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tv   Today  NBC  November 5, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, thanks for joining us for a fun day monday, november 4th. hope you had a great weekend. hodi did. >> i saw your instagram. i follow instagram. >> look at you. >> by the way, rehoboth beach, delaware, over the weekend was spectacular. it was in the 70s. i went with my mom. me and my mom, blake got cut out of the picture. he's there. this is my mom, the coffee shop we go to.
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my mom's closest friend, umi. by the way, my mom and umi are two turbo chefs. my mom made meatballs that were so succulent, i'm thinking about them. >> stop talking like that. >> and umi made martaubuk, an indonesia meat patty wrappy thing, it was so good. >> delicious. and you took blake-y and boots wasn't there. >> boots? no, he wasn't there. he was busy. but anyway, we had fun. >> good. >> how was your weekend? >> it was a good weekend. it was quiet. >> yep. >> and i like it that way. i know there was something i did. i shot on -- on friday i worked. i shot every one of the anchors has been asked to do a piece on the most -- the person who has been most inspirational in your life. i'm not going to say who it was. we're going to save that for later. i shot that on friday. >> oh, you did? >> yeah. yeah. and then it just seemed to go too fast. you know, when you have a workday on the weekend.
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>> yes. >> by the way, we want to clear something up. >> we do? >> yes. >> oh, this was perpetrated on us and it wasn't true. >> remember how we said there was a wine shortage and everyone was talking about it. it was on all the shows. apparently it's not true. there will not be a wine shortage. >> morgan stanley was wrong. they reported the 2012 harvest produced the deepest shortfall in over 40 years. certain people started to panic, like crazy. well, thanks to better than expected grape production in spain and italy, everything's good. >> everything is fine. there's a bumper crop out there in the u.s. >> and there's a major bumper crop going on in monterey, which i'll tell you about later. >> you've got a lot to toast about. >> later, later, later. >> first, we're going to talk about ms. renee zellweger. terrific actress. and we know -- is this the new picture? >> yeah. >> this is renee zellweger before. >> yep. >> and this is renee zellweger now.
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>> i don't think that's so much difference. >> no. >> what? what are they alleging she's done? >> well, i don't know. let's see if we can investigate and see. >> i think she looks great. i mean -- any -- >> something's different. >> mid grimace can make it look like that. i'd like to a little something. >> i don't know. i can't tell from that at all. and first of all, i'm one to talk, you know. like i'm going to -- first of all, she can do whatever she wants, it's her body. and i -- if i were a well known actress, i would be hesitant to do a lot of stuff. because then you can't play age appropriate anymore. >> yeah. >> look at meryl streep does nothing and judy dench and maggie smith, and they get to play all these great roles. >> and they always go back to on
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another note jennifer grey on "dirty dancing." and she was very distinctive looking and then she had her nose done and she sort of blended in with everybody. >> and didn't see much of her career after that. >> right. sometimes it can be detrimental. >> well, we have the very fine author of "the bridget jones diaries." she's on with us today. we'll ask her. because obviously the new book "mad about the boy" will be made into a movie. >> sure. >> and if renee is going to play the title character at the age of, i think, 51? >> yeah. >> well, it's going to have to be her, but they have to figure out how to make it -- >> that's why they have make-up. >> if you were watching fallon the other day, you may have been shocked because harrison ford was on with him. and harrison ford has a pierced ear. >> he's had it for years. >> well, he wanted to convince jimmy to pierce his ear on the air. take a look. >> because he's one of the coolest people in history, i want to be like him, i've asked harrison ford to pierce my ear. i've never had my ear pierced, i'm very scared about this.
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>> this is -- um -- a topical anesthetic. there's supposed to be two of them, but -- >> why does he get that? wait. why aren't there two of them? is it happening? is it happening now? >> no, it's not happening. you'll know when it's happening. wait, wait, wait. relax, i'm marking the spot. >> ow! >> we've got to get a photo. get a photo of me and harrison ford. >> did he scream when it happened? oh, look. >> he did. >> they bonded. they bonded over their ears. >> oh, my god, how cute is that?
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love them both. if you were in the tv mode, you may have seen "snl," kerry washington was the guest host. >> she's the busiest woman in the world these days. >> she won refs all over. we love that song, "what does the fox say." ♪ what does the fox say >> anyway, she does -- there's a digital short where there's a takeoff on "what does the fox say" and an argument she got into with her boyfriend after he texted another girl. >> i think i understand. >> take a look. who cares. ♪ that y'all should know ♪ what does my girl say ♪ ♪ what does my girl say ♪ who dat who dat ♪ who dat who dat ♪ what does my girl say ♪ got you, got you now ♪ what does my girl say ♪ you done you done you done messed up now ♪ ♪ what my girl say
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>> that is good. come on. >> i heard when they went to the after party, one of the clubs when she walked in with her new -- i guess it was her new husband, standing ovation. >> you're kidding. >> the cast and everybody. which is nice. >> and she is well along in her lovely little pregnancy. 4 months pregnant. >> she did mention that on the show. she looks good. >> the first thursday of every month -- ♪ everyone has a moment >> i know you wait for it. wait for it. wait for it. show a little respect. oh. i could listen to her forever. all right. it's time for our everyone has a story -- >> i was singing along like i like to do. >> okay. >> i'm ready. >> we're going to speak with pat leahy from washington, d.c., he was born with a rare genetic eye disease, left him with only 4% of his vision. doctors told him he would never
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lead a normal life. but pat defied the odds and became an incredibly accomplished athlete. currently working on a documentary to help inspire kids with disabilities to get into sports, and it was his brother who wrote in a beautiful, beautiful letter about him. i think he's on skype with us. hey, pat. >> hi. >> how are you? >> hi, hoda. doing great. looking forward to it. >> well, you have an incredible story to tell, pat. and we're looking forward to you coming on up here to new york and sharing it with us. you going to bring your brother? >> i am. my brother and whoever else, my guide dog. i don't know if you can see him there. >> no, he's not on skype. what kind is he? >> he's a yellow labrador. >> we'll see him when you get here. congratulations. >> thank you. >> we're looking forward to seeing you, hon. >> thanks again. >> all right. >> god bless. favorite things. you want to start, hoda woman? >> we have a great, great woman who works here at nbc or helps us out. her name is theresa.
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her daughter came up with this popcorn. it's called izzy pop popcorn. she got all dressed up and she's here with her pink boots on. >> she's adorable. >> it's flavored popcorn, $3.75 a bag, 10% of the proceeds go to the make a wish foundation. >> and it was her idea to have this. >> her idea. wonderful, congratulations to her. i love it when kids get involved like that. >> me too. >> they learn so early how easy it is to change the world a little bit. that's awesome. well, last week i flew down to charlotte i told you for that wonderful event for my friend. now the next morning i got on a plane to fly to california. and i had this book that a friend of mine robert shepherd had given me to read but i hadn't read it yet. there was this very nice gentleman sitting next to me. well, i read this book and i was sobbing. it's called "the day the world came to town."
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and it's basically of what happened in gander, newfoundland on 9/11 when all the flights that were destined into america had to be rerouted and hundreds of them had to go to gander. little tiny town that basically just refuels, at this point, private planes and stuff. and it's the story of how this little town came together to help everybody that was stranded and the different stories -- an amazing movie. but i'm sobbing my eyes out during it and this man sitting next to me goes, i'm sorry, are you okay? i'm fine. it's the kindness of these cities. my wife's birthday's coming up, she'd probably like that book. i said, i'll sign it to her. so wherever robin is, i wish her a happy birthday. that's why i don't have the book. >> i want to get it. real quick. we want to remind you to vote for the teacher of the year contest. midnight tonight is the last night to vote. we have three terrific, terrific
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teachers. so make your vote. >> i guess we are not going to talk to our fan of the week right now. going to do it a little bit later. she's bringing bridget jones back to her adoring fans without mr. darcy. >> say it ain't so he. >> author heather fielding tells us why you'll still be mad about her latest book. and it's saving money monday. we'll tell you how to save as much as $900 a year on your grocery bill. and we have jason statham with us today. unbelievable new book. that's all the hollywood buzz coming up. >> stay with us. we've got a good show. >> yeah, we do. [ female announcer ] this is laura.
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missed when you were turning back your clocks this weekend. >> here to dish, bonny fuller and roseanne colletti. this weekend, ladies -- >> big weekend. all right. let's talk about justin bieber because seems like every week there's something else. he was in brazil, and what happened? what did he do? >> okay. he was up to his old antics. he was photographed coming out of a very well-known brothel called santora. but he was covered in a blanket. the only problem was is that his arm was sticking out and his arm has a very distinctive tattoo. >> very distinctive. >> that's right. id 'd by the arm. >> prostitutes are not illegal. >> prostitution is not illegal, brothels are. now, reportedly he was in the brothel for three hours. however, there is -- >> we don't know what he was doing in there, observing. but there was a report that he had been asked to leave his
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hotel because they created such a crowd and such a consternation at the hotel they had to leave. he was looking for a place he could come and go and was apparently told this was a members only club. >> he wanted to be somewhere private. but what's interesting -- the brothels may be illegal, but it is on tourists lists. it's a well-known site. >> he's the biggest -- one of the biggest pop stars in the world. he can certainly have any girl he wants of that sort. so why in the world would he pay $500 for sex? >> right. >> or go to a place like that. >> we don't know that's what he did when he was there. >> but what this girl is saying, the one he hired, apparently. there's been a picture of the two girls that came back to the hotel with him. >> it's risky. >> unbelievably risky behavior, isn't it? >> we forget, he is 19 years old. and even though he's very wealthy and very famous, he's 19. >> his brain has not matured.
2:21 am
>> let's talk about khloe and lamar. what is happening with those two? >> well, things are not looking good for khloe and lamar. khloe did two interesting things this weekend, went out without wearing her wedding ring wearing a different ring on the ring finger. and the other thing she did was instagramed a saying from buddha and she talked about letting go of love gracefully when it's not meant for you. >> oh, she did? >> yeah. >> she's deep, i think, khloe is. >> she's having a really, really hard time. she was very much in love with him. and she's extraordinarily disappointed in him. and wants to do the right thing but also wants to have a happy life. i think khloe's going to make the right decision whenever she makes it. >> well, do you think he is in denial and that's really -- he says he loves her she always has his back. >> but that's the problem. >> he's got to get over his problems. or else they can't have a life together.
2:22 am
>> a controversial statement. >> that wacky girl. >> it goes with having one name, i think. you have to be a little eccentric. she was doing a chat with her fans on facebook and one asked her, if you had one minute to ask sonny a question or say something to him, what would it be? and she said, how hot is it where you come from? she's cher, she's making a joke. but on the other hand, it is known that she divorced him because he cheated on her all the time. and this was something she didn't really find out until after they separated. there were problems in the marriage, but she didn't know to the extent that he'd been going around behind her back. >> but she doesn't think he's -- i think she said it -- knowing her personality as something funny. >> she also loved him because he was the father of her child. so, you know, those kinds of relationships are complicated. >> so complicated she thinks he's still haunting her? >> that is true. >> probably is.
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>> thanks, ladies. >> thanks so much. he brought us one direction, now simon cowell introduces us to fifth harmony. >> you're in for a wild ride with the guy who drove from new york to l.a. in under 29 hours. plus, we'll get a chance to talk to helen fielding, then jason statham, what a show! ♪ [ male announcer ] new vicks dayquil severe. helps relieve your ugliest, nastiest, roughest, toughest cold symptoms. new dayquil severe. with maximum symptom fighting ingredients. ♪ new vicks nyquil severe. helps relieve your ugliest, nastiest, roughest, toughest nighttime cold symptoms. new nyquil severe. with maximum symptom fighting ingredients. ♪ a tiny breakfast helps us weigh less? eat all this with new special k multi-grain cereal. data shows women who eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who don't.
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bridget jones, mad about the boy hit shelves a month ago and it's been causing, shall we say, quite the stir. >> we last heard from bridget 14 years ago, and now at 51, bridget has two children and get this has lost her beloved husband mark darcy. >> helen fielding is the book's author and you can get a chance to talk to with her a little bit later. but first, it's our turn. did you have any idea? first of all, welcome, that this was going to cause such an outpouring of grief.
2:28 am
mourning, all kinds of things. it's quite an homage to the work you've done. >> it's quite a shock. i knew people wouldn't mind. i wasn't expecting to turn on the news and see the syria crisis and mark darcy is dead on the bbc. but i think it's a tribute, first to jane austen, and then to me, and then to -- >> how is bridget at 51? i have trouble picturing her this old. >> no, it's very interesting you say that, though, because you have this image of a woman in her 50s. >> yeah. >> as sort of a tight gray perm and starting to knit and wearing a shawl. >> not anymore, but there was a day. >> i wondered, should i put her age or not? and i thought, you know what, i'm going to do it. because what i'm seeing around me is women are still looking great. they've got it all going on. >> they've got modern technology in there. she goes on. she goes on twitter.
2:29 am
>> life goes on, love goes on. >> how is dating for bridget in this technical world? >> and also, does she have her same problems of self-worth and her weight and all that stuff too? >> well, i think like most of us, you imagine she was going to change when she got older and actually she hasn't really. but, again, like a lot of women, she finds herself single and the whole landscape has changed. she didn't even have a mobile phone before. texting, there's twitter, there's online dating, the whole thing's completely different. >> viagra. none of that was there before. >> did you see the picture of renee zellweger? we showed a little split screen. >> i didn't, no. >> here it is, you can see. people are wondering if she got -- >> a little bit of something happening there. >> no, i don't think so. i think it's just one of those pictures that you look at and you go -- >> she's famous. and you get photographed.
2:30 am
>> are there plans for a film? >> well, i hope there's a film. it's a little early to be making a film, it would be great if they did. >> you'll be very busy because you'll be chatting with fans at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. so to sign up, go to tweet your questions using #todaysbookclub. >> thank you. >> all the best to you. and jason statham is here.
2:31 am
2:32 am
we're back on this fun day monday with one of hollywood's most sought off action stars. you probably know jason statham from his blockbuster series "the transporter," and now a new thriller called "home front" where he plays a former dea agent who retires to a small town for the sake of his daughter. >> yeah. hoping they're going to find a little nice and quiet and peaceful time. yes. great to have you here.
2:33 am
i got involved in this movie from the get go. the underbelly of this town. >> yeah. it's about a family that suffers a tragedy. and basically the dad and the daughter that's left. they're going to try to have this pastoral beautiful sort of countryside as their backdrop for riding horses. they're trying to rebuild and catch up. but little do we know, this town is polluted with a sinister edge. and there's all these like -- >> james franco. >> franco. oh, you despise this guy. >> he's a nasty individual. in this movie. >> and the young girl that plays your daughter, she's phenomenal. >> such a great little actress. >> how did they find her? >> she did one of the greatest auditions, everybody in tears, so good. you got to hire this girl. she's superb. >> plays the little girl who lost her mom pretty recently and starting to become a little woman herself. and that's a tough job for any -- some of the sweetest, you
2:34 am
don't expect to see so tender. >> yeah. >> and you're different with her than you are the crystal meth people. when you play somebody else, jason, it's before they can blink you have done them in. >> start messing with the wrong family, you can see. and the good thing is, my daughter gets bullied at school and little do we know she had a few hidden skills. >> we saw her. >> she took down the bully pretty well. >> now, you do your own stunts. that's part of your deal? >> i have done for many years. >> do you get banged up? >> yeah, you do. but nothing sort of debilitating. you do recover. >> i think it's funny how you got your start in acting. right? it was one of these sort of accidents. i found that so surprising. >> it was a certain accident. yeah. i used to sell perfume and jewelry on the street corner. >> of course you did. >> you do have a tender side. >> so it was -- yeah, almost
2:35 am
like, you know, right place, right time, meeting somebody that was looking for a particular kind of -- >> guy richie. >> he was the chap basically casting people from the street. and i was around at that time. >> i found it interesting that the screen play for this movie was written by sylvester stallone who won an oscar for writing "rocky," didn't he? >> he got nominated. >> did he not win for it? >> he was nominated for an oscar but they won best picture. he's a tremendous writer and a director and a great big movie star to boot. >> he spins a good yarn as they say. >> he wants stories people can relate to and he has a lot of heart in the stories and characters people know. >> it's your stomach that's going to have trouble -- i was so terrified for this family, which is a good thing, you want the tension in the movie. >> you need the suspense. >> we won't tell them what happens, "homefront" opens on november 27th. great to see you. >> we'll talk about action. you're going to meet the driver who broke a record driving across the country.
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we're back on this money-saving monday. and what if we told you you could save up to $75 a month or $900 a year on groceries? >> well, you can on everything from vegetables to coffee. here are some smart strategies to cut your bill. "all you" magazine's executive editor. excuse he is. nina. good to see you. >> hello. well, food prices are on the rise. the average family is spending $865 a month -- >> yeah. >> -- on their grocery bill. and at "all you," we're about helping you shop smarter. >> going to give us practical advice in a minute, but you have general things to start off with. >> number one, keep your trip under 30 minutes to the supermarket. every minute you spend over 30 minutes is going to cost you an additional 50 cents in stuff you put in that cart. >> okay. >> number two, go at the end of the day. that's when perishables like meat, vegetables, they'll discount them for you.
2:41 am
>> if you ask? >> if you ask or sometimes they do it themselves. and number three, the smaller the cart, the smaller the bill. if you go around with a really big cart -- >> 12 kids, you've got to buy in bulk. >> yes, you do, but for your weekly trip, try to keep it tight. >> and i say shop when you're full. >> that's a good one. >> cody gets ding dongs. >> anyway, let's start off with our first tip. >> lettuce, convenience really comes at a cost. when you're buying lettuce prebagged, prewashed, this stuff is $4 more per pound than leaf lettuce. if you and your family have salad two times a week, you're going to save $15 a month by buying your lettuce. >> really? $15. >> carrots. >> the same rule of thumb with carrots. the average family has about 2 1/2 pounds of carrots a month. just by buying your carrots like this, you're going to save an additional $2 a month. >> a little labor involved, but this can all be used in soup. >> and you can wash the stuff, cut it up yourself.
2:42 am
>> oh, that's great. >> even i know that, hoda. >> i didn't. >> can you buy frozen or fresh? which is less expensive? >> frozen is such a great deal when it comes to green beans. the fact is, this is 20 cents more per ounce than frozen. and so with a package this size, you're saving $2.50 just on this maneuver alone. >> and they freeze them when they're at the peak -- >> exactly right. >> exactly. so these have exactly the same health benefits as fresh and you're not going to have as much waste in your refrigerator. >> and you don't want to put that in soup, hoda. >> how often do you find this kind of festering at the bottom of your vegetable drawer? >> right. >> and meat. this is where you're going to save serious cash. if you go to your butcher and find chuck roast on sale and ask them to grind it for you instead of buying it preground, you're going to save $15, $25 a month.
2:43 am
just from having that one move. that's if you have hamburgers one time a week with your family. >> and cut it and freeze it. >> yes. and then instead of getting the patties premade, if you do it yourself and -- >> it's all about labor. you've got to pay for your own labor. >> save an additional $10. that's a total of $35. bread, you want to buy bread on sale and freeze it. it freezes really well. if you see a $3 for $2, buy four, put them in the freezer, you can defrost them as you need them. >> are they really the same afterwards? >> it's great. >> if you put it in the toaster even when it's frozen, it's delicious. >> just put it in the refrigerator overnight. it'll defrost. >> she's such an interesting alpha female, isn't she? >> popcorn. two choices here. your choices are microwave and the kernel. now, this microwave -- >> microwave. >> yeah, this popcorn is 30 cents more per serving. you have movie night with your family once a week.
2:44 am
you're going to save $5 over the course -- all these bits add up. >> you're on a budget. >> coffee. you're looking at two choices. gourmet and generic. gourmet, delicious, we love it. generic, this is $12 less per pound than gourmet. you know what, instead of making the choice, just do mix and match and you're going to save $8.50 a month. >> i can't stop thinking about that guy that does the -- the ladies at the book club and he starts -- so funny. >> spices. >> i want to have him on the show please. >> cinnamon sugar spice, we love it this time of year for the holidays with cookies, et cetera. instead of buying these pricey premade mixes, buy the ingredients yourself in bulk, mix it yourself, you're going to save $3. all these add up. all together, you're looking at $900 a year. >> wow! >> that is not chump change. >> wow, nina, that's amazing.
2:45 am
coming up next, the female answer to one direction, a performance by fifth harmony coming up. >> why don't you swallow? remember the movie "cannonball run." >> you're about to see the pedal to the metal.
2:46 am
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his need for speed would've landed him in the guinness book of world records were it not for the fact he had to break a couple of laws to do it. >> he says he and two friends drove from new york city to los angeles in get this, 28 hours, 50 minutes. okay. shattering the 2006 record of 31 hours, 4 minutes. >> it's called the cannonball run made famous by the 1981 movie. and ed is here with splaining to do with his wife megan. good to see you all.
2:50 am
>> thank you. >> this is not something people should try at home. why on earth did you want to do this in the first place? >> why do you want to tell the whole world you did it? you broke the law, sir. >> well, i've always been a car guy. and to us, it's the holy grail of road trips. >> but you wanted to break that record, which involved -- what was the average speed, would you say, ed, that you were going? >> it was overall -- it was about 98 miles an hour. >> wait a second. how do we know that's how fast you were going? who was tracking this? >> we had obviously gps data, toll receipts, gas receipts and a tracking device to let us know. >> megan, you must have been freaking. >> when he came to you and said, honey, i have a little dream. what did -- what was your reaction? >> i have dreams like this a lot, so i trust him. i told him, i said just take care of yourself. don't hurt yourself or anybody else, break the record and get home safe. that was it. >> in reality, you could have hurt somebody. you know. >> well, obviously we drove very fast for a very long time. but we had three people fully dedicated to safety. i mean, you think about it, we
2:51 am
spent 3,000 miles on roads of people texting and tieing their shoes and painting their toenails. it was -- obviously we took every precaution that we could and years of preparation to make sure -- >> how did the police not get you. well, they almost did, didn't they? >> we had a few close calls. before we left here. you can't make a right on red and they don't like when you turn down the wrong way down a one-way street. >> those are no-nos. >> did you get ticketed? >> we were able to talk them out of it. >> you put on that atlanta southern drawl. >> i'm not from around here. >> now we should point out you're both sunday school teachers? >> we are. >> how are you going to tell the children? >> well, you know, goal setting, long-term planning ideas like that. >> thank you for coming on. >> take care. >> glad everybody's safe. >> if you were my son, oh -- all right. they were brought together by simon cowell and the rest is history. >> the rising stars of fifth harmony will sing for us, but,
2:52 am
first, this is "today" on nbc.
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the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. ♪ ♪ >> the music producer with the might das touch, simon cowell, formed the group fifth harmony. >> their debut reached number two on itunes and number six on the billboards top 200. the ladies of fifth harmony are here. and will you please introduce yourselves one at a time? >> oh, sorry. >> i'm camilla. >> lauren. >> ally. >> and we're fifth harmony.
2:56 am
>> adorable. >> you're all from the united states, we should point out. not british. >> made in america. >> good. ♪ made in the usa >> did you guys know one another before simon put you together? >> no. >> really? >> didn't even know each other. >> but you're all contestants on x factor. and individually he saw how amazing as a group you would be. you didn't have to audition, you were already auditioning by being on the x factor, right? >> yeah. >> were you shocked how quickly your songs are climbing up the billboard charts? >> yeah. >> it was so surreal to look on the itunes chart on my phone and it be like fifth harmony and us. >> here they are. fifth harmony! ♪
2:57 am
♪ ♪ when we were together we were just strangers ♪ ♪ i was just playing around ♪ i didn't want to work it out ♪ i didn't want to work it out ♪ something was missing we were too different ♪ ♪ baby i'm looking back now ♪ i really should've worked it out yeah i really should've worked it out ♪ ♪ you're gone and i keep along i want you back cause ♪ ♪ i miss you i really do boy i miss you ♪ ♪ we're better together boy i miss you that i really really do ♪ ♪ boy i miss you don't you understand we're better together ♪ ♪ we're better we're better
2:58 am
we're better together ♪ ♪ we're better we're better you know we're better together ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if it's not too late tell me we can still ♪ ♪ i really want to work it out ♪ you said you're gone and i sleep alone ♪ ♪ i can't help it i want you back ♪ ♪ i -- >> boy i miss you ♪ ♪ i really do boy i miss you ♪ don't you understand we're better together ♪ ♪ boy i miss you i really really do ♪ ♪ now i understand we're better
2:59 am
together ♪ ♪ we're better we're better we're better ♪ ♪ better together ♪ now that you're gone i sleep alone i can't help it ♪ ♪ i want you back we're better we're better ♪ ♪ you know we're better together ♪ ♪ we're better you know we're better together ♪ ♪ boy i miss you i really do ♪ boy i miss you now i understand we're better together ♪ ♪ boy i miss you i really really do ♪ ♪ now i understand we're better together ♪ ♪ we're better we're better we're better together ♪
3:00 am
>> whoo! [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through thi together. [applause] ♪


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