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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 1, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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remain closed at this hour. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm raj matthai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. that was chaos on the air and the ground after a man carrying a high powered rifle stormed l.a.x. in a dead lly rampage. >> on the floor. on the floor. on the floor now. >> one tsa agent was killed and at least other people injured when the shooter opened fire in a busy terminal. this happened this morning. this cell phone video shows the fear and panic and confusion in the moments after. late this afternoon, police confirmed the alleged shooter is 23-year-old paul ciancia, a u.s. citizen. meanwhile, nearly 800 flights were impacted leaving passengers stranded here in the bay area and beyond. >> we have team coverage for you tonight on this developing story. arturo santiago is covering sfo. we begin with kimberly terry in san jose. multiple delays, cancelations. what are we talking about in terms of impact? >> reporter: jessica, we could see the ripple effect through the weekend, at least that's what airport authorities are
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saying for now. nearly 30 flights from l.a.x. to the three bay area airports were canceled today. tonight, the big question is, if i have a flight, can i get out of here? the answer is, yes. as long as you're not headed to southern california. but if that's where you need to go, it's possible you might get out, you just need to pack your patience. >> we have six airlines here at minetta san jose international that serve l.a.x. so that's 29 flights a day between the 6 airlines so there's likely an impact to many travelers. >> reporter: a spokesperson for san jose airport says travelers should give themselves plenty of time to get through newly stepped i security and before you leave for the airport, make sure your flight time has not changed. >> i made a big circle. >> reporter: for thousands of travelers already in the air at the time of the shooting, today was trying to say the least. >> i started in oakland, was supposed to go to l.a.x. from l.a.x. to austin. so ended up in ontario where
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they told us all to get off the plane. go get our luggage. and then re-check back in going to different places. so i'm back here. >> reporter: five hours of travel time, richmond resident, debra, is back in the bay area, no closer to her final destination. she landed at mineta san jose airport at 2:30 this afternoon hoping to get a flight to austin this evening. >> just tired. just tired. >> reporter: a long day for most. some say the cancelations, delays and aversions actually got them home ahead of schedule. >> it actually ended up shorter for us because once we got to las vegas, we just found a flight coming to san jose. it was empty. and so we just jumped on and now we're here. so now we just have to make sure our luggage made it. >> reporter: well, traffic does seem to be picking up here at mineta san jose international airport. i can tell you inside, things are still relatively calm. at least at southwest airlines. for check-in and also security, those lines are relatively
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short. live in san jose, kimberly terry. nbc bay area news. >> that's the fallout in san jo jose. now for sfo. arturo santiago, one specific airline impacted the most? >> reporter: the virgin america counter at sfo's terminal 2 is feeling the effects of the shooting at l.a.x. there were long lines and short fuses when passengers learned their flights were delayed or outright canceled. we're also seeing a larger than usual police presence. >> our san francisco police department team has just out of an abundance of caution done increased patrols around the terminals. that will probably just be a short-term measure for us. >> reporter: now, the terminal isn't teeming with police, but their presence is being felt. meanwhile at the virgin america ticket counter, travelers spent much of the day getting bad news as the day went on, the delays increased and nearly a dozen flights to and from l.a.x. were canceled. and the effects weren't limited
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to flights between san francisco and los angeles. a flight from new york city was among those diverted to sfo. a lot of passengers spent their afternoon scrambling to find another way to get to l.a. >> i was hoping to get into l.a. because my nephew's game is at 4:00. and i was just trying to get there in time, but unfortunately, there are no flights available to get me in in that window, so kind of defeats the purpose of going down south. i'm going to head back home. >> probably won't be a flight today. so we would have to wait until tomorrow for the next flight. we have a wedding tomorrow, and a rehearsal dinner tonight. so we kind of wanted to make it down there tonight. >> either drive down, but there's apparently a ton of traffic, or take a flight tomorrow. so hopefully it won't be canceled tomorrow. >> reporter: virgin america did what it could to accommodate the people standing in long lines. they brought them out beverages and snack food as the passengers waited to be told they would not be able to fly to los angeles tonight. live at san francisco
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international airport, arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. so let's back track here and give you a timeline of what happened. the panic at l.a.x. started exactly 9:20 this morning when a man entered terminal 3, pulled out an assault rifle and started shooting. hundreds of passengers waiting to go through security ran in all directions as police poured in. before it was over, one tsa agent had been killed and the gunman shot. nbc bay area's stephanie stanton joins us with more of the details of terror in that terminal. stephanie? >> reporter: yeah, terror indeed. that shooting happened at terminal 3. as you said, that is the virgin america terminal behind me. it happened just before 9:30 this morning. officials say a 23-year-old man who was living here in the los angeles area walked into the airport carrying that assault rifle. he opened fire. witnesses describe the chilling and chaotic scene. a tsa official working terminal 3 at the los angeles international airport was one of seven people wounded. another tsa worker killed when a
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gunman, 23-year-old paul anthony ciancia, opened fire with an assault rifle as he approached a security checkpoint line. >> he proceeded up into the screening area, where tsa screeners are. and continued shooting and went past the screeners back into the airport, itself. >> reporter: airport police then rushed to the checkpoint. >> they tracked the individual through the airport, and engaged him in gunfire in terminal 3 and were able to successfully take him into custody. >> reporter: dozens of passengers were nearby when shots rang out. >> i was standing there and just out of nowhere, somebody started shooting. >> reporter: this cell phone video obtained by shows the chaos as people ran from the shooting. operations at the airport were disrupted, affecting travelers in other terminals as well. >> they had us evacuate to the other side of the terminal and then they came through about
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five minutes later and told us we were leaving the terminal. >> there were about 746 flights that were affected. >> reporter: passengers were loaded on to buses to clear the year. inbind outbound flights were cleared for a while, while those heading to l.a. but hadn't taken off yet were grounded. police believe ciancia who is in custody acted alone but can't say why he did it. stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. and, again, officials are looking into that motive. officials say that the shooter, ciancia, has no connection to the tsa. also they say he has strong anti-government views based on some written materials he was carrying. meanwhile here at l.a.x., things are slowly starting to return to normal, but terminal 3 at this hour remains closed as the investigation continues. we're live at l.a.x., stephanie stanton, nbc bay area news. tsa agents say it's more
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common than you think, passengers fpassenger s trying to go through security with firearms. tsa confiscated firearms at airport security checkpoints across the country just this week, 27 of those 29 were loaded. they also regularly find replica firearms, bb and pellet guns and ammunition at security check-in. travelers carrying firearms could be fined as much as $7,500. it's possible to carry firearms on to the planes but into checked baggage. one more time to l.a. x. live pictures from our nbc helicopter down there. the gridlock for the cars coming in. l.a.x. closed for a long time. it's re-opened in part. people pryitrying to come in an out. our coverage of the l.a.x. shooting and its impact across the state and country, we continue it online at there you can hear more stories from travelers. and get around-the-clock updates. now an nbc bay area
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follow-up on the arrest of a san jose father. julio reyes is accused of leaving his two young children in a car overnight tuesday in milpitas. the santa clara county district attorney's office charged reyes with misdemeanor child endangerment. he pled not guilty. police say reyes parked his suv on the street and left his 8-year-old son and 10 wr-year-o daughter in the unlocked vehicle while he was inside the house. police found the car and kids and later caught up with reyes after he called the police to report the vehicle and the kids missing. well, the chp says the driver who hit and killed a construction worker on 680 near milpitas this morning was drunk. a work crew was picking up traffic cones when a driver veered into a closed lane and hit two workers. one worker, franky jimenez of dixon was pinned against his work truck and died. a second worker suffered minor injuries. the driver was actaken how the hospital with serious injuries but expected to survive.
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that driver will face numerous charges. happening now, looks like it's finally official. b.a.r.t. workers are voting this evening on a proposed new contract that would give them a 12% raise over 4 years. the dispute might be over, but some bitterness still lingers. bitterness with many riders. here's nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. >> reporter: following months of tense negotiations and a crippling strike, b.a.r.t. wo worker ricky was officially ready to vote ofor an end. >> i'm relieved, happy, we came to a proposal. >> reporter: he was one of 1,400 b.a.r.t. workers turning out at the oakland marriott to vote on a hard-fought contract between b.a.r.t. and its unions. >> it's fair. we got our issues out there that we wanted to clear up. >> reporter: the contract would give workers a 12.5% raise over 4 years. >> some member, of course, feel
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we should have got more. on average, people feel this is a fair contract and getting the feeling there's going to be a yes vote. >> ban b.a.r.t. strike. >> reporter: at the same time in walnut creek -- >> ban b.a.r.t. strike. >> reporter: -- the end to the b.a.r.t. dispute was not a relief. angry transit riders called for the state legislature to ban future transit strikes in the state. >> the bus strike is create unnecessary burden, economic burden, financial burden and stress on those people. and nobody protect them. >> reporter: arinda city councilman and assembly county steve glazer collected 20,000 signatures calling for a ban on transit strikes. >> we certainly would like the unions and management to work it out around the bargaining table. if they fail to do that, the riders, commuters of the bay area should not be held responsible for that failure. >> reporter: political leaders like california lieutenant governor, former san francisco mayor gavin newsom aren't shoe banning transit strikes are the answer. >> when i was mayor, we had some contentious issues with our muni
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workers, but that didn't stop them, even though they can't legally strike, from cases all being miraculously sick. >> you're going to get a point where you'll get an oppressive employer. you start getting unhappy workers. and safety starts going down. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. workers plan to release the results of today's vote at 11:00 p.m. tonight, with hopes the contentious b.a.r.t. battle will be a distant memory, at least for the next four years. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. ahead at 6:00, it looked like a war zone, but it was only the morning commute. what caused this smoky scene. ten years since you've been doing this together and you all still get along. >> it's like a marriage. >> and it's one of the most successful marriages in silicon valley history. an exclusive behind the scenes look with the co-founders of one of the most popular websites in the country. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. one of the warmest days of the week happening today.
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but we're upon some windy weather for this weekend. we'll have details on how high those winds could gust. plus some much cooler changes and our next possible rain in just about five minutes.
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in the cut throat world of the silicon valley we often hear stories of deceit, bitter breakups and stolen business plans. there's a trio of women that's changing the game. what's their secret? why is their website so successful? why haven't most of us heard of them? that all changes tonight. "the interview" with the founders of blogher. in the shadows of that sparkling oracle campus in redwood shores is a nondescript building, no signs or fanfare, just a small office with three high-powered women. it's been almost ten years since you've been doing this together and you all still get along. >> it's like a marriage.
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>> reporter: you might not know lisa stone, jori de jardins or elisa camahort page, but you've heard of their website, blogher, a collection of blogs that attracts about 55 million unique page views every month. that makes blogher more popular than the website, abc news, fox news, and, yes, nbc news. mostly women, but also some men. >> the fact that sasha and malia can go to places like blogher and found thousands of people who are writing about subjects from health, to family, to food, politics, and careers means a lot to me and means a lot to michelle. >> reporter: this isn't just online, but also in person. blogher's annual convention now attracts thousands of people. what makes you all work? what makes this company successful? >> well, there is a shared desire to see women reach their potential online. we know that they're there.
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and we all three of us believe in it because that's what we were doing before we started the company. and how do we do that for others? we all are just as -- as the rest of the community we serve. >> are you surprised at the success of this? this has been ten years now. >> i have to tell you no. i grew up on print and broadcast media and went online in a time when message boards were popular and robust in the first bubble. at the time, i remember thinking it's amazing, i can put up the best magazine content online, and i can't get women out of the message boards to look at content from some of the world's biggest brands. and it was fascinating and educational because it turned out that we are the lucy ricardos and the dear abbys and the erma bombackas and oprahs of our lives.
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>> you're all female. that doesn't happen often. are you disappointed it hasn't increased and will it increase in the next three, five years? >> you know, one of the things we're so committed to is helping women get paid for their work and start the kinds of things that can put them in charge of their own companies. it's amazing. we started out just trying to answer the question, where women can blog? and now in the past four years we paid out $25 million to more than 5,000 women, and some men, who write their own great stories, blogs and have their own following on social media. so we start something, we are really committed to helping other women create their own functional profitable businesses because we find that when women make a revenue stream through our company, they invest back in their businesses and hire more women. >> what's the biggest misconception about blogher? >> about blogher? or about bloggers? >> about blogher. >> oh, that men can't come to the conference. >> it's true. >> that's the biggest misconception. >> we have men who attend, we have men in our network. we have men whose voices we hear
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on -- we have always from the beginning -- >> so it's not a man bashing site? >> not at all. not at all. because, you know, we like men. wait, that came out a little -- >> but, you know, there are so many men who have really resonating fall audiences and we want to represent them, too. >> we should note, blogher received funding from nbc universal's peacock ventures in 2008. by the way, next year's convention, back to where it all started, in san jose. we'll be posting this segment on our website this evening. there you can also find our other high-profile interviews. caldecott tunnel is back to normal tonight after a frightening car fire shut down one area early today. drivers abandoned their cars and walked out of it. unlike the deadly 1982 tunnel fire caused by a collision between a gas tanker and several other vehicles, today's fire was extinguished quickly. unsnarling the resulting traffic tie-up took until noon, though. several people went to the
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hospital with complaints of smoke inhalation, but no other injuries to report. the slopes are open. skiers and snowboarders are getting a special treat. borielle resort opened its slopes today at noon. take a look. it's the first time, actually, though, in five years they didn't open in october. but that's all right. what is it, november 1st? they only missed it by a day. mother nature wasn't cooperating with the plans, so crews had to spray down some manmade snow on top of the real stuff that fell in the sierra earlier this week. if the snow keeps falling this weekend, they hope to remain open this weekend. with that, i fwes guess we know the answer because we know a good friends of ours. >> not a whole lot of snow. does look great up there but they could pick up a few flakes as we head throughout saturday's forecast. otherwise in the bay area, it was sunny, it was warm. i hope you enjoyed it. this is the best day out of the next seven days in that forecast. temperatures at least when it comes to weather. 76 in livermore. 77, san jose. 75 in the valley. 72 in san francisco. i'll have more on this forecast
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coming up. let's take you outside on this friday night to the sky camera network. it's been hazy here across the south bay. that's going to get kicked out with our latest forecast update. we are tracking windy and cooler weather to come your way bay this weekend. see in foster city as the sun set, fog free and awesome view tonight. on that forecast as we head throughout saturday, what we are going to find is at the coastline, temperatures are in the low 50s to start. also clear skies. clear by the bay and also inland. throughout 11:00 a.m., generally 50s to about low and mid 60s. we will have some warming afternoon highs. just not going to be as hot as it was for today. wind not a big problem. 5 to 10 miles an who ahour. we have a newly issued wind advisory beginning saturday night from the national weather service. the south bay, east bay and peninsula, winds could top 40 miles per hour. in the hills, above 1,000 feet. from saturday night all the way throughout sunday at this point. that's something to definitely
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be mindful of especially if you did have trees come down in your yard last weekend with the latest wind storm, trees will be weakened yet again. mid 70s inland. there we go. those numbers cool off by sunday and monday. down to the 60s. little bit chilly here as we head throughout the end of that weekend. >> okay. >> thank you, jeff. >> yeah. still ahead, just one day after the faa makes a change in the air, two airlines are saying yes to in-flight devices. a new nighttime hot spot. could be the south bay shopping destination rolling out new features to get you to spend the day and night at the mall.
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delta and jetblue move quickly a day after the faa changed rules for electronic devices. the faa said airline passengers could start using electronic devices during takeoff and landings. only after airline companies submitted proposals and had their approved. delta and jetblue wasted to time.
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their proposals approved today. jetblue celebrated on twitter with crew members raising their smartphones and tablets. not quite the old mall food court we're used to. they're stepping it up. new restaurants and free web browsing. this is valley fair mall's renovated food court. it re-opened today after four months of construction. the south bay mall now has 18 places to eat, a wine bar, and an outdoor patio with fire pits. >> we actually had a very successful food court here. like other things in silicon valley, we decided we could make it better so we shut the whole thing down, renovated it, and now have more of a restaurant type atmosphere than a food court. we're calling it a dining terrace. >> a dining terrace. not just a food court. also, by the way, has 18 new tablets, excuse me, tables with tablets built in so you can go online for free and surf and e-mail and hang. >> at the dining terrace. >> at the dining terrace. well, still to come at 6:00,
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a new push for a civil rights investigation. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. we're live in santa rosa, where people are gathering for a special day of the dead observance. among those being remembered, 13-year-old andy lopez who was shot and killed by a sheriffs deputy. i'll have an update on big legal developments in the case coming up. and going beyond the politics of pot. coming up, we investigate a common practice by marijuana growers wreaking havoc on wildlife and on our environment.
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the family of the 13-year-old boy shot and killed by a sheriffs deputy has filed legal claims against the sonoma county board of supervisors. the move is seen as a precursor to a lawsuit. at the same time, there's a new push to get the u.s. commission on civil rights involved to investigate claims that the boy's death points to a larger problem within the county. nbc bay area's monty francis joins us in santa rosa with the details tonight. >> reporter: raj, good evening. the family filed three claims against the county. one on behalf of the boy's mothers. another on behalf of the boy's father. a third on behalf halhalf of hi. supporters of the boy's family are gathering for a day of the dead observance at the spot he was killed. it's a mexican holiday honoring the spirit and memory of loved
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ones who have died. on everyone's mind is 13-year-old andy lopez. the documents filed by his family do not specify the amount of damages being sought but call the shooting unreasonable and unjustified. as the memorial for 13-year-old andy lopez continues to grow, the grief and anger over his death shows no sign of easing. now those emotions may play out in a courtroom as the boy's family takes steps toward filing a wrongful death lawsuit. lo pesz was carrying a replica gun when deputies confronted him and ultimaly opened fire killing him. the family submitted claims to the board of supervisors. the chairman of the board says he can't comment on the claims but said lopez's death has affected everyone. >> to lose a child is devastating, and i think the community really senses that. to lose a child in this particular manner, you know, is really rough. >> reporter: 48-year-old erick gelhaus is the deputy who fired the fatal shot when he mistook the replica gun for a real
6:31 pm
ak-47. he's a contributing author to the website tonight there are conflicting reports about the deputy's past behavior, described as heroic by some and erratic by others. his attorney has said he's been emotional about what's happened. longtime bay area activist mary moore says this specific case aside, there's a larger problem in sonoma county with officer-involved shootings. she said that problem goes back more than a decade when a report by the u.s. commission on civil rights found a disproportionate rate of civilian deaths at the hands of law enforcement. >> since then, there have been 56 other law enforcement-related deaths since 2000. >> reporter: moore says she's petitioning the federal government to come back and re-evaluate the county. she thinks andy lopez's death and the public's response could provide the momentum to make it happen. >> i have been following police abuse issues through the years. i have never seen an outpouring like what has happened in the
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last week. >> reporter: the day of the dead observance continues here in santa rosa tonight. lopez's family is holding a news conference on monday and plan to file a lawsuit in federal court alleging that lopez's killing was a violation of the fourth amendment limits on police authority. and the board of supervisors is inviting the public to come to its meeting on tuesday so there can be a public conversation about the tragedy. live in santa rosa, next bay area news. the millions of people still in need of affordable health insurance are not signing up on congress released documents showing problems that the website only allowed six people to enroll on the six day and 248 people on day 2. health and human services department says those numbers are based on notes and not official enrollment statistics that it plan to release later this month. the obama administration says it is working to correct the glitches and hopes to have it up and running well by the end of this month. he is begging for mercy. fugitive edward snowden is
6:33 pm
pleading for international support tonight to stop what he calls america's persecution of him. a german lawmaker flew to moscow to visit the former nsa contractor who was granted asylum in russia after leaking the nsa's domestic spying programs. the lawmaker was there to discuss the recent reports also that the u.s. is also spying on germany including chancellor angela merkel. why there, the lawmaker says snowden gave him a letter in which he asks the united states to stop treating him like a traitor. the u.s. has not responded. okay. call it the other push to go green. as the movement to legalize marijuana gains steam, there's one aspect of the debate that may not be getting enough attention. >> we're talking about the impact to our environment. our investigative reporter traveled across the state to expose the damage done by many pot growers. >> unfortunately, this is becoming a common practice. we found that many growers are trespassing on to national parks and tribal land. they are using highly toxic pesticides to grow pot. the effects are real and deadly.
6:34 pm
flying high above some of the count country's most well-known national parks. the kings canyon south of yosemite. look closely and you'll see it. thousands of acres on or near u.s. forest service land used as marijuana grow sites. >> it's a huge problem. it's almost an epidemic in our community. >> reporter: an epidemic with destructive effects. now goes beyond the politics of pot. >> what we know is there is a massive use of toxicants out there. >> i know they're specifically targeting animals. anything that can kill a bear is going to kill me as well. >> reporter: it's not what they're growing, but how they're doing it that's wreaking havoc on some of california's rarest species and most precious resources. >> here is well over 1,000 pounds of marijuana. >> reporter: this is the new ground zero for marijuana cultivation in california.
6:35 pm
>> 454 grams. >> reporter: so far this year, the fresno county sheriffs department has identified more than 500 grow sites and seized more than 2,400 plants. and roughly a half a million plants were found on national parklands statewide. others were discovered just outside public land. how far are we away from federal land, public land? >> over that hill. >> reporter: lieutenant rick ceo heads the task force for the county. we followed along as his team discovered shotguns, ammo, 300 plants and the poison used to protect them. natural? >> absolutely not. fertilizers, pesticides and other things are placed on this to make it grow like this and to protect it. >> reporter: protecting the plants but harming wildlife. >> it's found on our public land. >> reporter: this 5-year-old pacific fisher was one of only 300 left in northern california. scientists at uc davis found this one suffered an early death near yosemite last month. >> tease are rare and elusive
6:36 pm
animals. >> reporter: he was part of a population scientist gabriel discovered has been exposed to an illegal form of rat poison. how deadly are these chemicals? >> they're acutely poisonous. >> reporter: so strong a quarter teaspoon can kill a 500 pound lion. pot farmers are using 50 times that on a single plant to keep animals away from their crop. gabriel has found 86% of the fishers he's studying have been exposed to the poison. six have died so far. >> got a signal already. >> reporter: with the help of mark higly, a wildlife biologist on the end yand reservation in humboldt county, they tag the fishers and set up cameras to track them. we hiked into one of those recently abandoned grow sites where we saw the trash. >> you'll see cans and things. >> reporter: and poison left of growers finished the season's crop. >> you could deplete a whole prey base in an area. so many species are dependent
6:37 pm
on. northern spotted owls, fishers. >> reporter: last year a government task force spent $23 million hunting down and seizing marijuana plants on public land in california, but little funding is set aside for the cleanup. and that could have effects even beyond the wildlife for years to come. what happens when it goes downstream? >> basically flowing in with the water then it's picked up by those species that can use it most readily. >> i don't want to drink out of the creek now and come home and not wake back up. >> reporter: tribe member dawn blake lives on the reservation located near eureka. she believes it's only a matter of time before toxicants in the water could make those in her community sick. >> marijuana operations are potentially destroying the landscape. >> they're killing the animals. they're killing the forest. and they don't care. >> reporter: hikers like rick fleming fear the water issue could affect them as well because of the proximity of the
6:38 pm
grow sites to water sources. he's part of the high sierra volunteer trail crew. a non-profit dedicated to cleaning up what growers are leaving behind. >> they're completely trashing the place. if we can go in there and safely pick it up, and get it out, then great. >> it's a green rush. >> reporter: a green rush for marijuana instead of gold. at a cost to our environment. >> and it doesn't just impact our state. these are our national treasures. these are our national forests and our national parks. >> and what makes our national forests and tribal lands so desirable for growers? they can tap into the water for free. they often go undetected. but just this week, senator dianne feinstein urged the environmental protection agency to help stop the environmental damage taking place in the central valley. but, you know, as you just saw, it's happening way beyond that area. it's happening throughout the state. >> right. it's disgusting the way it looked out there. so sad for the animals. >> it really is.
6:39 pm
>> if withdryou have a tip for investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to they came to san francisco for the perfect engagement. you know who we're talking about. kanye west and kim kardashian are trying to take one of the witness there at at&t park to court. also -- >> reporter: i'm marianne favro live in san jose. could cuts to government food stamps mean more people flooding into local food banks? i'll have that story coming up. sunny and 70s today across the bay area. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. get ready for big-time changes. we're tracking not only wind but much colder temperatures and also the next possibility of rain coming up in a little bit.
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entertainer kanye west and kim kardashian are suing one of the co-founders of youtube after he leaked video of their proposal at at&t park. west and kardashian say chad hurley filmed their invite-only event and posted it to a site called mixbit, a new video-sharing website. the lawsuit says hurley was not invited but was allowed to stay after he signed a nondisclosure form. happened a couple weeks ago at at&t park. here's a picture of the event. the footage was for the e! network which produces the show "keeping up with the kardashians." e! and nbc are owned by comcast. >> let's turn things over to jeff. yes, we have sunny and clear skiesen to. >> looks beautiful. >> i know. look athis. just amazing. come to your tv to see that if you're getting dinner ready right now. details on this weekend forecast and which day will be the best day to make sure you're outside. in about five minutes.
6:43 pm
ahmad fareed here. coming up in sports, the a's make a few roster moves. we'll talk about that. plus wait until you see what sharks forward brent burns did. it is quite the makeover. that is what we call a tease in the business. the xfinity sports desk, next.
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tonight, more than 150,000 bay area residents have less money to spend on food. the federal food stamp program has been cut. that could have a very big impact even for thousands of people who don't use the program. nbc's marianne favro joins us from the second harvest food bank in san jose. >> reporter: here at second harvest food bank, they're gearing up to see a lot more clients. and the reason is for a family of four who is on food stamps, they're now going to get $36 less a month. now, that may not sound like a
6:46 pm
whole lot, but that means 20 meals. and those people need to get their food somewhere. hemi morita often has food on his mind, not just because as a diabetic, it's critical to his health, but he has to budget for every meal. that budget just shrank. he now has $11 less on his food stamp card because of government cuts. it may not sound like a lot, but for henry, it means the cost of a few meals. >> it's not there. it's not there. it's money. i can't spend. i cannot spend. it is something i think about while i figure out trying to streamline. >> reporter: sunnyvale community services helps people using government assistance, or what many call food stamps. case workers say due to the new cut, a family of four will lose $36 a month for meals. >> it's fwoingoing to be a diffe between a lot of clients being able to pay their rent or choosing to buy food.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: which is why here at second harvest food bank in san jose, administrators say they're bracing for a tsunami of need. 51,000 families in santa clara family rely on food stamps and are each expected to lose the equivalent of 20 meals a month because of the cuts. many are expected to turn to second harvest as a safety net against hunger. especially as even more cuts are expected. >> i think it's going to be very difficult, honestly, for second harvest to meet the increasedde mand we're going to see as this cut to food stamps compounded by additional cuts comes. >> reporter: second harvest already feeds more than a quarter million people a month and while the recession may be over, the number of clients continues to grow. the only think that's shrinking is how much help the government is providing. second harvest usually sees an increase in demand during the holidays, so the ceo tells me that she's really concerned about seeing this additional
6:48 pm
influx at the same time. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. want to take you back out to the protest that's happening right now. there's a gathering tonight, again, for andy lopez. he's the 13-year-old who was shot and killed by a sheriffs deputy. the boy was carrying a replica gun. today is the day of the dead observance. tonight there are about 75 people gathered at that site where andy was shot. well, one of america's favorite foods will soon be changing. kraft macaroni and cheese is removing artificial dyes from its mac and cheese that's marketed to kids. that's the pasta that's shaped like cartoon characters. they'll now use paprika to give it its color. kraft says this is not a response from pressure of the fda to ban dyes. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're here, it's friday. we're heading to the weekend. we're in a good mood.
6:49 pm
>> yeah. we are. you know, you should be. at least one of those days going to be great when it comes to that weather. we have a flat ridge of high pressure offshore to keep the storm track at bay for one more day. we'll talk about windier conditions building in. i do think the best day of the weekend, no doubt, is going to be on your saturday forecast. we'll start off mainly clear at the coastline at 5:00 a.m. saturday, also clear by the bay. clear inland. awesome sunrises. as we head throughout 11:00 a.m., temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. we have 70s coming in the afternoon forecast. let's take you outside to the high definition sky camera network. in san jose, see that skyline very clearly at this hour. we do have some haze. moderate air quality into tomorrow. but no airport delays expected. and on the golden gate bridge, windy weather warning here over the next 36 hours. it is going to be a little bit treacherous not only across the golden gate by the san mateo, also the dumbarton bridge as well. so let's get you into the saturday numbers. temperatures will cool off. by no means will it get
6:50 pm
exstrimly cold for saturday. comfortable. 72 in san jose. 71, palo alto. 72, los gatos. morgan hill, 74. gilroy also at 74. we'll stay right near the mid 70 degree line toward pleasanton, also livermore, 73 dublin. 71, castro valley. 73, walnut creek. closer to the bay, alameda, richmond, san francisco, upper 60s to about 70s. vallejo, 72. sonoma, 71. napa, 73. so a great saturday shaping up. then as we transition into late saturday, also into sunday, we're going to see that wind pick up. it doesn't look as bad as last week's windstorm, but saturday night, most of the increasing wind across the north bay, point rayes. winds that correspond with the key at 15 to 30 miles per hour. as we head throughout sunday morning, looks like the east bay, south bay and peninsula will start to get in on those winds at 15 to 30 miles per hour as well. do watch out for that.
6:51 pm
again, mainly on sunday morning. our next possibility of rain looks to swing down here as we head throughout next friday in the next forecast. it's a long way out, but we've been a month without any kind of rainfall. that will be good news. on the seven-day forecast, the weekend best day to be out. mid 70s inland. sunday colder and windier with upper 60s. we'll stay with the 60s through tuesday of next week. tick tock. don't forget those clocks. set them back one hour as we head throughout sunday. i had to bring that back. i said that last year and i remembered it. >> tick tock, don't forget that clock. it's like a little tune. >> it's a good reminder. we also get an extra hour of sleep going into sunday. thank you, jeff. >> no problem. let's bring in ahmad fareed from comcast sportsnet newsroom with all the sports as we head into this weekend. we're talking about a haircut here. >> talking about hair and beards in just a second. we're also talking about injury updates. all important stuff. we begin with a's contract news. oakland a's picked up coco crisp
6:52 pm
and brett anderson's option for next season, decline chris young, so they're now free agents. what we expected from them. to the hardwood. harrison barnes will miss a third game to start the season according to a report by the bay area news group. golden state's 6 man suffering from left toe inflammation and has not played since the preseason game on october 7th. the shark on the other hand getting a key player back. dan boyle declared himself ready to two tomorrow versus the coyotes. the defenseman has been out since getting knocked out on october 15th versus the blues. if you go to the sharks game tomorrow night you might not recognize another one of their key players. as brodie brazil reports, brent burns underwent a remarkable transformation today in the name of charity. >> reporter: with the help of teammates, jason demers, adam burish, and james shepherd, the growth of nine months was removed. in about nine minutes. >> we call him big foot and
6:53 pm
sasquatch. >> where's brodie? brodie wanted some for his nightstand, didn't you? >> reporter: burns seemed to enjoy his full service treatment and he was not the only one. >> yeah, i'm definitely excited to kiss him again. >> daddy. >> daddy. >> reporter: the question is, will your son recognize his father anymore? >> i don't think my daughter will. >> reporter: the concept for this fund-raiser actually came from brent's wife, susan. their original goal was $10,000 for charity. they raised more than $23,000. >> there are two kmcharities th meant a lot to us. it was her idea. we were thinking about what we could get maybe and we thought $10,000 would be tough, so it was -- it was fast. it was unbelievable. >> burns is really inspiring. he does stuff like this all the time for charity. he's such a great athlete. he's a great guy on top of that. when it was brent's buzz cut, yeah, i'm going to donate to
6:54 pm
that. >> reporter: burns also wanted to thank his teammates even if they were gloved and masked. >> i think it was probably smart. i didn't know what was in there either. so it's -- yeah, it was great for them to come out and help. and they definitely got a lot better at the end. >> reporter: in san jose, brodie brazil, nbc bay area. >> that's cool stuff. very generous sharks fans out there as well. the santa cruz warriors acquired seth curry and traded for clay thompson's brother, michael thompson so they have their own splash brothers. how about that? curry and thompson with the golden state warriors and curry and thompson with the warriors. >> thanks for the explanation. enjoyed burnsey with the fake teeth. >> fake teeth in, beard off now. >> it looked good. >> ahmed and i look good with our fake teeth in as well. for a full half hour or local coverage, watch sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay
6:55 pm
area tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
coming up tonight at 11:00, a south bay woman says former giants star barry bonds helped her overcome a battle with a very serious disease. just yesterday someone stole the cherished gift that bonds gave her. hear her emotional plea to get it back tonight after "dracula." >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. we hope you have a great evening and an even better weekend. >> yeah. >> bye-bye.
6:58 pm
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the deadly shooting at l.a.x., actor tim daly caught in the chaos. >> i heard a loud bang. >> now on "extra." terror at the airport as a gunman opens fire. james franco and tim daly tweeting moments after all hell broke loose. >> having a gun pointed at you is scary. new video, sandra bullock and little louis, ambushed on halloween. her halloween faceoff with the photogs, trick or treating with melissa mccarthy and the kids. then, heidi klum's shocking transformation. how she went from supermodel to a wrinkled 95-year-old. >> happy halloween, "extra."


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