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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 18, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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complement the work that they're doing. >> reporter: both sides are talking to a mediator to get things back on track. >> our negotiator has been in contact with the mediator. >> we want to get bart moving. we want to get back to work. that's what we're here for. we care about the riders. >> that is jody hernandez reporting. a lot of frustrating commuters are trying to get out of san francisco. good evening. thousands of commuters who normally take bart are now relying on the ferry to get home. these lines have been long all afternoon. that line at times is stretched all the way down the embarcad o embarcadero. ferry officials are expecting
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the number of riders to go higher if that strike continues next week. with bart out of commission, commuters are turning to buses and ferries as the evening commute gets underway. >> it ticks me off quite frankly. they're inconveniencing thousands and thousands of people. >> it's a drag. working at 5:00 a.m. in the morning and getting off at 1:00, i really want to get home because it's been a very long day. >> reporter: san francisco ferry increased its fleet by four. >> that's opening up our ability to move people in and out. >> reporter: the line for the
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ferry at 2:15 this afternoon stretched down the embarcadero. >> i thought the afternoon ferry would not be a problem, but i have to wait for another hour. >> reporter: it's a slower and more expensive way to get across the bay. at $14 for a round trip ticket, it's more than double a cost of bart. >> you cannot drive into the city. you cannot drive out. people work here. now what are they supposed to do? how long is this supposed to last? >> reporter: that's the question that many commuters want the question to. these ferries are leaving every 45 minutes. the last boat is at 9:00 tonight. the loss in work productivity was $17 million per day.
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that group says that number for this strike could go even higher. >> unfortunately, we've been through this before just a few months ago. let's bring in stephanie who joins us from oakland. it is not just the business commute. a lot of weekend plans being changed here because of the strike. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of people preparing for that. a lot of them still thinking about today. a west oakland bart station here pretty busy with the buses. this is the hayward bart sign. walnut creek is just around the corner. you see the buses lined up here. this limited bus serve expected to serve only 6,000 passengers a day. it is not just regular bart riders who are hurting. after landing in oakland this afternoon from southern california, jerry realized he had no ride.
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>> someone told me two days ago it was going to maybe strike. i didn't think twice about it because they said they averted it. i found out about 20 minutes ago. >> it's going to be strange for us. we're going to have to have a car. we're going to have to park. >> when did you find out bart would not be available? >> this morning. >> reporter: she was one of many who couldn't find a ride with a friend and ended up in this line having to take the shuttles or a taxi. >> this is going to be $60 one way. >> reporter: those who drive for a living say 80 in the east bay is worse than usual. >> hopefully, there'll be casual car poolers.
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>> reporter: many have been forced into a plan b, for this out of towner, getting picked up by his friend in san francisco, it is making a better plan. >> thankfully, he's leaving work early. the prospect of hitting a bar early on friday is very enticing. >> reporter: looking at the silver lining there. many people just got dropped off. they're coming from san francisco and hopping on to buses to go to different bay area bart stations. coming up at 6:00 tonight, a different kind of impact this bart strike is making. better business for some. let's bring in our traffic reporter. what can you tell us about tonight's commute? >> there's a lot going on. it is the friday evening commute. we're looking at san francisco.
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overall traffic looksti relativy normal. north 101, folks started to try to hit that bay bridge. they started at about 2:00 this afternoon. now it is very slow from candlestick park. early backups heading toward the golden gate bridge as well. the four lanes remained open for the northbound direction. folks are trying to use the richmond center bridge. se if you take that bay bridge, look at what you have to contend with. all jammed up. focus on 24. the two eastbound -- are open. they are moving smoothly.
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the friday commute combined with more drivers than normal. this is friday evening. folks heading into the city for lots of activities. we have the nike marathon and a game. we're going to focus on that as well throughout the weekend. >> you can get the latest information on the bart strike on our website. it will take you to a map with realtime traffic updates from transit agencies across the bay area. it will be updated all the time to help you get around this gridlock. a big rig crash in redwood city. it was caught on camera. it was heading north on 101 when
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it swerved and flipped on its side right on top of the median. this happened just before 11:00 this morning. six other cars were also damaged during this crash. crews blocked both sides of the freeway. that caused a massive traffic jam in both directions. the mess was finally cleared about three hours later. a driver has been placed on nondriving status half he struck and killed a bicyclist. police shut down the intersection for two hours while they investigated. the victim died at the scene. new details about the driver who crashed into twin 6-year-old boys yesterday afternoon. the 90-year-old driver was
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trying to back out of a parking space at walgreens, but instead of backing out, he drove forward and pinned the boys against the wall. he will not face any charges. as for the twins, one was released. the other has been up gragraded stable condition. police say the toddler was playing on the sidewalk at the front of his home when gunfire broke out two blocks away. he was hit by a stray bullet and taken to children's hospital in oakland. police have no suspects in custody. we want to interrupt this now and go to our breaking news following the bart negotiations, the stalled negotiations. the unions are holding a news
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conference in oakland. let's listen in. >> back to the table. then you're looking at minimum a three day strike. if the parties get back to the table, it could be more than three days of a strike. this would allow us without exceeding the authority of the bargaining teams -- this would give us the opportunity -- it is the creative out of the box idea that would end the strike immediately upon striking. everything we hear about the suffering that's going out today has pressured us since 5:00 this morning to be thinking about what we could possibly do to end the strike today. you can't end the strike today if you call the bargaining teams back to the table.
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so what we had to do then was look at what we had in terms of existing authority and crafted this plan. thank you. >> they're saying they can't separate the work rules from the economic package you had been discussing. would you go back to the table? what's so different about this that you think is going to be acceptable to them? >> we provided compromise to the language that they're very concerned about in this proposal. we have provided compromise to the language that they're talking about four years ago in the prior contract. it's called the beneficial practice language. it's the language they feel is so important to them to have able to have the flexibility. we have conceded on the idea
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giving them the flexibility they need while protecting the workers working conditions such as the eight-hour workday. what you understand is that this plan does not give the employer bart everything that they want, but it gives them a significant agreement that yields to what their concerns are. and i have to tell you today, do they want to stay without bart for another three days to see if the board can get everything they want, or is a fair agreement that meets both parties needs enough to end this strike? the plan we have put forward is a very fair to them, to the community -- >> you've been listening live now to the one of the bart union
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news conferences. let's summarize what's happened here. the bart unions are proposing a new plan to give over to bard management. that new plan could be hammered out over the weekend, but it would end the strike. the trains could be running as early as 10:00 p.m. tonight. bart management has yet to respond to this. >> we'll keep you posted right here on nbc bay area. a ruling is in. will charges be filed against the san francisco fire department following the death of the teenage girl in the asiana crash?
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in a brief court appearance today, randy was charged with the murder of a federal investigator. coke disappeared in august. after an intense search, her body was found five days later in a fairfield park. police have said they dated briefly 20 years ago. surveillance video and gps information helped solve the murder. the district attorney announced no criminal charges will be filed against the san francisco fire department. what's the da's reasoning here?
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>> reporter: while the incident was indeed tragic, there is nothing to suggest that this firefighter did anything criminal. >> we read at all the investigative reports, looked at the video, talked to the coroner about what occurred. >> reporter: no charges will be filed against the firefighter who ran over the teenage girl from the asiana plane crash. >> we do not know if she's conscious. we know that she's alive. she may have been totally unconscious throughout it. the truck that was trying to get forward to provide help, she
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didn't see that little girl there. >> reporter: the attorney representing the family of the teenage victim says he is not surprised by the da's decision not to file criminal charges. multiple fire department personnel knew she was on the ground. they abandoned her and left her in harm's way. her death was completely avoidable and was caused by failures on the part of responders whose job was to protect her. >> what we very much feel is everything in life is a learning experience. i'm sure the fire department will examine it and decide should we do something differently. >> reporter: the san francisco fire department remains vigilant in explores areas in our operations, strategies, and tactics where improvements could
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be made. calling it a tragic accident. the national transportation safety board is still investigating this crash which killed three people and injured dozens more. switching to other news now. if you know someone who works at google, they're paying for drinks and dinner tonight. >> google has been on a tear for a long time now. if you bought stock on the day it went public, your investment has grown more than 900%. strong earnings last night along with a positive future outlook. google's market value today increased by $40 billion. that's more than the entire
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market of yahoo. look at these numbers. big gains today for amazon, linked in, and facebook. speaking of stocks, the new york stock exchange it is taking no chances and is preparing for when twitter goes public. well, we are rich in sunshine today. let's check in with the weather. >> it was nice day around the bay area. 58 degrees in san francisco. as we peek out the window, around san bruno mountain, weave be -- we've been looking at the fog. further inland, 70s and 80s
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still. the sea breeze is starting to take over right now. a northwest wind into san jose at 8. this is where we saw the cooling today. it is a sign of things to come. bigger picture still shows you high pressure keeping us dry. the only opportunity we have for any chances of showers or moderate rain coming in perhaps around thursday. the latest computer model brings in the clouds until next friday. this is good news for our weekend events. big game out at stanford tomorrow. temperatures in the 0 -- 70s. berkeley is hosting cal state.
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skies eventually turning partly cloudy as we go through the latter half of the morning. 40s and 50s tonight. 81 in san jose. still mid 80s inland tomorrow. probably the warmest day we'll see for the next seven. san francisco briefly near the 70s. the weekend trending a little bit cooler. we'll continue to see inland temperatures cooling down next week. we're going to watch that offshore low toss some clouds our way. weekend looking great around the bay area. >> thanks. we're back in a moment. stay with us.
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it's no joke. authorities in utah are deciding whether to press charges against boy scout leaders that knocked over a rock formation and posted the video online. there it is. the video has gone viral. glen taylor says his intention was not vandalism, but to save life. they said a child could have been killed by the formation. the boy scout's organization is embarrassed by the incident. >> it's being taken wrong. i'm happy to pay the consequences for the stupidity part, but i do think had we
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contacted a ranger, the exact same thing would have been done. >> if he's convicted of a felony, he can never be involved with the scouts again. >> an update on the bart strike coming up.
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an update on our breaking news. bart unions just spoke and proposed a plan to end the strike tonight. >> we have the details in oakland. do you see any movement that
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could happen in the next couple of hours? >> reporter: they just held a press conference. they just sent this letter to bart. it is a letter that spells out an agreement. they say if bart agrees to everything in this letter, they can get the trains running again by 10:00 tonight. this letter says they agree to the economics, the pension, and the health care agreements that bart and the unions agreed to yesterday, but they're hung up on these work rules. this letter says lets separate the work rules and take them to arbitration. if bart agrees, then they will call their workers back to work and get the trains rolling. this came up yesterday and bart said, no. they refused to go to arbitration. we're expecting to hear from bart later tonight about whether or not they will agree to this letter. we'll bring you an update as soon as we know. >> should be very interesting.
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bart's response now to similar issues that were brought up yesterday when it wasn't solved. >> we'll see what happens. on the broadcast, manhunt for a pair of convicted killers on the lam. tonight, high anxiety after a secret plan, and the fake signature that set them free. the fallout as members of congress return home to their districts facing tough questions about the big mess in washington. caught on camera. boy scout leaders destroy an ancient treasure that's stood for more than 100 million year tonight, the backlash and the reason they say they did it. oscar buzz for a powerful new movie about a riveting 12-year fight for freedom. tonight our conversation with the cast earning raves as a new star is born. "nightly news" begins now.


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