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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 28, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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he said no. we caught up with the celebrity chef and he says he's not surprised his car was stolen. he's shocked it was stolen from a dealership. >> we get calls all the time. i had a friend who called and said, i just saw your car on the freeway. people would call and we'd get reports. come to find out, he was driving it. brave kid. >> reporter: the 19-year-old max wade is also charged with attempted murder. in today's closing arguments the prosecutor told the jury the 19-year-old thought he was a celebrity and he committed a daring crime to try to get the attention of a girl. he's charged with trying to kill a young girl he was infatuated with along with her boyfriend the following year. closing arguments are wrapping
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up. we'll bring you an update on the story coming up at 6:00. just into our news room, we want to pass this along to you. the continuing problems with obama care, the website is forcing the white house to push back the original deadline. americans have until march 31st to sign up and avoid tax penalties. the website to sign up has been plagued with technical glitches. it's a story that's shaken up a community on the peninsula. an alleged drunk driver killed a couple out for their evening walk. a 54-year-old woman had health issues and now will appear in court tomorrow. her brother is saying she's not the animal she's painted out to be. >> reporter: the 54-year-old woman did not appear in court
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today for her arraignment on two charges of vehicular manslaughter and two felony counts of driving under the influence causing bodily injury for allegedly hitting another vehicle injuring two teenagers inside. friends continued to show up. moments after judge jonathan put the issue over because she was having a medical issue. his sister has no idea what happened thursday night and doesn't believe she killed anyone. >> is she an alcoholic? >> pass. she had a mental breakdown. she's going through it. you know what i mean? whatever brought that on, she had been without drinking for 16 days. >> reporter: his sister is bipolar. she has a 2012 dui conviction,
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for which she was ordered into treatment. >> they suffered a great loss. it wasn't their fault. all we want is peace. we don't want no complications. we just want peace. >> reporter: she is scheduled to return to court tomorrow afternoon. until then, she will remain in the san mateo county jail on $2 million bond. new at 5:00, san francisco firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a three-alarm fire that destroyed a residential building today. flames broke out around 12:30 this afternoon. dozens of firefighters moved in quickly and attacked the fire while nearby buildings were evacuated. nobody was hurt. three other buildings were damaged. >> we were yelling to guys
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inside the greenhouse looking out the window. we were like, get out of your house. there's a fire going on. you've got to get out. >> the fire was under control in about 90 minutes. 50 people are displaced. firefighters moved quickly to put out a brush fire that could be seen for miles. crews had to shutdown a road near the reservoir in both directions. it burned only half an acre. no structures were threatened. the cause of that fire is unknown. hurricane force winds in parts of the bay area gusts to 70 miles per hour toppled everything, doing a lot of damage, especially in the east bay. the cleanup for many people continues at this hour. including a family whose front yard redwood tree came crashing
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down on the house. >> reporter: after more than 70 years in this danville front yard, the wind relocated this giant redwood tree to the roof, right on top of a 3-year-old girl's bedroom. she was safe with her family in the kitchen. the couple in the cottage behind the damaged house weren't hurt either, but definitely startled. >> we just sat down to eat. this huge crash like a train going through our neighborhood. we jumped up and ran outside and saw the huge tree. >> reporter: winds showed their force last night. >> we had call, after call, after call. >> reporter: another tree crashed into a house. no one was hurt. gusts toyed with this shopping
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center. it also took out power lines leaving people without electricity in livermore. five semitrucks flipped on their sides. one driver was hurt. now the cleanup begins. wi some are checking their own trees to prepare for what may be next. >> that same system brought some snow. take a look at this. this was interstate 80 east of trucky. chains were required and still are in some spots. what made this storm system so unpredictable is it moved
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from the east off to the west. most of the rainfall is now moving off towards the south. that continues to mean dry conditions for tonight and also clearing skies, but some of the coldest weather through tomorrow for the bay. that's the side effect we're talking about from this storm system. it's all that chilly air. you're going to find a frost advisory for the hills surrounding the napa valley region. you can expect temperatures that could get close to the 20s tonight. we'll let you know what it means for that halloween forecast in just a few minutes. the sonoma county sheriff's department has identified the deputy involved in last week's fatal shooting of a 12-year-old
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boy. he's been a training officer since 2007 and a medal of valor recipient. 13-year-old andy lopez was struck by gunfire seven times. two wounds were fatal. he was carrying a toy gun that resembled a semiautomatic weapon. this is monica johnson. police say she hit her friend. it happened around 2:30 this morning in willow glen. johnson backed into buck and pinned her against the garage door. both women knew each other and were in the car together before this accident. there were beer cans at the crash site.
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back in august, the ceo said the company would layoff 4,000 workers from its entire work force. more than 15,000 of its nearly 62,000 employees worked at this location. and less than two hours from now, the pel can city counsel will consider a proposal to put a digital billboard that would look somewhat like this one. the new billboard would be on city owned property at the end of colorado avenue. that's just south of the oregon expressway exit. some drivers are complaining, saying the digital signs are distracting and can increase the risk of crashes. still to come, a robot that can land your kids a job. no kidding. it's a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. a secret project floating in
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the bay. there are reports google is behind it. what it could be coming up. we're learning more about what led to the closure of this care facility. the seniors who lived here were not abandoned according to the owner.
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in san francisco today a judge restored limited driving privileges to park's employee. he's accused of running over and killing a young mother. it happened last month while she was laying in the grass with her daughter in a park in the city. he faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and hit and run. the judge limited him to driving only to work,child care, or
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counseling. new details tonight. the sheriff's department transported at least a dozen seniors from the home over the weekend after most of the staff has abandoned them. we are live in caster valley with the latest. >> reporter: this is the complaint filed by the department of social services detailing the problems they say took place at this care facility. tonight, the attorney for the center's owner says they contested the allegations. he also insists that patients were not left here to fend for themselves. >> it's sickening. our whole neighborhood is shocked. >> reporter: that's how folks who live near the residential care home are feeling tonight. it had to transport about a dozen residents to hospitals on
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saturday. seniors they say needed care after the facility had its licen license suspended last week. >> patients have been able to walk any time during the day and kind of just forgotten about it seemed like. >> reporter: we're getting a look at the complaint filed by the department of social services that led to the closure. the facility was dirty and in disrepair with rodent droppings in the food pantry and not enough food suitable to eat. >> what i saw last night was two freezers full, a full refrigerator. there's no shortage of food. >> reporter: tonight the facility owner's attorney is speaking out. they don't agree with most of
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the complaint's filings. >> they were absolutely not abandoned. the facility was properly staffed on saturday. everything there was under control. >> reporter: the attorney for the owner says that the owner is absolutely heartbroken over this situation. he says that she cares about her clients deeply. she spent over $100,000 over the last five years to improve this facility. meanwhile, the sheriff's department investigation continues. we have another big development in the penn state sex abuse scandal. the university will pay $60 million to the victims of jerry sandusky, the school's former assistant football coach.
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it will be paid to 26 of his victims. the abuse happened over the course of several years. he is appealing this conviction. several former penn state officials are still awaiting trial for allegedly covering up complaints about the abuse. freedom for michael jackson's former doctor. conrad murray was released from jail today. he walked out of jail just after midnight. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 after giving a lethal dose of propofol to michael jackson to let him sleep. >> probably to avoid this. probably to avoid all of you. >> murray says he plans to appeal his conviction to clear his name and get his medical licenses back.
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new video tonight of what could be google's secret project right after treasure island. this four-story structure is an offshore floating data center that's powered and cooled by ocean water. four years ago, google was granted a patent for a water base data center. mountain view's company is not commenting on these reports. apple announcing its quarterly earnings today. 14 million ipads were sold. apple continues to make a lot of money. profit margins dropped slightly for the quarter. apple shares slid in after hours trading. we have an exclusive look at the future of robotics. >> and how it could let your kids learn about technology.
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>> we talk a lot about robots in silicon valley, whether they're robots to clean our houses or test our cars. earlier today a bay area start-up launched a couple of robots to help your kids learn. we got a first look in their facility and at these robots, which can engage young people and will do what you tell them to do through a series of commands from your touch screen device. it is a way to learn about programming while playing. >> we believe understanding computer programming is as important as reading, writing, and math. >> these robots being built on site and being funded by people who visit can scoop up a ball, make sounds, and go in patterns all set up by your mobile screen. they are set to be released to
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the public in the summer of 2014. you can invest in the company and the robots by visiting the play eye website. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. are you telling me we have snow near the bay area? >> you have to go a little bit about. three to four hours. snow up here in the alpine meadows. it's all part of that unpredictable system in the past 36 hours that set up shop throughout the bay area with that wind. any sign of rainfall is off to the south tonight. back behind it, talk about a major chill. santa rosa 65 for today. san francisco 57. with that cold air in place and a few areas of clearing already beginning right now, a frost advisory has been issued up in the north bay.
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isolated 30s here tonight. especially in the hills around napa. that's where you definitely want to make sure you protect those plants and as you get up yourself, wear those layers. it helps trap a little bit of heat next to your body and will make those 30s feel a little bit more bearable to you. you will notice that 5:00 a.m. it is going to be chilly here. widespre widespread 40s expected in the morning hour. live sky camera network right now does look like this. you can see it is mainly clear. north bay, the frost advisory tonight with isolated 30s. we are finished with that rainfall overall. let's get a look and pinpoint some of the coldest. 37 in santa rosa. for the east bay, not quite as
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bad. going to be a little bit slower to get rid of that cloud cover. 46 in the alameda valley. 51 in san francisco. daytime highs will rebound tomorrow. 65 in san jose. 64 in palo alto. it's going to feel like a coastal day for those interior valleys for tomorrow. for the east bay, our typical hot spot not going to get too warm. 64 in napa. 60 in half moon bay. halloween is right around the corner. looking good for those trick or treaters. thursday, a few clouds. 60s and dry weather. no matter what you're costume is, you're going to be good today. temperatures tend to warm up throughout this week with some low and mid 70s. mother nature has put her foot
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down. no more hot weather coming our way in the next seven days. >> do we have to dress up for halloween by the way? >> yes. we'll see what happens. doctors' orders. the new rule about smartphones and social media that families need to know. another bay area city is trying to attack soda pop and what the money could be used for.
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it's failed in another city, but san francisco supervisor wants to put a soda tax in this city. he is calling for a tax of 2 cents per house.
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it will be used to pay for health and nutrition programs for children. last year a similar proposal in richmond failed. >> the fact is this is a basic public health measure. just like we tax cigarettes because they cause a lot of health problems and cigarette manufacturers fought that. this is an important step forward for public health. >> they'll introduce the legislation tomorrow. it could generate $31 million a year. in health matters, today is to most popular day that people think about kicking the habit. researchers say they hope to use this information to create anti-smoking campaigns. doctors are now asking parents to make new rules in your home when it comes to kids. the american academy of
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pediatrics that families keep all screen media out of the kid's bedrooms and limiting the amount of screen time, including facebook and twitter, to less than two hours a day. children under the age of two shouldn't be exposed at all. it is linked with violence, bullying, sexting, and obesity. pepper jack cheese, mushrooms,
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jalapeños, bacon, tomato and avocado. i call it, "the avocado da vinci". create your om'lart with denny's build your own omelette menu.
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tomorrow marks 100 days until the winter olympics. lindsey vonn stopped by the today show. vonn crashed during the world championships last february. she had to have knee surgery and months of intense rehab. now she's back on the slopes and heading to the olympics. >> i get back up. i fall, i get back up. it's who i am. this is the biggest setback i've ever had. i'm skiing really well. i've only been on the snow a couple of days. things are looking up. >> it's incredible not just the physical rehab, but mentally getting ready to go for gold again. the olympics 100 days from tomorrow right here on nbc. >> you're right about that mental thing. if i fell, i would be scared to ski again. get back up there. >> thanks for joining us here at
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5:00. we hope to see you at 6:00. >> good night. on our broadcast tonight, damage control. growing outrage now along with new allegations of spying on some of our closest friends around the world with many now asking how much the president knew. struck down. one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country and there was a major ruling late today. taking a hit. a stunner from consumer reports. some of the most popular cars on a the the road are no longer recommended. and the babies born in the middle of a natural disaster now thriving as their first birthdays arrive. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. among industrialized nations, spying is considered something


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