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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 17, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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into the morning. we have all of the details coming up in a live report. >> we're so close to the weekend now. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are chilly to start. we've got a beautiful rebound ahead and a good looking weekend. i'll have your forecast in a few moments. >> it is early in the commute but right now chp reports a problem which may be an issue for some crossing boon of the bridges. i'll show you where. >> we take you to san francisco from our san bruno mountain camera. you can see the bay bridge. i'm not sure if there is a shake or the lights twinkling. i'm not the meteorologist. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for waking up with us on this thursday. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning. we start off with breaking news
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in oakland where police had to use a taser to take down a suspect who crashed his car into a building. we have a look at this video in to our newsroom. the driver of a reported stolen car sped past them. moments later officers found the car went through a warehouse with other vehicles inside. one of those cars was just totaled. officers had to use a taser when the suspect tried to run away from the scene. he was taken away in an ambulance. >> an update to developing news. progress is being made but still no deal. b.a.r.t. trains are running this morning as both sides are still at the bargaining table. as we speak in fact. christie smith joins us in oakland where the talks are going on. as yet another marathon session for these negotiators. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. you may be tired of this but i can tell you we saw a group of
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b.a.r.t. union workers come out of the caltrans building and they look tired too. the negotiations started at 10:00 yesterday morning, they are still talking now. but still no deal. we're keeping an eye on the doors and we'll let you know when they come out with any news. what's happening now is that b.a.r.t.'s lead negotiator came out around 1:45, he didn't answer reporters' questions. there is still a gag order in place, actually the fourth time this week that a strike, potential strike has been averted. kind of like that movie groundhog day. keeps happening over and over. because of that gag order it's unclear thou talks are going but both sides sound very optimistic that there is progress. the federal mediator gave his standard statement. >> negotiations have been continuing, the parties are totally engaged, some progress has been made, and the parties have authorized me as they had
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on the two prior nights, to advise that on their interests and for the good of the public interest, trains will be running for the day tomorrow. >> while these talks continue some riders have apparently decided they don't want to be in limbo. since last thursday when the strike notice was given ridership is down about 7% on b.a.r.t. and that amounts to about $300,000 in fare money lost and about 200,000 lost each day. that's to keep all of the shuttles on standby in the event of a strike. we're keeping an eye on the negotiations. everyone is still inside at this hour. as soon as we hear from them we'll let you know what they had to say. christie smith, "today in the bay." thank you. meantime, senator dianne feinstein offering her take on the looming b.a.r.t. strike. >> i think it's a very bad time for a big transportation strike. i think it hurts a lot of people
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and you know, i was mayor of san francisco for nine years, and nine years as county supervisor and i saw in those days the 70s and partly in the 80s, a large number of public employee strikes. they don't work. they leave deep scar tissue. >> senator feinstein went on to urge b.a.r.t. unions to approve what she feels is a very generous package. you can see the entire interview we have with her on our website, search dianne feinstein. you can also get the latest information on the po 0 tension b.a.r.t. strike on our website. at the top of the page a tab called b.a.r.t. strike resources that will take to you a map with real time traffic updates, commute alternatives and real time tweets from transit agencies across the bay area, plus if there has to be a b.a.r.t. strike, "today in the bay" will be on air early starting at 4:00 a.m. >> along with b.a.r.t. ac
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transit will be running. governor brown ordered a seven-day investigation into contract talks between the agency and its unions. meaning buses must run. it could lead to a 60-day cooling off period. the governor took similar action with the b.a.r.t. impasse in august, ac transit workers planned to walk off the job. >> good day to see parks including alcatraz will be reopened thanks to the deal in washington last night to end the partial government shutdown. president obama signing the legislation late last night. this one funds the government through mid january and also allows the treasury to borrow money through february 7. if a more permanent solution is not placed by the beginning of next year we could be facing another government shutdown. let's hope for the best and see if people can come to conclusions. >> that would be nice. it's nice that the national parks are opening with such gorgeous weather. meteorologist christina loren. >> yeah, you know t the fall
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foliage is well out in yosemite. we peak right now all the way through mid november. that's back open as well. good morning to you. temperatures are looking really good this morning. we are milder by 3 to 5 degrees than this time yesterday. temperatures are still cold enough for a deet start but peel it off later on a. very warm finish especially in the inland valleys into this afternoon. so take you through your changes for today. we stop the clock at high noon, temperatures are mostly in the low 70s inland at about 69 degrees, and 62 degrees at lunch time in san francisco. you'll climb into mid-70s so another unseasonably warm day for most of the bay area. 82 in fairfield. and 80 degrees on the way to santa teresa. i have the weekend numbers coming up. no b.a.r.t. strike. you kept those fingers crossed it got us some justice. >> that's good news i have that
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much pull. looking toward the bay bridge, wish i had more pull, later on there will be a crowd. right now good stuff across this major bay crossing. no problem for interstate 80. you see a smooth drive down the east shore freeway including the earlier crash, all lanes reported clear. you have typical slowing for highway 4 starting to build and we'll see that around 5:30. coming into the area we have across the antioch bridge report of a fire as folks are crossing from the north bay into the east bay. reports across on the island there is a fire. sounds like it's one person who called that in. not a lot of drama g. news. the rest of the area approaching just fine out and across the bridge. the fremont area as well coming southbound, headlights past the truck scales. smooth to the south bay.
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back to you. >> we don't want drama any time of day. it is 5:07. there will be a special march in mountain view tonight against illegal guns. organizer josh wolf recently asked mountain view mayor to join the coalition mayors against illegal guns but the mayor refused saying the coalition is silent on legal gun rights and is anti-gun. wolf tells the boys tonight's march is aimed at informing people about the mayor's refuse tool join. the march will start at 6:00 and head down castro street and end in a rally in front of city hall. >> peace harbor is quiet after a month long fight between the property owners and the tenants b. 150 people who lived on both docks of the hasher were told they would need leave because the owner was selling the land to a developer. a lot of people said the harbor offers affordable housing and they nude where else to go.
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they asked then the city to reject the property owner's development plan but the city denied that request. yesterday, the last holdout was evicted. >> a stanford alum the newest senator on capitol hill. newark, new jersey mayor cory booker has been elected to fill the seat left open by the late steve lautenberg. booker will serve out the rest of the term which runs through 2014. he received a b.a. and master's from stanford in the early 1990s. >> he has been a rising star in that democratic party. keep an eye on him. 5:09. coming up on "today in the bay," the new sign winter is headed our way. that's coming up. >> a strange i'd side effect from the shutdown in washington, d.c. >> what does it mean for wall street?
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no doubt it's one of those terrifying days. today mark twog 4 years since the loma prieta earthquake. >> this morning california will hold a state wide great shakeout drill. bob redell is live at the san jose tech museum to show us what to do in the event of a major earthquake. things shaking there. >> in a little bit. i think i feel tremors coming. good morning. you think about the great slakout exercise. this began in 2008 in california. it's in guam, can darks italy. trils at 10:17 local time october 17 the date in 1989 when loma prieta struck the bay area here in the bay area alone 1.5 million this morning participating in this drill. we have glenn here with the california earthquake authority. basically you guys, you help
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with earthquake insurance and you never know when an earthquake is going to strike. >> that's the thing. >> you never know when an earthquake's going to strike. oh, boy. all right. this is the point of drop, cover and hold. that was a replication after magnitude 8 we understand. what is the typical run time? a little longer. >> 15, 20 seconds. you never know. the important thing is cover the head. things are going to fall off the walls. >> biggest misperception? >> what to do during the shake, a lot of people think run to the doorway. bad advice. >> drop, cover and hold. as far as preparedness, are you surprised by the number of people who are or aren't prepared. >> we have more work to do. >> why after all of this time? >> they don't happen very often. out of sight out of mind. 10 million californian this is morning are going to be pulling together to get prepared. >> you say south of sight, out of mind. japan a couple we're years ago
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we saw it. you think of 1989, it was 24 years ago. a long time but still our generation. >> you know, a lot of people weren't alive then or didn't live in california then. it's a long time ago. i think there is a general awareness but a tendency it's not going to happen to me. >> i think i'm going to need a knee replacement after this. glenn, nice meeting you. >> wow. three magnitude 8s in two minutes who would have thunk. we are alive. 10:17 this morning. a lot of schools throughout the state and the world participating. marla, jon. >> good stuff. you got your workout in there. up and down. >> bob redell can take a licking and keep on ticking. great information on an important cause. changing gears, unusual sight compliments of that government shutdown. here's the deal.
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during two weeks of the painful furloughs, there was a spike in activity in the washington, d.c. dating scene. zukes says the use of its app in week one of the shutdown increased by more than 91% in d.c. during the second week there was a 48% increase, in the number of messages sent in the d.c. area. i guess misery loves company. >> i missed the opportunity to join the online dating world. facebook will treat kids like adults on the site. no more teeping teenage profiles under wraps. >> facebook allows kids 13-18 but it restricted the profiles. you can't search for the kid down the street if he had not friended you until now. facebook says it will change the setting allowing kids to post to the wider public instead of just friend they wish to. facebook points out kids are pretty savvy when it comes to
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social networking. from a business standpoint it does increase facebook usership, opens more up to advertising. facebook stock up better than 3% on the news. how about veeva. it began on the new york stock exchange on wednesday. it is up 85% in its first day. they are a cloud platform for biotech companies. well, the shutdown is over, let's check in with bertha coombs on the effect on the stocks. good morning. >> good morning. it's a bit of a sell the news. yesterday we did see a big run-up going into the vote. the dow jumping more than 200 points as it was pretty clear congress was finally going to reopen the government and pass a bill that would raise the debt ceiling. asian markets were higher but europe fizzled not carrying over the effect. we'll get data on the weekly
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unemployment filings but a lot of the reports that have been postponed will come out in drips and drabs. like think september jobs report t key one that people missed. sometime early next week. the dow starts at 15,374, after rising 206 points, and the nasdaq starts at 3839 after rising 45. again, it's old news now especially since we could be right back here 90 days from now. >> we'll see you back here. good to see you. google will be reporting profits after the closing bell, ebay did yesterday becoming the first company to warn that the government shutdown in the way that congress threatened to wreck the economy had very real financial consequences. ebay says while the current quarter finances were fine it's worried about the holidays and consumer confidence which by the way, during the crisis fell since we haven't seen since lehman brothers collapsed.
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expect more companies to do this, it wasn't us, it was them that caused our bad result. whether that's going to be true we'll have no way of knowing. now we have this gint problem in this financial quarter. >> the finger pointing, that's not going to do any good. >> you would think everyone would have learned that by now. >> back in third grade on the playground maybe. scott, appreciate it. 5:18. time to bring out the ear muffs and jackets, a sign winter is around the corner. we have video showing work under way. trust us, they are getting the ice rink in san francisco all ready to be up and running. keep things cool and smooth. the holiday ice rink starting up november 6. it will run through january 5 next year. that's the calm before the ice storm. >> hard to imagine considering the nice weather we've been
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having. >> it's really nice in the afternoon but hey, that's always a fun trip for you and the family. make sure you're ready for it. i get out there about once every three years. temperatures looking good out there right now. we're running actually 3 to 5 degrees milder at this point than 24 hours ago. so thanks for waking up with us, we made it to thursday together and the good news is we've got a gorgeous weekend. especially if you're going to stick around and heading to the pumpkin festival. it's a favorite around here. temperatures are going to cooperate. great especially on saturday. right now we're watching the winds moving offshore but starting to switch around. you saw all of those arrows from the north to the south at this point. the wind will continue to shift. we'll see more of an onshore flow. that means coastal cooling will occur especially throughout the day today. then you'll really notice that as we head throughout sunday when we start to head back to
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seasonal averages. free admission, we like free 99 around near. half moon bay. 3:00, 71 degrees. lots of sunshine on saturday. then temperatures aren't going to be as warm, won't be as sunny on sunday. overall count on a lot of additional traffic getting over to half moon bay one way in, one way out. actually a couple ways. mike knows those thost. most take 92. saturday 84 degrees, cooler at the coast. around 69 on saturday and then as we head throughout next week we're talking about the upper 70s, starting to hit the seasonal afternoons. mike, sign of the times. half moon day festival, have you been out there? >> i have and that 92 stretch from the traffic get very slow. we're looking toward palo alto where we're going to look at these folks traveling
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northbound. earlier in the commute. things pack it in southbound once that sun rises. we'll take to you the south bay following those cars with the taillights. 101 smooth through mountain view and then the northbound routes are the concern. 101 shows slowing. that's early for us to see that. it's a light volume. no other surprises so we'll keep following this as a concert. lisle richie coming in town. we're looking at 84 through livermore. a little build as well as 580 out of livermore. the tri-valley no big drama. watch here at 92, picking up the volume a bit and we see slowing through the hills between 280 and 101, reports of a deer hit. a lot of reports of deer through these hills along the peninsula and this is the season you see them running around and looking for a mate.
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watch out for them. especially early morning hours. a live look outside and see how things shape up. no big drama. a light volume. the east shore freeway at the limit all the way through san pablo, richmond to the berkeley curve. >> we could soon learn what will happen to a century old bridge. the two cities will hold a community meeting to talk about eight different options for the bridge. here it is. some want to renovate the 102-year-old bridge or build a new one. others say it should be torn down. officials say the bridge cannot stay as is because it blocks part of the flood prone creek. the city must complete environmental impact reports and parking studies for each of the alternatives. >> coming up, back to his roots, some news a person like you will like. stores returning to the north
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bay with a special new concept.
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>> burlingame will celebrate work on its downtown area tonight. that city will host a block party celebrating the burlingame street scape improvement project. for the past two years t city's been working on making sidewalks wider, improving parking and intersections on burlingame avenue. hey, it's also adding landscaping and room for outdoor dining. fine diners like marla tellez call that alfresco. >> sonoma getting a make over. the company getting approval from the planning commission to open a new store, cafe and cooking school on broadway, the place the founder chuck williams opened up his first store back
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in the 1950s. they had a little success. >> just a little. >> the store will be modeled after the original. we can tell you the company is hoping the revamped model will boost sales which have been declining. >> chuck williams is 98 years old. awesome. 5:26. bringing back old favorites. revlon has revealed this ad announcing some classic shades will be back. >> great news. >> based on votes the company decided to bring back five discontinued shades from different decades. the oldest is icy violet. first released in 1946. newest, sandstorm, that was first launched in 1999, then snow peach, fifth avenue red and jungle peach. also coming back. i'm going to have to give those a shot. >> i'm a jungle peach fan. 5:26. the 49ers, they were shocked by
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the death of the team physician. we'll have all of the details coming up. >> the fight over the american flag. it heads to federal court. a south bay school district gets ready to explain why it sent five students home for wearing flag t-shirts to class.
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we have breaking news to tell you about a speeding car slams right into a warehouse. police were forced to use a taser to take down the driver. we'll let you know what we're learning from police. >> and yes, the b.a.r.t. trains are running. riders getting another reprieve as marathon contract talks continue this morning. >> i'm glad about the transit running but we're watching the roadways, where we have a new incident for the tri-valley. >> we've got a cold start to the day but get ready for another beautiful fall afternoon. i'm meteorologist christina loren. right now we're in the 50s, temperatures are going to climb
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into the 80s and then we drop like a rock, your full forecast in moments. >> right now the full reveal of that beautiful bay bridge. love to see the lights dancing across the water, also love the fact it's friday eve known as thursday, october 17th, this is "today in the bay." we always appreciate the positive spin on thursday. friday eve. good morning. thanks for waking up with us. i'm marla tellez in for laura. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. an update for breaking news in oakland now. police on scene of a crash, a car crash, where a driver of a stolen car smashes through a warehouse. and officers as we mentioned they had to use a taser to take this guy down after he tried to run away. chase cain is live on the scene. what's going on? >> reporter: jon, police are
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wrapping up their part but what happened was that there was a guy driving a stolen car a couple blocks from where we are. officers lost sight of the car but the guy was speeding down 29th street and then check out what happened here, he plowed into the front of this garage, pulling the garage door down, then slamming into that car you see facing toward the screen. that was parked all the way against the back wall if that gives you any idea how fast this guy may have been going. you'll see paramedics are tending to the person driving that car. that's because police say once they caught up to him and saw the damage at this building that the person was apparently running out the front door trying to take off. officers told the guy to stop. he did not. they had to tase the man. oakland police say the car was stolen. as of right now, no injuries for that guy it seems from the
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crash. he was treated because of the taser use that was there. business owners haven't wanted to say much about what happened here other than saying that this was a garage, a storage facility and at least that car that the man plowed into is going to be totaled. so some damage from this garage. the person driving the car is going to face charges, possession of a stolen vehicle to running from police. he is in custody at this hour and police are getting read the wrap up and now the owner is going to have to clean up. that's the latest live in oakland. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> b.a.r.t. trains are running but still no deal and both sides are still at the bargaining table as we speak. christie smith joins us from caltrans headquarters where the talks are going on. we understand that they are still at the table right now. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you. we think they would have to be
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wrapping up soon. the last time weern covering this they ended about 5:30 in the morning so we're keeping an eye on things. they walk out in a group of the caltrans building. we're hearing that riders are tired of this. getting up early to find out if the trains are rolling. a short time ago we did see b.a.r.t. union workers walk out. it's certainly going around. they have been that the since 10:00 yesterday morning. the lead negotiator took a break but he didn't answer any of the reporter questions. there is still a gag order in place so they can't say how it's going but both sides sound optimistic. they are working toward a deal. for the fourth time they have given a late night answer that trains would roll. dianne feinstein says based on her days as mayor of san francisco this is a bad time for a strike.
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she's seen them before. >> they don't work. they lev deep scar tissue. i would hope that b.a.r.t. employees would street approve this package. in this day and age with deficits, with debts, with shortfalls i thought it was a generous package. >> reporter: the last official information that came out was that b.a.r.t. presented a last and final offer, then the unions went ahead and presented their own counter proposal. we're waiting or an update where things stand. as soon as we see anyone walk out we'll let you know what they had to say. >> thank you, christie. for information about the potential strike head to and we are updating our home page with the newest developments. click on the upper left hand corner and you will g to the b.a.r.t. resources page. "today in the bay" will be on at
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4:00 a.m. to help you around the gridlock. >> from b.a.r.t. trains to ac buses rolling governor brown using power to the avoid the an ac transit strike set for this morning. yesterday governor brown appointing a board to investigate the disputes between ac transit and its unions. that will put off a strike for at least one week. the governor can then request a 60-day cooling off period. back then more than 100,000 people depend on ac transit each day. >> 5:35. the san francisco 49ers mourn the sudden death of the team's physical. we have just learned that 43-year-old dr. daniel garza died in his home tuesday night. the cause of his zeth is under investigation. in addition he was an assistant professor at stanford and orthopedic surgeon and leading
5:36 am
researcher on consuggestions in athletes. late last night the 49ers released a statement saying we are saddened to learn dr. dan garza died unexpectedly tuesday. our sincerest thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this trying time. >> so sad and way too soon. 5:36 now. the ninth circuit court of appeals hearing arguments from parent who is say their kids' freedom of speech may have been violated. five students at live oaks high school in morgan hill they were sent home because they refused to turn their american flag shirts inside out on cinco de mayo. the parents of three want their suit which was dismissed. they want it reinstated. a good rules the actions were justified because he says the shirts put the students in danger. the appeals court is now expected to issue a ruling at a
5:37 am
later date. >> i'm watching on to the theme of the week. it gets warm. >> cool. of both worlds. >> we've got a good looking day shaping up. temperatures are chilly but we're going to climb by about 40 degrees in places like santa rosa, so strong high pressure still in control. 44 degrees down in gilroy. high pressure is going to continue to keep its grip on the bay area. staying in place throughout the next 48 hours. for us that means enseasonably warm air will to move through the bay area. we're going to see pretty stark changes especially sunday and monday. so if you've been enjoying this weather, it's motivating you to get outside, take advantage of it because things are going to change. temperatures today looking really good. we're going to end up in
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mid-80s. a couple degrees cooler. 82 for concord, 79 degrees in fremont and 76 degrees in san francisco. so we're so close to that all-important weekend. i want to talk about some of the events happening across the bay area. we'll get to those in my next report along with your seven-day forecast. a look at your drive. good morning. >> say lowell to my little friends here, northbound 101. the traffic is starting to build but not a big concern. look here, north of this camera shot we see slowing. north 101 approaching 880, speeds just below 60. that's traditional. 101 at lawrence expressway, concerning report on the chp report. we're going to follow this no. further updates but we're watching for flashing lights. here no big surprise for 580 or
5:39 am
84. there is a report of a grass fire. it's a heavily used route starting about now. so watching for smoke but no lanes reported closed. we're looking toward highway 4. approaching the bay bridge dry including the caldecott tunnel. two bores are open. >> we'll continue to talk about the caldecott tunnel. long anticipated fourth bore of the ald cot is street open next month. weather permitting it hopes to open to traffic the weekend of december 16. the addition mean there is will be two bores open in each direction. >> still to come on "today in the bay," government employees return to work but the question remains for how long? coming up we'll go live to washington for a look at what
5:40 am
lawmakers will do to keep that flowing. >> look at this. a massive fire in a warehouse and department store.
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welcome back. it's 5:42. just in the nick of time, thousands of government workers return to work today over two weeks after the partial government shutdown sent them home. last night the president signed a bill that avoided the debt ceiling. tracie potts, she is live on capitol hill this morning for us where the deal's only going to keep us going for a few more months so we're going to see this again in 90 days? >> reporter: we're going to see negotiations again, we'll probably see a lot of disagreement again. will we see the government shut down again for two weeks? that's unclear. there was a lot of political damage done on that on both sides. what we have right now is a budget that's going to take us through january 15. the debt ceiling now raised so
5:43 am
we can borrow money and pay bills through february 7. and a group of democrats and republicans who are supposed to get together starting today and hammering out a more permanent budget plan by december 13. so before tend of the year, before the temporary plan runs out. that process begins with the chairs and the ranking members, democrats and republicans on the budget committees they are supposed to sit down this morning having breakfast together to begin that process. also, in about two hours, president obama speaks from the white house, it's the first time we heard from him since he signed that bill late last night. he's likely to talk about how he thinks congress should deal with this going forward. >> i imagine he feels a sense of relief. thanks so much. with the government back open, people will be able to visit the rock once again, trips to alcatraz are set to start up at 8:45 this morning. the golden gate recreation area, muir woods will reopen.
5:44 am
yosemite national park is open for business. cars started rolling in last night. visitor centers reopened and ranger-led programs and guided tours will resume. lodges and campsites open at noon. >> here in the bay area today marking 24 years since that devastating loma prieta earthquake struck. to raise awareness for the next big one california is holding a statewide drill. bob redell couldn't think of anybody better to send, he is live at the tech museum where right now she rocking and rolling getting it ready. what's happening. you all right? >> i can't believe the timing of your guys coming out to me. there's like a magnitude 8. you didn't feel that, right. no? >> no. >> she's with the red cross. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's a great shakeout. worldwide earthquake drills, drop, cover, hold, lots of
5:45 am
people participating. you're with the red cross. the message you would get out. i think maybe the thing i would think of how surprising it is that many aren't prepared. >> yes. and there is an importance. everybody needs a disaster kilt. 72 hours food, water, radio, flashlight. and special needs for medicine, children, pets, have those in a place where you can grab in event of an earthquake. after the earthquake you are ready to survive. the key thing is during an earthquake. we have a lot of people in the community not familiar with earthquakes so what you need to know when it starts is to drop, cover and hold on which we're not doing now. >> that was a short one. we escaped a bullet. why do you think, we live in earthquake country. we know about these, people who have been here are very familiar. why do you think so many are not prepared? >> i think it's because they don't happen as regularly as hurricanes so we don't -- we have a lot of people new to our community, that move here for
5:46 am
the businesses and the tech boom that we've experienced in the bay area so they have not experienced that earthquake and think it's 30 years. that's a long time away. but it's key to be ready. to have that plan, know what to do if a big one happens and your kids are in school. >> what? you okay? >> drop, cover and hold on. every time that shaking, drop, cover and hold on. that's what this earthquake exer si size is about. >> it's at 10:17 this morning. october 17, 1989. loma prieta. they are estimating 1.5 mill i don't believe in the bay area alone participating. many school children throughout the state. and the world for that matter. >> it really is a great reminder. >> spilling my coffee. >> be careful out there, bob. >> reminds me of the movie
5:47 am
"earthquake" they had sense around in the theater that sthook theater like that. >> let's look at the forecast. it's cool out. >> it is. you know it's a great reminder you go to the store it's a good idea to pull off a few more extra bottles of water, any ort of canned goods. make sure you are stocked up. here kids put together earthquake supply kits. also good to have cash on hand if you can't make electronic deposits. temperatures are pretty chilly. but no 30s to report yet. i think we will see a couple 30s in the north bay before the morning is finished. and the coldest point of the day, the time frame as we head through the next couple hours so keep that in mind. looking good for today. a lot of kids excited about halloween. we have events taking place this weekend that will get you into the halloween spirit.
5:48 am
of course the pumpkin festival and half moon bay, a couple events in the bay area. temperatures are looking good for today. 80 degrees in redwood city. 80 in san jose. 80 in santa teresa. 77 degrees, it's mild enough in the afternoon to go kayaking and hit the beach in santa cruz. 84 inland. bay side 77, 70 degrees at the coast. through tomorrow a full moon. i really want to draw your attention to the difference between your temperatures on saturday and sunday. you are looking to get to the coast saturday will provide sunshine and warmer weather, on sunday temperatures will drop like a rock, the beginning of next week we're talking about the upper 70s looking good there. and you know what, mike, no b.a.r.t. strike, we've been so lucky but we could be here with the strike on our hands tomorrow. what's the deal? >> we could have played that clip from yesterday too. but we are here.
5:49 am
no b.a.r.t. strike. ac transit also the buses are running so we have issues to work out. we don't, they have issues to work out. we're following a nice predictable commute now because the systems are running. here we have your predictable build for west 580. moving through the tri-valley out of the altamont crash on your shoulder. then from that point on as your commute builds average speeds bat 35 miles per hour. it's because of this volume of traffic it's building so all of the taillights meaning this orange here, speeds coming down in the upper 50s. not a major surprise and easy drive toward that dublin interchange. 580 smooth through dublin and down to sunol for 680 an easy flow of traffic. we have a little build for 84, again typical through this area. we do also have in the south bay and northbound 101 an earlier crash that cleared to the how woulder.
5:50 am
as you head north from achesite to the south bay. an easy flow and no further developments, good news so 101. we had reports of someone going the wrong way but that was the last we heard of it. a live look outside shows you the san mateo bridge. folks come from the east bay. no metering lights. back to you. >> thank you. right now some crazy video out of thailand. a massive fire destroying a warehouse and department store. you can see the flames shooting and pushing that smoke up in the air. crews still on the scene battling this. trying to keep all of those flames and hot spots under control. officials say a few people were inside when the fire broke out. no word on injuries or potential death. look likes an electrical issue sparked this fire.
5:51 am
>> it is 5:50. russia is getting read the take olympic flame all the way up into space. what astronauts are doing. >> we'll look at wall street's reaction now that washington is back to business.
5:52 am
5:53 am
right now we take you live outside. this is a view from our chopper. actually headed to some breaking news we're following in redwood city where an apartment complex is completely engulfed, at least the top floor is. in flames. a four alarm fire on wood side road not far from san carlos avenue. we'll get you the live pictures as soon as the chopper arrives. >> a cool story, three astronauts, one american, are now in training to take the olympic torch in space. they aring tasked with taking
5:54 am
the torch to the international space station. a big time international team effort. the launch being scheduled to happen on november 7. in case you're counting down and keeping score, 113 days until the winter games in sochi and of course you can watch them here on nbc bay area. go get them, fellows. >> the government of england plans to investigate the paper the guardian over the the relationship with edward snowden. a lot of reporters calling this chilling. >> the nixon's reaction to the pentagon papers. the guardian had a special relationship with snowden through its reporter glenn greenwald. he has announced he is leaving the paper. wednesday the prime minister of england accused the guardian of putting britain's national security at risk, british home affairs said it would investigate the guardian under anti-terrorism laws. now, the british government probably the more popular party
5:55 am
in all of this. you'll remember the press has been on the defensive in great britain ever since this, the news of the world scandal showing newspapers owned by rupert murdoch repeatedly paid police for tips and broke into people's voice mail. we're back to normal, more or less on wall street. the dow rose more than 200 points on news of a deal in washington. congress insisting on poking itself in the eye probably means we'll see the fed continue its easy money policy for quite some time to come. that makes investors happy. makes the dollar, though, that much weaker. google reports quarterly profits after the closing bell always watch their costs, google can get spendy. its ceo is unapologetic saying he would rather run a company that does interesting things than keeps costs low. microsoft started offering windows 8.1. it's a free download for window users improving on windows 8
5:56 am
which met tepid interest. microsoft starts selling surface 2, after surface 1, again, tepid, flop, whatever word you want to use. >> tanked. >> for the small number who care. >> a lot of people reminding people you can get that. >> 5:56 now. check in on the weather. cool start. what's going on now? >> we're looking good out there. a lot of people like to knock off early. if that's you we have no flight delays out of any major airport. we're running on time. 55 in san francisco and looking good every major airport across this great country, right on time. we'll let you know if that changes. highs in mid-80s. let's check your drive. >> this is changing, a lot more folks on the road, 101 at 680. good volume of traffic but reflected in our speed sensors. we show you north 101 is bogged
5:57 am
down at 880 and more slowing around tully. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> right now we have a dramatic live look from the fire going on in redwood city from our chopper just arriving. intense heat and flames. you can see them again. this is in redwood city so. far no word if there are injuries. but we'll keep you posted. we have a reporter, chase cain, on the way. we'll have a live report coming up as soon as he get there is but you can see this is just raging. >> also we continue to follow breaking news in east bay where a car slams into a building and keeps going. ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around, barbara ♪ forever i've been praying for a snack in my life ♪ ♪ and now i have a brownie ending all of my strife ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ breaking news is happening in redwood city. look at the pictures coming in from our chopper.
6:00 am
you can see that this is an apartment complex in redwood city that is completely engulfed in flames, the top first -- the top floor i should say, maybe the one below it as well. we do have a crew on the scene. this is actually on woodside road about a mile west of el camino real between union and kentfield avenues. wow, these flames are ferocious to say the least. fire crews, tweeting out from redwood city. they say of course crews are on the scene. we have our own reporter headed to the scene. the chopper is going to stay on this as we continue to take you live to redwood city where crews are working this four-alarm fire. no word yet on injuries at this point. >> you can see this one spreading all over that building. it's going to be very difficult for firefighters to bat thl one back. you see the wind taking that smoke. hard to believe these flames are just blazing like that. you can see how this


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