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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 4, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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bay area's latest job creator and why some are worried about how many people will come to gamble. they're serving drinks. >> welcome, everyone. >> reporter: giving tours. and cooking meals even before the casino opens for business. everybody is already busy here. especially the dealers. >> i do think it's going to boost the local economy. >> reporter: and boost is right. half a billion dollars in revenue is expected to pour into the casino every year. thanks to games boasting the latest high-tech touches. >> when i think about technology, i've got 3,000 slot machi machines, 44 table games all networked and a house complement of systems that talk to one another. so this is a large computer laboratory to a degree. >> reporter: and restaurants serving people expected to come from miles away. and to handle all those gamers,
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not to mention all those eaters, the casino created 2,000 new jobs, not to mention 700 temporary construction jobs just to build this thing. >> it means everything to me. i have a son and i want to take care of him and give him the life i want him to have and this is giving me the opportunity to do that. >> i have no experience doing this, but it was a job opportunity. and it's opened up a lot of jobs for a lot of people, and now that i got it, i'm excited. i'm ready to do it. >> reporter: it graton is a 340,000 square foot building giving the bay area a new place to fwam gamble. a growth business in an area that could use some growth but one that will also be forced to deal with massive traffic tie-ups come opening day. >> it's a bit of a game changer. it's a huge facility and a lot of people coming into the county on a daily basis, really, so we're concerned about that, quite frankly, but we appreciate the tribes working with us to
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mitigate those impacts. >> reporter: if you love to gamble, you've got a new place to visit. >> it's a guaranteed great place to be. >> reporter: just give yourself lots of time to get there. now, the casino opens tomorrow at 10:00. it will be open 24 hours a day. it will have extra police officers on duty to help deal with the traffic. it will see an estimated 10,000 cars a day on the only major freeway in and out of sonoma county. raj? >> thank you, scott. almost a $1 billion pronject here. casino games have proven to be lucrative in the south bay. casino matrix opened last august. since its opening the casino generated about $10 million in tax revenue and created 780 jobs in the process. earlier this year, the $50 million room was denied a permit to open on the top floor to high-stakes gambling. san jose police said it would be too hard to make surprise inspections of gaming on upper
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floors. a morgan held daycare worker is accused of putting children in danger by showing up to work drunk. a picture of 58-year-old anna marie lopez. police arrested her at 7:00 this morning at the child development center on west main near peak avenue. she's been booked into santa clara county jail on child endangerment charges. a new development in the shooting death of a 13-year-old santa rosa boy. today his family filed a federal lawsuit. they say the suit will give them a chance to ask the deputy who shot him critical questions about that fateful day. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez spoke with one of the attorneys for sonoma county. what's the county's response tonight? >> reporter: raj, the sonoma county counsel bruce goldstein said he is worried about this lawsuit. he says he believes that it would actually hinder the ideal investigation. he believes there will be a time for lawsuits but says that time is not right now. meanwhile, the attorney for andy
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lopez's family says this lawsuit could actually help uncover the truth. >> will never get over this. they never will. they've got three other children. that's no solace. okay? they miss andy so deeply. so tremendously. >> reporter: and andy lopez's parents have filed a lawsuit in federal court hoping to get just that. their attorney says the family is suing sonoma county and sheriffs deputy erick gelhaus, the officer who opened fire on the 13-year-old after mistaking the replica gun he was carrying for a real one. he a is seen here in a photo obtained by the modern service weapons website. a site the deputy contributes to. >> we will ask him, what the hell were you thinking? okay? this is a 13-year-old boy. and we're going to ask him this question, too. what did you expect him to do when you called out, if not turn
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around and look at you? >> reporter: but the officer's attorney says he truly feared for his life. she's confident he'll be cleared of any alleged misconduct. >> when he yelled one or two times to the young man, andy lopez, to put the gun down, mr. lopez turned and began to raise and point the gun in his direction. it is a tragic situation. he feels the same way. he feels very emotional for the loss of this young man's life. >> reporter: while nothing can bring their son back, lopez's parents want answers and accountability. >> we want justice, and also we want an honest investigation. >> reporter: andy lopez's family says that their family has been absolutely devastated by what has happened. again, they are committed to getting justice. meanwhile, the county counsel for sonoma county says county
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officials are right now focused on helping the community heal from what has happened and doing what they can to ensure something like this never happens again. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. a member of the state public utility commission wants to nearly triple last week's proposed fine for pg&e. which is already a record. a judge recommended a fine of nearly $7 million for poor and potentially misleading record creeping on transmission pipelines. now puc members a fine of $17 million is more appropriate and in line. pg&e spokesperson says the utility is disappoint ed the commission is dissatisfied with their effort. now, to an nbc bay area follow-up. family members hope a new surveillance photo will bring a missing brazilian man back home. they say 23-year-old palo netto disappeared last monday after a frantic phone call to his sister. he told her he was in trouble and swuchomeone was trying to h
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him. san francisco police were giving this surveillance video taken at a mcdonald's restaurant in the mission district. family members say the man caught on camera used netto's credit card. the family is positive it is not netto himself. they're in the bay area looking for new clues. today testimony a career criminal accused of killing a federal prosecutor fathered a child with the victim. today, relatives of convicted felon randy alano testified at his pretrial hearing that he is that teenager's father. prosecutors believe he killed her in an oakland motel and dumped her body in vacaville. the pretrial hearing will determine if there is enough evidence for the case to go on to trial on murder charges. it's the most dangerous intersection in san francisco. now that intersection of octavia and market has claimed another victim. police say a driver hit and k l
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killed a man in a wheelchair crossing this intersection just after midnight. driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. now, the most recent numbers from the san francisco mta show that since 2009, more accidents happened at market and octavia than any other intersection in the city. now, just three days ago the city turned on a new camera system at this intersection in hopes of reducing accidents. a bay area airport that's waited years for takeoff may be turning the corner. san jose spent hundreds of millions of dollars remodeling its terminals. despite the upgrades, airlines weren't adding many flights. tonight, though, signs that investment may be paying off. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live with what it means for everyone. it's a win not only for the airport but for the city, too. >> reporter: yeah, you know, jessica, sjt says this is good news all the way around. the airport has long contended it has a passenger demand, just not the flight to meet that demand. now, things might be about to
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change. at san jose, they've been waiting more than four years for takeoff. a new state of the art airport worth hundreds of millions of dollars. but the flights simply weren't coming. now they are on their way. >> we're so pleased to report that southwest airlines will expand its flight service at mineta san jose international airport in spring of next year. >> reporter: the airport's largest carrier, southwest, says it will add four more daily flights to its service out of here. flights to denver, seattle and orange county. >> southwest are telling us their passenger bookings are incredibly strong and it's time to expand here. >> reporter: for some passengers, they have long been their little travel secret. >> you just get in, you just get out. >> reporter: and no delays like sfo? >> not as much as sfo. yes. >> reporter: others are just now finding out that secret. >> flying in from south bend,
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indiana, and typically would fly -- this was my first time to this airport. it's actually been a pretty good experience. flight's on time. because of this, it's not busy. >> reporter: the airport hopes it does get busy. nippon airways is one of two carriers who added san jose as a destination this year along with virgin america. and the airport says ridership has been higher every month this year. sjc hopes other airlines take note of southwest's action and compete to bring more money to airport and city coffers. >> because of these new flights, they'll be staying in local hotels, eating at local restaurants and overall this equates to more jobs creation for both here at the airport and in locally in our region, too. >> reporter: a region that might finally start seeing its airport take off. particularly at this airport, it seems wherever southwest goes, other airlines want to follow. and by the way, the airport will
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use some of that extra revenue from these flights to pay for its own police officers and, perhaps, hire more. live at sjc, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. still ahead at 6:00, a south bay city tackles a nationwide problem. the unprecedented move and why some say the change is a violation of the constitution. also coming up, treating a child's disease with marijuana. the controversial medicine that has one school drawing the line. and the a's in san francisco. the team responding to a new report that would have them moving across the bay to at&t park. and we have a newly issued frost advisory for parts of north bay up above 1,000 feet for tonight. there are the clear skies right now. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we'll talk about how the clearing will lead to temperatures in the 30s, coming up in just a few minutes.
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twitter expected to go
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public with its stock this week. now they've raised the possible asking price to around $25. the company had previously planned to sell shares for up to $20. twitter says the plan will sell about 70 million shares. whatever happens with twitter's ipo this week, the company already made a big splash in san francisco. today mayor ed lee showed off how twitter is changing the once seedy part of market street. here's nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. >> reporter: there was a time long ago when san francisco's market street was the beating heart of the city. in recent decades, central market was a place to avoid. that was before a couple years ago when the city used a payroll tax break to lure twitter to tenth and market. >> we're seeing the beginning i think of a renaissance that people want to be here. >> reporter: today the tech boom's biggest cheerleader, san francisco mayor ed lee, stroll mid market pointing out the flood of business that's followed in twitter's wake. >> there's the new home of the
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act theater. >> reporter: from a new act theater, to the soon to open dobe labs, to the 5,500 units of new housing expected to open in the area soon, central market is on the move. jeannie kim says friends told her she was crazy when she bought sam's diner in 2006. now she says business is so good she's expanded. >> it's been great. there's definitely been a change of customer base. the demographics have changed. >> reporter: the city says 17 companies have relocated to central market since 2011. along with 13 small businesses like huckleberry bicycle. now with twitter on the verge of its initial stock offering, lee is hoping more benefits will trickle town. >> simply it means more jobs, means investor confidence. means support for all levels of business. >> reporter: some say the offshoot of the city's boom is high rent and increased eviction. >> how much of that money is
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going toward food banks and affordable housing? >> reporter: lee says 1,400 of the new homes opening on market street are below market rate housing and while crime and safety are concerns in the area, some see change coming just up the street. joe rosato jr. in modesto, the family of a 7-year-old student is at odds with the school district over his epilepsy medicine. every day jayden's father has to pick him up during lunchtime, drive him 1,000 feet from campus to administer his medicine to stop chronic seizures. because jayden takes a liquid form of medical marijuana, the school district has made them -- has stopped it. >> to me, this is inhumane. it's inhumane to not give a child in something that's saving their life. >> it does not deliver a high, but the police chief says the drug is being tested and soon should be approved. until then, though, jayden's father will have to administer the marijuana, himself. tonight, for the first time
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in about ten years we're seeing a 100 foot tugboat that's been stuck at the bottom of the oakland estuary. the operation to remove the tug is part of a major cleanup effort in the water near park avenue and blanding avenue in alameda. see the map there. the tugboat is nicknamed "captain al" and getting it to the surface has been no easy task. it's taken two months of coordination and a lot of preparation to clean up this mess. federal, state and local agencies are involved. the cost? about 5 million bucks paid for by grants. >> the "al" anywhere between seven and nine years ago, sunk, somewhere in that range. 100 foot. there wasn't a lot of marine information on it. the designs were not available to us. >> not just this tugboat, authorities say there are about 20 more boats, cars and other things under the water as they describe it. which will also be lifted out of the estuary in the next few weeks. all right. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri who joins us.
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boy, it's starting to feel like fall. >> yeah, you know, cooler weather throughout parts of the south bay today. struggled to get out of the 60s in san jose. officially 67. i know in the sun it did feel warmer. a little bit below average. 7 1, livermore. 71, concord. we'll undergo warming over the next 18 to 24 hours. that is after we start off with the cold morning tomorrow morning especially in the north bay. national weather service has now issued a frost advisory for all of our north bay cities from 3:00 a.m. on tuesday, until 8:00 a.m. so make sure to take in those pets and protect the plants tonight with extended hours of temperatures in the 30s. fake you outside right now with the time change. it is darker, of course, sooner. we have that official sunrise coming at 6:42 tomorrow morning and the sunset at 5:07. that's palo alto lit up like a kma christmas tree tonight. a lot of traffic per normal. another view tonight. see on this monday evening in san francisco, city lights shining bright. no fog in view. currently a slight offshore wind
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and that is what is going to help temperatures to stay comfortable here for tomorrow. let's two ahead and get a look. we're seeing the first look forecast. is, well, some great weather here as we head throughout our forecast on tuesday. start with the cold temperatures with 40s at 5:00 a.m. mainly clear skies. by 11:00 a.m., still in the 60s. but don't worry. it is going to jump up into the 70s. more on that in a second. the only hitch, though, i did want to pinpoint is the air quality. the north bay, it will be moderate levels for tomorrow. if you suffer from allergies, that could cause you problems. inland, temperatures, low 70s as we head throughout tuesday. upper 6 0z by the bay. low 60s at the coastline. little bit warmer for wednesday. we'll start to go back down by thursday. we'll have details coming up in our next possible rain in the few forecast. everybody is looking forward to potentially some raindrops. >> okay thank you, jeff. coming up, a plan to transform a blithed area of the south bay. i'm sam brock. tomorrow voters in the same area will consider school bond measures, measures that are really important for their respective communities. how do you know how much they'll
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actually cost you? i'm not talking about the number on the ballot, either. tonight's "reality check" we investigate claims that voters are being duped at the polls when it comes to school bonds. stay tuned. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know?
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san jose councilman says a new proposal could turn a struggling south bay park into a downright neighborhood attraction. councilman sam licardo wants to revamp st. james park, in the city's most historic neighborhood. it has a long history of problems. licardo wants to build a pavilion at the site. the bandstand would host free concerts and shows like those in los angeles. the proposal goes before the san jose rules committee next yewee published reports that the
6:23 pm
a's and giants could share at&t park. the a's said late today, quote, according to managing partner lew wolff we plan to extend our lease in oakland. if the a's and coliseum officials cannot reach a short-term lease agreement the league office would step in. the idea, have the a's play at at&t poark while they determine the next move. it's the length of the lease in oakland and how much money the team makes from concessions. still to come here at 6:00, lady gaga tickets, free flights. new accusations revealing serious national security safety breaches within the navy. plus -- >> i'm marianne favro. will voters in sunnyvale embrace new gun legislation or shoot it down? find out why the nation is watching. the mystery unfolding in the sea. the widespread star fish deaths and the fear that it could
6:24 pm
spread to more sea life along the west coast. stay with us.
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nationally, it's a hot topic. and tomorrow it will play out locally. sunnyvale voters deciding on gun control legislation. it's a decision the nation will be watching. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us in sunnyvale this evening to explain the details.
6:27 pm
>> reporter: raj, they'll be watching the outcome closely. because several other cities throughout the nation are also considering similar legislation. so they want to see what voters here will be doing with measure "c." they're also interested because the nra is already threatening to sue if measure "c" passes. proponents of measure "c" say it will help prevent tragedies like the one that left 26 people dead in newtown, connecticut, last december. >> it has to stop. we can no longer have children's lives lost because someone is able to get a gun and take it to school and shoot young adults. these tragedies have to stop. we have to take a stand. >> reporter: if approved, measure "c" would prohibit sunnyvale residents have having ammunition magazines that hold more than ten rounds and require people to report lost or stolen guns to police within 48 hours and require firearms to be locked up when not in use. it would also require registration for ammo purchases which sellers must keep on file
6:28 pm
for two years. >> i think it's due, and i'm all for it. >> reporter: but one sunnyvale resident who asked not to be identified said measure "c" would take away his rights. >> i believe you probably should keep most of them locked up, but if you have one gun that's set up for home defense, it's doing you no good locked in a safe. you can't stand there and say, hold up on the robbery, i got to unlock my gun. >> reporter: the owner of u.s. firearms also opposed the proposed gun laws. >> they drive sales out of sunnyvale. >> reporter: on its website the nra says measure "c" would do nothing to reduce violent crime or firearm accidents and is vowing to sue if the measure passes to protect what it calls infringements on the right to bear arms. >> the first night at city council, the very first statement, we're going to sue you. then sue us. we have to stand up for the people who need to be protected. >> reporter: and new york city major michael bloomberg will also be watching this election
6:29 pm
very closely because he gave $3,000 to the yes on measure "c" campaign. reporting live in sunnyvale, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. it's not the only key measure on the ballot in the bay area tomorrow. voters in san francisco will also weigh in on a high-profile measure. that initiative is called washington street and would transform the waterfront along the embarcadero. the proposal includes creating new housing, public parks, open space, and adding sidewalk cafes. okay. should a school bond measure approved for $100 million actually cost taxpayers $1 billion to pay off? that nightmare has actually come true in a southern california school district. >> that bond, and others like it, have forced local authorities to focus on how schools are financing bonds. in tonight's "reality check" nbc bay area's sam brock investigates claims that san mateo county is one of those offenders. the taxpayers consider approving new school bonds tomorrow. >> raj, jessica, good evening. measure "p" is up for a vote in
6:30 pm
san mateo, foster city. if passed it would deliver millions a district desperately needs to address overcrowding and aging buildings. what cost to san mateo taxpayers? a recent report says the county is racking up billions in taxpayer dollars by issuing elaborate bonds called cabs that voters didn't approve. is that true? the numbers are way off. the concept rings true that voters often don't know what they're voting for. by most definitions, this is what you'd call a cab. a vehicle that for a premium will take you where you need to go. but in school districts sprinkled throughout san mateo county, and all over the state for that matter, taxpayers are learning about a different kind of cab. what's called a capital appreciation bond that also, for a premium, will take school projects where may need to go. not everybody is keen on the idea. >> i call it creative financing. you can call it fuzzy math,
6:31 pm
whatever you like. the fact is it's like pulling the wool over the taxpayers' eyes. >> reporter: san mateo county resident, matthew, expresses his recent shock about learning about c.a.b.s. described in a grand jury report as, quote, ticking time bombs. you see, conventional bonds require regular payments on principal and interest and cost taxpayers 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 times the principal. c.a.b. defers payments and builds up interest that costs taxpayers three, four, six, ten times the orange nap principal. >> when the money is due later on where is it going to come from? how do you come up with $900 million or billion in 30 years from now? where is that money going to come from? >> a district can only issue what they can spend in three years. >> reporter: denise porterfield is san mateo's financial guru, responsible for overseeing finances of all 23 county school districts. she say s typically school bond measures get chopped up into
6:32 pm
several pieces, not one bond. she says when san mateo issues the c.a.b.s. they're typically for shorter terms, only a few years. then there's the report, itself, we discovered is riddled with errors. it says the outstanding c.a.b.s. in san hmateo will cost taxpayes $2 trillion. the figure shown in the report is actually $2 billion. that's a big difference. as it concerns the san mateo union high school district, the civil grand jury has accused it of selling three c.a.b.s in recent years, $190 million in funds that will cost taxpayers $1 billion to pay off down the road. is that true? >> i don't know how that could be accurate when it's approximately $1 billion. their total indebtedness. >> reporter: the reality is san mateo union is on the hook for about $1 billion in total debt right now. that's bonds that have already been issued. according to the school district, that does include two c.a.b.s that will have to be paid back eventually at almost
6:33 pm
five times that amount. san no te'o union says when you include the conventional bond, the figure shrinks considerably. did you know this is how school bond measures are being financed? alicia minion fears it is no. she's a certified fraud examiner who serves on a state watch dog committee for school bonds and trying to educate voters on what they're not being told when they vote for school bond measures. >> the voter information dropped in such a way to really pull at your heart strings and make you feel good about voting for a school bond. when you promise a lower tax rate, wow, this doesn't really cost me very much. you know, i will go ahead and vote yes. unb unbeknownst, you may have been duped. >> reporter: school bond measures are paid with taxes on your assessed home value. elementary or union high school district can charge you up to $30 for every $100,000 your home is worth. unified districts can charge up to there are 60. as you'll see, they often don't.
6:34 pm
measure "p "", the high profile $130 million ballot measure in san mateo foster city, up for a vote this week has a tax rate of $19. well below the maximum rate. the gamble school districts are making is that your home values will increase in future years, enough to keep those tax rates relatively low. in the home projections miss their mark, it creates a bonding shortfall. that's when school districts issue c.a.b.s for other similar notes in the short term. >> it is a way to bridge that financing until the assessed values come back up. so that they can then be paid for by the approved them. >> reporter: porterfield said keeping the funding going is critical especially if the schools are unsafe. >> that always has to be the consideration. you know, not doing any bonds and letsing its facilities fall apart is not what taxpayers want either. >> reporter: in the case of san mateo county high school, the studen students wouldn't have a new performing arts center without school bonds.
6:35 pm
it's crucial for new technology, to more classroom space. are the immediate improvements worth push hiing higher costs t folks down the road? parents worry that voters must make that decision without knowing the real cost implicati implications. >> if you have a bond measure and certain amount of money the taxpayers have voted for, that's certain. so let's get the financing put in place. that's certain. and let's not guess on these other items or guess on the value of the property going up and more revenue coming in. >> if they choose a c.a.b. structure, it's not going to harm you personally today. it's going to harm whoever -- whoever lives in that district 10 or 20 years from now. those are the ones who are going to have to pay for it. >> and if your district has some of these c.a.b. bonds it doesn't mean you're going to wake up one day and have a giant balloon payment at your koor step. san mateo union, their c.a.b.s are paid off a little bitter ev single year.
6:36 pm
bottom line, school districts don't tell you the real cost of school bond measures at the ballot. you need to press school officials to get those answers. i'm sam brock and that's today's "reality check." back to you. >> thank you, sam. very good information. heavily sedated and under guard. the suspect in the deadly shooting at l.a.x. remains in critical condition tonight. today police revealed 23-year-old paul ciancia legally bought the semiautomatic rifle at a gun range near his apartment in l.a. the weapon is reportedly collapsible and could fit inside the suspect's bag. he worked as a motorcycle mechanic is accused of killing a tsa officer and wounding three others last friday before being shot in the head by police. the shooting is renewed the debate on whether tsa officers should carry guns. a bribery scandal is threatening the reputation of the u.s. navy tonight. court documents reveal a navy commander passed confidential information on shipping routes to a malaysian defense contractor in exchange for
6:37 pm
hookers and show tickets. documents show the two would move navy vessels like chess pieces and contractors would overcharge the navy millions of dollars for food, fuel and other services natu services. coming up, is there bullying in the national football league? a stanford alum is in the middle of a bizarre case that's getting national headlines. also new warnings about the ancient practice of yoga that has some concern there may be more risk than reward. and chilly air already starting to set in across the bay right now. a frost advisory in effect. good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we'll talk about the cold temperatures and rain now making it in that seven-day forecast in just about 15 minutes.
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a miami dolphins player is facing a lot of heat tonight. accused of hazing and bullying so severe it led to a teammate quitting. offensive lineman and stanford alum jonathan martin left the team last week. he said he received continuous death threats and was at the end of racial insults from teammate richie incognito. the dolphins suspended incognito indefinitely. it turns out he has a history of trouble. >> had a lot of issues, got kicked out of nebraska. you know, we had the category dndc, do not draft because of character. >> incognito is accused of forcing rookies to pays for expensive items like a $30,000
6:41 pm
dinner. the nfl is now leading this investigation. in "health matters" men and yoga is a mix that now comes with a warning. a "new york times" science writer claims more emergency rooms are reporting yoga injuries and the patients are often men often with a competitive nature. experts say they use their muscle to force themselves into challenging poses and then wouldn't you know, they get hurt. even though women are more flexible, they tend to run the risk of damaging hip joints and some extreme classes. yoga experts say it's vital to pay attention to pain and back off if something begins to hurt. >> and competitive nature was the key phrase in that story. supposed to be zen. >> yes. >> people like to get into it. >> i can see it now. i've never entered one of those classes and i think i'm going to stay out of those. >> all right. is it already dark outside? >> it is. this is wild, right? i want to go to bed already with this sun setting so much earlier.
6:42 pm
live look outside of our san be berno camera toward the bay bridge. we'll talk about the cold temperatures and when rain returns in about five minutes. all right, jeff. the warriors run roughshod over the 76ers. s a's may be letting two big arms go. meanwhile the 49ers may be getting a couple of key players back. which means sending another packing. we'll have that and more from the xfinity sports desk.
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6:44 pm
star fish wasting away and dying off in large numbers along our coastline. it is happening again and scientists are stumped as to why. nbc bay area's kris sanchez talked with researchers about what's happening and how you can help the next time you walk the beach. >> reporter: it's a very lonely
6:45 pm
life for the last living ocra star fish at the marine discovery center in santa cruz. last week, there were several dozen here but all but this one have died. uc santa cruz researchers are puzzled. they say something, likely a bacteria, is killing them in huge numbers. >> we were out three weeks ago. me saw in evidence of it. three weeks later we saw probably 506% of individuals were affected. >> reporter: this is swrovideo what it looked like when the star fish were thriving last year and what it looked like months later after they wasted away. scientists say the star fish are getting sores that cause their legs to fall off. after that their bodies basically dissolve. and it's happening all along the west coast. here in the bay area, those red pins show the cases biologists know about and now they're hoping beachgoers can help them by adding their own pins when they see wasting star fish. >> this is really not hard to detect because they're basically just falling apart. check out our website. if they have a report, upload it. that will help the research
6:46 pm
community. >> reporter: researchers say the data may help determine exactly what's killing off the star fish before the mystery spreads to other species. in santa cruz, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. we have created a link to the site where you can help scientists with your sea star wasting disease observations. find it on our website, okay. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it is cold. it is dark. well, that's just the way it for the rest of the year, isn't it? >> yeah, definitely at least for the next couple of days. we do have a frost advisory issued by the national weather service for the north bay where we'll have widespread 30s for tomorrow morning. so right now, remember to take in those pets and cover up those plants. you still have a couple hours before those temperatures will drop down. just as a sidebar here, frost advisories are usually issued when we stay near about 32 to 35 degrees for at least two consecutive hours. the other thing on the weather plate, so it speak tonight, is the fact we have rainfall very close off to the north. eventually we do think that jet stream, storm pattern is going
6:47 pm
to snap and we'll get rainfall in the bay area. just not going to be for tomorrow. so, yes, more sunshine expected. once we get over that cold start. at 5:00 a.m., temperatures in the upper 30s. also low 40s. by 11:00 a.m., still on the chilly side. pretty much everyone expected to be in the 60s. let's get you outside to the high definition sky camera network. we fine tuned them with the earlier sunset. see it across downtown sf. look at the right of your screen. if you have an hd screen at home, see the flag is blowing from the east to the west. that's a slight offshore wind and going to help to warm us up for tomorrow. we'll also take you here to our next camera view across the silicon valley. and you can see in san jose tonight, it's also looking excellent this evening. we'll have a lot of radiational cooling tonight. any kind of daytime heating we had escaping into the upper atmosphere. some of the coldest, napa at 35. santa rosa, 38. st. helena at 37. low 40s in the east bay. right near the peninsula and also the bay. temperatures in the mid to also upper 40s. we'll go with 44 expected in san
6:48 pm
jose. some spots in extreme south bay could definitely be in the upper 30s for sure. like santa teresa. all right. let's get look throughout tuesday. we'll get warming in here. 72 in san jose. also 74 in gilroy. numbers pretty much the same in the east bay. we're all being influenced by the same air mass above. so we'll have 73 in livermore. 73, dublin. 71, castro valley. at the coastlanine, 60s. vallejo, 72. berkeley, 7 o. oakland, 71. next possibility of rainfall not until late sunday night. as we transition into monday next week, not a big storm system but may see a tenth of an inch to 3 tenths of an inch at this point. we're counting every raindrop because we do need it. the seven-day forecast, looking good with low to mid 70s inland. upper 60s to near 70 by the bay we'll see showers to the north
6:49 pm
by friday. looks dry for us, still. our chance will be sunday, also into monday. we'll continue to tack that and remember to cover up the plants tonight. >> yeah, jacket weather saturday. got to carry it with me. >> get it out. >> thank you, jeff. let's get to sports. from our comcast sportsnet newsroom. big moves by the 49ers today involving high profile players. jim? >> yeah, absolutely. this may be shocking to some. get right to it. 49ers won five straight. the offense is cooking. scoring over 30 points in each contest. colin kaepernick is set to have one more weapon at his disposal. mario manningham added to the 49ers roster. head been on the physically unable to perform list all season. he had a knee injury dating back to last year. he is expected to make an immediate impact on the field. cornerback eric wright has also been reinstated. he'll be on the active roster. here's why. 49ers waived asomugha.
6:50 pm
he'd fallen behind number three corner brock in the depth charts. 32-year-old asomugha is married to "scandal" actress carrie washington. he signed a $1.3 million contract the in april. from a former raider to a current one, torched by nick foles on sunday. we head to alameda where head coach dennis allen is left picking up the pieces. >> we got a group of prideful men in that locker room. coaches and players. and we're going to take the necessary steps, do the things we have to do and get the things corrected and play better football. that's what our job is. it's one game. it's one day. it's one loss. obviously we're always disappointed when you, in the manner in which that loss happened. but still one loss.
6:51 pm
there's no question there's a bad taste in our mouth right now. don't know if it was fresh clippings or what, but the national football league is all about what have you done for me lately? it's what do you do out there on sunday? you know, if you want to be a top-notch defense, you got to bring it every week, and we got to do a better job next week. >> next week, new york for the giants. nba, warriors start a four game road swing. they're up against the undefeated 76ers. that's andre iguodala on the alley-oop into the alley. from mid-court, curry with a pass. curry had a triple. double. second quarter warriors up 15. iguodala, around the back pass. david lee gets the easy one. look at that. that is crazy stuff. warriors up 34 at the half. the third, more andre iguodala. he hits his seventh three-pointer of the night. a career high. warriors a winner, 110-90. baseball where we go next. some a's news. the athletics will not extend qualifying offers to pitchers
6:52 pm
bartolo colon and clint ballfour. both pitchers can still sign with the a's, but they are free to sign with another team if they get a better offer. i like basketball highlights. watch this. this is jevante douglas, 6'7" s sophomore, plays for central florida. has his armpit up there on the rim. are you kidding me? do guys jump that high? did he have a mini trampoline out there? oh, my goodness. i couldn't do that on a nerve hoop in my prime. i love the basketball dunk highlights, though. we'll have more highlights. >> a mini trampoline. >> that was unbelievable. how high was he? raj, how high was he up there on the rim? >> jim is losing his voice. it's definitely gone up a few octao. we have confirmed with the san mateo's d.a.'s office, came harris was convicted of
6:53 pm
misdemeanor domestic violence and battery charges today. he's also a stanford alum. he faces up to a year in prison. the court says he'll probably get ten days in county jail with probation. the charges stem from a fight in the parking lot of a menlo park restaurant with his ex-boyfriend last year. the fight was said to be over table manners. we're back in a moment.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
too many flights, not enough pilots is what critics say could be creating a safety problem in many international flights. nbc bay area's investigative reporters and the team spent the last several months visiting many flight schools where they teach foreign pilots.
6:56 pm
>> jessica, our research shows there's growing demand for international commercial pilots, especially at airlines located in the pacific rim. asia. several veteran flight instructors believe that demand has created a system which forces many young, inexperienced pilots to be rushed into the cockpits of large jumbo jets where hundreds of lives are at stake. coming up tonight, we take you behind the scenes inside the cockpits and inside flight schools all over the west coast. each of these schools specialize training of those international pilots. it's here where veteran flight inspectors worry some of the students graduate without being fully prepared to fly big judge m jumbo jets >> it does worry me and should worry any responsible pilot that co-pilots are getting into cockpits these days and quite simply they're unprepared. they're unprepared for the task that they're being paid. >> travel with our investigative team tonight as we uncover this
6:57 pm
little known system of training foreign pilots here on u.s. soil. then they ship their pilots back home to fly large airplanes with relatively little training in hands-on manual flying skills. that tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. see you then. >> see you at 11:00. every year the holidays seem to start earlier and earlier. sears and kmart announced now they will open on thanksgiving morning. at 6:00 a.m. before you even have your turkey. for the first time they'll remain open all the way through black friday. kmart already took heat from shoppers when it aired its first holiday ad in september. and macy's announced last month it would open most of its stores on thanksgiving night for the first time in its 155-year history. >> i think this is good for jeff. you have so much extra time to get me my gift. >> oh my goodness. i'll start tonight. i love you guys.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> crazy new video, josh brolin getting in two drunken brawls. now on "extra." ♪ a raging fist fight with a bouncer. a screaming match with a attraction driver. >> stop this car, dude. >> josh brolin's fully loaded melt down nearly one year after his arrest for public intoxication. >> newly recovered video checking in kris jenner at the airport last christmas. shania twain's tell all.


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