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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  October 22, 2013 12:35am-1:36am PDT

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make me wanna grab my old guitar and play ♪ ♪ somethin' like ooh what i wouldn't do ♪ ♪ to write my name on your heart get you wrapped in my arms baby all around you ♪ ♪ and it goes like hey girl i'm blown away ♪ ♪ yeah it starts with a smile and it ends with an all night long slow kiss yeah it goes like this ♪ ♪ and it goes like ooh and it goes like hey and it ends with a kiss yeah it goes like this ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thomas rhett! thomas, nice job, buddy. thanks for coming on with us. really good. i want to thank to my guests -- michael douglas, larry the cable guy and
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thomas rhett. tomorrow night, kristin chenoweth. but "jimmy fallon" happening right now. jimmy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6a in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are-- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about. welcome, everybody, thank you so much. welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon." look at this. hot crowd already. [ cheers and applause ] hot crowd. so happy you're here, so happy you're watching. thank you so much, everybody. welcome to our show. here's what people are talking about. after this big fight over obama care, it turns out that the website where you signed up for it all has all these glitches. the website is completely -- it's just crap. [ laughter ] it's so bad that today, president obama held a press conference to address the issue and he was like, "we will do our best to fix these technical problems." [ laughter ] "these technical problems." [ laughter ] "these technical problems." the teleprompter is busted. somebody broke the teleprompter. [ applause ] can't catch a break. i can't catch a break. [ applause ]
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but don't worry, the white house just announced that it is bringing in the best and brightest tech experts to fix the glitches on the obama care website, which is a great plan. [ light laughter ] you know what would have been a better plan is hiring the best and brightest tech experts to make the obama care website. [ cheers and applause ] but who am i to say? we got some contest winners gonna make the website for us. but here's some good knew the white house says that it will start giving tours again in november, eight months after they were canceled because of the budget cuts. biden said, "so i got to put on a shirt?" [ laughter ] now that the government shutdown is over, of course, both sides are pointing fingers at who was to blame with obama taking a lot of heat for not communicating enough with reporters. apparently, he is just not answering their questions and you can really see what i mean in a recent press conference. look at this. >> mark landon. >> does china benefit from the chaos in washington?
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>> richard mcgregor? [ laughter ] >> can't go along with any of the bills the house is passing? >> uh, steven douglas? [ laughter ] >> -- budget process -- >> thank you very much, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: at least he's polite. nice. let's see what else is going on in washington. the president just named former pentagon official jeh johnson to be the new security -- secretary of homeland security. jeh johnson. yeah, after he made his announcement, obama asked him if he would like to say something and he said, "only if i see something." [ laughter ] back to work, everybody. back to work. [ applause ] back to work, everybody. doughnuts. [ laughter ] only if i see something. he had a deep voice. like shaq. >> steve: not shaft. [ laughter ]
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>> jimmy: shaq. shaq. shaft is one bad mother -- shut your mouth. what? >> jimmy: talking about shaft? >> steve: just talking about shrek. >> jimmy: shrek? he's a green mother --. >> steve: i'm shrek. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you guys on facebook? of course you are on facebook. apparently, people from all over the world have trouble logging onto facebook this morning. in fact, this went on for several hours if you are one of them, don't worry, here's what you missed, hayride, halloween costume, sunset, sunset, baby, dog, baby, cat, cat, cat, sunset. [ laughter ] there you go. that's what you missed on facebook. [ cheers and applause ] sorry about that. it's been alarming. speaking of facebook there are reports that facebook founder, mark zuckerberg, recently bought the four houses around his home so that he could have extra privacy.
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[ laughter ] man, he is going to be so pissed when somebody tells him about curtains. [ laughter ] $400? that's right. mark zuckerberg bought the four houses around his home just so he could have more privacy. that's right. he is so rich, he is actually blocking people in real life. [ laughter ] blocking. [ cheers and applause ] oh, buy everything. this is kind of interesting. last week, north korea unveiled a new government-owned water park. that's actually the first ever water park in north korea. and if you're ever planning on going there, we want to help you out by highlighting some differences between an american water park and a north korean water park. here we go. in america, tough bring your own towel and sunscreen n north korea, tough bring your own towel, sunscreen, water and slide. [ laughter ] in america, swimmers must yell, "look out" when launching down the water slide. in north korea, swimmers must
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yell "long live kim jung-un, the greatest water slide rider and true father of the glorious republic of north korea." [ cheers and applause ] and finally in america, if you're less than four feet tall, you can't ride a slide. in north korea, if you're less than four feet tall, you can run the country. there you go. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ we all saw it coming. it's interactive tv. >> steve: yeah. yeah. >> jimmy: lebron james, you hear about this? he made news over the weekend. he said he wants to play in at least one nfl game. yeah. said he wants to play football. yeah. fans were like, "when would you have time?" and the giants are like, "when can you start?" [ laughter ] we will take anything. [ applause ] please. please. this is a little weird. i heard about a new website that supposedly can tell if you someone has ever died in your house.
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i was gonna try it but the civil war soldier who lives in my attic said it's nothing. [ laughter and applause ] [ old person voice ] dear jebediah? >> steve: mary chestnut. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this is kind of interesting a new study found that ancient cave art from 40,000 years ago was mostly done -- mostly done by women. [ laughter ] yeah, so other words, even back then, men didn't have a say in decorating. [ laughter ] we feel this room too girly. [ applause ] me -- literally, this is a man cave. [ laughter ] what more do i have to explain? unga bunga me. aye. gimme some of this grog. [ laughter ] with the holidays coming up, macy's is looking to get a jump on black friday which starts the holiday shopping season. in fact, it was announced that it will open stores at 8 p.m. on thanksgiving this year.
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meaning that employees will have to cut their time with relatives short. which is why i just applied for a job at macy's. i'm so excited. [ laughter ] gotta go guys. [ cheers and applause ] it was delicious food. you guys hate each other. your son's gay. i just want to wrap this thing up. happy thanksgiving, everybody. get in a fight. [ laughter ] and finally, this is crazy, i heard that an anonymous person has been leaving free marijuana at subway stations around new york city. [ laughter ] yeah. anonymous. as in "i found it right here, officer. some anonymous person must have put it in my pocket, made me smoke it. go arrest him." [ applause ] we have a great show tonight. give it up for the roots! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] wow.
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that's what i'm talking about right there, guys. it is pearl jam week here on "late night "! ♪ look directly into the eyes. this is their new album here, it's called "lightning bolt" which is going to debut at number one on the charts on wednesday. we know that we are from the -- we have nostradamus. [ light laughter ] he books our musical guests and he knows that -- yeah, wednesday, going the jam. look at the band here. vinyl. nothing like a good vinyl. anyways, good artists coming to cover their favorite pearl jam songs, tonight with sound garden front man, chris cornell, teaming up with the avett brothers. [ cheers and applause ] how cool is that? tomorrow, robin pecknold from fleet foxes will be playing. and on wednesday, dierks bentley is going to join forces with pearl jam guitarist, mike mccready, and the roots. it's going to be amazing. [ cheers and applause ]
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then on thursday and friday, pearl jam themselves will be here to play some new tunes. [ cheers and applause ] we love those guys. "lightning bolt." first, we have a fantastic show tonight. man we love it when this guy stops by. couldn't be a greater guy, love him. always funny. the great alec baldwin is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] great actor. great guy. super hilarious. the whole show is this you know this guy from "entourage." he just directed a great new documentary about hockey called "big shot." kevin connolly is dropping by as well. [ cheers and applause ] and as i mentioned, chris cornell and the avett brothers doing pearl jam. [ cheers and applause ] [ boing sound ] i got to show this to everybody. i'm showing it to everybody today, as a proud father would. this is my little baby there. she's three months old. [ audience awes ] [ applause ]
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yeah. and she's cute. just having fun. she's too little for this exersaucer. but daddy spent an hour and a half putting it together. so, she's -- [ laughter ] --i made her sit in it for at least ten minutes. she's like, "whatever." keep showing it to everybody. i love her. yeah. hey guys, you ever go on the computer or your phone or maybe you're watching tv and you spot something unintentionally funny on your screen? like a bad misspelling or a weird ad or something like that? well, we asked you guys at home to keep an eye out for something like that, take a screen grab of it and e-mail it to us. we got a ton of them in, thank you for that now like to share some of our favorites tonight. it's time for "screen grabs." here we go. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ thank you very much. this first screen grab was sent to us by rebecca witt from topeka, kansas, she was looking for baby furniture on craigslist and found this here. "bisexual changing table."
12:48 am
[ laughter ] i think she meant unisex, i think. who knows. who knows. >> steve: how much was it? $65. >> jimmy: yeah. this next one is a -- sent by ron avernick of avon, indiana. he was watching "wheel of fortune" and paused the tv and here's what he saw. jackass. [ laughter ] a pat sajak with donkey ears. [ applause ] >> --halloween costumes. >> jimmy: he could pull off anything. this next one is from ron tempest in new york. it's from one of those captcha things, squiggly words you have to type in if you're ordering tickets online to a concert or something like that. anyways, check this out here. chunky teste. [ laughter ] honey, i'm getting that taylor swift ticket for your birthday. don't come in. don't come in! chunky teste. >> steve: it was your first band wasn't it? >> jimmy: what's that? >> steve: first band was chunky
12:49 am
teste. wasn't it? >> jimmy: my first band. chunky teste. chunky testaverde. chunky testaverde. >> steve: yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this one here from fred eichelberger of warwick, pennsylvania. he was scrolling through some tv listings, let's see what's on channel 472 here. ask this old old ho, martha stewart. [ laughter ] i've never heard of that show. >> steve: wow. i'd watch that. >> jimmy: must be very popular. it's on two channels. must be a popular show. oh, man. this next one is from jason goldtrap of davenport, florida. he was searching for a nearby hertz rent a car. he needs to rent a car. and this is what came up here. there it is. there's the hertz rent a car. can i borrow your boat? [ laughter ] got to go rent a car. take that boat over there. you got a ferry i can borrow?
12:50 am
here's one from william gregg who was watching a football game. and saw this right here. holding 20 cox. [ laughter ] >> steve: all the penetration in the end zone. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is that -- >> steve: a lot of penetration in the end zone. >> jimmy: yeah, interesting game. >> steve: i don't know if you caught that. >> jimmy: football is such a very physical sport. >> steve: yeah. yeah. tight end. [ clears throat ] [ laughter ] balls. >> jimmy: okay. [ laughter ] okay. stop. stop. stop. end zone. this is from sophiana cohn. she was checking online dictionary for the meaning of the hindu ward, namaste. let's see what it means. look at the fourth one down. a really slacker way of saying, now i'm gonna say. "yo, you coming to tony's after-party? >> steve: nah, namaste."
12:51 am
[ laughter ] [ applause ] ♪ tony's after-party? >> jimmy: namaste. this one's from david mckias. that how you pronouncing it? mckias? mckias of sanger, california. this is insane, man. the screen grab of his youtube feed. >> steve: okay. >> jimmy: okay? just interesting placement of photos here and just happens to be the way everything was placed. look at this. [ laughter ] weight lifter might be trying a little too hard. [ laughter ] god, that's funny. [ light laughter ]
12:52 am
this is insane, dude. >> steve: booty popping. that's what it's called. booty popping. [ laughter ] oh, that wasn't me. >> jimmy: come on, man. >> steve: pillsbury doughboy. >> jimmy: all right. here's the last one here, sent in by lou rios of springfield, missouri. he was watching the local weather and saw this. there you go, everybody. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] that's all the time we have for "screen grabs." you have a funny screen grab, e-mail it us to at screengrabs at or screengrabs. stick around. we'll be right back with alec baldwin. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. our first guest is an emmy and golden globe-award-winning actor whose new hbo film, "seduced and abandoned" premieres october 28th at 9 p.m. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome alec baldwin! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: my man, alec baldwin. thank you for being here. [ cheers and applause ] thank you for being here on "late night." i appreciate it. big, big week for us. >> it is pearl jam week, right? >> jimmy: it's pearl jam week here at "late night." [ cheers ] >> when are they coming on? when are they coming on? what time on the show are they coming on tonight? pearl jam, when are they coming on? >> jimmy: pearl jam is not on tonight. pearl jam will not be on tonight. >> but it's pearl jam week. >> jimmy: it's pearl jam week! whoo! >> whoo! [ cheers ] and they are coming on when? when are they coming on? >> jimmy: come again? >> and they're coming on when? >> jimmy: thursday and friday. >> thursday and friday. oh, okay, you had me on pearl jam week. but pearl jam is not on tonight, but i'm on. you had me on -- a little bit frustrating. >> jimmy: real good, yeah. >> can we play some pearl jam? >> jimmy: no, no. we are not allowed to illegally play pearl jam tonight. good night, everybody! >> good night!
12:58 am
>> jimmy: i saw the cutest baby. oh, my god. congratulations. >> yeah. >> jimmy: congratulations. >> yeah. ♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. i saw you and hilaria backstage. >> we had baby. >> jimmy: what a cute little baby. >> she's adorable. >> jimmy: don't they smell amazing? >> sometimes these don't smell amazing. >> jimmy: yeah. [ light laughter ] yeah. i think -- >> -- where we went to washington to an event. and i guess the question was -- we went to like a reception and they served indian food at this official reception. and that's all they had and my wife is a pretty healthy eater and everything. and they brought all this kind of spicy food and i wonder does the food go through some kind of barrier to where the baby's eating the indian food, too. through the breast milk. and sure enough we got on the train to come home and -- >> jimmy: oh, really? >> yeah. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: oh is that right? yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. >> it was like -- >> jimmy: that's good to know. >> talk about chemical weapons. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. yeah. high grade. high grade.
12:59 am
but are you used to it now? i saw you backstage. you look like you're perfect. >> you know you know that you get into this thing where you want the baby to sleep. it's 3:00 in the morning. and for me, i get into this delirious thing where i figure i'd cracked the code. like i'm some kind of like a world war ii code cracker. where i sit there and go -- it's shake three times, rub the back, rub the head, shake two times. >> jimmy: yeah. >> shake three times. >> jimmy: yeah. >> rub the back. rub the head. and two pats, three dips, head. and the baby falls asleep. i'm like, "i got it! i did it. figured it out!" >> jimmy: yeah, pat, pat, head. roll, flip, rub. >> and then two seconds later -- >> jimmy: i screwed it up! i screwed up the code! >> well, you thought you had it. you never crack the code. >> jimmy: no, but i just can't -- now she's only, what, two months old? >> she's two months old. >> jimmy: my baby is three and she is starting to imitate me now. anything i do -- if i laugh. and she is like -- [ laughter ] and i just do it for hours and hours. >> my baby -- she watches you on
1:00 am
tv. >> jimmy: she's a talented baby. >> she's very talented. >> jimmy: i gotta say, i love your new show on msnbc. is that the channel? >> i -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, i tivo it. [ talking over each other ] >> it is a whole soup out there of channels. [ talking nasal ] >> jimmy: my voice doesn't sound like that. i don't talk like that. [ light laughter ] that sounds fantastic. >> my show is a talk show. but we do the show on msnbc friday nights. >> jimmy: fridays at 10 p.m. i love it. "up late." >> "up late." i wanted to do a talk show because i like -- if we can get eclectic, weird guests, i like doing it. we get weird people. >> jimmy: i listen to your podcast as well. >> -- podcast. get some weird people on. >> jimmy: does that help with you with this -- >> it did. i did it for two years and i really like doing the show and when you get people on who are really unique, different people. >> jimmy: it's fun. i love it. i also like the set. i like the whole thing about -- >> it's weird. it's great. >> jimmy: now tell me about this movie. you're doing this film that's on hbo. >> jimmy toback and i did a film where we were gonna make a film and instead of making the film,
1:01 am
we decided to go to cannes, which is a film festival and a market to raise money. and we decided to go there and pitch the movie we wanted to make and make a documentary about the pitch of the movie we wanted to make. >> jimmy: it's a film about making a film. >> it's a film about making a film. >> jimmy: and it's not easy to make a film. >> a huge pain in the -- >> jimmy: exactly. yeah. to make a film. why go to cannes? >> to raise money. i mean you're just -- and you're in these rooms with people who -- they talk but like you're not there. you know, i mean they have to. because you're producing the movie and you're starring in the movie. so jimmy is sitting there saying, "how much money would you give us for movie with alec?" and they're sitting there going, "not very much money, no." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and you're in a room, like, wait, i'm me. >> you're sitting in the room going, "yeah, they're talking about me." >> jimmy: alec baldwin, yeah. >> they're like, "yeah, yeah, we wouldn't give you very much money to make a movie about you." >> jimmy: with you starring in it. you've got a lot of great people in this movie. i know scorsese's in it. >> polanski, scorsese. the movie an homage to cannes and great films. and then inside of it is jimmy and i running around and selling the movie. >> jimmy: it premieres monday at 9 p.m. at hbo.
1:02 am
>> hbo. >> jimmy: i want you to come back, stay tuned, everybody, we unearthed some old clips of an old tv show -- >> no. >> jimmy: -- we did in the '80s. >> you found them? >> jimmy: and i wanna show them. more with alec baldwin after the break. it's good! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. we are hanging out with the one and only alec baldwin right there, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] we love you, pal. we've known each other for a long time. a lot of people might not know, but we actually started in a sitcom in the '80s. >> that's right. i can't believe you found this footage. how did you do that? >> jimmy: that's right. >> the museum of broadcasting?
1:06 am
where did you get that? >> jimmy: we called somebody from the show, the old producer. and we got it back. >> larry siegelbaum? you called larry? >> jimmy: we did. we called larry. and he got it. he had it on tape, vhs. and he had to transport over to digital. and it was a cop show. >> yeah. yeah. >> jimmy: "point pleasant police department." >> it was a cop show. >> jimmy: and it took place in point pleasant, new jersey. we played two police officers who couldn't see eye to eye. we get in a lot of arguments and stuff. >> it was a very intense show and we got into a lot of, you know, messy situations. [ light laughter ] very messy situations. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we actually have a clip of it. do you mind if i just show some. larry gave us a clip of our show? >> let it rip. ♪ [ laughter ] >> good morning, paul. >> jimmy: morning, pete.
1:07 am
[ laughter ] where did you put the papers? >> pardon? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i said -- i'm trying it out. i want to try it out before i grow my mustache. i just asked you a simple question. i said where did you put the papers? [ laughter ] where did you put the papers? >> no. don't -- [ laughter ] don't piss me off, paul. this is the point pleasant police department. [ laughter ] this ain't no pickle party, you punk. >> point taken! ♪ [ applause ]
1:08 am
>> jimmy: like i said -- [ cheers and applause ] pretty intense show. >> very gritty. very gritty. >> jimmy: can we show another clip? do we have time if we show another clip? let's show one more clip. ♪ >> jimmy: sorry i'm late, paul. >> well, you were never the poster boy for punctuality. [ laughter ] pete! [ laughter ]
1:09 am
>> jimmy: i couldn't help noticing. you eating pumpkin pie? >> yeah. are you eating planters peanuts? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: precisely. [ laughter ] very perceptive, paul. >> this pumpkin pie is making me so parched. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: perhaps you'd like a dr. -- [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> are you all right, paul?
1:10 am
>> jimmy: perfect. perhaps you'd like a dr. pepper? [ laughter ] >> no, i prefer a -- mr. pibb! >> jimmy: pepper! >> pibb! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: pepper! >> pibb! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right, pibb it is. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ]
1:11 am
>> jimmy: i could really feel the emotion in that scene. >> yeah. you could almost taste it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i can't believe i'm gonna say this. do we have time for one more clip? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ light laughter ] >> oh. listen, pete, the point pleasant police department has a problem. a pickpocket. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: pickpocket? >> yeah. the perpetrator preys on people wearing ponytails at pittsburgh
1:12 am
pirates playoff games. [ laughter ] one minute, a person has their wallet, then the next minute, poof! [ laughter ] they're gone! >> jimmy: sounds like a real -- pain in the patootie! >> this punk was last seen reciting a children's poem. [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what poem was it? >> peter piper -- [ laughter ] -- picked a peck -- [ laughter ] -- of pickled peppers. [ laughter ]
1:13 am
>> jimmy: wait. if peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers -- [ light laughter ] then how many pickled peppers did peter piper pick? [ laughter ] >> who cares? we've got to pinpoint this little puke pronto. because we are -- >> both: the point pleasant police department. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i thought we played pretty good policemen right there. >> two powerful performances. >> jimmy: my thanks to the great alec baldwin. "seduced and abandoned" premieres monday at 9 p.m. on
1:14 am
hbo. stick around. we'll be right back with kevin connolly. there he is in the bud light platinum suite! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ google, what is glossophobia? glossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪ with new quality ingredients. like angus beef, hickory ham, and our new buttery seasoned crusts. then...we add hot. because hot makes everything better. [ female announcer ] better taste. better quality. [ ding! ] ♪ hot pockets! mike's being healthy and chewing like a man.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you know our next guest from movies like "he's just not that into you" and of course from his long-running hit hbo series, "entourage." premiering tomorrow night at 8 p.m. on espn you can se a new 30 for 30 documentary he directed about the new york islanders. it's called "big shots." put it together for a talented man. here's kevin connolly! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: kevin connolly, we love you. thank you for coming. nice to see you, buddy. >> thanks for having me. talk about a tough act to follow. >> jimmy: no i smell like whiskey and doritos. i apologize. >> what an episode. >> jimmy: i gotta get right into this with you. this is a big con-tra-versey. [ laughter ] as they say in england. it's a big controversy, the "entourage" movie, let's see it.
1:20 am
everyone wants to go to this movie, we want make the "entourage" movie. right? [ cheers ] we love it. we wanna see it. [ applause ] warner brothers says yes, green lit the spec script, right? they love the script. >> they love the script. we are ready to go. but you know -- >> jimmy: and then mark wahlberg comes out and says i love it, but -- >> but yeah, he did say that. >> jimmy: people want too much money. >> that's not true. i mean, i'm ready to go. i'm ready to go. >> jimmy: who is holding out? >> there is nobody holding out. >> jimmy: turtle holding out? whoever it is, figure it out. you're not going to make that much money anyway. just do it or whatever it is. [ light laughter ] make the movie, we want to see the movie. >> so do i. i'm ready. >> jimmy: thank you. >> whoo. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: kevin, i want to talk about this documentary. it's on espn. 30 for 30. it's called "big shots." >> "big shots," yeah. >> jimmy: why the islanders? you love them, right? >> yeah, i love the islanders. yeah, i grew up on long island. [ applause ] sounds like you have some people from long island out there. in the '80s, they were a great dynasty, then they fell on some hard times. 1980 to '84 they were the last professional major sports franchise to win four championships in a row. most people don't know that. >> jimmy: is that right? >> yes, that's true.
1:21 am
and when they fell on to some hard times, the team was for sale. and the guy decided that he was going to buy the team named john spano. and he went into a fleet bank in boston and took out an $80 million loan with a piece of paper he that made at his house. >> jimmy: how is he going to do that? >> that's a great question. but he did it. >> jimmy: he got a loan? and please, and i'm a capital one representative. >> yeah, you are. [ laughter ] but yeah. he did it. he went in and with a -- >> jimmy: $80 million. >> they gave him $80 million bucks. and he was the owner of the team for four months before somebody said, "wait a second. who exactly are you?" you know, it took them a while to catch on. yeah, they got him. >> jimmy: you grew up going to islanders games? >> yeah i did and you know, i -- i interviewed him. you were harder on me than i was on him. >> jimmy: how did you interview him? >> i'm a terrible interviewer. i just can't go hard like did you just did. right there, like the way you grilled me, i tried. i could not do that. >> jimmy: you couldn't do it? >> i couldn't do it. >> jimmy: why? >> i don't know -- >> jimmy: you're too nice. >> i just couldn't. yeah. so, i'm -- >> jimmy: what was he saying? was he like upset or was he --
1:22 am
he doesn't give anyone interviews, right? >> it was the first time he'd ever done it. so yeah, it was hard. it's not my style. i'm not diane sawyer. >> jimmy: yeah. yeah. yeah. you're kevin connolly. you're a nice guy. but he tells his side of the story. how he did this whole thing? >> yeah, yeah. i mean, i grew up going to the games since i was a little kid. so i got to interview -- >> jimmy: age eight, there's kevin's right there. [ audience aws ] yeah, he's a cute guy. who is this guy? >> this is bobby nystrom. >> jimmy: bobby nystrom. good man. >> still got the 'stache. >> jimmy: he's got the mullet. he's rocking the hockey mullet. >> this is mike bossy. >> jimmy: i mean, that's a great -- >> that's a hockey face. >> jimmy: that's a hockey face right there yeah, that's so real. >> a face only a mother could love. >> jimmy: yeah. i love that. well i love that you did this, 'cause i didn't know you directed a bunch of stuff. i wanted you to direct the "entourage" movie, which you are holding out for that. probably all that director money. >> but we tried to start the rumor here. it got a little traction. >> jimmy: it did. >> and then it got shot down. >> jimmy: who might direct the movie?
1:23 am
just say it. turtle's holding out, right? >> he is not holding -- >> jimmy: it's adrian grenier. >> it's somebody -- >> jimmy: it's one of those dudes. >> i don't know. hot. hot. hot over here. >> jimmy: hot over here. >> does this water have like, doritos in it or anything? [ talking over each other ] >> jimmy: no, that's for you. i'm psyched that you got do this -- because not only are you a good director, you're a good guy. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> jimmy: please, i love it espn, 8 p.m., tomorrow night. [ cheers and applause ] "big shots"! kevin connolly. that's what i'm talking about. chris cornell and the avett brothers kick off pearl jam week after the break. pearl jam week! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is the lead singer of soundgarden and is in the midst of a solo tour that runs through the end of november. tonight, he is joined by seth and scott avett from the avett brothers to kick off pearl jam week with a performance of "footsteps." please welcome, chris cornell! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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me continue to blame you ♪ ♪ footsteps in the hall it was you you oh pictures on my chest it was you you oh ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] chris cornell! the avett brothers. see them both live on tour this
1:33 am
fall. we will be right back, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ man ] adventure, it means taking chances. it means trying something new. [ woman ] just, that uncertainty of what's to come. [ man ] just kidding. ♪ can you please stop doing that? ♪ [ woman ] you walk outside in brooklyn, and it's cement and broken glass. and this is just like... the opposite of that. ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to alec baldwin, kevin connolly, chris cornell and the avett brothers. and the greatest band in late night, the roots, everybody, right there! [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for carson daly, thank you for watching. have a good night. see you tomorrow. bye bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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