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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 18, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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letter that b.a.r.t.'s unions have sent to b.a.r.t.'s general manager and the board of directors. in it they say they agreed to b.a.r.t.'s proposal on pensions, medical benefits, and a framework on wages, but the big point of contention, those workplace rules. the unions say they want those to be sent into binding arbitration. now, b.a.r.t. has not yet responded to those demands. as you can see, workers remain out here on the picket line, but there's a band playing out here tonight, and spirits seem to be lifted. b.a.r.t. workers say they're not standing down. after days of marathon negotiations sessions without a deal, they say they had no choice but to hit the picket line. how long are you willing to go? >> as long as it takes. >> reporter: the union says they're striking not over money but workplace rules, rules say they will strip away the rights of workers, somethings they say they can't accept. >> it was a poison pill.
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why they went to that, at the 11th hour, you'd have to ask them. but unfortunately, that's the reason why we're now out on strike. >> reporter: what b.a.r.t. management wants to do is tell me as a worker that on monday morning, i'm going to work in concord and then on tuesday, i'm going to work in richmond only it's going to be nighttime. and then on wednesday, i'm going to daley city. >> reporter: not so says b.a.r.t. they say b.a.r.t. workers get their schedules up to six months in advance. they say they just want the flexibility to run things more efficiently. >> if you're working on a track job, that takes an hour and a half to set up and an hour and a half to demobilize, we're thinking a ten-hour shift is much more appropriate to get that work done. >> reporter: late today the unions announced there may be wiggle room. they're delivering a list of conditions to the b.a.r.t. board of directors. conditions they say if met could get the trains rolling tonight.
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and we're back here live. where you can see strikers remain on the picket line. now, b.a.r.t. says they will respond tonight at 6:30. in about a half an hour from now. i can tell you that they have been pretty insistent that if this goes to arbitration, they want the entire package to go to an arbiter and not just the workplace rules. a spokesperson for b.a.r.t. says this latest proposal sounds like more of the same, but, again, b.a.r.t. will officially reply and respond to those conditions at 6:30. but for now, the strike remains on. reporting live in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news >> okay, jodi thank you. we're anxiously awaiting that response from b.a.r.t. management. we're in nis of the evening commute. always tricky on friday night getting into and out of the city. a lot of frustrated people capitalizing on the ferry service. nbc bay area's monty francis joins us from the ferry building in san francisco.
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>> reporter: raj, good evening. the san francisco ferry system, its numbers more than doubled today. people are lining up on their way home to oakland right now. all of this waiting whether in long lines for the ferry or inside cars translates into a big financial loss for the economy of the bay area. as drivers sit stuck in traffic, and as crowds spend extra hours boarding buses and ferries, each minute translates into a financial loss for the bay area economy. during the last b.a.r.t. strike, the bay area counsel said $73 million was lost each day just in worker productity. this time the local business group projects that daily loss could go as $100 million. >> the first strike in july occurred during the summer months. people were on vacation. it also occurred at a time when we had a long weekend. people may have had the option of taking some extra days off and avoiding the whole mess. this time we're not so lucky. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. riders have been through this once
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before in recent months and say they're fed up. >> it ticks me off, quite frankly. you know, they're inconveniencing thousands and thousands of people. >> reporter: many riders told us they're angry with b.a.r.t. workers who make on average $76,000 in gross pay a year. >> it's just frustrating. like, these people getting paid a whole lot of money for doing very little. and if i was in that position, i would have been a lot more grateful. >> reporter: during the last strike, the average daily ridership on the oakland-alameda ferry more than tripled. ferry officials are gears up for a huge increase again this time. >> we don't think we'll carry that many today, but if the strike goes into next week when we have, perhaps, not a friday load, but monday, tuesday, wednesday, full fall commute, then we could see those numbers again. >> reporter: with the usual 400,000 daily trips on b.a.r.t. reduced to zero, ferries and buses alone can't shoulder the burden. but they're doing what they can. san francisco bay ferry increased its fleet by four to a
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total of 12 boats running between the city and the east bay today. at least 100 people who lined up for the 215 ferry this afternoon in san francisco didn't make it onboard because the boat was already full. >> i thought the afternoon ferry would not be a problem, but apparently i have to wait for another hour. kind of frustrating. >> reporter: and at $14 for a round-trip ticket, the ferry is more than double the cost of b.a.r.t. the ferries are leaving every 45 minutes from ferry building. the last boat leaves for oakland at 9:00 tonight. there's also extended service planned for this weekend if the strike continues. now let's turn it over to my colleague, stephanie, covering the commute in the east bay. stephanie? >> reporter: yeah, good evening, monty. it is a pretty busy here at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. this is where the buses have been coming in from san francisco and this is where they are picking people up, then. people are hopping on to other buses to get to different east bay stations. from concord down to
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dublin-pleasanton, down to fremont. while it's been a longer trip home for many people, it was a good day for a select few. they were hoping for this. instead, people who landed at the oakland airport today found themselves waiting for taxis and shuttles. derailed from their original plans of riding b.a.r.t. >> i found out about it 20 minutes ago. >> freaking out. >> having to take l shuttle. >> reporter: what's the price? >> the price, b.a.r.t. was going to be $7. for round trip. this is going to be $60, like, one way. >> we knew we had a plan "b." we didn't want the plan "b." >> reporter: lisa klein had her own plan ready leaving vegas. she asked southwest to let her fly into oakland where she lives instead of sfo, telling them all about the strike. >> they said, oh, that's horrible. absolutely. no problem. i'll fly you into oakland at no charge. no extra additional charge. so i actually got on an earlier flight flying to oakland. i'm taking a cab probably
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spending another $50. >> reporter: for him -- >> i can't complain. >> reporter: a b.a.r.t. strike means more money in his pocket. how much is business up? >> for us, probably 100%. >> reporter: it doubles? >> yeah, definitely. >> reporter: he's not the only one smiling. rudy helps passengers find rides and usually moves six shuttles for an eight-hour shift. >> today, i think we already moved 50. it's not even, what, six hours. >> reporter: business up eightfold and for a family like his, it's the cash infusion he needs after a rough few months and before the holidays. >> married. i've got two kids. i'm going to put in some overtime today and hopefully buy them some nice things this weekend. we'll see. >> reporter: back here live, you can see there was a group that was just dropped off. presumably from san francisco. and now they're getting ready to hop on to another bus. again, to take them to another east bay b.a.r.t. station. this is free service provided by b.a.r.t. this limited bus service.
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but it's only expected to serve roughly 6,000 trips a day as opposed to the 400,000 trips on b.a.r.t. that's estimated for every day. for the strike, if it should continue into the weekend, there are many different alternate options for you out there. we have a complete list on our website at live at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station, nbc bay area news. >> okay. stephanie stephanie, thank you. we want to go up to the sky. nbc chopper over the bay bridge. that is the direction heading into san francisco. usually on a friday night, pretty busy. and now even more so with the strike. caltrans estimating the early estimate is that there's 30% more traffic today on the freeways and roadways because of this b.a.r.t. strike. now, usually we bring in our morning traffic reporter for our morning show, but we're going to need him this evening. mike joins us. mike, this is your domain here. what you expected? >> you know, raj, kind of what we expected. it is a friday as was mentioned
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during monty's report. we have some options. getting into san francisco as we talked about, typically business city on a friday. this is busier now. this is the berkeley curve. all the folks heading into san francisco. without b.a.r.t. for the alternate they have to go over the water instead of under. we're talking about getting out of san francisco which was an early problem, starting at candlestick park toward the lower deck. it's been jammed on north 101, 280, across the lower deck all afternoon. early backup, started over here, too. the parkway heading over toward the golden gate bridge started early because there were only two northbound lanes open at 2:00. then they opened them up for the evening commute. now very slow toward the east bay. flooding over toward 580 and 880. 24 over toward tri valley and walnut creek very slow as well. >> thank you, mike. the strike might end by 10:00 p.m. tonight. we're waiting for b.a.r.t. management to announce if they'll accept the proposal from the b.a.r.t. union. expected at 6:30. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. go to our web page.
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coverage continues there, a san francisco muni driver has been placed on nondriving status after he struck and killed a cyclist. that standard procedure during an accident investigation. now, the crash happened under the highway 101 overpass near bryant and division this morning. police shut down the intersection several hours and three dozen passengers were transferred to a different bus. witnesses say the bus collided with the bicyclist when it was turning right on to bryant. the victim died right there at the scene. an innocent 2-year-old remains in critical condition tonight after being caught in crossfire of gunfire. police say the toddler was playing on the sidewalk in front of his home near the intersection on 92nd and sunnyvail. gunfire broke out two blocks away. police say that toddler was hit by a stray bullet. taken to children's hospital in oakland. nobody else was hurt. at this time, police have no suspects in custody. to a story you'll see on nbc bay area only. they graduated three weeks ago
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and word is almost half of them want out. 17 san jose police cadets are either gone already or looking to leave. damian trujillo shows us what the chief of police has been forced to do. >> reporter: they're put through 24 weeks of rigorous training. some call the san jose police academy one of the best in the nation. but just weeks after being sworn in, nbc bay area has learned 17 of the 40 cadets who graduated already have one foot out the door. >> almost half or just under, either applying, going through backgrounds, or resigned at this time. >> reporter: they just graduated. >> they just graduated. it's upsetting because we need officers here in san jose. >> reporter: they're leaving to places like morgan hill, hayward and oakland. it costs the city roughly $170,000 to train each cadet. if 17 of them leave, that's almost a $3 million loss.
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>> we're all concerned about police staffing in the city. >> reporter: councilman sam liccardo backed the pension reform. the main reason the cops want to leave the city. liccardo want officers to take a 5% raise over two years and 4% signing bonus, but the city can't force the raise on the officers without union approval. just like liccardo says, he can't force new recruits to stay on the job for a set period of time after graduation. >> 13th amendment of the u.s. constitution prohibits us from forcing anybody to work. we are in the business of employing folks who want to work here. >> i see this crisis getting worse and worse. >> reporter: a department struggling to bring back its image as one of the finest police forces in the nation. damian trujillo. still ahead at 6:00, some parents in south bay are taking charge of their children's
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education by going back to school themselves. space travel, space shuttles, submarines. a new way to get around. the san mateo county d.a. is looking into fraud allegations at one of the bay area's biggest transit agencies after we expose whistleblower claims. details next. i'm rob mayeda tracking a cool down under way in san francisco and the coast. low clouds come streaming over mountains. a sign of cooler changes ahead for the weekend as well. we'll let you know what that looks like when we come back with your forecast. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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the san mateo county district attorney is looking into fraud allegations first exposed by our investigative unit. last month, samtrans admitted to hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial errors. they call them honest mistakes. nbc bay area's vicky nguyen broke the story and joins us
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with details. >> reporter: the d. a. says two inspectors in his bureau is looking into claims that samtrans inflated expenses and mishandled public money. samtrans oversees caltrain, samtrans buses and transportation authority. the district has a $500 million budget. the d.a. says the inquiry began after whistleblowers came forward to point out what they believed were illegal accounting practices. they said they were instructed to flaraudulentry report expens the district never had to ask for more taxpayer money. they said the district routinely paid for expenses out of improper accounts. these are claims samtrans denies. he says his inspectors are currently waiting for the results of samtrans'latest audit. >> what you have to have is an audit. you have to have the records to look at that. and an independent audit. in this case, that -- i'm not making any secret about it -- we're waiting for it. there's such an audit being done. it's supposed to be out within the next couple months and we want to see the independent
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audit that's being done. >> reporter: meanwhile, members of the citizens advisory committee for caltrain say they have full faith in the district leadership but welcome outside oversight of the agency's spending. >> i hope it's not valid. i feel that caltrain has run very good. >> samtrans says it is cooperating fully with inspe inspectors from the d.a.'s office. the results of the audit are due in early december. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call. see the number on your screen. 888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail directly to now an nbc bay area follow-up. the driver who crashed into the two 6-year-old boys won't face criminal charges. the accident happened yesterday afternoon in downtown menlo park. police say the 90-year-old driver was trying to back out of a parking space at walgreens but inste instead drove forward and pinned the boys against a wall.
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he won't be facing criminal charges. police, however, say the driver will only get his license back if he passes a dmv test within the next five days. as for the twin boys, one has been released from the hospital. the other has been upgraded to stable condition. no charges for the san francisco firefighter who ran over an killed a teenage girl as he was racing to the scene of the asiana crash a sfo. the 16-year-old survived the plane crash but was crushed to death in that tragic accident right near the airplane. nbc bay area's kimberly terry joins us in redwood city this evening. kimberly, what's the d.a.'s reasoning here? >> reporter: district attorney steven wagstaffe said his office investigated and analyzed the case like it was part of a law school exam, asking is there enough to take it to court? he said the answer was clear, no. it was tragic, but not criminal. that's the decision from san mateo county's district attorney after reviewing the circumstances surrounding the
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death of ye menguan. >> we read all the investigative reports, looked at the videos. talked with the coroner about what had occurred and it was -- it was not a difficult decision. >> reporter: the 16-year-old survived the asiana plane crash the at sfo july 6th only to be run over by a fire truck whose driver could not see her because she was covered up with fire fighting foam. >> we look at the conduct of the individual, we're not assessing the fire department. that belongs to the fire department and the people who manage them. our job is to look and say, did this firefighter of 23 or 24 years on the job, did she do anything that qualifies as a crime in our law? the answer is no. >> reporter: an attorney representing the family of the teenage victim says he's not surprised by the d.a.'s decision. but went on to say, "multiple fire department personnel knew ms ye was on the ground outside the aircraft. they abandoned her leaving her in harm's way where she was then covered with foam and run over
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by the truck. her death was completely avoidable and caused by fundamentally inexplicable failures on the part of responders whose job it was to protect her." san francisco fire chief joanne hayes-white issued a statement reiterating this is, indeed, a very tragic accident. it goes on to praise the firefighters for their valiant work on that day of the crash to save hundreds of lives. live in redwood city, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you, kimberly. let's turn things over to rob mayeda. boy, a nice friday. >> it was very nice, especially out in some of the inland valleys. we saw temperatures earlier in mid 80s. cooling quickly. san francisco, 55 degrees. and the view outside, we'll show you why around san bruno mountain. as we're seeing the fog machine has been turned on once again. low clouds spilling across the san bruno mountain heading through the san bruno gap and will spill locally inland
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tonight, pushed inland by a steady sea breeze. into san mateo, northwest at 21. cooler air will eventually filter into santa clara valley as well. the bigger picture is unchanged. we're going to deal with low clouds and cooling. the storm track way off to the north which is good news for all the weekend events. first the stanford game tomorrow just after lunchtime against ucla. going to head out to the game, it's fairly warm. palo alto, upper 70s tomorrow. then toward the evening in berkeley, saturday evening, looking pretty nice. patches of low clouds. 60s, the game time at 7:30 against oregon state. highs tomorrow, 70s to mid 80s inland again. sunday, though, going to be a different story. we're going to see temperatures start to drop and we're tracking a slight chance of showers in the seven-day forecast. i'll have that in our next half hour. back to you. >> okay. thank you, rob. heading to the final frontier. silicon valley style, of course. what bay area startups are doing to end send us into space. plus -- >> can't tell you how sick i am
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in my stomach knowing we did something wrong. >> now he's paying the price for leading his troop astray. what they did may have ruined artifacts from nearly 170 million years ago.
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new at 6:00, santa cruz county investigators believe a man aarrested for child molestation may have victimized more kids. brian kriswell was arrested two weeks ago an charges of illegal conduct with a minor while working as a court-appointed advocate for abused and neglected children. after looking into the case, sheriffs deputies arrested him again today an additional charges of molesting another victim from 2009 to 2011. they say he surrounded himself with children by working as a youth counselor and sports coach. if you have information on this case, call the santa cruz county sheriffs department. kids are back in school but parents across the bay area are heading to the classroom, too. learning how to help their children become better students. nbc bay area's damian trujillo
6:25 pm
reports on the innovative program de-stein dined to give parents the tools they need to help with their kids' education. >> reporter: the classrooms are filled with students who have tough questions for the teacher, but these students are different. they're parents. >> i'm participating in this program because i would like to have my kids go off to the university, and this program offers a lot of resources. >> reporter: ramone villa is taking classes with piqe, the parents institution for higher education. >> for over 25 years we've been committed to connect families, parents, with the school, the community, to engage them in their children's education to become the best advocate for their children's education. >> reporter: she says she's taking the classes so she can learn how to help her children be successful. this model is about to expand in the silicon valley. piqe is partnering with the hispanic foundation of silicon
6:26 pm
valley to provide even more parents with the tools they need to stay involved. stay connected. and help their own kids. >> and we know that one of the best ways to increase educational opportunities is to educate and engage parents. we know three elements to great student success are an enthu enthusiastic student, a great parent. >> reporter: the foundation will help parents in the school district as part of the foundati foundation's parent education academy, giving parents keys to a promising future for their children. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> interesting program. coming up next, google is joining an exclusive club. we have the details. i'm janelle wang. president obama reveals his pick for homeland security secretary. and manhunt is on. tonight we know how two convicted killers were freed from prison by mistake. and of course, we're continuing to follow the
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developing news, the b.a.r.t. strike. we're waiting to hear from b.a.r.t. officials. the latest on the negotiations and the new proposal being put on the table by the union.
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we continue to follow our developing news. the b.a.r.t. negotiations. right now our nbc chopper at the bay bridge. the friday eveni ining commute. sluggish at best. left, traffic coming into the city.
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on the right side of your screen, traffic heading out of san francisco. heading east. sluggish like we said. let's show you what 880 looks like in oakland. again, very slow going. we're monitoring all the ways to get around. see there, lots of headlights and the traffic not moving very quickly. nbc bay area's monty francis is live at ferry building in san francisco. with an update for you. how's it going there? >> reporter: jessica, good evening. the lines here have been long all afternoon and so far this evening. you can see the people are lined up right now ready to head home to the east bay. today the number of riders on the san francisco bay ferry system more than doubled and ferry officials are expecting that number to go even higher if the strike continues next week. now, today san francisco bay ferry increased its fleet by four to a total of 12 boats running between the city and the east bay. the line for the ferry to oakland at 2:15 this afternoon stretched all the way down the embarcader embarcadero. at least 100 people in that line didn't make it on to the boat because it was already full. now, b.a.r.t. riders dealing
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with a second strike in recent months, many of them told us they're fed up. >> it ticks me off, quite frankly. you know, they're inconveniencing thousands and thousands of people. >> it's a drag. you know, like i said, you know, working atting a a. ing 5:00 a. morning, getting off, coming over here, i want to get home and rest because it's been a very long day. >> reporter: while the ferries are shouldering some of the burden, it's a slower and more expensive way to get across the bay. at $14 per round-trip ticket. more than double the lost of b.a.r.t. depending where you're heading. it still looks good to thousands of commuters when they consider the alternative of getting into a car. the ferries are leaving tonight every 45 minutes. the last boat leaves here for oakland at 9:00 tonight. now let's turn it over to stephanie chuang covering the commute in the east bay. stephanie? >> reporter: yeah, good evening, monty. over here this other option is charter bus service. i'm here at best oakland b.a.r.t. station. you can see there are people who are getting picked up to head
6:32 pm
back to their east bay stations. taken down to walnut creek, san leandro, down to fremont. it's not just regular b.a.r.t. riders trying to find something new today who are hurting. we spoke with out of towners trying to have a good time in the bay area this weekend. but landed at oakland international to learn b.a.r.t. was not in service. >> someone told me two days ago it was going to maybe strike and didn't think twice about it. they said they averted it. i was trusting it. i found out 20 minutes ago. >> the price of b.a.r.t. was going to be $7 per round trip and this was going to be $6 o like one way. >> reporter: but more passengers forced to take other modes of transportation was great for the taxis and the shuttles. at the airport. one person told us in a typical friday eight-hour shift, you would see six shuttles filled at oakland international. today he estimated it at 50
6:33 pm
shuttles, an eightfold increase in business. also oakland international officials tell me there's an average of 2,100 people who use the shuttle to and from b.a.r.t. and the airport every day. and those people have been impacted and have had to find a different way. back here live, i do want to say that there's a group of about a half dozen people, union members who are protesting and also trying to drum up some public support. so not a big presence here, but that's been happening the last hour. if the strike does continue through the weekend, we have plenty of other options for you on our website at live at west oakland, b.a.r.t. station, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephanie. if you weren't impacted by the b.a.r.t. strike, you may have been caught h this. a major mess. a big rig heading north on 101 when it swerved. see it right there. it flipped on its side. that big rig landed on top of the median south of woodside road exit. happened right before 11:00 in the morning. six other cars also damaged during that crash. imagine what a mess it became.
6:34 pm
traffic just jammed in both directions. it actually took crews three hours to upright that 18 wheeler and clean the debris. okay. we are waiting for a b.a.r.t. management to respond to the b.a.r.t. union proposals made about 9 o minutes ago. a live news conference scheduled to begin at any moment. we'll go to oakland live in just a moment. before that, we'll bring in our traffic reporter, mike. you're working double duty for us. how are we looking tonight? >> i'm glad to see you guys and glad to come in. folk, we have seen a little bit of a change for the friday commute given the b.a.r.t. strike. overall, on a friday, getting around town a little tougher because a lot of folks want to get about the weekend business. we'll focus on any relation to the b.a.r.t. strike we have getting out of the city, is an additional problem now. we have more flow toward the golden gate bridge. that started early before they had the four northbound lanes open. they're okay now, flowing into the north bay. you're jammed up heading to the richmond san rafael bridge. the bay bridge jammed up from 101 and 280 across that lower
6:35 pm
deck toward treasure island. smoothing out over toward the maze. that's when the folks have to hit 880, 580 and 24. 24 was a big problem until about ten minutes ago when things got lighter heading through the caldecott toward lafayette and walnut creek. things are looking better, guys. if this strike does last, we'll be here for your monday morning commute as well. >> mike, nice to see you in the p.m. hours. get the latest information on the b.a.r.t. strike on our website, go to the top of the page. a map of realtime traffic updates, other commute options and realtime tweets from aswrensys across the bay area. the hunt is on for two prisoners freed from jail mistakenly. >> statewide apv has been issued in florida for these two men who were let go after bogus papers were filed. joseph jenkins and charles
6:36 pm
walker were convicted and sentenced to life in prison for two separate murders in the 1990s. within the past month, someone filed forged documents granting them early release. we learned that someone copied a judge's signature on a public document then pasted it on a the fake release papers. now prosecutors are checking to see if any other inmates escaped from prison the same way. as for the two escapees, they're believed to be hiding nearby where they have relatives and friends. president obama's pick for secretary of homeland security is generating some controversy tonight. the president nominated criminal attorney jay johnson. the 56-year-old served as general counsel for the defense department during mr. obama's first term. he helped end the military's ban on gays and created its policies on controversial drone strikes overseas. if confirmed by the senate, johnson will take over for janet napolitano who left to run the uc system here in california. former house speaker tom foley has died.
6:37 pm
the democrat from washington state served from speaker, as speaker, from 1989 to 199 4. he died at his washington, d.c., home after complications from a stroke. foley was 8 4 years old. a major snub. today saudi arabia stunned the united nations when it rejected a highly coveted seat on the security council. the monarchy is reportedly angry by the u.n. security council's failure to deal with problems in the middle east. including the syrian war and the palestinian/israeli conflict. u.n. secretary general bon ki-moon said he's not received formal notice saudi arabia will turn down that seat. the teenage girl who survived an assassination attempt by the taliban met the queen of england today. malala presented queen elizabeth with her bestselling book "i am malala" at buckingham palace. the 16-year-old was shot in her native pakistan last year for promoting education for young girls. she recovered from her injuries
6:38 pm
in england. malala was a nominee for the nobel peace prize this year. that is your "world tonight." >> thank you. coming up at 6:00, he's already turned the car industry upside down. tesla cea tesla's ceo is trying to conquer the sea. also coming up, the business of space travel taking off in silicon valley. and we're seeing some cooling under way around parts of the bay area. san francisco right now seeing the fog creep in. 54 degrees. running much cooler than yesterday at this time. that stronger sea breeze hints at cooler changes for your weekend plans as well. we'll take a look at that when we come right back.
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a viral video is enraging outdoor enthusz yasts who say it shows hikers vandalizing a 20
6:41 pm
million-year-old rock formation. >> wiggle it just a little bit. [ laughter ] yeah! we have now modified goblin valley. >> making that even more stunning is the three men are utah boy scout leaders. who claim they were actually saving lives because they thought the rock was loose and a danger to other hikers. the boy scouts national organization is condemning that incident. prosecutors have now considering what they will do next. he's0bg a billionaire for business. tesla motor ceo elon musk is sinking a million bucks into a submarine car used in a james bond movie. he bought the submarine prop made famous in the bond movie "the spy who loved me" in the is 1970s. he bought it at an auction in london. he plans to convert it into a real car that transforms into a
6:42 pm
sub using, of course, tesla electric motors. musk hasn't said whether the car sub will be able to drive on land then convert into a true submarine. >> he's going to go around going my name is musk. e. musk. likes it shaken, not stirred. what kind of weekend are we going to have? >> things are starting to cool down after a warm day inland right now. you're looking at the reason why. we've got the fog spilling back across the bay. we'll talk more about those cooler changes for your weekend forecast. coming up. i'm brodie brazil still fix sated on the submarine car. aisle have sports coming up. the 49ers are headed to nashville. then london. the golden state warriors are on their way home from china at this hour after defeeting the lakers in the early hours of this morning. we'll show you the highlights you probably missed. also an nhl player suspended today for this gruesome hit on san jose's dan boyle earlier this week. we'll tell you how many games max lapierre got.
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
if you own google stock, you made money today. it's the hottest stock in the word. it's there in mountain view. google topping $1,000 a share for the first time in the company's history. the company reported strong earnings last night, along with a positive future outlook focusing on the mobile device market. google's market value just today increased by $40 billion. that's more than the entire value of yahoo! on the subject of out of the world companies, several from silicon valley got together to talk about sending you, me into space. our business and tech reporter scott budman caught up with the astronauts and ceos. are we getting close to going to space? >> we are getting closer. you don't sound excited, jessica. >> i'm scared. >> line the internet boom,
6:46 pm
social networking boom, space travel is getting hot here with companies and teknology coming together to launch. the next phase of the space race is launching and its headquarters may very well be here in the bay area. >> this is an emerging market. >> reporter: startups and venture capitalists got together in san jose to talk about going into space for research and for travel. greg johnson, a former astronaut, is part of the business world now. >> if you think about transportation systems we've had all the way back, you know, evolution of airplanes. now we are evolving with this new medium. outer space. we've got big companies that have big skin in the game that are doing great things. >> for the is second time -- >> reporter: companies like virgin galactic which aims to make space travel mainstream. but you don't have to be a billionaire to get in the space race. >> the new space industry is
6:47 pm
going to be the next great innovation economy. currently, it is producing viable businesses. >> it sounds like science fiction, but in my mind, it's not because entrepreneurs are doing it, investors are participating and providing the funding to make these things happen. >> reporter: it's an industry with a lot of room to grow, but one where the sky is truly the limit. >> all right. also heading into space, the olympic torch. astronauts will take it into space as part of the torch relay for 2014 games in russia. back to you guys. >> thank you very much, scott. let's go out to b.a.r.t. now, over to oakland. b.a.r.t.'s spokesperson is responding to earlier reports from the union said they were willing to go back to work if the work rules were met. let's listen in. >> that they could possibly be taken advantage of in the future
6:48 pm
and it would be giving too much power to the b.a.r.t. district. >> b.a.r.t. has no interest in power games, in taking power away. this is about modernizing the way we do business. to operate more efficiently and to save money for the taxpayers and riders. >> can you explain real quickly how having that flexibility allows you to save money to pay for the benefits? >> there are modern technologies, for instance, that are not being used now because of language in the contract. for instance, maintenance workers who do inspections are not allowed to use ipads and send information directly to the computers. instead, they are required by the contract to write handwritten notes and then hand those to a clerk. and we're doing this on the edge of silicon valley where technology is changing every six months, and we're still using t. that costs money. that's inefficient and not the
6:49 pm
way to do business in this day and age. >> why not let a third party decide? >> again, we -- the b.a.r.t. board may consider arbitration, but only arbitration of the entire package. to simply say that we're going to take cherry pick one part of this offer and have an arbitrator decide that and the rest of it is left out is not going to work financially for us in the future. >> you're listening in to jim allison now. he's the b.a.r.t. spokesperson for the b.a.r.t. management. here's what's happened now. within last to minutes essentially he's rejected the union's proposal to end the strike by 10:00 p.m. tonight. in the 5:00 hour, the b.a.r.t. unions proposed a possible solution and said they would come off strike by 10:00 p.m. and now just within the last couple of minutes the b.a.r.t. management rejected that proposal. they did say, however, they would consider arbitration for the entire package here. and that's been a big sticking point. essentially the strike will continue. b.a.r.t. management is rejecting this latest proposal. >> the union's proposal said
6:50 pm
they would agree to the contract on the table now in terms of economics that they were in agreement to that, but they wanted the work rules which are a sticking point then to be sent to binding arbitration. this is what you're hearing jim allison now say. they will arbitrate over the entire contract but they will not just pick the work rules which the unions say that's what they want to send to binding arbitration. so right now it looks like they'll continue to have a strike throughout the evening and tomorrow as well. >> and there's one glimmer of hope here. we're reading some of the tratrab transcript. we're calling owen union leaders to return to the bargaining table. that's a glimmer of hope. the last 24 hours they have not been bargaining. perhaps through the weekend they'll get together. speaking of the weekend, let's turn things over to rob mayeda. what is it like getting around town in our cars? >> the weather will be pleasant. i don't know about the traffic. 64, san francisco. 71, san jose. it's gorgeous outside. if you've been looking to the east of san jose, we've seen the
6:51 pm
hunters moon rising up over the mountains. look at that right now. gorgeous view across the south bay. cloud-free for now. but we will see some low clouds moving inland as we head through tonight. see the winds onshore. that's going to pull in the low clouds. as high pressure holds its ground this weekend, look for a slightly stronger sea breeze to begin to cool temperatures down a bit. only chance of rain showing up won't arrive until thursday or friday of next week. right now looks more like clouds as opposed to actual rain drops. the long-range forecast looking dry. weekend plans, palo alto, sanford versus ucla tomorrow, upper 70s by daytime. evening in berkeley, you're into the 7 60s. sunday morning, 6:30. drizzle at times. we go through the morning. 40s and 50s for temperatures tomorrow morning. as we head through the afternoon, see numbers near 81 in san jose. tri valley in the mid 8 0s. san francisco, not as warm. no longer mid 70s. only 7 0 tomorrow.
6:52 pm
the trend will continue to cool down as we go through the week. a few extra clouds by wednesday and thursday. but no rain still in that seven-day forecast. >> that's what we like to hear. thank you, rob. lets bring in brodie brazil. where in the world, the matt lauer segment, where in the world are the warriors? >> at 4:30 this morning they were playing basketball. where exactly were you? probably sleeping. i was, too. golden state was playing their second of two games in china facing the lakers in shanghai. it was part of the nba's global game series. since you might have missed those highlights, here we go. we've got them for you. yao ming in his home country and sidelines before this contest. first quarter tied game. andre iguodala. brand new to golden state. one-handed flush. warriors out in front on the scoreboard. second quarter. tied contest. iguodala finds david lee. nice pass. great dunk. he had 15 assists in the game. third quarter, war wrriors up
6:53 pm
three. clay thompson. nine straight points. part of a 29-5 run. warriors win 115-89. max lapierre was suspended by the nhl for five games after this hit to san jose's dan boyle on tuesday night. boyle left the contest on a stretcher motionless after being unconscious for two full minutes. dan boyle has yet to comment publicly. the 49ers are just about landing in nashville at this hour with the tennessee titans have cleared quarterback jake locker to play on this sunday. but still not named him or anyone else as their starter. so jim harbaugh and his team are preparing for multiple threats. >> very good quarterback. experienced quarterback. they both are. they're both good. >> not the first time that a team's been in the position that way. so you just do it. and prepare for both. >> so the 49ers on that long road trip out to the east to nashville and go on to london.
6:54 pm
we leave you with baseball news. st. louis cardinals playing the dodgers tonight. if the cardinals win, they advance to the world serious. on the american league side, boston will try to earn the same fate tomorrow night if they eliminate the detroit tigers. guys, football season for me has been over for a full week. >> i didn't even know it was still happening. >> exactly. >> brodie, with need to see the beard soon. >> playoff time. hockey playoffs just for you, jessica, i promise. >> for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, catch sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay area at 10:30.
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want to give you an update
6:57 pm
on yur breaking news. just moments ago we heard b.a.r.t. officials say they're rejecting the union's request to go to arbitration over working conditions saying they'll agree to go to arbitration over the entire contract and not just the working rules. earlier today, union leaders came out saying that day would be willing to two back to work at 10:00 tonight if b.a.r.t. would go to arbitration over work rules. they say they agree with the contract in terms of money, and economic conditions, but that they want to go to arbitration for the work rules. b.a.r.t. coming out just a few minutes ago saying nothing has changed. they will not go back to the bargaining table unless for the entire contract. so right now it appears the strike will continue tonight and perhaps even into tomorrow. >> and so we wait. but it's friday. have a great weekend. and thanks for joining us here at 6:00. >> we'll hope to see you at
6:58 pm
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katy perry and john mayer engagement ring shopping? now on "extra." katy and john on wedding countdown. >> john mayer -- >> is music's number one playboy ready to put a ring on it? the new clues today. crocodile dundee's $20 million divorce. how chris hemsworth is dragged into the split. kim kardashian's booty backlash. the uproar today. was this sexy selfie too much? plus, the shocking picture of lara flynn boyle almost unrecognizable.


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