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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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right now at 11:00 investigators say he was driving the wrong way down highway 101. tonight a stanford student is under arrest after a head-on crash that killed a passenger in a taxi. plus -- >> my reaction is it's about time. i don't know why it took us so long to figure it out. >> some resolution in the battle over a major gas line. there's concern it's unsafe. also -- >> walk on with day two of the alds. >> a nail biter at the coliseum, and now crews are racing to get
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ready for another big game. good evening. we begin with new information in the battle over a gas line on the peninsula. nbc bay area news learned that pg and e has agreed to shut off a major pipeline because of a court order. that pipeline runs under britain avenue between 101 and 280 where thousands of people live. today officials say the pipeline may not be safe and is similar to the one that caused that deadly explosion and fire in san bruno. nbc bay area's mike francis is here with the very latest. >> good evening. city leaders had two emergency conference calls with pg&e and state officials today, and they asked if the utility would comply with a court order to shut off line 147. late tonight city leaders got the answer they were hoping for.
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for those who live along britain avenue in san carlos, word that pg&e is shutting down the four-mile long transition line that runs under their neighborhood comes as welcome news. >> especially after hearing the news, i mean, there could be a problem like that, i think that it's definitely really important. i definitely feel relieved. >> sharing in that relief, san carlos mayor. >> my reaction is it's about time. wron why it took them so long to figure it out, but, anyway, i'm very happy that they decided to take care of the line. >> reporter: yesterday a superior court judge ordered pg&e to shut down the 84-year-old line so it could be thoroughly inspected. the order came at the request of city leaders who cited an internal e-mail written almost a yoer ago by a pg&e engineer that raised concerns about safety.
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it seems like we should consider this and probably move this pipe up for replacement. eight people died in the 2010 explosion and fire in san bruno, and the inferno destroyed 38 homes. san carlos public works director jay walter says given what happened in san bruno, the most important thing to remember is that right now there is no imminent danger to the public, but he says there is still reason for concern. >> the city has over the course of the last, say, several months has had reason to distrust the information that's been provided by pg&e, and so at this point this time we really need to see that information in black and white so we can verify it and feel confident in it. we're also told that residents go without natural gas service once the line is shut off and that there are other distribution lines to bring that service here. the line is expected to be shut
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down sometime on monday. tonight a sanford student is in the hospital and under arrest facing drunk driving and manslaughter charges after a head-on collision on highway 101. a crash in south san francisco about 3:30 this morning. chp says 24-year-old zachary katz was driving the wrong way near see air wra point. he crashed his car into a taxi which in turn was hit by another car. one passenger in the taxi is dead, and one suffered major injuries. neither were wearing seat belts. the taxi driver is in serious condition. katz is hospitalized in serious condition, and he is being charged with felony drunk driving and manslaughter. oakland crews are racing against the clock. the playoff game day wrapped up a little while ago, so right now work is underway to get the stadium ready for tomorrow's raiders game. >> nbc bay area's kimberly terry joins from yous the coliseum
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with the story. kimberly. >> reporter: suz the a's fwot their walk-on win tonight hundreds of people went to work to transform the oakland coliseum from baseball to football stadium. with nearly 48,000 fans at the coliseum for game two, it took quite a while for the stadium and its parking lot to clear out tonight. as soon as the game was called, work was underway to get the shared stadium ready for the oakland raiders' sunday night game against the chargers. >> oh, my god. i have faith many them. they've done it before. they can do it again. >> we've add aid lot of extra bodies just for help prestage, and it's done more questionabling for this conversion. >> reporter: it costs an estimated $200,000 each time, and it includes switching the baseball diamond into a football field and cleaning up after a sold-out crowd. >> it's very methodical process. we have a good handle on it. >> tonight the a's hosted double the number of fans they usually have during a regular season
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game. many of them are also football fans who say they will be back here tomorrow night. >> a's game and tomorrow's game. yeah. wouldn't miss it. we have to do it oakland. >> the a's were able to tie the series tonight, and the fans got a chance to he wanted it. >> hopefully we're getting momentum for the game coming up. >> it's so awesome. this is our team. it's who we are. we feed off them. they feed off us, and hopefully they'll go all the way. go a's. >> reporter: there was no score until the bottom of the ninth inning, which the a's ended the game with a run. the series now moves to detroit. live in oakland, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thanks a lot. it was a nate nail biter that ended in a dramatic fashion. >> lines into left field. a base hit. the score. the oakland a's walk off with game two of the alds.
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>> there was more to it than that. complete highlights and reaction from the players coming up in sports. new at 11:00 sheriff's deputies from santa clara and contra costa counties are planning to head to israel. they'll attend a week-long terrorism prevention and training program. the national police and defense forces are reportedly teaching that program. a u.s. official says an al qaeda leader in libya has been captured by american forces. anis al libi connected to the 1998 bombings and has been on the fbi's most wanted list for more than a decade. there's a $5 million bounty on his head. he was captured saturday. >> now to the government shutdown. let's take a live look at the capitol where the house and senate were at work again today but failed to find a way to reap the federal government. republicans and democrats did find some common ground, though. in the house members of both parties agreed unanimously to
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give back pay to if you recall lowed if you recall workers as the shutdown ends. the sides continue to blame each or for the budget impact. >> would you please put your country before your party. >> what we are looking at here again is an administration, a president, that seems to be unwilling to sit down and talk with us. >> some other good news tonight. the pentagon is ordering most of its approximately 400,000 furloughed civilian employees back to work. about halftime estimated 800,000 federal workers on furlough because of the partial government shutdown. well, lockheed martin says it will furlough 3,000 employees on monday because of the government shutdown. the defense contractor says the number of people put on furlough will increase weekly if the shutdown continues. no word tonight if any employees in the bay area will be affected. the shutdown is impacting some here in the bay area that you might not affect. the blood center has a shortage of o negative and b negative blood. a regularly scheduled blood
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drive at nasa research center could have helped fill that need, but, well, it's canceled because the employees were furloughed. the sanford blood center representative says they hold drives in nasa five times a year. the drives are critical to the local blood supply. oakland police are searching for a gunman who shot three people, killing one near city hall. crews say two officers who were nearby responded to the sounds of gunshots about 1:30 this morning on broadway. investigators say the three victims were taken to a hospital. one woman was pronounced dead. another woman and a man in serious but stable condition. officers say they are hopeful the shooting is caught on camera. >> work this area knowing that the bus line runs through here. i'm aware of there hopefully being some video surveillance cameras that are homicide investigators will look into. >> police say so far there is no motive for the shooting. >> two people are in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being struckly cars in two separate incidents
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just blocks apart in downtown san jose. police went to the scene of the first incident about midnight at a crosswalk at julian and san pedro. you can see the crash caused major damage to the windshield of that car. about 30 minutes later another pedestrian was hit by a car at the corner of south 10th and east williams street. no word on what caused either crash. the police say both drivers are in custody. on the second anniversary of steve jobs' death apple ceo took to twitter to remember the technology icon. here's tim cook's tweet from this morning. "second anniversary of steve's death, going on a long hike today and reflecking on his friendship and all the dents he made in the universe." two years ago jobs died of complications of cancer. he is widely recognized as leading the revolution not only in personal computers, but also in cell phones. get ready for this. behind the scenes with tonight's "snl's" host miley cyrus. also -- >> check it out.
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we'll show you a new smartphone case with a shocking new feature, quite let really. plus, new integration bill the governor signed into law today. and -- >> one, two, three. they've never given up, and today the volunteers received extra training as they continue to search for sierra lamar. we'll explain coming up next. [ phone ringing ] [ daughter ] hi mom. hey honey, the trip's great, very relaxing.
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this is my professor. and also my coach. this is my booster club. this is the guy who's graduating ready for a great career in technology. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at firefighters have contain aid brush fire in sole anno county. not before it burned 1,500 acres. the fire contained about 4:00 this morning. started yesterday southeast of sasoon city. the fire burned a car, a barn, other equipment in the area.
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at one point you can see right there livestock was threatened at the animals were able to rush out of the coral to safety. more than a year and a half after sierra lamar disappeared, a renewed effort to find the teenager. members of the sheriff's search and rescue team joined them with a refresher course on what to watch for as they search the fields, roads, and creeks. >> where to look. what to look for. basically when cars pull over, approximately over spots. >> carl are a ran's sister died in an act of violence, and she says it's vital sierra's parents find out what happened. months later garcia torres was arrested and charged with her murder. after several court appearances, he has yet to enter a plea. a call for imfwrags reform in san jose today. that was a scene at san jose's
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great oaks park, part of a national day of action for citizenship. they urged congress to approve a pathway to sit sgrenship for the estimated $11 million undocumented workers in the u.s. it was one of nine eths across state. it was sponsored by pico, as people in communities organizing. governor jerry brown also took action signing several new immigration bills. one bans police from detaining people for deportation if they're arrested for minor crimes. >> immigration service can still come and pick people up. that's their business. what we're doing here is we're not using our jails as a holding vat for immigration service. >> the governor also signed a bill allowing lawyers to be licensed at admitted to the state bar even if they're undocumented residents. one entrepreneur has invented a crime fighting case for the phone. yellow jacket is what it's called. the cases have built in stun guns.
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call it a zap, if you will, instead of an app. the company showed off its product today at the women's expo in san mat a wroe. it doesn't really stun an attacker, but a painful shock might give the phone's owner, you know, a little bet of time to get away. its inventor is a man who was a crime victim. >> the robber took his phone from him, and he felt that the only time he got close enough to a robber was when he made contact with him to grab his phone. >> the yellow jacket sells for $140. seven states ban stun guns. california allows them if they have a serial code, which the yellow jacket does. another beautiful weekend to get outdoors. for some that pent mp day two of the harvey strictly bluegrass festival. >> this marks the 13th year of the festival founded and funded by a banjo playing investment banker warren hellman. he died in 2011 and left behind an endowment to keep the festival going. dozens of bands, including bonnie rate, and emmy lou harris
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are going to headline six stages, and all of this for free. the festival takes place in an area of golden gate park renamed hellman hall. it attracted a kwaut of a million people last year, and it continues tomorrow. the question is what kind of weather are they going to have? >> who should we ask? >> i think we'll ask the guy who had the perfect weather for his birthday today. >> happy birth day. >> thank you. thank you. yeah, it was beautiful outside. you know being temperatures are going to be very similar tomorrow. if you are making plans to get outside and get down to that bluegrass festival, you'll be looking at temperatures near 80 in san francisco. they got up to 83 downtown. 84 in redwood city. 85 in san jose. same in livermore. gilroy topped out at 93 degrees. now we are expecting, again, similar conditions for tomorrow. in fact, bodega bay, usually they don't get this warm. the average high 74. temperatures even at the coast going to continue to run about five, even 15 degrees above average for tomorrow and, again,
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bodega bay, 82 degrees. average high only in the 70s this time of year. quite unusual for that last burst of heat still making its way through the bay area. we'll be looking at temperatures all the way through the coast to our inland valleys tomorrow. really from 80 to 90 degrees. it's going to be a very hot day. definitely want to make sure you take it easy. find a cool spot. here's our next system. it's getting it back together across the pacific still. that pool of moisture right along the jet stream. that's what we're going to be keeping an eye on as we head towards the next 24 to 48 hours. monday and tuesday, it will drop down across parts of oregon and washington, and so eventually by tuesday and wednesday, we will have a few showers. here's the timeline. by monday, again, a few more clouds moving into the picture. tuesday, that's when we'll see a decent amount of cloud cover. that marine layer spreading across the coast into our inland valleys. you'll notice by monday into tuesday cooling. an additional possible ten to 15
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degrees from where you were today, and where we're going to be for tomorrow. our inland valleys in the 70s and coastal locations in the 50s and 60s, and here we go wednesday. you'll be looking at a few areas of showers. just about one-tenth of an inch. for tomorrow temperatures similar to where we were for today. mid to upper 80s across most of the wrar. 87 in san jose. 84 in fremont. 86 in oakland. 81 in san francisco. your seven-day forecast shows temperatures falling off quite a bit. you'll notice tuesday and wednesday we're back into the 70s. a few showers move in to wednesday, and you'll notice by next weekend quite a different story. only 70 for daytime highs. enjoy this little bit of heat that we'll have for tomorrow. of course, if you are like me and diane are you'll head to the beach. sfwroo yes, we are. >> thank you, anthony. time to check in with mindy bach, comcast sports net, and see what's going on in the world of, i don't know, baseball. >> what do you think? >> yeah. i tell you, forecast in oakland called for a little --
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spectacular start by the a's. this playoff game all came down to the ninth inning. spectacular finish and a familiar sight for the a's. highlights next in the comcast sports desk. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter... because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪
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well, the giants' style of play has been labelled -- the a's could be labelled as fwrit. fwam two the alds between oakland and detroit.
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absolutely exciting. we go to the top of fifth. it's scoreless. run others the corner for rook where i sunny gray. the double play ends. bottom of the ninth. still scoreless. then this time he hits a walk-off single. they had reaction from the coliseum on a site. >> it was a tale of two rookies tonight at the coliseum as the bay perform sunny gray and steven came up heroes in the tlenkt game two victory over the tigers. 23-year-old gray and 28-year-old vote started the season with triple-a sacramento, but tonight they truly played the part of big leaguers. >> it's what you dream of. you know, you want to be in that position. just looking for something, staying in the middle of the field, reply the infield in. want to stay in the middle of the field. just fortunate to come through.
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>> i knew there was going to be a lot of adrenaline, and however i was able to harness that adrenaline was, you know, going to be a big factor in the game, and coming out early, i wasn't nervous, wasn't as amped up as i thought i would be. >> after the game i talked to billy bean. he told me he was most impressed with the composure his young starter showed. he said before the game the two of them were working out together watching the notre dame game, and it seemed like already sunny not even stressed about the task at hand, and he got the job done. speaking of football, already behind me the coliseum construction is underway as they get ready for the raiders kickoff tomorrow night. for nbc bay area news, in oakland, i'm kate longworth. the coyotes and the stars were in a battle. 46 seconds into the game. the rook where i, 19 years old, gets the first goal of his nhl career. it would not be his last. he would add another as the sharks win 4-1.
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you heard kate say the raiders play on sunday. the 49ers do as well. they're prime time. they host the houston texans at 5:30. we'll have all the highlights tomorrow. we'll be back with more news right after the break. too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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tonight, but she's also the musical guest, and one other piece. she plays the role -- >> thanks for joining us. >> good night. ♪
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marauders. >> tell me again, who was it that brought about the destruction of america? >> most folks say it was a government shutdown. others blame obama care. but i remember the exact day america ended, it was the 2013 video music awards. yeah, i remember it like it was yesterd yesterday. >> miley you're on in five minutes. do you need more time to warm up? >> no, i think this performance is going to be less about the singing. >> yeah, that's when all the troubles began. >> but didn't anyone try to warn her? >> it's funny you should ask. because someone did. and it was quite a strange someone indeed.


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