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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 30, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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good look at the person who was responsible. it was a pretty full bus. we want to know where the shots came from outside the bus or started inside the bus. that oakland police are still looking into. we'll keep you updated. >> thank you. we're following a developing story in livermore. a police officer is on the wrong side of the law. 38-year-old richard mccloud was arrested over the weekend on allegations of sexually assaulting girls. >> reporter: the abuse is alleged to have taken place at after school programs across the city of livermore. most recently as 2007. only recently did a victim come forward. 38-year-old richard scott
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mccloud is being held on $750,000 bail. the alleged abuse occurred before mccloud became a police officer, when he was the lead coordinator of the after school program in livermore. >> he was the one everybody liked. >> reporter: police say the claims involve multiple girls at several different elementary and middle schools in livermore. the victims say the abuse took place on school grounds. the first victim is now an adult. >> we originally got the report from one victim as a result of that statement and cooperating with what she told us, we discovered several other victims. we have interviewed those victims. >> reporter: the abuse took place from 1998 and 2007 involving girls between the ages of 12 and 14. mccloud was arrested on saturday.
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>> this is the one crime that people wait to report li. there is a lot of psychological digesting these victims go through. >> reporter: attorney mike rains who represents the police officer association, says he knows he has a good reputation in the police department. it's never come to my attention he's had any issues in the past. there's no evidence that mccloud abused anyone once he came a police officer. he's been placed on paid leave pending the outcome of the investigation. we are also closely watching a developing story out of washington, d.c. where the clock is ticking. congress has less than four hours to reach a deal to avoid a government shutdown.
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the battle over the budget and the president's healthcare plan has reached a new depth of dysfunction. in the event of a shutdown, services you might want to use might not be available. nearly a million americans would lose their paychecks. >> reporter: thanks. good evening to you. the ball is back in john boehner's court. the president refused and pushed back saying one faction of one political party in one part of congress shouldn't be able to shut down government. with still no deal in congress, federal workers are worried. >> it's definitely going to have an impact on my livelihood. >> reporter: pollution standards
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for epa. >> it's frustrating. >> reporter: national parks would close. u.s. troops would get paid but federal workers would get furloughs. people who approve passports and federal mortgages, those services could stop storm. house republicans plan to vote tonight to push back obamacare. >> we're confident this issue will pass. this is a matter of funding the government and fairness to the american people. >> reporter: president obama will not cave on his healthcare plan. >> an important part of the affordable care act takes place tomorrow. it's moving forward. that funding is already in place. you can't shut it down. >> reporter: he won today's first round, the senate vote to keep government going.
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>> we're not going to change obamacare. >> reporter: house republicans vowed to make change. >> there's so real local impact here. you see al ka traz shrouded in fog. it will close in the government shutdown happens. 5,000 people a day visit the historic prison. other popular local sites fort point and yosemite regionally speaking. plenty of staff members will take an unpaid furlough. >> they will go without pay during a government shutdown, but administrators are not commenting an how workers are classified as essential and how many will be furloughed.
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the president says, quote, starting tuesday morning short of a miracle, 95% of aims employees will be locked out and their families will be without that critical paycheck for some period of time, end quote. do you think lawmakers will reach a deal to avoid a government shutdown tonight? you can vote by texting us. vote one for yes, two for no. we have new details of that violent car crash that left a local teenager dead. a 58-year-old woman arrested in connection with that crash in san francisco is out on bail. she was booked on suspicion of v
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vehicle manslaughter. >> reporter: there is some good news to report this afternoon. kevin's sister, the one involved in that fatal crash, was released from the hospital yesterday, but their mother remains in critical condition. there are some heart breaking from kevin's friends. they are here inside of flowers. one of the notes says never forgotten and always loved. across town, his friends are in shock and so are neighbors of the suspect in this fatal crash. >> very nice family. >> reporter: she lives next door to woman arrested in friday's fatal crash. she didn't have much contact with her. all she knows the family is quiet and has children of their own. >> it shocked me.
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>> reporter: police say she crashed her speeding mercedes benz into a mini van and catering truck on friday. she was driving 80 miles per hour before the crash. there is a growing memorial at the crash site. >> we should be a traffic safety light around this area, because we do have a couple of accidents. >> reporter: lincoln high school students held a tearful memorial at lunchtime. she was in the junior rotc drum core with kevin. >> she was a really happy guy. he was really positive all the time. he was always goofing around. we all miss him.
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>> reporter: fans and friends show up here in groups. it's pretty quiet right now. they're bringing flowers and notes. there may be a memorial here for kevin tonight. his father posted a note on the tree and it is asking for privacy. police in mountain view are on the look out for a car that looks similar to one. it is a silver light 1990s honda accord with possible damage to the front and left side. it happened just before 6:00 this morning. a 77-year-old woman was hit, but is expected to be okay. the driver though took off. anyone with information is urged to call local police. a new breast cancer drug bringing now hope to patients. >> imagine this. you have everything all loaded
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in the van only to have it vanish overnight. one south bay's moving nightmare just ahead. >> cutting class not just for high school and middle students. elementary schools are truant at an alarming rate. >> we're still tracking some light rain showers. in the hills just to the east of san jose, some rain. a lot warmer and windy ahead in the forecast. we'll look at that when we come back.
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new at 5:00, if you don't have a child, truant si has an impact on the entire community. one in five elementary school students skipped school in the
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last year. chris sanchez joins us with this growing problem. >> reporter: more than a million elementary school students are truant every year. if that's a surprise to eyou, it's not a surprise to those working in education. truant si among high schoolers leads to higher drop out rates and a 4% increase in burglaries. when one in five elementary school students was truant last year, it was a tremendous loss to their school district. according to a report released by the california attorney general's office, the schools lose $1.4 billion in funding.
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the co fixing the problem isn't just up to the schools. it will take the stake holders from community and law enforcement as well. >> kids need to be in school because they need to be successful adults. if you're not in school, they're not getting the instruction they need. >> every kid we lose as a drop out, a ten-fold factor increase in their chances of future criminality. >> reporter: san francisco up more than 20%. san mateo is at 14.9. some officers don't enforce truant si laws. one administrator says that is a big mistake. we'll show you some of what they're doing in the district to make sure kids are in class when they're supposed to be and not
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just because of funding from the government. one of the bay area's largest so-called raves brought in more than 100 noise complaints and arrests. police arrested more than 100 people for mostly alcohol and drug related charges. there were no serie -- serious injuries. family members of a woman who disappeared from san francisco general hospital more than a week ago says they are frustrated by the lack of answers. 57-year-old lynn spalding was last seen in her room on september 21st. she was gone 15 minutes later. they say it is completely out of character for her to go anywhere without letting her children
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know. >> she had $20 in cash on her. she left her cell phone behind. >> the hospital says it is conducting its own investigation into what happened. new details on amanda knox. she's being retried in italy, but no surprise, she's a no-show. she was acquitted in 2011 of murdering her roommate. attorneys for knox want dna evidence from the crime scene re-examined. they believe it will show that drug dealer rudy is the sole killer. two trains crashed at a stop near chicago today. it happened at the blue line harlem station at forest park.
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it hit a train full of passengers going in the opposite direction. none of the injuries are life threatening. they're looking at whether a mechanical problem could have caused this collision. the pilot of a small plane that crashed, never told air traffic control about any problems before the crash. one rescue worker called the crash unsurvivalable. it veered into a huge metal hangar and exploded. the crash is reviewing calls from neighbors to close that airport. talk about a moving nightmare. a south bay family's entire household gone. the next morning, the van was gone. police found it on grenada way
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nearly empty. couches, tv, the children's furniture stolen. also things like a wedding dress and a military flag given to the family from a funeral. >> the things that were stolen from us that are of no value except to us, like the baby books and american flag and those items -- we're hoping they will give it back to us. >> the moving company is working with police to try to track down the family's belongings. a puppy stolen from an animal shelter is back in the right hands this evening. the two month old shepherd mix was stolen from the santa cruz spca yesterday. the puppy was returned to the shelter unharmed. the woman and the puppy were
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found after surveillance video was reviewed and she was identified. the national weather service confirms a tornado touched down about 45 miles south of seattle this morning. it damaged buildings and tipped a train off its tracks. fortunately, no reports of any injuries. the tornado capped off a weekend of severe weather in that region. let's bring in our meteorologist with all the latest numbers. >> we're seeing the weather in the pacific northwest impacting us in the bay area. you saw that video there. this is south of seattle. it was confirmed that it was an ef-1 tornado. if those rail cars had been lifted from the tracks, we would have been looking at an ef-3.
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we see 11 tornados in an average season around here. mainly out toward the central valley and around fresno and bakersfield. you can see this powerful storm there in western washington dropping anywhere from 5 to 8 inches of rain coming down throughout the day today. we saw the rainfall totals extremely high. still during the day today, you might have noticed we had some drizzle and light rain showers at times. we're seeing that out towards napa and around san francisco. even tonight, we'll still see a few light rain showers. 60s to mid 70s. we'll see this pattern hold up throughout wednesday. that's going to keep our temperatures down. it is going to provide these low clouds that will give us drizzle
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at times. as we head through the afternoon, we will see clearing in the south bay. once we pass tuesday and wednesday, we're going to see a big pattern shift. it is going to kick out towards the east. this is going to open the door for high pressure from the pacific. thursday night on into friday morning, those winds will be strong. we may see some red flag warnings. tonight, 40s and 50s outside. the mist and drizzle in a few spots. cooler than today. low 70s tomorrow. san francisco in the mid 60s. low 70s around the north bay. it's a tale of two weeks of weather. as we go into thursday and friday, look at these
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temperatures jump. 85 degrees. san francisco close to 80 on saturday. out to the coast, 70s to near 80. beautiful sunshine. we have to hope those winds stay down enough to keep us out of fire danger. up next, fighting back. the new drug made right here in the bay area that's giving breast cancer patients new hope. >> and a dramatic rescue. what it took to free a girl trapped inside a well.
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inabcredible video out of china today. cries were heard from the
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3-year-old who have trapped inside the well. rescuers lowered a rope down to the girl. firefighters then lowered an oxygen tank to make sure the girl could breathe. luckily the girl only suffered a few bruises. a breast cancer drug got the green light today. the drug is already being used for advanced breast cancer, but today the fda aproved the use the drug for early stage breast cancer, even before surgery. apple is not only the most valuable company in the world when it comes to its stock price, but it's also the world's most valuable brand. a company called interbrand says for the first time coke has been unseated as the world's top brand. google came in second.
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apple, google, coca-cola. >> companies need to think about their brand and establishing credibili credibility. buyers are going to want that product. >> it's all about branding, i suppose. >> apple's brand value is estimated at $100 billion. get your green and gold ready. the city of oakland is gearing up for oaktober. that's next.
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the a's don't begin their playoff run until friday night. the mayor will host an a's oaktober fest at city hall. city hall will be lit in green and gold as oakland dignitaries honor the a's on their successful season. the event is free. there will be plenty of family friendly activitieactivities. just after 6:00 on friday and just after 6:30 on saturday night for the games. >> perfect for the fans.
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>> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. we hope to see you back here at 6:00. >> see you soon. ight, on our broadcast tonight, a shutdown of the federal government hours away. chaos in washington. a lot of american families are about to pay the price. tonight, is there any chance they will cut a deal? it's here. the other big deadline at midnight. a major part of obama care kicks in. millions have to sign up. because there's confuse. night we'll take your questions to the woman in charge. getting out alive. a nbc news exclusive. the story behind the unforgettable image from kenya. the man who came to her rescue. and the call of the wild. an event that draws families from across the country. but is this year's show about to be canceled? "nightly news" begins now.


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