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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 7, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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for sparking a brush fire on yerba buena island that snarled traffic for hours last night. what you can expect if you are heading that way this morning. >> and former president jimmy carter is visiting the habitat for humanity site in the east bay one week after volunteers were robbed at gun point at that site. >> the upset that had raiders fans up early into the morning hours. >> we take you live to the bay bridge, looks like there's some traffic moving along heading into and out of san francisco. despite how early it is on this monday, october 7th, this is "today in the bay."
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>> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 4:30 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off. looks like a clear morning so far. let's get a look at the forecast. >> good morning to you marla and laura, good morning to you at home. it's a chilly start but yeah, it's clear for now. we expect coastal fog and drizzle as we head throughout the next couple hours. right now looking pretty good. nice and clear along most of the bay area bridges. we're starting out at 48 in santa rosa, 49 gilroy, and 58 degrees here in san jose. we have a lot to talk about in the weather department, changing forecast, showers on the way. your full forecast coming up as promised here is mike inouye. >> good morning. very early but there is a big deal. the camera is looking at university avenue. flacking light away from us on the shoulder.
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farther up let me show you on the maps, this area, the maze and that construction coming through berkeley out of richmond. it's eastbound 80 at carlson boulevard, the on and off ramps are closed because of an overturned sounds like a tanker, not necessarily a fuel tanker. some sort of liquid leak. the on and off ramps are closed. we're not sure when they will reopen. there is a fuel leak. the freeway is open. we're tracking this for the morning commute. >> we'll check back with you. san francisco firefighters say initial reports indicate fireworks are to blame for a brush fire on yerba buena island. it was reported last night in a very remote area on the western side of the island south of the bay bridge. a large plume of smoke and flames could be seen by drivers. it shut down eastbound lanes on the lower deck causing major
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delays. the westbound treasure island on ramp also closed while crews put out the fire. they were hard at work as you can see in this video. the good news is this morning all lanes have been reopened. >> former president jimmy carter is in oakland this morning for habitat for humanity. every year for the last 30 years he and his wife have been building homes in different cities. this morning they will be joined by country music stars trisha yearwood and garth brooks to help build 12 homes in east oakland. tomorrow they will be in east san jose helping elderly and veterans repair older homes. >> that's one of the primary things i've gotten out of habitat. all people on earth are equal and a basic human right is to have a place to live. >> he looks great. the site the president is visiting this morning was robbed just one week ago.
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police are search are for four men who robbed eight volunteers taking cell phones, wallets and power tools. they are back on the job. >> a man arrested in connection with a san jose murder is expected to be extradited to california soon. marshals arrested sean moore on friday in the las vegas area. they believe he chased down and shot ramon garcia in downtown san jose. this here is surveillance video -- that's just the victim there. we do have surveillance video, here it is, of the murder back in august. we have edited it so it does not show the actual shooting. you see garcia riding on a bicycle in a parking lot in the middle of the day near north third and east julian streets. moments later the gunman shoots garcia point blank. san ramon man accused of shooting his property manager as
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he was being evicted is going to make a court appearance. he face three counts of attempted murder. he shot at the property manage are and two deputy when's they attempted to evict him from his home. he surrendered. officials say the home is in foreclosure. >> pg&e officials are in the process of shutting down a natural gas pipe line that officials believe could be unsafe. that pipeline known as line 147, runs along britain avenue between 101 and 280. the worry is it could fail and explode like the line in san bruno back in 2010, killing eight people. leaders requested the shutdown citing an eternal e-mail raising questions about safety. the e-mail asked, quote, are we sitting on another san bruno? a pg&e spokesperson says the line is being shut down as a
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precaution. >> verified independent third party came tine verify the integrity of the line and even in 2011 did a strength test to make sure that the integrity of the line was validated. that's where we're at today. we commend the employee that raised the question. >> customers will get their natural gas from other lines. >> talking about how warm it was this weekend. >> i know, feels like summer is hanging on. we are in october. >> good morning to you. the time now 4:36. it was warm yesterday. that means you're going to notice the difference as temperatures tumble throughout this afternoon so. this is what we're expecting. we're counting on a pretty good chance for showers across the bay area the next couple days especially wednesday into thursday. this morning we have upper 40s to low 50s across the bay area. so here's what we're talking about. a little westerly wind that's
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going to make it feel cooler. the onshore flow is back that's going to change our forecast pattern. so plenty of upper 40s, low 50s into this afternoon we're going to see more 70s. not expecting 80s as the temperatures tumble, into tuesday increasing clouds, even cooler by 2-5 additional degrees. everybody has a fair shot a 20% to 30% now but we'll let you know if that gets better. highs look good, 82 concord, 77 fremont, 78 in redwood city. let's check your drive. >> good morning. we're looking at the bright lights, this is the traffic on san mateo bridge. nothing big, look at the sensors. we don't have a lot of problems. we're looking at a smooth drive across 92 at the top. the dumbarton bridge, both of
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those westbound commutes will pick up. that's the peninsula, a smooth flow, even 880 through the east bay not a big deal. we're following this, the on and off ramps for east 80 are closed. i got an update, the westbound off ramp was also closed. that's the commute commute direction. that will be an issue if it lasts more than an hour, hour and a half. let's take care of that as the morning progresses. note the carlton off ramp is closed westbound 80 as well. use central. a live look for the south bay as well. here is 101 fwhb headlights at 680 not a big concern. looking light but we'll lay it out coming up. >> thank you. now to the government shutdown entering the seventh day. almost half of those furloughed are headed back to work even though the shutdown is on. the pentagon ordered 300,000 employees back to work and
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400,000 remain at home because congress can't agree on a budget. good news, though, in the house members agreed to give back pay to furloughed federal workers but only after the shutdown ends. the senate will take up the measure but a date has not been given. >> the affordable care act market place is up and running. now there is a warning about scam artists using the new law as a way to get to your wallet. the better business bureau says if someone on the phone is asking you for money, chances are it's a scam. >> absolutely want to make sure people are comfortable coming to us. we are easily identifiable by our polos, our i.d. badge and our service no calls at all. >> if you get a call it's best to hang up. never call back. and one more tip, never give out personal information when receiving an unsolicited phone
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call or e-mail. summer break is over for the supreme court, reconvening for fall session after a three-month recess. there are more than two dozen on the fall docket including the equal protection clause and campaign finance. a case around the issue of state employees claiming age discrimination. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," two scientists waking up with a new title. we'll tell you about their accomplishments. >> tracking tv watchers through social media. >> did you hear about this, a 9-year-old sneaks through airport security on a plane. the tsa is reviewing security tape. to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded...
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francisco. what a nice shot of the bay bridge and all of its glory. clear start to your day. it's 4:43. new this morning congratulations to two bay area scientists for jointly winning the 2013 nobel prize for physiology or medicine this morning. randy scheckman is at uc-berkeley. thomas sudhof haims from
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stanford. they won the prizes for solving the mystery of how the cell organizes its transport system. this is helping researchers gain a better understanding of diabetes and others affecting the immune system. they share the award with a third scientist out of yale university. the nobel prize award earns them a cool $1.2 million. >> impressive. it's 4:44 a. new service launched to track twitter posts about tv shows. let's turn to courtney reagan. good monday morning. >> good morning to you. futures are pointing us to a sharply lower open as the dow and s&p 500 come off a second down week, amid the government shutdown and debt ceiling deadline that could get in the way of earning season which begins later this week with jpmorgan results. we'll get data on consumer credit. reports that were scheduled to
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be released are postponed due to the shutdown. the dow rising to 15,073 and nasdaq up to 3808. a new study finds five years after the financial crisis families are hoarding cash due to uncertainty they continue to spend cautiously, cutting borrowing and putting money in savings and bonds that offer little interest. researchers say high unemployment in countries mean fewer with pay to spend. even those with good jobs are more careful. nielsen is tracking a new service to track twitter posts about tv show, measuring the number but also those who view the tweets. the numbers could help broadcasters better charge marketers for ads and help twitter draw more advertising dollars. smarter use of social media. >> #watch courtney.
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wanks so much. >> it's 4:45. silicon valley commutes rally to help the homeless. community organizations and south bay leaders begin their three-day heal the valley march. they want to bring attention to poverty and how to end. day one begin this is morning at 9:00 at the corner of story and king roads in san jose. each march will last until the afternoon and pick up the following day. during the three-day march the group will make its way to the apple and google campuses. >> no doubt those folks like everyone will want to know the forecast for getting out there. >> yeah, although the date has been set so they have no choice, they have to walk it. it's not going to that be bad. love living in the bay area this time of year. the leaves are changing. it's going to be pretty nice. the one chance for rain not expecting a washout. i'll get to that in a minute. your current conditions, plenty of 50s out there, mostly 50s but do want to show you your
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temperatures in the north bay are dropping off into the upper 40s. before you know it in a couple weeks from now we could get our first frost of the season with an area of low pressure on its way right now. a couple more on its heels as we get into next week. so starting to get more interesting in the weather department. 49 in gilroy, 58 degrees to kick off your day in san jose. back to work, back to business monday no. delays out of sfo, mostly clear, 59 degrees and we're looking good across most of the nation. we'll let you know if we see delays as we head throughout the next few hours. looks pretty active. throughout the midwest. if you're trying to get over there, you want to check ahead. i'll be on top of that. also could see rain delays as the tigers and the a's go at it. area of low pressure here, this is increasing that onshore flow. a weak disturbance going to fall apart before coming through the bay area. what it will do is cool us off
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from yesterday with plenty of mid 80s yesterday. today i'm forecasting 77 in fremont, 79 in san jose, 83 in gilroy and 75 not a bad day in santa cruz. down from the 80s that we saw yesterday. then the next couple days temperatures continue to tumble feeling like fall for tomorrow's stray shower. we're not expecting a lot of rain. a moisture-starved system. keep that in mind if you've got outdoor plans, maybe trying to work on the roof. we could get a few showers on wednesday. then thursday, mild, clearing you out looking good, though, ladies, all the way across the board. temperatures are not going to be too hot and not too cold no. need for the ac, pact that money for shoes or something better. >> that a girl. we speak the same language. 4:48. a young run away who snuck onto a flight to las vegas still in protective custody. on thursday 9-year-old somehow
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managed to get past security screening and hopped on a delta flight. the tsa is reviewing surveillance of the child and investigating ways to prevent this from ever happening again. investigators say the child had scoped out the airport the day before boarding the plane. this is not the first time he ran away from home. >> pretty savvy. 4:49. still to come the raiders pull off the late night upset. that might not have been the most impressive. >> look at this. this is impressive. i mean you know, it's clear. 4:49. we'll show you how things are shaping up for south bay and there is a new incident there. i just saw that.
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it's 4:52. what a nice shot. live look at this morning. a lot of raiders fans are probably having a hard time waking up. they are still asleep. that's because last night's late night showdown did not end until just before midnight. for those fans who did stay up late, they were not disappointed after missing last week's game gause of a concussion terrelle pryor led the raiders to a 27-17 victory over the chargers. the raiders "d" picked off
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philip rivers three times to seal the deal. the game was supposed to start at 1:25 yesterday. because of a's playoff baseball it was pushed back to 8:35. this is time lapse video showing crews hard at work converting the coliseum after the a's game saturday night into a football field. that is so cool. a team of 250 people finished the job in a record time of 17 hours. the task that normally takes two to three days. they all deserve a raise. the late game time meant fans had a few more hours to tailgate. police did arrest a few fans but police say there were no major problems. >> could the raiders be headed east? it's apparently a possibility if the team can't get a new stadium in oakland. according to the chronicle the owner took a tour of a possible new location in concord on
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friday. the 5,000 acres of land is at the decommissioned naval station. the navy is cleeng up the site. concord looking for ways to redevelop the land. it's near the b.a.r.t. station which something mark davis likes. game three of the american league series between the a's and the tigers gets under way 18 few hours. the fir pitch set for 10:07 this morning. a it little pie in the face. they hope to ride the moment mm from the win. the series tied up at one game apiece. >> the niners looks to improve to 4-2 on the season this weekend after just stomping the houston texans last night. the defense forced four turnovers. a 34-3 win. the niners take on the cardinals in arizona this sunday. looking real good last night.
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>> problems in the commute, not looking good. >> you know what, this is a problem and a couple more. a lot of activity. we're hearing about evacuations around that dual or the leak we talked about for eastbound 80 at carlton. watch the carlton boulevard off ramp and the vicinity. i'll bring you more. the on and off ramps there are closed. here farther south, this is 880 through fremont, the same area on the maps. 880 and 680 moving smoothly. what i wanted to tell you this just popped up, debris, a big rig tire in the road southbound 880 toward 237 that will cause an issue toward that interchange or the connector. a smooth flow for the rest of the south bay. we may have street closures after this weekend's half marathon there and josh groban coming into town. that's about it for now. >> you raise me up.
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>> thank you. >> fans at were treated to a luxury port-a-potty experience. >> it was courtesy of charmin tissue, it provided more than a dozen fancy port-a-potties for free. the restrooms the size of a tiny apartment really built into a trailer. the display is traveling across the country, basically giving fans a choice between standard port-a-potties or the luxury luv. that has a tv in it. sorry, they were hauled away after the raiders game. >> i don't think you can call them port-a-potties. way too nice. >> a lot nicer than a lot of people's homes. >> it's 4:56. still to come former president jimmy carter waking up in oakland, set to visit a habitat for humanity site that was robbed at gunpoint a week ago. >> the hunt is on for a hit-and-run drive here killed a
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bicyclist. what a witness is telling us. >> a live look at the calm waters below that bay bridge traffic moving okay. mike has his eye on problems building on this monday commute. 4:57.
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new this morning former president jimmy carter is waking up in oakland this morning. he will visit a habitat for humanity site. we'll have the details in a live report coming up. >> plus, while the clock is ticking on b.a.r.t. and the unions to avoid another strike, riders are getting a chance to pick out what kind of seats they want. >> and we want to get you up and moving this morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. the weather will help, it feel likes fall, upper 40s to mid-50s. we're talking showers in the forecast. we'll get to the numbers in a few minutes.
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>> plus, a double tanker and some sort of leak on the east bay has a problem for the drivers. we'll let you know what on and off ramps are open and which are closed. >> taking a live look outside, looks like the metering lights are not on yet. let's ease into it together. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. it's 5:00 on this monday. i'm marla tellez in for jon. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> two women are recovering following a deadly car crash. the fire department shared these photos of the crash on twitter. one man was killed when this suv crashed into a light post and almost split in half. this happened about 2:00 yesterday morning on blossom hill road


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