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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 3, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. right now at 11:00, the latest at lax after the shoot on friday. we're also hearing from the suspect's neighbors for the first time. >> and gun shows are big business in the area. why sup porers of gun control may be losing the weight. >> plus the, the coliseum may be headed across the bay. the news starts right now. good evening pip'm diane dwyer. >> the investigation continues into friday's shooting. new details about the suspected gunman. new video right now from southern california.
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an apartment in sun valley. neighbors say he they saw him a few times but mostly kept to hils. fbi agents and police officers searched the apartment on friday. >> they were here all day. and they couldn't come out. the fbi agent, he spoke with me. i was very scared. >> he told authorities he acted alone and that a friend had dropped him off at lax but officials don't believe that the friend knew of the suspect's plan. we have the lathest on the investigation. new photos of the terror at l.a.x. friday morning show passengers huddled together. an eerily desserted security checkpoint and heavily armed law enforcement officials. airport operations returned to normal on sunday. flowers left inside terminal three prooufrs a solemn reminder
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of the deadly shooting. >> shots fired. >> 42 federal criminal complaints, 23-year-old with an assault rifle, high capacity magazines, a bag of ammunition and a handwritten manifesto. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill employees. >> they reportedly asked some people if they were with tsa. he moved on when they responded no. but at the checkpoint, he open fired. the tsa officer gerardo hernandez who was about to celebrate his 40th birthday was killed. >> tsa is just bloody. >> and high schoolteacher brian ledmer. he made it about 100 yards into the terminal before police shot him multiple times and took him into custody. officials are waiting to interview him, possibly gain more insight into his motives for the shooting.
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>> tsa agents around the country are now wearing black mourning bands for hernandez. tonight, h he's listed in critical but stable condition and could face the death penalty. one of our top stories on our website, you can read more on nbc bay >> and on the heels of that shooting in l.a.x., what organizers came to be the larnlest gun show in the country. the event was almost shout down, but governor gary brown detailed a bill that would have effectively ended up gun shows at the cow palace. >> that big fight over gun shows here at the cow palace, so far it apears the gun shows are winning. this attracts about 500,000 people to its 16 shows each year. and about 5,000 of those people were here at the cow palace this weekend. at the cross roads of the west gun show, you can find guns of
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all kinds. and a seemingly endless amount of ammunition. the show is not always welcome in the leftward leaning bay area. bob templeton is the show's owner. >> we tried to address those concerns by not putting shines up and not doing any advertising in the immediate area in the cow palace. we took the reference to gun shows off the electronic boirds. >> the cow palace sits on state property. and a bill was offered that required approval from prvr ises, both of which have gone on record against gun shows. the bill passed both houses of the legislature, but the governor vetoed it, saying the decision should rest with the cow palace's board of directors. the gun used in friday's shooting at lax was an mnp-15 assault rifle. >> the mp stands for military and police. clearly designed not for general
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consumption but through practice now general consumption. same gun was used at aurora. >> u.s. senator dianne feinstein say she is's willing to author another ban on assault weapons but doesn't think congress would pass it. buying an assault weapon is already illegal in california. adds a transporting or importing semiautomatic rifles. >> it's interesting to see whether this weapon was outlawed in california and whether it was purchased in california. templetop admits more could be done to increase safety at gun shows and prevent guns from et gg into the wrong hands. . >> certain certainly nationally there's a lot of work to do. >> it eat illegal to walk into a
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gun show and walk out. it's a mandatory background check. people come to these shows just to look at the guns and by ammunition. nbc bay area news. parents of a 13-year-old shot by police plan to take legal action tomorrow. they claim the shooting was unconstitutional and alleged lopez was shot and killed without reasonable cause in violation of the fourth amendment. it's been nearly two week since the deputy mistook the replica gun as a an ak-47 and shot him four times. he says he feared for his life. >> in san jose, police are investigating a deadly shooting that hp aed early this morning south of downtown.
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more on what happens and what it means to the crime rate in that city. kimberly? >>. >> reporter: 34ris radio looking for a motive, but they do say the victim knew the suspect. >> shots were fired here at the end of the block. >> san jose police say officers were on their way to the 100 block of morrison avenue where the shooting happen, but the victim was already on his way to a hospital. >> his family took him to a hon't and that's about where we are right now. >> police say the victim a man in his 30s was shot at least once and pronounced dead at the hospital. the suspect who has not been identified is in custody. this is the city's 39th suicide h year. that's five more than the city had this time last year. it's the first san jose has had since september. over the summer, police rolled out a plan to increase police presence on the streets and suppress a rising gang activity.
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at that time, san jose's overall homicide rate was on track to outpace 2012, which endeded with a two decade high of 46 homicide. police are still look into a motive for today's shooting and have not said this was gang related. >> police have spent 12 hours gathering evidence and processing that saep. they have not yet released the victim's name. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly. it is getting a little windy out there tonight. one of our viewers sent in thee fot lows of a tree that went down in south san jose. and rob, what's up with all of this? >> we're still seeing the systems miss the bay area, but then the cool air rushing in behind it. hielg pressure to the west, low pressure to the east, gives us the wind tunnel-like events across the bay area. another round of wind starting to show up in santa rosa and fairfield.
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notice what happens at 1:00. napa, fairfield, san francisco. winds sustained out of the north at close to 20 miles an hour. some gusts approaching 35. and windy conditions heading into tomorrow night. the other thing you're going to notice as we step outside the wind protected valleys already in the 30s right now. look at that. napa, 39 degrees. the dew point temperature, or the air temperature that the air will try to cool towards by sunrise, if you don't have wind, is now dry enough to support patchy frast frost in parts of the north bay valley. we're already seeing that. patchy frost. we could get wind gusts approaching 35 miles an hour during the day tomorrow. we'll talk more about windy changes to the forecast. and a real good chance now for rain in the seven-day forecast. we'll that for you coming up. back to you. >> we are learning new details about two burglaries in walnut creek that we first reported last night. police told us they believe the two crimes were committed by the same person.
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you can see in the surveillance video here, a burglar break a glass door in the palos verde strip mall, yanked 56 crash register out of place and ran off with it. there were $200 if inside that register. another business was also burglarized overnight. >> we don't get a lot of criminal active to i in that area. it's not a high crime area by any neen mps. >> police are also investigating an armed robbery at the tooty fruity yogurt shop. that man pulled out a handgun and demanded money from the cashier. >>. cog up next, a new home from the oakland a's. why major league baseball might move the team across the bay. >> and some scary moments from the sidelines during tonight's sunday night football. what happened to houston's head coach? >> plus, an electric fire ball lights up a canadian street. check this out. what caused the fireworks? we'll be right back. so what can i get you?
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gary kubiak collapsed as the teams headed to their locker room. he was taken off the 2350e8d op a stretcher and then to the hospital. the team said it was not a heart attack. he was taken to the hospital simply as a precautionary measure. >> new at 11:00, we're learning the oakland a's may be moving to a new stadium as early as next year. and that stadium, at&t park home of the san francisco giants. the san francisco chronicle is reporting the a's lease to the coliseum expiring next month, m major league baseball is turning up the heat to agree to a two-year lease with the team, not the longer tale the authority wants. mlb would help the a's move temporarily to san francisco. the chronicle says the short-term lease would give the a's more flexibility to find the home. maybe san jose, maybe somewhere else. motivation to help out, big
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money. and the possibility of getting the a's to move out of the bay area. >> the san jose city council is set to debate locations for softball. it will be built with money from a bond measure passed 13 years ago. several city park officials say after an extensive study of half a dozen potential locations around san jose, the best site is south of the capitol. the county fairgrounds is another option. the $228 measure p park bond funds was approved back in 2000. city leaders have schedule debate locations at their tuesday night meeting. >> a new manifesto for the troops out by edward snowden comes as the white house and lawmakers denied his plea for clemency. snowden addresses the debate over the u.s. spying program. and he says this proves his revelations about the program were making a difference. however, the white house advisers say snowden still violates u.s. law and he should
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return to the states to face skbrus. >> the next presidential election is three years away, but two of the expected contenders are already being talked about quite a bit. nj nnl's republican governor chris christie is on a week-long bus tour across new jersey. he's riding a double digit lead to his reelection. but the republican party reeling from the presidential election, mitt romney talked up christie's chances on "meet the press." 'they don't km better than chris christie. >> 2016 is hillary's time. run, hillary, run! if you run, you'll win and we'll all win. >> hillary clinton aneerd her first political speech last month since leighing the state department. president obama also is stumping for virginia's governor mcauliffe as democrats open to take back the state house there. >>' lex officials are reminding voters to check your polling place address before voting this tuesday.
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voters have a number of options. it's printed on the back cover of the voter pamphlet. and also a qr code that can be scanned with a smart phone. >> scientists are calling it a strange anomaly. and it's almost wiped out the star fish population on the west coast. star beneficiary are dying from a sea star wasting disease that marine scientists say turns animals into goo, essentially melting in front of you. the disease is showing up in star fish from alaska to california and has killed up to 95% of one species of sea star in some tide pools. researchers say the wasting disease has never before been as widespread as they're finding right now. >> the big news tonight is the wind. but we've got some rain to talk about maybe in the programs right no uh.
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>> yeah, we'll take a look at that coming up. if you don't have win tonight, you may find yourself really quite chilly. as the wind protected valleys here, already down to 39 degrees in napa. you could be waking up to mid 30s tomorrow morning. notice the wind direction in fairfield and santa rosa. the wind speeds should be closer to 20 miles an hour. the system that brought all the clouds to wrap up your sunday is heading off to the east. low pressure east of the sierra. going increase during the day tomorrow. sfwhoo the north bay, winds 20 miles an hour. maybe gusts up to 35. tomorrow mite, still breezy out there, but wind speeds should begin winding down towards 11:00. so for the first half of the
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week, rain chances don't look as good for the system we were originally thinking thursday into friday might bring us some rain. most of that should stay off to the north. and the timing for that is not all that bad. especially around palo alto. big pac-12 matchup with oregon coming to town. should be fine for the game with temperatures cooling quickly into the 50s. but beyond thursday now, more promising chance of rain. we head into sunday night into monday of next week. it's becoming an eight-day forecast. this is looking more promising to see some rain each the bay area by the time we wrap up next weekend. wind aye conditions in the hills. patchy frost could be fobl. and our wind skmil for valleys the next couple of morns. subpoena temperatures during the afternoon tomorrow, low 70s
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south of downtown. tri valley, low 70s for tomorrow. heading into the north north bay, 74 in santa rosa. the first half of the week, windy to start,less wind on tuesday. wednesday should be the warmest day of the week. then as we approach next weekend, more clouds. chance of showers north of sonoma county on thursday. i've done what i could to make this an eight-day forecast. >> we're holding you to it next weekend. >> people enjoyed free wine and free music in an event called live in the vineyard. three days of acoustic artists. the weather was much better than it will be next weekend. the event wraps up tomorrow.
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>> let's check out the big day of sports. a look now at all that. >> i don't have a huge wardrobe allowan allowance, but i wore silver and black today. you notice all this? >> i did a little, too. not so much. >> hopes of getting back to 500, look to have a good shot with a banged up eagles team coming to town. silver and black to the bottom of the division. hang with us. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse.
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welcome back. the eagles on your schedule, you think one thing -- stop michael vick. but vick against the raiders on sunday with a hamstring victory. he proved to be the biggest headache. a. >> yes, run dmc is out again. still in the second. jennings up the mid wl a eight
11:24 pm
yard td run. next drive, remember the big guy on the farm? there he is. first career touchdown with the stanford product. third quarter now, 42-13. rolls right and ties an nfl rofrd with his seventh touchdown pass of the game. smith has more details. . >> the raiders have leaned on their defense all season. the defense only allowed six points through the first 30 minutes. sunday, a completely different story. four times in the first half, and oakland found itself in a being hole they just couldn't climb out of. >> whenever i put the record, i'm going to hold off. you know, the great thing about
11:25 pm
it is the guys you're doing it with. so something that's special for the philadelphia eagles organize. >> we didn't hold up our end of the bargain. >> we're a better football team than we displayed today. >> now entering this game, they said if there was a time to make a playoff push, this would be it. jofr jenkins said the month of november when you have to be your best, with elet a huge opportunity slip away. the coliseum found nbc bay area. >> thank you. 49ers nfc west rival. fourth quarter, down seven. bald weapon for the ten-yard
11:26 pm
score. head to overtime, the seahawk needed a field goal to win. the 27-yarder. seahawks trailed by 21 in that game and they win 27-24. to baseball we go. the giants will not pick up the 6.5 million option on a resfruk chured contract. looking for the season longs point title. as for the tournament, couples ran away with it. the par put is good. don't forget, the warriors are
11:27 pm
back in action to kick off a four-game road trip. a bad weekend of football. >> now we've got to keep our fingers crossed for stanford. >> everyone is looking forward to that. someone asked how do i get tickets for that dgame? i just laughed. $2,000 might do it. >> a fire ball racing across bower lines. >> plus a frob that prompted honda to recall more than 300,000 of its minivans. is this the bacon and cheese diet?
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>> take a look. a fire ball along power lines in montreal. bursting out of the camera's range. one homeowner shot this through his living room moments after a very heavy wind storm. the storm happened friday night and caused about $350,000 people to lose power. forecasters say the winds topped more than 60 miles an hour. >> well, honda is recalling more than 340,000 odd see minivans. a software problem with the vehicle's stability assist system in 2007 and 2008 mooed els can apparently cause the minivan to break suddenly. the fix won't be available until spring. so honda says it will notify owners now about the recall by mail. and share some steps they can take to try to avoid that problem. you can log on to recalls.hon for more information. honda officials say they have no record of any crashes or injuries connected to this issue.
11:31 pm
>> three unmanned cars pulled ahead of the competition into the finals today of a smart car challenge held in china. competition requires the unmanned cars to run through an urban area, test the car's capables of sensing traffic signals, people, vehicles and other objects as well as independent decision making. and behavior control. all without a driver. >> three smart cars crossed the finish line ahead of 15 other not so smart cars. >> why are they smart cars if they don't have drivers? >> good point. >> we invest pot grower and their impact on endangered species.
11:32 pm
11:33 pm
>> marijuana is growing on land that's supposed to protect. we go across the state to expose the problems caused by many marijuana farmers. >> flying high above some of the country's most well known national parks. >> se kwoi roy chase can yop, just south of yosemite, but look closely and you'll see it. thousands of acres on or near u.s. forest service land used as marijuana grow sites. >> it's a huge problem. almost an epidemic in our community. >> an epidemic with destructive
11:34 pm
effects. it now goes beyond the politics of pot. >> so what we know is there's a massive use of tox cants out there. >> i know they're specifically targeting animals. anything that can bill a bear is going to kill many other wild life. >> they're wreaking havoc on some of california's rarest species and most precious resources. >> here is well over,000 pounds of plnl. >> this is the new ground zero for marijuana cultivation in california. >> 454 grams. >> so far this year, the fresno county sheriff department has identified more than 500 grow sites. and seized more than 2400 plants. other sites were discovered just outside of public land. >> how far are away are we from federal land? >> just over that hill. . >> reporter: we followed along
11:35 pm
as this team dpis covered shotguns, ammo, nearly 3 plants own the poison used to protect them. >> fach ral snl. >> absolutely fot. fertilizers are kept on this to protect it. >> protecting the plant, but harming the wild life. this was one of only 300 left in northern california. scientists at uc davis found this one suffered an early death near yosemite last month. >> these are rare and elusive animals. >> he's part of a population discovered has been exposed to an illegal form of rat poison. >> how deadly are these chemicals? >> they're acutely poisonous. >> so strong, a quarter teaspoon with kill a 500-pound lion. pot farmers are using 50 times that on a simple plant to keep animals away from their crops. >> gabriel has found 86% of the
11:36 pm
fish es he's studying have been exposed to the poison. six have died so far. >> with the help of a wild life buy yolts, they tag the fishers and track them. we hiked into one of those recently abandoned growth site where is we saw the trash. >> they can deplete an area. so many species are dependent on. northern spotted owls, fibbers, humble martin. >> lastee, a government task force spent $23 million hunting down and seizing marijuana plants on public land in california. but little funding is set aside for the lean-up. and that could have effects, even beyond the wild life for years to come. >> basically it's picked up by
11:37 pm
species that use it most readily. >> i don't want to drink out of the creek now. and comb home and not bake waik back up. >> dawn blake live ops the reservation located near eureka. she believes it's only a matter of time before toxins in the water can make those in the community sick. >> marijuana operations are potentially destroying the landscape. >> they're killing the animals and the forest. and they don't care. >> hikers fear the water issue could affect them as well. because of the proximity of the grow sites to water sources. he's part of a trail crew a nonprofit dedicated to cleaning up what growers are leaving behind. >> question get it up and get it out and great. it's a green rush. >> a green rush for marijuana instead of gold at a cost to our environment. >> it doesn't just impact our state. these are our national
11:38 pm
treasures. our national forrests and national parks. >> just this week, diane fine stin urged the environmental protection agency to step in and fight the environmental dpaj caused by pot growers in the central valley. but it's not just happening there. it's happening throughout the state. . >> what caused yesterday's collision of two sky dive planes in wisconsin. today the wreckage of the plane that was crashed was removed. all 11 people from both planes survived the accident. aircraft were flying at 12,000 feet, seconds away from the final jump of the day. suddenly those plane kos lieded and one plane's wing were sheered off. the sky divers jumped but said they were still in a lot of trouble. >> the sky divers, we live for the excitement, but tonight was a little bit over the top.
11:39 pm
we had a couple of airplanes that decided to take up the same sar space as we were climbing oit. >> more security than ever before for the new york city marathon today. the race drew a record 50, 740 people, including the millions millionth runner in the history of the marathon. stlfs an increase presence with officers seen on buildings and on tower, keeping watch. >> egypt is bracing for violence as their ousted president goes on trial tomorrow. they were gunned down with
11:40 pm
hundreds skieled in the streets. john kerry is in cairo. he said they will restore democracy eventually. >> i think it's important for all of us to accept this is the track that egypt is on and work to help it aprooef that. >> gary is calling for a fair and transparent trial for muslim brotherhood figures. >> 10 cases of polio have been confirmed in syria. the high number of people fleeing that country, many worry the disease could spread quickly. nancy snyderman reports from lon ton. >> the world took notice. the world health organization confirmed at least ten cases.
11:41 pm
experts tells nbc news that could be the tip of the iceberg. >> with population movement, it can travel to other areas. so the risk is high of spreading across the region. >> in jordan, at the largest refugee camp, over a three-day period, almost 19,000 children were immunized in polio. the dmon denominator is to intercept people at the borders and immunize them there. before the conflict in syria, more than 90% of syrian children were immunized. but with rates now dropping to 60%, polio has re-emerged. dr. nancy snyderman, nbc news, beirut. we're going to show you a bay area man who gave dozens of
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>> too night's "bay area proud from a less than nonprofit. threatening to bring down the nonprofit that was supporting it. what did they do and how are they safe? we show you the store that is
11:45 pm
this week's bay area proud. >> spend time inside the bakery and a couple of things will stand out to you. first of all, who knew that making cinnamon bread was such a noise soi, violent operation. and how could it be that just a few years ago, this profitable blusling bakery was a nonprofit money pit? >> at least that's how it looks. >> the two largest costs you have are food, the ingredients and labor. >> andrew knew this because four years ago an acquaintance asked andrew a former walter and restaurant owner to help find a buyer for the failing bakery. he couldn't. what andrew could do, tho ugh, was see past the bottom line. >> and i really fell in love.
11:46 pm
and against all my better vumt, i decided to buy it. >> we're backing pumpkin muffins for the holidays. >> using his business degree, financial background in food experience, andrew has turned the bakery around. andrew inherited 14 part-time employees. he just recently hired his 100th full-250i78er. and it's not just a number of jobs that andrew loves. it's who's getting them. he says in a decade of restaurant ownership, he can't recall a single job applicant checking yes when they say they've been convicted of a crime, but when he took over rubicon -- >> every single box was checked. and i realized that at that point, we really didn't have a choice. we just had to choose among the applications that we had. we needed to hire people that week. >> i that turned out to be some
11:47 pm
of the best employees he's ever had. david january son has spent the last 17 years in and out of jail but now has a home at rubicon. he's out to prove andrew didn't make a mistake in hiring him. >> i look real bad on paper, but if you come and that talk to me and see me and look how i work, you love me. >> i know i did the right thing by buy s by buying this space. >> okay, now i'm hungry. i can smell bakery, can't you? what's going on? >> temperatures outside around the north bay.
11:48 pm
places that are wind shelters could be waking up to the mid 30s. rite right now, winds not too sfrong. that could change from the morning hours to the early afternoon. winds picking up about 10 to 20 miles an hour. as the cold air drops on in. 30s welcome popping up for the next coup of morps. look out, frukee, seeing temperatures close to 15 degrees. that tells you something about the cold air. no focus on the area of yellow and orange. that's where we'll see wind speeds around 1:00 in the afternoon. come gusts closer to 30. the best chance of rain will be arriving late next weekend.
11:49 pm
saturday looks dry at this point. the polar jet stream, instead of heading off to washington and oregon drops more into northern california. more typical for this time of year. it should bring in a chance of bringing in rain toward the end of the seven-day forecast. tonight, we'll see windy conditions in the hill tops. in the meantime, some of the wind sheltered valleys could be waking up in the 30 ppz a cool 44 degrees around san jose tomorrow morning. but the afternoon temperatures looking pretty nice. unlike today where there was a lot of cloud cover, blocking out some of the sun. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. highs close to 70 around san jose. windy throughout the day. the winds will kind of warm up and dry out the air. so the first half of the week, chilly morning, less wind on tuesday. wednesday should be the warmest day of the week. once we pass wednesday, more
11:50 pm
clouds, some cooling for thursday. the stanford-oregon game should be fine but chilly. best chance for rain coming on for the weekend. back to you. >> thank very much, rob. just ahead, the ternl flame revamped. making sure the symbol of jfk's legacy will never go out. i love watching tv outside.
11:51 pm
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later this month will mark 50 year since president john f. kennedy was assassinated. and just this past week, the internal flame at his grave was renovated and then put black in its place. >> a woman dedicated her life to jjfk's legacy. skate snow has more. >> almost five decades ago, it
11:53 pm
flare todd lyght in one of the darkest hours. jacqueline kennedy planned and led the nation through the funeral of the 35th president. a relentless muffled drups to the riderless horse, to the eternal flame paste hastily constructed at her request. it was a beautiful idea. an eternal flame burning forever here in such a sacred spot. but constant exposure to rain and the elements has made it an engineering challenge. >> what does it mean to you? >> this is a source of great inspirati inspiration. >> michelle stewart is the keeper of the flame. her crews moved it to a temporary location and worked to upgrade the fix choor uh. >> you can't let that legacy die. you can't let that legacy dim or go out no matter how much it rains, how cold it gets. . >> an engineer with the u.s. army --
11:54 pm
>> she first came kennedy's memorial 30 years ago after signing up for a life of military service, took a photo of kennedy's words on that granite slap. >> he helped reinforce inspiration that was already there. >> it's a single flame that's been among the most challenging. >> working in the confines of a fairly small space and under the watchful eyes of so many tourist, we have to get it right. >> the eternal flame will now have an underground system to make sure the flame never flickers out. on tuesday, colonel stewart helped transfer the flame back to its permanent home. >> as an engineer and american, i'm very bless. >> an internal similar bomb of john f. kennedy's legacy still
11:55 pm
burning briet. >> coming up next, a rare site in the sky. with. >> the spectacular view that could only be seen halfway around the world.
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
a beautiful and unusual site across the globe in week. >> the sun appears with a bright ring surrounding the moon shifts into a total solar eclipse. you could see it in the southern u.s., also in nigeria. folks had the best chance of experiencing the event. people are warned never to look directly at the sun during an eclip eclipse. there's a shot from africa. only one in 20 so solar eeclipses are hybrid. >> i you kind of want to look.
11:58 pm
the little hole, dwra, yeah. been doing that since first gad. >> that's the extent of my meteorological experience. >> we had clear skies. it's too bad we couldn't see it here around the bay area this morning. we're going to see windy conditions again tomorrow. a littleless wind for tuesday. wednesday, the warmest day of the week. and then stay tuned next weekend. a chance of showers or some rain to wrap up next monday night. >> all right, thanks a lot. thanks for watching nbc bay area news. have a good week, good night. [ will ] on my right is the new dodge durango.
11:59 pm
she's got it all. including 25 em-puh-guh's highway. what? em-pe-juh, muhpuhguh? muh-puh-guh's? muh -- em-puh-guh's? em-pee-gee's? 25 em-pe-guh, em-puh-guh's. i'm saying it right, but it just doesn't sound familiar. hmm. ♪
12:00 am
>> 9,500 days. 9,500 days. >> he's done his time. and now he's a wanted man for all the right reasons. >> anybody can do it. anybody can become more than the bad decisions of their past. >> stitch and a snip. a san francisco nonprofit helping teenagers realize their dream. from the unlikeliest of places. >> everything that i've learned, everything that i e gone through to be good at is because of these women.


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