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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 9, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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right now at 11:00, we're getting a firsthand look at the damage done by typhoonhaiyan. officials say they're concerned mo than ,000 may be dead in the philpines. w, the storm is heading straight for vietnam. seems to be growore desperate
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by the ur. relief wkers need to find ways to provide supplies to victims of the typhoon. th's with rds and commication knocked out to large parts of thecountry. it been 24 hours since typhoon haiyan, rolled ashore in the >> there were heavy winds. heavy rain. no wer, no cell phones like the storm ssed. >> we don't have bags for the dead. >> reporter:he death toll >> the thousands of homes completely wiped out. and the water sweeps in. d it can take out entire towns >> reporter: one o the hardest hit areas, home to more than 220,0 people and surrounded on threeides by water. surgin ocean waves 40 feet high
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s submergemost of the city. >> the devastation, i don't hav the words f it. it's really horrif. reporter: a reportereported live a the typhoon baredown on the city. he later retreated to a second-floor hotel as the streets becam rivers tonight,ietnam is on alert, as the storm pusheswest, forecast to hit torrow ternoon. mo tn 1.5 million residents have evacuated t shelters. etnam is bracingor the storm. let's bring in rob who is trackinghe typhoon. >> it's a category 2 equivalent hurrice in the west pacific. the winds ctinue to drop off. going forward, the storm rge. and one to two feet of rain. sustained win of 100iles per hour. that's down from 145 miles per
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hour, as they crossed over the philippines as asuperthoon. now, the path of this storm is mong basically offsho of vietnam r the next 1 hours. as it approaches t ast, it's going to make a turn to the north south and east of hanoi. you see the symbol ming a change here. you're seeing a storm with 70-mile-per-hour winds. and rainfal totals i some of theountain are could get above one to two feet. that can causeflooding, at the storm surge, and the tremendous rain falling in the mountns. 're expecting widesprd damage into vietnam and flooding rains ssible as the storm moues north into china. and the bay area's home to one of the lgest fipino islands.ies oside of the people gathered at a church on
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the ninsula to pray forhe victims. >> reporter: 99% of st. andrew's parishioners, are filipino-amerin. some with family i the dirt path o this typhoon. tonight's saturday night mass was focused o the vic thames of typhoon haiyan. >> we kp in our prars at our relaves in the philippines. not only dealing wit the earthqua, but now, the phoon. >> repter: a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit the sam region of the island two months ago. >> think how much can people bear they seem to be bearing it. and we'r praying very hard. parishioners have mily in the destated area.
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>> i don't know whas -- my children are all there. >> reporter: while many are accound for, others are not. including janet' husband. >> can't getord thim. i don't know how he's doing. reporter: how longince you spokeo him? >> two daysefore. >> reporter: she's ting to staypositive. >> he knows what todo. he's strong enough. >> i say don't give up. keep praying. we'reaiting and hope. >> reporter: he ss a group of send overseas aft the ey to earthquake. they plan to do the same for the typhoon victims. one parishioner said she's sent money to h family in the philippines, askin them to take it directlto som of the area churches. saying, she rlly wants to ge them alace to wore is shipt such a difficult time. the typhoon, you can go to on
11:06 pm willhe oron't she? hiary clinton headlinedwo big eventsonight in san francisco. she run for the white house i ll 2016 did she drop some hints? >> reporter: you could say she dropd a few hints. there was nothing definitive re tonight. at her second event, a fund-raiser for the clinton foundation, medi was not allowed inde. people tt were inside, said there was no political talk whatsoever. that was different from the first ent, at the national assoation of real rs, where we did hear a couple of hints. solet the speculation continue. enthusiastic and early. hillary clinton suppoers rallied outside t center hou
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fore clinton took the stage and aood three years befor the next psidential eleion. >> she has the support she needs run for office when she decides. >> reporter: inside, tens of thousands ofealtors gatred for their convention. but questions about real estate took secon place to one particular white house. she was asked i she will run in 16, right? >> yes. >> she dn't rlly gives an say? answer. people started chanting just say yes. but she dn't give a direct answer. >> she is looking quite presidential, i might sa so, i believe there was a lot of hints. hints, if you listened closel we're going to take car of our people. we're going to take care of our political, economic system, so that we can have the stronst naon in the 21stcentury, just like we did in the 20th century.
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thank you very much. >>eporter: earning several rounds of raucous applause, befo joining her daughr chelsea. >> they did a great job of trying to scrn all political things out. >> whi they were streaming the questions from twitter i feel they were mostly screened. one my good friends was dying to ask a qstion. and did not get answered. >> reporter: another one o the hints she dropped at the first event earlier today, she talked about how sheanted to see our economy be strong ain. she tald about how s wanted to see more jobs created. there was forwd.ç thinking talk that gro of realrs. and a lot of people walked away feeling thatt is only a matter of time before she does announce another run for the white house. peopleathered for a day of
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acon in several cities around the state today,n honor of the 13-year-old boy who was sh and killed by deputy. the shooting happen in santa rosa that city drew theiggest protest today. st month, a deputy shot and killed andy lopez. e deputyaid he thought the support his family.ez and ve >> i can't imagine. mother.t just broke for his i can't image happening to one of my ildren. i felso much love for that family. >> other rallies were in san francio, kland, los angeles and sacrento. > a bay area man may be facing charges in southernalifornia after taking aun to los angeles airport. the suspect i a 27-year-old man froman jose. his name's not being released
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after landing in l.a he took a handn out of his checked back. it turns out, the man had declar in his luggage. he hadollowed the law. he wiz arrested on the charge of brandishing a gu and it's now up tohe city atrney whether any charges willefiled. former santa clara county supervis is behind bars tonigh a judge sentenced hiyesterday to a year in jail. he pleaded guiltyo corruption charges d misung funds. he will likely be on probation fo three years. he blames his gambling addiction for the crime. the olympic torch di something that never has been do before. and berkeley students catching a break. the lesten a tuition freeze at will save families some ney. my dad was kille on the brge, july 31st, 1964
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and i'm hereor closure. >> an emotional day on the eastern span of the bay bridge. e woman's idea who turned into a memoal. ♪
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th holiday magic in both parks, the happiest place oearth, just got merrier. here's a le look at the new easternpan ofhe bay brid. and just beyond it stands the old span. but it won't b there muc loer. beforerews take it apart, those whose led onesied on the span, were able to get some
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closurtoday. rol came up wh the idea. crash on the bridge. in a and she wanted to pay her respects. she was the first to reh out to the chpfter the bridge was shut down. >> i warms my heart that we can open this upor other families. and it brought such peace to me be able to stand at the spot where my son toohis last breath. and sayood-bye in that spot >>'m not going to miss i coming down. but just knowing the loved one took their last breath of this brge is importa for us to nally say, we're here with y bere this bridge comes do. >> of course, tha picre we were showing earlier is at the western sp. demolition of the eastern span is set to begin next week. cost about $240 million.nd u.c. students could get an early christmas present. no tuition hike for the coming
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year. theroposal comes a year after the passagef proposition 30, that spare the unirsity a 240 fundg cut. and assum another $26 million of revenue from out-of-state student tuition. theversity will dcuss the tuition free next week. > there's new developments in e alled bullying cas of two miami football ayers. the two players at the center of theontroversy weren't ere. richie incognito arrived in l.a. yesterday. he's accused of bullying and using racial slurs against jonathan martin. martins also in los angeles, staying his parents' home. they're trying to focus on monday night's game. the controversy has madehat difficult. >>e would be lying if we don't say we never tal about ever. it comes up. for the most part, we're worried
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>> joe philbin said the team is relying on thefl investigation foranswers. >> an out of this world adventure for the olympictorch. it went on its first spacewalk today. two cosmonauts carrying t torc on a space walk outside the iernational space station. they took turns posing wh it. and it wast lit. >> goo idea >> very good idea. that was a good id.tether. itrrived at the station on thursday. it is schedul to return to eah on monday. and its final stination, sochi russia. rob is going to talko us whether a torch could be lit >> without oxygen probably not? i'm glad they didn't drop it. outsidright now, we have the
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sea breeze starting to kick back up. scn signs of cooling. and a sak prevw, high around the bay area. the 60s san joseas one of the spots in the south bay that saw temperatures in the mid to uer early fog in san francisco, as the onshore winds pick up. a cooler fish to t weekend. we look at t big weather story heading into next week. and at any ti, you c check out your seven-day forecas at the bottom ofhe screen. d ontuesday, you have more clouds coming in, as the system drops out of the gulff alaska. some high clouds outf the north bay. d mond, increasing clouds. by tuesday rning, in the north boy, increasing ra. but for are north of san francisco, as the rainfall projections for the northay ven't changed a whole lot. we're expting maybe a quarter-inch of rain on tuesday.
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areas south of san frcisco, not seeing much at all. and unfortunaty, san jose, maybe just enough t wet the ground. it's been an extremely dry year when you look bay area-wide. this goes to the beginning of thyear. santa ro, 7 inches of rain. three ches of rain for livermore. san francisco, mountn view and san jose all locations four inches of rain or less. compare that to what we should see r this time of year. santa rosa, you should have seen san francisco, livermore, and into mntain view and san jose. as the rainfall depturer the deficit, measuring almt a foot orr re for most of the bay ea. we would use the rain. looking rward -- forhe summer water reserves, heading towards next summer. and putting an end to the fire season. temperatures a rning cooler.
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san se, 68 degrees. 65 in menlo park. temperatures in the low 60s. e innerast bay, fascinang tomorrow. in the lations towards the tri valleyill be warmer in you recast. s around livermore and danvle. and cooler into hayrd and fremon those locions seeing hig from today.pping ten degrees highs inhe mid-60 tomorrow. yo getaway forecast. no rain jt ye maybe drizzle around point reyes. we have the one chance of rain. as you s in the seven-day forecast. ter that,lear and the chances of rain just disappear after tuesday in the coming week. back to you. >> thankyou, rob. > mindi bach injos us now.
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warriors guard, stephen curry returnedo the floor for memphis/grizzlies night. d curry tested out that ankle before the game, warming up nicely. it was justfine. two-on-one on the fastbreak.ond. and look atcurry, with the back passn to iguodala. early in the third quarter. klayhompson, two three-pointers f thoson. the next possession, it was mike conley, answering right back th grizzlies up 11. ch randolph, with a baseline jumper. he domined this game with 22 points and 11 boards. and the warriors lead 108-90. >> this is good basketball team tha -- you know that pretty much h its way against us. disappointed in the way we ended thisoad trip. now, it's aboutoing back home.
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getting some rest and preparing get back to who we truly are. calosting the usc trojans. and sonny dykes uld love a pa12 win on his birth day. t unffly, the trojans cracked hiscelebration. this was onef threepecial teams touchdowns for the troja on that blocked punt. a 75-yd return and a 93-yard return. and usc wins big. ja pinkett may not be the most talented of her family. th is jalil, saying he needed a different ball. the trick py works. he ran all the way for a toucown. and no word if jim harbaugh has that play in his bag. one more llege football note, sanose state would
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beco bowl-eligible with a win tonight. the spartans fall 34-30. th's it for sports.
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a beautiful weekend. thingsre going to change a ttle bit. let's check in with rob one more time. we'll be wating the temperatures dropping to the low 50s around san jose. stronger sea a as we wrapp the weekend, highs in the 60s to wrap u the weekend. but 70s inland around the east bay. thanks a t. thks for watching n bay area news. "saturday night li" coming up ne. >> good night. i nt you to know stuff i want you to be kind.
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>> all right. we'lbe safe here for the night. now eat yo raccoon meat. got to eatour raccoon meat. you're gng to need your strength to outrunhe marauders. >> tell me again, papa joe, who was it that brought about th destruction of america?
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>> well, most folks say it was a government shutdown. others blamebamacare. t, uh, i remember the exact daamerica ended. it was the 2013 video music awards. ah, i remember it like it was yesterday. >> all right, miley, uh, y're on ifive minutes. do y need more time to warm up? >> no, i think this peormance is going to be less about the singing. >> yh, that's when all t troubles began. >> but didn'anyone try to warn her? >> well, it's funny you should ask, because someone did. and it was quite strange someone indeed. [ dinging ] [ spkily ] >> miley -- miley -- >> oh my -- god. who are you? [


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