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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 4, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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trial of ousted egyptian president mohammed morsi is adjourned. we'll tell you what happened in the courtroom early this morning. >> plus t new details we're learning about the man accused of opening fire inside l.a.x. an update on one of his alleged victims. >> the ultimatum that could force the a's and giants to share a stadium. >> that might not look bad after all of the exploding toilets. oakland coliseum, they have it fixed now. hopefully they do. on this monday, november 4th, this is "today in the bay."
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good monday morning. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to this morning. yes, it's 4:30, hope you remembered to change your clocks yesterday. we got that extra hour. >> isn't it nice. monday still comes on too strong even with that extra hour. good morning to you. the weather this morning i want to make sure you're prepared, it's cold out there at 4:31. the reason why is because it's so clear. napa is at freezing at 32 degrees. we're at 44 here in san jose. and gilroy, 38 degrees. our new sunrise is around 6:30 so you'll get a little more sunlight for the morning drive. let's check on that. here is mike inouye. >> good morning. very dark out there obviously so there is a note for the south bay. look to the map and you'll see green throughout the bay area as you would expect right now. san jose, south of here, northbound 101 we're watching they have three left lanes closed. the slow lane is open. you see the yellow, down below
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60 miles per hour but again, northbound you slow down, losing all but one lane. watch that. we do have a crash, should be clearing but we'll track it. >> new this morning san francisco police investigating a crash that killed a person in a wheelchair overnight. it happened near market street and octavia in the hays valley area. the person was pronounced dead at the hospital. it's unclear if he or she will face charges. >> happening now, tens of thousands of iranians gathering outside the former embassy in iran. it's a show of support for hard-liners who oppose president rowhani's initiatives to try to ease tensions with the u.s. these are images of that protest obtained by nbc news. smaller scale protests occur each year outside that compound to mark the anniversary of the 1979 embassy takeover following
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the islamic revolution. the two countries have not re-established diplomatic relations since. >> the trial of mohammed morsi has been adjourned hours after it got under way in cairo this morning. the egyptian state television reports that the judge postponing the hearing until january 8. the trial marks morsi's first public appearance since his removal in july. this is amateur video during his incarceration. today's adjournment coming after a two-hour delay caused by morsi's refuse tool change into a prison uniform. morsi charged with inciting the murder of protesters. he is now being tried along side 14 officials and we're told that the defendants' loud chants were disrupting the proceedings. >> you indetails about the man accused of a deadly shooting in los angeles international airport. police say 23-year-old paul
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ciancia is under sedation and armed guard. he was shot four times at l.a.x. after he reportedly killed one person and injured three. we have new images showing passengers huddled together inside an airport bathroom. there also is a deserted security checkpoint and armed law enforcement officials. we also have new video of the sun valley konldo building north of los angeles where ciancia lived. agents have searched his home. there are reports one of the roommates may have driven him to the airport but probably didn't know what he was planning. >> there are flowers now inside terminal 3 this morning to honor tsa officer gerardo hernandez. he was shot and killed at the security checkpoint. two other agents were wounded. so was teacher brian ludmer. he is in fair condition at ucla medical center but will need surgery for a fractured leg as
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well as physical therapy. >> the parents of the 13-year-old shot by a sheriff's deputy holding a press conference this afternoon talking about filing a civil rights lawsuit against the deputy and the county. claiming the shooting was unconstitutional. that lawsuit alleges the deputy shot lopez without reasonable cause and that violated the boy's fourth amendment. almost two weeks ago the deputy mistook the boy's replica rifle for an ak-47 and shot him. he said the boy started to point the rifle at him. >> a suspect in custody. a shooting happened yesterday morning near the alameda. the victim, a man in his 30s was shot at least once. family members drove him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. in less than an hour police say the suspect who apparently knew the victim was in custody. >> maybe 4:30, 5:00, some shots
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were fired down here at the end of the block. >> the shooting marks the city's 39th homicide this year. five more than the city had at the same time last year. >> in this day and age it's not unusual for high schools to have security cameras but it's becoming more common at middle and elementary schools in one east bay county. the nova due unified school district is installing cameras at san jose middle school, and the hill education center. installation starts today coasting $120,000. last year alone the district spent $177,000 to install cameras at a couple high schools. the district telling the journal it will not put cameras in classrooms bathrooms or other buildings. these will be pointed at entrances and corridors. >> could at&t park soon be the
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home of the giants and the a's? major league baseball says it will help the a's move in and share at&t park with the giants if oakland coliseum don't offer the a's a new short-term lease. mlb reportedly told officials it must offer a 2-year lease extension instead of the multi-year deal the authority is pushing for. if it doesn't t a's could play at at&t park as soon as next season. the a's have been in talks with the coliseum authority for two years trying to work out a deal. but that would be interesting >> that would be wild and different. basketball, football, but not baseball. >> change the colors, the flags. >> interesting. they could pull it off. 4:37. let's check back in with christina to see what's happening. a crispy start. >> crispy start. we expect frost in the north bay. napa 32 degrees tying a temperature record for this day.
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if we fall any further it looks like we're going to break a temperature record so we're going to watch that for you. 44 degrees in san jose. wind is going to play a factor so i wanted to show you futurecast. where you get the warm colors, the reds in particular, that's where we expect strong wind later on. from santa rosa down the coastline and flew the east bay hills, count on gusty winds to pick up. as we head throughout the afternoon, temperatures this afternoon looking really comfortable. 73 in livermore. and 68 degrees in san francisco. let's check on your morning drive. it's early but there's always something going on. >> good morning. there is something going on. we'll give you the update. the south bay map, san jose in the vicinity and no problems here. coming into the area from the south we talked about this. actually, the location is north of cochran. so we're going to watch. i'm getting conflicting reports. one system says there is activity. the other says all lanes cleared
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so watch for movement i suppose for the next few minutes northbound 101 between cochran and bailey. looks like things have cleared up for the south bay crash. a live look for the bay bridge, no problem at the toll plaza. a good amount of cars coming through but that's an early burst. the east shore freeway, no surprises. and we look at the university avenue overcrossing, a steady flow. we might see early flow. by tomorrow it's gone. back to you. >> but today. thank you. >> 4:39. guess we call it down dog interrupted. the trouble with those yoga pants that cost a ceo her job. >> twitter will ipo but not too many are excited about it. the new poll out this morning that looks at what investors say of the company's survival. >> this was a scary situation played out on national tv.
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we'll update you on the condition of the houston texans' head coach who collapsed. we.
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very good monday morning to you. beautiful glow to the lights. this is a live look from the south bay. overlooking san jose. 4:43. officials in orange county weigh in whether to create a data base pinpointing dangerous dogs. the label would be given to dogs that bite or almost bite a person or animal without provocation. at least twice in three years, the animals would be on a website mapping where attacks occurred in 17 orange county cities. opponents say the county should focus on behavior training instead of shaming them. >> houston texans coach is undergoing tests after he collapsed out on the field during sunday night's ball game. the 52-year-old hunched over and dropped to his knees while heading to the locker room during halftime.
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he was reportedly feeling light headed and dizzy. the team says no, he did not have a heart attack and was conscious when he was taken off the field. he remains in the hospital this morning with family by his side. >> hope that he's okay. missing new york university student has been found alive after being trapped for more than 36 hours between the walls of his dorm in a parking garage next door. the 19-year-old was found last night five floors below his bedroom. he was reported missing saturday morning and after a fire drill in the dorm. it took about an hour and a half to get him out. he was alert during the rescue but it's unclear how he got there and how long he was trapped. he is hospitalized and is expected to make a full recovery. the justice department is trying to block the merger of american airlines and u.s. airways, the department fears the merger would hurt consumers because it could increase prices
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and reduce air service. if the deal went through there would be just four airlines controlling the majority of the u.s. market. the justice department reportedly wants serious concessions from the airlines including the sell-off of a number of assets. a person close to the suit told "the wall street journal" the airlines are offering to close some slots at reagan national airport. >> as we get ready for twitter's ipo later on this week we're getting a better idea what investors think of the san francisco company. a new poll out this morning finds the public skeptical. 36% think twitter would be a good investment. while 47% say it is not. compare that to facebook prior to the menlo park company's ipo in may. 51% of people actually made up last year. 51% thought it would be a good investment. 35% think twitter will be a successful company in five years. >> with the bit coin gaming traction, ebay may take digital
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currency as payment. bertha coombs is live with the details on that plus a look at how futures are trading for this monday morning. good morning. >> good morning. further and further away from actual dollars. futures this morning are pointing to a higher start so markets come off a mixed week with the dow and s&p 500 ending in positive territory, notching new highs last week. the nasdaq slipped a fraction. we'll get a lot of data this week, some might still be skewed by the impact of the government shutdown last month. we're going to get numbers on factory orders, later this week on productivity, personal income and spending, consumer sentiment, gdp and the big number, friday, the october jobs report. the dow starts at 15,616 after gaining 70 points on friday, the nasdaq at 3922, after adding a couple. ebay may start accepting more forms of digital currency.
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the company's ceo says the focus would be on incorporating retailer reward points programs into paypal. e-commerce has yet to combine the practical nature of shopping on line with the social experience of shopping at the mall. and there could be more trouble for lululemon. shearness again. the retailer had to pull back yoga pants because they were too sheer. it cost millions in sales. and may have led in part to the resignation of the ceo christine day. now lululemon is fielding new complaints about quality. a number of consumer also say the pants are still too sheer and some are falling apart just after a few months of wear. which is not what you want to think about doing downward dog. you can't get into that. >> exactly. thank you very much, bertha. >> it is close quarters there,
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too. other people's problem there, right up -- yeah. guys in speedos doing yoga. christina loren is back, if you are going somewhere might want to take a jacket. >> cover up a little. >> a little more than a speedo this morning. that will get you going on a monday. we have a good looking start to the day with mostly clear conditions across the bay area. it's cold throughout as a result and yeah, we're watching for potential temperature record out in napa. your temperatures are chilly. we're going to drop off throughout the next hour or so so bundle up. bundle up the little ones as well. that time of year where temperatures get in the freezing zone as we head throughout the early morning hours. this is what we're watching for at about 11:00 a.m. it's going to be pretty chilly all across the bay area. all the way through lunch time with temperatures only approaching the upper 50s, by about 11:00 a.m. but between 11:00 and 3:30, we
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are going to see quite a climb. 68 degrees in san francisco. 69 in oakland and 70 degrees on the way to los gatos. we have interesting weather as we head to the end of the week we're counting on a few showers in the north bay. and we might actually see that chance get better. there's a tricky system out there and too far out right now to call anything for sure. but we're watching it for you. back to you right now, jon and laura. >> the time 4:49. coming up as they prepare for next season the giants now making decisions about key players. who is staying and who is going. >> now that they are world series champs some members of the red sox shaving off that symbol of team solidarity. >> looking at fremont where everybody is in agreement. the traffic flows very nice. what's going on in the south bay and also what's happening as you cross the bay, coming up.
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welcome back everyone. taking a live look outside. look at, to the right of the screen all lit up. the raiders certainly on the wrong side of a record. eagles quarterback threw for seven touchdowns at the coliseum last night tying an nfl record. >> only five have thrown seven touchdowns in a game including
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peyton manning earlier this year. they trounced the raiders, 49-20. some well known giants will not be back next season. did you hear this. the team said it will not bring back andres torres. >> barry zito also not coming back after seven years in san francisco, the giants deciding not to exercise his option for next season. they will pay him $7 million just to buy him out. zito still wants to pitch somewhere next season. >> today the giants announce whether they exercise ryan vogelsong's option for next season. we know the answer. the giants have informed vogelsong they will not pick up the $6.5 million option but the two sides are talking about a restructured contract. >> from last year's world champs to the newly crowned 2013 kings of baseball some members of the boston red sox are expected to
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shave off those big beards. guess what, they will do it live on the "today" show. among them big papi, david ortiz and shane victorino. just joining them to shave off the beards, policeman steve hogan. he was a national sensation when he was photographed with his arms up in the air right there, celebrating big time for ortiz' grand slam. this great shave is rocking the nation. happens at 8:00 today on the "today" show. so be there -- whoa. check out the fun. >> over the weekend the red sox have their world series parade and they entered in unusual fashion. have you seen this, their duck boat. all of the players seem to enjoy the trip but pitcher jake peevy liked it more than most. check throughout picture. that's peevy in front of his duck boat. he actually bought the vehicle after the ride he loved it so
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much. duck boat is half boat, have truck that takes the visitors on a tour and into the charles river. >> all the rage. kind of like the james bond thing when you think about it. converted. did you see the bride and groom that got jammed up trying to get to their wedding. but it was fun. they became a sensation. speaking of sensation. >> our own mike inouye. >> thank you. i thought you were talking about the local duck boats. those are popular. if you tweet a duck boy i think it's a quack. it's early. let it go. this is the peninsula, 101, fine here. and a look at the san mateo bridge over to 101. a live look shows you the approach with the headlights. a smooth flow. we'll show you the maps and the roads. the live shot, i did change it up. looking at oakland. smooth flow past the coliseum and we show what folks end up with in the north bay.
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101 through san rafael, a few more cars than we typically see before 5:00. likely folks got extra sleep, get that hour, remember to change that clock in your car because even though it's to your advantage you'll be off schedule. change that clock. usually the last to get changed. back to you. >> thank you. the race in new york may be over. the cleanup has only begun. a record year for the new york city marathon, more than 50,000 people running this year. sanitation workers say there is almost 100 tons of traffic to get out of the streets including millions of paper cups. got to stay hydrated. this year a little different. for the first time the cardboard pickup from the streets will be recycled. keep it green. >> it's 4:56. done deal. why we won't have to work around a b.a.r.t. strike any time soon. >> we want to give you a look at l.a.x., the los angeles international airport where over
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the weekend it was a scary seen. there was a shooter out there. we'll update you on his status and some of the people involved and what security steps are being taken to get everything to help secure it and lock it down.
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new this morning a man is hit and killed in an intersection in san francisco that's had problems before. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you what happened and what the city has already done to try and fix the problem. >> lanes of highway 101 coming into the south bay have cleared. we'll give you the update how the time change might affect your commute. >> it's a cold start to this monday morning. temperatures right now right around freezing in parts of the bay area. a rebound headed our way. we'll tell you when our next chance for showers return. >> showers? what? let's take a live look outside this morning. that's a beautiful look of the bay bridge, the lights all glistening. they are going to bring back the
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lights. >> that's what i'm talking about. monday feel good. >> an early gift for you jon kelley on this monday, november 4th, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning. new this morning the investigation continues into an overnight crash that kill as man who was crossing a busy street in a wheelchair. this happened around midnight near market street and octavia in the hays valley neighborhood. christie smith is live in san francisco at that intersection. christie, this area has seen problems before. >> reporter: it has. good morning to you. and this man was actually in the crosswalk trying to cross here heading eastbound down market street when he was hit. you can see the intersection there. and if steve can pan over there is orange marking where the


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