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tv   Today  NBC  November 9, 2013 5:30am-7:01am PST

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. with lester holt and erica hi, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. weome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lesterolt. >> i'mrica hill. alongside dylan dreyer and cra melvin who is in this morning for jenna. we want to staith our top story. weaven't seen the full picture of the destruction typhoon haiyan has lef behind. there are more images of e damage coming in throughout the morning. weo know that entire neighborhoods ve been destrod. we're also learning this morning the storm is responsible for at least 000 deaths. it is a dficult area to get to. the pictures slowly coming t, the aid slowly getting to where it is needed. correspondent angus walker is in manila and hashis update for us. angus, good rning.
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>> rorter: people here have seen many orms but super typhoon haiyan was much more than thebargained for. th are beginning to suey the ha than they bargain for. they are beginning to survey the damagen the philippines after onof the strongest storms ever recorded swept acrosthis island nation. the winds of tyson haiyan dro ashore with almost unimaginable force. clocked to 195 miles per hour th gusts over 230. equals a category five hurrican few buildingsre built to wi withstand such as onslaught. power down and homes flded and 24 hours late officials are still tryingo get a handle on the eent of the destruction. >> do youhink there are vilgs alo ville ooages havbeen completely deroyed? >> he. >> rorter: many made it
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shelters but some were court to sea the crew of this barge was pull away. the scene fm spaceill give yosome idea of haiyan's size. re than a thousand miles acro iwould cover a huge portion of the united states. the phippines have seen more than 20 typhoons this year but it's hard for anyone to recall a storm anything likthis. remember, e philippiness still reeling from a massive earthquake less than a month ago which left more than a hundred dead and many thousands homeless. lester? >> angus walk, than. >> dylan is ccking typhoon haiyan for us from here. what is the latest? >> it has downgraded fro a super tie soyphoon to a typhoon. estimates based on satellite incate it was a very strong equivalent to categy four almost five rricane. but w it is met in theouth
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china sea and it isack over water and it is going to maintain its sength perhaps the equivalt of a category three hurricane, with hurricane rce winds extending 50 miles out fromhe center of the storm. you can see, as we track it, it's reay going to ride along the coast of vietnam as we go through this weekend and it doesn't make landfall ain until we go late in the day on sunday intoonday and it will downgrade to the equivalent of tropical storm at that point you can see how closet is to the coast so the wind and the rough surf and the rain with is stormill still effect vinam so something we will watch through the ekend. >> dylan,thanks. we want to get a check of some of the other morning's top stories. >> craigelvin is here with th. eay this morning jury in utah found a doctor guilt of killing his wi. martin macneill is now awaiti ntencing in the dth of michele macneill. precutors had argued that macneill drugged and drowned his wife in the bathtub of their home in apr of007 so he
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could be with his stress. more on that story the next hour. we head to switzerland. talks between secretary of stat john kerry and severoreign ministers from sever other countries. ann curry is live in geneva with more. good morning to yo ann. >> good morning to you, craig. >> rorter: six othe wod's foreign ministers have unexpected gathered among stng signs a nuclear deal with ir may be near. the this mornin the french foreign ministerroke ranks and said publicly that france won't accept wt he called a sucker's deal. he also revled the debat is ov the way to reduce iran's capability to make atomic reps use maria te yum and rish uranium. so far no wordrom the other foreign ministers but john kerry did meet with aoreign minister afte his meing. nbc news has leaed that iran is readyo sign the crent
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aft on the table of the first stepgreement and waiting for the dlomats in the res of the world to sort out their differces. china's foreigminister is reportedly on his way, which would bring e seven the numbe of the world dop diplomats he to try to hammer out ts deal. >> what are the chances that we have deal by the end of th day? >> reporter: well, insist a seous setback. these forgn ministers scheduled to leave at thend of this day. they have all day to work out a deal a they are very close, but there is a real chae that they couldll leave without having made a deal. >> a curry in geneva for us, thank you. back here the bikers accused of being in that vicio new rk city highway beating are facing a sle of charges this morning. a grand jury indicted 11 bikers including an undercover new york
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city police department detectiv they say the assau happened after auv bumped a biker. two add admirals are on leave is morning. the top intelligence officers are acsed of having a lal and improper relations with a ief executive of a single port se contracting company. the men are the higst to be implicated so far in the investigation. the king of movie rental stores is closing i doors. blocuster will shut its 300 or so remaining stores the ne from the dish network th this morning whenought ockbuster in a bankruptcy auction in 2011. blockbuster said the las day to rent a movieill be saturday night. what wl your last mental be? #blockbuster movies. >> what happs if you don't rewind ?
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i ju dated myself! vcr? 1980 call. >> on demand video. itid blockbuster in. >> it happened quickly too. >> yes. if you do -- don't rewind you probably get to keep it this time >> thereou go. and you won't g chged. >> i think i sll have "ferri bueller's y off" from blockbuster. can i keep it now! >> nice work, dylan! >> have a really gd movie to show! we are looking at some etty quiet weather across the country. we do hav a cple of lake efct rain a snow shows moving through t upper peninsula ofichigan and move into new york and lake ontario. there is not a wle lot good morning. in san franciscot 49 degrees righnow. temperature are a little chil.
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36 in santarosa, 39 in napa, 46 currently in san se. we will s a few high cloud overhe weekend. it's pretty mild for this tim of year. low to mid s around the i-valley, up to of 0s d 70s. today and tomorrow few more clouds, running cooler wita chance of showerlate on monday. and that is youratest forecast. lester? >> thanks, dylan. to the troubles for the oba admintration and the website. president obama is still expressing his frustration over the glicheds while some republicans aresing this opportunity to questionis executive experience. kristen welker is at thehite use with us with more. good morning. reporter: good morng to you, lest. under contind fire for the roy rollout of his health care website president obama is trying to change the subjects at times. saw this on friday when he made the top at the portf new orleans and talkg about the
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economy and investing in infrastructure structures but he couldn't help but to veer bk to the topic of health care and partularly those glitches with thwebsite. ke a listen to what he had to say. >> now, we havhad this problem with the websi. i'm not happy about that. bute're working overtime t make sure that it get fixed because, right now, we put in place a system, a marketpla ere people can get affordae health care plans. i wanted tgo in and fixt myself, but ion't write codes. >> reporter: lester, earlier this week, during an exclusi interview with c's chuck todd, presiden obama apologized saying ifou like your health care plan you can keep yr healthare plan and we know that is not the case for about 5% of american president obamhas directed his top officials t try to come up th some type of administrative fix for those americans. meanwhile, he is getting heat from all side
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democrats o are up for re-election urging him to extend the enroment deadline. president seizing on this moment to tryo paint the president as unprepared, but, meanwhile, another big deadline coming next week. that's when the white house will release enrollment figures for the first time. ey are downplaying expectatns saying those enrollment figures will be low. threpublican vie now. reince priebus is joini us. thanks f being with us. >> good rning. >> the president has acknowledgedhat his promise that folks could kp their health care was not the case. he h now apologized. what is your view about at apology? >>ell, look. theyre throwing numbersround like 5% americans are dropped from their insurance. we don't know how high that is going to go. we know right nowillions of people are losing their insuranc we know at the priceshey are tripting sign up for nown the
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website, if they can geton, of course, are far higher than what they currently play. ologizing and misspeaking for peop like this f people who are sick andave ks a really need insurance. this hs home. i think the president has got to fix the problem a he has got to lead on this issue a he i just not leading. >> you know there is some kp your plan bills before both the housend is in the and were essentiall allowing insurance companies allowhe same pns as before. e states that regulate this my derstanding they have set their plans in motion for the comi year. do y think it's a ssibility? >> well, i mean certainly people ought toe able to receive th promise that the president and assure the entire country tt they wouldget, so i think not only is it a ssibility, i think it's somhing that has to get done. but, you know, beyond that, there is more problems facing this program. nohat happens when the fines are delay because people can't
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sign up? what will happ is the people thateed insurance the most will sign up. the people that don't nee surance, people that are more healthy or young will not sign pup the result of alof this is next year, the rates are going too even higher and higher. this is the rean why the republican party has been fighng againstbama care. is not ready to roll out. we are not circlinghe wagons here but saying thiis what we have been talking about and this program has tbe put on hold. >> you havbeen fighting this program and you took it on the chin when youought it in the last budget bale. wh we go back aroun t the budget in nuary, are republics going to be aittle more timid taking on health care given the eerience and given the lower approval ratings? >> well, look. i an, i understand yo point, but i think that the arican people are seein now how seous it was of a fht against obama care. now as far as the round two,
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look. mitchell mcconnell assured the caucus he doesn' want to have a shdown. i ghly doubt that is going to happ. i think people want to find a way to reduce spending and get our budgetunder control. the questn is the psident going to enter the rm and lead in the se way tha -- that rean did and bush and even bill clinton did. it takes leadershi to get past this and rightow hes running around the country and giving speeches andt's the same thimg ething. thisime it's more serious. people are hurtingnd losing their coverage and paying more money than they can afford. >> reince pries, tnk you f being on ts morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. a legal firs a former state prosecutor in texas ordered to serve time in jail for intentionally withholding critical evidence in a murder trial of a man who turned out to be innocent. more on that story from our juste correspondent pete wiiams. >> reporter:ike morton sat in e front row of a texas
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courthouse to see punishment imposed on ken anderson thean who got him convicted of a crime he did not comm. anderson led the prosecution in 1987 that acsed morton of murdering his fe christine who was beaten to dth in bed. morton was relieved from pretty much two years ago freed by dna evidence that proved he was innoce. >> thank god this wasn't a capital ca. it only had fe. >> reporter: his lawyers then discovered that anderson, the prosecutor, neverold the defense about two critica pieces of evidence. witnessehad reported seeing a man park areen van and walk into the wded area near the morton's house. and michael rton's mother-in-law sa his 3-year-old son eric tolder he saw a big monster with big mustache hurting h mother. was daddy there, he was asked? no, he said mommy and eric was there. that same dna evidence led to threal killer a drifter named mark allen norwood convicted i march. mort served nearly 25 years in
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prison and 8,995 days. d the sentenceor t prosecutor? just ten days for contet of court. a harsher penalty unailable because of the stute of limitations. >>here is no way anything we could do today would resolve the hu. >> repter: he now loses his law license a h judge steps down. >> thenly thing i want as a baseline is for ken anderson to be off the bench and for him t no longer practice la >> rorter: anderson's successors in the prosecutor's office have also agreed to look back at all of his por convictionto see if there wer other cases of misconct. for "today," pete wiiams, nbc news, washington. miami dphins player jonathan mtin remains on the team's injy report this ekend as the nfl investigates allegations he was bullied by teammate richie incognito. mat's lawyer is saying his
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clie indured tauntg that went beyond hazing nate jackson is an -nfl player and e offer of "slow getting up" a story of nfl survival from the bott of the pi. nice to haveou both bus. good moing. >> good morning. >> markgive us a sense. as we heard martin's lawyer is saying thi wt far beyond. is there a different defition of hazing versus bullying withi the nfl and, if , how doe it differ what we would perceive on the outside? >> fro the outside, a lot of this behavior looks ouageous. i think from the inside, inside an nfl locker room, there are certain rules and there is a code about what is acceptabl and what is not. rookies get hazed. theyave to carry pads and luggage and things like that for veterans. what we are hearing in this case seemto have gone beyon that code and beyond t normal periods that a rookie would have to deal with this stuff. so its looksike jonathan martinust reached a breaking pot. >> so, nate, in your experience, you spent six yearsithhe
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denver bronc. you've been in thoseocker oms. you were a rkie at one pot. from what you' heard and seen, dithis g beyond? >> well, it'sard for us to know you know, looking to that bubble from the outside, it's easy for us toudge based on the textshat we see up on the screen, but the nuance and the context of that joking and it's hard to ll. ani can tell you that ery single team you go into a locker room,ou get made fun of. it happens to erybody, especially every rookie and it's hard for u to really know what is gng on there. >> you've been tre. in yr experience you say every team teases their player. there is a dference between teasing and bullying. our perception of teasing and bullying he sitting in a studio is different from what may be the perception inn nfl locker room. so what did you witness specically as a rookie even in those six years that would ve crossed the line? was there anything? >> i ner saw anything that
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personally crossed the line in my opinion because i never seemed malicious to me. yohave to understand tt these men are trainedor violence, f hand-to-hand combat on a daily basis and sequestered i all-male environment with noomen around so they devop some kind of crude an lewd behavior and ways of communicati that us from the outside world it seems strange t in there, it's noal. i ner saw anying cross the line i my years. >> tony dungy told in business yesterday that heassed in 200 on incognito becau of his reputation. plenty of players have come out and defended him, though, mark. >> uh-huh. >> aression can be helpful on the fieldnd whatou want kind of in aplayer. is there any effort in your experience to help people maybe temp that? as nate said, he didn't e a lot of that. >> even richie incognito has been through therapy and trying to overco the anger and vient issues he's had but still issues to be dealt with there. >> we don't like tsee how the
5:50 am
sausage is made,uite honestly. is this the thing that wil turn fans off in any way? >> no. we have seen aaron hernande the ccussion lawsuit and 20 million people will tune into the nfl on sundaynd 120 million people will watch the super bowl. it seems to weather thetorm all the time. >> we will keep talking aboutt little while longer for sure. both to haveou both with us. thks again. lester? >> thanks. britain's duchess of cambridgis learning when you're in th roy spotlight noing goes unnoticed. she was spotted with a few gray hairs but we are told this touch of gray has a l of people talkg. >> reporter: the glamour. the cameras. it's high pressured life being a princess. everything makes a headline. even a few gy hairs! kate was wh willi during charitday for veterans this week. fitting work i around the new
5:51 am
baby when she was caught by those unforgiving zoom lenses and speculate is it a sign she is doing too much? how long has it been since she d her hair lored? in a london following with every color of hair dyed they say she may be worried about breafeeding or perhaps too busy. >> you take a back st for to your bab that is your priority >> reporter: kate has been praised for her post-baby fitness aying volleyball but it can't be easy. >> you are underublic scrutiny in whatever you do evenhough it probably unfa. >> rorter: let's not forget william doest have the hair he once had. the royal couple to be asormal as possible facing some othe samehanges all new parents do. >> it's nice to see with a few gray hairs. you can't have it at all. it makes her more human tohe rest of us. >> reporter: i have secret. >> dyou have some gray hairs?
5:52 am
>> reporter: ido. kate facing thcameras each on thosead hair days >> not surprisingly. kate's grays are caung a lot of chatter online. the topi was trending almos immediely after the pictures surfaced. >> dylan is in the orange, not gray room with reacon. >> i could have gray hairs too. i've beenyeing my hair so long, i don't know wha is going on up there. kate is just like us and makes you feel good tonow that. she is a new mom and maybe she plucked or not orolors or maybe she doesn't care. he is what he weasked. like me the majority of the people say, "we dye them." 40% dye them and 24% pull them and at has to hurt 36%ay i leave them. there is more . craig, whayou got? >> what doou do? >> d them. >> you dye them. didn't mean to put youn the spot there.
5:53 am
you've all heard the question. you pull one out or will more come to its funeral if you pull them out? we put the question to a panel test. the majority say -- a lot of corrupt peop. the answer? you got it, no. solutely. >> wee! absolutely not aording to a ientist who revealethat information recently. you can plk away. dylan? >> if i ever have gray hairs i'll decide at the me whether pull them. we will cross tt bridge when we come to it. >> whent's an issue. >> i think for kate maybe she never had that focus oner head at that point before she didt use her own camer to focus? >> you have to look at the picture. you have to really do this. th is "today" on nbc.
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♪ carry on >> sti to come on "today," cbs has apologize for a "60 minutes" repor that t network now says it got wrong. plus another step in a run
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to the white house. senatoted cruz making s late ght debut. but, first, ese messages. rob meda,t's going to be
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mild. >> things right nowre a little chilly in nth bay. most clear skies today. we wi see high cloud off to the west, clor to the bay area by the end of the weekend. todayighs nea 0 to cse to 70 around oakland, mid 70s and the trivalley toda morrow a little bit cooler. we'll see increasing cuds rain on tuesday.e of some but now most of that looks like it's going to be onhe north bay. after that skies clear up. >> a bay area man was taken into custy for brandisng a gun exactly oneeekfter a gunman shot and killed a tsa agent inside l.a.x. his name hasot been released airport police took a hagun
5:58 am
out his checked back after picking up his lugge pap limo driver at terminal three called police the bomb squiscovered a smalhagun that wa unloaded, the san josean was arrested on charges of brandishing the weapon. no flight were delayed or >> the mother of the 18-year-old kied whileiding on a transit bus is speakingout. she's horried by what ppened to her child butthankful for the support o the community. in oakland, that's the street sashaleischmann was tveling on on monday. the suspect set the girl's skirt on fire. 16-yeaold richardhomas was rested ontuesday. the almeida county district
5:59 am
torney chargedim as an adult. >>nd cling all trekkies. captain kirk and his crew, the starship enterprise will be meeting and greing fans o the ninsula. that a the rest of the day's news comin up at 7:00 now here's more news.
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♪ it's beginning to look aot like christmas ♪ >> and i love it too! we are back on thisaturday morning, novemr 9th, 2013 with a new friend on the plaza. the rockefeller chrtmas tree arrived here on friday. they are making some serious progress. when we left work last night, the scaffoldi wasn't each ther -- even there, right? >> four hou not only did they have it up but it sstraight. it takes m eight hours! a little to thleft, a little to t right. >> and it's ner straight. maybe they should come up to your apartment this ar. >> guy who does ts re. >> they didn't see your move. it's fromshelton, connecticut.
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a shout-out to my home state and grown in the front yard of the faly's home. they moved in and every milestone they had taken of their kids he had that tr in the backgrou but they decided donate it. it's a beautiful tree and a nice stor backere in studio 1a. >>here is the crew >> take a picture. >> the way they are working, it will takentiljanuary. >> just in time. >> "today" show! >> you help lester straighten his tree in e apartment and we wi bring you into the studios, guys a lo to get is this morning. in this economy, a lot of people walls loong for ways to save money, right? at the grocery store, when you're there, he you ever thought about gng for the generic of store brand versus name and? maybe youant to save money and maybe yoll like it beer. we asked one mom to put it to the test and see if her family could tell the difference. interesting style of choice to stay wm this wier.
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i want to show you sething called ant. they mighte as silly as they sound. they are sweaters tued into nts. why would you do this? >> why would you do this >> i don't know why but we will tell you how you can make your own pair. >> you'r going to be modeling them? >> warmest pants ever for dylan. >> you're not going for them? >> no. >> maybe you should just wait and see, craig. jument. >> it looks ke a wool diaper! >> it feels like one t! >> you feel like you got extra junk in the trun >> did you say it feels like a wool diaper? >> i don't know how to talk out that one but may we should talk abt coffee. >> we are doing well here. the wheel have officially
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come off the "today" sho bus but when they come back on we willrive you to the local coffee shop. aoctor saying maybe you shouldn't have you first cupf coffee wn you first get up because it'sot really givg you theaffeine jolt you need that point in your day. he said probably talk to people about tha afterhey have had their first cuof coffee. >> there are interesting signs. >> there are so we will tell you the optimal time for the first cup of joe. we want tohange gears. a llout from a "60 minute report abouthat happened doctor the benefghazi attack. >> reporter: he gave "60 nutes" a griing story. the securityontractor appeared under the name of morning jones. >> he climb t wallhat was overcomeyl qaeda fighter. >> one guyaw me.
6:04 am
he sqlouthouted. i hit him th the butt of the rifle in the face. >> reporter: he saw the body of ambaador chris stevens that same night he clai. cbs ws now says it was a mistake to air that interview. "60 minutes" corresponnt lara gan appeared on cbs this morning to apoloze to viewer >> the most important thing to every person at "60 minutes" is the truth and todathe truth is we me a ma. >> rorter: the sunday evening broadcast a staple for milons of americans is respected, in part for very rarely makin mistakes. >> it harmshe reputation of l mainstream journasts, whether they were involved in this story ornot. it just addsore fuel to the publ critique of whether or not they can trust what they hear on the air. >> reporter: the vivid account is a subject of aook he co-authored and the company is owne by cbs. soon after the report air "the
6:05 am
washington post" cast doubtn davies' version of event. th roux fused to defend the reporting until it was revealed that dies tol the fbi he was is not at the comund during the attack. >>hat was the moment for us when we realed that we no long had condence in our source and tha we wererong to put him on air. >> repter: the benghazi attac has been a political lightning d from the beginning with the white house coming under fire for its version of events. reacng to the "60 minutes" story senator lindsey gham threaten to block every presidenti nominee. >> 14 hours after the attackhe congress has never had accesso the survivors of benghazi. >> reporter:ith vies' version of theccounts in dou they were suspending the sale andicati publication of this bod "60 minutes" s they will broadcast anotheapology this sunday night. david is an author o
6:06 am
"murdoch's world" thank you f ming on. good to have you here. you spoke to the executive producer and preside of news at s, jeff fager. what is his take on how this was alwed to happen? >> well, i spokeo jeff and he hold that dual role as executive produc over at cbs and "60 nutes." apologized and sa we were duped d weailed andhought we had taken great steps. in this story it seems to me two mistakes. one taken in by this guy who had a book to sell andtory to offer in aery cpelling way. condly wants us to believe what was said. questions were raised last thursday by "thwashington postwhich said they had tained an after action report he hadiven to his bs saying he wasn't there. >> cbs stands by its story. you spent a yr over a year on reporting and seems only naral. >> that's right. among the chief critics of the
6:07 am
stories were not questions raised by journalist but a media watchdogroup and defensive of president obamand particurly hillary clinton ashe gears u for a presidential run. she was secretary of state at the time beuse media matters was involved in this lara logan, the correspondent on this said th is partisan meant a span of many daybefore suddenly "the new york times" informed cbs, hey, the fbi, this guy told them someing different than he said. >> all of us who do this for living want to get it right but given the fact this was made in a polarized on a politicly polarizing topic as benghazi what does this mean r this business? >> they are in a busines we have to know we are going to make miskes and be very carefuto check things ahead of time a need to figur that out as we dealith accusations we have gotten thingsrong. this is gajing for cbs and echoes 2004here dan rher did
6:08 am
the sries about president bush's military record. >> it ended dan rather's caer at the network. thit jeff fager says it is too raw the are tri and he doesn't know what steps they are taking at cbs to look back at what curred. >> none of us take any joy in this story. david, tha you for coming on and talking to us. >> you bet. et's get anoth check of the weatrrom dylan. good morng, evyone. watching a cold front moving througthe great lakes rht now. not full of all that much moisture but enough to bring a couple of lighter snow shers an some lake effect rain to rts of michigan. this is going to srt sliding to the south and east but actually tt warm front is going to move through areas like washinon, d.c. tomorrow and help warm things up t about0 degrs. look back behind it. 38 degrees for a high today. in the northern plains and that cold air doe start to surge back in to par of the great kes as we head into that's a lk at the weath temperates this morning
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show that weeot mostly clear sky, chilly tempetures in the north bay. we're seeing numbers in the 30s arnd santa rosa and napa. as we getnto the afternoon, looking pretty good. low 70s for the highs tay as we check out the tri lley, near 70 in oakland. as we look at the forecast for the next fewdays, slight chance middle part of the week and he temperates warmingp for the second hal of the week ead.'s your latest est forecast. thanks, dylan. ahead a chang that will help you save mon when you go grocery shoppi this weekend. help you save mon when you go grocery shoppi this weekend. we will te i started part-time,now i'm. retirement plan. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i t bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every y. healthre starting under $40 a moh. i got edation benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. saleassociate. i mana produce.
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ask ur doctor if humiraan work for you. this is humira at work. this moing in "today's" "consumer" savinmoney at the grocery store. maybe you have your favorite brands but if you wento the low generic would you notice a difference nice to see you ts morning. >> the choice u make could save you huge mone so we asked a mom of fr girls to try it out. >> ieeen buying the generic brand of wax beans? >> i rip o the bels. i can hary tell the difference >> reporter: a good deal is nothing to joke about. >> sre brands also known as private laboproducts is a multibillion dollar industry. >> reporter:n fact, store brands in supermarkets alone account for 1 ouof every 4 products sold and fmtrader's
6:13 am
e to whole foods and targe and even waart there are more ways than ever to save a buck. do you guy generic brand merchandise? >> never. >> reporter: why not? >> just what i'm used to. >> reporr: she is a momf four young girls w spends hundreds of dollars on groceries every ek. we are going tdo an experiment an transfer the geric into yourame brand packages and see if anybody notices and ge awe week. before we started this experiment we decideto see how much we could save. look at this. it's $2 less. >> cheap. >> only $2.99. you guys are b coffee drinkers $6 vsus $16! today you're buying this brand. >> the total from this trip? 152.87. a 33% saverings when these ect products were matched against their name bran competitors. >> the reason store brands can
6:14 am
sell in the supermarket for 30% or more is because they don't have the costs assocted with building an iconic name here gs the expensive ones. our next step? to switch out. >> i don'tnow if she will noticeit. >> the mustard. let'see if your husband notices the coffee. what do you ink? >> maybe. i may put the cerl away like i just bought it i think they might notice the k cereal. i think they will defitely notice the toilet paper. >> what are you eating? is it od? >> yes. >> ver very good. >> reporr: and on day seven, the moment of truth. we played a big trick on you with your mom. she switched out all of the name brand stuff and put in shop
6:15 am
right brands instead. >> is thatrue? >> y. >> i noticed the coffee wasn't nely as good as it usually is. the chocote brand is delicious. >> reporter: we figure out it's a 33% savings of your total bil which would be thousands of dollars a ar. >> wh that vings, everything tastes the same. >> reporter: another reason why savi money doesn't make you cheap. it makes you smart! that one happy dad! experts say i you check the ingredients onhe back, you'll often see the exact same listed on both. e tip? starslowly. see whatorks for your family but 33% savis. >> that is huge as he said wit that savings, it's a right. i buy a lot of genics and they more natural i've noticed. >> you're smiling. >> a little investigatn. jen at, thanks up next a rather unique way to use those old sweaters you've got lying around the house dylan gives it a try.
6:16 am
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we're back showing off some of the great photos that our crd has been taking th morning out theronockefeller plaza. appriate that. >> bunch. >> back inse the studio. a new do it yourself fashion trend if you happen to haveome old sweers in your closet. >> you are excited about this one. i see it! you don't havto get rid of those sweaters. no, no. how aboutomeswams? it looks ce on a little girl. >> turn them into pants. not on that guy. >>hey are the brainchild of e man who offers up quite the tutorial on his website you can take your favorite sweater and you n turn that sweater into your favorite pair of pants and, dylan, appareny you're our model for this one? >>appantly, this is the escapades wha we can get dyl dreyer to do otv so i'm still learning that parently i say yes, to evything. yes, take a look at my sweater
6:20 am
before they were turned into swants. >> is that theweater you were wearing? >>t's a sweater -- >> you turned it into swants? >>nough fabric tourn them into pants? >> there was enough fric to turn them into pants. >> you got to work it right now, dylan! work it! >> i could do like hungs do lune things if i could stay in these the rest of the show. >>ou could. be careful what you wish f! >> i feel like i have a load of sand in my pants. >> oh, okay >> whyould you do that? >> thats the million dollar question! >> it took us four hou to make them so i think it's easier just to buy pants. >> thank you for takingne for theteam >> christmas giffor people you don't like!
6:21 am
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6:26 am
good morning to you. looking live at a very pretty shot of the city b the bay and some clear skies in the distance thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with
6:27 am
meorologist rob mayeda, who has a forecast that wl be mild eventually. >> this time of yea we can ve rain but it's chill though. san francisco 46, san jo, we'll see high cloudn the professional tard the end of the weend. but our temperatures lking mild despite a chilly start t thmorning. san jo area south dow to moan hill in t 70s. san ancisco near 70 today and oakland,ill be fantastic for the cal bears coming up at noo a chance of rainn the north bay. >> pole say a bay area n was taken into custody for brandiing a gun one week after gunman shot and kled a tsa
6:28 am
agentt terminal thr at l.a.x. thislso was a terminal three. a limo drive called to report his passeng had a weapon. the lapd bomb squad discovered a small handgun. he was arrested on charges of brandishing a weapon. officials say no flhts were this incident.lled because of >>he mother of the 18-year-o burned while riding on aransit bus is speaking out. e said she's horried but what happened but thankful for the support from thcommunity. sasha was traveling wn he ft asleep on monday. skirt on fire.t the victim's thevict's family is
6:29 am
erwhelmed by the support the family has been getting. the 16-year-old haseen chaed as an adult. >> coming uphis morning, calling all trekkies, the final frontier lands in the bay this ekend. ptain kirk and the crew of the enterpriseill meet and greet fans on the peninsula. we'll te you where.
6:30 am
good morning. it's saturday, november 9th, 2013. here is a look at today es astop stories. the storm's furry. the storm thatit the philippines. justice, a guiltyerdict to the utahoctor acced of killing his we by drowning her in a bhtub. sidelined, miami dolphins player, jonathan martin, remaining o the team's iury port this weekend while the man accused of bullying him, richey incognito, is suspended infinitely. current around former players come t incognito's defense. good morning.
6:31 am
i'm lester ho. >> i'm eri hill. >> we will che in with dan a moment for more on the aftermat of the typho. craig melvin in for jenna. as we continue to talk about typhoon haiyan, as the pictures comen why overseas, it is tough to get a true sense ofow much destructi has been caused by this storm. we do know that it wl go down as one of the strongest storms on record. as those picture are coming , dylan has a little bit more information on the dage that has caused and where this is headed next. >> right now, the storm is sitting in the south china sea. it did move throughhe philippines as a very strong category 4 equivant, almost a category 5. at least 1,000 peoe have been killed. according to theed cross, that toll could go up. rescuers are having troub reaching the victims in some damaged areas, because the floodwaters are s deep. ighborhoods and hes have been desoyed. thousas of power outages. hundreds of thoands were
6:32 am
evacuated aheadf this storm. stl, as it does remain ove the south china sea and move t the west/northwe as a pretty equivalent category 3storm. that is a very strong storm. it does look like it will apprch close enough to the coast of vietnam where weould see some damage out that way. hurricane force wds exten about 50 mes out from t center of this storm. it will mntain a categy 3 storm as it rises ang the coast and then eventually as it moves into sunday a monday moing, it looks like it shod down grade to a tropil system as it gets clor to the main land of china. this will be somhing we will be keeping an eye onhroughout the weekend. it will b a strongtorm off the coast of vietnam. erica? >> we will get more in few minutes >> breaking news, a utah jury quickly reaching a guilt verdict against a doctor acced killing his wife. craig is here with me on that. >> lester, good morng toou. martinacneill chlaimed he was not at hom at the time of his
6:33 am
wife's death. his attorneys argued that his wife, micheleacneill, died of heart disease. early ts morning, a jury sd otherwise. following a lengthy dayf delibetions, utah doctor, dr. rtin macneill learned his fate shortly after 1:00 a.m. local we the jury, find the defendant as to count one, murder, guilty. guilty of murder and obstruction of justice in a case that garnered national headline prosecutored argued macneill, once a physiciannd lawyer, drugged and drowned his wife of nearly 30 yrs to beith his mistress, a woman who attended the funal and who neibors say they saw aroun the macneill home within days of his wife's death. >> prey quick,eek or two. we would see her cing and ing. >> in dramatic testimony, first responders talked about how the fod michele macneil slumped over in the bathtub the day she died. >> i would s her head was pretty good and slumped, maybe
6:34 am
just a small portion of it above the rim. >> the family fm the outside picture perfect, eight children, four ofhem adopted but martin macneill's own daughter cited against him at tim holding up thr mother's picture during the trial. now, their father awas his sentce. >> macneill'sentencing is set fo january when he could get li in prison. turng up to the controversyver the alleged bullies against miami dolphins player, jonathan martin. both martin and his attacker, richie indog kncognito were spon los angeles. >> reporter: while they were once described as close friends, it is unear whether they are now in contact with each other. they are both waitg for an opportuny to speak to a lawyer hired by the nfl to investigate these allegations of bullying.
6:35 am
lphins offensive lineman, jonaan martin, remains on the team injury report is weekend, the reason listed, illness. friday, marn was spotted leaving his parentslos angeles home. attorney, ted lls, is leading the nfl's investigation into allegaons of bullying. >> wil it be over by the end of the seon? >> i hope so. >> is the nfl givg you complete independence? >> complete. >> reporr: at issue, w martin bullied by one or more teammates? is the newest allegation true thatt least once martin suffered a physica atta. statement issued by mart's attorney says, in part, jonathan endured harassment that went far beyo the traditional locker room hazing. he endured a malicious physil attack on him by a teammate and daily vulgar comnts. one aeged quo is a course comment about threatening martin'sister. last sunday, the dolphins
6:36 am
suspende martin's teammate, richiencognito after reviewing evidence of bullying. on friday, he landed in los angeles. >> i understand everybody is doing their job. it is not the time oer place fo a comment. >> reporter: the nfllayers association said incognito's ent and mart's agent are trying to schule a meeting to discuss this controversy. meanwhile, incognito has received almost univeal pport from current a former teammates. >> while i was ere, we did not e martin getting singled out, heckled, absolutely. but no different than the other pler on the te. no different than any other player heckling h as well. >> reporter: there are reports that attory ted wells, who is investigating thesllegations has scheduled a meeng with jonathan martin for next week but attorney wells would not confm that to nbc news. eric >> ker sanders for us this morning. >> craig is backith the rest of the morning's headlines.
6:37 am
>> hey,there, lest, good t see you again. major sna in geneva where the foreign minters are talking about iran's nuclear problem. nbc news has learned thathe frenchoreign minisr has broken ranks andaid france a sucker's deal. he als revealed that the debate is over how treduce iran's capability tmake atomic weapons making ptonium and enriched anium. it remainsunclear wther a deal is reached by thend of all the day. > wk hs at tacoma-seattle airport is on alert after a man boltedrom the checkpoint and on t a plane. they say the man sprinted by security and broke through the security and got on the plane. they chased the man dow and arsted that man and no one hurt and nolights deyed. >>back here in new york. the bikers accused of being involv in that vicious highway
6:38 am
beating are facing a slew of charges ts morning. arand jury indicte 11 bikers friday, including one undercover police detective in the september th attack. they are all facing crges of coercion and riot and all but one charged with gang assault. police say thettack happened after at driver of a suv bumped a bike in front of him. he refuseso resign. but the mayor of toronto may enter rehab. rob ford'sttorney said that the mayor is considering his options and treatmt is one of them. ford recently admitted to smoking crack cocaine and the video has surfaced o him ranting and threatening to kill meone. take a look at this video out of greenvil, south carolina. that is ehth graderosh carroll and lk at his fa. you think he i just another one of h school's awards ceremonies? what he does no know ishat that guy, that is his dad, waiting for hi outsidehe
6:39 am
cafeteria. his dad has been in afgnistan the past six months. josh's mom and the school staff planned the whole surprise. thosnever get old to me. >> i was thinkg the exact same thing! i love those stories. i love the reunions. itakes me want to cry every time. >> especially on this weekend, veterans day weekend. >> they pulled it off well. >> yeah, they did. >> craig, thanks. a check of the forecast now with national forecast from dylan. >> we are talking abt cold air that isoing to move in. granted it has been cool i some part of the country but we han't really tapped in that arctic air wch is still sitting up across canada and out ahea of it this cold front that wi slowly drag in thisold air. as we go through the ends of the weekend and the stt of the workweek we will see the cold air surge to areas like the great lakes, eventlly hitting e northeast by tuesday. high temperatus about 10 to 20 degrees below normal. it cerinly is going to be quite chil as we head into nexteek. that is going to be that arctic air. w today we have aold front and an area of l pressure
6:40 am
siing across the western great lakes. it's really starving of moisture and see a cple of lake effect rain and snow shers in michigan and parts of western new york, we are are not really going to see tt much in the way of accumution. a couple spotty showe acro texas and moving into arnsas and weaken and spask northwest see scattered showers that's a look at . wee looking at maiy clear skies over oakland this moing. chilly temperatures, especially around the noh bay where you're waking up to upper 30s around santa sa, 36 in upper oakland. ter we'll see the sea breeze pick , which will bring cooling for suny and eventually high clouds as we approa the beginning of next upper to mid 60s aroun san ancisco. a fewore cloud for sunday, a chance of showers for the north bay on tuesday a clearing given on wednesday.
6:41 am
6:42 am
senator lamar alexand told politico the esident's lk of executivexperience is beginning to sho up. >> this is a question o coidence and that is the one thing that can really hurt a administration. the answer is to fix the website, to t the it up and running and get people enrolled. >> for "today," ksten welker, nbnews, washington. the 26 presidentl election is still three yrs away but you wouldn't know it from all of the folks who seem to be seeking out the natiol splight, especially onhe publican side, including ted cruz, a senator who made his late debut o "the tonight show" th jay le.
6:43 am
the comedian put the jokes asid and got down to politics. here is kelly o'donnell. >> please welcome from the great ste of texas, senator ted cruz. >> reporter: a t party goes to hollywoo ted cruz makingis "the tonight show" but. >> i've been rding a lot about you lately and they describe you as aggressive, arrogant, and abrasive. accurate? >> well, i don't knothat you can believe everythi you read. >> reporter: cruz's ambitio have jolted washington. d alrdy fueled 2016 speculation. commanded his own mission to ock obama care. that failed. but cr's profile soared. >> obama care is the biggest job killer inhis country. >> reporter: but leno pressed cruz about the millions o texans with no insurance. >> but25% of the state doesn't have any health care any way so obama careouldn't help them, would it? >> wl, it wouldn't, number one, because it's taking away a
6:44 am
lot of people's hlth insurance and number two it's killing jobs. >> wheneverou run itnds in a landslide. reporter: several are seeking t the national stag new jersey governor ris christ made a surprise stop on "late night with jmyfallon." on the road, rand paul and marco rubio helped o other candidates and withick perry's ticket to iowa this week. >> our leaders have forgotten how to gove. beeve me, know what he is thinking about when it comes to foetting. >> reporter: the texas governor reminded everyon that he might run ain. with cruz going from csn to late night tv, the republican party looks ready to jump-start the lo race to 2016. >> very good. setor, thank you very ch. >> thank you. >> reporter: for "today," kelly o'donnell,bc news, washington. still to come "today," brew now or later? wh one dtorays you should wait before dnking your first cup of coffee. that's after these messages. cup of coffee. th[kevin] paulnd i have been friends...
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6:49 am
time for you to drinkhat fst cup is sometime betwe 9:30 and 11:30 this morning. why? >> everyone on different shifts? >> here is th thing is not clear in this post that he has is that he says it's for a normal 2hour cycle but doesn't sawhat time you'rupposed to wake up. >> and i has to do with your stress hormes. >>t has had to do whenour rtisol is not peaking so you maximi your caffeine. >> i don'tuy it. i wake upnd have a cup o coffee and a breakfast treat. >> while you're aring your swants? >> nudge nudge. >> if i have a cup of coffee at any other point in the day it wipes me out. >> younly have one a day? >> just o this morning. >> i only had a cup and a half this morning. >> i don't drink it before the show and i won't have one until 3:00 this afternoon. you drink tea in the morning?
6:50 am
>> i need that kindf when i hithat slump. >> your cortisol is here or up here? >> why i look wild o "nightly news"! >> all of the mystery of lester holt is coming out this moing! >> deal with i >> please don't give this man any more coffee. we will be rightack. firs this is "today" on in business. it balances you...
6:51 am
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6:57 am
od morning. comingp next, the philippines we'll tell you howou can help. and the bay area host -- radio host under fire. sports that sparkecontroversy. so what can i get yo
6:58 am
6:59 am
we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on yr tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this y?
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♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholterol ♪ ♪ oh why es it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must the honey! ♪ hey! must be the hoy! good satday morning, everyone. the sun is out a ready to get u started on the day. if you leave thehouse soon, you might need asweater. i'mris sanchez along with rob


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