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tv   Today  NBC  October 22, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> busy morning. ìáhp &hc& good luck getting to work. good morning, tragedy in nevada. >> can you please send police out here? there's a kid with a gun. >> police search for a motive behind yet another deadly school shooting as a teacher that died protecting students is hailed a hero. we'll speak with one of the young boys he saved. is she american? a twist on the mystery over the identity of a little girl found in greece. why the fbi is on the case. can it be true? an exciting break through on a cure for baldness and it has two people we know very happy today, tuesday, october 22nd, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news,
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this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> and i'm matt lauer along side natalie morales and al roker. it's a good day to be bald. the only way this works for people is if you put the mouse right on top of your head. but it's promising. >> it's very promising. a lot of people will be very interested in this research. >> no question. but first, the terrible shooting at a nevada middle school. joe fryer has new details on the investigation. joe, good morning, what are we learning? >> reporter: good morning, savannah. police are now trying to figure out what motivated a student to bring a gun to school and open fire, killing a teacher and injuring two students before shooting and killing himself. >> i'm calling from sparks
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middle school. we have a shooting at our school. >> reporter: when the sound of gunfire erupted outside of sparks middle school, mike landsberry quickly stepped forward. >> the teacher fell and everybody ran away. >> reporter: landsberry, a national guardsman and former marine, died at the scene. he was 45 years old. >> he loved everyone and wanted to protect everyone. it's hard on us to lose him. >> reporter: authorities say two students were also shot, including one who tried to helped teacher. both of those children are expected to survive. >> one was shot through the shoulder. the other shot in the abdomen. >> reporter: in all, police say 20 to 30 people witnessed the shooting, which took place as students were arriving for class. >> this is a student from sparks
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middle school. can you please send police out here? there's a kid with a gun. >> reporter: students were quickly ushered inside and locked down then evacuated to nearby schools where they reunited with worried parents. >> i just was in a panic until we got here and we had to wait a long time to be able to see or know if she was okay. when i found out she was okay -- she's my life, you know. >> reporter: for some, a day that started violently at school ended peacefully at church as they remember a teacher who died a hero. police have not yet named the gunman or released any information about him, but they do say his weapon was a semiautomatic handgun. glasses here at sparks middle school will not happen for the rest of this week. matt? >> joe fryer, thank you very much. jose is a student at sparks middle school. his life was saved by teacher michael landsberry. joseoins us with his mother.
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good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> morning. >> jose, how are you doing today? >> good. >> yeah? you're hanging in there? >> yeah. >> you saw and heard an awful lot yesterday, jose. take me back to the time you arrived at school. i understand you were just there a short while when the shooting started. what did you see, and what did you hear? >> when i was at school, i was hanging out with my friends, and then we heard a loud gunshot. we thought it was fire crackers. so then we looked back towards where we saw the noise and we see the kid pull out his gun and shoot the kid in the arm. then they started running. i froze because he was aiming his gun right at my chest, and i looked at the gun and my chest like he was going to shoot me. so i turned around and i ran. i heard a gunshot, and i thought he shot me. then i looked back, and he shot
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a kid in his leg, arm, and stomach. >> jose, you could actually hear some of the conversation going on between that first student and the shooter, where one student said, why me, why are you going to shoot me. >> yeah. >> and what did the shooter say? >> he didn't say nothing. he just kept on shooting him. >> and after he shot these two students, as you mentioned, you were frozen in place, which is completely understandable. the shooter turns and points the gun right at your chest, and at some point mr. landsberry walks right in front of you and stands between you and the shooter. can you tell me what mr. landsberry was saying? >> he was telling him to stop and put the gun down. then the kid, he yelled out, no, like yelling at him. and he shot him. >> was mr. landsberry calm as he was talking to this student, or was he yelling at him?
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>> he was calm, and he was holding out his hand like put the gun in my hand, like to just stop. >> maricella, this teacher, mike landsberry, didn't really know your son. never had him in a class. yet, he stepped in front of a gunman to protect your son's life. how do you even begin to understand that? >> i'm very, very grateful for everything that he did. i'm just grateful he was there to help our children out. >> jose, after this student shot mr. landsberry, you ran with some other students and you hid. i understand one of the students you were hiding with was crying pretty cloloudly, which is understandable. the shooter heard it and came over and found you guys. what happened then? >> he started yelling like, if you guys say anything about me
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coming here, i'm going to shoot you. so then he shot twice to the windows. then it seemed like he was out of bullets, so he left. he had his case and he set it up. he was praying like, don't shoot. other people were like, we didn't see nothing, so he doesn't shoot us. so that's when he fired two bullets to the window. then he left. he heard the cops come. >> you did not see this student take his own life, i understand. is that correct? >> yeah. >> maricella, one last question for you. mike landsberry leaves behind a wife and two stepdaughters. if you could speak to his family, what would you say? >> i want to say that they're in my thoughts and my prayers today
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and for the rest of the days. i hope that god gives them the encouragement that they need to move on and mr. landsberry, he sacrificed his life to take our kids to safety. i thank him for that. he's a true hero. >> thank you, both. i appreciate it. maricella, jose, thank you both very much. be well. take care of each other, okay? >> thank you. you too. >> our thoughts and prayers with the family of that teacher and the students who were wounded. also someone like jose who saw all of this unfold in front of his eyes. >> i couldn't stop thinking but for mr. landsberry and his heroics in that moment, we wouldn't be seeing jose sitting there. amazing story. >> middle school. happened at a middle school. well, we move to washington now and the problems with the internet rollout of the president's health care law. he calls it an embarrassment and
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is promising to fix things. what are you supposed to do if you need to sign up for health care? we've got two reports this morning, starting with nbc's peter alexander at the white house. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah. good morning. even supporters of obama care agree the onus is on the administration right now to resolve these problems quickly. as a former adviser to the president told me, if they do, this rocky start will simply be an asterisk in history. opponents are already saying, i told you so. overnight, republicans like ted cruz again took aim at the president's health care law. >> the disaster, the train wreck, the nightmare that is obama care. >> reporter: with others pouncing on the website's flaws. >> this thing's a failure. it's not something that you can just say is a glitch. >> reporter: more than three weeks into the turbulent launch into the affordable care act, president obama insists the law is healthy, even if its site is not. >> nobody's madder than me about the fact that the website isn't working as well as it should.
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which means it's going to get fixed. >> reporter: among the fixes already in place, a tool letting consumers comparison shop without filling out an application and a new website design informing people they can apply by phone. >> at the end of the day, the buck stops with the president. he's got to get this website up to maintain his credibility with the public. >> reporter: while signups run through march, the next several weeks will be critical with december 15th the last day to enroll for coverage at the start of the year. a key adviser for both massachusetts health care law, signed by then-governor mitt romney, and obama care, remains optimistic. >> this law will work, and it will be popular. it's just going to take a while to get there. >> reporter: among those the white house is counting on to enroll, carmel allison, who nearly fainted during the president's remarks. >> i got you. you're okay. >> reporter: later tweeting,
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thanks, barack obama, for catching me fortunate . fortunately, she is okay. kathleen sebelius is calling on to be fired. the president insists he's not looking to fire anybody. sebelius will testify next week. >> peter, thank you so much. for the first time, we're hearing from the programmers who built that website. they say they saw red flags. nbc's tom costello has that part of the story this morning. good morning to you. >> hi, savannah.e white house i exactly what the problems are. the associated press reports this morning that even project developers doubted that the website could be ready in time and for months they complained about unrealistic deadlines. we've also heard the system routinely crashed in the run up to the rollout. here's what's really troubling. when big companies like moo kro soft, apple, or yahoo! want to roll out new software, they usually do something called a beta test. that's where they put it out there for the world to test, but they warn everyone there will probably be problems. we can't guarantee this will be glitch free. the beta test period usually
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lasts months and sometimes a year or longer. by most accounts, went live with only a few days of beta testing. this website is very challenging because it involves 36 states and linking and confirming data with other government agencies like the irs, the va, medicare, even credit bureaus. and we have -- all we have are outside estimates for the job that they're up against. by one estimate, they may need to rewrite 5 million different lines of software code, savannah. >> which raises the question, tom, how long this fix might conceivably take. >> yeah, and that's anyone's guess right now. the white house isn't saying. try to put this in a perspective in the big picture here. to give you a sense of how big this job is, imagine that you had all the possible variations for someone who wants to sign up for insurance. age, sex, marital status, income, kids, what state and county you live in, the types of insurance coverage you're interested in.
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all those different questions and answers lead down different pathways and portals. it's like a huge tree that gets more and more complex. the problem is that the clock, as peter mentioned, is ticking. you have until the end of march in order to get the system up and running. they want to have 7 million people signed up by the end of march. right now it's a real question as to whether they can do that. you know, there's one factoid you and i shared this morning that i think is interesting. apple spent about $150 million to roll out the iphone, the first one. they've already spent $400 million on this website. >> and perhaps will have to spend more to fix it. tom costello, thank you for the insight from washington this morning. >> natalie's here. she's got more on those wildfires that have firefighters in australia very busy. >> that's right, guys. good morning again. hot and windy conditions are threatening to set back firefighters battling wildfires in australia. ian, good morning. >> reporter: hi, natalie. well, it's actually started to
7:14 am
rain here in the blue mountains, but not nearly enough to affect the fires. instead, we've been warned of extreme fire conditions, strong winds expected to fan a wildfire that's already blanketed sydney in smoke and could threaten its western suburbs. overnight firefighters went on the offensive, starting their own fires. in an effort to slow the progress of a blaze now covering an area of forest the size of urban sydney. this area of forest has been deliberately burned as a last line of defense, providing a buffer against the approaching wildfire. officials describing extreme temperature and winds forecasted for wednesday as about as bad as it gets. >> i've been fighting fires for 33 years. it's the most challenging scenario i've ever faced. >> reporter: among those on the front line, volunteer tim parsely, trying to block the fire's progress. >> if we can make some kind of difference to it here, then we will. >> reporter: he's an engineer who usually works on satellites, but the fight against the fire
7:15 am
has become personal. >> my sister lives here. we're trying to manage the family issue as well. >> reporter: the fire could threaten sydney's western suburbs if it sweeps down from the mountains. residents in the worst affected mountain areas have been told they have until midday wednesday to safely leave, which many are reluctant to do. >> it's your home. you just want to stay here and protect it, i guess. >> reporter: though it may be hard to protect against what's already the worst fire disaster in this region in four decades. if the forecasts are right, wednesday will see soaring temperatures and winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour. perfect conditions for a wildfire, natalie. >> ian williams in australia. thank you. well, smog is the problem in china. a city in northeast china is virtually shutdown. all highways were closed this morning due to the fog.
7:16 am
some reopened later in the day. fog also forced the local airport to close, stranding over 2,000 passengers. schools remain closed. the tsa is expanding its screening process to start looking at passengers before they arrive at the airport. according to a report in "the new york times," the tsa will use a wide array of government and private databases, including records like car registrations. the agency says the goal is to streamline the security process. two delta airlines flights had to make emergency landings monday night. a flight from syracuse to atlanta returned to syracuse because of smoke from a small electrical fire. another flight made an emergency landing in washington when a sensor indicated overheating in the cargo bay. no fire was found. a massachusetts woman is recovering this morning after falling on to some subway tracks. a frightening moment caught on camera. take a look at this. you can see the woman walk across the platform right on to the tracks below. makes you cringe. it happened near boston, about a
7:17 am
dozen people rushed in to help her, with some jumping into the pit to pull the woman out. there were no trains approaching at the time, thank goodness. the 31-year-old said she had fallen asleep on a bench and possibly ended up sleep walking right into the pit. she was treated for an arm injury. thankfully that is all. and an emotional moment between a father and a son also captured on camera. the english boy you see here admits he's always struggled in math class, so when he got a passing grade, he set up a camera to get his dad's reaction. take a look. >> is that real? >> yes. >> is that real? >> yes. [ sobbing ] >> the boy says a year ago he had an "f" in math, so this time he got a "c." it was a huge improvement based on that reaction. i love it. >> i love that. >> a good parenting moment. >> are you sure?
7:18 am
>> is it real? is it real? >> that's fantastic video. great, natalie. thank you. >> you got it. >> mr. roker, you have a first check of the weather. >> that's right. our friends in mexico, we're still dealing with hurricane raymond. check it out. you can see this is from along the coast. up to 5 to 8 inches of rain falling already. they're going to get more. show you what's going on, on the map, on the satellite. basically, we're looking at this thing, it is just churning off the coast, stationary, 40 miles west of acapulco. category 3 storm. could see another 12 inches of rain. closer to home, we've got the jet stream right now. it's going to open up the back door to much colder air from canada. we're already seeing some lake-effect snow starting to develop throughout parts of the midwest. we're also looking at a clipper coming across, bringing some messy weather. but the big story is going to be the colder air coming in. we've got freeze warnings, frost advisories and freeze watches from kansas all the way to ohio.
7:19 am
look at these temperatures. cold air. chicago today, 42 for a high. that's 20 degrees below normal. newbury, 41. pittsburgh, only 51 for a high. 11 degrees below normal. and that cold air is moving to the east and even as far south as mississippi and georgia. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ♪ ♪ good tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren.
7:20 am
we have really thick fog out there but i want to show you above the fog you can sunshine, a blue sky but this is what it looks like at the surface. a lot of fog on the golden gate bridge. a good idea to give yourself extra time. the sun will break through between 10:00 and noon and a warm day as a result 84 degrees on the way to livermore. later on looking good all week. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, mr. roker. thanks very much. let's swing into the orange room. carson's in there with what's making news this morning. carson? >> come on in, everybody. good morning. may as well be named tablet tuesday. do you own tablets? >> of course. >> yeah. >> well, today lots of going. there's a big event in san francisco. apple, among other things, announcing a redesigned ipad 5. they have a retina display in the mini. you have microsoft coming out with new surfaces. noe key ya for the first time getting in on the tablet action. here's the charts. three years ago, only 4% of you had a tablet.
7:21 am
it has surged to september 2013, 35%. today's a big day. the tablet wars are officially on. you can go through our "today" app and take our survey. what's your favorite tablet? apple, microsoft, samsung, other, none. we'll do that in the next half hour. back to you. >> all right, carson. >> more people have tablets instead of computers now. >> when i have my computer, it's like a mainframe. >> a dinosaur. >> people who use apple use it ten times more than other folks with tablets. >> interesting. coming up, the fbi getting involved in a case of the so-called blond angel. a little girl found in greece. is there a chance she's a missing american girl? >> then the breakthrough technique that could be a huge leap forward in finding a cure for baldness. yes, al, eureka. but first, this is "today" on
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on every purchase, everywhere, every damn day. now, tell me, what's in your wallet? 7:26. i'm jon kelley. the good news b.a.r.t. service is back, on the down side it's not at full service. chase cain is live right now in walnut creek. nonetheless it's a morning of mixed emotions and news. good morning, chase. >> reporter: good morning, jon. it was almost an hour and a half ago the first trains started rolling through walnut creek here again. but there was sort of a false alarm earlier. people thought the trains would start at 4:00 a.m. they did not. it was two hours later before service could resume because b.a.r.t. and the union said they had trouble getting enough people to work because the notice came late that the strike was off. b.a.r.t. says there are 25
7:27 am
trains running, that is compared to the normal 45 trains that they would have this time of morning. so they are warning commuters that it may take longer to get in to work, also warning commuters that they should be prepared to get off at a station and back on another train so hápv plan extra time if you are hopping on the train. that's the latest live in walnut creek. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> thank you. pack patience with the sandwich. and mike inouye looking at the roads. >> more patience required. this is what bob redell, out there in the van, believe me this van is mobile. it's not moving. 880 is packed. we'll look at this live shot. a crash north of here as we look at the maps it starts at davis street past the coliseum past to 980. we have one lane blocked instead of three but stilltm packed. west ñ580 showing slowing out o castro valley because folks are using that. the east shore freeway is packed because of the limited b.a.r.t.
7:28 am
service forcing more to the roadway. highway 24 not so bad. down to the san mateo bridge more traffic there as folks avoid the bay bridge. we have low clouds, fog. >> quite a bit. good morning to you. pockets where you can see for a quarter of a mile but the thick fog is drifting and we're down to a mile and a half in oakland. dense fog advisory for the north bay until 9:00 a.m. clear by noon. comfortable highs in the 80s. right now jon kelley. >> thank you. we're back in a half hour.
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning. it's the 22nd day of october, 2013. pretty sunrise this morning in wilmington, north carolina. looks like a nice day down there. i'm matt lauer with savannah guthrie, al roker and natalie morales inside studio 1-a. >> investigators are trying to figure out what motivated a 12-year-old boy to open fire at a nevada middle school. a beloved teacher was killed before the shooter took his own life. hurricane raymond is dumping heavy rain on parts of mexico. streets are flooded in acapulco and evacuations of low lying areas are underway. and some of the programmers
7:31 am
that built the health insurance website said they raised doubts that the site would be up and operational in time. and coming up this morning, day two on our series of feeling better. this morning, i'll try out new tests for joint pain and show you the latest noninvasive treatment options. >> and we want you to share what works for you. tweet us at #whatworksforme. we'll get to that a minute. we're looking at a little girl found in greece. the fbi is now involved in that case looking at missing child cases here in greece. michelle kosinski is in greece this morning. good morning. >> this man and woman that had this child was in jail and the little girl is being taken care of my charity workers and police are trying to figure out how this couple got her in the first place. they're asking the world right
7:32 am
now, could she be your missing child? >> this is the story not of a missing little girl but a mysteriously found one and maria could be both. now the charity caring for her says more than 10,000 calls and e-mails have poured in from around the world revealing around 10 promising leads. at least four of those from the u.s. including information from a kansas city missouri couple whose daughter lisa erwin disappeared from her bed more than two years ago. they spoke of their anguish on today at the time. >> i am a mess. i am frustrated. we need lisa. police believe maria came to live in this gypsy town in central greece in 2009. charity workers say she was terrified to be taken away by authorities last week but is now doing well. >> the body language. >> reporter: police raided the camp looking for guns and drugs and seized those and maria after
7:33 am
a prosecutor noticed she looked nothing like the couple she was living with. a dna test proved she was not this couple's child. police arrested them and accused them of abduction and say they registered 14 children as their own. as for maria, the couple gave multiple conflicting stories about how they got her. including they found her abandoned and that her bulgarian mother gave her to them when maria was days old. residents say the child was loved here and well cared for. they deny child trafficking. >> everyone in the camp knew of the story of the bulgarian woman that had allegedly given the couple the baby but no one they spoke to had ever seen her themselves. they say that was the story the couple was telling. now other families around the world looking at this face and wondering, with hope, could she be their child?
7:34 am
greek police have help behind them and now they're wanting to know what information exists out there. they're looking at a number of possibilities. one of which is could this case be linked possibly to child trafficking rings, matt. all right. michelle kosinski? greece this morning. >> there's reports as well that this couple, they say the girl was given to them by this romai romania couple but they have 14 children and six were within a ten month period. >> a lot of people are hopeful today. we'll see what happens with that. let's get a check of the weather. >> first pitch world series tonight. who do you like? >> i like both teams. >> cardinals. >> very nicely done. >> red sox cardinals. >> mr. lauer running for office. we appreciate it. well, of course, the game is going to be in fenway park. first pitch, cloudy skies, 40% shot at showers. 47. 30% by the end of the game and a
7:35 am
temperature of 44 degrees. right now, you see temperatures, we're looking at a fantastic day out west. that's because we have a big ridge of high pressure dominating out west and with that high pressure you're going to see a fantastic day for our friends there. seattle after morning fog, a high of 63. salt lake city, sunshine, 67. vegas a comfortable 82. 91 in phoenix. los angeles with a temperature of 71 degrees. rest of the country, we have a stationary front across southern florida. look for showers in the southeast. a mess with rain, snow, high winds. lake effect snow of about nine inches in the upper portions of new york state. what we call the tug 7:35 on tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we've got a good looking day shaping up. you can see above the clouds we've got a nice clear sky. but those low clouds extend all
7:36 am
the way inland, this is sunol. you can see a gray start to the day. a nice sunny finish headed our way and 68 degrees in san francisco, so staying unseasonably warm as you head throughout this afternoon. tomorrow we'll take off a couple of degrees, otherwise we're looking for more of the same for the next couple days. i was actually jumping ahead in time. it's tomorrow night first game world series. >> would you like to amend your answer. >> which is why i got such a great seat for tonight's game. >> exactly. >> unbelievable. >> al, thank you so much. well, now to a soildiesoldier's headstone in cincinnati. the marker is in the shape of a popular cartoon character. it was approved. so why has the cemetery now approved it? here's the story. >> she was excited about spongebob, you know? that was her love and her passion was spongebob. >> reporter: kimberly walkers family remembers her as a caring
7:37 am
young woman. someone always smiling. >> she just had this love of spongebob and i think it's because he was such a jolly go lucky cartoon character. >> reporter: so when the army sergeant was murdered in february at age 28 her family spared no expense ordering two spongebob square pants granite head stones to honor kimberly and her twin sister that serves in the navy. they got approve for the monuments by this cincinnati cemetery. final resting place of such icons as the real life procter & gamb gamble. but the cemetery hauled them off. >> it's unreal. we just can't imagine. >> reporter: the cemetery apologized saying the family chose a design with a guidance of a spring grove employee who unfortunately made an error in judgment. the monument does not fit within
7:38 am
spring grove cemetery guidelines and be here. >> rare as they may be, spongebob is on another head stone at another cemetery. >> we picked out the head stone and monument and size and everything before we even contacted the cemetery and never had any friction. >> reporter: today cemetery officials are scheduled to meet with the walker family with hopes of reaching a compromise saying they'll reimburse the family and pay for new monuments. still a grieving mom wants spongebob as is. >> we want the spongebob back and that's the only thing we're going to settle for. >> set in stone, yet far from permanent. nbc news, chicago. >> interesting case out there. we'll find out more about that as it goes on. but when we come back, we'll have what could be a big discovery in the fight against
7:39 am
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on your windows tablet, pc, or surface. that's the new windows: one experience for everything in your life. we're back now at 7:43. few things represent duty in our society like a full head of hair. at least for some people. for the 50% of people that suffer thinning hair even the hint of a cure is big news. now new research is providing what could be the best clue yet. dr. nancy snyderman, good morning to you. >> hi, matt. >> the research comes from columbia university. >> credible. >> they have found a way to clone human hair cells which create human hair follicles and create new cells. big news.
7:44 am
>> that's the difference when you take one follicle to one hair or use topical medicines. they took human skin, put it on mice and found that if you go into these little cells, you can get multiple hairs growing out of one little spot. so that means, especially for the over 60 crowd where you really start to see your hair thinning and especially for women where hair transplantation is not a very good option. you can suddenly think about growing hair in ways you couldn't before. you take one hair follicle and you get 100. >> so this sounds like it's a ways off. because at the moment it happens in a lab dish and then it goes to the mice and unless you want to put the mouse on top of your head, this is going to be awhile. >> this isn't going to be in your doctor's office tomorrow but it's a game changer in the fact that you can get multiple hairs out of one little spot.
7:45 am
it's a mouse study but opens up a door in science. >> this isn't just for vanity reasons. you people that suffered burns and maybe there's vanity in this but people that suffer from alopesha. >> it's for women that lose hair too. there's no viable option. >> 80% of women suffer thinning hair by the time they're 65. >> that's exactly right and the option is a wig. not only burn patients, a lot of times children start to lose hair in their teens and there's no viable option. is this coming to a doctor's office near you? yes but not tomorrow. it's cool stuff. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> you bet. >> coming up at 8:10, don't blame the messenger. while first born kids are smarter. and the next generation of
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
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7:50 am
carson is taking a look at the tablet wars this morning. carson, good morning to you. >> good morning, with mario armstrong getting some help. we had the results of our survey you had to take through the today app about tablets. a lot going on in the world in tablets. apple 52%, samsung 20%. other 18% and so on. and so forth. mario today in san francisco apple making a couple of announcements. we don't know what they are yet. >> no. >> mavericks is coming out. >> new operating system. >> on the mini? >> on the mini. probably see a thinner, faster, regular ipad as well. i'm not sure if we'll see the fingerprint touch i.d. on that. maybe one more thing may be a smart watch. >> we have tablet wars. we have microsoft in full disclosure. we have powered by microsoft in this room. two new out today. describe those. >> yeah, the surface pro2 and the surface 2. the main difference between
7:51 am
these two. you want a laptop replacement go with the surface pro 2. if you want a tablet and full keyboard and you want to pull up powerpoint slides and word documents but also play game with the kids and have multiple people teaching the screen at the same time, this is perfect. >> 5% had tablets two years ago. 35% now have tablets. how do you know what you need? >> you have to know what you need. people want to buy the shiny new whistles. don't do that. is it for work or play or your kids? what apps will you need to use? >> why are you yelling at me? >> he is pumped up! >> i have them all! thank you very much. back to you, guys. >> we love it. thank you, mario. >> some want the shiny new whistle. >> all worked up. straight ahead, the elaborate way that kanye popped the question to kim last night. >> al puts his knees to the test. the cutting ways to diagnose and treat joint pain. how to handle those
7:52 am
people -- >> finish your sentence. >> yes! >> but first we've got your local news and weather. >> sentence hijackers. for its traffic,wn defiy congestion, for the smog. but there are a lot people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. milk wins!!! ding! protein. on the go. got protein. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse.
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7:56 am
good morning to you. it's 7:56. i'm marla tellez. b.a.r.t. trains are up and running this morning but not at full service because b.a.r.t. and the unions came to an agreement so late last night workers were not ready to work earlynnt this morning. that delayed service by more than an hour and a half. it wasn't until about 5:45 that b.a.r.t. trains began rolling. even then instead of the normal 45 trains only 25 are operating. there's about a 20 to 30-minute delay system wide. b.a.r.t. hopes to have full service restored by this afternoon. adding insult to injury there are accidents cleared though now. >> which is adding about a 20 to 30-minute delay. 880 through oakland, not a great break for folks, northbound coming toward us, approaching hagenberger you can see the sign there and the coliseum. a look at the maps, extend this from 238 to 980 where the crash
7:57 am
happened. finally cleared. west 580 also very slow as folks try to avoid the backup. both have no incidents now through oakland. southbound to the san mateo bridge some trying to get away from the bridge. they are heading to 92 which is moving smoothly westbound. we continue into fremont for south 880, northbound san jose packing it in. saratoga a crash causing that backup. >> sorry, christina. >> call me skip. good morning to you. 7:57 the time. a beautiful clear sky over low clouds. we have thick fog across the bay area. san jose, no exception to the rule even in the south bay where we don't see this thick fog this time of year. it is out there. it will clear between about 10:00 and noon. by wednesday into thursday temperatures start tov$ just a touch. then we'll be in the upper 70s friday into the weekend, with a slight chance for showers. back to you, marla. >> thanks so much. we'll be back with our next
7:58 am
local update at 8:26.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today, coming up, like millions of americans, al suffers from knee pain. the new ways you can help find relief. birthday surprise. you won't believe what kanye west did in proposing to kim kardashian last night. and legendary actor, singer, and author julie andrews live in our studio, tuesday, october 22nd, 2013. carolina girls best in the world. >> hey everybody in california. >> all the way from seattle washington. >> hey, a big shout out to our
8:01 am
friends at home in savannah, georgia, we love you. >> hi, mom, we got up at 3:00 a.m. to be on the "today" show. >> wow. welcome back to "today." i'm savannah guthrie along side matt lauer, al roker, and carson daly. i'd like to perform my best tease as a song. >> okay. ♪ the hills are alive >> we have julie andrews in the house. if i were to ask you how long ago did julie andrews have the role of mary poppins? >> 30 years ago? >> 50 years ago. 50th anniversary. major role and julie andrews will be in our studio in just awhile. >> before that let's check in
8:02 am
with natalie with today's top stories. >> good morning, everyone. investigators are searching for the motive behind a deadly shooting at a nevada middle school. a student used a semiautomatic handgun monday to wound two young schoolmates and to kill a math teacher before taking his own life. witnesses said the teacher, 45-year-old former marine mike landsberry tried to stop the shooter when he was gunned down. republicans are pouncing on president obama's own admission that the affordable health care website has frustrating glitches. the president said monday that the law is working even if the website is not. he blamed heavy traffic and vowed a around the clock effort to fix the problems. meantime, marco rubio said he will file legislation to delay the law's individual insurance mandate until the website is fully functional. >> in paris, secretary of state tried to diffuse ten over a french news report that u.s. intelligence intercepted 70
8:03 am
million french telephone calls and text messages. he said the task of protecting u.s. citizens in today's world is complicated. u.s. drone strikes in pakistan are not the precise strikes american officials portray them to be. at least 19 civilians were killed in just two strikes since january of last year. the obama administration has maintained that drone strikes are increasingly accurate has have killed dozens of al qaeda and taliban leaders. commuter trains in the san francisco area will be up and running this morning after transit officials and eun yob leaders reached a deal to end the strike monday night. bay area rapid transit union employees walked off the job friday after contract talked failed. the agreement must still be voted on and ratified by union members. the boy scouts removed two scout leaders that toppled an ancient rock formation.
8:04 am
they video taped themselves. they said they do it thinking the rock would fall on its own injuring someone. an oklahoma teen has a tough decision to make after finding a large yellow diamond this weekend in arkansas. she calls it god's jewel. she is not sure yet if she will make a ring out of it or perhaps use it to help pay for college. it's now 8:04. let's go back outside and get a check of the weather from al. that's what you call a great find. >> you bet you. what are you guys doing? they're digin' on the plaza. we have been trying to get that word in the oxford dictionary. we have a free guitar for you. let's show you what we've got as far as your weather today. pick city of the day happens to be our friends in minneapolis, minnesota and we're looking at a rough day today if you don't like sunshine. otherwise, sunny, cold, temperatures in the low 40s. mid 20s for the overnight lows.
8:05 am
stationary front down through the gulf. more rain there. we've got a system that's going to bring rain from upstate new york and new england all the way down into the southeast. also look for an icy messy mix of snow and rain through the great lakes. out west spectacular. >> 8:05 on a tuesday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren, and we have a really good-looking finish to the day. some thick pockets of fog, though, between now and 9:00 a.m. we're going to see a lot of burnoff between 10:00 and noon, and mostly sunny finish today. 73 in fremont. 78 in los gados. seven-day outlook shows nice and level from wednesday to thursday, and the temperatures are dropping friday into the weekend. also, bringing in a slight chance for showers. that's your latest weather. guess whose birthday it is? big dave. happy birthday big boy. >> thank you, al. >> what year is it?
8:06 am
>> 61. >> you look fantastic. >> thank you very much. >> look at how excited he is. happy birthday. he's in the witness protection program. >> all right big guy. happy birthday. head in the birthday door. >> he's sprinting. >> he's going to kill, al. >> coming up next on trending -- who is the smartest sibling in your family? the new study that's going to create fireworks around the dinner table. >> at 8:14, finding relief. al introduces you to cutting edge tests that could help you cope with joint pain. >> and julie andrews is here. but first, these messages. there's a couple of reasons ryobi is number one. we have over fifty products that work off one 18 volt battery. plus, ryobi offers more value and selection than anyone. and now, there's new lithium and lithium plus, our most powerful and longest lasting batteries ever.
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both with no added sugar. with so many tasty flavors, it's like a fruit stand in every bottle. just blending the fruits. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] build anything with the new toyota tundra. toyota. let's go places. here's what's trending today. trending on usa today the former beatle that needs a little help from his friends. take a look at this picture. if you're in it, ringo star
8:11 am
wants to talk to you. he snapped this photo himself during the beatle's first visit to the u.s. there's a carload of teens. this is in his new book of never before seen beatle imagines and now he put the call out. he wants to talk to you. i'm sure it's only got a few million messages so far. >> how long would you be now? >> 1964. >> it depends, if they were 18 at the time, they would be -- >> they said there would be no path. >> 60s. >> late 60s, early 70s. >> could be my mom. >> she was in florida at the beatles tour. >> yeah, i think. >> i can't picture her there. >> there is a gorgeous lady there. >> she has a lot of explaining to do. >> meanwhile, a controversial
8:12 am
question around here. are first children really smarter than their younger siblings? despite your personal opinions, studies say yes citing higher iq and school performance and two economists are explaining why. it comes down to tough love. research says parents are more strict on their first borns and tend to go easier on their later children and that makes their first born smarter. >> i would look at the parents the way they treated my baby brother and say who are you people? where were you when i was growing up. >> i benefitted from that. i have an older sister. they were like just come home when the party is done. my sister had a curfew but she went to university and i went to junior college. >> and parents have all of their energy and resources into dealing with that child and you split your focus when you have other kids. >> really, smarter or just more prepared. >> maybe it's more discipline i
8:13 am
guess. >> my brother has been telling me he is smarter than me for my whole life. >> so has my older sister and she is probably right. trending on instagram, kim kardashian's birthday surprise. kanye west popped the question in front of friends and family on kim's 33rd birthday. he rented out an entire stadium in san francisco for the occasion. a 50 piece orchestra played beneath one jumbo screen and the screen read please mary me. happily she said i do. they of course had their daughter, north, born in june. >> yeah. >> the whole park? >> wow. >> friends and family. big to do. >> my mom said if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. tonight al is participating in a nick news special called liar, liar pants on fire, lies parents tell you. you shared a story from your
8:14 am
childhood people can relate to. >> my mother was having friends over from bridge and she had a big bowl of chocolate stars and i ate half the bowl and my mother said if you eat one of those you're going to turn into a giant chocolate star and i had forgotten what she said and i ate it and halfway in the swallowing, oh my god. and i was afraid to go to sleep that night because i knew if i woke up i would be this giant chocolate piece of candy sitting on the pillow. >> parents are cruel. >> i'm all right. >> anybody else's parents tell them lie? >> one a lot of parents did, you can't swim until at least 25 minutes after you eat. there's no research to back that up. >> did you hear the ice cream truck? you have a funny one about that. >> somebody into the orange room, the ice cream truck when it plays music means they're out of ice cream. >> that's so cool. >> that's evil. >> i love that. >> i tell my kids if they don't
8:15 am
eat their vegetables their teeth are going to fall out. is that bad. >> if you make faces like this, your face will freeze like that. >> something about going blind. >> yeah. >> that's a different one. >> that's a different one. >> well, that special tonight is at 8:00 on nick. >> that was very special. >> everything's fine. >> wow. >> thank you for taking us there. >> there's a coffee in the orange room. what happened? >> that is what's trending today. >> coming up, do you do it? we will explore strange phenomenon. people that finish your sentences. >> all right. but first this morning on our week long series, feeling better head to toe, joint pain. >> that's right. millions of americans suffer from some form of it every day. i just happen to be one of them. in fact, my neck is getting a workout right now. while there are a lot of causes from injuries to arthritis how we manage the pain has a lot to do with how we move. >> good to see you, again. >> you too, doctor. >> how's the knee doing?
8:16 am
>> he's with new york's hospital for special surgery and sees 6,000 patients a year, the majority with a common complaint, joint pain. >> aching knee or shoulder or back limits your ability to be active which carries a host of health issues. >> knee pain is the number one joint ailment. and a problem i know all too well. >> i take an antiinflammatory every day and at the end of the day i can still feel it. >> drugs and injections can help, but fixing the problem requires going to the source. >> now does that just hurt to do. >> yeah. >> reporter: the hospital for ts his hip muscles are too weak and that's effecting how he moves. and we can help fix those problems and help his knees pretty quick. >> also here is dr. nancy
8:17 am
snyderman. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> keep working out. you had surgery on the knee. >> on my left knee. >> did the pain come back? >> no, not in that knee but because i was favoring my right knee and i had the weight at the time i have just worn out all the cartilage. it's bone on bone. >> you have the photographs of the kinetics of al's pain. what did it show you? >> we did the video analysis in the hospital and we look at his right knee and as he is stepping down you can see his hip is a symmetric. >> so the fix for that is what? >> strengthening the muscles around his hip. >> is that something he can do on a treadmill or elsewhere? >> we also got a side picture of his walking and found his stride length was too long. >> isn't this something that happens to all new yorkers or people that are walking and you want to get some place fast?
8:18 am
>> but that affects the impact. he's what we call overstriding. his foot is out further than we like. we told him to shorten his stride and bend his knees a little bit. >> al, you can turn that off if you want or step off. al has osteoarthritis. that's one of the causes of his pain. >> there's over 100 different types but osteoarthritis is where you lose the cushioning. al has been vocal about his weight loss and over time the cartilage will wear out. >> arthritis and pain in the hips. show exercises you can do in your office. >> people think they want to lay off of it but the exact opposite is true. you want to make your muscles stronger. sit in your chair and put both feet together. this is a squat out of a chair.
8:19 am
put your right leg in front of you and gently lower yourself into the chair if you can. >> and then right back up. >> don't fall. >> how many of those are you supposed to do. >> 3 sets of ten. >> that's not likely. >> talk about technology and this will help. >> this is a great app from the arthritis foundation. it's called track and react and you can keep track of nutrition, fitness, sleep. so i have here in front of me the nutrition portion of this. so as i figure out how many vegetabl vegetables i'm eating a day or whole grains i can register it and save it and give it to my doctors. sleep, we talk about it all the time, things that people have deficits on. i can change how much i sleep. save it. and then of course, symptoms. let's say i'm having moderate pain and a little stiffness but
8:20 am
my fatigue is off the charts. i go down here and i save it. so i can go to my doctor now and my doctor can say look how you changed over the month. how does that correlate to medicine, exercise, mood, et cetera and finally the arthritis foundation i think put together something that correlates how you're living your life to your symptoms and how doctors can help you. >> you talk about medicine. we can put that information up on the website. >> surgery last resort. medicines are really good. >> doctor, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> doctor, thanks very much. >> al. >> patient, good job. >> keep walking. >> let's check in with carson. >> thank you. people watching and weighing in with #what works for you. i jog to strengthen muscles and ankles. >> jogging sometimes wears people's legs down. i would say that walking is better than running. i know people love to run. if it works for you, fine, but
8:21 am
long-term, nothing is better than walking. >> aly, i use a heating pad for 20 minutes on my left knee for osteoarthritis on my back. >> if it's an acute injury ice, frozen peas but long-term injury, heat makes pain go away. >> acupuncture? >> i'm a big believer. we know acupuncture works. i'm a big believer. massage, stretching. but i cannot underscore enough, the stronger your muscles, the stronger your joints. >> thank you. you can keep them coming if you want. to #what works for me. >> thank you. al thank you. coming up tomorrow on this series we'll focus on migraines and show you a treatment procedure live that's delivering very promising results. savannah. matt, thanks. meantime, here's something to consider. are you a sentence hijacker? someone that finishes someone else's thoughts before they do? on our special series the
8:22 am
social, we decided to find out what it all means. >> well, it was nice meeting you. i'm sure i'll see you -- >> 8:00, tomorrow. >> actually, that's -- >> what you were thinking? >> right. >> odds are you know that person. the sentence hijacker -- >> who interrupts you and takes over while you're talking. >> well, that was another -- >> lovely evening. >> really bad meal. >> they know about sentence finishers. >> people tend to interrupt other people within conversation when they're not a team or working toward a common goal, they're not listening. >> i'm going to jump right in right now and this is what i'm going to say and i'm not paying attention to what you're saying -- >> like he just did. >> but i was paying attention. >> like i just did. >> when someone completes your sentence for you, you're insulted. >> it can be motivated by showing howell you understand what the other person said. i know what you're going to say so well that i can finish the
8:23 am
sentence for you. >> but can it be a bad thing? >> yeah. >> perhaps the worst thing is when you can finish someone's sentence by saying i know just what you're going to say and your guess is wrong. >> you may just find yourself -- >> in a situation that looks like this. >> can you get him a office -- >> severance package. >> you're saying i agree. i totally agree. >> and if you come at their neck with two hands like this -- >> they'll understand. >> that sometimes sends a non-verbal message. >> i want you to stop. >> well, thomas farly from what manners is here. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> others besides the strangulation gesture. if someone does this and it bothers you, what should you do. >> maintaining strong eye contact is going to prevent them
8:24 am
from jumping in. if they're still jumping in, break eye contact and talk to the people around you. i put up the finger, not the middle finger obviously. >> give them the hand. >> give them the hand and engage the other people around which is saying i'm not including you anymore. we're talking to these people that want to listen. >> sometimes people confuse being rude and clever bantor and there's a line between it. >> yeah, especially among people that know each other well as we saw in the set up piece but it can be annoying when you're guessing the wrong thing. also rhetorical questions aren't meant to be answered. if i say you'll never guess what happened to me in the taxi cab, i really don't want you to guess. that's not what i'm looking for. so don't ask those. >> that was so hard for me to good morning to you.
8:25 am
8:26. good news. the bart strike is over, but bart trains are just running at limited service, so it's still a traffic tuesday, mike. >> a big traffic tuesday. we're looking over here towards the toll plaza. a couple of things complicating had. there's limited service for the bart train, and folks have to take to the roads, and they can't necessarily count on that schedule right now for the bart trains, and that's heading to the traffic slow. there's low visibility, and you see all the folks for the east shore freeway, north 880 starting to show a brake, and west 24th has not been a problem. still coming up castro valley from 880 and 580, and south 880 towards the san mateo bridge. here's a couple of crashes at 680 northbound after the slowing kurnt commute. typically smoo smooth out of san ramon, and as well as southbound in towards danville and out of walnut creek. here's the south bay really dragging here. north 280. the problem and that's a crash, and it has yet to clear. still partially blocked from
8:26 am
that flowing, and it drags from 680 to the scene making things tough for 880 south and 17 north heading to the same interchange. this is a tough commute from the south bay. typical for tuesday, but still tough. back to you. >> we want to mention that bart is hoping to have full service restored. we'll be back at 8:56.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 now on a tuesday morning. it's the 22nd day of october, 2013. it is a bright, maybe a little chilly morning here in the northeast. perfect fall weather actually. our thanks to these people for stopping by. matt lauer, savannah guthrie, natalie morales, al, roker and carson daly. >> we have three generations of buffets in our studio. warren buffet and his son and grand son are here. we'll talk about their philosophy of having 40 chances to reach your goals in life. so get cracking. >> we have a legend in the studio. julie andrews is here. she has a new book out and is also directing and the 50th anniversary of the classic mary poppins as well.
8:30 am
>> wow. hard to believe. tomorrow on today -- >> 50th. >> 50th. >> yes. >> veronica roth, the author of the young adult hits divergent and insurgent will be here to talk about the last book of her series and she is bringing a special surprise mystery guest with her. >> if you have questions, you can tweet those. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather. >> all right. let's see if it's rainiant. a little wintry mix around the great lakes. gorgeous wet weather along the east coast. the nice weather remains out west. we're looking attempts on the mild side for the gulf coast and southeast. rain in central and southern florida. scattered showers throughout the northeast and look
8:31 am
>> good tuesday morning to you. we want to show you a live picture of the goeltden gate bridge, which is completely socked in with fog. san jose still mostly cloudy. the same sky over oakland, and we actually have some fog all the way out east into senole this morning. meanwhile, livermore, nice and clear. 84 later on today as a result of the sunshine coming in early. 73 for fremont, and 68 in san francisco with the low clouds clearing between 10:00 and noon. looking comfortable all the way through thursday. don't forget any time you need that weather 24/7 go to the weather channel on cable, online. matt. thank you very much mr. roker. julie andrews is a triple threat in the truest sense, an actress, singer and author and she keeps busy behind the scenes directing and producing. she is out with a new book in her popular series for kids. this is called the very fairy princess sparkles in the snow.
8:32 am
>> you just said it all matt. >> thank you. off we go. you love these stories, don't you? >> i do. well, i love this little character. they're so sweetly illustrated and i write them with my daughter emma and i'm having a ball. >> you love to have them focus on an event and a message and the event in this one is the winter festival because she knows she is the perfect person to sing the solo. >> well, you've done your homework. yes, she is. she loves to sing and she is sure they're going to pick her and of course they're going to bring in a special guest star instead. a professional singer which they think will be a big, you know, thing for the school. >> a big draw. >> and she thinks it will be a big drag. >> so clearly jerry is disappointed. here's the message. it's how we deal with moments like that. >> this little girl has such get
8:33 am
guts and it's about identity and your inner strength and your core and how you overcome disappointments in life and each book deals with a different particular form of that. >> and without giving anything away, the title suggests that jerry find a jerry finds a way to sparkle despite her disappointment. you're back working with actors and actresses as a producer. >> right. >> you're dealing with young talent. you have been around this business for awhile. they're all going to face disappointment and look at hardship and be told they're not good enough. >> we've all been. >> what do you say to them? >> if you're passionate about it keep doing your homework and keep persevering. because if you really want it, chances ar something wonderful is going to slide under your nose any day. be ready. >> the business is not the same today as compared to the business you came up in and cut your teeth in or is it?
8:34 am
>> no, i don't think it's quite the same, matt. i think that these days if you're not immediately successful it's over so quickly. you're notiven time to he your craft. i toured endlessly as a child learning how to be on stage, really. and these days people are so immediately succesul. and they don't have much time. >> and as a resuaybe not the persevance they should have. do they give up faster? >> well it depends on how badly ey want it. but there's souch talent out there. so mh talent, particularly on broadway >> yesterday onhe show i had christ chriie brinkley on and she was talking about the 50th anniversary of theswimsuit issue. what does it tell you about my stage in lif that i'm more excited about the 50th anniversary ofar poppin i have three ds. >> how old are they now? >> 12, 10 and 6. >> in wl be great for the ttlest.
8:35 am
>> when you look ck, though, 50 years o. >> it's mindboggling. i cannot belie it's been 50 years since then. cannot. >> as a young actress. >> i lost about 20 years somewhe. >> as a young actress, hing the chance to play that character, which,y t y, garner you an acade ard. we saw a little ofound of music as we. >>hat was lovelytoo. >> noto bad. >> when you get to grab on to roles like that at an ely stagen your career, is it tough toollow them? >> well, you always set a bar for yourself that's high. and people -- people are so lovely andou wt to give them pleasure. it's not thatou -- you do the st you can and you hope that any movie you do iss gng to be at people will enjoy and love tosee. some are. and some are not. >> but isn't it nic to be able to look back and know that a role you brought to the scen is so mu of a part of the fabric of the lives of people.
8:36 am
>>o you know how lucky i am? m the lucky lady asked to d thos fabulous movies and i learned. >> you're also the lky lady who could kick back right now ando enjoy tea somewhere yet you kee pushing yourself. >> ieallworked my entire life and i love what i do. love writing with my daughter. i love -- i me,'m busy no matter what i do. whether it's in the public eye or not. a b like you i suspect. >> well, keep doing it, please. >> thank you, matt. >> congratulations on this new book, t ver fairy princess sparkles in the snow. areat message. >> thanks matt, so nice to see you. >> it's a pleasure. up next, advice from the bufts on hope and reaching your gos. but first, this is "today" o c. >> play it. >> y need that crd there.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
we are back at8:. if seone gave you 40 chances accomplish your goals in life wha wou y do? that'she question that son of warren buffet asks in his n book. howard is here along with his dad and hson, b as we'll b b calling you throughouthe interview. >> good morning. >> i can't waito talk about the book. i have to ask you a litite polics first. you said about ts cent dt ceing crisis it was like using a political weapon of mass destruction. do you think real dame w done? >> well not much damage was done but we came closeo doi irreparable damage. that why i call i a political weapon of mass destruction. we're not using poison ga we don use the nuclear bomb. even when we don't get our way. it should be taken off the table.
8:40 am
>> as a business man, what d you think of the new health care ll out a the problems with the website? >> well i would have hated to have had that j myself. it will get involved. >> wel let me tn to you howa. you have written this book 40 chances and it's a serie of vignettes and e eas to inspire pele. i uerstand this concept has its roots in farmin you are a farmer. >> yeah, i learned a lon time agatha a farmer gets about 40 seasons, 40 crops. it changed my thinking about farming and life. it's a mind set that you hav 40 opportunities. once you get through school and you get a little experience you get about 40 opportunities, 40 years to accomplish your goals and i kid that i wasted at least 10 or 20. so i'm starting behind the curve. but it's a mind set. it's an urgency and believing that we don't have the time in the world to do what we need to do. >> it sounds like a lot of time
8:41 am
and not enough time. you ran out and wrote this book. it's 40 different stories and also very much commeplimented b your phone photographs. is it supposed to be a call to action? >> it is a call to action. there's different themes through the book, but one is to urge people to take more risks. be willing to fail and talk about how you fail and why you failed so other people don't have to follow your footsteps and then i think we talked about all the lessons we learned throughout our couple of decades of working globally and there's a lot of things we needed to do differently. if we were doing so well we wouldn't have a billion people going to bed hungry and 3 or 4 billion people without access to clean water. >> and your son howard, you refer to as hwb so i'm going with it. you write in the book as well and you talk in particular about some aid organizations that intend to do well but sometimes are working at cross purposes.
8:42 am
>> yeah, when you're responding in a disaster situation, sometimes there will be a lack of coordination because of the nature of how you're responding. but for us what we were really able to see is so many examples of people that inspire us and organizations doing wonderful work. our time in afghanistan together, all over the world you see folks dedicated to making a change in the world. >> warren, people are endlessly fascinated by not only your enormous wealth but your decision to, instead of spending it on fancy stuff, spending it on the world. is this what you had in mind when you decided to give billions to your children so they would do charitable work? >> it's been better than i hoped. it's been terrific. the money does me no good at all. it can have enormous utility to people around the world and fortunately i have three children that are willing to spend their lives working at that. >> do you engage in any luxuries at all? >> dairy queen. i've got an interest in a plane.
8:43 am
>> okay. >> that's pretty good. >> howard, what has it been like for you to be given this kind of money to spend in this way? i would think it's entirely thrilling and also overwhelming to think of the good you could do. >> it hasn't been overwhelming. it's a challenge. you have to be responsible about it but the problems are so large. i mean, i travel all the time and speak to thousands of people around the world and i have for a lot of years and you just see how many people have so many challenges. so me, it takes a lot of money -- money is only one part of the equation but it does take money to solve problems. so i will take as much as i can get. >> howard, thank you so much. and also warren buffet. also a good time to see you. the book is called 40 chances. we have an excerpt on our website check it out. coming up next, a live performance on the plaza from the hit band the fray.
8:44 am
but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
. >> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. grammy nominated band the fray is gearing up for a busy new year and getting a jump start on things with a brand new single called love don't die. guys. good morning. welcome back. good to see you. the single is a preview because you have a new album coming at the beginning of the year, right? what can we expect? >> it's a cool mash up. we have an organic thing mixed with an electronic thing and a bunch of ruckus songs which is new for us. >> you turned around quickly. the dates of your last album came at the beginning of 2012 and another one coming out in the beginning of 2014. is that the pace you like to
8:47 am
workout? >> yeah, it's new for us. we usually take some time off and this time we just hit it again. we had a lot of energy and we went through a lot of therapy. >> yeah, how's it working out. >> it's working out. >> congrats on the hair thing. it's going to be great for us. >> do you want to be part of the clinical test on that? >> we can take some of his hair. some guys don't understand the issue. they really don't. are you going on tour? >> yeah, actually heading out right now through the next year. >> what are you going to play? >> "love don't die". ladies and gentlemen, the fray. [ music playing ] ♪ if i know one thing, that's true, it ain't what you say, it's what you do ♪ ♪ and you don't say much, yeah, that's true but i listen when
8:48 am
you do ♪ ♪ a thousand years go by ♪ but love don't die ♪ if i know one thing, that's true ♪ ♪ instead of i'm never leaving you ♪ ♪ and you don't say much, yeah that's true ♪ ♪ but i lose it when you do ♪ don't let them tell no lie ♪ love don't die ♪ no matter where we go ♪ or even if we don't ♪ and even if they try ♪ they'll never take my body from your side ♪ ♪ love don't die ♪ there is one thing that's
8:49 am
true ♪ ♪ it's that i'm never leaving you and you don't say much, yeah, that's true. but i lose it when you do ♪ ♪ as the years go by love don't die ♪ ♪ no matter where we go ♪ or even if we don't ♪ and even if they try ♪ they'll never take my body from your side ♪ ♪ love don't die ♪ she can break it up ♪ shake your money down ♪ you can box it in bury it in the ground ♪ ♪ you can close it off and turn it away ♪ ♪ try to keep it down, six feet
8:50 am
in the ground ♪ ♪ but love don't die ♪ no matter where we go ♪ or even if we don't ♪ and even if they try ♪ they'll never take my body from your side ♪ ♪ love don't die ♪ no matter where we go ♪ or even if we don't ♪ i'd like to watch them try ♪ they'll never take my body from your side ♪ ♪ love don't die >> the fray. guys, thank you very much. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
they are carving orange pumpkins. >> fancy. >> in the orange room. >> very nice. >> did you have a hand at that carson? >> we're going crazy with the orange. >> a little overboard. >> is that one of your minions? >> no, minions and miley.
8:53 am
>> we do have pumpkin carving coming up in the next half hour. >> we'll talk to justin long. he has a new movie out that he co-wrote with his brother and he's working a tashe. >> are you into it? >> i like it. >> and more guy stuff going on in the grocery store. >> last time you bought milk was when, matt? >> yesterday, natalie.
8:54 am
8:55 am
it is 8:56. i'm marla tellez. bart trains are running, but only with limited service. that, of course, is impacting the roads. you are talking about the san mateo bridge, where it's foggy. >> that's the first issue. it's hard to see the road. here at the san mateo bridge. most folks are heading here and all the traffic headed to the bay bridge. a lot of folks had to hit their cars instead of taking a bus or carpool, so more cars on the road for this traffic tuesday, and that orange here shows you where that fog is impeding the view as well. 880 south. 880 north through oakland, an earlier crash also made things really tough. look at all that fog can and heavy traffic through downtown oakland. just starting to recover. fog throughout the east bay, and the north bay as well, and
8:56 am
there's your south bay, guys. back to the "today" show.
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al
8:59 am
roker, natalie morales, and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to today on a tuesday morning. october 22nd, 2013. it's a good, crisp fall day out there. >> yes it is. >> really feels like it. >> willie geist with al roker and natalie morales. talking this morning about the shooting in nevada. another school shooting. another heroic teacher. authorities trying to figure out what motivated a student to bring a gun to a school opening fire, killing a teacher. >> this is a middle school. >> yeah, and wounded other students before taking his own life. witnesses say sparks middle school math teacher, mark landsberry. >> former marine. >> yeah. quickly stepped forward to try to stop the teenage shooter, indeed, sacrificing his own life. both of the students wounded are expected to survive. the students were arriving for
9:00 am
glas class. >> how many times do we have to see the pictures? it's so unbelievable. it's heartbreaking to see this is becoming a monthly occurrence it seems. >> in 2013, 12 mass shootings so far. the year isn't over yet. >> eric holder spoke about this yesterday and he pointed out that number and it tells you, we have a real problem here in this country and it's so tragic. >> and the question is what to do about it? we have this giant national discussion in the wake of sandy hook and the outcome wasn't much. >> nothing. >> nothing happened. >> it almost seems like this is just -- well, this is what we're going to see. >> yeah. >> and that's really disturbing. >> and the answers are never simple. it's not just guns it's mental health. it's families. it's all kinds of things. >> when you have middle schoolers showing up to a school
9:01 am
with a loaded weapon. >> which begs the question, how did he get it? >> exactly. lots of questions there and we'll be following that story but another heartbreaking one. >> and again another story we're following, cyber bullying, this seems to be an all too common occurrence. >> this is a growing problem. chicago sun times reporting that a chicago mother petitioned twitter, the company twitter to reveal the identities between two social media accounts that have been bullying her daughter. on thursday, the mother filed a discovery motion against twitter that say it posted her daughter's photograph without her permission, the phone number, name, city where she lives. one posed as her daughter and published tweets writing things like my passion is being fat and encouraging other users to sext her. now can she have the identities revealed or does twitter have the obligation to keep them
9:02 am
private? >> the legal question is a huge one. there's questions like this about facebook. but a twitter spokesperson said we do not comment on individual cases or accounts for security or privacy reasons. they do have on twitter rules. in an area where you can report if there are cases of abuse. so they do refer people to that if there is an instant where people are being defamed or abused. but the question is if you set that precedent then what? you have to look at every single case that comes up. >> but, you know, one of the things that is the problem with facebook or, especially twitter, is that people can be anonymous. >> right. >> would they say these things if their identities were revealed? >> never. >> if people knew who they were, what they looked like. >> right. >> as they bully and castigate people anonymously, would they be so quick to do it if we knew who they were?
9:03 am
>> go to the comment section of any story on the web it's all anonymous and if you ever confront someone on twitter and you take an approach and respond to them, nine times out of ten. >> if you just say -- just approach them, suddenly when they know their identity is revealed, nine times out of ten they step back. >> most of the people doing this are cowards. >> that's right. >> well, this is an interesting case. tell us what you think. do you think this mother should have the access to the identities of these kids or whoever it is bullying her daughter? >> #orange room, should people be able to get information about people who are bullying their kids? >> right. >> they have to make it stop. >> how should twitter react? what should they do? >> we get this story every year about somebody is banning halloween. some schools ban costumes and candy on their campuses.
9:04 am
the excuses for this range from safety concerns to specific worries about food allergies to fears of breaching the wall of separation between church and state. >> we like to worship satan. we don't want to have that happen. >> our schools in our town, they're pretty much like don't wear costumes to school. we'll celebrate and afterwards the town has a great parade for the kids and all the vendors get out on the street and give out candy. >> right. >> but i do think -- it's one thing to encourage kids to celebrate, you know, a holiday or whatever. but halloween is not necessary a holiday. it's a fun, you know, public celebration. >> how fun letting kids wear their costumes. >> some people do see it as celebrating something less than wholesome, a pagan holiday. >> i think it puts pressure on parents to have to find costumes for their kids. some kids, my costume wasn't as
9:05 am
good as sally's. there's that element there. >> let them duke it out. >> with all the peanut allergies. >> there are non-peanut candies. >> yes but there's one reason to be cautious. >> a school in pennsylvania sent parents a note saying that wearing halloween costumes was cancelled because safety was a top priority. another one tried to ban halloween activities due to a mix of dietary and constitutional concerns. >> some of these costumes look really realistic. >> there might be a zombie at the school. then what would you do. >> there was a saturday night live sketch where he says the flaming torch costume. oily rags and zippo lighter. >> that's one of the greatest sketches of all time. the plastic bag with a rubber band. trust me. it's great. >> check it out on youtube. >> no plastic bags over the
9:06 am
head. >> so i heard we were clues on a game show. >> on millionaire. >> who wants to be a millionaire. let's see it. >> for the first time in his 39 years of morning tv, which host overslept and ironically missed the taping of his weather channel show "wake up"? >> was it willie geist, matt lauer, george, al roker. >> i know al roker does the weather for the "today" show and also has wake up with al on the weather channel. so i'll make d my final answer. >> and you are right. >> well done. >> how about that guy's knowledge of the roker portfolio. >> he knows the whole deal. >> "wake up with al." he knows what i have for breakfast. he's wearing an orange shirt. >> just hope he doesn't have your pin codes or anything. >> oh, man. >> the day before you did that i
9:07 am
overslept for my show too but i got off the hook because you came in and stole the thunder. >> that's what i'm here for. >> remember we were talking about manflunecing. >> the wall street journal says they're starting to market to men with larger portion sizes and different packaging. >> we are going to have a segment coming up. which gender does most of the grocery shopping and meal preparation in your home. >> we cleared out the orange room. >> carson bolts at 9:00. >> i'll be in there reading some of your -- >> that's a sad room right now. >> yeah, daily has to go -- because he sits there after the show but plus he has to maintain the three day growth. >> he works on that. >> he's got the tie coming down now. looks like he's on a bender. >> he works it. >> al roker, you got a check of the weather, right? >> let's show you what's happening. we are looking again at what we
9:08 am
expect to see. this is hurricane raymond and really we are watching this thing just like this creepy guy is watching me. but in any event, it's 140 miles west of acapulco. he doesn't even work here. 115 miles per hour winds. it's going to drop anywhere from 3 to 8 inches of rain along the coast and once that happens, we could see some flooding problems. so we're keeping an eye on that. we also have much cooler air making its way into parts of the northeast. that jet stream right now taking a big dip over the midwest and along the east coast and so look at some of these temperatures we're expecting. it's going to turn cold. freeze warnings, frost advisories and freeze watches in the midwest. temperatures, chicago, your high today only going to get up to 42 degrees.
9:09 am
9:10. good tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have a good-looking day shaping up. the clouds are clearing here. lots of blue skies overhead. by the end of the day, for most of the bay area, we will see quite a bit of cloud cover. overall looking sunny. 82 degrees today in concorde. 84 in livermore, and 68 on the way to san francisco. staying nice and level as we head to the next couple of days, and then we're in the upper 70s with a slight chance of rain friday into the weekend. and that's your latest weather. all right, al. thanks. coming up next, not only does this man have a really sweet tashe working right now. >> oh, yeah. >> he also writes and stars in a very funny new movie. we're talking to justin long right after this. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting,
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9:13 am
he's funny, he's charming which makes him the perfect leading man for romantic comedies. you may remember justin long from "he's just not that into you." remember that chick flick? that was so good. >> yes, i do. >> now he has written produced and stars in a movie about a brooklyn writer that tries to woo a local barista. >> i'm spam. like sam. >> i would love to continue this conversation. >> two napkins. the name is emily. emily with jemily but the j is
9:14 am
silent. >> any rom come with a breakfast meat in it. >> you premeditated that joke. >> but the mustache. we love it. >> thank you for addressing this. >> i'd like to say, you're welcome america. >> it's horrifying and i'm sorry. >> no. >> most everyone in my life is very much against it but it's more -- it's for a job. i'm doing a movie after this. >> that's always the excuse. >> it's for a role. >> i play -- i'm not playing a 70s porn star like you assumed, which is insulting to 70s porn stars, i think. i shouldn't have said that. >> how long did it take to fill in there? >> 2 1/2 years. >> just about when you started working on this movie. >> i said i'm not going to shave until it comes out. >> well, i'm a huge fan of the other justin long but i think you do good work too. >> willie is eluding too, in case you don't know, if you're
9:15 am
living under a rock, there's a porn star named justin long. i don't know why i'm staring at the camera to deliver this message. >> it's a public service announcement. >> the more you know. >> sometimes there are porn stars with the same name as you. you should be aware. >> he does great work too. >> he does phenomenal work. yes. his friends call me the poor man's him. >> but you're still a case of you, justin. >> let's talk about you. >> well, i am curious about the porn version of a case of you. >> what? >> the porn title. we'll workshop it. >> you started this in 2008 writing this with your brother. >> i did. we wrote it, yeah, almost kind of as an experiment to see if we could do something like that and we included friends of ours and funny people we knew in our lives and we just -- you would
9:16 am
think the godfather. but i'm proud of it. it's a sweet love story. >> there's something in that in the fact that it took five years to get made. it's a statement about hollywood. you have to get people on board, i imagine. >> yeah. of course and as soon as evan rachel wood read it and as soon as she was into it that attracted more people and a bunch of friends of mine were kind enough to come in and -- >> great cast. >> peter dinklege. >> you have great fans. >> it's a guy romancing evan rachel wood but doing so in a way by being disingenuous. >> he is creating a false persona based on what he thinks she might light. not unlike, warren buffet was on. by the way, tough act to follow.
9:17 am
warren buffet and julie andrews. it's like carrot top going on after gandhi. >> that's a weird bill. >> interesting though. or justin long going on after the other justin long. i -- he played it so there's that thing where you want to create a different persona. but this guy takes it a little bit too far and is very disingenuous. >> and hilarity ensues. >> i'm not wearing this. >> it's working for you. >> take that again. >> it's working for you. >> that's the next movie. it's working for you. >> justin long, thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> "case of you" out on itunes november 6th in theaters.
9:18 am
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9:21 am
taking a look at the headlines, new hope for those dealing with baldness. american and british scientists discovered a new method to grow new follicles using a patient's own hair cells and then replace them in the sky. it is not yet clear when the method will be ready for public use. the september jobs report
9:22 am
delayed by the government shutdown is now out. it shows the job market is weakening. u.s. employers added just 148,000 jobs in september. still the gain was enough to lower the unemployment rate to 7.2%, down from 7.3% in august and is at a new five-year low. potentially bad news for retailers this coming holiday season. nearly 3/4 americans are holding back on spending. that's according to the reason, stagnant income, a need to save more and worries over the economy. an important recall to tell you about. hyundai calling back nearly 30,000 cars over a problem with the brakes. it covers genesis luxury cars from 2009 through 2012. the automaker says gels can build up on the braking system which can cause the brakes to fail. dealers will pick up the cars and give loner vehicles. call it tablet tuesday. apple, nokia and microsoft introducing new tablets today.
9:23 am
apple execs aren't spilling secrets yet. analysts predict a thinner ipad with a ten-inch display screen, they say it's designed more like a mini. a new version also expected to have new high resolution retina display. want to live high on the hog next time you're in vegas? enterprise is rolling out harley-davidson motorcycles for rent, a pilot program currently at one branch but could expand defending on feet back. the motto, half the wheels, twice the fun, will set you back $120 to $160 a day. yes, you do need a valid motorcycle license. willie and al, before you make your travel plans to vegas, you got to get the license. >> what could go wrong there. >> training wheels. >> natalie, thanks. one young girl bullied by her peers fights to end the vicious cycle. we calm your congestion and pain. [ man ] thank you. thank you. [ female announcer ] you rally the team.
9:24 am
you guys were awesome. [ female announcer ] we give you relief from your cough. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol cold® helps relieve even your worst cold and flu symptoms, so you can carry on with your day. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol cold®. you've got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken. crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪ and better is so easy withrning you cabenefiber.o something better for yourself. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. good morning to you.
9:25 am
it's 9:26. i'm marla tellez. the bart strike is over, and trains are up and running this morning, but not at full service because bart and the unions came to an agreement so late last night workers were not ready to return to work early this morning. the lanes serviced by more than an hour and a half. it waept until 5:45 that bart trains began rolling. even then instead of the normal 45 trains running, only 25 are in service. we're supposed to have full service restored by this afternoon. today ntsb officials say they plan to question more people about the deadly bart train crash. yesterday investigators sent a train yes that was, in fact, operating the train that hit and killed two bart workers on saturday in walnut creek. apple is expected do unveil new ipads in san francisco in just about 30 minutes. execs are not spilling any secrets, but analysts predict a thinner, lighter, full-sized ipad with a 10 inch display screen xshgs they say it's
9:26 am
designed more like a miniand speaking of the mini a new version is predicted to come, and almost an eight inch screen. they're suspected to have a high pixel density retina display. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break. [ woman ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose.
9:27 am
your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex. >> we have thick fog this morning. this is san jose. lots of low clouds left over here. let me show you the visibilities. go down to a quarter of a mile or less from napa through nevado and south to san francisco. over the mechanics couple of hours we're expecting that fog to fade quickly, and temperatures will warm nicely as a result. 75 degrees in oakland. 73 in fremont today, and as we head through the rest of the week, temperatures start to drop off. let's check the drive. >> yeah. christina, there's some of the low clouds over here, and fremont, tough for us to see. when you are on the road, it's okay through oakland and the north court. slow drove. that's a concern. on the map we do see it slowing.
9:28 am
below 50 miles per hour from the dunbarton bridge down to mission, and also -- starting to clear there, and we're looking at northbound 101 -- over the number, and this is the travel through oakland, a little fog and a little slow, and here's the bay bridge toll plaza. >> back to you. >> we'll be aback at 9:56. a lot of influencers in this
9:29 am
room. welcome back to today on october 22nd, 2013. i'm willie geist with al and natalie. do you say sorry a lot? >> i don't unless i am really sorry about something because then it doesn't mean anything. >> yeah. >> if you overuse it. >> i'm sorry that you're sorry. >> i'm sorry that it's raining. no. >> i think there are peacemakers that feel like i need to say sorry to put a button on this. the habit of constantly apologizing even if you have done nothing wrong makes you look more trustworthy. >> so we should be saying it more often. >> if you're married and a guy you're saying sorry constantly. >> but do you mean it when you say it or are you trying to end the moment. >> but that's patronizing. >> not if you mean it. >> that's a big if. >> i think it makes you more trustworthy in my opinion. >> you're not a researcher. >> but researchers at harvard say it does make you more trustworthy. >> who are you going to believe natalie? your own eyes or harvard
9:30 am
business school? >> it depends on how you sell it. if you sell it like you're really sorry i'll believe it. >> people were more likely to lend a stranger a phone if they apologize for an unrelated event before asking for the favor. >> that happened to me before where my battery died on my phone and i was like i'm so sorry but i just need to make a phone call to pick up my kids and they were fine. >> it turned out it was your bo bookie. >> they trusted me but i look trustworthy i hope. >> thank you for the new iphone by the way. >> i'm sorry about that. any apologies for the weather today? >> here in the east, no. although we'll be looking at nasty weather coming up. fabulous weather out west. it's going to be spectacular. a lot of sunny skies. beautiful day. sunshine along the west coast today. it's going to be great. sunny skies around the gulf coast but the front is draping
9:31 am
it's way across the southeast. wet weather along the mid-atlantic coast and on into florida. tomorrow it dries out although central and southern florida on the wet side. snow showers around the great lakes. not a big problem. plenty of sunshine, gulf coast, 9:32 now. happy tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we've got really thick pockets of fog. i want to show you above those low clouds. a beautiful clear sky. going to take a little while, though, for the sun to warm up that top layer, and this is what it looks like at the surface. yes. socked in with fog at the golden gate bridge. highs will be comfortable this afternoon. epileptic of sunshine coming in the next few hours. 58 in san francisco. 73 in fremont, and looking good here in san jose. it's 77 degrees. hope you had a great day. and that's your latest
9:32 am
weather. >> last week we told you about a wall street journal article that said half of the grocery shopping and meal preparation these days is done by men. >> it's not surprising they're paying more attention. andrew davis is here to show us how their products are being manfluenceed. >> yes they are. >> how are you guys? >> we are man-fluencers. we asked in the orange room who does the grocery shopping, meal prep, natalie has the results. >> that's right and it looks like the guys are stepping up. that's working. males about 29% going out and doing the shopping and the meal preparation. females still more heavily dominate 71%. so women are still driving the overall preparations at home but men are stepping up as well. >> what are the implications of this, then, for the companies that put products on the shelves? how are they changing the way
9:33 am
they do business? >> they're trying to create products that appeal to the man actually doing the grocery shopping and the cooking which is really important. so you're seeing brands like hamburger helper they have their cheeseburger macaroni, the big hand helper. then they repackaged it as ultimate hamburger helper. >> a black label. >> much more appealing to men. that stands out and jumps out at them and the little hand. we don't need that much help in the kitchen if we're man-fluencers. >> i just love how easily manipulated we are. here's a black label. i'll take it. >> you can't fool the family if you put that on the table but now they have a whole new line that's all about the new brand like these wonderful dinner kits. >> and these commercials are using lite of humor. let's face it, guys are suckers
9:34 am
for that. >> absolutely. no, this is what appeals to the man in the audience and if they're going to do the grocery shopping and meal prep they're going to bring home beef stro. n >> why are they doing more? >> there was a transition point of the recession where more men than women were laid off and they were taking on the core duties around the house. shopping and cooking are two of those. >> it used to be jamie lee curtis and stamos selling the yogurt. this is new. >> if you're walking down the yogurt aisle these black powerful yogurt brands jump out at you. >> it's subtle. >> men only spend 11 minutes shopping versus women. so we're hunting for stuff that
9:35 am
jumps out at us. find your inner abs. >> and as men we need fiber. >> yes. >> fiber one is doing a great job of not changing or repackaging the product but getting you newcomb her shl spots that make you think it's a manly treat. >> natalie is in the orange room with tweets. >> i love andy. he writes i make 5:30 a.m. runs to do the week shopping on sunday. back by the time all wake up. one less burden for the rest. how much do we love this guy? love him. good man at home. joe crain, i'm happy if i get to manfluence the remote at home during primetime. >> i do the shopping after church, the kids are still at sunday school. i run to whole foods and boom, i'm back. >> i follow men around the store saturday morning at 7:00. not in a creepy way but to see
9:36 am
what they were buying. >> and even, for example, detergent. >> yeah, it's not just t you know, the cooking. men are also doing the laundry. they're cleaning up after everyone and tied has done a good job of sintegrating their new products with the nfl. >> candles? >> yankee man candles. >> mandles. >> that's something else. >> i'll be looking for you early in the mortganing in the grocer store. >> i'll be following you. >> still ahead, are kids working together to put an end to bullyi
9:37 am
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9:40 am
this morning on hope to it, ending the cycle of bullying. it's become a fact of life for millions of kid across the country. >> just last month, 12-year-old rebecca sedwick ended her life after relentless bullying. family and friends gathered to pay their respects. >> 30% of kids say they're bullied at school and while many suffer in silence, some victims have chosen to fight back. >> she would call me up and say she's really ugly. she is fat. >> i was ridiculed and mocked at church. >> what made me so angry about
9:41 am
other people is they mock people behind their backs and to their face. >> i was overweight in elementary school so people would say mean things to me. half the class thought i was lame and uncool and gradually more and more people did to the point where i didn't have friends. >> reporter: the emotional abuse was paralyzing. >> it's embarrassing to say i go to school and no one wants to sit next to me at lunch. it was toxic to be in an environment where people didn't want to be friends with me or around me. i started hearing what the bullies were saying. >> reporter: she had no choice but to transfer to a new school. >> gradually i made friends. it was a big deal for me to have friends and to have people to call on the weekends and slumber parties to go to. all of these things started happening that seemed so basic but for me were just monumental. >> reporter: and then the
9:42 am
unthinkable happen. emily ann found herself becoming the mean girl. >> i wanted to put other people down as a way to feel good about myself and i think that's the bullying cycle. >> reporter: and now emily ann is trying to end the cycle with we stop hate. her own antibullying program. >> because of watching the we stop hate videos and joining the we stop hate community online they have changed their outlook on life and no longer feel the need to cut themselves or to commit suicide. >> it can help you get through bullying. >> embrace your thoughts. celebrate who you are. >> you have one fantastic life to live. >> find something you love and do that thing a lot. >> we stop hate isn't just an antibullying program but it's a call to action. taking a stand for something i believe in has given me so much purpose in my life. >> they're amazing. well, family circle magazine actually partnered to honor emily and other teens making a
9:43 am
difference in their communities. it's such a widespread problem. >> we have been seeing here on #orangeroom, overwhelmingly people say -- we asked if twitter should give up identity of the anonymous accounts bullying kids. >> the running theme is you should alert police and if it goes to trial you could subpoena the records. it's tough, though, yes, sadly one more area our kids need protection online. >> a lot of people are more yeses here but there's a lot of people that say too as well, they understand -- >> there's a no. >> but it's also the police that have to get involved in cases like this. >> exactly. >> we're back right after this. ladies and gentlemen... toyota corolla! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:44 am
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9:47 am
on every purchase, everywhere, every damn day. now, tell me, what's in your wallet? back now. outrageous pumpkin decorating ideas that will blow your gourd. >> blow my gourd. wow. >> great to see you. >> not a lot of carving involved. most of these i never even heard before. using the veggies. >> right. we have a little decorate-off between you guys. i have cut peppers, carrots, an example of what you can do with just vegetables and tooth picks. i made a mouth. i think we're going to put time on the clock. but i think we're actually going to do it to see who can come up with the most interesting one. >> so you just put a tooth pick
9:48 am
in and stab. >> ow. >> don't jab yourself. >> some people aren't ready for it. >> okay there mr. competitive. >> looking good. i love the radish eyes. >> cabbage for the hair. >> yeah. >> careful. >> and then -- oh, that's nice. i love that. that's great. >> that didn't work so well. >> yeah, try the new nose. there you go. >> oh, no. >> let me go for a bigger nose. >> here, i'll stab that one for you. >> okay. wait. >> not fair. >> very nice. >> what is this over here? >> that's a little hat he is wearing off to the side. >> i love that. >> that's very nice. >> it's like a little english. >> i usually carve out the top and the top gets all gross but you suggest removing the stuff from underneath. >> there's a couple of reasons.
9:49 am
if you're going to put a can dahl or anything in there you have a nice flat surface to put it on. the top will start to fall right in. >> my town, the squirrels are crazy. >> okay. now we're getting all diy over here. >> these are little spider babies and this is easy. use some old net stockings. take them right out of your closet, right, willie? >> yeah. >> i'm going to put it over my pumpkin and make a hole for the stem there and then you stretch it out like that and you've got your pumpkin. you're going to take a hot glue gun and just glue it at the bottom like this. >> and little legs. >> 8 legs on it. >> and eyes. >> yeah. >> if you want to be correct about the anatomy you put four eyes. but get funky with the eyes. >> that's a good one.
9:50 am
>> these are getting really amazing. >> thank you. >> no carving. >> no carving. we've got a regular pumpkin here. made a little tiger. >> adorable. >> so very easy, again, i have cardboard for the ears. i'll stick that in there and you have your pumpkin whiskers. >> what about this guy? >> this is a really gooded in when you're looking for pumpkins. don't just go for the orange ones, sometimes the grey and white ones can inspire you. i thought what a cute little mouse. i made eyebrows, pipe cleaners easy and eyes. >> perfect. >> not so cute is this one. you're getting a little hardcore here. >> this is the killer pumpkin, right? >> yes, this is the one for the kids that want a scary pumpkin. take an old pair of jeans, cut the leg off. i stuffed it with a towel and then you have to make sure that the pumpkin has sharp teeth because it has to look like it's biting into. >> and there's fake blood and all of that. >> all right. these are great too.
9:51 am
the white ones. >> we don't have a lot of time but i want to get to the hamburger pumpkin. >> easy, easy. cut a pumpkin into three parts. the top part, the middle part i painted brown to make the burger. >> wow. >> and then the roasted pumpkin seeds become sesame seeds on the bun. >> and this is cabbage. you can leave it out. >> it looks almost good enough to eat. >> you had a great secret i never heard about olive oil. >> that's right. once you carve them, you take a little bit of olive oil and put it in the opening. it's going to keep the pumpkin nice and moist so it's not going to dry out and start looking funky. >> gross. >> it will preserve it longer. >> cool. thank you so much. >> we learn so much when you're here. >> happy halloween. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
what are you talking about these boxes for? >> we're going to talk about how to sweat without stinking. >> you don't even have to wash your clothes anymore. >> excellent. >> which fits in perfectly for hoda. >> you're going to go from that to julie andrews. >> i know. >> she so what can i get you? we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way?
9:55 am
♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ hey! must be the honey! good morning to you. 9:56. i'm marla tellez. bart trains are up and running now that the strike is off, but the trains aren't running at full service because bart and the unions came to an agreement so late last night, workers were not ready to work early this morning. that delayed service by more than an hour and a half. it wasn't until about 5:45 this morning that bart trains began rolling. even then, instead of the normal 45 trains running, only 25 are in operation. bart hopes to have full service restored by this afternoon.
9:56 am
apple is expected to unveil new ipads in san francisco in just a marry he matter of minutes. the execs aren't spilling any secrets. they're predict aing fuller, lighter, full-sized ipad, and it's expected to be designed more like a mini. that announcement is coming at 10:00. all right. word of the day is fog. let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist krits evena loren. >> hey, thanks, marla. yeah, you know what, we've got a lot of fog out there still, but we're expecting a great deal of clearing between now and about lunchtime. temperatures are going to start to warm up and a lot of the low clouds will start to burn off. 75 degrees in oak labor day today. 77 here in san jose, and still holding on to the upper 60s in san francisco. getting into the next couple of days, temperatures stay pretty steady. will fall by a couple of degrees between now and thursday. overall, more of the same. foggy morning. sunny afternoon. let's check your drive. here's mike. >> all right. some of the low clouds we're talking about right here through fremont. not an issue for visibility.
9:57 am
at least not in this part of 880, but maybe as you rise up through the hills and come out of senole and pleasanton. here a slower drive. on the maps you see the orange there from fremont down past mission boulevard where we had that shot, and down into the south bay. the northbound route for 880 just now in the last ten minutes starting to show a smoother flow. the orange over here where thick fog might be through oakland, oakland hills. watch the east shore freeway moving well after the commute. back to you. >> all right, mike. thanks so much. we'll be back at 10:26.
9:58 am
9:59 am
hey, everybody! it is booze day tuesday, october 22nd. wow, hoda, remember when it was october 1st and our government shut down? >> yes, glad it's over. >> the days. >> it's a big day for a lot of reasons. if you're a giants fan, they finally won. >> thank you, lord. >> thank you. and if you're a kimye fan, they got engaged. >> yeah. i don't think anybody saw that coming. kanye west proposed last night on kim's 33rd birthday. >> when he does it, he does it big. >> he does it big. it wasn't quite the secluded, romantic, private setting. >> he did it at san francisco's at&t park. this is where the san francisco giants play baseball. he rented out the whole thing. he had an orchestra, 15-carat diamond. on the jumbo tron was "please marry me, and there were
10:00 am
fireworks, and she said yes! >> you know, i wonder how he got her to that thing. i mean, you know, it's where the baseball team plays, right? >> yeah, and there was obviously no game that night. >> yeah. i wonder what he said to her to get her there, or else she was in on it and knew. i don't know. >> kris jenner did make a statement. >> yes, she did. >> and this is a quote, "a match made in heaven. i am so happy for both of my kids, kim and kanye. >> she also spoke out for the first time, kim did, to a british newspaper about her post baby weight and she says she basically credits atkins for that. >> for losing the weight. >> losing the baby weight. >> also, i don't know how women will feel about this, but she says kanye sees what she's wearing and doesn't like it, she immediately goes and changes her clothes to something he does like because she wants him to be happy. >> well, i think it's wise of a woman or a man to want to please their partner, but i don't think that's going to last. >> see, i -- >> you know, eventually she's going to fall in love with an outfit, they're going to be more and more comfortable together and she's going to say, i like
10:01 am
it, i'm wearing it! >> if i were to ask whoever i'm dating at the time -- that's terrible -- but to say, hey, do you like my outfit, and they go, ugh, i don't think that -- i would not like that. i don't like that. >> you don't like the truth. you can't handle the truth! >> no, i think he should say if you're happy, honey, i'm happy. >> if they say, oh, so you don't like it? >> yeah, because i don't even notice -- >> why would you ask? >> because i'm a little insecure. i feel fat that day. do i feel like it? >> i don't want to use the fat, hoda. >> i don't want him to go, ugh, no. >> i would hate that. don't get married to frank. >> frank tells you when he doesn't like your outfit? >> oh, yeah. >> what does he say? >> you know what he did to me the other day? 27 years and he's never -- christine, i'm saying it! >> say it. >> we're out to lunch with our good friends, squire and louise, after we've done the podcast.
10:02 am
and i had ordered a nice little salad, a salmon salad with avocados, nice, healthy -- >> delicious. >> delicious. but by mistake, they also brought over a side order of pasta. >> ooh, good. >> now, when you've got your little salad sitting in front of you and you've got your other one sitting next to you, which one do you think is going to taste -- >> pasta. get in. >> frank's sitting next to me, where you are. >> mm-hmm. >> i'm eating it. >> you're eating it. >> i'm having a little bit of both, but i'm eating it. eating it. >> eating the pasta. >> he goes, uh, honey, eat the salad. >> oh! oh! he said eat the salad? oh. >> no, indeed. >> no, no, no. >> you do not want to know what i said to him. >> what did you say? bleep it out! say it. >> i said, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. don't infuriate mama, because if mama ain't happy, nobody's happy.
10:03 am
>> that's the truth. >> never done that before. he'll give me looks before -- >> but he's never said. >> i said, honey, do i tell you what to eat? he said i weigh 178 pounds, less than when i played football. now i want to kill him! >> now you're livid. no, that is not -- >> i just realized i'm still not over this. he's probably right, i have gained a little weight, but you know what? leave me alone! >> leave us alone! >> i've been working, on top of what we do, i worked for two days on this podcast. >> look, there's nothing worse than getting ready to enjoy a bite of something and someone going like this to you, no, no, no. that's not great. congratulations go out to a great girl. kelly clarkson got married. >> kim and kanye, too. >> i feel bad for kelly, though! it's kelly's big day. >> look how beautiful. she got married down at the blackson inn or resort or something like that, in tennessee. >> she tweeted -- >> a gorgeous guy. >> she was planning this big, elaborate thing.
10:04 am
i think they just decided let's just do it kind of small. she tweeted "i'm officially mrs. blackstock. we got married yesterday at blackberry farms in tennessee, the most beautiful place ever." >> i'm so happy for her. her husband is gorgeous, his name is brandon. he's son to reba mcintyre's husband, and is manager to a lot of people -- >> including the highlight of our lives. >> blake shelton. hoda's life, yes. >> i just wanted to get him in the story somehow. >> so, that's not the wedding, but yeah, they're all one big happy family down there. >> congratulations. >> we're really happy for them. >> so, if you love johnny depp as a brunette, we wonder what you think -- >> you might not be happy about this. >> i haven't seen it yet. oh, my. >> oh, no, indeed. no, no. >> ooh. maybe he wants to be justin bieber. 50 shades of christian grey. he's a little old for that, right? >> yeah. >> i didn't read the books, but -- >> i don't like the blond. >> i think it's for a role. as an actor, you can never tell.
10:05 am
>> i thought they said no, it wasn't for a role. >> he's doing "into the woods," the wonderful musical. and he's playing i think the big bad wolf, so he would be all covered in hair for that, so, who knows? he's an artist, hoda. artists do what they want. >> okay, you guys, here's a piece of video you'll be talking about all day. we talked about leading with this, but we decided to wait a second. so, there is a son who's been making terrible grades in school, okay? >> yeah, math. >> he's been getting "f"s. and this son decided -- he got a report card that was a "c," okay? he got a "c." so, he set up a camera when he was about to show his dad the reveal of the report card. >> because his father had said, if you get a "c," you can do anything with your life, right? >> watch this. take a look. >> is that real? >> yes. >> is that real? >> yes. >> my god! ahhhh!
10:06 am
are you sure? >> are you sure! [ inaudible ] [ laughter ] >> they're in the doorway. they never leave the doorway. >> you are set for life. >> oh. >> very, very sweet. you know, kids don't realize how much their parents live and die with everything that goes on in their lives, you know? you really do care. you see a kid on that kind of a schedule, failing marks, failing marks, failing marks -- >> and his dad -- >> first of all, you feel like you're parent as a parent, you are, but for him to turn it around like that is so great. >> i loved it. and you're right, you can tell how much the dad probably helped with the homework and waited every day. >> and how proud the kid is to show it to his dad. what happened on "the voice," hoda? >> i didn't get to see it, so we're going to see the battle rounds and pick who we think won
10:07 am
the battle rounds. this is team blake, austin versus brian. >> okay, let's take a look. ♪ well, i am a man, yeah, yeah ♪ can't you see what i am, i live and i beat for you, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ oh, but what does it do if i ain't got you and i ain't got you ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ you don't know what it's like, baby, you don't know what it's like ♪ >> i'm going with the hat. >> i'm going with the hat. >> the second guy. he sounded like joe cocker. >> cocker? austin with the hat? >> and he did. he won the battle. >> okay. did he got stolen? >> we have to wait, hody. >> what? >> he did not get stolen. from team cee lo, george versus judy singing gavin degraw's favorite -- >> oh, good. >> i saw this one.
10:08 am
♪ ♪ try not to get stuck in my head at night ♪ ♪ ♪ you're the best i ever had >> okay, so, what do you think? >> i would have picked the girl. >> yes. >> not knowing her name. forgive me for calling her the girl. that's who i would have picked. >> by the way, everyone would have picked the girl except cee lo. cee lo picked the guy, and everyone, all the judges were like, they also couldn't believe he was leaving this girl. so, let's see what happens. >> okay. >> the winner of this battle is george. >> we've got a steal! yes! adam levine comes in, swoops her up! >> yes, she just got stolen!
10:09 am
>> oh, my god! >> by the way -- >> he seems like a lovely guy, was happy for her. >> and she is 16 years old, the kid. >> oh, wow. >> it was one of those where, she's just got that beautiful, that voice. >> then it's distinctive. then she does something like you feel like you've never heard before. you've got to be, you've got to cut through. you can't sound like somebody else, although i wish i sounded like barbra streisand. anyway, the battle rounds continue tonight at 8:00/9:00 central on nbc. why do we have underwear in front of us, hoda, quick? >> when you work out and sometimes your workout clothes smell and sometimes you wash them and they still don't smell great. they just don't. >> really? >> yes. lululemon has come up with something that's supposed to help -- >> an antistink line. >> antistink line. they come in men's boxers and briefs. >> i'm going to wear these. these are cute. >> they're not for you. >> it also includes tanks, headbands and men's tops. >> their stuff can be pricey, but it's $14 to $98. >> love their stuff, too, love, love, love. all right, imagine never
10:10 am
having split ends ever again. >> this is literally the hottest trend in haircuts. >> and we mean hot. >> hot scissors. >> yes. academy award-winner and best-selling author and maybe the nicest lady in the world, julie andrews gets you and your kids in the holiday mood. >> all right, but first, these messages. [ woman ] i've had it with my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... the frustration... covering up. so i talked with my doctor. he prescribed enbrel. enbrel is clinically proven to provide clearer skin. many people saw 75% clearance in 3 months. and enbrel helped keep skin clearer at 6 months. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b,
10:11 am
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10:13 am
what was that? don't tell mom about this. about what? exactly. rated t for teen. be game ready. get batman: arkham origins and exclusive batman legends skins at midnight october 25th at walmart. ♪ getting to know you >> come on. can we just listen for a moment? for seven decades, julie andrews
10:14 am
has entertained audiences, playing such memorable roles as maria von trapp. >> yeah, she's also a "new york times" best selling author and the latest children's book takes readers on a journey through a winter wonder land. it is called "the fairy princess sparkles in the snow." >> when you come here we are insane to have you. we missed emma this time. >> i know. i'm going to speak for both of us. >> good, okay. >> before we get to the book, it's funny to look behind us and when you look back at those pictures what kind of feelings do you have? >> well, i wish i had the waist i had in those days. >> take it one by one. say one word. this one. maria von trapp, what were you thinking? >> raining in the background. >> okay. that middle one? >> cold. >> that one over there? what was that from?
10:15 am
>> i don't know, a publicity still? >> how about that one? what are you thinking there? >> oh, god, suck in. something like that. >> here's mary poppins. >> yeah. >> how many films have you done over the years, have you lost track? >> yes. how many books? >> isn't that crazy? >> yeah. >> so many. >> a lot. a lot. when you -- >> i'm lucky. very. >> when we talk about "sound of music" this is news lately because carrie underwood is playing a live event. >> oh, my. >> the pressure is enormous. >> not only to take over for you, you're legend, but it's live. >> that's i think is the pressure. doesn't that look pretty? >> yes, she does. >> doing this stage version, not
10:16 am
the movie version. >> much more music in the stage version. >> actually -- >> isn't there? >> the other way around. >> really? >> yeah. they cut some of the music out, but added more for the movie. >> okay. >> and, yeah, they cut some of the things from the stage version. >> so you want to give her a little message? >> oh, just that i -- not to be nervous. i wish her so much luck and i mean, to do something like that live and pull it off, go for it. >> very brave. >> go for it. >> we love when you come on. because you come and talk about your children's book. this is the fifth one? >> the fifth one in the series. two more in the pipeline. and then there's two early readers as well. but this is -- we have done about 27 books altogether. >> wow. >> emma and i. >> how lovely to do that with your daughter, julie. >> yeah, it is such a pleasure. >> how does it work with the two of you?
10:17 am
how do you work that out when you're writing the books? >> we finish each other's sentences. we laugh a lot. drink a lot of tea. >> tea? >> yeah. >> english tea. >> but actually it works that she's the nuts and bolts of the books. she does the real structure and i do the flights of fancy. and the closings and things like that. >> what is it about this little character that just has caught everyone's fancy? >> well, i think -- >> based on your granddaughter, right? >> yes, she certainly inspired it. she's a little girl called j geraldi geraldine, everyone refers to her as jerri. socks about her ankles. you can be anything in life, but you have to let your sparkle out. it is about individuality and dealing with everything in life. >> dreaming. let your dreams fly. >> she is convinced that she's a fairy princess. despite all the other evidence. >> very fairy princess. >> very fairy princess and she
10:18 am
has a great heart. it is about sparkle and individuality and integrity. >> your eyes still sparkle like that. >> i was just thinking that. >> all right, julie thank you. >> you can be anything you want to be. let that sparkle out. >> sparkle, carrie. >> her niece, jessica, is my hairdresser when i go out to los angeles. >> fantastic hairdresser. >> i love you, julie. thank you so much. i'm sorry, i can't read. halloween is over a week away. and costumes creations that you can make at home. also, the latest trends in hair cuts. we are talking hot scissors. hot scissors to eliminate split ends. oh, the scissors are on fire, after this. ? not anymore. what? my silverware isn't good enough for you? have -- have you seen it? yes, i have seen it, and it looks -- you gotta look better.
10:19 am
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better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. it's eb.
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because campbell's skillet sauces make it easy. just brown some meat and add the campbell's skillet sauce. for a meal so awesome, you'll want to share it. everyone is cooking with campbell's skillet sauces. and now try new campbell's slow cooker sauces. [ jen garner ] what skincare brand is so effective... so trusted... so clinically proven dermatologists recommend it twice as much as any other brand? neutrogena®. recommended by dermatologists 2 times more than any other brand. now that's beautiful. neutrogena®. ♪ all right, we are back with literally the hottest trend in
10:22 am
haircuts making its way to a salon near you. it's called the hot scissors haircut, and it helps you get rid of all the unsightly split ends. >> here to join us is the man from the louis licari salon. >> wait a minute, these are just plugged in, they're hot scissors? >> yeah, they're hot. >> electric scissors. >> can you believe it's been 4,000 years since scissors have been created and it took 4,000 years to bring them up. >> tell us how it works. what happens to the hair? >> with conventional scissors, the hair gets damaged by the environment, you get split ends. >> yeah. >> with these scissors, actually, it protects you from the environment and your hair has this natural -- it seals it. >> it seals it. >> i will show you how it actually works. >> talk russian to us. >> talk russian. >> how come it doesn't burn your hand? >> it's hot. you can feel it. >> don't touch it. >> it's hot, don't touch it. >> we'll show the before picture
10:23 am
of emily first because you're cutting emily's hair. this is her before. >> she looks good. >> she looks great. now show us emily now and tell us what you've been doing. >> with emily -- >> i love that haircut. >> she had a lot of split ends. it was long, she had a lot of split ends and we gave her little bangs. >> yes. >> i will show you actually with the scissors how it works. >> let's see. >> it's like the spa treatment for your hair. >> uh huh. >> look. >> oh, you're cutting a lot. that's a lot. nervous. >> no, it's not. it's no additional work for a little extra. >> can you get this at salons all over, arson? >> it's coming. it's a new hot trend. it's coming in here slowly. >> and quick, can you use it wet or dry or does it have to be dry? >> you can use it wet or dry. it's a 110-degree scissor. >> we have to go. >> thank you, lou hey, darrell here and we've got even more great rollbacks from the walmart october savings event! it's rollback'tober! leaves are falling and so are prices! doritos, only $2.48.
10:24 am
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volumizes from the root and stretches lashes towards the outer corner. for remarkable spread... remarkable volume. your look... truly captivating. new voluminous butterfly mascara from l'oreal paris. bold fanned out volume. catch the butterfly effect... you're worth it. it is 10:26. bart trains are up and running this morning, but just not at full service because bart and the unions came to an agreement so late last night workers were not ready to return to work early this morning. delaying service by more than an hour and a half. it wasn't until about 5:45 this morning, actually, that bart trains began rolling, and even then instead of the normal 45 trains rolling, only 25 are operating. bart hopes to have full service restored by this afternoon.
10:26 am
today mtsb officials say they plan to question more people about the deadly bart train crash. yesterday investigators saying a trainee was, in fact, operating the train that hit and killed two bart workers on saturday in walnut creek. we'll have a look at your forecast and the roads after the break.
10:27 am
>> welcome back. now a live look at senol le, temperatures are actually going to end up in the 80s out m east bay, but we still have really
10:28 am
thick fog to talk about. santa rosa in particular. still pockets where can you only see for a quarter of a mile. nonetheless, temperatures are going to start to warm up nicely. as we head throughout the next couple of hours, there will be about 80 degrees in sanity are a rosa. full sunshine expected. 74 in redwood city. seven-day outlook tells the story. there could be showers this weekend. we'll tell you where and how much today at 11:00. let's check that drive with mike. >> low clouds starting to clear. christina said some pockets of fog. be careful. over here in san jose, it actually is okay as far as the drive goes. the map shows you the entire bay area much, much better than it was about 40 minutes ago. 880 traveling through oakland. the clouds are a little bit low and across the oakland hills. it's always an issue for visibility at times, but not a big deal on the toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks. we'll have much more local news coming up in 30 minutes at 11:00. and we're back with more of "today" on booze day tuesday,
10:29 am
ready to ask lou about all the pesky problems around the house that need fixing. >> you know it. you sent us your questions about small home repairs that you wish you could have handled yourself, and here to answer as many as he can is "today" contributor and host of the syndicated show "house smart," lou manfredini! we love him. >> get over here, baby. >> cindy says, "what is the best option for covering gutters to keep out leaves, et cetera, in terms of cost and ease of installation?" >> lots of different products out here. this is a buzz word for everybody with the leaves falling. these are a couple of options for people that they can do themselves. this is called gutter brush. it's essentially a giant pipe cleaner that's uv treated. you clean out your gutters and then you take this and you shove it underneath -- >> in there. >> -- and it now becomes the cover. leaves fall, but they sit there -- >> they don't get in there and get wet and get stuck. >> buckets of waters can go down. >> leave them in all winter long? >> that's it, you're done. leave them in always. you never take them out. >> oh, wow! >> then this is rain drop gutter guard, which is a polypropylene
10:30 am
cover you put over top. they come in 4-foot sections. you can install them yourself or have someone install them, but buckets of water can go in. they're durable, strong and the sun won't break them down. >> the whole point is to have rain go through them and lead down to -- >> it's not going to go in there. >> oh, actually, it's open. >> it's got holes. >> from here, it looked solid. >> okay, here's a question from liz. "i was told i can adjust my patio slider with a screwdriver because it just doesn't work right. how do i do this?" >> here's a patio slider, an integrity door, very heavy-duty, fiberglass extruded. we took the white caps off. you pop those off, and with a screwdriver, a phillips screwdriver, you stick this inside and you click it either right or left. there are rollers on the bottom of this that lift the door up. >> oh. >> stop it! that simple? >> and then it won't stop it, and then you can adjust the door. brand new doors like this work
10:31 am
great, but your house settles and moves. a little click, the roller lifts the door up so it slides much more easily. >> people probably don't even know that feature's there. >> right. there's caps on there. so, you pop those caps off with a knife or fingernail. >> and then you put them back on? >> put them back on, you're done. >> gina asks "what is the best and most inexpensive way to install shelving in a small closet? the closet will not be used for clothing, but books and office supplies and stuff." >> my favorite shelving product is from the container store. >> i love container stores, love them! they can contain everything. >> this is how it works -- >> i know you like that kind of stuff. >> this bar, this mounting bar is all you do. if you ladies look up at the top -- >> yep, look at that. >> that goes to the top of the closet. there's wood always at the top of a wall. you screw it in there so it's plum. then these standards hang -- >> anything. >> any surface. so, you can figure it out whatever way you want. >> you don't need a stud like you. >> right. this whole setup here would probably cost you around $200, but it's available -- and you
10:32 am
can do anything you want. >> you can change your life in your own closet. do they make house calls? >> they do. we can figure that out. >> maybe they can come to your apartment and they can give you some tips. >> i've got lou coming. denise asks "how do you cut ceiling tiles to fit? we bought some and they're just too big. >> the idea is draw a nice, clean line with a sharp utility knife. these are a fbi rouse materiibr but you take the utility knife and you nice and easily follow -- >> i would be afraid of making a mistake. i would use scissors. >> you don't want to use scissors. but once you make a cut, these tiles will break -- >> hi-yah! >> there you go. there you go. just like that. now you can pop the tile in however you want. >> i thought that was pretty cool. >> just be careful that you want to measure, you want to set it in nicely. easy to do. >> thank you, honey. all right, you know what you should never say to a woman over 40? >> don't eat the pasta. where should i start with frank
10:33 am
gifford? >> youtubetar scooter mcgetaway will share his thoughts in the latest videos he has. and different from the rest -- >> i love these segments! >> look no further. >> bobbie thomas has some diy ideas for the whole family. hi! >> look at the little nose-pickers. they're so cute. >> cute! ♪ [ male announcer ] this is an acceptance letter. ♪ it's a diploma. ♪ it's a passport. it's a compass. it's a trainer and a coach and the jersey of the greatest team on earth. it's more than a uniform. it's an education you can't get anywhere else. there's strong, and then there's army strong. try it on at
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10:37 am
just do it, okay? >> all right, if you want to get into the halloween spirit, but you still have no idea what you or your kids are going to dress up as this year, maybe this segment will inspire you. >> "today's style" editor bobbie thomas is here with creative costumes you can put together that won't cost you a lot in time or money. i love this one. >> what is up with that? >> this is? >> this is "duck dynasty." >> the tv show. >> yes! >> stop it! >> just getting it. >> okay, we have 17 costumes for you. >> go, go. >> the first models are kaitlin, maggie and michael. tell us what they are. >> get in your closet, get black-and-white clothing and take your friends back in time for a black-and-white tv scene. all you need is white makeup from the drugstore, $2 and you're good to go with accessories. >> i love this. >> clever, clever. >> and it looks best as a group. >> so don't do it alone.
10:38 am
>> thanks, guys! >> thanks, guys. >> next we have a really cool idea, because the kids get tired from walking. >> yes, jason and mia are coming out. what is this? >> so, this is -- ♪ a brand new world >> this is the family, jasmine on a magic carpet. and dad was willing to wear the alladin outfit. then we have a little mouse back here, in the wagon. >> oh! the cheese. >> and her mom. who doesn't want an excuse to wear pjs? >> that is adorable. >> do the pjs with a wagon or skateboard in your garage and you can use them as a base. >> love it. >> we made a mouse trap out of posterboard and threw a rug over the skateboard. >> cute! >> we can't stand it! can't stand it. >> and it's all stuff you have. awesome. >> it's stuff you have and everything for these costumes is online. >> thanks, guys, thank you! >> perfect. >> next up, we have michelle -- >> bye! >> bye-bye, sweetheart. >> bye-bye, kiki. >> what are michelle and mark
10:39 am
dressed up as? >> now, michelle and mark are troopers, but this is a twist on the app candy crush. so, yes, candy crush. he dressed up as a hammerhead and she's the old button dot. this is candy crush. but party city and michael's, fantastic resources where you can get for under 10 bucks. he just made this out of aluminum foil, and that's a bath mat. so, very creative. you can do stuff with what you have at home. >> candy crush is addictive online. >> thanks, guys. >> all right, so what about andrea and evan? >> now -- >> andrea! >> andrea and i are obsessed with game of thrones, so she wanted to be -- >> whitney and cam are here. >> yes. >> they were leading ladies inspired by their favorite characters. evan loves to roar. >> roar, evan! >> and little cam is whitney's little superman. >> oh! >> oh, no! he already had his moment. >> it's a cranky superman. >> it's okay! >> all i have to say is if you
10:40 am
have to go trick or treating after work, lois lane is the easiest, just grab a pair of glasses. >> andrea, you look adorable! >> you know, wigs, we got this at party city, $19.99, so much cheaper than you think. really easy to go. >> darling! >> love. >> thank you! >> thank you. thanks, whitney. bye, cam. >> bye-bye. >> all right, our last grouping, we have c.j. and michael. >> these guys are brothers, and they wanted to be close, so, but you have to stand sideways for me, c.j. show them the illusion and you have to lift the box a little. if you get the full shot of him, this is the headless zombie who's walking around with c.j.'s head in the box. you can do this -- >> love it! >> and it's a backpack. then his brother, michael, is the rocket man. he's blasting off. you stuff some clothes. >> that's hysterical! >> the backpack is covered in some wrapping paper. and it's a really fun way to have fun with just household items.
10:41 am
>> really clever. >> we also want to take a minute to say happy birthday! tomorrow's bobbie's birthday. we have a little cake. >> happy birthday, sweetheart. >> we love you. >> tomorrow, right? >> she's 24. >> tomorrow. >> 29. one year left. >> oh, you're gorgeous! >> everyone come on out. love you, bobbie. >> bye. >> thank you so much. okay, you've got the costume, now what about the sweet treats? bobbie's not going to give you her cake. >> halloween goodies, even if you don't have time to bake. >> and the videos, scooter magruder with what you should never say to a woman of a certain age. never say[ baby crying ]a shh, shh, shh. ♪ [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever, you raise her spirits. we took away her ear ache, you kept the midnight watch. we reduced his teething pain, you turn up his smile. infants' tylenol® reduces fever and pain
10:42 am
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why wait? call today. [ male announcer ] choose at&t and build your bundle. it's whatever works for you. ♪ all right, he's been on our show before, but he's never been here in person. we're talking about scooter magruder. he's an online star who sounds off on anything and everything in his clever, hilarious videos. >> they're hysterical. >> crazy. >> scooter has shared with us some great top 100 lists over the years, including what guys
10:46 am
never want to hear, 100 things not to say to your girlfriend, and one of our all-time favorites, what not to say on a first date! take a look. >> you look a lot different than your profile picture. >> you look so much like my ex. >> my last relationship was a disaster, whoo! >> we can go back to my place once my parents are asleep. >> is that like a wonder bra? >> what bra size do you wear? >> i just pictured you naked. i think, i think i love you. you know what? you know what -- >> no, i'm sorry. >> will you marry me? >> i can't do this. i'm sorry. >> will you marry me? don't go away! >> i've got to go. it was nice meeting you. >> i know where you live. >> i know where you live! >> you're crazy! >> thank you. >> great to meet you in person. >> great to be here. >> you're very good looking. >> i'm going to say the same about you two. >> oh, hello! >> usually we see you in a wig doing some crazy antics. >> crazy stuff. >> yeah. >> where did this all come from? >> well, really, it's just i'm trying to make a good video, so i'm dedicated to my art.
10:47 am
>> yeah. >> yeah. >> now, is this like a favorite list? because they're all good and fun to watch, but what's your favorite? >> i haven't actually been on the show, but it's top 100 things not to say to a cop. that's my favorite video. >> we have to show that one. >> that one's pretty good, i am not going to lie. >> but we heard you made a special list. >> i did. >> an individual list that has never aired before for us. >> this would be the time when you would then tell us about it. >> so, this video right here that's about to play is top 20 things not to say to a woman over 40, not that you would know anything about that. >> no, we don't. let's watch it! >> man, i'll bet you were hot 20 years ago. >> you look good for being old. >> what was the great depression like? >> so, that's what crow's feet look like! >> botox? >> i wouldn't call you a cougar, more like a hyena, almost like a wildebeest. why don't you have any kids? i could be your grandson. you look like my grandma. did you vote for abraham lincoln? you didn't vote for him? he freed the slaves.
10:48 am
gravity has definitely taken its toll on you. my grandpa's single. why aren't you married? i've heard of baby weight. you look like you have grandbaby weight. i love when your arm jiggles like that. you look just like your mom. when is your birthday? what was moses like? >> he's in the bible. >> did you know him? >> our favorite is the grandbaby weight. >> come on! >> grandbaby weight. >> so genius! whoa. >> and so when you walk around, do people know you or do they not recognize you because of the wigs and stuff? >> sometimes i'll get noticed, but i'm more noticed in like orlando because -- >> where you went to college. >> yeah. >> and i asked during the break, when does this craziness come from? you must have had a wacky grandma or mama or something. >> definitely both, and my dad. wow. >> oh, that's great! >> that's where i get it from. >> that's great. take all that crazy, wacky dna, keep making people laugh and make a living off of it! that's what you're supposed to do. it's great. >> you are such fun.
10:49 am
thank you for coming to see us. >> thank you for being here. >> all the best to you. sweet treats you can decorate for halloween. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> scooter magruder! you are crazy. ♪
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
it's time to take you into "today's kitchen" with a quick lesson in decorative desserts to put everyone in the halloween spirit. >> yeah, whether the goodies are homemade or store-bought, you can make your own with fun decorating ideas from carrie vincent. she's a judge on food network challenge. hey, how are you doing? >> fine. right from the witch's cabin, ready to go. >> i love it! >> okay, so, you are a judge -- are you a harsh judge when it comes to these kinds of things? >> they say i'm pretty brutal. >> are you? >> you're honest, just tell it like it is? >> you have to. >> you have to. what's the point otherwise? >> what are we making? >> brutal on you.
10:53 am
>> i know. >> i've rolled out some paste for you. >> what is this? >> that's rolled fondant. >> what? >> get rid of this. being tidy. you take a little stencil -- >> i don't see mine. is this mine? >> i made it for you. >> okay. >> so, you push it down. push it. >> oh, put it underneath of it? >> underneath. >> put it underneath of it. okay. >> and right around so you're popping the pattern through. see? >> got it. now what do you do? >> lift it up and turn it over. grab your brush. >> grab your brush. i like repeating what you say. where am i dipping into? your colors are over here, kath. >> oh, wait, i took it off. i shouldn't have. ♪ la, la, la, la >> mine is good, la, la. >> now what? >> i hope you haven't screwed up. >> i have. >> um, i'm done, so now what do you do? [ laughter ] >> we don't have time!
10:54 am
>> okay, let me do it. >> okay, look at mine. how about mine? >> oh, divine. >> divine. >> put some black on it? all right, gosh. >> not gosh. >> we're actually -- >> i don't have any paint! >> it's right here! >> right here. what are you doing? hers is over here. >> okay, so, now wipe your hand over it like this. remove this. >> what are you doing? >> i'm painting nothing! >> mine is ruined. now i'm depressed! look at mine. >> look at mine. >> now i'm not depressed. that's good, hoda! yeah, i do need a margarita, by the way. all right, then what? so far, it's a disaster for me. >> but you cut it out -- >> i don't want to cut it out! >> cut yours -- >> cut this, hoda, all right? >> that looks like -- >> take this one. >> take that one. now what do you do with it? >> put it on the top of your cupcake. >> okay, i see where that is. >> oh, this is fun!
10:55 am
this is my favorite one. >> really? >> yes. i like this. >> now what are you doing? >> now rub a bit of water around the edge of your cupcake. >> why is that? >> because we're going to put an edging on it. >> wow. >> you two are absolute butchers. >> butchers? >> i like her! okay, anyway, we're about out of time, how's that? >> yeah, how do you like that? how do you like that, carrie? almost out of time! mwah! >> carrie, thank you. >> what do we do next? >> nothing, it's over. it's over. this is over. >> i have a kill. >> come on, give me some love. give me some love. >> hoda wins. hoda wins this one. tomorrow, for adults only. >> the new host from "project runway," ms. milano is
10:56 am
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
good morning, everybody. thanks, as always, for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. re running once again today, this morning's commute was still very rough despite bart and its unions reaching a late-night deal to end the strike. workers were not in place to run the trains at full capacity. nbc bay area chase kane is life at the walnut creek bart station where it was a confusing commute for riders early this morning. good morning, chase. >> good morning, marla. the trains have been running now for more than five hours, but they are still running limited service. bart says they have 25 trains out there on the tracks, and that's only about half of what they would have normally had this morning. now, on bart's


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