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tv   Today  NBC  November 2, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody. it's try day friday, november 1st. hope you're recovering from that halloween sugar rush. >> this is called a hangover. >> mm. what's your favorite? >> this one i'm eating. i didn't have one last night and i said, i'm having one in the morning. this is a reese peanut butter
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cup. you know i don't like sweets. but when i have one, i make it count. >> another big reese. i love it. what do you like? >> i like the reese a lot. i like the hershey's milk chocolate. >> i didn't know, no one told me, jolly ranchers makes a lollipop. did anyone know? jolly ranchers makes a lollipop. >> they're begging for them in the back. >> okay. here's the thing. finish that please. i can't do it. >> i can. >> you're nobody until you have instagramed your butt. did you know that? there seems to be a new trend in hollywood. hoda, you got to get with it. you got to be hip. you got to instagram your stuff. >> everybody is posting their junk. they are turning around and taking a picture. that was the kim kardashian picture. we've completely blurred it. >> even though the whole world's seen it. i love our standards and practices. >> well, not on air.
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here's lady gaga. >> what is that? you can't even tell. >> although they didn't blur out her thong. what's the point? >> seriously, this is embarrassing. >> this is embarrassing. >> this is hysterical. they put a blur in the crack. can you see? that's the blur. >> that's hysterical. >> well, she might be crackless, we don't know. >> nicki minaj. >> that's nicki minaj? >> you can't see it, because it's cut out. >> i'm going to take my daughter, take a picture of her and stick my face on it, that's what i'm going to do. >> that's rihanna's. >> rihanna does it every day, right? >> well, let's pretend that we did -- that's you. you look good. i like it. >> same hair. >> let's talk about it. look how you made her darker. how cute. that was cute how you did that. oh, gosh, i don't know. look, what do you think? >> i just think nothing is ever sacred anymore. you know, it's one thing to have a little sexy thing with the
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person you love. but do you love 9 million people and you want to show everybody? >> i know. >> our whole society is all a about showing off. i think that makes things that used to be romantic and special and sacred not so much anymore. i just -- i think people are missing out. they're missing out in their own personal life by not keeping something special. >> i know. and it's funny how the men who are with these women, at least some of them, seem to like it. they think it's fun that their girl. >> look at my woman. >> look at what i have that you don't have. >> what if one of these men who sees it takes away that woman and then he gets to look at it? >> exactly. >> this is what happens. because somebody else's old one is somebody else's new one. you can write that down. >> it's complicated but it's worth it. we always like these because we have a segment on awkward family photos. there's another book. it's called awkward family holiday photos. we chose a few of them.
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here's a couple. >> is that a floating head? >> where are the dogs? they have matching glasses. >> nothing funnier than -- >> did we blur that too? >> tomorrow, i am bringing in -- >> if we can't show dogs. >> what can we show? >> nothing. our show's falling apart. >> i did take a picture of bambino humping louie with lola just sort of yawning. it's a doggy orgy at my house. all bambino is having fun. >> well, you need to tweet that video. we need to see it. >> okay. >> here's the question, what is do you think the sexiest language in the world? when you hear it you close your eyes and wish you would hear it all day. >> bakersfield. the way frank talks.
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>> asked 8,000 people. the third sexiest accent is british. >> when it's colin firth. >> i think british is one of those. >> yes, not the cockney. the sexy -- >> yes. >> second is italian. that's always nice to listen to. >> and the number one? >> the sexiest accent on the globe is -- >> french. >> a french one. take a listen. >> -- robert de niro. [ speaking french ] >> these are the questions. >> i knew everything he said. i was trying to listen. >> now you know how i feel when you sing when somebody -- you ruin it for people. >> what do you mean ruin it? >> when somebody's singing a great song and you start singing it, it ruins it. so i just did it for you. >> it doesn't ruin it, it enhances.
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>> no, it ruins it. first of all -- >> what? >> he can speak anything and it's sexy. all right, you know what i'm saying? >> my favorites are -- i like the british and i like southern. >> you do? >> i like southern. there's something about a southern -- >> she lived in the south for a long time. >> there's something about that accent i just like. it's slow. >> it's seductive. yes, ma'am. >> you look awful pretty. oh. just feels good. feels very tingly. >> hoda falls for it every time. they come up and say do you need a doctor? and you say? >> why. >> and he said, because your body is sick. she falls for it every time. >> i love that one. >> i like an aussie one. australians. >> yea, yea, yea. if they happen to be surfers, it's over. >> extra. okay. all right, so here's a question for you. it ran on the social cues column of "the new york times." is it okay to ruin a surprise party?
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so this is a question a person got asked. a husband asks about his wife's 70th birthday party. the friends and family are throwing it. he knows his wife doesn't like surprises. >> hates them, hates them. >> she just wants a quiet dinner. >> give the woman what she wants. >> his question is what should he do? tell his wife, look, they're throwing a thing for you, just act surprised? or just let her walk into the lion's den? and freak out when everyone screams. >> or try to get the people -- she doesn't want this, please, you're not going to make her happy. if you really are going to make her happy -- the woman's 70 years old. at that point, you start running out of birthdays. i know. let her have a birthday she enjoys. so phillip is against surprise parties saying anticipating surprise parties are half of the fun, and many need more than three seconds to prepare for the onslaught. >> try talking to the party planners. >> if you really love somebody, give them what they truly want. >> some people say, i don't want
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anything. and then they're like, you didn't do anything? some people don't say what they mean. they just say something. like -- >> well, remember this past big one for me this summer and i didn't want one at all. >> you didn't want it. >> and i didn't want one at all. i said, if it's going to happen, i just want to sit and eat crabs with people i love. >> what if you walked into a room and there were tons of people and they all screamed happy birthday kathie lee? >> you put up with it and you say you're glad. one time frank did that to me. it was for my 40th. i just had cassidy. i was nursing her. >> oh, no. >> nursing her in our else elevator going up to the apartment. i'm nursing her. i go, i open the door, and i'd just taken her off the teat. >> off the teat. and i was teet off when i saw 40 people looking at my teat. >> yes. >> so, you know, come on. >> i get that, yes, your right. >> i just smashed her little face right on there.
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>> you know what it's time for? >> it was okay. >> what? you know what it's time for? kathie lee's friday funny. >> this is one i have heard before but never sure if i have said it before. a guy was in a cave looking for buried treasure. he found an old lamp, picked it up and decided to rub it. a genie came out. the genie said, i will grant you three wishes but your ex-wife will get double of anything you wish for. the man thought about it a moment. finally agreed to the terms. first, he said, i wish i had a mansion. poof, genie granted it. he got one mansion and his ex-wife got two mansions. next, i'd like a million dollars. the genie granted it and he got a million and the ex-wife got $2 million. the man thought hard for a moment and said my final wish is scare me half to death. >> that was awesome.
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>> i know. >> that may have been one of the best ones yet. >> it's time for "today's" -- >> johnson baby announcement. where we celebrate new moms and adorable additions. our first up is brianna nicole graat. born in palm spring, california, on september 16th. her parents say she's a great sleeper, she's very easy going and she's a go with the flow baby. >> they are so blessed because it ain't always that way. >> next up is walter rhodes howard. born on october 1st. weighing 8 pounds, 5 ounces. in macon, georgia. he's the second baby for parents seth and emily who said he is an absolute angel. >> born on september 5th, riley anne holtz, the first child for the couple, lisa and bobby, and they say their new daughter loves to be outside and already seems to be curious about the world around her. >> our final johnsons baby of the week is brady james scott. he was born on september 5th in wilton, maine. baby was born with a full head of hair, blonde hair, and his mom samantha says her son is
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already a mama's boy and loves to cuddle. >> congrats to all our babies. if you want your baby to have a chance to appear on our johnson's baby of the week, go to >> all right. this is a big deal. >> it is. we want to remind you about our teacher of the year contest. it's time for you to vote. we need you to vote on this. they're such special ladies. >> here they are. >> interesting, they're all women. >> yes, they are. billie yeardley. a theea theater arts teacher at jefferson county high school in dandridge, tennessee. >> susan bull, a second grade teacher at duke public schools in oklahoma. >> and deborah young, elementary school in haslett, texas. you can place your vote at >> and you have until monday, november 4th. >> we're going to reveal the winner right here on the air in a couple of weeks. she's going to receive $10,000 world of school supplies from >> if i were not here, do you know where i would be?
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i would be in branson, missouri, tonight, because the lennon sisters, over 50 years in this business, and the osmond brothers, over 50 years in this business, are combining their talents and their wonderful show biz pizazz to put on the christmas show. >> oh, my gosh. >> yes, at the andy williams theater down there. i wish them all the best. >> good luck. >> what happens on broadway after midnight? >> fantasia fills us in right after this. [ male announcer ] this is mike.
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>> now it's back to life in the new broadway show "after midnight." ♪ grab your coats ♪ and get your hat ♪ leave your worries on the doorstep ♪ ♪ just direct your feet ♪ to the sign out on the street ♪ >> oh, yeah. that is fantasia. she is singing "sunny side of the street." >> she is here with dule hill. >> we have people that work here that at night are spies on broadway. they saw it this past weekend and said it was fantastic. they said, it's fantasia. >> actually, when i first came in, they were in rehearsals already and i was able to sit and watch the show. i was blown away just watching the show, thinking, okay, what am i doing here? because you have great tap dancers, great singers. this man right here, oh, my god -- >> he's got his shoes on. he's going to dance for us in a bit.
2:21 am
he doesn't know it, but he will. >> here we go. >> fantasia this is kind of a guest-starring role so you came in and wynton marsalis is the musical director on this show. >> doesn't get better than that. >> tell us about your role. >> i am myself but i am emboding some great women by the name of billy holiday, really fitzgerald, josephine baker. >> shoes you have to fill, that's not overwhelming, is it? >> oh, yes, it is. >> she fills them very well, i must say. i watch from the winging every day. she's doing it. >> he messes with me in the wings every day, that's what he does. >> that's what men do. >> dule, you are playing the host. your role is? >> i'm the captain of the ship. i take you on the journey. i greet you at the door and send you on your way. >> was there a real person at the cotton club who actually did that? are you based on a real person? >> i believe so. i wasn't there. but there was always an emcee.
2:22 am
>> frank gifford was and i was. >> frank, you tell me what happened. >> in the 1920s, he wasn't but yeah, a legendary time, no doubt. >> there was always an emcee, whether it was cab or duke. somebody holding it down. >> there's no real story line, or is there? it's about just the great music. >> the story line is the time of the music. the time, the music and the experience. of the cotton club. >> how long are you booked for, fantasia? >> i'm here for five months, but, you know, i never thought i would say this, i would love to stay longer. i think this is something that was much needed for broadway. jazz music still lives and it is great music. >> it's amazing. and the dancing. everybody thinks the jackson five started that stuff. it was here long before them. >> that's true. >> with wynton at the helm, tell us what it was like to work with him, such a legendary jazz great. >> i was nervous. insay he is music. he is music. i learned so much. in one day, you know, scatting as a vocabulary, another different language.
2:23 am
>> was that natural for you? do a little scatting for us. he's going to do a little tapping. ♪ ♪ >> i love it. >> now bring it home, bring it home. bring it home. ♪ ♪ >> oh, she's got it! she's got my job! you see that? you trying to take my job. >> up next, kathie lee. by the way, that was awesome. if it's this much fun in the theater every night, you're going to do great. thanks for coming to see us. >> she's trying to take my job. >> you're our next special guest star. >> next, all the buzz. >> we'll have it after this.
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it is time for "bobbie's buzz." whether you're looking to trick out your tech toys or unplug, there are a couple of options out there. >> here is author of "the power of style," bobbie thomas. >> hello, ladies. i'm going to convince you some of this might be cool. >> i'm so into tech now. i'm jane jensen. podcast and everything. >> when you're on your cell phone, sometimes people you don't know are standing next to you on street, they can see what you're doing what you're surfing. 3-m has privacy screens now for mobiles and tablets. when i'm looking at it, you can't see it from the other angle. >> not at all. >> yes, because hoda likes to you know what download stuff. >> this is really cool. they have these sheets you can
2:29 am
cut to your own phone. they have galaxy, iphone, whatever. i have a problem in my office i think a lot of people do. with apple being so popular, there are so many laptops that are silver that look identical and people have swapped and taken the wrong computer. these decals you can get for 1.$99 and up. also amazon. you can get either whimsy like the girls in my office like or leather and these skins not only protect but id and also these keyboard covers are great. >> so you don't get shmutz in your keyboard. >> you can wrap your phone in this. and then little henry who has even spawned a girlfriend, not henrietta. >> hetta. >> this is a vacuum for your keyboard. >> we love it. it's time to go swimming with the sharks.
2:30 am
>> right after this.
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2:32 am
we're back on this try day friday. have you ever wondered why pots have a hole in their handle or why juice boxes have such thick tabs on their side? >> you may be surprised to learn how many everyday products you're using incorrectly. >> hi, sweetie, nice to meet you. >> we're very excited. >> we have no idea what you're talking about, so what are you talking about? >> everyday objects have all kinds of uses that will make them easier or just sort of more fun. we're going to start here with -- >> i love reynolds wrap. >> tinfoil, saran wrap, anything that comes on a roll. you take one sheet of something and it will fall everywhere. but it turns out there there's a little hidden tab on either side
2:33 am
that you just poke in. it is the easiest thing in the world. >> do you see that? >> that controls it. it can't go anywhere. >> exactly, exactly. >> all these years. >> you can just pull it out. >> it's not going anywhere. >> this is an important one. you give your kids apple sauce in their lunch box. you forgot a spoon. what should they do? >> this is very resourceful. >> you can use the little foil on the top to make your own spoon. >> stop it. >> uh-huh. >> look, look, look. >> how adorable. >> so what do you do? >> you want to have the little nubby part forward. then you just twist it. twist, twist, twist. >> that's the strong part right there. >> you have a little spoon. it also works if you happen to like apple sauce and on a bus ride or in transit. it's perfect. >> the chinese food containers. >> this is my personal favorite. if you want to add a little touch of flat ware. turns out that all you need to do is sun hook this little part on the side here.
2:34 am
and it will unfold into -- >> a plate. >> a plate, right here. >> you know what, i like it. great. >> and it's going to fold back up again at the end. >> not for you right now it's not. >> i know, i know, this is terrible. >> okay, now here's something. whenever i have tic tacs, you say to someone, would you like one, and like seven comes out. >> or zero. all you have to do is tip it and it's going to fall into that little hole right there. but you got to do it gently. there's a nice little tap. >> look how -- >> but they have that there for you. we didn't know that's what it's there for. >> the exact size and shape of a tic tac. >> when you see these pots -- i thought this was here to hang them up if you needed to hang them up. what's it for? >> it actually turns out, it's to hold your spoon. when you're making a sauce, you
2:35 am
don't want to leave the spoon in the pot, your don't want to put it on your counter because it was all messy. >> was that the original use for that? >> sadly, i do not know the answers. >> juice boxes. the two flaps on the side. >> this is brilliant. this is to keep the juice from squirting everywhere. you can drink it just like that. >> all right, here we have the straw and can combo. if you just put a straw in here, the carbonation is going to keep it from staying in place. all you have to do is turn it around. >> brilliant. >> oh, my gosh. >> you will never mess up your lipstick again. >> the last couple. >> this one is to keep extension cords from getting all tangled and coming undone. super easy. all you have to do is tie a nice little knot. then voila, right there. >> yeah, so, it doesn't tangle. >> when you step on it, it's not going to come undone.
2:36 am
when you're vacuuming. this is for storing organic peanut butter. you know how the oil always rises to the top. it's yucky. you don't want a sand like that. if you store it upside down, it's going to be absolutely beautiful. >> you're a genius. you are a genius. >> thank you, honey. all right, we all have -- >> hody does. >> those awkward family photos. you're going to have to see to believe. a woman decides to be bold and face her fear of swimming with the sharks right after this. [ female announcer ] in the moments that matter most...
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it's time for our be bold today we asked you to submit a video telling us about the one thing you've always wanted to check off your bucket list but you have been terrified to do so. >> this time, we chose gina steel of minnesota to be bold and conquer her fear of the ocean and swim with the sharks. >> good for her. >> let's take a look at gina's submission. >> the boldest thing i could do
2:41 am
and swim in the ocean with sharks. first of all, to get in a bathing suit. i don't do that. shark, in the ocean, water that i can't see the bottom, that's my biggest fear ever. >> oh, my gosh. >> a lot of people feel that way. >> we sent gina, who didn't even own a bathing suit and has never been to a beach, to swim with the fishes. >> calm down, we're not that bad. we didn't send her into the deep dark sea. we sent her to the florida aquarium in tampa, florida. take a look. >> i have had this fear of swimming with sharks since i was probably 10. after seeing "jaws." >> i think gina's like most of america, where they see sharks and they're certainly afraid of their menacing appearance and the impression they have based on the media. >> when i look out at the water, i think what's under there. >> today, she's going to overcome that fear by swimming right alongside these amazing creatures and see they're not interested in her as a food item. >> i'm feeling way scared and nervous and i want to have a heart attack and fall over and
2:42 am
do the floppy chicken right here and i'm afraid of this. >> hi, gina, i'm erin. it's a pleasure to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> i'm going to be your dive master today. taking you in, diving with the sharks. are you excited? >> yes. >> i'm going to need you to be blindfolded first. we are walking up and you are about to see something really cool. on the count of three, i want you to take off your blindfold. ready, 1, 2, 3. and take a look out. >> i have to go in there? >> you get to go in there. aren't you excited? >> no. yes. >> yes. it's a real coral reef, just like you see in the wild. >> i don't see it in the wild though. i don't go in the wild. >> those are our sand tiger sharks. >> oh, my god, it's too big. >> all right. well, we've seen the exhibit from outside. now are you ready to get inside and go for a swim?
2:43 am
>> okay. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm going to throw up. >> well, that's okay. more fish food. where you are, just kind of crouch down and bend over and just put your face in the water. >> oh, my god. >> what did you see? >> there's stuff over there. >> they're right there, huh? >> oh, yeah. >> there's one right there. >> there's a shark? >> yes, here it comes. >> those fish are very close. ♪ >> they're so close.
2:44 am
♪ >> they're so close. >> they're so close. there was one in the water, just like in "jaws." it was so scary at first and i was screaming and everything. i would probably go in the ocean now. not too deep. but i wouldn't be as scared. i conquered my fear. i swam with sharks. i know. oh, my god, right? >> wow, that's amazing. >> good for her. >> we've got gina steel, nerves of steel. from her home in laverne, minnesota. hi, gina. >> hi! >> you've had a chance to think and reflect on your experience. tell us a little bit about what it was like.
2:45 am
>> oh, my gosh, it was amazing. i'm still trying to process. i still can't believe i did it. tuesday, i was watching hoda and you had said your fear was to drive into the water. >> yes, drown in the water. >> and that is mine too. before i did this, i would have sat in the car and drowned. >> oh, that's so great. and what did your six kids think of this, their mom overcoming her fear this way? >> well, they're glad, because now i'm actually go to the lake with them instead of -- >> that's awesome. >> we're so happy for you. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for entering the contest. god bless you. >> thank you very much, ladies. >> all right. coming up what were they thinking? >> those awkward holiday photos. right after this.
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if you look back into your family's history, chances are you'll uncover some very
2:50 am
embarrassing family photos. whether it is a family portrait centered around a stripper pole, or it's your child possessing with a creepy easter bunny. >> the guys behind the wildly successful awkward family photos phenomenon are back with your cringe worthy book "awkward family holiday photos." you guys are totally -- >> just unashamedly. >> when you publish, do you get millions of pictures from people? >> we do. >> you put out a request on your website? >> via the website. we let people know we're doing a holiday book. >> and they're thrilled to be involved. >> of course they are. >> yes, absolutely. >> can we start with christmas? what makes for -- tell us your awkward christmas pictures. >> well, this is classic sibling christmas photo. >> rivalry. >> yes. here, taking is better than receiving. >> i like that one. >> this is val be tine's valentine's day? >> this is christmas.
2:51 am
>> look at that baby. >> no, indeed. >> a theme. >> why is he in a diaper? >> we're not sure but it's part of their holiday spirit so let's go with it. >> terrifying. what's up next? >> this is a valentine's photo. we think they were saying that their love will never run out. but obviously why posing with some parking meters, i don't know. but it's sexy. >> oh, indeed. >> nothing is as sexy as denim. so why not for valentine's day? the book covers all the holidays. >> she thinks she is drew barry moore and he is ryan gosling. >> this is one you have to look at for a second. it's an easter photo. they're about to go to church. grandpa before going to church wanted to make sure -- >> grandpa's getting ready for church. >> whatever gets grandpa through. >> i love it, great shot. >> that would be frank at our house. >> oh, look at this.
2:52 am
looking at the pose. >> everyone has their own patriotic spirit. this is her salute. >> she knows she looks good and she's milking it. >> yes. happy july 4th. >> this mother's day. >> poor son. >> is that a toga or -- are they in a towel? >> no, it is a toga party. and, you know, obviously they are adoring mom in this photo. >> you need to see the whole picture of that. it's creepy. >> look closely. >> this is another mother's day photo. we celebrate mom in different ways. this child is showing his appreciation. >> how adorable. >> well, you guys. >> oh, no. >> let's end there. >> that is charcoal. just in case you're wondering. people take these pregnancy photos. they send them out to their families. this one obviously very graphic. >> look at the guy.
2:53 am
>> that's kind of funny though. >> can't wait to see what you come up with next. thanks so much. all right. after seeing those photos, you're going to plan on traveling, i'm sure, to see your family over the holidays. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
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2:56 am
only half of us who plan to travel over the holidays are already booked on flights.
2:57 am
>> the other half may have a hard time finding what they're looking for. with airfares up 9%, are there certain strategies you can use to find the cheapest tickets? >> here is orbitz travel editor jeannine. >> we love her. >> you say it's important to book right away. >> it is. there's 50% of travelers going who haven't booked yet. prices are only going to go up. there's going to be no sales this year on prices for airfares over the holidays. you want to book now if you haven't already. >> now, they say -- we always wonder if there's a good day to buy tickets. is there a good one? >> those rules kind of go out the window when it come also to the holidays. there are better days to fly. the busiest travel day for thanksgiving is wednesday, the day before, everyone's leaving town. if you're willing to fly on thanksgiving morning, you can still get there before your turkey dinner. chicago to atlanta, you'll save $72 if you fly on thanksgiving morning versus that day before. >> what about tuesday, if you could get off the day? >> it's really wednesday sunday are the busiest and most expensive days to travel over the weekend.
2:58 am
>> if you're trying to figure out whether you can fly for thanksgiving or christmas, is there a better option? >> in terms of airports? >> yes. >> really, in looking at all the airports within a 60 to 90 mile radius, you should do both in your destination as well as your origin cities because there are a lot of times smaller airports that are cheaper. parking and traffic is better. to give you an example, san francisco to phoenix, you're going to save $68 if you fly to oakland versus san francisco international over the holidays. >> but then you have to rent a car or you got to drive further? >> oftentimes. sometimes if you're driving your car, parking can be cheaper at these smaller airports and traffic may not be as bad. >> what about people who have points and travel rewards, things like that? >> $16 billion in loyalty points every year are kind of left on the table. so the trouble people run into over the holidays are blackout dates and restrictions. you want to see what your
2:59 am
program offers. or if it's a new loyalty program where you can earn them immediately, so that's what you want to look for over the holidays. >> you talk about avoid connecting flights. >> takes all day. >> the amount of money, is it worth it, with the time of your life? >> that's the big thing you have to weigh. often times you can save money. if budget's your big concern, you want to look at them, but at the same time, over the holidays, there are more delays. the other thing is, you don't want to get stuck in an airport in a city that's completely unfamiliar to you. >> time to spend with the people you love that you're traveling to see. >> exactly. >> i don't recommend them over the holidays. >> you're a sweetheart. >> we appreciate it. >> so weird to say that. >> coming up, performances by il divo. >> and hunky british actor nathan statham. >> and everyone has a story. >> we have written a very nice
3:00 am
song. >> have a great weekend, everybody. god bless. bye-bye. i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪ ♪


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