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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 10, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. i'm kris sanchez. the death toll is raise and ," typhoon haiyan is not over yet. how a bay area community is now tryingo help. > also, the eastern span of thbay bridge was turned into a we'll show you why dozens of people visited the sn one last and hillarylinton spends the d i the bay area. what she told supports that made them feel hopeful she will run for presint in 2016. this is "today in the y." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." looking live at the golden gat bridge. all quiet there. the clouds up in the sky, not down on the ground,ut that's area.he cas around the bay thanks for joining us.
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i'kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> you're seeing a little patchy right now.und san francisco over on the leftide of the screen, san jose,ast bay looking at pches ofow clouds and fog. of course, your seven-d forecast right at the botm of as we show you san francisco, you can see the low clouds. temperates in the low 60ss get into the afternoon. so our day plann forecast today, sghtly stronger sea going to be a bit cooler. temperatures near as we hd toward 2:00. peninsula tempetures around palo alto in the mid-60s. downtown san francisco inhe upper 60s. the windsillool you down in the north bay valleys. oakland, mid-60s,ut the tri-valleytill looking fairly wa. we'll be seeing temperatures through the afternoon.ase head attentn continues to be in the late e! on typho haiyan.u the
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the winds are still strong enough technically to be a tegory 1 hurrican and it is ill sitting offshe of vietnam right now. we've been seeing some wind gusts dropping off within the last hour. this system comes to track u towards the ast. ound:00 ourime, we will see this stm, rig n those winds of 85 milesn hour nearing thecoast. e path has shifted a little bit. notracking it a little further to the north and northeast. we stillhink it's going to encounter part of coastal vietnam here as we go through the afternoon hours. just to t east of hanoi, we'll starto see the storm kind of curve offowards china as we head into theafternoon. so as the syste moves inland, nd speeds will back you have to tropical storm strength at 65-mile-per-hourinds, but the rains now are the problem. some o these mountain communities, we could see a foot >> thanks, rob.rain coming down.
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we continue wh that developingstory. it's weaning as it approaches vietnam. they moved 880,000 people to safezones. state media is rorting at least sixeople have been killed as a result of heavy rain and strong winds. search hundr seral hundred domestic and internional flights haveeen canceled as vietnam braces itself, in the people are fearedead because of haiyan today survivors of th typhoon waited in long lines for food and other supplies in the typhoon was one of the that cotry,nd huge waves t swept away entire coastal region's main city.ated the president benigno quino landed in tacloban city to get a first-hand look at the
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devastation. >> tally for the missing and those confirm killed. we are working f the needs for priority was to restore power an communitions in ilated areas to allow for the delivery of relief and medical assistae there. > and theay area is home to one of the largest filipino communities outsidef the islands, and lars night dozens of people gathered at a church to pray for the victims. st. andrew's opened mas with a prayer for the victims. filipino-american,any with relatives who live on the island. while many loved ones areow accounted for, oths are not, including this womas husband. >> can't get wor to him, so i don't know how he's doing. >> howong has it been since you have spoken to him? i think about two days shocked and i w crying because
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my children are all there. >> the same region was struck by a 7.1 magnitude ethquake less than twoonths ago. >> i kind of pra and wonder again, o, deargod, how much c people bear, but they're bearing it and we pray very hard. i say don'tive up, don't giv upkeep praying. we're waing to hear. >> the father says a group of local crches raised money to send overseas right afterhe earthquake and they pno do the same same thing for the typhoon victims. you can go to, the link at the top of the page will showou how you can help. ople gathered for a day of action in severa cities around 13-year-old boy w was shot a the killed by a sonoma county deputy. the shooting happened in santa rosa, and that city drew the biggt protest. st month the deputy shot a killed ay lopez. th deputy saide thought the
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toy rifle the boy was carrying was a real ak-47. peop whourned out sd they didt to make people rememr lopez and show support foris family. >> i can't imagine. when i fst heard about it, my heart ju breaks foris mother. ian't imagine having anying happ to one of my children, and just -- i feel so much love for that fami. i just had to come out. >> other rallies we held in san francisco and oakld, los angeles, a sacramento. oakland police have o person in custody and are now searching r two others this morning afr a hit and run involving a patrol car. policeay a driver who committed a traffic violation car near foothill boulevard and high street yesterday moing. both the officer and the suspect precaution, but police looking for other people involved as well. yesterday morning.ght you tory
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the bay area man taken into custody at l.a.x. for brandishing a gun was not booke intojail. but may still be arged. one week after a gunman shot and killed a t agent at l.a.x. thorities say the suspect is a 27-yeaoldan from san jose released.e is not being police say after landing i l.a., he took a handgun t of his checked bags. witnesses caed police who discoved a smul unloaded handgun and it turns out the man luggage, so he followed the law, buhe was arrested on charges of brandishing a gun. lar released hours later from police custody without being booked. it's u to the city attorney whether to fe any further charges. it was hillary watch in san francisco last night as former secretary of state clinton headlined two big events in the city and, of course,veryone there wanted to know will she or will she not run for the white "today in the bay's" chase cane
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followed her every step of the y on hery area visit. >> reporter: enthusiastiand rly. hillary clinton supporters rallied outside the moscone center hours before clinton took the stag and a goo three years before the next presideial election. >> so we just wantedo show she has the support she needs to r for office whenever shedecides. reporter: inside, tens of thousands of realts gathered for their aual convention. for many questions of real estate took second place to questionsbout one particular white use, and she was asked if she'll run in 2016, right? >> yes. >> wt did she say? >> she didn't really answer. she didn'teally give us an answ, but people started chanting, just sayyes, just say yes, but she didn't really give a direct swer. >> she is looking quite presidential i might say, so i hints.e there was a lotf >> sever possible hintsf you listened clely. >> we're going to take care of
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ourpeople. we're going take caref our that we canave the strongest so nation in the 21st centuryust like we did in the 20th centur >> reporter: earning several rounds of raucous applause before zipping over to her cond event of the night joining dauter chelsea, lieutenant governoravin newsom, andnother large crowd. >> theyried to cater this to the clinton foundation and the did a gat job of trying to reen all political things out. >> while ty were streaming t questions from twitter so ieel one of my good friends was dying to ask exact that question and did not getanswered. >> and that was chase cane repoing. the latest public policy polling seice has her among 67% among democrats up from 61% lt december. still ahd, plugging in the port cleaning up the a around it.
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so, flyg the friendly world without paying a dimend e how all that avel has saved his life.
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you're wching "today in the bay. > good morning to you, looking see the new span of the b we bridge. you can alsoee the old eastern span of the bay bridge whh before crews begin to take i ut down, people who have lt loved ones on that bridge not one more chce to say go-bye. chp officers escted about 40 people to the bdge for a it was a chance toet some closure follong the death of a family mber or friend carol leisr came up with the ea. her son was killed in a crash on thbridge, and she wted to pay her respects. he was t first to reach out to the chp after the bridge was ut down. >> it just warms my heart we can open this up for other families, and i brought such peace to me
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to be able to and at the spot wher my son took his last breath and sayood-bye in that sp. >> i'm not going to mis it coming down, but just knowing that a lov one took their last breath on this bridge, it's importanfor us to finally say we're here with you before this bridge comes down >> demolition of the eastern span i set to begin this week. officials say it will take three years and $2 million. first trucks, now ships, and state ai regulors are looking toeduce pollution at e busy port of oakland. "today in the bas" joe rosato, jr., are swing us how the shipare going electric. >> reporter:hings are nauls motion at the port of oakland. th's why it's rand the tion's fifth busst port, but it's also ranked one of the biest sources of pollution in
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the bay area >> the nber of chihood asthma emissions to the emergency room for west oakland is abo five times higher than the rest of alamedacounty. >> reporter: oaklandesident ray kidd says everye in west oaand is used to wiping the silt off tir cars. >> from the ships it goes up in the air and disburses more over the region. >> reporter:ow those container ships wille plugging some of those emissions by plugging in th port unveiled its new shore power system. instead of container ships idling their engin while loing and unloading,hey can plug into the port's own electrical power grid. >> they can plug into grid power, wch is clear, and even cleaner and cleaner ve renewable energy poweringhat grid. >> reporter: the program is t result of strict new state regulations aime at reducin rt pollution 80% by 20. >> we believe we will get about fourons per day of emission
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rections by 2020. >> repter: the port of oakland spent $70 milon on the stems. half of coming from state and federal grts. shipping companies say it costs them over $1 million a ship to install the n system. >> once you have gon through the process of plugging in, all of those auxiliary engines can be turned off. >>eporter: several yea ago the state requiredrucks at the port to modify our replace old reduce emissions.engines to kidd thinks therograms will make a difference. tons of par tick lar matter but the are many, many tons left. >> reporter: 1,000hips a year program takes effect janua the 1st. still ahead on "today in the bay," skiing and snowboarding witht theong drive. and e are we there yet? the bold plan for extreme year-round action in the bay area.
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it's not snow. we're waiting for a chance of some rain in the seven-d forecast. nothing but clear skies right now in san rafael. of fall rain when come right c back. [ wind howling ]
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delicious granola bars madeith the best ingredits in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delious. you are watching "today in e bay." >>good morning to you. of what is going to be the trd annual national veterans day run in the sth bay. it begins rig about nownd participants cld choose beeen a half marathon, an 11k, 5k, and a one-mile famy walk. it lelooks like they are raringo go. we see low clouds in the stance, people rubbing their has. it looks little chilly. >> it is chilly. temperatures in the south b at 45 degrees right now in san jos with som misty sks. some of that fog that haset up overhe south bay. east bayemperatures generally
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around oakland,0 degrees. let's take you into the vw from emeryville,akland loong back to san francco hour by hour. we should see temperatures approaching 60 with sunshine and a few patches of low clouds as we move into the afternoon. but right now fog rlly the big story this morning around the bay area. you're seeing some of i around san se. oakland, visibilitmiles not too bad. look athe south bay, into san jose we're seeg visibilit down to a quarter mile. between no and 9:00his morning, we'll see some mt and some patchy lowlouds entually giving way to sunny skies in t south bay. buthe long-term trend as we getntoonday and tuesday as the weather system dropping out of the gulf of action, that will bring us a chance of seeing se ra. as we go into the nth bay, it looks like as we getnto the late monday night hours into early tuesd rning, possibly affecting your tueay morning coute from the peninsula io the rth bay, andhe rai totals have actuallcome up a little bit with this system. sohis is actually goo news now it looks like for the north
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ba we'll see the rainfall tota pretty close to 0.2 of an inch of rain. san francisco now 0.1 of an inch. seeing a little bit this morni with some of the misty skies. any rai we can get at this point would be gre news gog back to the benning of the year, youan see our rain totals very dry, extremely dry. when you take it into context with where the numbers should beor this time of year. places like santa rosa, 7 inches of rain so f thiswe're. we should see closer to t feet of rain. that's aig difference. san ancisco, just under 4 inches of rain so far this year. you see how the story continues as we go from place to place around the bay area. living room is lacking almost eight to ten inches. rain. same story in mountai view a san jo still under 3 inches of rain for the year. if this kps up, it will be the driest year on record not only the driest spring, but now the driest fa.
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we hope we can mane to get some rain into t bay area. we'lnot see it today other than the mist we're seeing around the south bay. san jose near 70. san mateo, 64. let's look a somef the south bay microclimates. cupertino, sunnyvale, sou san jose, thesere some locations thathould break out with some 70 degree temperatures. san francisco startin to cool down. dotown, 63. calestick look pretty good for the 4ers game. classic 49 aeers weather for th game. into theast bay, 67 in oakland with patchy low clouds. sant rosa, 68 degrees. there you see the tri-valley at the botm of the screen, 75 degrees. 73 into living room on the coast today the fog we've seen spill inland aund feature for you around santa cruz to point reyes.
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hope that system on tuesday fresh snow to the sierra come tuesday afternoo >> thank you very much. the newes project in the south bays a ski resort that won't skiing and snowboarding without the three or four-hour drive to lake ha toe with sno that is the pla plan is to mbuildhis but the plan needs money. >> reporter: $1 million is the price tag for a slice of heaven. at least thas what the skiers and snowboarders will tell you. a year-round park with manmade snow. a plastic surface called sno flex. just add water and it feels like skiing or boarding on freshly grmed snow. >> it's a surfa that never melts, never goe ay. it's ecofridly, and it's just -- it's a wonderful surface that looks and feels and acts
7:23 am
just likesnow. >> reporter: a san jose based company called sw school wants touild o 90 acres of abandoned landfill. mecca for avid skiers and ard first-time. kickstarter campaign to show the city of san jose there's a demand for this park. no word yet if the city will approve th plan. the goal is to raise 1 million bucks by january 4th. >> we just started two days ago, and we've still got a long way too, but i have faith in this project and so do aot of people that believe in this, and they have believed in this for years. >> reporter:f built, it would be t second of its kind in the united states, and delopers y the silicon valley ishe perfect t spot for this cd >> this is theerfect project for the perfect location, standard for what gets built in the rest of the naon. >> raj mathai, nbc bay area. >> still ahead, the bay area man o spent a year traveling the world for ee. how d he it and why he did it. >
7:24 am
man who spent a ye traveling thworld for free. how did he it and why he did it.
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you're watching "today in the bay." if you have ever bee bumped from an overld flight, you know it'srustrating unless, of course, yo wanted it to happen. one man not only wants that to happ, but he's geared his whole life around it. he says he owes hisife to it. "today in e bay's" garvin thomas has this morng's "bay area oud." >> reporter: in any given 120,000 passengers pass through san francisco inrnational airport, a on ts night you'd be pretty safe in saying tha not a single one of tm did i for less money tha scott ford. sct, you see, didn't jt fly for free from porand to sfo. scott hasn't paidor a sgle airline ticket this dede. >> sort of became mylife. >> reporter: and he's very happy to tel anyone w will listen exactly how he did it. >> he can pk a suiase for a
7:27 am
ek's state inive minutes. >> reporter: scott is something of a travel expert. spifically telling people how to maximiz the airline's voucr and frequent flyer ograms to fly and stay for absolutely nothing. scott's biggest splash came a coup years agohen he spe one ente year traveling the globe not speing aingle crept on a flight or a place to it was a remarkable feat made even moreo when scott tls you it didn't just save him moy. >> you know, we have to stort of -- >> reporter: but somhing else. >> 52 vacations in 52 weeks is what saved my life. >> reporter: tt part of scott's storbegin here. the street of the tenderloin district 20 yea ago. a troubled kid growing up in dayton, ohio scott made a seri of bad, sometimes criminal decisions that ultimately led to san fransco, homelessness, and drug addiction
7:28 am
all at the age of 16. the tenderloin.street corners in many, many cd nights. there was no money. thereas no plan. the only pn was ugs. >> reporter: sco says getting arrested on an outsnding warrant and finding out in jail he had hiv are what convinced him to make a change. flying just hapned to be the ticket for him. something about being in the mind. scott ys,leared his >> trapy on a plane i call it setting my life free from that airplane seat. >> reporter: it has not only tued intois passion, it' now hisicket to share his stor networking with politicians and the media using his flying fe to deliver his down to earth he turned his life around before it was too late, and so can others. garvin thomas, "toy in the bay." >> stillhead on "today in the bay," the lest on typhoon haiyan, including wha some bay area churches are doing to help
7:29 am
d how you can help as well. and berkeley students may be catching a break. the latest the tuition freeze. so what can i get you?
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from nbc bay area, this is "tod in the bay." good rning, san frcisco. it a bit of a sp up kind of day. city by the bay getting lots of blue sky, the city in the south bay getting theog that's iconic in san fransco. i'm kris sanchez along with teorologist rob mayeda who has a look at the fecast that is a little topsy-turvy. sunshine withatchy low clouds an over to the left you s san jose or parts of it right no 45 dege was low clouds. a little mis with some of those low clds and at the btom of the screen you see your seven-day forecast which brings in more cloudsnd bigger chans some tuesda san jo deste the fact we've got the fog this morning shod ill warm up close to 70 degree around the peninla we're talkingemperatures in the
7:32 am
mid-60s. san fransco, stronger sea breeze, so temperatures cooler today, near 62 degrees around san francisco moving into t ternoon. north y with theouth wind, teeratures cling off a bit, upper 60s. around oakland, 66, and the tri-vall should still see teeratures in the low 70s. we're keeping a close eye on typhoon haiyan whichs technically a category 1 hurricane in terms of the strength the wind speed overnight have ntinued to drop off. a littleood news with this system in ter of the winds. it was originally at winds of 14miles per hour, nowown to -mile-per-hour winds and the storm track has changed slightly. the orm taking o a lite bit of a north pushenerally away from han but still hitting the coastal areas in northeastern vietnam d we expect the time for the secon landfall will come in pretty close to 4:00 i e afternoon our time with winds now dropping downven mo to miles per hour, but
7:33 am
the stormtill veryikely to bring another foot o two o rain to some of those mountai areas. so flooding and runoff issues wi be the nexttory with haiyan as it continues to trac inland frovietnam into china. >> thks, rob. typhn haiyan is weakening as it appaches central and northern vietnam but authorities moved almt 1 million people in central provinces to safe zones. ste media iseporting at leas six people have been kied as a result of heavy rai several hundred domestic and inteational flights have been canceled ahe of the typhoon. asietnam braces itself, in the philippines more than10,000 people a already fearedead becausof hyan. today survivors waiting in long nes for food and other supplies in the southeastern part othe philippines. it was one of the strongest storms to ever hit tha country. huge waves swept away entire coastal villages and dastated the region's main city.
7:34 am
president benigno aque knino ld in tacloban to get a first-ha look at the vastation. >> a tally for the missing and those cfirmed lled. we are addressing the needs of those w are still living, especially thoseho are injured lookg for fd and water. >> the president also says that the vernment's first priority is to restore power and communications in isolated areas to allow for the delivery of relief and medical assistance to victims there. the bay aa is home tone of the largest filipino communities outside the islands, a last night dozens of people gathered at a church to pra for those victims. st. andrew's catholic church opened mass with a prayer. almostll the parishioners are lipino-american, many with relatives o live on the islands that bore the bru of the typhoon. while many losked ones are accounted for, others are t, including this man's husband
7:35 am
>> i can't getord to him s i don't know how he's doing. >> how long has it been since you have spon to him? >> i think aboutwo days before. >> when i sawhe news is jt shocked and i was crying because my children are all ther >> the sam region was strucky a1 magnitude ethquake less than two mths o. >> i kind of pray and wonder, you know, dr god, how much can people bear but they seem to be bearinit and we're praying very hard. i say don't give up, don't give up. keep praying. we'r waiting to hear. we're waiti in home. in addition, father leahy said a group of local churches ised money to send overseas after the earthque and they plan to the same forhe typhoon victims. click onhe bay are resnds om and link at theop of the page to find out how you can help. new this morning, an earthquake wit a prelimina gnitude of 5.5hook eastern
7:36 am
jan, including the capital of tokyo. there were no immediate reports of damage and no irregularities at the wrecked fukushima nuclear it was centered in ibacki prefecture. will s or won't she? hillary clinton headlined two big events last night in san francisco and everyone wants to know wilshe run for the white house 2016? the former secretary o state association of realtors nal convention at e moscone center. fore hand enthusiastic and early supporters rallied outside hours before clinton took the stage. they were holding signs that sa, i'm ready for hillary. >> we want to show she has the support she needs to run for office whenever she decides. >> she's lookinguite presidential might say,o i
7:37 am
believe there was lot of hints. >> second stop was at a fund-raiser at t regency ballroom in the city. litenant governor gav newsom attended the event with was aimed at youngervoters, a daughter chelsea clinton was also alongside her moth. uc stunts could get an early christmas prent. no tuition hike for the upcoming year. th tuition freeze still needs the approval for the 2014-'15 academic year. the proposal comes a year aft theroposition o30 which spared them a $250 million midyear funding cut. it asses another $26 million in renue from out of state >> what a great idea. really to hp students fulfill all of their goals and aspiration that is such a great help a aid to reay help out not just thetudent community but the entire community as whole. >> the university will discuss that proposed tuition free this week.
7:38 am
a uc-berkeley fraternity partied itp this weekend despite the fact it was sbanded. beta theta piill no lger be alout to participate in campus tivity. therwere concerns over hazing and drinking at the chapter. undergraduates faid to fix the problems, officls with the national administration dided shut it down. officials say the sdents living at that house wl be end of their until the >> veterans day is tomorrow, and today ere is a parade to honor vets in san francisco. the parade starts at :00 this morning market and second streets and ends at the cic center. special tribute to e 60th aying niversary of the korean war. >> withess than 36 hours until kickoff, the miami dolphins are working to shift attention from the bullyg headlines and get back to the talk of the gridon. dan sheneman has more. >> reporr: the miami dolphins hit the practice field on
7:39 am
saturday, but without the t players at the heart of the controversy that h swirled around the franchise for a week. >> i apprecie you guys are doing a job, b i he no comment. >> reporter: suspended lineman richie incognito far away from the gridiron and in los angeles refusing to speak about the numerous allegations of inappropriate behavior also in los angeles, the player who has accusehis teammate of bullying, jonatn martin repoedly at his family's home. on friday his attorney relsed a statement sayg jonathan endures harassment that went beyond tditional locker room hazing. >> you have thave the head somewhere along t line there was a breakdown. >> reporter: head coach joe philbin says the dolphin organizaon is looking to the nfl's independent reew for aners. >> we're you'll committed to getting tohe botm of this. >> reporter: the playersre looking towards monday night's ga. >> we'd be lying if we said we don't ever tk about this ever,
7:40 am
but,yeah, it comes up, but for the mos part we're worried about monday. shift the focus back to the field. dan sheman, nbc news. there is still no word on whenesults na fr tha independent review will released tohe publ. > still ahead on "today in the bay," the warrior best player returns from an injury and yet golden state.ersweet night for
7:41 am
7:42 am
u are watching "today in the bay." >> looking live at our -- from our south bay camera. in the distance we see t fog that was on my windshield o the y into work. ter losing tir 30th straight regular seaso game in san antonio against san annio, the warriors were looking to pick themselves back u ainst the grizzlies in memphis. the nal game of a four-game road trip started with some good news. guard stephen curry returned t the court after missing a game with a bruised ankle and he oked good early.
7:43 am
teaming upith for the dunk. golden stateooked like a tir team in the second ha. the warriors lose big, 108-90, against memphis. >> we couldn't get over the humpbut this is a good basketball team that, you ow, that pretty much has its way against us. way we ended the road trip.he it's about going me, getting somerest, and preparing to get back to who we truly are. to berkeley, cal hosting usc. the bears woes continue. the trojans blocked the punt, 62-28.ed for a toucown. that'sembarrassing. cal folwing to 1 on the seon. coming up on "today in the bay," how jerry brown's failed presidential run m have benefited hipolitical career. [ wind howling ]
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you are watchingtoday in the bay." >> morthan a quarter cenry ago jerry brown r unsuccessfully for the presidency three times in der tohange many social policies, goals as california's governor and in many ways he's succeeding. larry gerston is he to explain what'soingon, how he is able to do the thingse wanted to do, just perha not as president. >> incredible. that's the firstword. seized it.bout leverage, howe cafornia, we know thi is, is the nation's largest state with abundantesources from agricultural totechnology, everything in between. no oer state touch california's potential clout, but now brown is seizing t moment. with washingto seemingly polarized, paralyzed, you name every her kind of word, brown is using his office to impact nation policy areas. what are some of the ways you think brown has promoted change
7:47 am
on the national scale? >> we n start witglobal warming. recently brown along with t governors oregon, washington, and the premiere of british columbia, canada, agreed to curb carbon dioxide emissions. we think of these treaty-like arrangements as the property of the federal government. but brown and others are unwilling to it. >>his ia of governing from the botm up insad of from washington down, is this the new way of doing busins 12. >> that's a gooday o putting it? it's turning fed ralism upside down and the envonmental agreent seems to be part of a larger role for california at least see throughbrown's eyes. other example wouldnclude the state a's recent efforts on immigration policy including driver's licenses, hher ucation systems, the right for noitizens to practic law.
7:48 am
take something else, minimum wage. that's another example whe browhas signed a bill increasing minum wage to $10 to be the highe in the nation. naonal leaders are stewing ether to incase the feder minimum of$7.25. and finally, while congress is dithering over what, if any, rules should be imposed on fracking, at new technology largely untested mhod of retrieving fuel from deep beneath the earth's surface, will fully vet that process. >> what do we take away from all this? are we more powerful or less powerful >> we take away a couple things. whilcongress struggles, as we have seen, to find agreement on they're movinforward, and hey're california seems to be the leader of the pack at least right now. but there's a downside, at least a potential downside for some, because ofhe radically differt approachestates are tang to some policy areas,
7:49 am
abortion, voting rights. if they're allo different, how can theygree on consistent still, if nothing else, states e stirring policy pots congress has lt on the back i tnk that's a pretty interesting development. >> speaking of predential runs since we have you here, hilla clinton was hereor two differen eventsnan you know,eople are trying to read the tea leave here. is she going to run? is she not going to run? some peopleaying there were lots of hints. ifeems to me she is n sing much. >> she's playing it cool, totally cool. the reason being i she gets out and announceser candidacy this early, there so much time f people, r enemies and whatnot within and witut of the par to pick her art. the best thi to do, wait unt the midte elections occur, wait untilhe dust settles and december of next year o january ofnext, tt's when you bin to roll o yourcampaign. shwon't be the only one but you have to look at ler right
7:50 am
now as the de factfront-runner for the decrats. >> thank you very much. we have more ahead, including the olympic torch as it goes into space. this morni we'reeeing clear skie patchy, low clouds the fog starting to lift aund san jose. we'll lookt that and rain forecast when we ce right back.
7:51 am
7:52 am
> here is a view from eryville this sunday morning. hazy skies surrod the east bay and still some patchy fog set u prty thick around san jose as we seeemperatures this morning in the 40s around san jose. 52. actual seeing se pretty nice suhine in san francio right now ase take you hour byhour, passing 11:00 in the morning. temperatures in theow 60s arnd san francisco. notice san jose, we've been stuck in the fog now. the fog srting to break u a little bit in the southbay. still a relativy chilly 4
7:53 am
degrees. climbi through the 60s ase go through the ternoon. san jose at least downtown should still see temperatures 39 degrees around nava toe and santa rosa. you can ep track of your bottom of the screen customized r the region where you live. tuesday we have thehance of somehowers comingowards the y area. this is part of a pattern shift 're seeing evolve right now. the sea breezes pickingup. sign of the fog we're seeing and the marine air spillg back into the bay area. the storm dropping down the coast will aimn on the north y. during theay tomorrow, we' see increing clou, increasing chanc of probably seeing some rain for your tuesday morng commute, and the rainfall projections hav come up a littl bit or the last 2 hours bringing some light rain trace amount., more than just a andotice from san francisco northward, 0.1f an inch to.25
7:54 am
of an inch. these number for the most part in the sine digits. livingoom just over 2.5 inches of rain. san francisco under 4 inches of rain. compe that to wre w should be for this time of year and what you're going to see is my locations anywhere from about 5 we should be in terms of that e rainfall. so we'reot going to get i we hope we'll see a littl ay change in that fecast as we get into tuesday morning. we'll see a chance of those rain shows coming on back. but today th forecast looking pretty good once the low clouds clear. san jose near 70 degrees. we'reooking at temperatures in the 60s around san fransco. the east bay, inner et bay nto runng a little cooler. this inclus oakland to nville and brentwood. noce the temperatures inland are aittle warmer, inner part of the tri-valy around er the 680 corridor.
7:55 am
we wl see temperatures in the mid-70s. fairfielin the l 70s. our temperatures in the south bay, too, areasouth of san jose, espially down towards 70s today, but cooler changes as we get back to the workweek. we'll notice those b time as we g into tuesdayith a chance of some showers. ifou're heading out to the coast, plan on the low clouds and misty skie the air travel should be just fine but we should see a chance snow comingack to the sira. the realkind,ot the machine groomed snow. it will be coming in for tuesd eveng in the high country above 6,000 feet as that storm brings chance of showers to the bay area kris, backo you. it has been aeautiful fall weekend at the beach. made better by som masterpieces made of sand the pular sandcastle competitiowas held at ocean beach yesterday. it was canceled last month because of the government shutdown. oceabeach is part othe golden gate national recreation area which is run by the federal government, so that's why the beach was shut down.
7:56 am
now, students from more than0 elementary schools worked with local artistsnd at times they got a little frustrated. >> you use like dry sand, but it's like t wet has dried up, it doesn't really stay, so we had to use a lot of watero make i like wet so it could stay for a long time. >> the competion raises money for public hool art programs. and out of the wor adventure for the olymp torch. it went on its first space wal yesterday. two russian cosmonauts carried the 2014 torch on a space walk outside the international space station taking turns posing with the tch which wasn't lit by the way. the torch was on a tether so it didn't floatway andt arrived it is scheduled to return to earth tomorrow, and, of course, its fina desnation is chi, russia, for the winter olympics
7:57 am
this february. dangerous f that to be lit. >> well, in space in a vacuum of space, it's safe. board the space ation, dierent story. higher oxyge content. the next big deal in the they were hoping to be part of the new "star wars" film. seven on twitter was announced e earlr this week. the sequel, whichs untitleed, is untitle and expectedn theaters in2015. >> good acnt. you should have auditioned. >> i don't think so. thanks, rob. we wt to thank you so mu for making us a part of your morning. sunday night football night i erica so you know what i'll be doing. en special edion of nbc bay ea news follows the game at xfinity sports sday prime time starts at 9:. weekend, and we'll see you bk
7:58 am
here next weekend.
7:59 am
8:00 am
. >> ts sund, two news making one-on-one interviews. exclusive secretary oftate john kerry otheailure to reach an agreement with iran. plus, new jersey governor chris christie. >> maybe the folks in washington, d.c. shod tune in thr tvs right now, see how it's done. >> is his landslide in new jersey the first to his esidential run and will he be the savior for a divided gop? plus, how obama care has some democts running scared >> i am sorry that they are in is situation based on assurances the got from me. >> theuestion of confidence in the president has the round


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