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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 8, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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i'm bob redell. live to show you the long line of people waiting for assistance this holiday season. >> good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures not as frigid to start the day but we have thick fog out there especially at the coast. we'll tell you when that will clear and i have your weekend forecast coming up in moments. >> that fog is an issue for drivers and also we have two crashes to report. let's take a live look outside san francisco. pretty clear in this shot. it's friday, friday, november 8th, this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning to everybody. we want to get you to the breaking news in the philippines, a devastating super typhoon has hit landfall, it happened overnight. about a million people there taking shelter.
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they have to fight to survive the wraths of this storm. some are calling this the strongest tropical cyclone to ever hit earth. marla tellez is in the newsroom now covering this. she has all of the latest details. >> good morning. so far at least four people have been killed but we expect that number to rise given the depth of the destruction we are showing you right here. typhoon haiyan is a category 5. the central philippines is bearing the brunt. the popular tourist city of sabo is taking a beating. winds well above 150 miles per hour, gusts between 220 and 230. landslides have wiped out communities, this here that look likes a floating landfill. waves in some areas reaching almost 20 feet. power as you can imagine has been wiped out to millions. locals trying to go to higher ground. this guy has a child under the tarp trying to protect this
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child. weather officials say for us here in the states the worst we've dealt with recently is superstorm sandy and this typhoon is far more powerful. >> no one in america can even imagine what 195-mile-per-hour wind would do to their home. this is going to be a bowling ball that rolls right through the southern philippines devastating everything in its path for 20 miles on both sides there won't be a home standing. >> the only positive if there is such a thing is that haiyan is so fast moving meteorologists hope it will all be over soon though it does have its sights set next on vietnam. adding insult to injuries thousand of evacuees endured a 7.2 earthquake last month. they were living in shelters already and now they are dealing with this. also i do want to mention that hundreds of flights have been grounded so if you have travel plans in this region you are going to want to call ahead and brace yourself for change in
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terms of flights. >> thank you. so much devastation going on. let's check with our meteorologist tracking this typhoon. it's rough to watch all of these people being displaced. it does not look like it's getting better soon. >> no. in fact, it's still a strong storm, category 3 at this point. when it did make landfall, category 5 winds. category 5 hurricane to give you some reference starts at 155 miles per hour. the strongest sustained speeds from typhoon haiyan, 195 miles per hour. that's a sustained speed, gusting more toward 230 miles per hour. so millions have been impacted so far. millions more will be as we head throughout the week. i want to give you a look at the future track and intensity of this storm. it's a category 3 barreling toward vietnam. about 10:00 p.m. our time as a category two storm. then the system is going to weaken as it makes its way over land but we're going to deal with a powerful area as we head
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throughout sunday at 10:00 p.m. moving into china. a large population in that part of the world. what i can tell you is we're not even close to being done tracking this massive storm. but yeah, from a meteorologist perspective i can tell you we've never seen anything like this. back to you. >> something to keep an eye on. thank you very much. it's 5:04. it's also not a typical morning for students at one high school. they are getting ready for classes in a unique way, by wearing skirts. christie smith is live at maybeck high school in berkeley. this is all in support of a classmate who was set on fire while sleeping on a bus. >> reporter: yes. good morning to you. this was a horrible attack really unbelievable. sasha fleishman was intentionally set on fire on a bus while he had a skirt on. classmates here at maybeck high school will do the same, they will wear a skirt or a kilt in
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support of their friend and classmate sasha. this is a private small high school in berkeley. sasha's family said that he identified as neither male or female. the 16-year-old suspect, richard thomas, has been charged as an adult with enhancement of a hate crime. his family says he is not a hateful person. thomas is accused of setting fleishman on fire. thomas told police he did that because he was homophobic. outside court his family says he may have been joking and is remorseful and will apologize. >> he's a good kid. >> very good kid. >> i don't know. he was joking around. that's all. >> reporter: sasha fleishman is undergoing skin grafts on his legs and the fundraising website set up to help in his recovery is saying that it's reached its
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$20,000 goal with more than $21,000 already this morning. saying they are not accepting more donations but there are also many, many words of encouragement and support. coming up in the next half hour i'm going to tell you what the oakland mayor had to say about this crime. reporting live in berkeley, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. inspiring hearing all of that support. in the newsroom a minor earthquake just struck off the northern california coast, the 4.7 magnitude quake hit just before 3:00 this morning about 74 miles west of eureka and west of crescent city. we can tell you so far no reports of damage or injury. >> 5:06. people are sleeping out in the cold just for a chance to get holiday help. bob is outside sacred heart community service in san jose. it appears the need is still very strong this holiday season.
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>> reporter: you are correct. that is not a good thing. good morning to you, laura. you can see the long line of people out here this early morning waiting to register for the holiday food and toy program. run by the sacred heart community service. in all the agency expects to serve 4,000 families with their poll day food boxes and 16,500 children with christmas toys. what's noteworthy is that those are normal numbers. the same number of people as when the recession began. in other words, even though there has been improvement in the job market they are not seeing it here. not at sacred heart. these people do not have to wait overnight. they have never had to turn anyone away and they don't expect to. the reason why people start waiting since yesterday afternoon is some needed to get a work after registration. starts at 9:00. others don't want to have to wait in line during the day. >> you are a dedicated
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grandmother. >> yes, i am. i got a lot of grand kids and great-grandchildren. i don't have a lot of money to buy each one. they help me a lot. >> what would you do without sacred smart. >> i don't know. i come so many years, i enjoy it. my kids enjoy it. >> reporter: sacred heart cites the measure that says that those in poverty, add to the recent cuts in the federal food stamp program and you've got a lot of people who are finds themselves in a desperate situation. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> so wonderful what sacred heart does. >> a heartfelt thank you. christina loren is here to talk about our friday. let's say it again, our friday.
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>> good morning to you guys. it is cold out there for everybody who waits in line. at this point of the morning i can tell you it's only going to get colder. 39 in napa. 48 in livermore and 48 in san jose which is pretty chilly especially if you're out doors for any duration of time. make sure you're bundled up. maybe you have an extra coat you haven't worn. good time to donate that to somebody in need. you have no idea how much it can help. golden gate bridge tells the story. the fog is back, for us that means the cooldown is beginning. san jose, you can see for about 3 to 4 miles. you can't make out all of the city lights because of the low clouds. nonetheless they will burn off. mostly between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. after which time we're going to see a sunny finish. 74 degrees in gilroy. we're tracking the showers in the forecast. i'll get to that, i'll let you know what that means for the
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weekend plans. right now let's check your drive with mike inouye. >> we have first of all fog drifting around the bay. christina talking about lower visibility. it's changing conditions. so be aware and be ready to hit the brakes. visibility greater than a quarter mile. just the low clouds over the roadway in oakland. we'll look at the maps, 880 moves smoothly. the same area i showed you with the live shot. it's eastbound and the light commute through oakland for 580. you approach seminary. this crash has been in lanes for a bit of time so you may see slowing start to develop, pass the merge off of the freeway. in the south bay a crash at westbound 237 around zanker. not a big deal. no injuries reported. it's in the commute direction so i'll track that. we had reports of highway 87 over or at the off ramp, willow
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street, there's a few service areas, car repairs there on highway 87. posted that a pedestrian has been hit. a number of cars stopped. to try to provide help. we have a lot of police in the area. we'll let you know as we get more information, everybody is safe. we also have a crew heading to the scene. close to 280. >> good to know. >> it's 5:11. coming up, a new lawsuit in a high end community where parents say their children were banned from trick-or-treating. >> b.a.r.t. safety comes with side effects. what the agency will be sacrificing to keep workers safe. >> new jobs data on the way. we'll have a preview coming up.
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welcome back everyone. it's 5:13 right now. do you have a record player growing up? >> of course. and all sorts. the 45, the big ones. >> there you go. vinyl appears to make a comeback. producers say this year's sales in the united kingdom was the best in decades. >> i love the old school vibe. nothing like putting a record on the player. uk sales have doubled and could grow more by christmas. people over 30 are the biggest buyers, kids, those are the things your parents used to listen to music on. the rock bands bringing in a new generation of fans. >> kind of the record labels thought it would be good to release some of the singles in vinyl form, make them collectible. it was a form of promotion. the fans picked up on it. it's a bit of a badge of honor, around rock 'n roll. >> the classic. companies say vinyls are not
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selling like they used to because there is so much in the digital game. they account for 1% of all albums sold in the uk, six years ago it was just .1%. so relatively speaking a surge. >> job numbers won't be pleasant music if anything scott, we're going to may need to hear the needle stick. >> blame congress. they bumped the record player. we get the october jobs report. it's delayed by the government shutdown, probably will show terrible numbers. it will look that bad. enormous spike in employment, politicians so badly messed up the month of october we can probably ignore those numbers. they come at 5:30 our time. twitter will start its first full day of trading. up 72% from its ipo price. remember, earlier this week we talked about how a company wants to find a magic ipo price.
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not too big of a payout. that meant the company left money on the table. twitter's was too big of a pop. that's friday morning armchair quarterbacking. that's easy for me to say in retrospect. the broader markets had a tough day thursday. jackie is live at cnbc with a look ahead. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. the futures are higher indicating that we are going to see green on wall street today after stocks fell sharply yesterday. the s&p 500 suffering its worst day in fact, in ten weeks weemt had investors reacting to a surprise interest rate cut by the european central bank. twitter soaring more than 70% in its debut though interesting to note did it close below it's opening of $45 a share. and again today, the big focus this october jobs report. the number is expected to be distorted by the impact of the
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government shutdown. forecasts calling for 120,000 jobs to have been added and the unemployment rate to rise to 7.4%. the dow dropping closing at 15,594 t nasdaq to 3857. the nasdaq drop is interesting in light of the twitter pop higher as well. back to you, scott. >> thank you much so. twitter, it was not actually the only bay area company to go public this week. wednesday the guys from care bell's barracuda network raised about $70 million through an ipo. ipos are not the only way the raise money. the jobs act. it allows to solicit investors outside the stock market. the sec gave its blessing a few weeks ago. here is a ceo raising $60 million. >> this conversation that we're having right now, six weeks ago
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would have land immediate in jail. the sec, now you don't get to be on a public company, you got toohey owe this very conversation is something i never had in my career before. >> marquette can talk about ieo's. he's my guest on "press: here." a reunion, a guy who was there when waz and jobs walked in carrying a box with their apple computer inside and took it out. >> classic. check out this. >> change the world. >> a lot of the guys went and -- >> exactly. that was the beginning. had a little work to do but it had the seeds. all right, scott love that. >> yeah, love that. love the forecast now. check in with christina. >> looking good for this weekend. we have big changes headed our way and yeah, we like to tech
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shop. they offer discounts to students and veterans. that's the kind of thing that gets people throughout and make careers out of what they are doing in school. thanks to them. catch all that, press here, sunday morning. it's not as cold as it has been. we have clouds at the coast. drifting around though. the next couple days we're going to continue to see more and more of that morning cloud cover and as a result our temperatures are going to drop off. i want to give you an idea what if that moo rein layer does to temperatures around the inner bay. i stopped the clock at high noon. still 58 at lunch lime in oakland. 68 at noon in livermore. then the burnoff around the bay and the coast between about 12:00 and 2:00. as a result temperatures end up comfortable but we're going to see really warm temperatures in fairfield, 75 in livermore. low 70s around the inner bay.
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the 60s at the coast. so that marine layer gets deeper tomorrow. temperatures will drop off and then our area of somebody comes in. this has been giving all of the meteorologists across the bay area is this going to tap into subtropical moisture, is gotting to ride to the north. our best chance for rain across the greater bay area looks like tuesday into wednesday. what will happen, our temperatures drop off, more soupy conditions and i can tell you it looks promising for showers late tuesday into wednesday. we haven't had rain in some time so that could make for a messy community. nonetheless, mike and i will track it like we are every day. speaking of which let's find out how we're doing in the traffic department. here is mike inouye. >> traffic and weather overlapping quite a bit. overall the bay area not bad. the clear view on our map but we have a lot of areas like this orange here, so the traffic
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centers are tied together from our system. we'll talk about the situation a tragedyics situation going on. though the traffic flow is moving we have right here highway 87, i told you about this crash reported. reports of a vehicle having hate pedestrian. we heard that chp closed north 280, south 87 because of what we hear is a fatality. someone has died as a result. we'll get you more information as it comes in. right now the connecteder is closed. we'll loop back and other another issue. the tri-valley moving smoothly. typical out of the altamont pass. the earlier crash eastbound 580 there is no slowing. you see this orange and around the area, dense fog. it's going to be the toughest tear drive as you approach the way bridge toll plaza. we'll show you what we can,
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maybe not, we'll hold onto this map. right along the coast. >> we'll do that. thank you. 5:22. b.a.r.t. officials work to update safety prosee durs. there could be fewer trains on the track since two workers were killed last m. employees have kept trains away from work. now looking for other solutions. aft a safety hearing a more permanent solution be do most of the work at night but that might mean less time for trains to be up and running. >> an east bay couple unfairly target their children. the family live in the tennis villas at blackhawk. the family said the homeowners'
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association has rules. the family is suing to get the rules changed and for monetary damages. no comment yet from the owners of the gated community. >> no trick-or-treating. kids around the world that would be sacrilege. andy sandberg, guess what he stops by to talk to jay leno. and we'll give you a listen coming up.
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space. the final frontier. attention you trekkies out there. you know who you are. the official "star trek" convention beaming back to the bay area following a three-year hiatus. looking good in the blue tops. headlining the man, the myth, the legend, william shatner. he played the original captain
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kirk. my favorite. actors from the series, "star trek" the tv series the next generation, they will make an appearance. convention we can tell you runs this weekend. look at the ears. classic spock. that will start today at noon and at the hyatt regency in burlingame. get your "star trek" on. >> get the ears going. a berkeley native andy sandberg talked to jay leno and ended up on the topic of uc santa cruz. >> have a listen. >> you know, in college i worked at a movie theater, i went to santa cruz for two years, i worked at a movie theater. >> the only college that never got applause in the history of this show. any college you no online phoenix. they applaud. that's the only college, nothing. it got nothing. >> everyone here that went there was like what?
5:27 am
did i go there? >> not a murmur. >> i went there for seven years. forgot. >> that was pretty good. >> from my college experience many people i went to school with in nebraska even what? that's how college is supposed to be. >> that's not what your parents say. >> we've got an update on the economic recovery. it's due out. we'll bring you the latest jobs numbers. >> we'll tell you about a politician returning to court, this time to officially be sentenced. when our little girl was born,
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sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ people in the philippines doing everything to protect themselves as the strongest typhoon of the year slams into the country. power is out, communication lines are down and at least four are dead.
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typhoon haiyan is racing across the string of islands and now headed toward taiwan. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. marla tellez is in the newsroom keeping an eye on the latest from overseas. so much devastation out there. what are you hearing? >> right now it's 9:30 at night, friday. for those lucky enough to have escaped the wrath of typhoon haiyan, they are tucked away at shelters. families spread out in what appears to be a gym floor in this instance. during the day this video here tells a story of utter devastation, torrential rains causing severe flooding. devastating winds with sustained speeds of 195 miles per hour, gusts between 220 to 230 miles per hour. just a recipe for destruction, entire towns wiped out. the brunt of the storm over central philippines. even the spot of sabu has been hit hard. close to a million people are forced to evacuate.
5:31 am
we expect that number to rise at least four people have been killed, at least two were electrocuted. one person was killed by a falling tree, another said to be struck by lightning. such a devastating scene. already local nonprofits are jumping in to help. we came across the facebook page of project pearl based in san bruno. it has organized a drive for this sunday to collect things like canned goods, baby formula, medicine and tooth paste, the staples we take for granted. not going through something as devastating as this f. you would like to help there are organizations that you could contact. that drive is sunday from 10:00 to 2:00 in san bruno. log in to find out the latest information. i also want to mention that travel, there is no travel to the philippines as you can imagine which means hundreds of
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flights have been grounded. new information continues to pour in so this is the story that is very fluid and i'll have the next live report at 6:00. >> so tragic. those people have nowhere to go. breaking news we're following the october jobs report just released. they are slightly skewed because of the government shutdown. what are you hearing? >> the numbers, i'll give them to you and then comment. 204,000 jobs added in the month of october. 7.3% unemployment. so those are the numbers. you talked about slightly skewed. here's the confusing thing. is all of us were getting ready for an incredibly bad number. 204,000 is pretty good. we were ready for a super bad number. we were going to say you know, government shutdown, it affected the data because of the people collecting the data and the people who weren't at work because of the shutdown and that's the reason we got a bad number. except we got a really good
5:33 am
number. so i think we've still got to stick with the same idea, right, that this is a nonsense number. but it's an awfully good nonsense number. >> hard to ignore. >> there is a -- going on in washington as we try to figure out what this means. >> exactly. >> we'll continue to delve into it. >> thanks. >> 5:33. this morning students a at bay area high school finding a unique way to show love and support for a classmate set on floor while sleeping on a bus. christie smith is live in berkeley and right now, we're told the students planning to wear skirts and kilts throughout the day. >> reporter: good morning. it was a horrific crime but there really has been an outpouring of support for sasha fleishman who was set on fire on a bus. his family says he has been gender neutral, he doesn't identify as a male or female and often wore a skirt or a kilt. classmates here in berkeley,
5:34 am
they are going to do the same thing. we will wear a skirt or a kilt whether they are boy or girl. the 16-year-old is undergoing skin grafts. he attends maybeck here. it's a small private school. richard thomas was charged as an adult in the attack with a hate crime enhancement. prosecutor sas that thomas told police that he set fleishman on fire on that transit bus because he was, quote, homophobic. thomas's mother says he was joking and is extremely remorseful. >> he's a good kid. very good kid. i don't know. >> reporter: oakland mayor jean quan released a statement saying in part that oakland stands with sasha fleishman, that our city
5:35 am
has long been a place that celebrates diversity and takes great pride in our communities pub you be lick safety. and we'll not tolerate acts of hay dread or bigotry for the simple fact of who they are. fleishman and thomas are residents of oakland. >> thank you very much. hayward police asking for help to find a 77-year-old man suffering from dementia and diabetes. edward moore does take medication for both and never walked away unattended. he was seen yesterday near his home wearing a green shirt, camouflage shorts and sandals. it's possible the 5'7", 200 pound man may have gone to east oakland where he used to live. >> disgraced politician george shirakawa heading to court for sentencing. he pleaded guilty several
5:36 am
felonies, stemming from his abuse of public funds. shirakawa is blaming the behave yore on depression and a gambling addiction. he faces up to one year in jail. his troubles not over yet. he is being charged with false impersonation for allegedly helping send out campaign flyers in 2010 that contained false information. his lawyers argued that the charges should be included in the plea deal but a judge denied the claim. sanford the fans feeling good. well they should, big timep winners. college football changed. >> touchdown stanford. >> that was a great one to hear and watch. traffic heading out of the stadium was a mess. fans were celebrating. the 6, setting up oregon for the second time, costing the undefeated team a run at
5:37 am
thenalnal championship game. stanford, 2shix 0. but they tried it. sanford took it. 26-20. we got off the phone with palo alto police. they tell us all the celebrating was tame with no reports of vandalism or fights which is a good way to celebrate. >> they beat them last year, this year upset them again. >> it was a fun one. kept me up a little late. it's friday. >> that's right. you get two days to recover. temperatures looking good. i wanted to show you this live picture of san francisco because it has returned. i'm talking about the fog. you can see here we have high pressure in control so it's forcing all of that moisture to the surface. you might encounter visibility issues. i want to point out that temperatures aren't as cold as it has been. we're in the upper 40s in livermore and san jose. and 41 degrees right now in
5:38 am
santa rosa, the coldest is napa. with the return of the onshore flow the weather story of the day is temperatures aren't as warm as we started out the week. 65 degrees, expecting a pretty sunrise especially in sunol. we'll show you the cameras throughout the morning hours. here's mike inouye. happy friday to you. >> happy fry and for the most part we expect -- things are stirring the pot. right now i have to turn our attention to the south bay. we have fog, low clouds drifting around the area. visibility pretty much okay but it's trouble for us. i can't show you. 280 the volume builds. we have a serious situation, a deadly crash blocking the off ramp to north and southbound 87. you'll go to bird, then loop around and slowing, and then coming back to 8 even if north on southbound from the opposite
5:39 am
direction. the deadly crash, sounds like there was a pedestrian on the roadway and we'll get you whatever other information we can. not just the impact on your commute. at zank tler is a big rig stuck in the fast lane. that means busted brakes, they can't move it until they get a tow truck. crossing the bay you're you're okay. one look. clouds and fog are an issue. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> coming up we'll let you know why fema is fot giving aid after the rim fire.
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>>. >> welcome back. kathleen sebelius hitting the
5:42 am
road the try to win support for obama care. she is heading to atlanta where she has promised to make an important announcement about the president's signature health care law. melissa is live on capitol hill and has a preview for us. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you. the president apologizing first of all in this exclusive nbc news interview for losing or having people lose their current health plans because of the affordable care act. there were repeated assurances by the commander in chief this would not happen. it seems it is happening, he says he is trying to remedy the situation. about with 5% of the population buy insurance on their own. that risk of being forced off their current policies because those plans have changed and do not meet the new standards of the new health care law. meantime, you're talking about hhs secretary sebelius, she is heading to atlanta as you mentioned today. she will speak at a mental health care symposium.
5:43 am
she's going to talk about a new rule that will require insurance to cover mental health and addiction services the same way they cover physical issues so we weren't getting much detail on that until a little while ago. interesting to see what she says and how this plays into the affordable care act. jon. >> thank you for that update. >> security check points across the country will fall silent in honor of the tsa agent killed when a gunman opened fire inside l.a.x. operations will stop at 9:20 the moment he was shot. he was the first tsa agent killed in the line of duty. two other agents and a bystander were hurt in the attack. the suspect was shot by police but is still recovering in a hospital this morning. >> the federal government says it will not pay to help ta wall a me county to build after the
5:44 am
rim fire. the management agency says that damage was not severe enough to require federal aid. governor brown's office says state officials will be going out to reassess the cost of remayors and will possibly file an appeal sometime next month. federal aid does not come down the county and state will have to pay to repair roads and infrastructure. the berkeley family camp which was destroyed by the fire and san francisco's family camp are woth in that county. >> we're following breaking news in the south bay this morning. a deadly crash has shut down part of a major connector in san jose. it's just south of the 280 interchange. always a busy spot. bob redell just arrived on the scene. what have you found out? >> reporter: good morning to
5:45 am
you. this was at least one car that hit a person that was on highway 87. so we're on northbound 280. and as you look in that direction the lights, that is the southbound 87 on ramp. the on ramp of southbound 87 which takes you to southbound san jose. at least one vehicle was involved. this happened around 5:00. the kor 0 der has been called to the scene. i let you know it's still going to be a while before the seen is cleared. this will likely have an impact on the commute. people coming from 680 to 280 trying to get to downtown san jose, this is shut down. you can see if you look to your left you've got a lot of lookers so it's having an impact. don't have an eta on when this road is going to reopen. the coroner has been called. they have to do their work so
5:46 am
that's going to take time. at least 3030, 60 minutes before they even think about reopening the road. as far as the circumstances around this accident, as far as why this person was up here, that is not clear. this is an elevated portion of the roadway. and you know, chp is walking over now and telling us that they are going to have a p.i.o. on the way. was this a hit and run? >> no, not a hit and run. >> they do have the vehicles still on the scene. he is going to have the pio coming out, the public information. >> an active situation not only for the traffic but looks like he's going to gather more information so we'll check back with him. >> still a lot of questions to be answered. let's check out how that's affecting the roads, possibly your commute. >> good morning.
5:47 am
tragic way to start but as far as the impact for the commute it's going to affect folks there and 3, especially downtown, the bay area a smooth drive. the original spot. we'll talk about that. in the south bay north 87 where the crash has occurred. that means the closure for the investigation of 280 northbound, north or southbound 87 with the lights and the activity we see a lot of slowing. the best way, we saw bob's shot in the background. the new offramp. 280, some slowing as folks adjust their commute. they crash is here along leelong. we'll follow for changes as chp has to adjust for the morning commute. we have zanker. a double trailer, specialized equipment to get the heavy rigs doubt. mill peeps and clear by the time
5:48 am
you get to zanker and sunnyvale. we have a crash at san ramon. no problems except we'll watch for all of the activity off to the holder. the rest of the tri-valley. we have this orange area. this is where our traffic and weather systems are tied together. dense fog in these areas, i can no longer see the roadway from my oakland camera. the visibility between the rooftop and roadway which is an issue. we'll show you what things are like. palo alto. that will be an issue as well. we'll end with the bay bridge toll plaza. we san key the lights. that fog is an issue. so are the fash rains. bob will crist around. we is changing conditions. >> you are right on, mike. all of that fog is along the east shore and san francisco. i'm going to show you some good
5:49 am
shots. 39 in novato. 48 degrees in san jose. this is what we're working with. the fog is at the surface in san francisco. sfo where we get the fog, nice and clear. but jog doesn't stay station ari. >> and of course we're talking about a nice start to the day in oakland, 70 degrees, we're going to keep an eye on oakland. out of international. 71 in san jose. 74 degrees in gilroy. i want to talk about the changes because it has been so nice for the past couple weeks we haven't had significant rain for 45 days. that chaks next week. the jet stream gets to the south. we have two pretty good opportunities for seeing showers.
5:50 am
i'm talking mostly south of the golden gate bring. we're going to open up that storm window late monday night for areas to the north of the golden gate bridge. showers on tuesday. a better chance for early wednesday for us to get any measurable precipitation. but the mottle runs have not been consistent. it's hard to lock down how much water we're going to get. could see a tenth of an inch to a half inch of rain. we'll take anything we can get. back to you, jon and laura. >> thank you. follow-up on a sad story, she's a bit of a local hero. funeral for the woman after finishing the marathon. it will be held in minnesota. joy johnson the oldest female runner she sadly died hours after this interview on the "today" show. she during the race had fallen and hit her head on the pavement but she refused to quit on sunday and she finished that
5:51 am
race. johnson we can tell you grew up in minnesota, those funeral arrangements are still pending. >> it is 5:51. google's mystery barge not done yet. what we're learning about the massive vessel. >> a gadget that answers the age old question where did i park the car? [son] all right,she has no idea.
5:52 am
5:53 am
[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams] 5:53. good friday morning to you. we're learning new details about google's mystery barge in the san francisco bay. turns out work isn't done but when it's complete the barge is expected to be flanked by gigantic sails according to the chronicle. that's to remind people the
5:54 am
barge is a sea worthy vessel. in addition the barge will move around the bay docking for a month at different sites. earlier this week google announced it would be an interactive space where people can learn about technology. >> google's mystery barge. sounds like a hit show. guess what, today's friday that means it's gadget friday. scott, you have your own land barge. >> i do. i drive a ford flex. i think it's one of the best cars, it's huge, though. i can carry most of a baseball team. i spend a lot in gas. now i know it costs me $2.19 to drive to work every day because my iphone tells me. it connects to a device called automatic. we've seen gadgets like this before that plug into the port under the dashboard. automatic call device, a smart driving assistant. here is some of the data it will
5:55 am
push to my iphone. the cost of each trip, whether i drove faster than the optimal gas mileage, if i have engine warning and every time i park the car it mentions the location to my iphone. so when i come back out of the 49ers game or whatever i know exactly where my car is. it's about 100 bucks. no subscription. the only complaint i have is that whole it will beep at you, if you drive faster than optimal gas mileage. if you drive on 85, mike, i think you know this, nobody is driving the optimal gas mileage speed on 85. but it beeps once or twice and gives up. >> interesting. >> good for you and i getting up there in age. i tend to forget things. >> where did we park the car? it cost 4 bucks to take them to the wherever we were going. but there is real money involved. >> no kidding. that's a lesson in itself. morning commute is a tough one.
5:56 am
you probably are crawling along if you are by 280, 87 interchange. it's breaking news that we're following as a pedestrian has been hit and killed. i want to check in with mike with the details. >> look at the south bay. as laura said it's here, 288 at 87. we'll zoom in. we have north 87 where a crash involving a pedestrian, that is the person killed we would assume, we're getting more from chp. someone has died as a result of this crash near the on and off ramp by 280. so chp closed 280 northbound on north and southbound 87 because of its proximity to the connector. folks are passing by on north 280 and looping back at bird and getting back on to 87. that has caused this slowdown in the south bay. we'll track this and the investigation and bob is at the scene. he will give us an update. into the city an injury crash reported north 101. involving a motorcycle. another crash, no major injuries
5:57 am
but injuries nonetheless, slowing into san francisco on 101. back to you. >> 5:57. police are on the scene of that deadly crash in san jose. so is nbc bay area's bob redell. he just talked to police. and he's going to have a live update. >> we'll also have students at one bay high school now getting ready to pay tib butte to a classmate who was set on fire in a bizarre scene. what police are calling this, they are calling it a hate crime. >> and the fight over the sandy hook 911 tape, what a connecticut prosecutor is now asking a judge to do. >> right now live outside, a quick look at sfo, you are heading out of town maybe for the weekend, mike will be along to tell you about that. christina has the forecast.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
a 26-year-old man struck and killed by a car and now hundreds of south bay drivers having to reroute their commute. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. just a sad and rough way to get a friday morning started. this happened at 87 at the off ramp add the alma avenue exit. bob had a chance to speak with officers. bob, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, it's going to be at least another two hours before this roadway is open. we're on northbound 280, and you're looking down the northbound 280 on ramp, highway 87. where you see all of the lights and the wrecker, that's where this man was hit and killed. it happened around 5:00 this morning. there are at least two, possibly three vehicles involved. what chp believes happened based on their conversations thus far with the drivers is one vehicle glanced this man, 26-year-old man as you mentioned, then the


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