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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 30, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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francisco. it is monday, september 30th, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. it's going to be nothing short of an emotional day for students at san francisco's lincoln high school following the death of a classmate killed in a violent car crash. christie smith is live at the campus where there is a growing memorial honoring the life of the young man lost. christie, just a difficult morning all the way around. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is bound to be a very difficult day for students at this high school, some of them found out about the death of kevin late friday morning, some came out over the weekend to pay their respects at the crash site. a lot of them didn't know and may be finding out for the first time this morning. there will be grief counselors here to help the students who are coming in to process what
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has happened here. actually, went over to the crash site this morning and this weekend some students came out there. that's at pine and golf street where kevin san's picture is on a poster that friends have signed. a woman has been arrested ons suspicion of vehicular manslaughter for allegedly crashing into the minivan san was riding in. police told us that she was going up to 80 miles an hour and blew past police, a bus and through three intersections when she rear ended the minivan causing both cars to roll, the suv also hit a delivery truck. the driver spoke with us and said it sounded like a bomb. she ended up in the back seat. the driver of the minivan only had minor injuries of that delivery van. the death of kevin san very hard to process for friends. >> wasn't like really loud. he was part of rotc, he was in
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the staff room. it's sad that he got killed like that. >> reporter: police say it doesn't appear that drugs or alcohol was involved but they haven't said what may have caused the driver to behave that way. on the school's website this morning there is a message letting students know that counselors will be available. also the display case at school will honor kevin san's memory this week. there will be a sympathy poster up for students to sign. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> it's 5:02. opening statements begin today in the trial of a former redwood city high school student accused of trying to rape one of his teachers. police say david velasquez attacked one of his teachers at knife point in the parking garage at summit prep high school in january last year. he reportedly tried to force her in a car when another teacher came along and scared him off. he has pleaded not guilty. >> a new report is out calling for a major crackdown on
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truancy. a lot of kids skipping class. the study finds nearly 30% of all public school students had unexcused absences over the last year. that includes one in five elementary students. school districts who receive government funding based on attendance losing $1.4 billion to truancy, chronically truant students, they are more likely to drop out and then turn to crime, costing the state more than $46 billion per year. >> 5:03. in less than 16 hours the government could partly shut down. here is a look at our countdown clock. 15 hours plus. house republicans say they will continue approving a spending bill that also calls for one year delay in implements key parts of obama care. majority leader harry reid says when the senate reconvenes it will reject the house's latest spending bill. if the shutdown goes into effect it would be the first in 17
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years. the government would still keep open operations and agencies that protect life and limb but national parks would likely close right away and other non-essential programs would be temporarily shut down. for a closer look at thou government shutdown could impact your daily life we turn to marla tellez. she is in the newsroom. good morning. this could force people to change plans and leave others without a paycheck. >> that's right. start with the fact national museums, zeus and parks would close so this means you would have to cancel that trip to yosemite. keep in mind this area is just now trying to recover from the rim fire. local businesses already affected by a lack of tourism. now they face even fewer sightseers if the shutdown happens. here in the bay area, tourist attractions like alcatraz would shutter and the folks on the island are preparing for the worst. they have posted a sign that explains today's tours are sold out. next available tours are tomorrow, tuesday, but again, if the government closes zero tours
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will take place. then there are the thousands of federal employees who could be furloughed, california has 169,000 federal employees, locally this means nasa ames research would close and extra curricular activities at moffett field including the golf course, business office and cafe would all shut down. shut a shutdown would not affect astronauts on the international space station. as to the military. 33,000 military workers in california would be sent home without pay. 220,000 service members would remain on duty but their paychecks delayed if the shutdown lasts more than 10 days. so troops would be paid in ious. on the bright side you still get your mail, passports processed. and coming up i'll talk about what a shutdown means for federal housing and small business loans and how it would affect veterans. >> we'll still get our mail, you
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still get the billings. stay with us for the latest on the budget. we'll also have live coverage throughout today in the bay as well as the today show. >> very dysfunctional on capitol hill. maybe the pressure will force them to think straight. >> 5:06. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren telling us what's happening on this monday. >> hey, good morning to you. these numbers a lot easier to crunch. a nice day and we're not expecting much of a temperature spread in san francisco where you're at 66 degrees to start the day. and temperatures are only going to reach about 67, maybe 68 degrees in the heat of the day after that cold front comes through. so we expect your numbers to drop off there between about 10:00 and noon. then slowly but surely as the cold front comes through the bay area and starts to clear out of here you'll see some sunshine later on. right now it's still draped well to the north as we head throughout the morning hours it's going to come through, mostly the north bay. we could see a stray shower.
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future cast tells the story. cloud cover to kick off the day and light showers by 9:00 a.m. at about 12:00 to noon i mean1:00 p.m. this comes through and behind it the cold air comes in. we're also going to see the sunshine as well. these are your numbers. 79 degrees in livermore, 75 in fremont, 67 in san francisco. check on your morning drive. i'm going to show your seven-day forecast. but we uls want to keep you up to speed in the traffic department. >> thank you, but as folks know the weather and traffic goes together as well. let's talk about the rain possibly coming in later if you're in this area around berkeley and emeryville. we see the mist at the top of the screen. i ran the wiper on this lens and we were able to get a clear shot of the westbound traffic. that's your commute direction. moving nicely we see the same as you come through berkeley. no problems, the maze moves smoothly. we have a crash for the east bay, this is as you come southbound 680 around treat boulevard a. non-injury crash.
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sounds like everything is off to the side of the road. you may see flashing lights. slowing starts off for westbound highway 4, antioch over to love ridge road. and the san mateo bridge over the bay an easy drive, a clear view with haze in the air. then the peninsula moves smoothly. we'll give you a better look coming up. >> 5:08. from homeland security secretary to uc president, how janet napolitano plans to spend her first weeks on the job. >> plus, new airline fees, but they tell us these are ones that air carriers and passengers, well, the passengers won't mind. fees we don't worry about. we'll tell you all about them coming up. >> and a local church heavily damaged in a fire, how the congregation was still able to meet for service this past weekend.
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welcome back everyone. keeping our eye on washington, d.c. this morning. as the countdown looms over 15 hours before a possible partial government shutdown. we'll have the latest. also taking a look at how it could affect you locally. janet napolitano officially takes over as president of the university of california system today. the transition has been a little rocky. student activists campaigned to give her a vote of no confidence earlier this month. they argue she does not have any experience and her work as former homeland security secretary makes her a poor fit for a system that has frequent student protests and enrolls undocumented immigrants. leaders voted to see if she would give them assurance bfrs holding a referendum. she is declining interviews and plans to spend her first weeks
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in meetings and touring campuses, medical centers and labs. >> how about this. airlines now about to introduce a new list of fees which we have to pay but they are saying it's a list of options we might appreciate. governors and passengers i should say can pay more for anything from renting ipads, preloaded with movies to hot first class meals in coach to having the seat next to them empty. fees bring in more than $15 billion a year and they are the reason the airlines are profitable. but there's only a limited amount of money they make from charges like baggage and reservation change fees. so get ready for more. >> the bp gulf oil spill trial enters its second phase today. plus invest terse on edge as we approach a government shutdown. for more on that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn to courtney reagan. good morning. >> good morning to you. futures are lower as investors start to get a bit uneasy over
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the prospect of a u.s. government shutdown. they are concerned that will set the stage for a more contentious fight over raising the debt ceiling f. there is no deal on that by mid october the u.s. could default on bills. we'll get data on manufacturing today. on friday the dow fell to 15,258. the nasdaq losing 5 to 3782. the civil trial over the bp gulf oil spill enters phase two. bp and the justice department back in court in new orleans. they will be jousting over how much oil was leaked into the gulf during a three-month attempt to cap the well. will determine how much bp will have to pay in fines. while the markets are on edge ahead of the possible shutdown analysts say losses could be temporary. historically stocks recover well once washington resolves the crisis. during the last shutdown which lasted three weeks the s&p 500 fell nearly 4% but it rose more than 10% over the following
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month. in summer of 2011 when congress fought over raising the debt ceiling and the u.s. lost its credit crating it took five months to recover but we did get there. back to you. >> thank you, courtney. >> 5:14 now. we can tell you power outages sparking trouble in oregon this morning. in portland, a power line sparking this fire, the live wire there, it came crashing down on the top of an suv and started popping and burst into flames. portland workers used fire extinguishers to put this out. thousands were without power as high winds and rain brought down several power lines and trees. at one point some 25,000 were in the dark in portland and areas out there near portland as pg&e crews struggled to restore that power. >> boy. locally, though, we're coming off a beautiful weekend across the bay area. it was gorgeous.
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>> really nice out there. we're 2ing to see the tail end of that so we're getting a weak piece of energy from that massive area of low pressure. that produced all of that. it's early in the season to have as much rain as we have so far, and we're actually looking at a pretty good dry spell after today. we're tracking showers on the radar. i'll get to that. temperatures in the 50s, a couple 60s out there, mid-60s even in places like san francisco to kick off a monday and take you down to the south bay where temperatures are comfortablement livermore 61, san jose 59 degrees. so not a lot of temperature difference between all of the micro climates out there for now. we're going to see that take place later on this afternoon as per usual. after this cold front comes through, temperatures are going to be pretty cool. pretty crisp for today. i want to show you where the showers are. north of sonoma county, most of the bay area dry, even offshore.
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nice and dry at the coast. this area of low pressure is on its way. by 9:00 a.m. we expect light showers especially in the north bay. this activity could push into the east bay. not looking that likely, though, down in the south bay. nonetheless, just keep your guard up. possibly a stray shower or two this afternoon. san francisco, you might see something. we're going to close the window for showers by about 3:00 p.m. mostly dry conditions, we'll see a lot of sunshine for the second half of the day. it will leave us with cool conditions, cooler than average for this time of year. 79 on the way to almost. 77 in santa teresa. 75 for fremont and 67 degrees in san francisco. here's your seven-day outlook. i want to help you prepare for the week ahead. mostly expecting the 70s through wednesday, then slowly creeping up into the low 80s for thursday, by saturday hit the beach, 90 degrees. so looking good in the weather department. let's see how we are doing in
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traffic. >> we're looking all right but watching for the effects, maybe drizzle. maybe a little rain as well. so that's a little later on. right now we have this happening. westbound 580 a slowdown starts out of the altamont. that is typical. the orange and the red you see the speeds well below the 65 miles per hour speed limit. the average is about 47 miles per hour. the slowing where they make the merge. speeds coming down to the 20s late to where 580 and 205 merge. a live look from northland road, westbound direction. that's a nice flow of traffic in your commute direction. congestion and slowing. into the heart of livermore you're okay, speed limit is still 65. that's where we see the green toward the dublin interchange. nothing unexpected. down to the south bay we see northbound flow here the middle of the korean i'm going to call out an issue. we have construction scheduled and there is permission to have
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block both directions of 880 for the next few minutes. 45 at the most but we don't see slowing. they will move the crews when we may see slowing here. moving up the peninsula a nice smooth flow of traffic over the dumbarton bridge. san mateo bridge, both of these have had tough last couple of weeks. heavy commute so we expect that right about 8:00 when the brunt of that slowing kicks in no. problems across the golden gate. we'll see how things are southbound, more company down here through san rafael. the view is fine. across the golden gate there is fog so an issue for visibility even starting now and maybe mist and slicker roads. the bay bridge as well getting touched with clouds. over here, that sheen, that has been enough to dampen some of the roads. there may be grease and oil and that will mean slicker on and off ramps. >> thank you, mike. scary discovery at a party at
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golden gate park. kids found a loaded handgun. the children found that gun yesterday in the bushes near the conservatory of flowers. police took custody of the weapon. no one was hurt. >> lucky to hear that. meantime, a fire in oakland has a local church stepping in opening doors to the congregation of a nearby church. the fire burned the zion first church of god in christ monday. the fire causing almost $1 million in damage and forced the congregation to find another place for services. they found it just a few blocks away at the true light baptist church. >> we have time gaps where they can have their service. it won't interfere. and they are welcome to use it as long as they want to. >> the church that was burned has been part of that community for 97 years. and church leaders say they do
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not know when they will be able to rebuild and reopen. >> a two-month journey is under way for a 24-year-old cyclist who is a lyme disease sufferer. he hopes to raise awareness. john launched his 4,000-mile cycling journey from san francisco to new york city yesterday. his goal is to get information about lyme disease and raise $50,000 to help improve lyme disease diagnosis and testing. he also feels it's important to give people with lyme disease a platform. >> i feel like we haven't been all that vocal and visible about what we're going through. i hope my speaking out and taking on something like this encourages others. >> he is scheduled to complete the ride in november when he crosses over the george washington bridge on the final stretch toward new york city. >> here's a story very good news to run on empty a. man in fremont has his son to thank for
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helping make him a richer man. a lottery officials say 34-year-old rava won more than $1 million with a lucky for life scratch ticket. the dad bought this ticket after his 8-year-old son told his dad the fuel gauge showed they were extremely low on gas. the dad pulled into the circle k gas station and went in to get his receipt. and decided might as well buy one of those tickets. he will receive more than $1 million spread out over the next 25 years. thanks to the so lucky. >> not bad. >> i'll take it. >> i'm sure he will get a nice birthday gift. >> we're back with some of the cutest cubs. >> a live look out there, not so cute, a little foggy. the golden gate bridge.
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traffic not too bad. mike will talk about the traffic, christine will talk about the haze.
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welcome back everybody on a misty little bit of a foggy monday morning. this is from the south bay. a look over san jose. some temperatures will be changing a little bit this week. we're going to bounce back up. i heard 90s over the weekend. >> that's what we like. a perfect time. >> the beach in october, not bad. >> time to go out and flex. right. >> is that what you do? >> no. >> 5:24 now. people all over the world headed to orlando to see a famous duck. probably not the one you think of. >> these are the peabody ducks. since 1986 crowds have gathered throughout to take their
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pictures and give a standing o to the peabody ducks of the peabody hotel. the hotel where they live have been sold. that means the ducks, they will be forced out as well. today people gathering to see one of the ducks' final strolls. you can see the kids. >> look at that. triplets. >> familiar? maybe you need to take the kids to see this. this only lasted about 30 seconds but they say they love each and every moment of it. the duck master named donald says he is sad to see it end. >> i can't tell you. i was not ready, really, to leave this. but i just thank the lord that too the three years i did have. >> a good piano player. the duck master has the appropriate garb on. they will be moved so they are going to be safe, moved to a farm where they will live a quieter life out of the
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spotlight. ducks can only take so much. >> so we're going to help jump start your monday morning. couldn't resist showing you these. 14 giant panda cubs all in one place. >> that's cute. >> all of these cubs were born this year and today the organization called the china giant panda protection research center showed them off. the youngest was born less than a month ago. >> a panda party. >> the older ones were active. the younger shy hiding in the blanket. little living stuffed animals. >> always cute until they get big and want to eat you. that's not as fun. >> just the leaves. we're seizing into this monday morning. >> you know what, little baby pandas tend to help a monday out tremendously. we've got a good looking day shaping up. it is going to be a little bit more mild than you might expect
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it to be early october. we're starting out at 66 degrees in san francisco. by lunch time your temperatures are going to drop off to 60 in the city then up to 67. highs at 3:30, 79 for livermore and 76 in san jose. let's check your drive with mike. >> good morning. we'll give you the full screen look at the east shore freeway. i moved our camera around. reports of a stall. don't see it in the roadway. no problem for the flow. there is your east shore freeway, the maze and the caldecott tunnel moving smoothly. the tri-valley with a little build toward that dublin interchange. back to you. >> 5:27. still to come, a fiery wreck at a southern california airport. investigators trying to figure out how a small plane crashed.
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we are 15 1/2 hours away from the looming government shutdown. if it happens how will this affect you? good morning. i'm marla tellez with a look at the bay area impact and beyond. >> students at a local high
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school return to class for the first time since finding out their classmate died in a violent wreck. we're live with new details on the case. >> and new week, new forecast, good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. plenty of 50s and 60s out there to start. but a cold front is going to come through. i'll let you know what that means for where you live coming up in weather. >> we're starting to see a build to the monday morning commute and we'll talk about what might prevent you from getting a grip on the drive. >> right now trying to get a grip on this shot. that is actually the golden gate bridge there beneath all of the low hanging clouds. get you started here on this monday, september 30, this is "today in the bay." it's 5:30 as always thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the countdown is on in less than 16 hours the government could partly shut down.
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house republicans say they will continue approving a spending bill that also calls for a one-year delay in implementing key parts of obama care. majority leader harry reid says when the senate reconvenes it will reject the house's latest spending bill. if a government shutdown goes into effect it would be the first in 17 years. the government would still keep open operations in agencies that protect life and limb but national parks would likely close right away and other non-essential programs be temporarily shut down. for a closer look how shutdown could impact your life we turn to marla tellez. >> the good news first, you'll get your mail and social security payments, new passports and visas should not be delayed. college student loans won't be affected and veteran benefits will continue. however, veterans who are appealing the disability claim to the board of veterans appeals will have to wait longer for a
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decision. the board won't function. for the military t 1.4 million active duty personnel would stay on duty but their paychecks would be delayed. hundreds of thousands of federal employees would be furloughed, nasa would furlough almost all of its employees but not affect astronauts in the international space station. the research center in mountain view would close and all extracurricular activities at moffett field would shut down f. you are planning to visit national museums, zoos and parks you may have to put that on hold because all would close including alcatraz t folks on the island have post add sign explaining today's tours are sold out. the next available tours are tomorrow but if the government closes no tours will take place. you would have to cans tl trip to half dome. yosemite would shut. campers at parks would get 48 hours to pack up and leave.
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and if you are seeking a government-backed mortgage that's not going to happen. some federal loans for housing and small businesses would likely be put on hold. >> thank you very much, marla. coming up in 10 minutes a live report from washington, d.c. with the latest on today's crucial vote. >> this morning a team from the ntsb starting its investigation into what caused a small plane to crash down in southern california. that small plane crashed right into a storage hangar after landing at the santa monica airport. the crash started with a large fire which destroyed that hangar and caused minor damage to a couple of other buildings. federal officials say the twin engine cessna took off from haley, idaho. at this point we tonight know exactly how many people were on board, but at a news conference a captain with the santa monica fire department said it was, quote, an unsurvivable crash. >> 5:33. it will be an emotional day for students at san francisco's
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lincoln high school following the death of a classmate killed in a violent car crash. christie smith joans us live at the school with details now of a growing memorial dedicated to the young boy. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. some of the friends of kevin san found out he died in that horrific crash on friday soon after it happened but for many of them today is going to be the day that they find out if they come back to school here at lincoln school. kevin san was friendly, involved in rotc, a bicycle enthusiast, and also very involved in things that were going an at his high school. some of those friends came out to the crash site at golf and pine streets in san francisco where the 16-year-old picture is up on a poster board with condolence notes from his friends. san was killed friday morning when a mercedes suv slammed into the mini van he was in with his mom and sister. a woman has been arrested on suspicion of vehicular
5:35 am
manslaughter with gross negligence, police say it appears that drugs and alcohol were not a factor. but they say that speeds reached up to 80 miles an hour. sister and mom were seriously injured in the crash and the catering van was hit too. gloria says that she and two other people were inside and that it sounded like a bomb, she is thankful she survived. >> feel guilty at the end because you're okay but you know, someone else isn't. >> reporter: there is a note on the school's website this morning from the principal letting students and families know they will have grief counselors here today and a sympathy poster will be set up for students to sign. the woman that we spoke with says that she actually sat next to the driver of the mercedes in the ambulance ride to the hospital, and that she seemed physically okay. also appeared to be very calm. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> 5:35 now. the family of the l.a. dodgers
5:36 am
fan stabbed to death in san francisco making an emotional plea for witnesses to come forward. the family of 24-year-old jonathan denver speaking to reporters outside of at&t park yesterday before the giants game. after the killing police did arrest 21-year-old michael montgomery of lodi but he was released friday night when prosecutors say they lacked the evidence to file charges. denver's father who is a security supervisor down at dodgers stadium, he choked back tears as he recalled attending last wednesday's giants/dodgers game in san francisco with his two sons, celebrating his 49th birthday. >> i will always cherish the time me and my sons spent here at the game. more than once that night jonathan told me how much he loved me. >> the victim's father there, robert, is convinced someone out there does have cell phone video of the fight that led to his son's death.
5:37 am
priest also says he can only imagine the suspect's family is also suffering. >> the stabbing is evoking memories of the bryan stow attack. stow was at at&t park yesterday for a fund-raiser in his honor during the game. he cheered on the giants stow gave a thumbs up saying thank you. he saufrd traumatic brain injury when he was beaten at dodgers stadium on opening day. he currently needs 24-hour care. two men were arrested in stow's beating, still awaiting trial. >> it was good to see him out there with positive energy smiling, getting the love from the crowd. >> 5:37 now. christina loren is back to talk about day one of the work week. getting cool. >> yeah action we've got a cold front headed our way. good monday morning to you. this is the only day of the week where we are tracking showers so we'll get that right off the bat. we're looking good for today. we just have a little shower activity.
5:38 am
this is the golden gate bridge, a little fog drifting through. you can see that here with the naked eye. this is generating drizzle at the coast, temperatures, though, look at 66 degrees in san francisco action we're still on the warm side of the area of low pressure that's going to come through. you can see right now it's over ukiah and eureka where we're getting the most shower activity. show you the bay area, flight mostly dry conditions but this is going to change throughout the morning hours. expecting showers by 9:00 a.m. from santa rosa south through san rafael, maybe light activity in san francisco. look what it's going to do to temperatures. keep them cool, also we'll see the winds pick up as we head throughout this afternoon. let's see how your drive is picking up. >> good morning. we're looking at the bay bridge. two things to point out. of course that build, typical 5:38. the cash lanes are slowing. we see the sheen on roadways, you can see the slick roadway. the mist in the air, the maps
5:39 am
show you no problems into san francisco, though there is fog on the golden gate bridge so watch that. smooth across san mateo bridge. dumbarton bridge reports a stall at the high rise. the tri-valley here are the speeds slowing for 580, we'll break it down in the south bay coming up. >> 5:39. coming up on "today in the bay" the question, will they or won't they get a deal done? up next live to washington, d.c. for the latest on the impending government shutdown. >> we're getting new images from inside the kenyan mall where a terrorist group took dozens hostages.
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good monday morning to you. 5:41. either congress comes up with a budget or government offices close their doors at 9:00 tonight. a lot of back and forth over the weekend resulting in nothing.
5:42 am
tracie potts live on capitol hill this morning following the shutdown showdown. tracy, any chance they can get this worked out in less than 16 hours? >> is there a chance, yes. likely, no. because both sides seem to be digging their heels in. at this point we have an offer on the table that would keep the government open, avoid the shutdown, but it has three strings attached. one, a one-year delay in the president's signature health care program. democrats looking at that offer later today say there is no way they are going for that. two, getting rid of a tax on medical devices, something some democrats say they would consider but not under these circumstances, as one democrat put with it a gun to my head. and three, they want to make sure that the nearly 1.5 million members of the military who would have to work during a shutdown, will also get paid. right now that's up in the air. so that's the offer on the table. the senate comes back this afternoon to consider it. they didn't see any need to move
5:43 am
the schedule up early after seeing what the house came up w. if they reject it as expected there would be time for probably one more back and forth. one more offer. it's unclear if that would be a clean budget, if it would be something temporary to take us through the next week while they negotiate. or whether they can't come up with anything at all. >> one to watch. we appreciate it, tracie. >> on the international scene to kenya, learning more about the terrorist attack. these were taken after last week's attack. they reveal a lot more damage, the upscale stores and restaurants they are now gutted. meantime, after days of forensic investigators on the scene the interior minister says no additional victims were found in that rubble. this morning, a total of 67 confirmed dead. during the news conference he also asked the u.s. government to lift a travel warning it issued following that attack. >> we cannot and shall not allow
5:44 am
terrorists to instill fear in our people. and so we request the united states is a friendly country to kenya to thrift travel advisory. >> the interior minister adds five terrorists were killed and nine other possible terrorists in custody. one of them just arrested yesterday. all are believed to be affiliated with al qaeda. >> suspected islamic extremists attacked an agricultural college in nigeria yesterday. as many as 50 students were killed as they slept in dorms. is there an ongoing islamic uprising a. surviving student said almost all killed were muslims. officials say there are no government security forces at the college despite government assurances they would be deployed. >> there are more new problems for the that dreamliner jet. a jet operated by poland made an unscheduled landing in iceland
5:45 am
because of a malfunctioning antenna a day after another dreamliner was grounded for an electrical problem. boeing's dreamliner was expected to be a game changer for the aviation industry but it's facing a lot of seat backs including several battery problems which have grounded planes. >> octopi are being sold this morning, amid radioactive water concerns. sales were suspended after radioactive material was found in the water surrounding the fukushima nuclear power plants. authorities gave the green light for fishing to resume and the first reaching the market. the decision comes after additional testing detected no radioactive materials in sea water or seafood near that plant. >> the time is 5:45. christina is back with us and kind of all over the place weather wise. something for everybody. >> yeah. i don't know if you noticed but the leaves are starting to change out there. >> i did.
5:46 am
>> so pretty. it has fallen on the bay area. raindrops are falling in places right now. mostly at the coast. and we're also seeing a little bit more activity now up in sonoma county. most of the bay area, a very mild temperature we're starting with. and a cold front comes through later on today. it's going to cool us down. and then after it gets out of here by about 3:00 p.m., we're talking about a nice warm second half of the day with the sun coming back out. so this is what we're watching right now. some light shower activity at the immediate coast. mike had a report, a traffic report, saying that they are getting steady drizzle out in the east bay which is certainly likely as we head throughout the morning hours we'll likely get more reports of that as the clouds are thick out there this morning. we're going to check on your drive with him in a moment. so he's tracking a couple things you need to know about. so we're looking pretty good for
5:47 am
today. we have showers headed our way for this morning and then we'll start to clear out as we head throughout second half of the day into tonight you can see by about 3:00 p.m. we'll shut down the window for shower activity and start to see some sun all across the bay area. now, tomorrow looks good but it's going to take a day for the cooler air to mix out of here so a couple of cool days to start the week. 79, 78 in gilroy and 67 degrees today in san francisco. staying in the 70s for tomorrow, upper 70s by wednesday, and then we'll slowly warm up into the 80s friday and saturday look good, beach plans, then on sunday cooling you back off to average for this time of year. as promised here is mike and your monday drive. >> you see that the saturday determined to have the 90 again but right now, talking about cooler and also misty. we'll talk about the rain in a second. we're looking at north 101, typical first burst. that's what we see. a little slowing north of 680 on 1 101. and this area, 880 both
5:48 am
directions around stevens creek boulevard. the crews should be clearing in the next few minutes and we see slowing now south on mild slowing but that area just north of that 280/880 interchange. that will be an issue for the next few. we'll move over to the tri-valley. hasn't been a big deal. starting to show slowing and volume. coming through livermore so that's what we do see through this area as well. we talk about the rain, we talked about here, 680, 24 t walnut interchange is fine. this is the area where chp says there is drizzle, wet roads and that's a concern but they report that because they are on site at taylor boulevard at green hills drive because after crash so watch the slicker conditions, the mist and the drizzle may cause an issue. no problem for speeds toward that bay bridge toll plaza. a look at the span as you see the mist will cause an issue but you can see the span against thick roads. a quick look at the peninsula with no problem and light volume through palo alto, likewise for 280. >> thank you. s on the subject of commuting
5:49 am
we're following the negotiations at b.a.r.t. the transit agency could shut down in less than two weeks if both side cans not agree on a new contract. b.a.r.t. meeting with each union involved separately this weekend. all parties due to return to the bargaining table together at 1:00 this afternoon. that meeting is expected to cover topics that relate to both contracts such as salary, pension contributions and medical premiums. the 60-day cooling off period that ends october 11 and that is a week from this coming friday. two women were rushed to the medical center after a barbecue went horribly wrong. investigators, they say a can of cooking spray placed near a hot barbecue exploded. the women were at a beach when this happened. paramedics rushed them to the hospital by helicopter and the hospital officials they say one of those women has been released. we're told the other woman's
5:50 am
condition has been stabilized. >> it's 5:49. police arrested more than 100 people in what was described as one of the largest raves ever in the bay area. it was called beyond wonderland. it wrapped up last night. police say most of those arrested were for alcohol and drug-related charges. police say they tried to curb drug use by placing amnesty boxes at the venue that gives people a chance to drop off drugs no questions asked. >> nasa getting street launch the first 3-d printer and they are hiring a start-up to get it done. mountain view's made in space, creating a customized printer available to manufacture parts away from earth. kind after different atmosphere out there so. the printer is built specifically to handle the environmental changes of space. it's a toaster size and will reduce the need for astronauts
5:51 am
to load up with every tool they need or spare part or supply. >> toner. i guess that would be needed. or the plastic that goes into that. nasa plans on testing the printer for strength and accuracy next year. >> schools across the country dropping out of the federal school lunch program rather than face new standards. more than 500 schools out of 100,000 cut ties with the program in the past year. the program reimburses schools for meals served and gives access to lower price foods. some schools say the reimbur reimbursement was not enough to offset losses from student who is started avoiding the lunch line and lunch lady when healthier meals were introduced. >> still to come, yes, it's monday morning but we're talking "saturday night live." tina fey will introduce new kids. >> the oakland a's get ready far
5:52 am
their first playoff game.
5:53 am
5:54 am
christina was talking about the leaves. fall is here. also the oakland athletics get ready for the playoffs after wrapping up their season. >> let's go, boys. it was a successful and they beat the mariners 9-0 with a couple of regulars getting rest actually. up next for the a's, the detroit tigers in the american league division series. first two games will be at o.cocoliseum. >> the a's getting ready to rock, the giants getting ready to i guess rock some time off. but the end of the season in style. barry zito walks off the mound
5:55 am
after getting a strikeout in the eighth. his stint with the giants is expected to wrap up. a man who is going to stay with the team for some time gets the game-winning hit. that is hunter pence. he has a lot to celebrate. a five-year, $90 million contract. he signed that this weekend. they end up beating the padre, 7-6 to finish. >> good for him. i remember his first game. >> i thought you were going to say you remember when you signed your $90 million deal. >> that was a long time ago. i moved up. >> nice. i need to get your agent. i'm working for free. >> "saturday night live" kicked off its 39th season with several new faces. >> tina fey stepped in. a bit of initiation. hazing the six new members with a little dance fever. >> work it, work it.
5:56 am
these look like outfits out of studio 54. she gave the cast members to show why they belong on this. not sure what they accomplished but they gave it their best. the dancers -- >> humiliation. >> that's how you do it. wow. next week's host, miley cyrus. probably see more of that twerking. >> won't that be one to watch. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, good morning to you. this is a twerk-free zone, by the way. keeping that clear. we've got a good looking day shaping up. you could get caught under a few showers, that goes for all regions north of the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge for that matter. throughout day temperatures are going to be nice and cool so you need that jacket. you can see the showers are north of sonoma county. we'll let you know when we are expecting our first raindrops in the bay area. coming up, first let's check your drive. >> no official raindrops, a
5:57 am
little slick. the bay bridge picking up the volume. we see a burst of traffic causing all lanes to spill over the last minutes. no real problems but the east shore freeway showing a slowdown a. smooth drive across the bridge, the san mateo and the dumbarton. we have a stall reported. back to you. >> thank you. >> 5:57. still ahead a local high school student killed in a violent wreck, this morning grief counselors are on hand as his classmates return to school. >> a fiery wreck at a southern california airport. investigators trying to figure out how a small plane crashed. we'll get the latest in a live report.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00 t hit and run death of a bay area student. we'll tell you about the week of remembrance starting today and new details about the driver under arrest for the 80-mile-an-hour crash. >> plus, an unsurvivable crash
6:00 am
and burn, we'll let you know what we learned overnight about the small business jet that smhed right into a hangar at a california airport. >> and the final countdown. we're hours from a government shutdown. we'll tell you how a decision or lack thereof on capitol hill is about to bring life for some here in the bay area to a grinding halt. >> we've got a cold front hours away. it's going to impact the bay area in a variety of different ways. just depends on which microclimate you live in. i'll sort it out coming up in weather. >> we should have the metering lights seconds away. the backup is here at the bay bridge and a couple of other spots. what may be complications for your commute. >> this might cause complications, they call this socked in under all of that fog. that is the beautiful city of san francisco. we'll get you rolling on this monday, september 30, and this is "today in the bay."


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