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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> good evening. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. the votes are still being counted. gun control legislation appears to be passing. right now almost 70% of voters approving strict new gun laws. measure c will now require gun owners who have lost their guns or had them stolen to contact police within 48 hours. it also tracks the sail of
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ammunition. supporters of measure c say this is a huge victory for safety and a big defeat for the nra. >> what it sends out is what we've been hearing across our city and across the country. the american citizens want something done about the gun violence in this country. this is the first step. this is them saying we have to do something about it. >> having children in the schools here, i am more and more concerned about gun control. and keeping our families safe. keeping our city safe. >> the nra has already said they'll fight this measure. the mayor says other cities across the country were watching sunnyvale tonight. he expects them to follow in sunnyvale's lead. in san francisco, voters rejected a proposed high-rise luxury condo along the embarcadero. prop c would have made the project exempt from the city's waterfront height limit of 84 feet. prop b linked to prop c is also being voted down tonight. prop b was endorsed by mayor ed
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lee and lieutenant governor gavin newsom. patriotic tribute or offensive design? a college football team's special uniforms aimed at honoring veterans have some military families outraged. nbc is live in los altose with more on the controversy for us. >> reporter: karen meredith's son ken died in iraq. this is his memorial bench. a place where meredith likes to come to feel close to ken. what she doesn't like is unexpected reminders about his death. those football jerseys are bringing up some difficult memories. northwestern university near chicago, is promoting a special game where the team is honoring america's veterans. a portion of sales of special red, white and blue uniforms made by under armour will be donated to the wounded warrior project. some military families say while it's a good cause, the uniforms
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are offensive. at her son's memorial bench in los altos, bay area gold star mom karen meredith says the helmet took her breath away. she sees blood splattered on the american flag, reminding her of the day her son, army lieutenant ken ballard was killed in iraq. >> my son was killed by a head injury. he was shot in the head. and all i can see at that second was that's probably what his uniform, his army uniform looked like. that it was drops of blood. >> reporter: most of the commenters want to buy the gear but some are as offended as meredith. the company responded saying we apologize for any confusion. these jerseys do not feature blood but they do feature an authentic distressed pattern which depicts a flag that has flown proudly over a long period of time. on the northwestern wildcats web page, the head coach pat fitzgerald says he's honored to help the wounded warriors
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program. >> we lost some tough games but it pales in comparison to what these great warriors do to defend our freedom. >> reporter: meredith says while their intentions may be good, the uniforms for the november 16th game need to go. >> it's going to affect us more and i wish that sports teams would be more thoughtful about that when they do a campaign like this. >> reporter: late tonight, northwestern also issued a statement also saying the design on the jersey depicts an older flag. with more than a week before these jerseys hit the playing field you can bet this debate will continue. he walked into work today and his teammates started chanting his name. aldon smith, the troubled star for the 49ers returned to practice. and for the first time spoke publicly about his recent stay in rehab. >> just, you know, a combination of what was best for me and, you know, just, once again, where i
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wanted to get at and better myself as a person. and that's what seemed like the best thing to do at the time. >> the 24-year-old smith missed five games while seeking treatment for substance abuse. it's likely he will play this sunday against the panthers. but next tuesday, he has a court date to face three felony weapons charges and a dui arrest. this may be one of the last nights there's a wild pig problem in san jose. late today the city council approved a temporary measure that allows the shooting of wild animals. the pigs have been ripping up lawns and golf courses. the new law requires anyone wanting to shoot a wild pig to get a permit from the california department of fish and wildlife. the almeden country club got approval to hire someone to trap the pack of pigs that did $10,000 worth of damage to the golf course. don't fence me in. that's what some upset neighbors in saratoga are saying this evening. the water district wants to put up a fence celebrating --
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separating calabasas creek from their back yard to mark their property lines. george kiriyama has more. >> reporter: for years the skyler family has had their own fence separating their backyard from calabasas creek. but their own fence may not be the true boundary of their property and the property of the santa clara water district. >> we got a notice from the water district saying they wanted to survey the land to find out where the property line is. that if, in fact, our fence encroaches on to their property they'd come in and just slap down a 42-inch black chain link fence. and i was a little surprised by that. >> reporter: if that's true, then this nice path and these blackberry bushes would have to be removed. that makes caroline angry. >> if we are encroaching to actually lose some of the property would be horrible. you spend all this time as a property owner taking care of it and, you know, it just doesn't
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make any sense. >> more than 30 homes, may be looking at a 3 1/2-foot black fence at the border of their backyards. the water district says it's important to establish where the property lines are so that their crews can have access to the creek. >> we have some liability when people cross into the creeks and may get hurt or whatever. so by having at least a line that shows this is where the property is, it helps establish -- keep people from entering the creek when they shouldn't. >> recently a tree fell into the creek and the water district crews had trouble getting to it. the water district had a hard time getting their equipment out there because someone's backyard had encroached on two water district land. >> something we need to do is maintain that full access, unimpeded access to the water district's property, which really is the public's property. we are protecting the resource there that belongs to everybody.
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>> homeowners are encouraged to build their own fence on their side of the property if they feel the 42-inch fence is too small. but neighbors who have lived near the creek say they don't want to see any change at all. >> it's been like this for 30 years. it's been like this for a special long time. for them to come in suddenly and do this doesn't seem to make any sense. >> reporter: george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> homeowners get their chance to get the questions answered with water district officials on thursday night. the meeting begins at 7:30 in saratoga. following up on a story we first reported last night. a 16-year-old boy is accused of setting a man on fire on an ac transit bus. oakland police arrested the teenager at high school -- at a high school today. police say they don't know why the suspect lit the man on fire. tonight, family members have set up this website to raise money for sasha fleischman. he's the victim and has second-degree and third-degree burns.
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the site has raised nearly $6,000 thus far. police say bus cameras caught the attack and police say the images are graphic. they show the suspect getting off the bus and hopping on another bus to get away. a bay area motorcycle cop is recovering tonight after an accident in downtown san francisco. around 6:30 this evening, police say a driver made a u-turn in front of that officer on 2nd and minna street. the officer was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. no word on if the driver will face any charges. 14 hours and still going strong. tonight the grand opening of the $800 million casino in sonoma county rages full speed ahead living up to gaming expectations. the crowds -- big crowds, big traffic and delays getting into the casino. terry mcsweeney joins us. gotten lucky yet? >> reporter: no, not yet. but then again, i haven't tried the machines or the tables yet. but tonight, a spokesperson for
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the casino is telling me the keyword for patrons tonight and all day long is patience. whether they are coming off 101 stuck in traffic trying to find a spot in the parking lot or just trying to get through the doors of this 350,000-square-foot casino. this may be what comes to mind when you think cav seeno gaming. yes, there's lots of that going on tonight as there has been all day here at the casino. before anyone can test their luck, their patience was fought the test. >> we left san francisco at 3:00. we got here at 5:30. we stood outside another good 40 minutes. and it's like a hit and miss. you have to wait on a table. >> so many people were crowded outside the casino doors this morning, management decided to open an hour early at 9:00. then so many people crowded inside the casino, management started a metering program like the metering lights at a freeway
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on ramp. >> we were just holding people at the entrance because we wanted to make it a good experience. we never reached full capacity. we've always had extra spots in our parking lot. >> traffic moved in fits and starts on 101 and side streets throughout the day and into the night. this woman from freemont says the experience was worth it. >> i go to san pablo. >> are you still going to go there? >> probably not. i like it here. >> reporter: there was a 9-year-old pizza dough twirler flown in from new jersey for the occasion and there was star power, too. martin yan with his fans hoping to catch a glimpse opening his ny china restaurant. >> how are you doing? this is my buddy. all my fans. and i think people should come over here because life is fun. >> and this lady came from antioch just to have fun and was rocking it at the penny slots. >> i had a hot 20 and i brought it up to 118 so i'm happy. yes, indeed.
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>> reporter: getting back to the issue of traffic. chp says going forward they'll continue to monitor the situation. they'll open up the hov lanes on 101 when necessary. working with the police, they'll be changing traffic lights manually all to keep the traffic flowing to this gambling mecca. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. inside the little known world of foreign flight schools located in our own backyard. i'm investigative reporter steven stock. tonight we take you inside and discover a system that might put your safety at risk the next time you fly overseas. also defending his decision. a middle school football coach is fired over the restaurant he chose to host a team party. plus, olympic star ryan lochte injured in a freak accident. the connection to a fan encounter. we're back in a moment.
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the rules are changing. the faa announced new tougher requirements for training pilots who fly commercial airlines. >> this move by the faa follows an nbc bay area investigation that exposed the questionable training that foreign pilots receive. tonight we take you in the cockpit. investigative reporter steven stock is with us. steven, the faa knows there's a problem. we're about to see a part of it. >> reporter: today's faa announcement was first prompted by the fatal crash of a commuter flight outside buffalo back in 2009. but these new rules also touch on an issue that the ntsb is currently investigating as a possible cause of the crash of asiana flight 214 here at sfo just this past july. that accident prompted us to
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begin our own investigation into exactly how foreign-based pilots are trained here in the u.s., and whether they are being rushed into the cockpit of big jumbo jets too soon. less than a year ago, anthony first set foot in an airplane. now he's flying one at the iasko flight school in reading. >> it's a huge responsibility. >> in hopes that in another year's time he'll be flying back home in china. >> being a commercial pilot is a special job. >> reporter: last year alone the faa issued nearly 5,000 individual commercial and air transport licenses to foreign pilots. many of them go on to fly large commercial jets within a year of leaving these u.s.-based flight schools. schools like this one located outside phoenix where 450 student pilots train every year. 90% of them from china. for this school in bakersfield,
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which is actually owned and run by all nippon airways. >> this veteran flight instructor taught foreign pilots at a similar school for nearly four years. he talked only on the condition that we not identify him because he fears for his future career in aviation. >> it needs to change. more people need to speak up about what's going on. >> he told us foreign airlines constantly pressured the school where he worked to graduate students once they reached certain hours of training whether they were ready or not. >> if they went over on those hours, a lot of times that would fall on the flight school. so they would tell you, you have to get down on those hours. you cannot go over, so do what you have to to get them ready. >> the pressure to get more pilots in the cockpits of asia-based airlines has never been greater. according to this boeing market outlook, growth in the asian airline market, including new orders for airplanes far outpaces the rest of the world.
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one concern expressed by every instructor we spoke to was the ability of young foreign-based pilots to fly the plane manually without the help of automation or a computer. >> when things go wrong and things don't work, buttons don't work. you have to know how to fly the aircraft. >> reporter: once students graduate, they go home and quickly get into jumbo jets with automated cockpits giving those pilots only a year or so of manual flying on smaller airplanes leaving many of those pilots unprepared. >> i don't want you to fly with autopilot. i want you to be able to do it by hand. it's very important. you should always feel like everything is going to fail. >> they aren't hand flying the plane as much as they should. >> reporter: he even warns his students once they leave their small cessna cockpit and graduate to large jumbo jets, hundreds of lives will depend on those manual flying skills. >> aviation as a whole, i think these stick and rudder skills degrade once they leave those
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little airplanes and go to big automated airplanes. >> is this jeopardizing the safety of international flights, especially from the pacific rim? >> i believe so. absolutely. because, you know, the quality of a pilot may not be as good as it could be, for sure. >> in terms of avoiding navigational errors while taxiing -- >> reporter: the faa has sponsored special training sessions such as this one held here in the bay area last month. >> we have to be disciplined about not allowing himself to be consumed by the automation. >> reporter: flight instructor gene hudson specifically teaches local pilots not to rely too heavily on automation. >> the pilot has to exercise some flight discipline and maybe some of the time you just turn the automation off and fly the plane. >> don't know what it will take to finally get a good change. >> it's why instructors want student pilots like anthony to make the most of their time training here in the u.s. flying manually in the cockpit. >> the smaller airplanes, for now, not possible to fly it any more when i get back home to
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china. >> foreign students like yan are flying big jets within another year of going back home. contrast that with a typical career path of a u.s.-based pilot. they gain experience flying military jets or years in small airplanes. then they fly regional carriers, gaining thousands of hours of experience all before they ever set foot in the cockpit of a large jumbo jet. and even then, as the faa announced today, those training rules can be further refined to improve safety. we'll be monitoring this entire issue. raj, jessica? >> thank you. if you have a tip for anyone in our investigative unit, call us at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the let's xhek in with meteorologist jeff ranieri. what can we expect in the morning? >> we'll start off with mainly clear skies. we'll have a system passing off to the north as we head throughout our wednesday forecast. that's going to allow the sun,
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though, still to be able to filter through those clouds. more of those high clouds here across the bay area. we'll start off cold. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. by the afternoon, i really think wednesday will be the best day in that forecast. so make sure to get outside and enjoy it. for the interior valleys, mid-70s by the afternoon. low 70s by the bay and close to 70 also at the coastline. let's take you outside to our high definition sky camera network. you are wondering what to wear tomorrow morning. you'll definitely need that light jacket. if you are working in the south bay and can get away with shorts at work, that could be a good call for you. also from oakland toward san francisco, light winds will stay the next 24 hours. that will leave us with some moderate air quality. for the morning hours, start with some upper 30s to about 40 degrees in the north bay. chilly but not the oldest of the week. for the east bay and south bay, mid to upper 40s. 47 to san jose. 46 in livermore. right near 50 from oakland to san francisco. tomorrow is going to be one of those days where we have about a
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30 to 40-degree jump by the afternoon. this is what i'm talking about. shorts weather in san jose. 76 by the afternoon. great for golf. 75 into palto alto. close to 80 in morgan hill. also for gilroy. mid-70s back here for the east bay. not too much of a fluctuation from the south bay towards the east bay. then we head to the coastline. san francisco at 71. upper 60s in pacifica. 77 in santa rosa. mid-70s from sonoma to oakland. we still have rainfall in the forecast. the models continue to disagree. but at this point, i think the best bet of getting our rainfall here will be on monday also into tuesday. totals are also fluctuating. overall, north bay will continue to win out with some of the highest totals just about at 0.4 inch. elsewhere, trace amounts, maybe .15 inch. we'll continue to fine tune that. overall, what you want to notice is from 70s on thursday to 60s by friday. we'll stay with those 60s through tuesday of next week.
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so again, look for that umbrella now. you'll probably need it by monday and tuesday of next week. >> ooh umbrella. thanks, jeff. coming up, olympic swimmer ryan lochte injured by a fan. we'll tell you how in two minutes.
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google has a new venture called google helpouts. it's a product launched today. it connects people with experts over video chat to give free or paid advice on pretty much anything. anyone who is a teacher or expert on a topic can trade their services for payment. here's how it works. you set up an appointment. you get a live video feed where you can talk with an expert. in some cases it's free. other cases it's pretty expensive. it all depends on the expert and the advice. a portland, oregon, middle school football coach may need a google helpout. he got fired for his choice of party venue. his players chose hooters for their end of the season awards banque
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banquet. despite the brand, he says the restaurant is just fine for middle school boys. >> i'm not taking them there for the sexual overtones that the upset families are casting on the restaurant. you stand up for what you believe in, and i believe that this is a proper venue. >> he says the party will go on, even though he was fired. in the interim, hooters says it plans to pick up the tab for the entire party. up next, the wild ending for the sharks tonight. and some familiar faces return to the 49ers. we also have jay. >> fun show tonight. liam hemsworth is on the show from the hunger games catching fire movie. plus jenna maze. incredible music from the rise. and barry goldberg. and woulda, coulda, shoulda coming up. when our little girl was born,
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>> we're buddies. that's what you should say. >> take it away. >> we're starting off with the sharks. 23 points, 14 games. off to a great start. with a win against buffalo. san jose would tie anaheim atop the pacific division standings. sharks and sabres, 4-4 in overtime. sharks look to have scored. i mean, that puck is passed the crease and into the net, but it was called a no goal. so we go to the shootout. and cody hodgeson beats niemi. the sabres win one they should not have, 5-4. 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree cleared to practice with the team after suffering a torn achilles during team organized activities in may. crabtree led the 49ers in receptions, yards and touchdowns in 2012. right now, he is back. a situation is developing in berkeley. two cal football players were in the locker room fight last
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friday. cal freshman running back fabbion was allegedly assaulted and had to be taken to the medical center. this story was first reported by the chronicle. here's what the uc berkeley police had to say. >> we are investigating a battery between two student athletes. >> at what point was the victim's family notified of what was going on? >> you know, i don't know of that for sure. i do know that a coach from the team was at the hospital and i do know that the football staff is fully cooperating with our investigation. >> and that's it for sports. i'm dave feldman. raj and jess back with more of the news right after this. so what can i get you?
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olympic gold medal swimmer ryan lochte is sidelined by an excited fan. he tried to catch a teenage fan who ran and jumped in his arms
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on sunday. instead, he fell, smashing his knee into a curb. now this was not lochte's first bizarre injury. he's also hurt his knee breakdancing, fractured a shoulder falling out of a tree. fractured his foot in a scooter accident and strained his knee reaching for a cell phone in his car. >> poor guy. he's just trying to be nice. >> thanks for watching. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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and find your career success in the bay area. visit >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "the hunger games: catching fire," liam hemsworth. from "glee," jayma mays. the music of the rides featuring stephen stills and
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kenny wayne shepherd. and "woulda, coulda, shoulda." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! welcome! welcome to "the tonight show." thank you very much. thank you, thank you. nice to see everybody. it's election day. election day all across america. how ma


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