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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 4, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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right now at 11:00 whipping winds hitting the bay area hard and fueling flames on an east bay hill side. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. jon has the day off. we have team coverage on the strong winds. christina loren is tracking them from our weather center, but we want to start with nbc bay area's chase cain live in livermore where crews have been busy this morning battling those flames. this fire out there picked up quickly. >> it sure did. the good news is the fire is completely contained now. the fire crews have been leaving the hellside behind me, but it took crew from six different agencies to get to that point, and this is the stuff that's been burning.
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it's basically just straw that's all over these hillsides, and firefighters say with as windy as it's been this morning, that this stuff burns just as fast as gasoline. >> what started as a small fire of less than an acre quickly grew to 150 acres in a matter of minutes. whipped up by the intense winds. the fire chewed through dry, grassy fields north of livermore. >>m-k this fire ended up gettin into a plowed field. had we not had this field here, this fire probably would have gone for 1,000 acres. snoo no homes or buildings ever threatened this morning, but cal fire says this should be a warning of just how dangerous a wildfire can be right now. >> the highest potential right now because number one, we've had a drought year. we're into our normal season where we don't have rainfall, and we have wind conditions which are forecasted through this weekend.
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>> we have high velocity winds like this. the fires are going to spread at a rapid rate, and they're just more difficult for us to control. >> this is not the only fire that's been keeping firefighters busy overnight. one broke out in napa county on the eastern shore of the lake. that one grew at one point to nearly 400 acres. cal fire now says that is about 75% contained. they expect to have it fully contained by this evening. fortunately, no homes or buildings were ever threatened there in that napa county fire. the danger does continue. cal fire says even after this red flag warning goes down, because it has been so dry this year, even though we're close to the end of the fire season, they say we're going to have to keep our guard up for some time to come. really until we get our next significant rainfall. we are live in livermore. chase cain, nbc bay area news. >> all right, chase. thanks so much. now we want to talk to christina loren. how long can we expect these strong winds to last? are they going to die down any time soon? >> yeah, they actually are, marla. we are looking towards that as we head throughout the second half of your weekend.
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i'm happy to report as far as this morning's wind event goes, we're already starting to notice those numbers dropping off. ]phighlights. richmond had a 64-mile-per-hour wind gust. north oakland, 54-mile-per-hour wind gust. in santa rosa, 39 miles per hour. it's just one of those days. it hardly ever gets this windy in the bay area. you have made it through the worst part. it's still going to be blustery, and our firefighters will remain on high alert. at least for the next 24 hours. as we continue to see those conditions improve. want to take it right to your futurecast. you'll notice at the bottom of your screen, you see that key there. we're going to see the winds drop off to about ten, 15 miles per hour by 11:00 tonight, and that will continue to be the case as we head throughout tomorrow morning. there is relief in sight. if you have been driving around today, you've probablyz2i seen the trees bent by that strong north wind, and as we head throughout the rest of the day, it will still be breezy to windy. we've got a big weekend across the bay area. for
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the playoffs. 49ers and the raiders. i'll have the forecast for that, and everything that's happening across the bay area as we get into the all-important weekend. we've finally made it this far. back to you for now. >> we essential did. thank you, christina. now to a developing story in the gulf coast. storm preparations are underway from louisiana to the florida panhandle. right now here is a live look at the projected path and intensity of this storm. the storm, which has a slight chance of becoming a hurricane before landfall, is expected to bring heavy rains and strong winds by sunday morning. >> back here at home in the bay area, a family of six in san jose is so lucky to be alive after their attic catches fire
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>> firefighters arrived within five minutes after calling 911. he says they immediately evacuated with their two young children and in-laws, though he didn't realize it at the time. it was his home that was on fire. >> i say everybody -- i don't think it's our hit-or-miss m fire. maybe the mountains, maybe fire. even outside the smoke. >> now, all six who live inside are doing just fine without any injuries. crews knocked down the flames within about 45 minutes. we went into the home with a couple to survey the damage. we can tell you the majority of the damage is on the second floor. the fire captain says the cause is likely accidental. >> 12 familiessma are now home
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this morning the 12-unit apartmentqrhñ building is mere intersection as mat i woulda avenue. neighbors say the fire was so hot you could actually feel the heat from their front yards. the red cross is offering temporary shelter at a local church. this one is under investigation. a follow-up on the breaking news we brought you yesterday during the show. federal investigators are retracing the steps of a connecticut woman killed yesterday in that deadly showdown with police at the u.s. capital. authorities say miriam kerry was a young mother with a recent history of mental problems. there are reports those problems may have been brought nbc's ryan moore has the story from
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washington. >> she lived right next to me. i've seen her a bunch of times. i didn't know her. she seemed like a nice person. >> there was some sort of mental health issue. >> during the wild chase officers had no way of knowing kerry was unarmed. they only knew she had rammed a barricade at the white house. >> now we know it was the police that did the shooting. >> she died. her young daughter who was in the car was unhurt. capitol police, who don't know when they'll be getting their next paycheck becausehc÷ of the
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government shutdown received a standing ovation from congress. authorities are standing behind the deadly use of force, but still searching for answers relatives tell investigators that carey suffered from depression. while some say it was postpartum depression, others say it was the result of a fall. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> the alleged mastermind of a massive on-line drug marketplace is expected to be in a san francisco courtroom today. 29-year-old ross william was arrested at the glen park public library tuesday afternoon in san francisco on drug and computer hacking charges. he is also accused of trying to hire a hitman. according to court documents he used a hidden website called the silk road. it's a black market site to sell everything from high quality heroin to marijuana. the fbi says he ran silk road from an apartment on hickory
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street and from an internet cafe not far from his home in hayes valley. the department of justice seized the site. police say 32-year-old hugo cortez-guzman admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old female student on four separate occasions. according to court documents, a janitor became suspicious when he saw the teacher and student watching a movie together. the janitor apparently also found several items in the teacher's classroom, including$a mattress and also a copy of the book "50 shades of grey." a san francisco community continues remembering a mother killed in just a sad and unusual accident. she was run over by a truck right in front of her baby girl. this happened about a month ago. christy spanameir was lying in the grass with her baby when she was hit by a rec and park work arer. friends gathered under-/a the t where she was hit in holly park just yesterday.
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she they described her as a radiant woman. her husband now a single father is still filled with grief, but finds comfort knowing christy was happy. >> a very profound and true relationship that she could feel really held and relaxed in, and that was what our daughter isa was born into, and that gives me comfort, the mind frame she was in laying here. >> the driver is on bail and on unpaid leave. while an investigation into this incident continues. the district attorney says there's still work to do before deciding what charges to file. well, that plays out, and city leaders have scheduled a hearing for next tuesday to talk about rec and park's policies. workers are allowed to drive on the grass if they have a spotter. the driver did not have a spotter on this particular day. some say the rules needhto be
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changed to make sure no one else is hurt or killed. today a judge will decide whether to release a man caught on camera stripping naked and harassing people on a bart platform. neighbors say -- a sexual problem. >> the cell phone video -- a pregnant dog left to give birth, tied up to this bay area bench. now the search is on for a new home. for the puppies.
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new details on the government shutdown now entering its fourth day with no end in sight. unless lawmakers can reach an agreement to fund the government, among other consequences. president obama spoke at a maryland company yesterday urging house republicans to pass a funding bill without qualifiers. the house has passed 1e6r8 resolutions, which stripped funding from the health care law. the congress has said it will not pass such a bill. nasa turns 55 today as the program remains grounded during the government shutdown. today employees will meet at a hotel across the street to receive union dues refunds. they say they are celebrating the birthday with a cake and are calling today "the worst birthday ever.
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>> you just have to head to the ferry building to give your dear congress comments. tv crews will be will for about another hour or so. there's good news. unions have lowered their base pay increases to below 20%. bart is sticking with its offer of 10% over four years. >> in new ash ae dog is rorring after being tied to a park bench while giving birth. the vets call this german shepherd -- on sunday the german shepherd was found tied up in lakeshore park. she had already given birth to one pup who actually died. police drove her to a veterinary
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hospital in fremont, and during the ride another puppy was born, and also died. after a short rest bristol gave birth to seven healthy pups. so adorable. while she is busy being a mom for the first time, vets are looking for a home for these animals. >> our hopes are to actually find her a wonderful home for the time being, to find her a foster for her and her children. >> bristol has no microchip or tags. it makes it harder for authorities to find her owner who would face animal cruelty charges. an officer has expressed an interest in adopting one of the puppies. a new patent for designer babies, and too could help you determine what kind of family traits your child might inherit from you. the company is called 23 and me. it created a calculator allowing customers to test for and predict things like bitter taste perception or lactose
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intolerance. you can also detect eye color and muscle performance. critics say the patent is danger ares, and could lead from trait prediction to trait selection by prospective parents. >> when they say we should be seeking to predetermine the traits of our children or breed better babies, that starts to get us into scary territory. >> the company says it has not pursued concepts discussed in the patent beyond the inheritance calculator. nor does it plan to do so. >> well, we have just learned a federal judge is expected to make a decision later this month on the a's possible move to san jose. our cameras were there as lawyers from both sides enter the courtroom today. the suit claims the league, the mlb, and commissioner bud selig are illegally impeding a possible move by the team. lawyers say the case should go to trial. pointing out the anti-trust exemption applies only as labor
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issues. not to team relocation. mlb's lawyers made their case at a hearing that just wrapped up a few minutes ago. we'll have more on this issue in our newscast tonight at 5:00. >> all right. the a's. both teams, they held their final workouts at the balance park yesterday. we're talking about the a's and the detroit tigers. they started a mrafroff run tonight at home. all-star pitcher who won 18 games for the green and gold. the a's core scoring off against max -- the first pitch is tonight set for 6:37. game two is tomorrow night, also at the coliseum. okay. are they going to be up against some heavy wind out there tonight at the ballpark? >> they are. we could see the we understand get picked up by the -- the ball get picked up by the wind and carried towards them. first baseline. it could be interesting out there. happy to hear all those games are sold out. you might be happy to hear the
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oakland raiders were also able to sell out their game for this sunday, and so that means we'll get to see the raiders play on tv. let's talk about the big story of the day. that is the wind. i want to start with the shot for two reasons. a, because our camera is holding it more steady than three hours ago, but you still see old glory violently flapping in the wind. that's because we still do have those breezy to windy conditions. we are done, my friends, with the worst part of this wind event. winds will decrease. throughout this afternoon and especially and the evening and the overnight hours, wind advisory is slated to expire right on time at about 5:00 p.m. it's going to be breezier than normal as we head throughout the nextv' 48 hours, and the reasos about two competing systems. area of low pressure to the east and area of high pressure to the west. we're right smack in between the two, and as a result we have that high fire danger. red flag warning should expire, though. right on time at about 6:00 a.m. as we see more of a westerly
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flow start to shape up. for us that means we're going to see a return of the morning fog, but it won't be that thick. great news for all your weekend outdoor plans. today's highs work like this. 87 degrees in livermore. 83 for fremont. 83 in san jose, and 86 in los gados. it's a warmer day out there. it's going to be so warm, 81 degrees is the forecasted high. out in oakland, when they kick off, that game tonight, 76 degrees at 6:00 p.m. remember, you can catch all the pregame action on our sister station comcast sports net bay area, and then on sunday, oh, right here on nbc bay area, we've got the texans taking on the 49ers. candle stick park. we'll be really comfortable if you are headed out there, though. plenty of sunscreen. make sure you're ready for the mid 60s, and let's talk a little bit about the raiders. they're taking on the chargers. special time. 3w8 35 p.m. it's going to be cool out there. bring a jacket. or like i said before, you can actually catch it on tv because
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we sold out the coliseum. now, getting into the next couple of days, we're going to lose the winds and keep the warmth. we'll be done with the high wind warnings across the bay area. now, monday, tuesday, wednesday, more change is headed our way. as we get further into fall. that means we could actually see some light showers. not looking too impressive right now, marla, but the best chance will be tuesday and wednesday and then maybe for the first part of thursday in the south bay. back to you. >> mother nature keeping you on your toes, christina. >> thanks so much. still to come, a story showcasing the caring side of humanity. a man loses his are wallet at a concert, and months later he finds it at his doorstep. nothing touched. nothing taken. we'll talk about that coming up. [ superfan ] we're hitting the road to help america discover the new helper.
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[ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪ [ male announcer ] you say tomato. ♪ old el paso says diced tomato stand 'n stuff chicken tacos. ♪ you say what's for dinner? old el paso says start somewhere fresh. >> at some point i'm sure you've
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lost something, like your keys or wallet. it's not every day you find something you lost on your doorstep. this man hadn't seen his ratty old wallet since june when he was on his way home from a concert in colorado, but this package arrived this week addressed to logan. inside logan found this note. >> we found your wallet on the side of the road and wanted to return it to the rightful owner. there was a plastic bag with my wallet in it, still wet, and it had plants, like, growing out of it and stuff. >> as you can see, he also found his id, credit card, $60 in cash, and some gift cards. nothing had been touched or taken. the mystery sender is a woman from kentucky. she says she hopes to serve as a reminder to people that being honest is easy and kindness could just come back around one day. well, coming up, a lion cub so cute you have to hear her purr. we'll let you listen in right after the break.
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>> for a second day this week we'll leave you with a cub, but this time you get to hear the precious thing. >> oh, my goodness. are you not in love? this little girl is born a week ago at the belgrade zoo in serbia. the white republican club weighs three pounds. she has not been given a name yet. the belgrade zoo is home to 11 white lions. white lions are actually albino. they carry a recesssive trait that reduces their pigmentation. >> ah. >> how adorable is that? i just want to cuddle up with that little thing. >> super cute. >> you get to hear from this cougar every single day. it's nights to hear from a cub once in a while. >> hey, i didn't say it. you did. not a cougar. thanks for being with us. our next newscast is at 5:00. enjoy that sunshine out there. bye.
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