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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 6, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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morning at 10:00. but this one is in detroit. coming up in 30 minutes, fans relive the thrill of that walkoff win. plus, we'll have more about what it takes to transform the field from baseball to football in that short window, including how much it costs the city. we have new information this morning in the battle over that gas line on the peninsula. pg&e announced it will comply with the court order and shut down a natural gas pipeline in san carlos as early as this afternoon. that pipeline, known as line 147 runs along brittan avenue between highway 101 and i-280. the worry is that it could fail and explode like the line did in san bruno where eight people were killed in 2010. on friday, a superior court
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judge ordered pg&e to shut down the 84--year-old line so it could be inspected. they cited an e-mail written almost a year ago by an engineer asking, are we sitting on another san bruno? people that live along brittan avenue are telling us they are grad they are taking a close look at that line that runs under their neighborhood. >> specially after hearing the news that there cob a problem like that. it is important to be looked into. we are all relieved. >> pg&e says residents won't have to go without natural gas service when they shut off the line because there are distribution lines that can deliver natural gas a stanford student is in the hospital and under arrest facing drunk driving and manslaughter charges after a head-on collision on highway 101. this viewer video of the crash in south san francisco around 3:30 yesterday morning.
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according to the chp, 24-year-old zachary cats was driving the wrong way in the southbound lanes near sierra point. he crashed his car into a taxi, which was then hit by another car. one passenger in the taxi is dead. another suffered major injuries. neither was wearing a seat belt. the taxi driver is also in serious condition. he is hospitalized in serious conditions. officers guarding his room because he is under arrest for felony drunk driving and manslaughter. more than a year and a half after sierra lamar disappeared, renewed effort to find the teenager. as they do every weekend, they gathered at the sierra lamar search center and members of the sheriff's search and rescue joined them with a refresher course on what to watch for as they search fields, roads and creaks. >> where to look, what to look for. when cars pull over, a pullover
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spot. >> carla ram says she helps in these searches because her own sister died in a violent act and she understands how vital it is that her parents find out what happens. she disappeared on her way to high school in march of last year. months later, he was arrested and charged with her heard. after several court appearances, he has yet to enter a plea. a call for immigration reform in san jose. this rally at san jose's great oaks park was part of a national day of action for citizenship. these folks say they are hoping to urge congress to approve a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented workers in the united states. this was just one of nine events across the state. it was sponsored by pico, people improving communities through organizing. governor jerry brown also took on immigration yesterday,
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taking action on several new immigration bills. he signed one that bans police from detaining people from deportation if they are arrested for minor crimes. >> immigration can still pick people up. we are not using our jails as a holding vat for the immigration service. >> the governor also signed a bill allowing lours awyers to b licensed and admitted to the state bar, even if they are undocumented residents superman has a cape and your phone can now have a crime-fighting case. a local entrepreneur invented it because smartphone theft is rampant. yellow jacket cases have built-in stun guns, call it a zap instead of an app. they showed off the product at the women's expo. it doesn't stun an attacker. a painful shock might give the phone's owner time to get away. the inventer is a man who was also a victim of crime.
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>> the robber took his phone from him. he found out the only time he got close enough to the robber was when he made contact with him to grab his phone. the yellow jacket sells for $140. seven states ban stun guns. california allows them, only if they have a serial code, which the yellow jacket does sheriff deputies are planning to head to israel to attend a week-long prevention and training program. israel national police and defense forces are teaching that program. u.s. officials say an all qaeda reader in libya was captured by american forces. this man, was linked to the 1998 u.s. bombings. the embassy in east africa and was on the fbi's most wanted list for more than a decade with a $5 billion bounty on his head. he was captured saturday, they say, outside his house in
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tripoli. >> now, to the government shutdown. here is a live look at the capitol where the house and senate were at work trying to find a way to reopen the federal government. republicans and democrats have found some common ground. they agreed unanimously to give back pay to furloughed federal workers after the shutdown ends. both sides continue to blame each other for this budget impasse. >> will you please put your country before your party? >> what we are looking at is an administration, a president that seems to be unwilling to sit down and talk with us. >> a glimpse of some other good news this morning. the pentagon is ordering most of its approximately 400,000 furloughed civilian employees back to work, which is half of the estimated 800,000 federal workers on furlough, because of the partial government shutdown. the shutdown, the topic, of meet the press this morning after this newscast. lockheed martin says it will furlough 3,000 employees
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tomorrow morning because of the government shutdown. the defense contractor says the number of people put on furlough will increase weekly if the shutdown continues. no word on whether any employees here in the bay area will be affected. coming up in in newscast, more on the impact of the government shutdown and the issue that's being pushed to the back burner, which plays a big role in ending the federal shutdown. we are going to talk with nbc bay area political analyst, larry gursten. coming up, a group of bay area college students are on a road trip that could make for a better world. what the santa clara university team is offering up at the solar dekat lo decathlon. making what's old new again. the restoration project that is sure to make a nearly centuries-old theater vibrant again.
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a team of santa clara university students are pulling
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double duty entrenched in school work, of course, but also showing off a solar home they built for the solar dekat lon. it is one of 19 entries in the competition that is going on in orange county. it is the first time it has been held in california and teams from around the world are competing to design and build the most attractive, affordable and energy-efficient solar-powered homes. junior, brian grou joins us live in solar village in irvine via skype. thank you for joining us. >> hello. thank you for having me. >> so far you are in second place out of 19 teams. doing pretty well, my friend. >> yes, we are. we are extremely happy with how we are doing. we still have about another week of competition. so all those scores can fluctuate a lot. >> so solar panels, solace the decade. things are so much more advanced now that you guys are taking control. a lot of bamboo. a lot of other features that you say is the next step in going green. >> correct. we use bamboo a lot in the house, both aesthetically, the
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hardwood floors and the decking on the outside. the structure of the house. the flooring and roof are made out of bamboo, which are designed and built by students at santa clara. some of the other features, we see a lot of greenery also. i hear there is a wayne barrel radiant heater. >> yes. i will take you on a quick tour of the house and show you all these cool technologies that we have. back here is the mechanical room, more of the brain of the house. like you said, there is a wine barrel back here. this is part of our water heating system that uses the sun's energy and stores that energy. >> i hear you can take us into the kitchen as well, which is where i spend most of my time. >> you are walking on the back deck, this is the back door of the house. we are going to enter into the great room.
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we have some people in here working right now. we are getting ready for competition which starts in about 15 minutes for the day. >> one of the things you have to do to do well in the competition, you have to dry a load of laundry. why is that? >> that is correct. the way the competition works, they simulate people living in the house for about the two weeks period that we are competing. we have to do everything from cook meals and host parties to do loads of laundry and simulate everything you would find in a traditional house. >> back here is the laundry room area. we take the exhaust air from the dryer to preheat the incoming air to make the dryer more efficient than a standard one. >> that's awesome. this is just one of 18 or rather 19 entries. you had to build it here and truck it down to southern california, right? >> that is correct. we built it on the santa clara university campus. then, we took it apart. it went on six flatbed trucks
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and we brought it down to irvine and we had 8 1/2 days to build it again. >> now, this is, again, one of 19 the public is getting to see these for the first time. what's been the feedback? a lot of folks spending more time in your house than the others. >> we have had quite a few people come through our house. yesterday, we had 2600 people come through in an eight-hour period. right now, we are walking on the outside of the house. you can see the village and all the other houses. >> i like yours better. >> thank you. we like ours a lot too. >> tell us why you are involved in green technology and in building this kind of home. >> i got involved. because, really, this is the future of technology. trying to save the environment and things like that. what we are interesting in is that you can live a traditional lifestyle and still be very sustainable and have all the comforts of home. >> santa clara university's third time competing. you have taken third place twice
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before. we are hoping it will be first place this time. brian grou, thank you so much for joining us from santa clara university's solar house at the solar dekcathlon. we look forward to celebrating number one with you when you get back. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, brian still ahead, a nod to history in an area booming with hot tech start-ups. the renovation that is changing the face of san francisco once again. clearer skies waking up here on this suchblt we anday. we are talking about a few showers in the forecast. today, it is going to be very hot. we'll explain after this. too big.
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too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant good morning to you. looking live at a very pretty start to the day along the sunol grade. blue sky. some cloud cover. nice and warm today. an on this in i slaughter is in the weather center with when we're going to need an umbrella. it is not if, it is when.
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we will eventually. it is not today. we are talking about beautiful, blue skies today and lots of sunshine. temperatures already warming very quickly. we're going to see 80-degree weather from the coast, bayside, even for our inland valleys. by this afternoon, a few places will top out near 90 like gilroy, santa rosa. real really, that's about it. everybody else is going to be in between 80, 90 degrees. make sure you keep that sunscreen handy if you are going to be out and about. >> hard to believe it is going to be that warm. right now, very chilly. 45, nova doe, 44, santa rosa. 52, san mateo. gilroy, 43 degrees. our winds today again offshore. we are seeing a lot of that warm air coming in from the central valley. so today, another warm day. that's how we can tell just by looking at those winds. we are tracking showers ahead in our future. this will come this way as we head towards tuesday and wednesdays. you will notice a system bringing lots of moisture up into the pacific northwest, really, just north of seattle,
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into places like canada and up into alaska. this system will start to drop down as we head toward monday and tuesday. by wednesday, a few showers. here is what you, can expect from the timeline. tomorrow, those clouds will increase. the temperatures are going to cool 4-8 degrees from where we are going to be today. that will put a lot of places close to 90 today closer to 80 fof tomorrow. look what happens on tuesday. more clouds move in. a little bit of fog. we'll even get cooler then. so that means we are back into the 70s by tuesday for a lot of us. wednesday, here come the showers. eventually, clouds will increase. we are not looking at a whole bunch. we want you to focus on the range, from a trace amount to a tenth of an inch. we are not talking about a whole lot. it is going to be more of a nonevent if you will. good news on the weather front. with he do need showers. this is going to be just enough to get the ground wet, not a whole bunch. you want to keep those umbrellas handy. 94, santa rosa. dry conditions there. 82, san francisco. very warm in the south bay.
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lots of places close to 90 degrees in the silicon valley. for the next seven days, temperatures are getting cooler as we head through tuesday and wednesday. wednesday, the day to watch for a few showers. not going to be much but enough to get the ground wet. any little drops we can get across the bay area, we will take them. good weather for both the raiders game and the niners game. that's nine. san francisco renaissance of mid-market street has made a lot of headlines lately. one of them is the last holdout in the transformation. it is a nearly century-old theater. joe rosato jr. shows us how that crumbling theater is in the midst of a revival. >> reporter: it takes one with a flare for the dramatic to see past the for lorne interior. >> it has carcasses of dead birds and disgusting and musky. >> for the conservative of the
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theater, finding a beauty is like envisioning a play on an empty stage. >> that's always the beautiful thing about old theaters, the ghosts of performance past still live in the building. >> reporter: if that is the case, the strand has one diverse ghost population, since opening as a vaudville theater in 1917, it served as a bingo parlor, a movie house, a porn theater and a house for squatters. >> still there was all this remaining. >> reporter: this grand old theater will get another act, a.c.t. purchased the theater several years ago and now is set to begin a $32 million restoration. >> this is going to be this extraordinarily intimate 300-seat theater, cabaret seating if people want to do that to get close to the power
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of life theater. >> it will become a player of the mid-market street which has become a hub for twitter. they have often said, please keep investing in our arts program. that creates the conditions in which the innovative spirit happens. >> in a neighborhood surrounded by tech, government buildings and new housing, the new theater will become the areas artistic living room. >> the challenging and beautiful thing will be to marry many, many different kinds of audiences in a unified space. >> the ghosts and some of the graffiti will be here when the theater opens in the spring of 2015. still ahead on "today in the bay" -- >> no one expects to hear lavon or givanci, here in the bayview.
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>> the unusual place for people to enter the world of high fashion. it is today's bay area proud.
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it is nothing less than a shortcut to the top. >> everything that i've learned, everything that i've gotten to be really good at is because of these women. >> the hard yarn is the warp yarn. >> the women arielle is talking
7:28 am
about are instructors for a unique nonprofit called visions of la moda, a 9-year-old program where a handful of young, urban women, are prepared for a career in high fashion for free. >> so when we apply for college, we get accepted, what happens. >> meaning weekly in the summer and monthly during the school year, the girls learn not only sewing and design but french as well, lectures from fashion profgsls and a trip to new york's fashion week have been part of the la moda program. arielle has been with them for five years now. >> this one is a little off. >> 5:00 rigorous years. >> it can get a little overbearing. hey, overbearing gets you to high success. >> the woman behind all this is th woman behind that camera, tracy piece-greco. tracy's love of fashion was sparked not coincidentally in the very church sanctuary above their heads.
7:29 am
>> in the 1970s, right here, i would be a very small girl sitting in these pews. this aisleway looked like a runway in paris. i had never seen women dress so beautifully. >> it wasn't until her 30s that tracy ditched a job in banking to go to italy in search of a career in fashion. >> in two years, i want us to be at s at that show. >> she is now a wardrobe stylist and performance to theaters. >> and a task master to the girls in la moda. the world doesn't give you a pass. you have to be at work here on time. you have to come prepared. >> ultimately, tracy says, her goal is not to provide the world with great fashion designers. she just wants to provide the world with a few more great people. garvin thomas. thats wa garvin thomas, by the way.
7:30 am
still ahead on "today in the bay," we have the latest on the b.a.r.t. negotiations and they may be getting closer to a deal. also, is it a healthy way for smokers to quit or a high-tech way of attracting new smokers. just ahead, we'll show you what vaporizers are and talk about their safety. [ mom ] in my family, we're big cereal lovers. so we just look for this g. 'cause general mills makes over 40 yummy flavors that are 130 calories or less per serving. and they're packed with vitamins and minerals. from lucky charms to cheerios. over 40 cereals. 130 calories or less.
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this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. looking live at some of the racers getting ready for the san jose rock 'n roll marathon. all quiet now. it is going to be, what is it, 13.1 miles of a party. it is 26.2, right? >> i have no idea. >> thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez with meteorologist, anthony slaughter. i don't know if you were here last here. music and bands. makes you want to run. >> maybe when you get a little more sleep. >> yeah, that's true.
7:33 am
>> that's a lot of people up early this morning. i was impressed to see all those folks out on the street. this morning, it is a little chilly. some of those folks were out there in shorts. definitely going to warm up later this afternoon in the 40s and 50s. if you are making plans not only to head down to the rock 'n roll festival down in san jose, you are looking at beautiful conditions and san francisco as well. if you are headed down to the texans and 49ers game, 5:30 kickoff. that will be broadcast here on nbc bay area. later this evening, the raiders taking on the chargers. temperatures falling through the 60s. once we get to the heat of the day, very warm, 90 in santa teresa, 84, fremont and 82 in sfraeps. lots of 80s across the board today. we are taking it back. >> thanks, anthony. happening now at coliseum, racing against the clock. they have been working since midnight, switching the field from baseball to football
7:34 am
following last night's thrilling victory against the tigers. the field needs to be ready for tonight's raiders game. they pushed that back to 8:30 to give them a little bit more time. "today in the bay's" kimberly terry takes us inside the coliseum where the fans were excited and focused on the daunting task at hand. with nearly 48,000 fans at the coliseum for game two, it took quite a while for the stadium and its parking lots to clear out. as soon as the game was called, work was underway to get the shared stadium ready for the oakland raiders sunday night game against the chargers. >> i have faith in them. they have done it before. they can do it again. >> we have added a lot of extra bodies to pre-stage and make things move more quickly for this particular conversion. >> reporter: the changeover which costs an estimated $250,000 each time, switching the science, converted this baseball diamond into a football field and cleaning up ahave a sold-out crowd. >> it is a very methodical
7:35 am
process. >> a's hosted double the number of fans they usually have during a regular season game. many of them are also football fans. >> i wouldn't miss it. >> reporter: the aa's were able to tie the series against detroit and fans got to end on a high note. >> i am so pumped. hopefully, we can ride this momentum for the games coming up. >> this feels so awesome. this is our team. it is who we are. we feed off them. they feed off us. hopefully, we'll go all the way with it. go a's. we have new information in the battle over a gas line on the peninsula. pg&e announced it will comply with the court order and shut down the national gas pipeline in san carlos. that could come as early as this afternoon. that pipeline known as line 147 runs along britttan avenue along highway 101 and i-280. it is a source of great concern that it could be a repeat of the
7:36 am
san bruno explosion. on friday, a superior court judge ordered pg&i to shut down the 80--year-old line. it came at the request of city leaders that cited an internal e-mail raising concerns about safety asking, are we sitting on another san bruno. people that live along brittan avenue are glad they are taking a look at the line. >> specially after hearing the news that there cob a problem like that, i think it is really important to be looked into. i would say we are all relieved. >> now, pg&e tells us that residents will not have to go without natural gas service once the utility shuts off that line, because there are distribution lines that can still deliver that natural gas. >> with less than a week before another potential b.a.r.t. strike, we are getting an update on negotiations. management and unions are still $90 million a part on the
7:37 am
agreement, there is progress inches toward the middle. b.a.r.t. and its unions met yesterday. the unions made a move lowering their demand from 7% to 5% per year for three years. b.a.r.t. management is standing by its proposal of an annual 2.5% raise over four years. they have reached an agreement on a pension plan. a cooling off period runs until thursday. bart employees could start as early as friday. what's being touted as the best new way to kick the habit. it may be kick starting a in you jen ra new generation of smokers. e cigarettes. if you don't know what they are, your teenager might. the number of people trying them doubled to 2 million people last year. still ahead on "today in the bay," we will talk football. legendary broadcaster chimes in.
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back to those e-cigarettes, they look like a regular cigarette but they have a light at the end. do they help people quit or do they help people start? stephanie trunk tries to answer that question. >> reporter: lighting up, 2.0. >> there is less of a burn. it feels less dirt. >> it doesn't smell. >> e-cigarettes, also known as vaporizers or vapes, have a battery-powered heating element that warms the liquid turning it into vapor. only vapor is the latest in the bay area to sell the vapes. he says, this is the secret to help smokers kikt happen i had. if you are burning vegetation, you are building tars in your lungs. if you are vaporizing, your not. >> i have seen the growth of the popularity within the last year. >> candace garcia that works with troubled teens says there
7:41 am
are so many colors to choose from now, girls are turns vapes into accessories. >> if you have lipstick, you want to look like you match. so with this electronic cigarette, if it is a hot pink and you have a hot pink purse, it looks cool. so i've seen it a lot. >> a kid can use it anywhere. >> he says, kids are getting hooked. >> a kid could have it right here. they could slip it out of the jacket and do this and be done. you are never going to see it. >> they could do it in class in front of a teacher? >> they do. >> they use them for nicotine and marijuana in the same room as their parents. >> without mom and dad catching on. >> and perhaps luring in first-time smokers. san francisco general hospital doctor neal benowitz says the impact goes beyond individuals.
7:42 am
e-cigs could be more popular. >> dr. ben owe wits who is also a nicotine expert says the newest devices are far less toxic compared to the first that came out ten years ago. still, a lack of regulation has left many questions hanging in the air. >> some of the cartridges are really big and contain a lot of nicotine. so, in theory, if someone were suicidal or if a child got ahold of them, they could get a potentially lethal dose of nick owe teen. >> the last eight months of vaping is all the church he needs. >> i have lost that smoker's cough. i feel more clear. >> stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. >> the e-cigarettes and vapes have gotten smaller and less expensive. you can pick one up that will last a couple of years as well as $20.
7:43 am
legally, you can smoke these any d where. there was a senate bill to ban e-cigarettes the same place traditional cigarettes are. a live look at the s.a.p. center with a sharp opening on thursday. the second game of the season against the phoenix coyotes, 46 seconds into the game. tomas put the puck into the net for the first goal of his career. he would score another goal just seven minutes later and that's all team teal would need. the sharks, now, 2-0 on the season. are you ready for some football? the 49ers take on the houston texans tonight on sunday night football in america. you can see the game right here on nbc bay area starting at 5:00. we sat down. the game starts at 5:00. we also sat down with legendary broadcaster, al michaels, one of my favorites. he talks about why tonight's
7:44 am
game is so important for both teams. well, this is one of those games where you've got two teams rg bo rg, both with super bowl aspirations. the way it started out, neither is particularly happy. the 49ers are a little happier nan the texans, because at least they won their last game. the texans blew their last game. they are coming off a shocking defeat at the hands of seattle. the 49ers look pretty good against albeit not a great team but they seemed to get things together. by the time this game is over, one team is going to feel like, okay, we're back on track. the other team is going to go, wait a minute, we are 2 in 3. there is trouble in paradise. some fan base is going to be pretty upset on monday morning. we'll see what happens here is another look at coliseum. it takes about 20 hours to
7:45 am
switch from baseball to football. the a's pulled off a thrilling victory in game two of the alds. tonight's raiders game scheduled for 8:35. the field will be ready. still ahead on "today in the bay," we're going to talk about larry gursten about the government shutdown and what needs to happen for this all to come to an end before we're pushed off the cliff. [ wind howling ]
7:46 am
[ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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it is now day six of the u.s. government shutdown with no end in sight. what is the end of this? let's get the answer from larry gursten. 800,000 federal employees have been laid off. some of them coming back. people can't go to alcatraz or the cliff house. otherwise, we are should going
7:48 am
along. >> for some people, no big deal. what's going on? what are you making a big deal about a shutdown? for others, there are serious consequences. you don't furlough 800,000 federal employees without some kind of consequence. here are some that we might not necessarily think about but are beginning to impact us in one way or another. think about, for example, what's going on in the national parks. the national parks are shut down. you can't go to a national park. a lot of people are getting their lives ruined over that. they had vacations planned and whatnot. think about the fact that you are applying for an fha loan, a small business loan, a social security package, you will get it souper or later. there is no one there to process it. think about the fact that all these government construction projects are going along, both by government pemployees and th
7:49 am
private sector. they are not working. you put this all together and you have a lot of stuff going on. some are impacting more than others. i am writing a book about the disengagement of american people. i can't get to u.s. government websites. you go to websites and it says, it shut down. sorry, no one here to keep it up. there are some big things happening. >> hearing for folks who are applying for loans. we all know in this market, it is time sensitive. no one is able to legitimize social security numbers. sometimes you could lose your house over it or your potential house you are going to buy. you are not going to get your paycheck. you put it all together and the consequences of all this are anything but cheap. the fact of the matter is, the shutdown is costing us, costing us, the economy, $300 million a day. so far, chris, that's $1.8 billion. tomorrow, it is $2.1 billion.
7:50 am
tuesday, it is $2.4 billion. before you know it, you are talking about serious money. think about the fact that you are shutting down programs and reopening them. everybody has to say okay. stop doing what you are doing. come back later. there are great costs when you are talking about 800,000 employees forced to move out an then back in again. think about the extra time that the personnel will need when we actually return after this shutdown. there is a backlog here. we have to process all these things. think about the fact that there will be lost governor revenues from nobody working. they are applying for unemployment insurance which also costs government money. we have furloughed workers that somehow have to get on with their lives and meanwhile can't. they have mortgages to pay, bills to pay. without this, i talked about tsa person the other day, going to the airport. he is working. he has to work. he is essential.
7:51 am
he says, i don't know how i am going to pay my mortgage, which is due in two weeks. that's the crisis we have going on in the country. >> we heard earlier, there is some movement. we can both agree we should give back pay to the federal workers. is there an end in ith soo. >> the back pay will come. congress was unanimous on that yesterday. amazing congress agrees on anything. as far as the end in sight, no. we have a very muddled picture. the picture isn't pretty. that's because of yet another issue, chris. that's what we call the national debt ceiling. the united states owes money to other countries, private investors. why? because of our annual unbalanced budget we come up with every year. that's what we call the national debt. right now, the debt ceiling is set at $16.7 trillion. that's how much the united states is allowed to owe people, to owe countries, to owe all those folks we borrow from.
7:52 am
the u.s. treasury secretary, jacob lieu, says that the united states will run out of money by october 17th, unless congress raises the debt ceiling. from that day on, we well owe more than we have money to pay. the president says, congress, do something about this. please raise the debt ceiling. no conditions. just raise the debt ceiling. congressional republicans say, we will raise it but with conditions, anywhere from ending the affordable care act to privatizing social security to ending other federal programs. what we now have is this huge convergence of two issues, kris, first disagreement on what to do about the budget and the second, what to do with that. >> thank you, larry, for coming in. still ahead on "today in the bay," we'll tell you why hundreds of people took the plunge in the san francisco bay.
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welcome back. it is going to be another warm day across the bay area. kind of like what we saw yesterday. places that got back into the 80s will be there. even bayside, mid-80s. inland, close to 90 degrees. we want to make sure you take it easy. right now, very comfortable. fall, crisp air in place. 44, santa rosa. 48, napa, gilroy, 43 degrees. our winds are offshore for today. that's a warming wind. that's what's going to warm us up very quickly for this afternoon. in the long-term, we are tracking a few showers. this is our next system you can see. that plume of moisture making its way up toward the fa siepac northwest. by the time we get into tuesday night into wednesday, clouds increase and the potential for a few showers across the area. here is a look at what we are
7:56 am
expecting. our computer model does a good job at showing it is not going to be a widespread event. this is wednesday at 6:00 in the morning. put it into motion, you will notice how a few areas do see a little bit of green. most of that will be in the east and south bay this go-around. this is again just a computer model's estimate of the track of where this system will move towards. being that it is still three or four days out, it could move a little bit to the east or the west. a lot of discrepancies with this as we head toward the next few days. this is about the second day in a row that the computer model has been honing in on activity as we head towards wednesday. we will keep you posted as we get closer to the day. beautiful, 86, san jose, 82, san francisco. 84, santa cruz. anywhere you go today across the bay, it is going to be beautiful. it is also going to be warm and bright. for tomorrow, a few more clouds move back in the picture. we start to cool off by tuesday. temperatures back in the 70s by then. about a 10-15 degree drop before
7:57 am
we see showers for wednesday. after that, very cool, crisp, autumn air in place as we head toward the next weekend. a little bit of something for everybody on that seven-day forecast. chris? we like that. there was an unusual sight in the san francisco bay this weekend. hundreds of people started jumping off a horn blower yacht and into the chilly waters. it was the start of a swim to raise money for two bay area pt who is. the 1 1/2 mile open water swim took folks from the golden gate bridge to the field. they were hoping to raise $400,000 for cancer vresearch a children's hospital oakland and ucsf children's hospital. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. no 5:00 and 6:00 news tonight because it is sunday "football night in america." then, ex finity sports prime time airs at 8:30 followed by a special edition of nbc bay area news. of course, we'll be back with you at 11:00 tonight.
7:58 am
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breaking news this sunday. terror crackdown. libya forces break down in somalia. we'll have the latest. the government shuts down. hundreds of thousands of workers stay home, national parks close, but the washington spin war moves on full speed ahead. >> this isn't some damn game. >> the american people are not pawns in some political game. >> and we hope that our democratic colleagues will stop with the games. >> let the house stop the irresponsible reckless games. >> with no breakthrough in sight, another crisis looms on the horizon. with the u.s. default on its bills for the firstme


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