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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 4, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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that blaze is 70 percent contained. the smoke though is on the move. let's give you a live look where you can see the smoke. we have team coverage for you tonight. chief meteorologist jeff is tracking the conditions. we begin with jodi hernandez with the details on that fire. >> reporter: the good news, this fire is now 70 percent contained tonight. the bad news, it has grown quite a bit. now, more than 1,000 acres have burned. we are standing on the hillside where the flames burned over late this afternoon. in fact, while we were here to watch it. now, we're going to pan over to the right. you can see there is quite a bit of activity. even though the fire is 70 percent contained it did not take much to get this 8 alarm fire up and running. it has put every available fire fighter from this county and beyond in battle mode.
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fire crews in solano county is giving all they've got to a fast moving fire that started off of highway 12 just after noon. it didn't take long for 40 mile per hour winds to whip the flames into an 8 alarm fire. >> certainly contributed to the spread of the fire today. rapidly escalating fire spread. the fire went up and over the hill very quickly, headed for the marsh and then we have two flanks to deal with, the left and the right to get the fire under control. >> reporter: the 1,000 acres fire destroyed a barn filled with farm equipment, about a half dozen homes and hunting clubs remain threatened. >> ours is fine. we dodged a bullet. hopefully the rest did, too. >> reporter: mark gray says the fire start#=/p÷ near his house. while his play was spared, he's on edge. >> it started right at ouryv frt gate coming into here and shot across the hills.
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so i'm going to try to go down here and see how the neighbors are doing. >> reporter: you're looking at a truck of local residents driving out of here right now. again, about a half dozen homes, ranches and hunting clubs remain at risk tonight. ñ100 firefighters are out here battling this fire. they're hoping to have it fully contained by the time it gets dark, but again, right now more than 1,000 acres have burned and firefighters still have quite a ways to go. near highway 12, jodi hernandez. bay area news. >> thank you. from the ground level camera let's go back up to our nbc chopper. we captured these tense moments near the fire. cattle huddling as the smoke drew closer to them. about a half-hour later it was an active scene.
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ranchers herded them to the next pen over. thankfully none of those cows were hurt. helicoptering were dropping water to help stop the flames were spread. a fire break out this afternoon and burned dangerously close to homes and several apartment building. it started on highway 780 near east fifth%treet. firefighters worked to keep the fire away from homes. they shut down the off ramp from eastbound 780. no word on what caused the fire. with the flames comes the smoke. it's affecting a lot of people, especially in the east bay and on the peninsula. let's bring in jeff who is tracking the wind direction and air quality. that video from redwood city looked incredible. >> we're seeing this smoke travel 30 to 50 miles because the wind direction is coming out of the north pushing all that smoke down to the south. we've got a fix on those winds.
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you can see it across the bay area. we're finding them at 12 to 15 mile per hour in napa, also in 6÷10 to 20 miles per hour. again that main wind direction coming out of the north. that is a classic fire wind across the bay area. you can see that fire location to the southeast of fairfield, it's mainly in a rural location. a lot of farmsers have been impacted and that smoke impacting a large part of the bay area. humidity at 15 to 20 percent. the next 6 to 8 hours will be crucial before we see things shift. we have a live camera shot across freemont where it's down the eastern side of the bay. really everyone tonight impacted by that. we'll have more on this smoke in just a few minutes. >> you can always get up to the minute weather updates from our weather team on our website at
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nbc bay click on the weather tab. there you can sign up for severe weather alerts. >> it is game time both on the field and in court for the oakland a's. we're about 30 minutes from the first pitch tonight. the big showdown comes os the city of san jose steps up to the plate in court to move the team to the south bay. we're live in oakland with both battles. >> reporter: we want to give you a look at the fans arriving at tonight's game. no doubt the a's are in the spotlight. that is only intensified arguments over whether the a's should make the move. everyone is hoping that post season the team will take it all the way. a's fans are hoping the team with capitalize on home crowd
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advantage at tonight's post season game against detroit. >> ever since i found out we have home field advantage i've been super excited. it's going to be rocking in there. >> reporter: fans started tail gating hours ahead of the game. >> no one can replace the a's fans. the stadium is old but we're due for a new one. >> reporter: the coliseum is tide for the fifth oldest facility in the majors. three times during the regular season there were sewage issues. oakland mayor gene quan says they're working to fix the problem while looking to build a new stadium. commissioner bug see lig called it, quote, a pit. >> it is a pit. it's the only thing i agree with him on. >> reporter: the city has been vying for the team to move 40 miles south. the giants claim it has territorial rights to the south bay. today in court san jose faced off against major league
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baseball over the issue, in particular, the anti-trust issue. >> there is no sport in this nation that has an exemption from the anti-trust laws. >> reporter: attorneys for mlb said they have no comments. a decision from the judge is expected within a month. >> kimberly, thank you. politics andawsuits aside this is going to be one big party tonight. and it will be loud. our coverage continues. this is no cinderella story. the a's are the real deal. >> reporter: they sure are. a sellout crowd expected tonight and a lot of excitement. the a's and the fans are ready for the rematch with the tigers. it was detroit that knocked the a's out of the post season last year. now with a year of experience under their belts, the a's are ready for this opportunity. >> yeah, we're excited, right. i mean, we waited around for a
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few days now and the time is finally here to get to go play and have some fun. >> i think we're all just excited to finally get it started. we had the four days off so it was a lot of anticipation. i think we're ready and just looking forward to 6:37 and getting under way. >> reporter: good news for oakland tonight. sa cespedes should give the a's at defensive boost. also kol lon is getting the start in game one. nbc bay area. >> thanks. it's going to be a quick turnover for the coliseum when it goes from the a's to the raiders in one day. can they do it? the a's play game two saturday night and the raiders take the field saturday night. the kickoff pushed because. they have added a lot of extra bodies to speed up the
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transformation. it's the only complex left in the nation that doubles for pro baseball and football. crews have 24 hours to do something that usually takes them about 20 hours. the cost, a quarter of a billion dollars every time they do the switchover. a group of clergy members gather to remember the dodgers fans that was stabbed last week following the giants dodgers game. it happened in a parking lot several blocks from at&t park. the clergy said they wanted to remember him and point out the senselessness of his death. >> because of myself included we like to go to the game and be with our friends and family. we hope it's safe. at any time things that are crazy happen. >> as for the investigation, police detained michael mccarthy for the stabbing but released him for lack of evidence.
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mccarthy's father said the stabbing was developed. >> still ahead here at 6:00, reality starting to sink in for furloughed federal workers. one company is finding a way to give back. >> then a wedding dream fulfilled and a dying wish granted at the same time for a bay area cancer patient. plus -- >> if i weren't a near holocaust survivor and if i didn't have a significant amount of wealth, i probably wouldn't be very popular in this world that i live in in the bay area. >> he is wealthy and popular. you may not recognize him but you'll recognize what he has given to the community. we'll go behind the scenes. >> good evening. we are tracking a fire southeast of fairfield and the smoke impacting the air quality at unhealthy levels in the central and the east bay. you can see it on the sky camera network all the way down to redwood city. we'll track the winds and let you know when they get a lot better and fire danger decreases coming up.
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>> police in san pablo want you to take a look at this video. they need help identifying two men and a woman, the suspects in a brutal beating of a 46-year-old man. you see them on the left side of your screen. the woman is wearing a gray sleeveless top, the men a white shirt and striped shirt. investigators say the attack happened on september 8 near the noya restaurant and lounge. the victim is badly hurt and is in serious condition. a tragic accident on 580 in oakland today involving a missing boy with autism. the 12-year-old was seriously injured when he was struck by a car on eastbound 580 just before 6:30 this morning.
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authorities say the oakland boy may have been on the highway because he was disoriented. he's in an induced comb ma in critical condition. they say it doesn't appear the driver who struck the boy did anything wrong. this time next week there could be major traffic issues if bart and the unions don't reach an agreement. without a deal bart employees could strike. however, there does appear to be movement. the union's latest statement says pay increases do not have to go up 20 percent. bart is staying firm with the offer to raise pay 10 percent. >> workers got a check today but not from the federal government. the $100 a person came as a refund from their union who says they aren't getting paid at the
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hands of this governmepartial s >> this is our family pictures. >> nasa workers like jeannette got together to celebrate nasa's 55th birthday which fell on monday, the same day as the start of this furlough. today they filed for unemployment checks. all of them, they filed together. for many of them including jeannette, it's the second time living through a shutdown. area businesses like the ra ma da express tr also hurting. the hotel which relies an nasa customers, the traffic and business say it's lost 40 percent at that hotel because of the shutdown. >> why you can't go to alcatraz but listen to blue grass. the shutdown has taken a bite out of a lot of people's outdoor
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plans. joe shows us why music is at the top of the list. >> reporter: throughout the day visitors from far and wide turned up at san francisco's cliff house only to be turned away. >> we drove all the way and the cliff house is closed. >> reporter: the cliff house is among bay area park sites like alcatraz closed by the federal shutdown. donna tailor had a thought about that. >> i think we need to fire everybody up there and bring the regular people and let us handle it. >> reporter: for others the money was the last thing anyone was thinking about in golden gate park as the 13th annual free hardly strictly blue grass festival got under way. just to emphasize the hardly, things got kicked off with a concert for school kids by mc
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hammer. >> everybody coming together. we celebrate music, art, life and in this case the children. >> reporter: it was the second year the festival was without its patron, warren hellman who died in 2011. while the outside world was dealing with closed federal parks and government shutdowns, here they were dealing with banjos and gi tars. >> this is a chance to come out and listen to music and not worry about anything else. >> reporter: the music festival was not the only escape. this weekend the bay area will play host to 49ers raiders football games, the a's, the chinatown festival. >> we have bart potentially striking, all the negatives we don't need to have. >> reporter: despite that the mayor was especially happy to check out the blue grass scene,
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especially since it wasn't costing the city a dime. >> do we have a weekend of respite, yes, we do. these moments are enjoyable. >> mc hammer still has it. >> he still looks great. >> he's still doing hammer time. >> jeff, this is one of the most active weekends really of the entire year in the bay area. >> the good part is the fire danger is going to clear out. we'll have warmer weather in the coast. saturday and sunday the best weather we'll have over the next 7 to 10 days. we've been talking about the wind today, top gusts here at 54 miles per hour. while we have had three fires in the past 24 hours, the one of largest concern right now that's blowing a lot of smoke you're smelling throughout the bay is the southeast of fairfield, pushing this smoke off some 20
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to 40 miles. we put a scan on our radar and we have been able to pick up the heaviest smoke. that's where it is most crucial with this smoke advisory in effect. let's take you outside right now to that high definition sky camera. you can see the smoke is visible in redwood city. we'll take you off to the north. of course the a's going at it tonight, the first game of the alds, first pitch at 6:37. temperature at 76, winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour. as far as the forecast tomorrow, clear skies to the east coast. temperatures starting off in the low to mid 50s. by 11:00 a.m. upper 60s to low 70s. while we have fire danger right now it's looking a lot better. >> just ahead, tesla's owner
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elon musk fights back, what he says really happened in that car fire with one of these cars and
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>> tesla ceo elon musk defended his car in a blog today t he described what he believes happened in detail, how the bottom of the car was impaled by a curved piece of metal which fell from a truck, piercing a battery morni rtery module. tesla stock bounced back today after dropping yesterday when the video went viral. >> what makes them so special? we find out for more than two decades the hispanic foundation has recognized many notable
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families with the la familia award. >> reporter: we arrived in the silicon valley after his army tour in europe, a 20 something, survivor of world war ii and of the great depression. >> they were part of that generation that's been called the greatest generation where they grew up with the mind-set of helping their community, making it a better place to live. >> reporter: len arld ramirez met his wife in the central valley before hitting the books in the university. they realized there were needs, many of them, so they rolled up their sleeves. their accomplishments are im measurable. er ma was a community volunteer. they founded the hispanic
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development corporation. the bed rock of the portrait of success program. but after decades of fighting for others, leonard began to fight for himself. ♪ leonard never complained about the cancer that ultimately took his life in 1999. sylvia is a web producer at bay area television station. >> we have new information on this accident -- >> len is a veteran reporter at a bay area television station, yet the broadcaster still has time for community service through his video talent. >> i fell in love with len's parents from the moment i met them. >> len's wife picked up the family calling from day one, volunteering at pta and other school functions. a legacy started by a man who
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plays the saks for the u.s. army, a legend who believed in country, community and family. it's why the hispanic foundation of silicon valley is humbled by honoring the ramirezs as la familia, the family of the year. >> thank you. >> good to see that talented journalest. still ahead a tropical paradise but it's turning into a nightmare because of a record number of drownings. plus -- >> we d it for the kids. it's not okay. >> a community devastated, what thieves stole from a girls' soft ball league and what's being done to get the stauf back. >> you might not recognize this man but you'll recognize what he's given to the bay area. we'll go behind the scenes with him just ahead. you can't find anywhere else.s
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>> it's a tropical paradise that's appealing to so many people, especially during the up coming holiday season. hawaii has seen a 40 percent increase in bay area travelers in just the last five years but one island is seeing a disturbing trend. we travel to the island of kaui to find out why so many tourists have drowned there. >> reporter: more than a half a million bay area residents have mgju year and more will visit during the holidays. we found that's causing even more concern because during the
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winter months the waves will grow stronger and more dangerous. >> so beautiful and inviting. people don't realize how dangerous it could be. >> reporter: the waves can be powerful. and unforgiving. san francisco resident jenn kwong saw it first hand. >> yeah, that spot, just once you're in the water it's a death trap. >> reporter: with a crushing rogue wave her fiance and his best friend were swept out to sea. standing on these shelves, kwon and joy chu watched helplessly. >> i knew i couldn't do anything. if they dispatched a helicopter right now, it would be too late. >> reporter: chu spoke to the investigative unit right before we traveled to the island last spring to find out why one of
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the least inhabtd islands was seeing so much drowning. five months into 2013, 11 people had already drowned. we went with caution to the very place that two bay area men died. the scene looking safe. >> my heart was heavy and i was very sad. i can understand why other drownings would have happened, too. >> reporter: more visitors per capita are drowning here than on any other island. from 2008 to 2012, kaui has had the highest rate of nonresident drownings. maui came in a close second followed by the big island of hawaii. monti downs is an er doctor and
6:31 pm
the president of the lifeguard association. >> is it considered a crises situation at this point? >> i think so. i'll try to say that very word to the county government. >> reporter: though in an e-mail sent to the investigative unit, county officials say they're open to solutions but are not ready to act just yet, in part saying analyses needs to be done before we all come to the table in order to have maximum impact. >> almost hand grenade explosions if you see the swells. the waves explode 100 feet into the air. >> nature is incredible and also powerful. we can appreciate it but don't think you can beat it. just let it be. >> reporter: jenn hopes others will learn from her loss. she would have married adam last month. instead she's looking at a future without him. >> he would tell me he loved me
6:32 pm
every day and how going to sleep every night was one of his favorite moments. >> reporter: the county has taken steps to try and prevent more drownings. an ocean safety video plays on loop at the airport. local resorts warn their guests and dr. downs himself have placed safety tubes around the island. but he says because the majority of deaths happen at nonlifeguarded beaches, more life guards should be added. the county says they can't afford it because of a budget short fall. >> if you have a tip give us a call at the number on your screen or send us an e-mail directly to the unit at nbc bay >> we continue to follow that developing news we told you at the top of the news cast, the fire still burning at this hour, the flames have charred more than 1,000 acres and it's been spreading and the smoke is billowing from one county to another. the wind is pushing the smoke
6:33 pm
across the area prompting a smoke advisory. jodi hernandez joins us from the fire lines. when we last saw you you said the fire was 70 percent contained. >> reporter: jessica, it is still about 70 percent contained. i just checked with the firefighters just a short time ago. but it is also still very active. now, we're going to show you the area that is actively burning. you're looking at the marsh area. what you are seeing and what is fueling the fire right now is tully which we are told is high in oil content. that's what is still smoking and burning. fire crews have been working very hard to get a handle on this fire that spread incredibly quickly. it started right off of highway 12 at about 12:00 this afternoon. because of the red flag warning conditions, it just took off, quickly growing intogájç an 8 a
6:34 pm
blaze. firefighters say it was fanned by wind gusts of up to 40 miles per hour. we saw a number of cattle threatened by the flames. fortunately the fire did not injure any of the animals. again, the fire is 70 percent contained, that despite what firefighters call classic fire weather, low humidity and a strong north wind. >> rapidly escalating fire spread. fire went up and over the hill very quickly, headed for the marsh. then we have two big flanks to deal with to get the fire under control. >> the north wind is blowing hard. it started right at the front gate coming into here and shot across the hills. so i'm go going to see how the neighbors are doing. >> reporter: certainly a scary, scary day for the people who live out here. you are taking a live look at the fire crews that are still out here. there are a number of ranch homes and hunting clubs.
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again the danger has passed for the folks who live out here. again the fire is still active. we'll pan where you can see the smoke. that has been contained to the sasoon marsh area. the hillside are no longer threatened. the hillside are no longer threatened. firefighmk they had hoped to have this place fully contained by night fall, that is not going to happen. they say that they will -- it will likely take them all night to get the fire fully contained. reporting live in solano county, jodi hernandez. the soft ball league is wondering how it's going to make up for a horrible loss after thieves broke into their headquarters taking thousands of dollars worth of important items. the storage shed is tripped of most of the valuable items, a golf cart and multi-speed pitching machine, also snack items that nearly 300 players sell to earn money for the team.
6:36 pm
the sheriff's department is on the case but organizers and parents are scrambling to replace the missing items. coaches say it's ironic just as the girls are stepping up to help others this weekend, playing an out of town charity game for breast cancer awareness. >> his personality is charming, his beliefs polarizing and his financial status wealthy. you probably don't know who he is but what he's doing is rare. tonight the interview with tad toby. >> i think there are a lot of different opinions about me out there, so many of which are not necessarily flattering. >> he's honest and one of the most sought after men in the bay area. >> i love my picture with henry. >> reporter: his office in belmont is more like a museum that's tilted to the right. >> george bush has been probably the most maligned president ever. >> reporter: this is 82-year-old tad toby. he made his money in real estate and now spends a lot of that
6:37 pm
money on charity. >> if i weren't a near holocaust survivor and if i didn't have a significant amount of wealth, i probably wouldn't be very popular in this world that i live in in the bay area. >> he leads the foundation and toby flon thopys. he's in charge of a reported half a billion dollars in assets. >> what drives you to do all this is really the question? there is a lot that you could do and that you do. what drives you to do this? >> i think there is a lot of imperfections in our society and our various social systems that i feel i can help. so i think i'm driven really more by my perception that i might be able to do some good. >> your day, you look at it
6:38 pm
whether it's a 40 hour work week or a 60 hour work week, do you review requests from various people and organizations? >> that's an interesting question because that's what my wife wants to know. she said what the hell is it that you do all day? the answer is that i basically have become rather a slave to my computer. i get this constant barrage of e-mails throughout the day that drive me inih ñ different directions. >> is there anything that dis points you specifically in the bay area in terms of flon tl philanthropy? >> i think that statement is true. we live in an area of the world that has seen huge fortunes made, sometimes by people in
6:39 pm
their 20s and 30s. these people are very focused on what they think is right. they're often very opinionated by their own lives and about how they serve their own individual masters. you got to take them to school. i'm 82 years old and i'm sort of beyond being a school teacher at this point. >> toby says he's proud of what he's done for stanford, especially creating its center for jewish studies. you can watch this segment as well as other interviews on our website. >> she fought for our country and now she's fighting ovarian cancer. today her dying wish is granted along with dreams of getting married. >> good evening. dry, hot winds continue across the bay area at this hour. you can see on the satellite
6:40 pm
radar while it's clear now we'll talk about rain in that 7 day forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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in health matters, cats are helping researchers at ucsf better understand the aides virus. new research indicates the virus which causes aides in cats could hold clues to developing a vaccine for humans. the protein can trigger an immune response in the blood of people infected with hiv. experts say the discovery of the protein is a long way from practical use but it is considered promising for those researchers in the fight against the hiv virus.
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>> jeff joins us now. he's been monitoring the conditions. >> as we head into the weekend it looks beautiful. we'll take a live look here in san francisco. fog free and fog free at the game in oakland. we'll have details with hotter weather moving into the coast in a few minutes. >> we're under way in oakland but did someone say football? yes. the 9ers take center stage on sunday. we'll take you to the final day of practice before the big game against the texans next. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university.
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for nearly a year cindy dang has focused on cheem oh, radiation and surgery as she fought stage three cancer. today she focused on her veil and her vows as her wedding day wish became a reality in a bay
6:46 pm
area hospital. a story seen only on nbc bay area. >> reporter: this is a first for cindy dang who has never worn makeup. this day is different. it's her wedding day. the fuss is a welcome diversion from her no fuss life in a hospital room at the va hospital where cindy is receiving treatment for stage three ovarian cancer. today instead of undergoing chem therapy, she's undergoing a makeover with a volunteer from the american cancer society. >> when i see a cancer patient fighting for their lives, i want to fight for them. >> reporter: she's relishing her reflection, her veil showcasing, not hiding her smile. thanks to her friends and hospital staff which she thought would be a drab wedding in her hospital room turned into a beautiful outdoor ceremony. >> everybody is trying to surround me and give me the love and support to tell myself not to give up on my fight.
6:47 pm
i have a long, long struggle to go. this is just a little break, to make me enjoy life. >> today she says she's marrying her sole mate, her boyfriend of 15 years, david jones. >> it's because of you that i have made it this long. no matter what the future holds, i am forever connected to you. you are everything to me. >> reporter: david says the illness brought him a new perspective. >> i enjoy everything to the fullest now. take it day by day. >> reporter: and sometimes minute by minute. >> i just turned 42 on september 1st. too soon. it's not my time to go yet. i'm still going to fight. >> reporter: a couple facing an uncertain future but brave enough to strengthen their commitment and remind all of us to embrace every moment.
6:48 pm
in pal low alto, nbc day area news. >> best story of the day. >> we wish them the best. let's bring in jeff who guides usayid into the weekend >> a lot of you may be starting off that weekend concerned about the a's game. we have some wind out here but you'll see as we continue through the first inning temperatures into the mid 70s and 9:00 tonight clear conditions. you might need a jacket by the end of the game but fairly mild for game one. we've talked about our red flag fire warning for the hills above 1,000 feet through tomorrow morning. our largest concern right now with three fires that have sparked in the past 24 hours is ÷ fairfield. smoke traveling down here near the coliseum and across the bay at about 20 to 4 0 to the south.
6:49 pm
some of the worst air quality will be across the central and east bay. let's get you into our forecast here as we get a look outside of our sky camera network. what you see this evening is in pal low alto it's hazy so you may be impacted. we will take you to our next sisky camera. you see the oakland threats in the first inning of that game, great conditions. temperatures for tomorrow a little warmer in the south bay, 85 in san jose, very nice for the first day of that weekend. 87 in morgan hill. it's going to feel like summer here taking it back a few weeks. now that we're in fall we're going to get a reprieve and a little of a warmup. even at the coast line with off shore winds lingering for the first part of the day it should be good enough to drive the
6:50 pm
warmer winds to san francisco, 83 in oakland. as far as this wind goes, the worst will be tonight into the early overnight hours, winds 30 miles per hour in the hills. throughout saturday not as gusty and by sunday we'll mainly find the breezy weather at the immediate coast line. tonight throughout the early morning hours will be the worst of it. as we head throughout this sunday at candlestick, temperatures in the 60s with a little cloud cover, not expected to be too foggy at this point. 7 day xm changes will come next week, tuesday, wednesday, thursday we are talking about low to mid 70s coming back, a chance of showers by wednesday. we might even by thursday have some of those interior valleys in the upper 60s for daytime highs. may need to find that jacket. for this weekend keep the shorts handy. typical bay weather this time of the year, plenty of extremes.
6:51 pm
>> thank you very much. &ú get to sports. we're joined from comcast sports. we have all sorts of things going on like the 49ers. >> another big weekend. we have plenty of sports on this friday to tell you about starting with the san francisco 49ers set to take on the texans. patrick willis remains questionable for the game against the texans because of the groin strain. games and not saying if willis will play or not. >> i don't have to be in somebody's mind to know what they're trying to get accomplished and that's trying to get a win. that's the best antidote for losing is a win.
6:52 pm
so we're -- there is no mystery. that's our mind-set as well. you have two colliding wills and two plans, should make for an exciting game sunday night. >> well, bad news for the raiders. run dmc more likely to be fit dmc come sunday. mcfadden came out of last week's loss to washington with a strained right hamstring. >> i think he's gotten closer but whether he's ready to play or not, he's doubtful for the games. >> he gives an extra threat back there instead of just preparing for tp you have to contend with him, too. he's another threat. if he's out there he gives the defense something else to worry about. if he's not, rashard has been doing great. >> it's very tough.
6:53 pm
he wants to be out there. i'm out here with these guys every day. the only hard thing that you have to deal with. >> let's talk basketball. the warriors are in training camp. steph curry is getting ready for a big year. you know what happens when you become an nba superstar. you can't live in a condo, you got to upgrade. his condo could be yours for $1.7 million. just ten minutes away from oracle arena. former giants dusty baker fired by the cincinnati reds. he spent 60 years with the reds. gm intended to fire hitting coach but to that dusty said if you want to fire someone, fire me and jacoby did just that.
6:54 pm
the 64-year-old now out of a job. maybe he'll take the year off or get right back into it. plenty of openings still around. >> for a full half-hour of sports coverage, watch sports net
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>> want to let you know about breaking news we are following. we're investigating the possibility of a gas leak at the costco in danville in contra cost ta county. we're hearing a possible gas leak. people inside the costco have been asked to leave and the parking lot is jammed up with
6:57 pm
customers attempting to leave. it normally closes at 8:00 so it's about an hour before closing time. >> we have a crew on the way there to investigate. >> let's turn things over. friday is finally here. we can't let our guard down because we have so many things gone on but the fire warning is going to be ending. >> by the early mornings hours we'll see the wind decrease. temperatures in the upper 80s to 90 on saturday. pretty much the same for sunday. then throughout tuesday, wednesday and thursday next week temperatures drop and a slight chance of showers. not a large storm. it will be near the coast line but a huge departure from what we will experience this weekend. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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7:00 pm
the star of "duck dynasty" blasting the show as fake, now on "extra." "duck dynasty" king, phil robertson, at war, accusing producers of altering his reality. >> what is the point? >> they take down tv's favorite family? miley cyrus versus sinead o'connor a nuclear twitter feud. why sinead's demanding a public apology from cyrus. then -- >> i'm casey kasem. >> radio legend casey kasem, a prisoner in his $42 million


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