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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 4, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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right now, breaking news, hundreds of acres burning in napa county. new details on firefighters' push against massive flames, fueled by strong winds. >> plus, a fiery wake-up call for six people in san jose. marla tellez, she's on scene taking us inside with a look at how everybody managed to escape. >> and timber, the gust that sent this tree crashing down on a pickup truck. >> it's still very dry out there, you couple that with the north winds, strong north winds, and that fire danger stays with us all day today. we'll let you know what that means for where you live and where we'll see improvement. >> even though there is a lighter build, a slower build on this friday we're seeing that wind play a factor as you cross the bay. we'll track that as it develops. >> let's look outside at the bay bridge. you can see again that camera shifting back and forth. christina talking about the wind, also affecting a lot of
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action in the bay area on this friday, october 4th, this is "today in the bay." good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning. we start with breaking news. a fast-moving wild fire simply ripping through the terrain out there. this is in napa county this morning. it's being fueled by very windy weather as we've talked about. we can tell you about 375 acres burning near lake berryessa. that's about 50 miles east of santa rosa. crews there working hard battling the flames all night long. telling us now that fire is 75% contained. we can tell enthusiasm is a remote area out there so right now good news, no structures being threatened. and no evacuations have been ordered. those strong winds we talk about bringing the smell of smoke south into san francisco and even parts of san mateo county.
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>> that's not all the wind is bringing. christine is checking out the windy weather conditions for the forecast and the effects on the morning commute. let's start out in san francisco with chase cain. you can smell the smoke? >> reporter: well, i personally can't smell the smoke but i've been battling a cold so i may not be the best gauge of that but people here in san francisco have been smelling that smoke. the wind is blowing right out of the north where that wild fire has been coming from. you can even see from the pier 39 flags the wind is blowing out of almost the due north. speaking of napa county check out dramatic video from overnight where two people were driving in a truck just off of highway 29 when a tree comes crashing down on the truck. fortunately, both of the people inside are okay, only minor injuries, neither had to go to the hospital so thankful for that. also in napa county as we're talking about there is that wildfire burning along the
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eastern shore of lake berryessa. no homes are threatened but there are road closures in the area. no evacuations yet and seems crews have been able to do a pretty good job of getting the fire contained, beating it back from more than 500 acres but they have been fighting these high winds. >> right now we're under a red flag warning for critically high winds and low relative humidities, combined with the seasonal drying of the vegetation this does make it a critical time for fire control and fire behavior for us in the north half of the state of california. >> reporter: back in san francisco, branches down, even trees down. one tree down just north of the panhandle. crews were able to clean that up by about 4:00. so that should be okay. also in san francisco in the
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area off of 20th street wind blew construction scaffolding into power lines, that obviously created a mess. they have been able to get that cleaned up we hear. back at the embarcadero, of course we're next to the waters, you feel the winds, it is cool, the winds are rather sustained and that red flag warning continues through saturday morning. firefighters say please call if you are out and about driving, you see smoke, want to make sure they know about the wild fire. they would rather have multiple calls about a fire than no one and have the fire get out of control. live on the embarcadero, i'm chase cain, "today in the bay." >> bundle up too. we don't want that cold to get worse. >> 6:04. christina is back talking about what's going on outside. wind and temperatures on the rise. >> they are going to be climbing into the 90s inland both saturday and sunday. good morning to you, jon and laura. look at your sustained wind speeds. it's balm they morning, plenty
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of 60s across the bay area. that wind is coming straight from the direction of where the fire is burning, lake berryessa area. this is what we're talking about. 47 miles north of san francisco because of those wind speeds and the direction the winds are coming from, yeah, we have the smoky situation. as we head throughout the morning hours we're going to show you some of the smoke once the sun starts to come up over the next half hour, 45 minutes, we have a network of cameras across the bay area so stick around for that. we'll be able to show you what it looks like in terms of the smoke coming in. i want to talk about where we're headed in terms of your wind. it has to do with what we expect later on. area of low pressure moves to the east. for us we see our winds decrease throughout the day as opposed to the building breeze we typically get. i stop the clock it 8:00 a.m. you get the warmer colors, that's where we expect the fiercest wind mostly at the coast, in the north bay. i progress this, stop it for you at about noon, you can see all of the blues, now we're getting
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into the low end of the key. that will continue to be the case, winds continuing to drop off through the late everyone and evening. i stop the clock again through about 5:00, 6:00, you can see all of the blues starting to move into the north bay. highs are going to be comfortable. we expect plenty of 80s across the bay area. and then we'll warm into the 90s as we head through the weekend so stick around for that. that red flag warning should be able to expire at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. let's check on the drive. good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning. folks, the wind that christina is talking about is an issue as far as the morning commute. there have been many advisories for the bridges. look at the bay bridge. the camera calmed down or i should say the wind has calmed down so the]i9 camera isn't shg so much. this could change. wind advisory for the bay bridge. we see or the toll plaza we see a slower build for friday. so just the cash lanes have the backup. we'll likely see the metering
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lights turned on in the next 10 to 15 minutes if the volume continues to build. it may hold for a while. so far the maps, the speed sensors not having a problem. or oakland at the bottom of the screen for 880, 580, highway 24, close to the speed limit so that's a good flow into and out of san francisco. the richmond/san rafael bridge has a wind advisory, watch it across that carquinez and benicia bridge. farther north we have another issue, chase told you about the napa and san francisco with trees. near calistoga a report of branches down on tubbs lane. they are going to leave those until they get a crew during daylight hours. as we look at the speeds, as you travel down, through the south bay no delays, an easy build, a little slowing north of 680. and a look at the peninsula with palo alto, aehot shows you
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northbound with the taillights past willow up to san mateo a smooth drive at the limit for 101 and 280. watch the winds through the hills. back to you. >> we continue to follow breaking news in south san jose where a family of six escapes an early morning house fire. now they are looking at how much damage the flames did to the newly renovated home. marla tellez is live at the scene and you went in the home and saw the damage first-hand? how does it look? >> reporter: you know what, it doesn't look too bad on the first floor. that just goes to show what a great job firefighters did. i want to say right away the crews just left. the engines are gone and so is that family of six. they just got in two cars and waved good-bye, two minutes ago. i'll step out of the way so you can see the two-story home. it's on foothill court. it's a nice big home and yes, we just went inside with the homeowners when they saw the damage for the first time. we were allowed to go in with the fire crews.
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damage on that first floor as i mentioned limited to mainly water damage, crews were able to put tarps over much of the furniture so able to save that. majority of the damage is upstairs where the fire started. it started in the attic. the homeowners, crystal and joe, they tell me they went to bed and everything was fine as normal last night. joe went to bed around 1:00 a.m. this morning and his wife woke up to the smell of smoke about 90 minutes later at 2:30. she woke him up and says the smoke was so strong he had no choice but to call 911. he was able to evacuate his family which includes his 4 and 6-year-old children and also his in-laws. but he didn't realize at that point smoke was coming from his home. >> a lot of smoke. and then i say everybody get out. we get out first time i don't think our house is a fire. maybe in the mountains maybe
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fire. even outside a lot of smoke. >> reporter: the best news is that everyone, all six are okay. pictures snapped by san jose fire show the worst when the flames were shooting through the roof. the captain tells me this was tough to fight because of the strong winds this morning. he also reiterated how lucky this family is because attic fire cans be especially tricky. >> we get fires in an attic smoke detectors don't do good for a while because the smoke goes up. the detectors are below it at that point. sow can get quite a fire going especially in the hills where you are a little more remote, you don't have a lot of traffic where people can spot the fires. so sometimes they don't get reported right away. >> reporter: captain ron brown tells me that the cause is likely accidental. it could be electrical. back live, another look at this home. again, you can see on the rooftop that most of the damage
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is upstairs on that second floor. the owner tells me that they lived here about six years and they bought it it was a repossessed home basically a shell and they spent years and a lot of money renovating this home which makes it even sadder to come to grips with the reality this morning. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> thank you. we have new video this morning of fire crews mopping up what's left of a small vegetation fire, this happened on the uc-berkeley campus. the fire started behind the clark kerr building. according to the fire department, it is now out. nobody was hurt. the crew there is that kind of finishing up and getting set to leave the scene. >> it's 6:11. did post par tem depression cause the capitol hill suspect to snap? details about the suspect's mental state and why she may have decided to try to ram her car through a white house
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barrier. >> pope francis taking a visit to the hometown of his namesake. we have new details on his pilgrimage knicks.
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i want to get you updated on today's top stories. the strong winds fueling a fire in napa county. the flames scorching about 375 acres near lake berryessa. crews have it now 75% contained this morning so far no structures being threatened. >> pope francis is visiting the italian town of assisi today. the pontiff prayed at the tomb of his namesake, st. francis of assisi. the 13th century fryer. the pontiff will meet with groups of poor, sick and the disabled. >> the nation entering day four of that government shutdown.
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today house republicans voting to restore some of the operations on a piecemeal basis. they still refuse to take out changes in the health care law to any emergency spending bill. >> 6:15. a woman shot to death by police may have been suffering from postpartum depression. this is video showing police surrounding the sedan when it struck the security fence. actually this is not the correct video. this is from u krrk berkeley a fire there. let me tell you about the scene in washington. the driver actually hit a secret service officer with her car and took off with a toddler on board as police started shooting. this morning the child is unharmed and is now in protective custody. and the driver is being identified as 34-year-old miriam carey, a dental hygienist from connecticut. fbi and other agencies surrounding her home in sanford looking for evidence.
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tracie potts joins us with the latest. we know anything new about this woman? >> reporter: you know, not a lot but we are hearing from sources this morning that she may have had mental issues that caused her to think president obama was stalking her which might explain why this all started at the white house. >> does not appear to be in any way an accident. >> reporter: that's about all we know about why 34-year-old miriam carey rammed a barrier near the white house with her child in the car, hit an officer, then took off speeding toward the capitol. police cornered her at one point but she got away, she later crashed near a senate office building. she was killed. authorities learned later she had no gun. >> i hear boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: there was momentary chaos near the capitol where lawmakers were in session. >> get behind this car. we did that. then come back.
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>> reporter: investigators say carey had mental issues, police searched her home in connecticut, a former boss said carey was a loner. >> she didn't want to have a personal relationship with anybody in the office. she was somebody that came in, did her job and left. >> reporter: back at the capitol an officer was injured in the chase. >> i work every day to make sure you're safe. >> reporter: when it was over a massive show of thanks from lawmakers to the capitol police who because of the shutdown aren't being paid. back live now, you know there was a lot of concern about that child, that toddler in the car. her 1-year-old daughter. turns out authorities didn't know she was in the car initially when this chase happened, they were shooting at the car. the child, though, was just fine, went to the hospital, was turned over to protective services. so she's fine this morning. her mother, unfortunately, has died. investigators are looking for answers. >> i guess. no doubt. thank you, tracie.
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>> 6:17. another check on the weather. take you out for a couple of live looks. we have san jose on one side and san francisco also illuminated. lots of wind kicking around all over the area. >> clearing out the clouds. >> it's getting kind of warm. >> it is. balmy in some parts of the bay area. depends where you live. one city not getting the wind. i'm going to show you what that means. i like to puzzle you. looking good, you made to the friday a good looking weekend shaping up. this is pretty much the fiercest wind coming through now. once we head throughout this afternoon into tonight, those winds will start to die down. then we're talking about with normal conditions for the bay area, average wind speeds as we head throughout tomorrow. look at your numbers, one of these isn't like the other. that's gilroy, 42 degrees, we've got plenty of 60s across the bay area. and the reason why is gilroy is not getting that strong straight
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line north wind. we're getting it in san jose so just up the road, up 101, we're at 62 degrees this morning. and we're seeing right now the winds are starting to shift a little bit more so coming from the northeast pushing off to the southwest. so this is what we expect as we head throughout your friday. high pressure to our west area of low pressure to our east. the two systems are working against each other. we're in between them. that's what's causing all of the fierce wind across the bay area. as the area of low pressure continues to track to the east, as we head throughout the next 48 hours, the wind will go along with it. we're going to start to see really good conditions when it comes to our local fire weather. onshore flow returns. humidity this morning, 15 to 30%. you want to keep that in mind. wind could be a factor for tonight's playoff game, the tigers taking on our oakland a's. oakland coliseum, see the ball get picked up and carried by the
6:20 am
wind. could see foul balls out there tonight. 83 in fremont, 77 in san francisco and your seven-day outlook tells the story. temperatures pretty comfortable as we head throughout the weekend great for the beach, for any outdoor activities. not too hot, not too cold. maybe a chance for a shower into your wednesday. >> fortunately, we have6lf a li commute right now it's friday light. what we expect to see not like the last couple weecég but the wind may complicate things. here is the south bay, all of the slowing 101 and 280 cleared up. but we will see that build, we'll see the slower speeds closer to the 7:00 hour. smooth out of livermore in the 30 miles per hour range and no problems for 84 coming down through livermore as well. a nice flow over to the castro valley y, the san mateo bridge, a clear flow. the dumbarton bridge has a wind advisory. as well as 92. look at oakland, the camera shakes. there you go t rooftop camera
6:21 am
evidence of the winds. a smoother drive north through downtown where you have a wind advisory. the metering lights turned on. there is your backup but only to with west grand avenue. >> thanks so much. 6:21. coming up the government shutdown won't keep san jose talking major league baseball. we'll tell you about the hearing and why san jose should be tossed out. [ mom ] in my family, we're big cereal lovers.
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a lot happening around our athletics. major league baseball fighting back against the city of san jose and its quest to bring the a's into the silicon valley. >> heading to federal court 18 few hours. that's where christie smith joins us live this morning. the league is trying to get the city's lawsuit dismissed. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. happy friday. this battle to bring the oakland a's to san jose has been going on more than four years, so long there are so many players in it now that what's happening today in federal court here in san jose doesn't really involve the team itself. this is a fight between the city of san jose and major league baseball. basically what's happening today is that major league baseball is striking back asking the federal judge to dismiss an antitrust
6:25 am
lawsuit. and despite the government shutdown this will be heard at 9:00. major league baseball says if san jose were to win it would mean absurd results, that's what they call it for cities all around the u.s. it says that san jose can't show that it's been harmed by baseball's indecision on allowing the a's to move because of the san francisco giants territorial rights here. the city says that may be absurd because it has an option with the team to build a stadium on city land but it can't even move forward because the whole deal is stalled all because of this. the a's bats heating up tonight for an evening game. we may or may not know a judge's decision. the judge could decide or decide later on. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> meantime, the a's they are in the playoffs now and their quest for a world series title begins tonight. we have a live look at the
6:26 am
coliseum. the tarps will come off the upper deck. got to make room for all of the fans. both teams holding the final workouts yesterday. on the mound, good stuff for the oakland a's, bartolo colon squaring off against max scherzer. the series already sold out. the first pitch set for 6:37, game two takes place tomorrow at the coliseum. >> they call it oaktober. >> i get it like oakland. >> cleaver. early in the morning too. let's go a's. still ahead, an overnight fire at a refinery. new video just in and new details about the flames that sent plumes of smoke into the sky. >> the winds blowing around being felt in san francisco. a beautiful shot there, slowly with the sun starting to
6:27 am
illuminate the city. it's just a party of feelings and emotions. full stride ahead. enjoy it. >> it's so clear out there. no clouds in the sky as we see them. taking a live look, not foggy. traffic appears light. maybe people getting a jump start on their weekend. >> fill up the cooler, maybe get barbecue. >> or fill up another cup of joe. relax, a lot more news ahead. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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[ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. new at 6:00, a refinery fire sparking up overnight in the east bay. we have new details just in to our newsroom. that's coming up next. >> and wild weather as wind whips up all over the bay area. taking a live look at the camera even shaking there because of the wind overlooking san francisco.
6:30 am
christina and mike will tell us how it's affecting the forecast and the drive. >> the new york stock exchange, just in time to ring it in. it's been rough on both the nasdaq and the dow out there with the government shutdown in effect. it's not been good. the numbers dipping. we'll see how today attempts to bounce back. we'll keep you posted on this friday, october 4, this is "today in the bay." it is 6:30. welcome to your friday. good morning. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's certainly a busy friday morning. we give you an update to breaking news in napa county. firefighters getting the upper hand after strong winds fueled a fire. that fire is burning near lake berryessa east of santa rosa. so far 375 acres have burned, the fire about 75% contained.
6:31 am
it's a very remote area so right now no structures are threatened and no evacuations ordered. the strong wind bringing the smell of smoke south all the way to parts of san francisco. even san mateo county. >> it's whipping all over. let's check in with christina to find out how it's affecting ourc weather forecast. >> good morning to you guys. 5 start with this live picture of san jose. clear as a bell. you can't see from this camera is that we have first wind in the south bay. i want to talk about your highest gusts so far. they are mostly from the north bay and the east bay. richmond, 64 miles per hour wind gusts. just about three hours ago. north oakland had a 54-mile-per-hour wind gust, santa rosa, 39-mile-per-hour, 39 for half moon bay. in san jose, only 28 miles per hour. that's a>cky strong enough wind speed to take down loose branches, count on debris on the highway for your morning drive. also really want to take it easy
6:32 am
in your high-profile vehicle. throughout the day we're going to see improving conditions but the red flag warning goes on until saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. so, outdoor burning today discourag discouraged. any cigarette butts it's illegal to throw it out the window. today we need to be on our best behavior. it's really dry. we'll have a full report coming up. take a look at what we expect on big sunday as well. we've got the 49ers and the oakland raiders at home this weekend. all that coming up in your full forecast. i want to check your drive. good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning. we're looking past the hoax of the a's and the raiders looking at a crash that could be possibly visible. i don't see it now in our camera. i scanned the area southbound with the headlights down toward the coliseum out of down town, reports of a crash around high street near the off ramp that's toward the top of the screen. a couple of incidents, that's a look at the maze. we'll show you south out of the downtown approaching the
6:33 am
coliseum. a couple spots toward high street you may find this crash. chp heading out to take care of thingsment you may find the slow lane blocked. your commute correction moves up toward the bay bridge and the toll plaza. the maze not a big issue but the bay bridge has backup because the metering lights are on. the cash lanes for the most part are backed up on the right side. the left side not a problem so coming off of the workly curb is where the crowd is. and out of the caldecott tunnel. the north bay shows the build out of southbound 101 and the curves at terra linda. highway 29 north reports of branches down and we've seen that in napa and in san francisco, chase is going to talk about that coming up. a smooth flow in the south bay and a gentle build, 101, this is right at 680 you see that silhouette. there is overpass and the sun rise but no problems for the
6:34 am
speeds. that's good stuff, back to you. >> we've been talking about a handful of fires this morning fueled by all of the wind out there. this one is where fire crews are at the refinery in martinez battling a wild fire that broke out overnight. you can see the large orange flames and that huge pool of smoke. it's all over the refinery area. the fire crews say their units have left the scene at this point and that now the refinery's own fire crews are there, currently working tojm$ this out. no word on what caused that fire. >> so many fires. this morning firefighters still investigating the cause after massive fire that ripped through a sunnyvale apartment complex. everyone in the building now homeless because of that fire. the flames were set to be so intense the roof collapsed and most of the upper floor and attic at the two-story building
6:35 am
gutted. it took firefighters about an hour to put those flames out. no one was injured. >> this morning a registered sex offender to answer to charges of lewd behavior toward children. police arresting 70-year-old christopher miller earlier this month after a mother reported k,u(ssp)t. touch himself at a he is a registered sex offender with convictions dating back 25 years. police say he's not just a suspect in the mountain view case but similar ones. police actually linked miller because of his distinct look, a floppy fisherman's hat and there may be more victims and they would like to know about anybody else who may have information. they are asking them to come forward. >> it's 6:35. opening statements begin for the teen suspected of trying to kill two people. max swayed is charged with
6:36 am
attempted murder and vehicle theft. the san rafael teen was arrested after sheriffs tailed him to a storage unit last year. that's where they found the yellow lamborghini and assault rifles and he is accused of shooting at two teens in a truck in 2011. he faces 30 years in prison. >> the time 6:36. a tropical storm bearing down on the gulf coast. we'll tell you when karen is expected to make landfall and which areas will be in her path. >> more than 100 people killed at ship wreck. how the country is honoring those who lost their lives. >> a live look outside now. you can see the wind in san francisco has the flags very active. we have chase cain on the scene lettingh
6:37 am
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6:39. the gulf coast is on high alert for the first time this hurricane season as tropical storm karen barrels toward shore. we're going to give you a live look at the weather radar. you can see where the storm is churning. tropical storm karen poised to become the first named storm to
6:40 am
hit the u.s., in fact, winds picking up this morning as gulf coast residents prepare for a possible hit tomorrow. preparations are under way from louisiana to the florida panhandle. the storm which could become a hurricane before landfall is expected to bring tornados, power outages and of course heavy rain. >> on the international scene italy maurking a day of morning for an estimated 300 migrants killed after the ship caught fire and capsized. that tragedy prompting an outporing of grief and demand for a comprehensive immigration policy. schools also expected to observe a minute of silence in memory of those victims. now this morning a total of 114 people confirmed dead as coast guard ships and helicopters continue to comb the waters. as many as 500 people were actually on the ship which was carrying migrants from africa seeking a new life in europe.
6:41 am
a total of 155 have been pulled alive out of the water. >> it is 6:40. syrian president bashar assad says it's too early to say whether he will run for re-election next year. telling turkish television the picture will be clearer in the next months because syria is going through rapid changes. syria's opposition wants assad to step down and hand over power to a transitional government. >> it is 6:41. coming up a newly renovated home up in flames in the south bay. we'll tell you how a family of six that lives at the home managed to escape. next in a live report. >> hundreds of acres burning in napa county, firefighters battling the elements to get a handle on the blaze. >> wild windy weather all over the bay area. we'll show you how this damage from overnight gusts including a look at a pickup truck torn up by a fallen tree. >> we're still in the thick of it this morning expecting gusty
6:42 am
winds to continue. want to show you this live picture of san rafael. a little bit of smoke in the distance. what that means for the air quality and the weekend forecast coming up. >> a like look at the san mateo bridge. it's a smooth drive across 92 but with the wind in place i'll tell you what is unusual about this drive, plus crashes in oakland and livermore. i'm tracking those coming up.
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> >> breaking news as a fast-moving wild fire ripping through terrain in napa county, fueled by windy weather. right now about 375 acres are burning near lake berryessa. it's about 15 miles east of santa rosa. crews battled the flames all night long. the fire is 75% contained. it's a remote area so right now
6:45 am
no structures are threatened and no evacuations have been ordered. strong wind though bringing the smell of smoke south all the way to san francisco and even san mateo county. >> that's not all it's bringing with it, the wind giving multiple problems to a lot of people out there. christina loren is checking out the windy conditions for the forecast. but we start things off in san francisco with chase cain and chase, we're told a lot of people in san francisco now they can smell smoke in the area. >> reporter: they can. since we were live with you last early in the hour we were tweeted and said that he smelled the smoke even last night. check out video from that wildfire burning. it's along the eastern shore of lake berryessa, at the peak the fire was more than 500 acres but crews have been able to get it under control, beating it back to 375 acres. no homes threatened. no evacuations but there are road closures in the area. so be aware of that.
6:46 am
also in napa county, wow, a crazy night for two people driving in this truck near highway 29. the wind blew a tree down on top of the truck, two people inside there, fortunately both of them okay. only minor injuries. neither of the two had to go to the hospital. back in san francisco, more trees down, branches all over. one tree down just north of the panhandle. it took two or three hours to chop that tree up and get it out of the road. that is all clear for the morning commute. also in san francisco. near 20th street the wind blew construction scaffolding into power lines. you can bet that was a mess too. that has been cleaned up. back at the embarcadero, along pier 39 you see those flags blowing in the breeze. it's been pretty sustained winds,9vé 15 to 20 miles an ho. we've had gusts that have been higher. that's why people are waking up
6:47 am
maybe smelling smoke from the wild fire and for people in the area, firefighters say if the you are driving around and see smoke even if you don't think it's much they want you to call 911 so they can check that out and make sure it doesn't grow into anything larger because we are in that red flag warning until saturday morning. we are live in san francisco, chase cain, "today in the bay." >> thanks for getting up early with us. >> nice job out there, my man. christina loren, you deserve days off but don't take too many. we like having you here. welcome back. >> had nothing to do with the government shutdown being off the last two days. >> shutting down the scene to chill out. >> right. but you know, i'm happy to be back here with you. we have a couple of things to make sure you're aware of. the biggest component i can tell you from this wind is the very warm start to the day that we're dell dealing with. it's pretty breezy. you are 24 degrees warmer than
6:48 am
24 hours ago in napa this morning. ¿ substantial noticeae difference. 15 degrees warmer out in the east bay. napa as well, 15 degrees warmer. 23 degrees warmer excuse me. up in napa starting out with plenty of 60s. so it is a balmy start to the day. except for gilroy where you're not experiencing those strong sustained wind speeds out of the north. you can see what the wind does to our temperature. let's talk about the wind right now. still very gusty, the biggest difference is the winds shifted a little bit more to the northeast. they were coming out of the north this morning. and that is what was pushing all of that smoke toward san francisco, san mateo county. we're going to continue to see the northeasterly flow, but by the end of the day those winds are going to start to drop off just in time for the weekend. it is a big weekend here, the a's have their first playoff game, talking about candlestick park on sunday.
6:49 am
the texans take on the 49ers. 65 degrees at 6:00 p.m. 64 degrees at 7:00 p.m. you know what, the raiders and the chargers will be at it at oakland. here is the biggest thing. they sold out all of the tickets so we're going to see this game, it will not be blacked out. and we want to see the raiders take on the chargers. they had to move so it they could get that a's game in first. 9:00 p.m., 62 degrees if you're headed out. it will be rather warm. i like that oakland raiders music. a new touch. 86 for livermore. 83 in fremont. and 83 degrees in oakland today. so as we head throughout the afternoon, not as windy as we head through tomorrow, should see the red flag warning expire at 6:00 a.m. great news. we'll see more moisture come into the atmosphere as we pick up the westerly onshore flow. ocean breeze in full effect by monday. it's going to be a big weekend. >> especially here where traffic
6:50 am
flows. christina talked about sunday where we have to move the football game because after couple of baseball games. the niners play. that's sunday. looking at north 880 and south 880 past the coliseum southbound with the taillights. we're concerned with this area because i've been scanning for this crash. reports of a crash approaching the coliseum. that's moving pretty smoothly. east 580 coming to the set our news desk said they called a sigalert. away from the bridge, fruitvale where you find slowing. your commute heading to the maze, you're okay in that direction. that's a smooth drive out of the caldecott including again watching this stretch of possible traffic break heading south to the coliseum. here as you head past hacienda, a signal light near the off ramp. on the freeway, a smooth drive a light friday to be expected for 580 and 84. 680 not a problem.
6:51 am
no slowing into the south bay. 880, you see the volume build past the san mateo wrij and dumbarton you see speeds down in the 50s. the dumbarton has a wind advisory which is unusual. also the san mateo bridge the same for those gusts. here's fremont where we see a focus of traffic showing a smooth flow. a little dip in the speeds, as we show you the rest of the freeway. northbound 101, and 280 showing the slowdown as well as 85 at the bottom. a new crash south 101 at tully may be an issue. i'll check to see if they are clearing that. we do see slowing down to capital expressway. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we have an update to breaking news from overnight. that's right. the family of six escaping from a fire. how much damage the flames have done to their newly renovated home. marla tellez is live at the scene now and marla you've had a
6:52 am
chance to see this house inside and out up close and personal. how bad is the damage? >> reporter: from the outside, i'll step out of the way so you can see, it doesn't look horrible from the outside. you can see the driveway is soiled from the water damage. but the focus really is on the second floor of this two-story home. mainly that is where all of the damage is, you can see the roof has significant damage. the worst is all wñover, the crs are gone, so is the family. the family of six packed up two cars and drove off just about 6:00 this morning. crystal and joe live here with their 4-year-old and 6-year-old children along with a set of grandparents so six people. we went inside the home not long ago to survey the damage with them. relatively speaking as i said it's minimal on the first floor of this two-story home. firefighters did a great job mainly water damage there. but it's the upstairs that took a beating. the fire captain says it started
6:53 am
in the attic and the wife kris central woke to the smell of smoke about 2:30 this morning. her husband joe called 911 thinking that the mountain side that the home sits on was on fire. he did the right thing, though, evacuated his family and it was only once he was outside he realized it wasé@ his own home fire. >> first time all the smoke, a lot of smoke come. and call 911, the fire. my feel takes too long. i say hurry up hurry up. they come to the fire engine, before that we watch that start the flame on the roof. >> reporter: fire crews were able to knock down the flames in about 45 minutes. flames were shooting through the roof. again, most of their blonings on the ground floor including really a beautiful painting were all salvaged but the best news, all six people are just fine
6:54 am
this morning. the fire captain says that the heavy winds this morning, it has been windy, the heavy winds?4 h says made this fire[yn a tough to fight but they did a great job putting the flames out. i want to say that the cause is highly likely the cause is accidental. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> new this morning a deadly crash involving a motorcycle and car shut down a section of southbound highway 101 in sunnyvale for several hours overnight. that crash happened around midnight north of lawrence expressway. investigators say the cyclist was thrown from the bike after hitting a pallet in the road. officers are searching for the driver of that vehicle that d p dropped the pallet. >> the mastermind of a massive online drug marketplace expected to be in a san francisco
6:55 am
courtroom. 29-year-old ross william ulbricht was arrested at the glenn park library tuesday afternoon on drug and computer hacking charges. he is also accused of trying to hire a hitman. according to court documents, ulbricht used a hidden website called the silk road, this is a black market site that sells everything from high quality heroin to marijuana. all of these transactions were paid with bit coins,"kíy electr currency designed to be anonymous. the fbi tells us ulbricht ran silk road from an apartment on hickory street and internet cafe not far from his home. the department of justice seizing that site as well as up to $4 million in bit coins. >> the morning commute could look even more crowded by this time next week when a cooling off period between b.a.r.t. and its unions meaninging a strike could be imminent.
6:56 am
there is good news on negotiations. unions lowered their proposal on base pay increases to below 20%. b.a.r.t. is sticking with its offer of raises of about 10% over four years. the two sides are negotiating on pension and health benefits. >> we can tell you major league baseball fighting back against the city of san jose and that city's quest to move the oakland a's to silicon valley. >> the battle is heading to a federal courtroom where christie smith joins us live. the league is trying to get the lawsuit dismissed. >> that's exactly what happened. if you take a look at this there have been good examples recently of why the oakland a's might want a new stadium. different from, coliseum. it's two issues recently. one of them included the a's dugout during the game. what's happening doesn't technically involve the team. this is between major league baseball and the city of san
6:57 am
jose. major league baseball is striking back where the a's expressed interest in moving. a government shutdown, a judge will hear this at 9:00. will this get a's to move, no, but major league baseball wants the judge to throw out the city's claim. the argument that san jose can't show, it's been harmed by the league's indecision over allowing the a's to move becausg of the giants territorial rights. but san jose maintained there was a blatant conspiracy to keep the a's from moving here and that it has an option with the team to build a stadium on city-owned land.xz that's stuck in the mud because major league baseball has stalled action, that's heard at 9:00 this morning but it's unclear if a decision will be issued today. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. in the meantime, the a's are officially in the playoffs. starting tonight against the detroit tigers, live look at the coliseum this morning where the
6:58 am
tarps will be coming off the upper decks for the big game. game 5 sold out. first pitch 6:37. game 2 tomorrow night at the coliseum. a big weekend. >> playoff fever. let's get a final check on the weather and looking beautiful heading to the weekend. >> yeah, you know, just the fact it's friday is a beautiful thing. good morning to you jon and laura and you at home. a live look at the wind speeds which have dropped off since we kicked off the show at 4:30 this morning. it's going to be blustery for the first part of the day. i wanted to take to the futurecast to give you an idea. strongest between now and 9:00 a.m. you notice on the key we're getting the blues that is a lot of improvement. calmer winds as we head into the evening hours. looking good, highest in the 80s. we'll check your drive with mike. >> last look at terrific. as much of the road as we can. we have slowing toward the maze
6:59 am
but lighter as expected. here is the problem east away from the maze at fruitvale reports of a crash. right now we have a number of lanes closed heading away from the toll plaza. and the south bay, the northbound routes starting to kick in. back to you >> thanks so much, mike. final check of the top stories for you at 6:59. we have home video just in this morning after an overnight fire in san jose. this one started about 2:30 this morning. the family of six inside made it out safely. fire crews say it started in the attic and right now they say it appears to be accidental. >> strong winds fueling a fire in napa county. the flames scorching about 375 acres. this is near lake berryessa. crews now have this about 75% contained this morning. so far so structures threatened. >> we're going to have a local update in about a half hour.
7:00 am
good morning. chaos at the capitol. who was the young mother killed by police after leading them through a high-speed chase in washington, d.c.? her baby right there with her in the car. today, officials investigate reports of whether postpartum depression may have played a role. >> tropical storm karen churning toward the gulf coast and could become a hurricane today and a blizzard set to dump up to three feet of snow is making travel a nightmare. and tiger meets squirrel. >> don't turn around. >> what is lindsey vonn doing to her boyfriend tiger woodwi


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