middlefield road. the body was dragged from where it was initially hit to where they found it. they released very little information on the victim saying only he was 60 years old, a man from a neighboring city. 40 cadets graduated from san jose police academy today.
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that doesn't mean sjpd is getting 40 new officers. the officers will complete 16 weeks of training before solo control. the president says some of the graduates are already in the background check process with other departments in the bay area. san jose spends about $170,000 just to get one officer through the academy. yet there's no agreement for those officers to stay in san jose. the police union says san jose's pension plan is the worst in the state and that's why officers are choosing to leave. >> i'm not down here looking for money. i'm down here looking for talent. >> silicon valley pioneer john mcafee is back in town and back in business. an nbc bay area exclusive. the controversial mcafee talks about his new company and new life. also ahead, fasten your seat belts. potential changes for use of electronic devases on airplanes. first of its kind study involving gay actors in hollywood. what a growing number of actors are now facing. plus the very unusual
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commute on the bay today. we're back in a moment.
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want to update you on our breaking news. we told you that the suspect in the dodger/giants killing at the ballpark on wednesday has been released from the county jail in san francisco just a short time ago. we've heard from the sheriffs office that michael mont fwgome was released at 9:04 this evening. the sheriffs department does not have enough evidence to hold him and the district attorney saying they're not sure if they're going to be able to press charges, that montgomery may have acted in self-defense.
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it is an ongoing story. again, he has been released from jail tonight. it's one of the most anticipated comebacks in the tech world. instead of waiting for details tomorrow, we have the exculusiv story tonight. john mcafee is back in town. he has a new company, a new wife and critical words for the silicon valley. do you believe limb? tonight the interview with the controversial john mcafee. those beaches in belize, the murder of his neighbor, and the media frenzy that followed. john mcafee has turned his life willingly into a hollywood script. >> is this a story of a successful entrepreneur who went crazy and surrounded himself with girls and guns and became a murderer or the greatest [ bleep ] of all time? >> reporter: we caught up with mcafee earlier this year in portland, oregon, and he's back in silicon valley. >> i'm not down here looking for money but talent.
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>> reporter: in the shadows of the software security empire he created, the 68-year-old mcafee is starting a new company with old baggage. >> in portland when we met, you said you had nothing to do with the murder of your neighbor in belize. you said you were drug free and in contact with one of your teenage girlfriends. anything changed? >> nothing. >> all is true still to this day? >> all is true to this day. >> what has changed in your life? >> well, you know, i've become more energetic. i think. i have -- i've paid less attention to dealing with the press and more attention to dealing with things that i can create, design and have fun with. this product, this project is something i've been thinking about for years. it's such a great idea to me. >> how much is this john mcafee hype? and how much of it is the real deal? >> well, you know, i know better than to hype a product which can't be produced. >> reporter: so what is it? a company called future tense.
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a social network of sorts that's mobile and in true mcafee style, secure. he says not even nsa can break in. >> absolutely not. first of all, you know where it is. it's constantly in flux. there are no names attached to it. it's simply i have this thing and there's another entity that just floated through that happened to have what i wanted and passed it over. you, that passed it over, don't know you passed it over. you have an open space with stuff in it. >> reporter: mcafee has his usual passion and salesmanship but his comeback is filled with a new disdain for the silicon valley. >> i think the current attitude and air and environment in silicon valley is stagnant. it really is. there's people are quiet and they're serious and they're studious and looking at their notebooks and laptops and taking notes and everybody, whoa, this is not life, dude. this is nuts. this is not -- it means somebody here is not having fun. if you're not having fun, your products are going to suck. google, everybody raves about
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google's, you know, culture. i'm not sure i would rave much about that. >> what's wrong with the culture? what's wrong with the people there that they don't seem happy to you? >> you know, i'm not saying they don't seem happy. they don't seem individualistic enough. the culture is more chinese like. i'm not dissing the chinese. they're successful people. individuality is frowned upon. >> mcafee got married three weeks ago. he mentioned, still has a teenage girlfriend in central america. he's keynote speaker tomorrow night at the c2sv convention. to the crisis in syria. what could be a landmark decision. the u.n. security council voted unanimously on a resolution that requires that country to give up its arsenal of chemical weapons. that agreement comes after weeks of tense negotiations and call for a u.s. military strike against syrian targets after the deaths of more than 1,000 people from poison gas. experts plan to go to syria next week to search for and destroy those chemical weaponses
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stockpiles. if the united states and russia warn if syria fails to adhere to the terms of the resolution, it would face consequence. russia said those would depend on the passage of another council resolution. it's a phone call that could mark the beginning of the end of tensions between the u.s. and iran. president obama called iranian president hassan rowhani today. during that 15-minute conversation they agreed to work toward resolving the dispute over iran's nuclear program. it's a call three decades in the making. the last direct communication between the leaders of iran and the u.s. was in 1979 during the tehran hostage crisis. new tonight at 11:00, art is not imitating life. according to a new study, the lgbt community in hollywood is being mistreated. the study says despite the wide range of lgbt roles on screen, more than half of actors think directors and producers are biased against them. only 16% of those actors would respond say they have experienced discrimination firsthand.
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gay men were the most likely to report they've experienced some tom of discrimination with one in five reporting an experience. a daring rescue at sea while cameras were rolling. this coast guard video shows the air lift of a passenger from a cruise ship 40 miles west of the golden gate bridge. the man was showing symptoms of kidney fa kidney failure. the man was taken to stanford hospital where he remains, he's in stable condition at stanford tonight. >> remarkable rescue. let's turn things over to meteorologist rob mayeda. it may be fall, but we're going to have a nice, nice weekend. >> it's going feel a bit like summer for at least one more day, tomorrow afternoon, we're going to get temperatures climbing well into the mid 80s inland. right now, 50s and some mid 60s outside and wind is beginning to change direction. instead of those gusty offshore winds giving us the red flag warning in the hilltops now, signs of the sea breeze coming back which is good news for air
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quality in inland valleys. up the wind to stay southwest into fairfield to push the smoke from the winters fire from yolo county northeast of solano county. we'll see that asñi a pattern tt will continue through the day tomorrow. one thing we'll notice tomorrow, mostly sunny skies but then sunday we're going to start to see changes as a weather system here drops out of the gulf of alaska and brings a good chance of rain for the north bay, perhaps as early as sunday afternoon by current estimations. more so sunday night on into monday. so for the raiders game, sunday afternoon, still looks pretty good. increasing clouds. should see upper 60s there. of the two weekend days in oakland, saturday will be the warmer day. see the highs coming up in the mid to upper 70s near oakland. sunday, we're watching chances of rain. 3:00 in the afternoon. sonoma county. northern marin county. north of the golden gate. we get into monday morning, at times a few showers across the central bay. mainly for areas san francisco northward. so the rainfall projections updated now as of tonight bring in at least a tenth an inch of
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rain for santa rosa and enough to wet the ground in san francisco and oakland monday. the main event sunday night into monday morning. this pattern getting energetic. see the rain in the pacific northwest. if travel plans this weekend into early next week include mt. shasta, seattle or portland, look out for rain and snow in the cascades. around the bay area tomorrow, warmest of our two weekend days tomorrow. 82 degrees in san jose. 85 in morgan hill. you saw the low 80s around santa cruz for the afternoon. low to mid 80s around the tri valley 3. 70s toward castro valley and hayward. oakland, 78. san francisco's high today was 75. tomorrow around noon, we should get to 72. the sea breeze picks up 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, back into the 60s and low clouds start to come back in. for sunday, a little bit of cooling. more clouds and a chance of showers for the north bay late in the day. and those showers to drop a little bit farther south into monday morning. our temperatures will be dropping, too. starts to feel more like fall
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monday. tuesday our skies clear. it looks like we're going to see another pattern like the one we're in now. winds possibly turning offshore. warming late next week. >> it's getting darker earlier. >> it is. the days are getting shorter. >> thanks, rob. coming up, the online feud between martha stewart and apple. we're back in two.
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we could find out on monday if airline passengers will be allowed to use cell phones and tablets during takeoffs and landings. a federal panel will release its recommendations. regardless of what the panel says you won't be allowed to make calls or send messages from your phone yet. the panel's recommendation has to be reviewed by the faa. martha stewart can make or fix just about anything. apparently she can't repair her broken ipad. she's not happy about that. stewart took to twitter to vent about her shattered ipad which she says was given to her by steve jobs of all people. stewart is upset that apple hn sent anyone to pick it up to get
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it fixed for her. she later tweeted how she triggered the rath of apple's public relations department because of her tweets. and they're not the only ones with little sympathy for stewart. some of the nicer comments on social media suggest the multimillionaire buy herself a new ipad and lose the self-absorbed spoiled attitude which apparently she didn't lose in jail. >> she can go to the store and buy a new ipad? >> she could. she wants it fixfixed. on the verge of the playoffs. we'll show you what the a's clinched tonight and we also have jay. >> raj, jessica, a terrific show tonight. sandra bullock on the program. comedy central, very funny guys are here. music from gregory porter doing a great song. and we go jay walking.
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before we get to what happened tonight at at&t park we have to tie up loose ends from last night. ever since brian wilson donned dodger blue, he's beening ing a
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weird. after last night's game brian wilson yelling at giants ceo larry baer. wilson want his 2012 world series ring. the weird part is the giants say they tried to coordinate delivery of the ring several times before. >> he came over and said, you know, when do i get my ring, basically? it's not -- it was demonstrative and all that. heat of moment. i think he'd been heckled by the fans when he was warming up. so i get it. it's, as much of a big deal as it seemed, it's not that big a deal. all right. let's get to tonight's game. padres at the giants. bottom third. hunter pence. recipient of the willie mack award celebrating with a home run. his 26th of the year. new career high. giants go on to win at at&t park. beginning the final series. a's finishing the regular season against the mariners on the road. another home run on the year.
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his 29th on the season. a's get the win and lock up home field advantage for the alds. talk some football. raiders quarterback terrelle pryor has been medically cleared to play sunday when oakland hosts washington. pryor passed every nfl mandated test after suffering a concussion in monday night's loss to broncos. despite the doctor's blessing, his head coach not ready to make name him the starter yet. >> he and matt flynn have both prepared this week to start and, you know, i'm going to make the right decision based on his -- based on his health and make sure we do the right thing for him. one more note. 49ers wide receiver patton with a broken bone in his foot. he's expected to miss four to six weeks. that's your look at sports. more news after this.
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you have to laugh just looking at it. >> can we take off the graphic there? there we go. we have the most creative people here in the bay area. a lo of new forms of transportation throughout history. and now we can add the bay cycle. that's the creation of this man, mill valley inventor jude do schiller. it's basically a bike on pontoons with propeller. he biked across the bay from oakland to san francisco in 45 minutes. impressive. that's not the only benefit. >> i didn't have buses, crazy taxi drivers, no cars, no pedestrians in my way. it was me out there on the water biking underneath the bay bridge. >> people who saw the bike today as we're seeing it on tv gave it high praise but there's the issue about the fog and those tankers that come through the bay. >> right. those other large boats. >> or -- >> you're the expert here. or the waves and wind. >> ac-.
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72s were in town last weekend. >> nice weather tomorrow if you want to take a bike like that across bay. not too much wind, but sunday night, north bay looks like we're going to get a little bit of rain by the time the weekend wraps up into early next week. >> we are here friday night at 11:30. >> happy weekend. >> good night. ♪
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and jaywalking! and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: hi, folks! thank you very much. welcome to "the tonight show." [ cheers and applause ] thank you, thank you. have a good weekend because the federal government is on the verge of shuttg


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