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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 1, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good morning to you. 4:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. we begin this morning with breaking news. it's happening in milpitas. a construction worker is killed during overnight doing road work on interstate 680 near scott creek. damian trujillo is live at the site which may soon be declared a crime scene. >> reporter: this happened about 2:41 this morning. the crews were working for caltrans, not as employees but for a construction company that contracts with caltrans. they were picking up the cones and the road signs here when a silver nissan veered off the
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road and struck them. right now one lane here on northbound or two lanes on northbound 680 remain closed. let me bring in officer ryan field. what do we know? the silver nissan veered off the road. >> preliminary reports show that the nissan veered off the roadway and drove on the right-hand shoulder striking two contract workers and their vehicle on the right shoulder removing a road work ahead sib. >> reporter: one of the workers was pinned in between his car and the nissan, the driver of the nissan had to be extricated. >> that's correct. one of the contractors that were working was pronounced dead on scene. the other was transported to the medical center with injuries. the driver was extricated from the vehicle and also transported to san jose regional medical center with life threatening injuries. >> this might be considered a crime scene?
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>> if -- we have an investigation we need to do, we're not sure if ui played a role in this or not but if it did then yes, it would be a crime scene. >> reporter: thank you, officer, highway 680 northbound here a couple lanes will be closed for a while, while they do the investigation on this accident. live along 680. damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> tragic scene there. one we'll continue to follow. mike inouye is following what this means for people that could be driving through that area. >> good morning. we're looking here toward 880 and mission and i'll explain why that plays a major part. let's look at the maps. the bay area very light. the bottom of the screen the south bay san jose silicon valley. traveling north on 680 toward the scene where damion is, there is scott creek road outside milpitas into fremont. two of your northbound lanes are blocked. we saw slowing in the southbound direction because that is where there was a distraction by all of the flashing lights and that is generally the commute direction into the south bay out
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of that area. for the time being until we hear about lanes being reopened and we don't know when, use 880 to the north as you get to mission boulevard, then use the cut over over to 680 around that scene. typically it takes about 90 minutes when this happens this early in the morning but if it's a crime scene we're looking at longer, maybe a lot longer depending on the circumstances. at least 6:00 a.m. till they reopen is my estimate. no official word from chp. back to you. >> thank you, mike. there is more breaking news we're following, this one out of the east bay. police in hayward looking for a man who shot a woman. it happened on sleepy hollow street. bob is live with new details for us. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning. the problem for hayward p.d. they do not know who they are looking for, they do not have a suspect in this shooting nor do they have a description of who
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this person is. it was around 11:00 last night that someone called 911 to report hearing gun shots, the first officers on the scene found a woman lying on the ground in an apartment complex at sleepy hollow and tennis son. she had been shot multiple times no. one was with her. she was by herself on the ground. she has been in surgery. her injuries are likely life athletening. they hope they are able to talk with her because right now she is the only witness to her shooting. she might be able to give some lead as to who shot her and why. so far police know of people who heard the shooting but not anyone who saw it or witnessed what might have led up to. p.d. will look into whether there may a been an argument beforehand. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> 4:34. a health scare at stanford university has employees sanitizing dorms after more than 50 students have gotten sick. the university health accident
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running tests but thinks the norovirus is to blame. 52 students in the same dorm came down with norovirus type symptoms, vomiting, headaches and diarrhea. though health experts say this is the time of year when norovirus outbreaks happen it could be several days before they pinpoint a source. crews cleaned a dining hall. >> it's 4:35. the man who lit up a crack pipe during a deadly car chase will be back in court for sentencing. eric banford was convicted of second-degree murder in july after hitting and killing a motorcyclist during the chase two years ago. this is branford's third strike and he could now face 40 years to life in prison. his previous convictions include involuntary manslaughter, voluntary manslaughter rather after he punched a victim in a drug robbery in 1991. the man accused of opening fire at a store inside san
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francisco's jewelry mart will be back in court. a status update is scheduled for barry white jr. white is charged with 16 felony counts including murder and attempted murder. he pleaded not guilty. in july police say he entered a jewelry store and opened fire, killing two women and injuring the owner. white was reportedly upset about the value of jewelry he had previously purchased in the store. >> a family from brazil is in san francisco searching for a missing loved one. paulo netto called family monday night. he was in trouble and someone was trying to hurt him. his phone location was on shot well in the mission district. no one has heard from him since. >> he's a nice boy. he was not the type of troublemaker boy. he's real intelligence, speaks
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four languages. >> rodriguez says it's unusual for netto not to be in touch. he was supposed to take a bus back to los angeles sunday but never boarded. his family filed a missing persons report with san francisco police. they are now retracing his steps showing his picture hoping for clues that will lead them to netto. >> today more than 47 million americans who get food stamps will have reduced benefits. a family of four will receive $36 less a month. that's more than $400 less a year. the reason is the 2009 economic stimulus is ending. it helped to temporarily boost food stamp dollars. one in seven americans receive food stamps. b.a.r.t. workers will vote on the tentative agreement for a new contract. the workers agreed to the changes last tuesday after a four-day strike. the details weren't released but some of them trickled out. workers will have to pay more for health insurance and
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contribute to pension. the two sides also agreed on a series of safety improvements. the results of the vote will be released tonight. >> everybody have a nice sugar hangover? >> yes. >> i'm sure the triplets do. >> they were out when i left. they were so tired. i think it will be tough for kids to wake up and go to school. >> absolutely. christina loren, it was nice weather for the trick-or-treaters. >> it was clear, it wasn't too cold. really got spoiled this year. good morning to you. everybody at home. now we do have significant changes as we get into this upcoming weekend. we're going to talk about that. i want to show you your temperatures. pretty comfortable. it's chilly in the north bay. but we're not going to see the low 30s like earlier this week. i want to show you live pictures because it's so crystal clear in san francisco. you can see all of the twinkling lights, about ten miles of visibility this morning and the same clear sky to start the day in san jose. highs are going to be
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comfortable later on. mostly the upper 70s to low 80s. and then the changes come into the mix as we get into the weekend. i'll get to the forecast. the good news, we get to sleep in an hour before we come back on monday. >> that's right. with all of the extra hour, but then they take it away later. looking here, for 101 through san jose, a lighter volume of traffic. a little tiny difference in speeds. no concerns here. just road crews throughout the south bay. damian trujillo continues to cover this deadly crash. north 680 at scott creek road. from the top you see the yellow creeping in down to 58 miles per hour through the area. but again, the brighter lights and the investigation continue, blocking two lanes thb. it's a distraction southbound which tends to be the commute direction. north you take 880 to mission boulevard, then cut back over to 680 up to the tri-valley. again that's traditionally what we call counter commute which
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follows this direction for the arrows through the tri-valley and the east bay. no problems right now. we expect a build but the crash at scott creek could be there for a couple hours. looking to the rest of the east bay, a smooth drive to the bay bridge toll plaza no. problem for the maze. live at the toll plaza, there's no backup now. that will form lighter and later again for friday, then midday, but remember the time change christina talks about on sunday is going to change the lighting which will change possibly or morning commute. you have another change. >> i think this is cool. you'll get the opportunity to soon walk or bike the bay bridge from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. bridge officials decided to implement the specific hours when daylight saving time ends and it starts getting darker earlier. a spokesman says if you want to walk or bike the bridge get there before 4:00 p.m. to give yourself time to walk the 4-plus mile route. the new hours will last until march.
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>> i hope they allow runners as well. i want to do a jaunlt across the bay bridge. >> it won't take you long. >> beginning tonight, the lights on the bay bridge will shine all night long since the sculpture was put up the lights are on from 2:00 a.m. until dawn. illuminate the arts that installed the project got the time extended to dusk until dawn. so when it's dark out the lights will be on. the l.e.d. sculpture was by the group holding a celebration for the all night lights tomorrow. >> we have to call jon kelley. he was pitching for. >> he was. i think it's a great idea. makes sense. >> it's fun. 4:41. a company getting ready to offer you chocolate covered potato chips. >> sugar and salt. sweet and salty. plus t faa has changed its rules on electronics. we'll tell you what can now be used on flights and when you may be able to use them. >> and how well known tech innovator eagle must help out the makers of the new enders
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protesters are expected to rally outside the white house today as president obama meets with the iraqi prime minister. the visit is expected to highlight the u.s. iraqi
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relationship. earlier this week prime minister nury al maliki met with vice president joe biden. u.s. troops withdrew from iraq in 2011 after nearly nine years of war. >> more than a third of all abortion clinics in texas are expected to be closed today. this is because the federal appeals court reinstated most of the state's tough abortion restrictions yesterday. saying the restrictions can take effect while they are being challenged. restrictions were supposed to go into effect tuesday but a lower court blocked them. 12 of the 32 clinics in texas don't meet the new standards and may have to stop offering abortions for now. >> the new york city marathon is street resume after being postponed by superstorm sandy. 45,000 runners expected to cross the finish line in central park. many not phased by the boston marathon bombings. they say they are not worried about safety. but as a precaution extra
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security has been added for the first time at security checkpoints. last spring two bombs exploded near the finish line in boston killing three and injuring hundr hundreds. >> it's the first friday of the month. we won't get jobs numbers because of the recent government shutdown. investors will keep an eye on earnings reports instead. mary thompson is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. happy friday. >> happy friday to you, marla. actually the futures are pointing to a higher open after stocks faded into the close yesterday. the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 posting their first back-to-back declines in more than three weeks. the dow fell 73 points on thursday to finish at 15,546, the nasdaq lost 11 to close at 3,920. the markets, well they managed to close out october on a positive note. the fourth best month for the dow and the nasdaq the third best for the s&p 500. in today's trade we get data on
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manufacturing this morning as well as earnings from oil giant chevron. the government is easing restrictions on flexible spending accounts for extra health care costs. you will now be able to carry over $500 in unused cash into the next year. previously people had to use or lose money in the accounts by december 31. of course fa saves allows individuals to set aside as much as $2500 a year for health care cost. frit 0 lay is appealing to all things sweet and salty. the food maker is rolling out chocolate covered lay's potato chips. they will be through the holidays. if they are a hit they could be a permanent item. the move comes amid a growing demand for flavors in the snack food market. i would certainly add to the sales if i could get my hands on those. >> just what we don't need but still we're going to take it. thanks so much. have a great weekend.
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>> just in time for the holidays. >> right after halloween like we didn't have enough candy. >> i have bushels of candy at my house. yeah. i'll be sharing some later. >> good. mom gets first pick. >> right. >> you know, we've got a good looking day, the chocolate's not going to melt but it will be warmer. it's going to be a warmer finish to the day. 4:48 now. let's show you where we're starting out. temperatures that require a jacket. and you probably want to bring something you can peel off later on. layers is how we like to describe how you should probably dress. temperatures later on we're talking about the 80s so 40 to 45-degree jump in temperatures over the span of the day in some cities. pretty unusual to get this warm this time of year but it will be the case. then we have significant changes headed our way as we get into the weekend. part of the reason why it's so much warmer today is we're starting out nice and clear. look at this gorgeous shot of san francisco this morning. what a way to kick off a friday. you made it to the end of the
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week. and temperatures are going to be nice, especially around the inner bay. mid 70s, 76 degrees in san jose, 75 fremont, that goes for oakland. 73 in san francisco. 81 degrees out in the east bay. so let's talk about what we expect into this weekend. not expecting significant changes until 6:00 p.m. saturday. you can see here future cast brings in a front. behind that front we're going to see really gusty winds, so i stop the clock for you at 6:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m., it will move over the san francisco bay by 6:00 p.m. it's going to push in the south bay by about 8:00 p.m. look at your futurecast when it comes to winds. look what happens as the front comes through. you notice on the key you get 30 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts that's windy through saturday night through the first part of sunday. so you want to keep that in mind if you want to make outdoor plans, you'll get better conditions on saturday afternoon than what we're expecting on sunday. temperatures are also going to drop behind that front so. a little bit of action in the weather department.
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not expecting any shower activity. it's possible, mostly in the extreme north bay as we head throughout saturday morning, then we might get a little more sierra snow out of this as well as we head through early sunday. monday to tuesday, temperatures start to climb. going to be pretty nice, not tracking significant changes for rain. between now and the next ten days. we'll let you know if that changes. back to you. >> we'll count on you to tell us. thanks so much. 4:50 now. holiday travel is expected to be nicer now that the federal aviation administration has changed its electronic device policy. while airlines must still abide to the faa before they ease the restriction maens say they are going to do it in time for holiday travel. new rules mean tablets, mp 3 players, ereaders and electronic toys can be on. you don't have to power down now. cell phones can be used as long as they are in airplane mode which means no calling or texting. keep in mind lap tops and heavy
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devices must be stowed during take-off and landing. >> some of what you'll see on the screen will be thanks to the vision of elon musk. >> the makers of the book adaptation say they brought in musk to figure out how to ground the movie and reality. he helps filmmakers determine what travel in space would look like and what would happen up there. harrison sfo harrison ford is in that. >> 49ers getting a key piece of defense back this week. >> plus, a sharks player known for his cave man look prepares to shave it all off. >> what cave man look? >> all in the name of charity. >> i'm envious of that beard. looking to the north bay where they are envious of this drive. so far we're okay. it's friday and we'll give you an update on changes with the
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deadly crash we have out of the south bay.
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welcome back. it's 4:54. the raiders play host to the philadelphia eagles sunday. a win would get them to the .500 mark for the season. kickoff 1:05. it's a bye week for the 49ers.
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when they return aldon smith could be on the field with the team. the team reactivated smith yesterday meaning he is eligible to play. smith was deactivated after his arrest for dui and then checked into rehab on november 12 he will face charges for that arrest and weapons charges stemming from a previous incident. >> surf's up at half moon bay. the window for the famous mavericks big wave surf contest opens today. at any time from now through march 31 organizers can call for the start of the competition. when word goes out, 24 of the expert surfers have 24 hours to get to half moon bay. it's known as one of the most dangerous surf spots in the world, the giant swells are certainly legendary. >> the sharks player known around the league for his caveman look is getting ready to shave it off for charity. tot at noon brent burns will allow one of the teammates to buzz off the hair and shave the
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beard. the sharks foundation raised more than $23,000 doing this. it will split all of the money between the defending blue line, which provides hockey equipment and camp tuition to kids of military members, and also the katie moore foundation which helps families and individuals fighting rare diseases. >> look at that. growing, growing, gone. >> mike, don't be jealous. we like the clean shaven. >> november now i can't participate because i don't have enough -- yeah, you're going to love these hairs. >> we can share with it charity. >> all of the mocking. you guys, we have this nice flow of traffic from palo alto. that is not a problem. in fact, no real problem for much of the bay area but we do see this here t deadly crash north 680 at scott creek road.
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damian trujillo is on the scene. one worker has been killed. there is a crash investigation going on. you see slowing out of milpitas heading up to scott creek road, one of the first exits into fremont. 880 smooth past the truck scales. back to you. >> thank you. >> 4:57. a county supervisor facing charges accused of being a peeping tom. >> and we continue to follow breaking news, a construction worker killed on interstate 680 this morning. what we've just learned from police about the deadly crash.
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good morning. >> just about 5:00 a.m. right now. we begin with this breaking news we are following in milpitas. a contract worker for caltrans is dead this morning after a car crashed into a work site where he was working along interstate
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680. damian trujillo is live in milpitas with why this crash scene may turn into a crime scene very soon. dami damian, good morning. >> reporter: they are still investigating. two lanes ever 680 here south of scott creek road remain closed. we're hearing about 6:00 is when they might even begin to reopen it. here is what happened. construction crew was picking up construction signs here, they were doing emergency road repairs. the chp says a silver nissan veered off the road and pinned the worker against his truck. that worker unfortunately died here at the scene. another construction worker was moderately injured. he is at the hospital as well. the driver of that nissan had to be extricated from his car. he is facing life threatening injuries at local hospital. here's why police say this might turn into a crime scene. >> at this point we're going to try to determine the reason for the


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