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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 5, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the news hit students and faculty here at san jose state. millions of dollars in budget cuts to fall on virtually every department at the university. >> definitely budget cuts would hurt, like, all the students coming here because, i mean, it's already hard to get classes. of course, those budget cuts are going to cut classes or make class sizes bigger which hurt, like, education, like, you know, in the long run. >> reporter: even after the passage of proposition 30, which increased our taxes to fund california state schools, this school while admitting new students is still cutting back on staff. >> this is what i see. i mean, the students are doing that and the money is doing that. and at the same time, we've got the administration quite rightly saying that they want us to i want prove the retention and success rate of graduation. i get that, but how do you do that under those circumstances? >> which is unfortunate because it already takes long enough to get a degree and add on to that an extra year in both financial
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aid and other associated cuts. just gets more and more expensive. >> reporter: most of the cuts will come at the expense of nontenured professors, less faculty, and more students mean larger classes and it may be tougher for students to get the classes they need. >> it's not easy because you want to do the best for the students. you want to be loyal to some extent to the employees who've been here for millions of years. and it's just not a good way to run things. >> reporter: i reached out to the administrators today who confirmed the budget cuts but would not comment about them on camera. they do say there's a meeting scheduled here on campus tomorrow morning where faculty members and other staff members will answer questions about the cuts. reporting live in san jose state, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, scott. always bet on big. the graton casino opened its doors this morning. thousands were feeling lucky.
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crowds rushed into the new gaming mecca in sonoma county. within a couple of hours of opening, there were so many people inside, operators started limiting the number of people who woucould come in. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney is live in rohnert park. they're literally packing the park. >> reporter: i couldn't find a slot machine, not to play, just checking as a journalist. the parking lot at graton, we got here an hour ago. this is the closest we could get at that time. the plararking lot. you can still find a spot. the drive time five to ten minutes. once you get here, that's where the problem has begun today. look at helicopter shots we got to show you right now. this is from about 4:00 today. you can see the people lined up outside. that's the meeting room you were talking about. it's not that they ever reached capacity according to a spokeswoman for the graton casino but don't want too many
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people surging in at once. they kind of limit it kind of like metering lights on the freeway. we spoke to some people out here tonight about what it was like earlier. you can see the rush to get in web t when the doors opened. we're told they opened at 9:00 instead of 10:00. there were so many people outside chanting open, open, open open. here's an opinion of one guy who made it in. >> crowd is out the door. it's going to be a beautiful experience. i'm going to take my eyes and go to another casino where i think my hunch is right. >> reporter: how long you prepared to wait in line to get into the casino? >> maybe a half -- >> reporter: are you feeling lucky tonight. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: they often go in feeling that way. i got to tell you, though, if you want a parking spot out here and happen to be driving a clean vehicle car, there are dozens of spots available for you. people for the most part are obeying those restrictions on
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the parking spots for the clean air vehicles. so if you have one of those, come on down. cruise right in. is not waiting for you. if you have a regular old car or live van, you have to drive out here a while. live at graton casino. it's packed in there. they've been metering people going in. right now you can just walk right in and wait for a machine. live in rohnert park, terry mcsweeney. >> ten years to build and it's finally open. just into our newsroom within the past hour, the san francisco board of supervisors passed controversial legislation on how long city parks can stay open. this means that all city parks will now have the same hours. they will be closed from midnight to 5:00 a.m. supervisors composed the plan to combat vandalism and dumping and the crime happens overnight and that costs the city about 1 million bucks each year. some homeless advocates said the policy targets people who sleep in the parks and will force them
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into downtown. they think they've got their arsonist. now they want to know why he set a teenager on fire. less than a day after an 18-year-old was set on fire aboard an ac transit bus, another teen, just 16 years old is under arrest for that crime. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live at oakland police headquarters with more on this bizarre crime. there's surveillance video that helped cops. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. and police say that the community really got involved in this case and with the help of ti technology, police were able to bring a teenage suspect to police headquarters and he is now behind bars. oakland police detectives are not releasing video from the surveillance camera onboard the ac transit bus, but they say the pictures are graphic. >> this is a horrific crime. i mean, anyone who thinks it's okay to light another human being on fire is not okay. >> reporter: this afternoon, police arrested a 16-year-old at
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oakland high school in connection with the case. >> we're talking about an individual whose arrest did take place at a local high school. he is 16 years old, and right now that does bring one portion of this investigation to a closure. >> reporter: the other part of the investigation is answering the big question, why would someone set a person on fire? police say the 18-year-old male victim was sleeping on the bus before the attack that happened on macarthur boulevard near ardly avenue. they say no accelerant was used to set him on fire and there were about a dozen people watching it happen. >> it does not appear that they knew each other, but those are some of the questions and answers that we'll be asking and looking to find that information as this investigation moves forward. again, what we really want to -- what we really want to stress in our message here is community involvement. >> reporter: cameras played a huge role on tracking down a suspect. sources tell nbc bay area two
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buses may have been involved in this crime. the bus where the crime took place, and another bus that the suspect may have jumped on to get away. there's a lot of speculation over what the victim was wearing. sources tell me he was wearing a robe. there are also reports out there that he was wearing a kit. police will not confirm what the victim was wearing, all we do know is that he's recovering at a burn center in san francisco. reporting live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. the polls are open until 8:00 on this election evening. with no state or national races, turnout is expected to be low. here in the bay area, voters are deciding bond issues, parcel taxes and several city council and school board races. sunnyvale's measure "c" has a nationwide profile. it's a package of gun control laws which includes tracking sales of ammunition. the nra promises a lawsuit if measure "c" passes. now, our election coverage
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continues online at just click on the "election results" tab on our front page and scroll down to the county you're looking for. those numbers are continually updated. public safety or equal rights. that very questions had dozens of activists lined up to make a passionate statement at a santa clara county supervisor's meeting. facing off against the county d.a. over controversial county immigration policy that determines whether the county will turn over arrested undocumented immigrants to the feds. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us live. what happened? >> reporter: many of the dozens of people who spoke this afternoon argue changing the current policy would create a two-tiered justice system and the supervisors heard that message loud and clear. santa clara county is one of the only communities in the country that refuses to hold any inmates unless u.s. immigration and customs enforcements, known as i.c.e., pays for the cost of
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detaining them and that's something i.c.e. refuses to do. the result of the 2011 policy? no holds on undocumented immigrants even if they're gang members or have been arrested or convicted of violent crimes. today, before the santa clara county supervisors, district attorney jeffrey rosen argued the current policy puts public safety at risk. >> because we have released back into our community dozens of individuals who have previously been convicted of serious and violent offenses, like burglary, rape, child molestation, drug trafficking, and murder. and i think that that doesn't make us safer. that makes us less safe. >> reporter: about 60 people shared their thoughts about the proposed changes. most were against them. they argue public safety has actually improved since the no-hold policy went into effect. >> people become scared to cooperate with law enforcement when they see law enforcement is cooperating with i.c.e. instead of the community. for example, people are afraid to report crimes or act as witnesses when they think doing
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so could make them subject to deportation. >> reporter: others argued even changing the policy to allow undocumented immigrants who had been arrested for convicted of violent crimes would unfairly create a two-tiered justice system. >> you cannot have two-tier, you know, criminal justice system. and you have to have a quality in every aspect of life. >> reporter: in the end the supervisors voted unanimously to keep the current policy on keeping the policy the way it is now. effectively no holds for inmates. just last month, san francisco passed its own immigration policy, but it is not as lenient as santa clara county. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. still ahead here at 6:00, fighting pigs with firepower. city leaders in the south bay prepare to make an exception to keep a neighborhood from being destroyed. plus -- >> it really says a lot that, you know, people care about me outside the field.
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>> back on the field. troubled 49ers star aldon smith speaks out for the first time since going back to the team after his brush with the law. also -- >> reporter: i'm jodi hernandez at sfo, where foggy weather soon may not leave as many travelers grounded. i'll tell you why, coming up. and fog-free in the current forecast. even a little bit warmer for today. good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are tracking drastic changes in that seven-day forecast that includes much-needed rainfall. we'll detail that for you coming up in about eight minutes.
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it's all about the staggering landings at sfo are about to get more frequent. san francisco has struggled for decades with getting planes to take off and land on time largely because of the fog. that's about to change. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live at the airport.
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the fog is about to lift when it comes to those airport logistics, jodi? >> reporter: we certainly hope so. sfo has a new way to cut through those dreaded fog delays, thanks to a new set of faa procedures, more travelers should arrive here to sfo on time. on a clear, sunny day like today, planes flying into sfo can land side by side. but until recently, when foggy, stormy weather rolls in, landing simultaneously hasn't been possible. >> traditionally, when we get into low clouds, fog, rainy conditions, those two parallel runways we use for landing essentially get cut down to one. we essentially go to a sing single-file line of aircraft and that's a cause of the delays we have. >> reporter: that's all changing. now the faa has given sfo the all-clear to use both parallel runways in foggy weather.
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as long as planes are staggered by a mile and a half. >> we're excited about it. we think it will reduce delays at sfo. it's a save procedure. >> that's going to make it easier for me as somebody who's traveling back and forth all the time. >> reporter: chris edmond says he's thrilled. he works in los angeles, but lives in the bay area. he doesn't want to worry about his flight arriving on time. >> i fly from l.a. to san francisco, such a small, short flight, so for delays and things like that, it almost sometimes makes it worth it to drive. >> reporter: katie is a frequent flier, too. she's experienced her share of delays and welcomes any improvement. >> i hope it makes travel a lot more efficient. i'd like to get home on time. i don't want to sit at the airport all day. it's not a whole lot of fun. >> reporter: now, the new procedures have only been in place for the last 30 days or so. and the weather has been relatively nice. so the airport really hasn't had a chance to test this out. but the president of bay area
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based virgin america says they're already seeing improvements. improvements just in time for the busy holiday travel season. reporting live at sfo, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. emotions were running high at today's board of supervisors meeting in sonoma county. the community was invited to come out to talk about the officer-involved shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez. >> proof is that andy was shot because he's a brown kid in a brown neighborhood that's disenfranchised. >> dozens of people showed up to voice their concerns and called for a deeper investigation into the shooting. the teenager was shot last month after police con fronted him while he was holding a replica of an ak-47 assault rifle. after hearing dozens of protesters gathered at the office to call on criminal charges for the deputy who fired the fatal shots. moments ago we learned a man shot by police in fairfield earlier today has died. it shut down highway 12 most of
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the day. it began with a report of a woman suffering from life-threatening injuries. she'd been beaten. they found the suspect in a nearby neighborhood and were forced to open fire when the man came out them with a knife. the man's identity has yet to be released. the officers were not hurt. and highway 12 is back open again. grab a seat. it's part of bay area history. 49ers season ticketholders have first rightses to buy the actual seats from candlestick park. they'll be sold in connected pairs for 649 bucks. seats left over will go on sale to the general public december 9th. proceeds benefit san francisco's recreation parks youth programs. you know the giants left 12 or 13 years ago. this was the 49ers' final season at the stick. next season it's santa clara. grab a seat. put it in your back yard and you have a piece of history. >> i think you should put it in your family room to watch the games. have people come in. would be fun. jeff, you should buy a few. you need four. >> wow. okay. i'll do what i need to do.
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let's get a look at those temperatures for today. it was awesome across the bay area. we had 69 in los gatos. really not too warm there. 73 in san jose. 76, santa teresa. 73, livermore. 72 in con order. mainly clear skies. little bit of cloud cover. let's take you outside to the high definition sky camera network. my producer anthony at the helm of the controls with that steady hand giving us a little bit of a zoom out on the moon tonight. current phase, waxing crescent. 9% full. let's take you to our other view. this is the shot tonight. thought the moon was good? look at this. oakland looking toward san francisco. new york ain't got nothing on us with this view. let's get you back to the forecast. we head throughout our first look on wednesday. we will have a few areas of cloud cover in the morning hours. that's going to help to retain a bit of heat for the morning. not going to be as cold as it was this morning. we'll have mid 40s at 5:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m., the 60 degree category. by far we'll get heating in the
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afternoon with high pressure off shore. looks like wednesday will be the best day in the forecast with some sun. and also a bit of haze as well. temperatures in the mid 70s inland. low 70s by the bay. upper 60s at the coastline. then here we go. watch this. temperatures start to drop as we head throughout friday. with upper 60s for those interior valleys. also some showers at the coastline. coming up in that full forecast, we're going to continue to track this approaching system as we head throughout monday's forecast. we'll have that for you in that seven day. >> thank you very much, jeff. >> sure. coming up, new calls to pass a landmark anti-discrimination bill, but it runs into road block in the house of representatives. coming up, the reason the speaker gave for blocking the vote and whether the facts back him up. it's tonight's "reality check". plus -- >> she's seen the finish line of the new york city marathon 25 times in a row. now a south bay family is remembering the life of a woman who made marathon history around the world. i love watching tv outside.
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a well-known san jose marathon runner is being remembered tonight not just for her stunning achievements. 86-year-old joy johnson of willow glen was the oldest runner in sunday's new york marathon in which she's raced every year since 1988. afterwards she showed off her medal to al roker on the "today" show. this time, you notice she was wearing bandages after falling and hitting her head near mile 20. she insisted on finishing the marathon. the following afternoon, she lost consciousness. >> she never thought she was special. huh-uh. she was actually a little embarrassed by all the attention. she got a lot of it. >> she sure did. the worldwide attention. her children say they'll remember johnson simply as a great mother. she began her marathon career after retiring from teaching high school. >> remarkable woman. still ahead here at 6:00,
6:23 pm
animals on the loose in the south bay causing thousands of dollars of damage. but within the past hour, the san jose city council took action to fight back. plus -- >> too many flights, not enough well-trained foreign pilots? tonight we investigate the system to train foreign pilots and how it could be putting safety at risk. and you've heard politicians apologizing before, but maybe not like this one. the admission from a big city mayor that's making headlines. presents...
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so delicious, they won't even know it's chicken. 50% less fat... 100% johnsonville taste.
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the faa today announced new requirements for training pilots who fly commercial airlines including tougher training and monitoring. >> this follows an nbc bay area investigation that exposed the questionable training that foreign pilots receive when they come here to the united states. our investigative reporter is with us tonight. faa finally stepping in here. >> absolutely, raj. today's announcement was prompted by the fatal crash of colgan air flight on final approach to buffalo back in 2009. you may recall 50 people died in that crash. but it also touches on training issues that the ntsb is still investigating as possible causes for the crash of asiana flight 214 here at sfo this past july. that accident prompted us to begin investigating how foreign-based pilots are trained here in the u.s., after months of digging, we found that some of these future pilots may be
6:27 pm
stepping into the cockpit of jumbo jets too soon. >> 350, 19 knots. >> reporter: it took 23-year-old anthony yaun three years on the ground book study to get here. he's prepping his cessna training aircraft as part of the 10 to 12-month-long process to fulfill his dream. >> i really wanted to be someone like that because it's special. >> reporter: a dream he's had since he was 10 back home in china. >> for a 10-year-old kid like i was, it was really cool. >> reporter: a dream of becoming a commercial pilot. >> to be an airliner. >> reporter: to be an airline pilot. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: this 27-year-old from tunisia shares that dream getting his training at california airways flight school in highward. >> i like to practice here. flying here. >> reporter: practice these students can't get at home because they don't have access
6:28 pm
there to smaller airplanes known as general aviation. >> america is one of the best countries in aviation. >> live rotor. >> reporter: in fact, anthony yaun had never stepped foot in an airplane until this past new year's day. he now has about 100 hours in the cockpit. according to the faa, nearly 24,000 foreign pilots have gotten either a commercial or air transport license over the last four years here in america. yaun, shabonet and thousands of others who come here to train hope to now join them. and california is a major destination state for these foreign students. according to the faa, arizona, california and florida have the most flight schools in the country. 167 total. >> i trust american system. >> reporter: we visited and researched a half dozen of these schools. in places like redding, around the bay area, bakersfield, and phoenix. all of the schools are either run by foreign airlines or train students already employed by those foreign airlines.
6:29 pm
>> the fwoel of all of these students is to become commercial pilots. >> reporter: retired marine, matt, is the head instructor in redding. >> i'm always telling the students that you're going to carry thousands of people in your career, thousands s of peoe you don't know are going to trust you to get them to their destination safely. >> reporter: he says all 140 students at iasco are from china. each are hired by a chinese airline then paid in full. each get their commercial pilots license in about a year. >> slowly back down to 70 knots. >> reporter: teaching foreign students has its unique challenges. >> somebody might know how to teach, but how to teach someone whose english is not their native language is another thing entirely. >> reporter: it's why these students take english classes at the flight school. he also says a lack of access to small airplanes at home is the biggest obstacle for success for asian-born pilots. >> general aviation is virtually nonexistent in china.
6:30 pm
>> flying. i get to fly the plane. >> reporter: here they learn the basics. students get 190 hours in a plane by the time they leave. >> we are flying every single day. >> reporter: after they're done training here, these pilots will go home, take another year or so to become righted on big airplanes, gaining another 50 to 60 hours' flying time and expect to end up in the right seat of cockpits of large commercial jets as a first officer with only about 250 hours total flying time. what kind of airplanes do you want to ply? >> 747. my dream. >> reporter: here in the u.s., similarly trained pilots don't step foot in the cockpit of big commercial jets until they have at least 1,500 hours flying time. that, say the critics of this system, leads to safety concerns. >> english was a big problem for them. >> reporter: this veteran flight instructor taught aspiring pilots from china for almost four years. >> they definitely need more practice. >> reporter: he says he quit his job in frustration over safety
6:31 pm
lapses. he wanted us to hide his identity because he does not want to jeopardize a future career in aviation. but he does want to expose what he considers to be critical safety issues. >> their decision-making ability was lacking. they didn't want to make decisions on their own. they always wanted somebody to tell them what to do. >> reporter: more troubling, this instructor said he was pressured by the flight school and the foreign-based airlines to pass pilots who were not ready to fly commercial jets. >> students that i felt weren't ready, well, just send them anyway. we'll see how they do. even though i didn't feel that i should send them off. >> reporter: does that create a safety hazard in your mind? >> absolutely. >> reporter: we contacted the flight school located outside california where the instructor wo worked. a manager denied pilots were rushed to graduate and given commercial licenses before they were ready. this instructor said the pilots he trained would then go back home and within a year be flying
6:32 pm
as a co-pilot of big jets. that's 737s, 777s and 747s. >> i had students write me all the time, you know, two years after they left me, and they were already in wide body aircraft. in the right seat. and i'm still flight instructing. >> reporter: with 380 people behind. >> absolutely. >> reporter: don't believe him? >> we need to give them more training. >> reporter: then listen to this man. >> they're unprepared for the task that they're being paid. >> reporter: he's david baker and he was a flight instructor at cafe pacific before retiring to fly corporate jets all around the world. >> there seems to be, i think, an almost indecent hurry to get young cadet co-pilots into the cockpit. >> reporter: all the flight schools that we visited told us they train to full faa standards and that they don't cut corners. but they admitted they have no control over what happens after these pilots go back home. >> does it worry you not enough pilots have those skills anymore or we're not teaching those skills? >> yes, it does. yes, it does worry me.
6:33 pm
and it should worry any, you know, responsible pilot that co-pilots are getting into cockpits these days and quite simply they're unprepared. >> in a statement e-mailed to us, cafe pacific said it has rigorous pilot training standards in the world and the company is dedicated to providing manual flight training that exceeds industry standards. we contacted a half dozen of those other pacific rim airlines, all of them declined our request for comment. although asiana airlines did announce after the crash here at sfo that it was changing the way it trained future pilots. now, guys, coming u tonight at 11:00, we'll actually go up and show you what these pilots learn. we'll learn from them and show you what they're doing up there in the air learning. >> we look forward to it. >> you'll be here. >> thank you, steven. >> if you have a tip for anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call. 888-996-tips or send us an
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e-mail to police in new jersey say a shooting at a popular mall could have been much worse. authorities say richard shoop walked into the garden state plaza mall with an assault rifle before closing time last night and fired several rounds into the air. police say the 20-year-old had the opportunity to shoot and kill people but instead he hid inside the mall. after about six hours police found him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the motive is unknown, but investigators believe shoop wanted to commit a public suicide. the polls suggest americans are rapidly changing their views on gay rights, but is congress keeping up? a bill banning discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation and gender identity appears doomed in the house. due to republican opposition. in tonight's "reality check" nbc bay area's sam brock looks at one republican's claim that passing such a bill would increase frivolous lawsuits. sam? >> raj, good evening. you're referring to house speaker john boehner who says we shouldn't be banning workplace discrimination for everybody
6:35 pm
because doing so would open the flood gates for more lawsuits. the numbers tell a different story. you see, the government accountability office, an independent agency working for congress, has tracked lawsuits and complaints for all states banning discrimination completely. and the hard data shows that boehner's claim is both unfounded and untrue. if you live and work in this great country, federal law prohibits discrimination against you based on race, religion, sex, age, disability. what's missing from this list? >> the ayes are 61. the nayes are 30. >> reporter: according some members of congress, sexual orientation and gender identity is missing. the senate is ready to pass a law with support from senators like susan collins. >> people should be judged on their qualifications and their hard work and not on their sexual orientation. >> reporter: but the vibes coming from house speaker john boehner are he might not even
6:36 pm
bring the bill to the floor. his spokesperson, michael steele, offered the following explanation. "the speaker believes this legislation will i crease frivolous litigation and cost american jobs, especially small business jobs." but will it do those things? the government accountability office, an independent nonpartisan agency that works for congress compiled complaint data for all 21 states in the district of columbia that currently ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity basing back to 2007. in states like california, where there are 20,000 discrimination cases in 2012, 1,100 were related to sexual orientation or 5.5%. a fraction. the same held true for smaller states with bans like new hampshire at 2.3%. and medium-sized ones like oregon at 1.8%. the reality is that the highest percentage of all these states was colorado. 6.8%. okay. but what about the volume of
6:37 pm
lawsuits going up as boehner suggests? there are four states that have enacted discrimination bans on sexual orientation since 2007. three of the four saw their average case load go down after the ban. delaware, hawaii, and oregon. one, colorado, saw an increase, about 14 discrimination cases per year. so, about those frivolous lawsuits. now, certainly there are many who disagree with the speaker's premise. namely that if an anti-discrimination bill does increase lawsuits, it isn't worth it. but putting those concerns aside for a second, there is no evidence that passing the law will increase lawsuits, not from a sea of government data. opposition to this bill may be about a lot of things, but frivolous lawsuits isn't one of them. i'm sam brock. that's today's "reality check." back to you. >> thank you, sam. the mayor of toronto has admitted he has smoked crack cocaine. in a news conference today,
6:38 pm
mayor rob ford apologized and said it was a mistake. it surfaced in may when a video was shopped around showing the mayor smoking crack. may wror ford said he tried it, quote, during a drunken stupor last year and does not remember it being taped. >> i know what i did was wrong. and admitting it was the most difficult and embarrassing thing i have ever had to do. >> however, ford says he will not step down. police say they have a copy of the video and at this time no charges have been filed against ford. still ahead at 6:00, the company that revolutionized the sber internet wants to two old school. google's later power play. also -- >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez in san jose. we're after a lively debate and a number of pig jokes the city council agrees what to do about allowing someone to shoot a weapon in city limits to get rid
6:39 pm
of pigs. i'm jeff ranieri. you like sun? we have more of it coming in wednesday's forecast. a clear view from san jose. we're also talking rain. we'll tell you how much we could get in that seven-day forecast coming up in about 15 minutes.
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selling a record number of electric cars did not help tesla's stock price today. palo alto-based company sold more than 5,500 of their model "s" sedans in last quarter. a record. tesla's stock has dropped 22 bh bucks a share in after-hours trading. tesla lost $3.5 million in the third quarter. the company opened new stores and worked on updating its electric charging network. google wants to help you
6:42 pm
out. google helpouts is a new product launched by the tech giant today. connects people with ex-pers over video chat to give free or paid advice on pretty much anything. anyone who's a teacher or expert on a topic can trade their services for payment. here's how it works. you set up an appointle. you get a live video feed to talk to an expert. some cases it is free. other cases it is expensive. it depends on the expert and the advice. >> you should start billing out for your expert weather. >> oh, yeah. >> i'll set up the appointments for you and take 10% off the top. >> all right. hey, i'll do it. >> if you set up all the appointments, we've got a deal. >> we have another deal. this one's free. look at these clear skies now if oakland looking toward san francisco. i love this shot. it's great. 6:42 on a tuesday night feeling like a friday. details on when rain returns coming in a few minutes. >> i don't like rain, jeff. see what you can do about that. it's been a tough season for the cal football team on the
6:43 pm
field. news from a troubling situation off the field in berkeley. plus, the 49ers get two major contributors back at practice today. we'll hear from aldon smith. that's next from the xfinity sports desk. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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developing news in santa clara county. within the last hour, san jose city council made a decision on a controversial plan to trap and shoot feral pigs that have become a major nuisance in the south bay. nbc bay area's kris sanchez was in the room with council members, when they voted. she joins us with that decision. >> reporter: hi there, jess. they all weren't comfortable with the idea of allow somebody to shoot a gun within city limits. in the end, eight council members voted to allow for that urgency ordinance that would allow the country club to get rid of the feral pigs but only for three months. >> wild pigs are known to have
6:46 pm
aggressive behavior and wild pigs are also known to carry a large number of infectious diseases. therefore, the city council finds an imminent threat to the safety of our residents and that's why we are requesting an urgency ordinance. >> those are serious issues when you're talking about having somebody go out in the community with a weapon and kill something in a residential area. >> reporter: rose herera and two other city council members voted no saying there are too other questions about other options. who would be shooting the pigs and whether there needs to be a longer-term solution to the feral pig problem. in the end, the country club did get the green light to hire someone to trap that pack of pigs that did $10,000 worth of damage to the golf course and shoot them. club management already has the fish and wildlife permit they need for that as well. but the council also asked city staff to look into their options and to find out what the city can do along with the county and the state to manage what is a
6:47 pm
nonnative species that wildlife experts say puts pressure on habitat and contributes to erosion, in addition to doing that property damage and threatening people. the urgency ordinance allowing the country club to hire someone approved by the department of fish and wild lyre is only good for three months. i talked to the club general manager last, he said they'd be ready to go if they get the green light tonight. we suspect this will be happening in the next couple days. interesting to note, despite what seemed to be a large public outcry coming from the almeden neighborhood, there was only one person here to speak on the issue today and the man was speaking against it saying this is really a seasonal problem and once the rains come the pigs will stay in the hills and not come into the neighborhood. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> notable decision. >> interesting. all right. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. he joins us. it was really chilly this morning. >> yeah. it was cold. numbers down to the about 40 degree mark. and around 45 there for the east
6:48 pm
bay. we're going to see another round of cool temperatures for tonight. we'll have more of that coming up. meanwhile, i want to pause for a moment and look at the pattern. it's still dry across most of california. rainfall is very close. our eyes right now are focused firmly out here on the pacific. a lot of activity and eventually we are going to see some of that come our way. we'll have more on that rain forecast in roughly about two minutes. otherwise, a first look at our wednesday. we'll have high clouds overhead that will help to keep us from getting extremely cold tomorrow morning. we think at 5:00 a.m. we'll have a round of mid 40s. throughout 11:00 a.m., more high clouds. temperatures in the upper 60s inland. mid 60s at the bay. coastline, low 60s. details on a warmer afternoon coming for wednesday in a bit. let's get you outside to the high definition sky camera network. see in san jose, it is currently clear. we'll see sunny skies for tomorrow. and wednesday's uv index right now a firm 3. so that means burn time in 45 minutes. make sure to wear that spf-30 and/or plus. we'll also take you off to san
6:49 pm
francisco throughout the bay bridge. no fog in sight. clear commute on the bridges for tonight. and also for tomorrow morning. that will mean those cooler temperatures. we'll have upper 30s in napa. also st. helena. 47, livermore. 44, the valley. 46 in san jose. 51 expected in san francisco. daytime highs tomorrow will go up just a little bit. but even by 2 to 3 degrees, it's going to make a difference. when you're out in that sun, it's beating down on you, 76 in san jose, will likely feel like 80. 78 in gilroy. low 80s. 77, morgan hill. also 74 los gatos and 75 palo al foe. the east bay, cooler than parts of the south bay. 75, livermore. 75, concord. 75, fairfield. also 73 castro valley. downtown san francisco, the mission district, also soma. low 70s. we'll go for some mid to upper 70s on the grapevines throughout napa. now, our next possibility of rainfall, we keep pushing ahead toward this because it's been over 40 days without any rain. looks like it's going to be here
6:50 pm
as we head throughout monday and also tuesday morning's forecast. the timing has been pushed back just a little bit. overall, early estimates anywhere from trace amounts to maybe .039 up into the north bay. that's a decent round considering, again, how dry it has been the past about month and a half. so on the seven-day forecast, i want you to pay attention to thursday, to friday. temperatures inland go from low to mid 70s to 60s. we'll stay with that 60s trend all the way through tuesday. you can see we'll have a slight answer of a shower late in the evening on sunday. i think the best pocket ssibili will come as we head throughout monday and tuesday's forecast right now. about three to four days o this locking it in. tomorrow i think it's going to help to seal the deal on this potential rain coming our way. we're keeping our fingers crossed back here. >> okay. thank you, jeff. >> let's bring in jim kozimor from comcast sportsnet newsroom. lot of big returns to 49ers practice today. >> you're absolutely right. good news for the 49ders. a game back of the seahawks, the 49ers had reinforcements arrive
6:51 pm
in santa clara today to bolster both sides of the football. that's right. aldon smith returned to practice today. first full practice since missing five games while taking treatment for substance abuse. smith was activated last week off the reserve nonfootball illness list. smith obviously very happy to be back. >> just, you know, it was a combination of, you know, what was best for me and, you know, just once again where i wanted to get at, you know, and bettering myself as a person. that's what seemed like the best thing to do at the time. being away from football, you know, being away from my teammates, these guys that are in this locker room, that's difficult. but it worked out, and i was able to, you know, get away and clear my head. we could all look into our lives and find something we need to work on. i've taken my time and i've done that and if anything, you know, it's just, you know, one day at a time and just building, working toward that goal. i got a lot of things i can do and a lot of goals i want to reach. so, you know, just taking those
6:52 pm
steps to get where i want to be is a goal of mine. and there was more good news in santa clara. wide receiver michael crabtree was cleared to practice with the team after suffers a torn achilles during team organized activities that was back in may. crabtree led the 49ers in receptions with 85 yards. and also touchdowns. he had nine in 2012. on to college football we go. as the cal bears have news coming up. cal athletics on the football side of things. putting out a statement regarding a situation in the locker room. here's what the statement had to read. cal athletics releasing the following statement. "we're fully cooperating with an investigation into an incident involving members of our football team. our team culture is built on mutual respect for and accountability to each other. we are still in the process of gathering information, but will not rush to judgment. we will have no further comment
6:53 pm
until the investigation is complete." the head coach of the cal bears had no comment today, but we did speak to the campus police. >> we are investigating a battery between two student athletes. >> at what point was the victim's family notified of what was going on? >> you know, i don't know of that for sure. i do know that a coach from the team was at altabates hospital and i do know that the football staff is fully cooperating with our investigation. let's finish on a good note. one quick nice note to mention. this has to do with a's manager, bob melvin, named a finalist for the american league manager of the year. melvin won the award last season. he also did it in 2007 for the arizona diamondbacks. so that's good news for the a's who have had a couple good years under bob melvin. that will do it from the xfinity sports desk. >> thank you, jim. >> thank you. for a full half hour of local
6:54 pm
sports coverage, watch spocomca sportsnet.
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6:56 pm
tonight at 11:00, they were supposed to honor wounded veterans. one university's football uniforms are leading to outrage. that's tonight after the "voice." it's one of the biggest games in recent history. be warned, there are lots of fake tickets out there. tickets to thursday night's game against oregon are among the most expensive in the history of stanford football. average price, about $180 on the secondary market. according to seekgeek. many people are selling counterfeits, though. stanford says the only way to guarantee the validity is to
6:57 pm
purchase through stanford's ticket office oar or authorized resellers like stubhub or have someone you know who used to be a sportscaster who sits very close to you that might know someone in the media department. that's all i know. >> i have got no juice for thursday night's game. it is a huge game. >> come on, raj. >> and actually a lot of people will be wondering thursday night, 5:30, stanford stadium, how we looking? it looks beautiful right there. >> yeah, yeah, we'll start off for the tailgaters in temperatures to the mid to upper 60s. throughout the game we'll see a drop into the 50s. overall a dry forecast expected. friday, numbers drop into the 60s. we'll look at a chance of rain into monday and tuesday of next week. >> if jeff's not here thursday night, we know where he went. >> you have no juice whatsoever. >> i used to have some juice. >> you got nothing. >> i have a little bit. >> thanks for watching.
6:58 pm
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new star breakup alert. are ryan gosling and eva mendes splitting up? now on "extra." jealousy, mood swings, mystery texts, the new reports ryan and eva's relationship is in trouble. katharine mcphee comes out of hiding. where she just surfaced for the first time since her cheating scandal blew up. new pics, kim kardashian back to her prebaby body? plus its most daring red carpet dress ever. guess who wore it. new video, josh brolin's first words about his drunken bar brawl. >> what happened? >> what happened? >> what he says he will


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