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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 29, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> i felt sick to my stomach. i felt bad. >> a teenager goes to trial in the shooting death of a local paramedic, only on nbc we'll share what that paramedic's widow is saying about the husband she lost just shy of their one-year wedding anniversary. >> a man reported missing. what police say he was doing before he disappeared and what is being done right now to bring him home. >> the cold and cloudy start to your tuesday morning but temperatures are going to warm nicely. great day for your fall wardrobe. it's going to feel like fall. i have your halloween forecast coming up. >> and the bay bridge metering lights have been turned on. traffic is starting to stack up. we'll get you outside on time and up to speed. >> that was a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. here is a look at the span as it shines brightly on this tuesday,
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october 29th, this is "today in the bay." good morning. it's 6:01. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening now police in burlingame are looking for an elderly man not seen for 24 hours. this is ibore morris also known as scotty. he is 79. his wife says he went for a walk at 9:00 in the morning yesterday and never came home. he was last seen wearing a white sweatshirt and black sweat pants. his wife says he often hangs out in burlingame, and in downtown. if you have useful information, the burlingame police want to hear from you. happening today, public outcry is fueling protests bay area wide on behalf of a 13-year-old boy shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy in santa rosa.
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protesters will board buses in oakland which will take them to and from santa rosa for a march ahead of his funeral tonight. christie smith is live at the bus stop at 14th and broadway in oakland where the bus will take off in a couple hours. good morning. >> reporter: there have been marches and rallies before over the shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez but this may be the biggest one yet. of course people from santa rosa will be there but also people from here in oakland as you said, there will be a bus that departs at 8:00 from where we are at 14th and broadway, this provided by the family and friends of another boy, a 16-year-old killed in an officer-involved shooting in stockton. his name james rivera. hundreds of people are expected to rally and march in the streets in support of 13-year-old andy lopez who was shot and killed last week in an
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offer-involved shooting. hundreds marched through the streets of santa rosa. today police are advising drivers to expect gridlock. they will merge together and march to the sheriff's office for one big rally. i was looking on facebook. one post said for the rally take to the streets, not the sidewalk. the sheriff's department identified the veteran as( 24-year veteran as the man who fired a. coroner's report shows that lopez was shot seven times, he was carrying a pellet gun at the time that resembled an automatic weapon. visitors not advised to come to the building. some students may join the protest at 10:00 this morning. the superintendent issued advisory suggesting that kids stay in school to stay safe. they are providing a bus at 14th
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and broadway. there will be a funeral mass at 5:00 p.m. >> 6:04. this morning the trial gets under way for a 16-year-old boy charged as an adult in the shooting death of an off-duty paramedic. his wife is speaking out for the first time. seven months after her husband's death. bob redell joins us live at the ambulance. where boil worked. he has the interview only here on nbc bay area. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. liz boyer, the wife that worked here at santa clara county ambulance as a paramedic with her husband quinn. her husband had a big heart, refused to see bad in people. he was killed seven months ago. one of the teens accused will have a preliminary hearing in this case that centers on the events of that day, april 2.
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while he was off duty helping his father with a doctor's appointment he was shot in the heard during an attempted carjacking. his wife knew that based on her experience it was not good. two days later her husband was taken off life support. what liz finds tragic and ironic it's a group of boys ages 13-16 who are charged in her husband's death because quinn, her husband, was very much interested in helping at-risk youth. >> when i heard how young they are i just felt sick to my stomach. i felt bad. this is senseless and it's lost, for everyone. i don't get quinn back. i don't get to take the hurt away from anyone. >> there are 16 charged with
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multiple felony charges in quinn boyer's murder, five of them as juveniles, one as adult, that is christian burton, the man or the boy suspect pulled the trigger. he has pled not guilkx >> the suspected drink driver who hit and killed a couple is expected in court. marjorie reitzell was supposed to appear yesterday but was a no show because of health issues. prosecutors say she ran down balbir and kamal singh as they walked their dog. reitzell's brother tells us he has no idea what happened. he saeays reitzell had dui and drug charges. she faces vehicular manslaughter in this latest case. >> a special meeting to help
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families displaced. the october 17 fire destroyed part of this apartment building leaving 70 homeless. the cause appears accidental but it spread quickly because the building did not have a sprinkler system. since the building was older sprinklers were not required by law. tonight's meeting at 7:00 at the fair oaks community center. >> yet we were talking about the winds. it's come but chilly. >> we're in for a little warm-up? >> we are. we're getting into that time of year where you can really enjoy the fall-like weather. we get all four seasons here and those beautiful leaves. one more wind event. you're going to get knocked off the tree. as we head throughout the day, we expect calm winds, that's also the case for the next
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couple days as well. result of calm winds we have low clouds, mostly over the east bay and the central value and lingering cloud cover over the santa cruz plenty of 50s, 57 to start in oakland, that bodies well to reach the mid-60s later on. tuesday good, blanket of clouds, we get a cleeer shot. the sun starts to make appearance. you can peel it off. we head through wednesday. averages returning then, as we get into the next seven days we have major temperature swings. stick around i'll show you the sech day forecast for all of the trick or tweeters. 67 degrees, 64 pay hide at the coast. >> 67, pretty comfortable inland today. >> here is a live look with our
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own -- >> things are picking up at the bay bridge approach. the metering lights have been turned on about 10 minutes ago, causing the typical slow down we usually see from our everyville camera. that's good news. also could be more slow at this time of day. other slow spots coming through, antioch, the north bay, cringes down to 680 over to the maze. lots of red and yellow. that means slow to 05 in past almost. starting to hit. thanks, coming up. almost 100 days to the winter olympics. is sochi going to be ready to host it? which venues need to be built. >> talk about another smart watch, this from cougle. we'll tell you about.
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>> and this is what it looked like in the south bay, it is still park out there as we wait for the sun to rice. >> it's 6:10. stay with us.6 because i know it's out there. i share as soon as i find it. because when you score a designer this amazing... for so much less. it's the best feeling ever. see the real deal. search hashtag maxxinista wait 'til you see the designers people are scoring.
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6:12, here are today's top stories. hundreds expected to march through santa rosa hours before a 13-year-old who was shot by a sheriff's deputy is laid to rest. andy lopez was shot after deputies say he pointed an ak 47 at them. that weapon turned out to be a replica gun. >> court proceedings begin for one of six teens charged with killing an off-duty76o paramedin the oakland hills. police say the victim was shot during an attempted carjacking. >> today marks one year since
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superstorm sandy wiped out communities along the east coast. nbc's jay gray will give us a live report coming up in about ten minutes. >> today 100 days until the start of the winter olympics in sochi, russia. olympians are previewing the games with appearances at the today show's studio. and rockefeller plaza, looking for the snow. that includes sarah hughes who won a gold medal for figure skating. and snowboarders hoping for his first olympic medal. >> tourists are posing in front of the count down clock. at this point almost all of the olympic venues have been built from skrax. the only arena that still is unfinished is the olympic stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies will take place. >> russian president vladamir putin is saying everyone is welcome to sochi regardless of their sexual orientation.
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putin made the remark during a meeting with the head of the international olympic committee. amid criticism over a law in russia that prohibits so called gay propaganda from being directed at children. >> an indian company set to pay millions in fines over the way it allegedly misused verker visas. >> this has been at the core of many people's anger over low cost foreign workers. >> what companies do sometimes and what the indian company has been accused of is bring the low cost workers from developing countries into the united states to perform some kind of job, american workers would have liked to have done, and then to save more money the allegation is the foreign workers aren't given the standard 8-1 b visa. that's normally used for people attending a business convention or some other short stay.
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the b-1 holders don't get the same protections like minimum wage that h 1 did holders do. the justice department is expected to announce a settlement with infosys, the company, tomorrow, over this. the misuse, if my workers are cheaper than yours i'm going to get the contract and you won't. stocks probably won't move much today as investors wait on the fed. it start as two-day meeting. we talked lots how the fed is really driving stocks so high. "the wall street journal" says going to sl this close to releasing a smart watch. it's working on the battery. samsung was the first major company to create a smart watch. it can communicate. the watch has been criticized. it goes dark to save the battery. which means it doesn't show you the time right away which is the
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point of a watch. right now it's 6:15. you need to know later i can check it again and it's going to pop up zwhxt pretty soon we're going to walk and talk like robots. >> hopefully not. i want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> looking good out there. you might have to dance the robot to stay warm. bundle up the little ones before you head out. 45 in santa rosa, 50 in petaluma. and you're starting out in the mid-50s in san francisco and oak town. that means you will reach the 60s for today. many cities at the coast only broke into the upper 50s. a warmer day, 65 in santa rosa. i want to take it to your highs from current. we're not going to change that much. usually this time of year is about 2:30, 3:30 p.m. that's all going to change next week after the time changes.
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60 in fremont, 62 in san jose and 60 degrees in san francisco. let's talk about halloween pause it's one of those holidays you'll be outdoor you plan on celebrating the day. 6:15 is when the sun sets so you can get out early with the kids. it will be comfortable inland. 64 by 8:15. for you big fids, 58 degrees, i was looking for costumes and you want to cover up your arms and legs if you plan on playering one of those costumes. at least something that can get you from the outdoor region inside. and get this. we have an awesome guide set up for you on everything that's happening across the bay area, easy to acses and it's there at the top of the page. 76 degrees for halloween. friday, 79.
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stocks tumble but we have a disturbance that would pick up wind. right now it's 6:17. here is anthony slaughter. >> things are starting to pick up. you can see things piling in as we get off to work and school this morning headed into the city. the good news we don't have major fog over the water so that will be good nous. the bay bridge incline. this is oakland 880. no major accidents. our traffic maps show antioch 4, over the benicia bridge. all of that expected back in the phase. things are starting to turn yellow. that's indicating slowing through workly. through the at mat pass. it remain slos past pleasanton as well. show you what it is like through fremont. there we can see southbound traffic is moving smoothly
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no. major accidents on 880. things are slow coming through the santa clara valley. you can see the lights are on as the cars pile in. the good news, no major accidents to report other than i thought my button about 10 ago. >> have i one. yeah. >> i can't. zh that's okay. you're always looking good. >> just in time for the world series. now it's winner go home time. they hoped to button it up. the red sox beat the cardinals to take a series lead back to boston. game 6 is tomorrow night at fenway park. >> former counties superstar barry bonds is back in the headlines asking a federal appeals court to reconsider. a three-judge panel upheld that
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conviction last month after a jury found him guilty two years ago. the home run king is asking the court for a special panel. >> coming up, superstorm sandy. one year later. how far some have come and how far others still have to go.
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hard to believe but today marks one year since towns and communities along the east coast were washed or blown away by superstorm sandy. >> in 12 months repairs are of course under way but some areas are still struggling to come back. one of the hardest hit is seaside heights, new jersey, which rebuilt after the storm only to be wiped out once again by this fire. >> so devastating. jay gray is there live this morning on the boardwalk with a closer look at the ongoing recovery. good morning, jay. >> reporter: good morning. good to talk to you as always. this area you may remember the images after the storm. it was devastated by sandy. and really came to symbolize so many communities splintered by the storm. t's still representing the region, some areas refurbished, others still struggling to come back and have a long way to go.
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you look up the sea board you see communities dotted with debris and devastation. the remnants of sandy lasting at least a year and some say maybe two. when you talk to families they tell you the struggle, it has been difficult, main in trailers next to the shells of what's left of their home. they talk about the red tape with trying to get help from the federal government and the battle with insurance companies. they also say that it took a long time for the federal government to get initiated here. that unlike areas of the gulf coast where they are used to dealing with after effects of the hurricane, that here it took more than 90 days to get the process moving. that's really delayed a lot of folks from getting back to rebuilding their homes and lives. you talk about this board walk they just rebuilt from the storm when in september there was a fire that gutted 50 businesses along a four-block stretch.
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really adding insult to the injury they suffered. now the rebuilding continues along that part of the board walk. while this is a lot of frustration is hope is not lost and a lot of people say they are in this for the long haul. i can tell you in some cases that may mean another year or more. it's going to be a tough go. >> though it's still a long road away it's nice you only have a few clouds to deal with on this one year. thanks so much. in other news, trayvon martin's mother will be on capitol hill testifying about so called stand your ground self defense laws. sybrina fulton says she is testifying to keep pressure on lawmakers to repeal over haul such laws. florida's stand your ground law let the neighborhood watchman who killed her son get awayc;4 h murder. the hearing examines how the law
6:26 am
changed self defense. right now 30 states have some type of stand your ground law on the books which allows someone to use deadly force if their live is in danger. california does not have a stand your ground law on the books but juries are allowed to consider a stand your ground defense. >> family of joe paterno heads to court. the suit claims the ncaa defamed his legacy. the ncaa took away several wins from the football program and fined the university based largely on the report that accused paterno and others of covering up the sex abuse claim. the ncaa has since lifted some sanctions and today a judge will hear arguments whether the suit should be thrown out. the hearing comes a day after penn state announced it would
6:27 am
pay almost $60 million to the 26 young men named as victims. >> 6:26. a higher tax on sugary drinks on the way to san francisco. how a city supervisor is suing. >> also why this ordinary looking house is being preserved.
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who knew what in the nsa spying investigation and when did they know it? we're going to tell you how the house is trying to get to the bottom of a spiraling scandal. >> we'll explain why this ordinary looking home in los altos is being singled out and protected as a local landmark. >> an ordinary day on wall street, we'll find out.
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not a lot of action expected. there is the opening bell for this tuesday, october 29th. this is "today in the bay." sounds like they are at a casino there. >> exactly. >> thanks for waking up with us. i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning lawmakers on capitol hill will press for answers on whether the u.s. has been snooping on its allies for how long and who knew about it. tracie potts joins us live on capitol hill this morning. tracie, the nsa will answer questions but the white house certainly under pressure as well. >> reporter: no question. the white house has got to explain did president obama know and did he know for a long time what was going on at the nsa that we were tapping the phones of world leaders and if he didn't know why so. the white house is in a tough spot. we may start to get some answers
6:31 am
to house intelligence committee is going to hear from general keith alexander, he is in charge at the national security agency, lawmakers want to know how extensive were these surveillance programs, now there are allegations that there were ordinary citizens in europe that we spied on in addition to world leaders, so some of those questions expected to come up today. the senate intelligence committee likely to hear from them at some point. california's own senator dianne feinstein, the head of that committee said with respect to nsa collection of intelligence on leaders of u.s. allies including france, spain, mexico and germany, she says let me state i am totally opposed. a top democrat in the senate from california, opposed to what the administration is now trying to explain. as of this morning a senior administration official is saying they may scale back the program. it's under white house review. they may actually now stop the
6:32 am
surveillance on world leaders and heads of state as the review continues. >> they may stop. thank you, tracie. >> today the house will question medicare chief who faces questions about problems many americans had trying to sign up for health insurance on people face pane at they don't sign up by march 31. some want the penalties delayed for a year. >> the cost of a can of soda a topic of discussion. one supervisor is proposing a 2 cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks that works out to 25 cents per can. the money raised would go toward youth nutrition and physical activities program. that's not the only controversial vote today. the board is planning to vote on a proposal to close all city parks between midnight and 5:00
6:33 am
a.m. >> this morning the birthplace of the apple computer is part of history. last night los altos historical commission voted unanimously to turn the childhood home of late co-founder steve jobs into an historical site. that mean this is home is now protected so a builder cannot come in and demolish it. the plan is to put a plaque in front of the home where jobs and steve wozniak built the first 50 apple 1 computers. jobs' stepmother marilyn still lives in the home >> amazing. >> i'm sure she gets knocks on the door. >> trick-or-treat. >> exactly. >> can i get an ap le computer? >> that's how you don't mind getting an apple. >> collect the forecast now. halloween a couple nights away. the weather is going to be decent. >> hey, my words to you don't hand out apples because you might get your pumpkin smashed. happened to me one year. 55 in san francisco.
6:34 am
trick-or-treating is looking really good. we have the storm system yesterday blowing out of here. as a result the lingering activity. we might get a few showers. the best chance looks like the santa cruz mountains. when we meet back at 11:00 a.m. this morning, we could be tracking showers on the radar so. stay tuned for that. we're looking good, we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds, by wednesday the warming kicks in, seasonal averages return and getting into this weekend temperatures are going to be comfortable. we have a warm weekend headed our way. then the numbers drop like a rock. i'll show that you 7 day 18 few moments. 67 degrees inland. bay side 64, feeling like fall at the coast. 58 degrees, you're going to get the most sunshine at the coast and north of the golden gate bridge so opposite day in the bay area. we're going to talk about changes ahead and your trick-or-treat forecast is coming up. don't forget time change. the good news for commuters more sun light next monday. let's check on the drive.
6:35 am
>> the sunshine slow downs, i'm familiar with that term. let's get you outside and show you what it looks like. you can see the toll plaza. things are slow now. the metering lights on about about an hour now so traffic is moving slowly through that location. we want to show you what's happening on our golden gate bridge. you can see things moving smoothly. also in our foster city cam no problems to report coming over into foster city across the san mateo bridge. i believe i have my traffic maps. i want to show you what we're looking at in the east bay. this is a major accident now. this is at sunol. if we have that we can bring to the you or i'll voice it over. 680 at sunol boulevard, a seven-car accident. so if this is your route you want to make sure you avoid this area. sunol boulevard, 680, seven-car accident. >> what direction? >> westbound. if you are moving that way you want to make sure that you avoid that area. this is really going to start to
6:36 am
pile up even as i was showing on the traffic maps you can see red through 205 so very slow. >> that is a popular route. thank you. >> it's 6:36. a judge sends a killer behind bars for life, then bakes him a wedding cake. we'll tell you about the outrage over this judge's deegs officiate a wedding ceremony minutes after handing down a murder sentence. >> and southern california company sued. why its neighbors say it's too hot for the town to handle. >> how about this photo, this live picture of san francisco. the city by the bay. a nice start in san francisco. a chilly start. >> a live look in the south bay as well. waiting for the sun's arrival. time change, it's coming this weekend on sunday. consider yourself warned. a lot more news ahead. i love watching tv outside.
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[ hans ] toaster strudel! [ angelic music plays ] don't overthink it. [ hans ] warm, flakey, gooey. toaster strudel! welcome back everyone. a very good tuesday morning to you. taking a live look outside. looks like the metering lights are on at the toll plaza. creating a backup there. there's a huge problem on the sunol grade 7-car pileup. we'll check in with anthony. that will have an effect on the commute. >> 6:39.
6:40 am
the family of a murder victim is demanding apology from a judge who performed a wedding for the killer minutes after sentencing him to life in prison. according to the san diego newspaper judge patricia cookson conducted the ceremony for the convicted killer and even gave the newlyweds a cake she baked. the family of the victim said they were rushed out of the courtroom after the sentencing, they say they were insulted when they learned later about the ceremony. so far the judge has not responded to the newspaper's request for comment. >> the maker of hot sauce facing a suit accused of fouling up the air around the southern california factory. the city filed suit asking a judge to stop production at the factory. the suit claims that the odor coming from the plant is a public nuisance and people complained of burning eyes and headaches. the company has not responded. it opened the plant just outside
6:41 am
of los angeles earlier this year. >> about 6:41 now. boarding buses to protest the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy. we'll tell you who is paying to bring protesters from oakland to santa rosa to participate in a day of action. that's coming up in a live report. >> why would yahoo!'s ceo want to own a funeral home in palo alto? new details about the eyebrow raising real estate deal. >> making flying more fun with a new way of debriefing. >> looking forward to that. no right? delays out of sfo but you can see some low clouds. i actually just checked the radar, all morning long it's dry, now we have showers popping up and a better chance throughout the next few hours. we'll sort that out in your full forecast.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
at 6:43, happening today public outcry now fueling protests way area wide on behalf of a 13-year-old boy shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy in santa rosa. this morning protesters will board buses in oakland which will take them to santa rosa for a march ahead of the boy's funeral tonight. christie smith is live at the bus stop at 14th and broadway where the bus will take off in a couple of hours. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. there have been protests before, people voicing outrage over the shooting death of andy lopez but this one could be the biggest yet. as you said in over an hour a bus is expected to arrive here at 14th and broadway in oakland near city hall and it's going to take people from oakland up to santa rosa to join in that protest. and this bus is brought by family and friends of a stockton teen shot and killed in an
6:45 am
officer-involved shooting in 2010. so this is growing. andy lopez was shot last week by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy has people taking to the street and facebook pages demanding justice for andy. police advising drivers to expect gridlock between noon and 5:00 all around the sheriff's department. demonstrators are going to gather at the old court house square and also at santa rosa junior college, they are going to march and meet at the sheriff's office and residents are advised to reschedule non-urgent appointments they might have with the county today. lopez had been carrying a pellet gun which resembled an automatic weapon when he was shot, struck seven times. eric gelhas was identified as the officer. he is now on paid administrative leave. some students indicated they
6:46 am
would leave class early to join in the marches but the superintendent there in santa rosa is asking theme stay in class, stay safe today. the family of james, the stockton teen shot in 2010, they will have buses here at 8:00 this morning. they will be leaving by 9:00. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> you see christie wearing her scarf. we want to check the forecast as we give you a live look. what a nice shot. finally some blue skies. this mean the sun is starting to wake up. it's about time. >> you have to wait until 7:30 for sun rise. >> time we fall back. >> that's great for us early risers. it's safer commute early in the morning. i can tell you right now really interesting forecast. we have this residual moisture left from a system that came through still producing showers over tahoe.
6:47 am
here's the deal today. if you live in the santa cruz mountains or anywhere near gilroy, you've got the best chance of seeing showers as we head throughout the day. temperatures are pretty comfortable for most of the bay area. in fact, we're running a few degrees milder than this time yesterday. overall let's talk about showers. the radar is mostly dry. as of the past 15 minutes we've got this little cell pushing south of gilroy. so if you're headed up 101 take your time this morning. you might actually have to use your wipers because we expect more of this activity throughout the morning. stop the clock on futurecast at 7:00 a.m. a cell expected at that point over the san francisco bay and the santa cruz mountains as well. and a lot of this moisture is going to continue to race off into the central valley throughout the first part of the day. but we meet back at 11:00 a.m. tracking a few shower so we'll show you those at 11:00. 67 in livermore, 63 in santa teresa and 62 degrees in san jose. so feeling like fall. we do have changes headed our
6:48 am
way. a warmer pattern as we head throughout the next couple days. and we were talking about the time change. you don't want to forget. we're going to get an extra hour of sleep. embrace that. the new sun rise at 6:31 and the new sunset will be early. 5:15. it's going to get dark around here so keep that in mind. 71 wednesday, up to 76 on thursday. we're going to peak on friday at 79 degrees. still feeling fall-like. then temperatures tumble into the weekend. maybe, just maybe a north bay shower as we head through sunday. anthony slaughter has the traffic alert. >> yes. we were talking about that incident that happened on 680 southbound, and this is actually sunol boulevard. earlier i said westbound. thanks to a viewer kind enough to correct me. it's hard when you're new here. there you can see 680 southbound, the 7 car pileup. this has been cleared but you can see the backup continues past livermore in tracy there is
6:49 am
an accident in san ramon on 680 southbound at bernol avenue. we don't have major accidents to report. this is our trouble spot. outside we show you what it looks like in fremont. more cars on the road headed southbound, things are heavy. farther north heading into oakland, southbound looking good, northbound good as well. this is at the oakland coliseum and the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll show you that 18 bit. the metering lights are turned on. back to you. >> 6:49. happening now police in burlingame are looking for an elderly man who has not been seen for 24 hours. this is ivor morris also known as scotty. he is 79. his wife says he went for a walk at 9:00 in the morning yesterday and never came home. he was last seen with a white sweatshirt and black sweat pants. his wife says he often hangs out
6:50 am
on burlingame avenue and in downtown. if you have information the burlingame police want to hear from you. >> this morning the trial gets under way for a 16-year-old boy charged as an adult in the shooting death of an off-duty paramedic quinn boyer. this morning boyer's wife speaking out publicly for the first time seven months after her husband's death. bob redell joins us live at the ambulance company where boyer worked. he has the interview only here on nbc bay area. this is a tragic story, bob. >> reporter: good morning. liz boyer who worked as a paramedic with her husband quinn, tells us, tells nbc bay area, her husband was determined to make a difference in this world and especially to help out at risk youth. especially those in oakland, his hometown where he grew up and loved. >> there are so many bad.
6:51 am
>> the worst did come out when quinn boyer, 34, was shot in the head during an attempted carjacking. he had been in town off duty helping his father at the time. his wife liz as i mentioned is a paramedic rushed over to the hospital, a place she is very familiar with. right off the bat she knew her husband's situation was not good. her husband quinn was taken off life support two days later, a week shy of the couple's one-year wedding anniversary. now six teenage boys between the ages of 13 and 16 are charged in her husband's death. one has his preliminary hearing later today. are i just -- i felt sick to my stomach. i just felt sad. it's senseless. and it's loss all around for everyone. i don't get quinn back. i don't get to take the hurt away from anyone. >> reporter: five of the teens are being charged as juveniles,
6:52 am
only one being charged as an adult. that is christian burton. that's who police believe is the person who pulled the trigger. he pled not guilty. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> a follow-up to breaking news we brought you yesterday. this morning a woman is behind bars facing vehicular manslaughter for allegedly killing her own friend. police say monica johnson of campbell was drunk driving yesterday morning when she hit and killed cassandra buck. it happened outside a home in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. johnson backed into buck and pinned her against the garage door. police believe the two were in the car together before the crash happened. they found becans at the crash scene. >> a 20-year-old day care worker accused of molesting children in his care will be back in court to enter a plea on additional charges. morgan hill police say nicolas
6:53 am
larmothey is accused of molesting four girls, one just 3. all of the victims attended ymca daycare in morgan hill. if convicted he faces life in prison. >> jury deliberations begin in the trial of a teen accused of stealing celebrity chef guy fieri's lamborghini. he confirmed he never gave anyone permission to drive his car. 19-year-old max wade is accused of stealing the yellow lamborghini. he is also charged with shooting at a car carrying a girl he had a crush on. >> the berkeley city council will hear from tenants of an apartment complex saying their landlord's negligence could have killed them. it burned down and the owner wants to rebuild. tenants say the owner disconnected fire alarms and improperly installed the water
6:54 am
heater in the days leading up to the fire. the building was destroyed. a couple were hurt. they need to see evidence suggesting negligence. >> it's 6:54. students and teachers at one school are protesting a planned visit by new uc president janet napolitano. napolitano is set to speak to students at oakland tech high school later this week. organizers say they don't want her on campus. they are gathering signatures for a petition calling for her removal as uc president. they say her work as a former homeland security secretary makes her a poor fit. >> in san francisco today an old hotel is coming down to make way for a brand new hospital. the california pacific medical center is holding a ceremony to celebrate the demolition of a hotel. a new seismically safe hospital
6:55 am
will take the hotel's place near the corner of van ness and geary. construction on the new hospital is scheduled to start in june and should be ready in 2019. >> speculation is swirling about what yahoo! ceo is going to do with her purchase. it's palo alto's oldest funeral home. marissa meyer is the new owner of the funeral home. it's located on more than an acre of a corner on middlefield road. it's about a block east of meyer's home. sources told the paper they think meyers is going to use the home for residential purposes. the funeral home will go out of business in two days on halloween. >> 6:55. burlingame based virgin america is rolling out a new video. écgrew, it's a safety briefing that everyone ignores. >>yeah. to release the buckle pull up on
6:56 am
the latch. that one. if you have flown virgin america they have a safety video that's cute enough to pay atext to. >> to the cabin pressure changes suddenly oxygen masks will drop from the compartment above your seat. if this happens -- >> this one has been around for a while. so it was really time for a new video and here it is. ♪ the eyes are glued to the flat screen. oxygen flow. the straps -- >> how would you not pay attention to this. >> i love it. >> this is outstanding. >> scott, i was telling you i have been flying virgin quite a bit and i got used to the stick figures. i could do this dancing in my seat. >> i really like their attitude. obviously they are the hometown airline and we're pulling for them but they are also greet
6:57 am
fly. >> let's see those guys again. >> i think we'll need them. >> don't get on the plane yet. the the new videos start friday. >> perfect. >> going to need oxygen. a little bit. it's a clever way to get people to pay attention. let's collect the forecast right now. meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. especially something we heard so many times over and over again. did good morning. we're tracking light showers on the radar south of gilroy, want to show you most of the bay area is dry. we still have a pretty good chance for showers south of the golden gate bridge. 10% to 20%, getting into the afternoon looking comfortable, temperatures are going to feel fall-like. sweater weather, at 64 degrees inland at noon up to section 7 at 4:00 p.m. a high around 64 in the bay and coastal cities hit about 58 degrees. staying cool at the coast with a warm-up.
6:58 am
no worries, we'll have it throughout today show. let's check your drive and on the traffic alert. >> that traffic alert we mentioned sunol 680 northbound is clear. you canmy see the slowdowns continue and there was an accident in bernol and all of this continues to make for a slow commute and eventually headed into the east bay. let's show you what it looks like approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. lots of cars and fast track lanes, even the cash lanes are slow. we'll show you from the foster city cam across the san mateo bridge heavy into foster city. you'll find that this is right by ikea. even southbound starting to get heavy. those major accidents have cleared. back to you. >> that's great news. 6:58. a final check of the top stories. hundreds areg# expected to mar through santa rosa hours before
6:59 am
13-year-old boy who was shot by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy is laid to rest. andy lopez was shot after deputies say he pointed an ak-47 at them but the weapon turned out to be a replica gun. >> court proceedings begin for one of six teens charged with killing an off-duty paramedic from the south bay in the oakland hills. quinn boyer was shot during an attempted carjacking. >> today one year since superstorm sandy wiped out communities along the east coast. al roker is in seaside heights, new jersey, one of the hardest hit areas. he will have more on the rebuilding coming up next on the "today" show. >> also a preview of the 2014 winter olympics. today 100 days from the start of the olympics. athletes from most winter j will be highlighted. >> that's what's happening today in the bay. we're back at 7:25 with a local news update.
7:00 am
good morning. disconnect. america scrambles to explain why we're spying on some world leaders as the administration considers pulling the plug on eavesdropping of allies sxshgt head of the nsa prepares for a grilling on capitol hill today. stronger than the storm. how much has changed one year after sandy? >> a lot of people are going to look at this and say a year later no progress. >> this morning the rebuilding, the lessons learned, and new jersey's governor chris christie joins us live. and soche on the plaza. america's best are here as we count down 100 days to the winter olympic games today,


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