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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 10, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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the dreams she lived and those that dietoo soon with her. >> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. people living ross thr bay areaommunities are being told to stay inside. fire burns at a metal recyclg company. >> and we are keeping a close more than 10,000 pple are feared dead. >> plus, a northern california and only their young son escapes ale. who police a looking for. >> nbc b area news starts w. >> tochg for joanks for joinings >>moke can be seen and smelled for miles, prompting warnings
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for people to stay insiden parts of three counties. it burningt sinms metal at the port of redwd city. we he team coverage on the storyith first, let's head out to nbc bay area redwood city. chase? >> buyian, the big thing is firefighters say if you can smel this oke, clo your doors. >> close your win be. a lot of what y're seeg there on the horizon i actual of water firefighters havbeen dumping to get this fire under control. >> ske billowing skyward all ternoon at sms metal management.
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also a facility that's caught fire before. in2007, strikingly saar lo today. >> ty're using grains to get to the center of the pile from the fire is burning. i believe. >> i beeve. >> i believe they're going to be working all night to extinguis it. we didn't reall notice thin were wrong until so started saying it smells nd ofd funny outside. we didn't thinking something elsebout it until it ban smaesmeling bad inside. >> students tried to press on, despite thentense smoke. >> it's a really stran smell. most like burned rubr.
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it kind of burns your eyes a bit pl 's a combinati of smell anyou can feel it. almost smoggyout side. firefightersxpect they wil have to be out he until morning to get this fi extinguished. they have been able to get it under control. there's no danger of it spading overnight. one last piece of good news is th so far, no one has been murt. >> case, thanks very much. if you smell smoke from at i fire, go inside. there's kwr little wind out here to dissipatehat smoke spp the smoke and steam off to the right, 54 4 deees, light winds. the winds have been shifting around lit bit. motor vehicle blumgenerally to we've seen a change re.
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you take a closer look at the smoke, the southern end down into santa cla county into the morning,ost of that smoke for now heading off to the east as starts to push more smoke io partof the eastbound tomorrow morping. after sun rise, we get better mixing of the atmospre. e winds will pick up lit built more and should disperse some of the smoke. torrow, plan on thick are of smoke. weave a storm systemere that will bring us a chan of some rain. we'll let you know the timing of from the forecast is we dppt afternoon. we have more video there as wellnticipate we'll have updates tomorr morning on "today in the bay.
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anotr fire burning near standle stick pa. it threatened pked kwarst one point, started about 4:00 and cws had it under control before damaging any carries. no injuries ve been reported. >> the u.s. military tonig has joinedhe massive operation to send relief to coast towns. strong winds pushed th200 ton ships nearly 3,000 feet towar the ore. and ne video shows the momt of impact when the typhoon hit th philippines. a wall of water 20 feet hh le the city in ruins and man of the 200,000 pple who tlif ere without a home. officialare concerned that more than 10,000 peoplere dead >> the need for food and the
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ne for water. >> officials for calling for rtial law after several reports of looting. >> many wit friends and family in the fill leans are steppg up to help the nation cover from typhoon haiyan. mo on that effort. kimberly? >> the red cross is working very closel witits counterparts in the philippines make sure they have the resources they need to help the vicms. the file even ifs red css is one of the stronger in the world. and they are milizing show thousas of volunteers. social med on the >> haiyan is being called the
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most powerful storm to ever sit la. and it suck two months after an earthake devastated the same region. >> i have a few family members that live out ere. >> many are stillrying to get a hold of thei loves os overseas, but communications e a problem. a red crosspokes person says they can help. you haven't heard from yr family since the typhoon, call your loc chapter. >>e do have for patience, but it is another way for us to help peop reconnect with their loved es 37. >>s family wait for news, many organizations are helping th relief efforts. >> we're he to collect non-perishable items suc as noodles, rice.oods, dry
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helps underprivileged kidsat selected fash and dood donations. >> i feel those people are in pay .it breaks my art to see thnews. members of the national alliance for filipino concern are askg for cash donaons. saying thiis the best way to get help where it's needed e most. there is list of organizations nating money to help victims. >> tnk you, kimberly. shiff's deputies are senching for two men w broke into a inside.shot five people deepties found three people dead, a couplin their 5 and an adult son. investigators say two men went room to room shooting the family
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as they slept and only a escape.old boy was able to he ran to neighbor's house for help. others nearby say they are tonight.nd very scared round 9:00, sheame and said h and then she left. and i would never thought is was going happen. i'm scared because i don't know what's going t happen. they're going to come back. i don't know. i'm not safe. >>neighbors, many of who left candles outside the house told and both in their 30s.ispanic one was sa, the other short. they were seen driving away in a small, black truck. >> police say a shooting happened and 2:0 this afternn not far fromity hall. fort authorities found one ctim with leg wounds and another with wounds to the face, possibly with plet fragments.
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they're asking my onionses to co fard to help with the investigatio >> a ballot measure wou d away with the state of limitation limitations for a statue of limitations on sex crime against children. one victim homes the fundraiser will make a difference. >> i'm happy to talk about the cause to end the psyching of sexual abuse. and eveone renewing their commitment. >> he needs to collect half a million signatures to get it on the ballot. wouldot be retroactive but protect children now for the rest of their ves.
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>> grab and goood has forced a recall. more than 90 tons of epackaged sandwiches have been recalled today after 26 people in three bacterial strain of e.coli. the contamined product were produced and shipped to distrition centers in eight ates including california. for questions about food safe, visit our webte nbc bay >> well, the olyic torch is back on eart more op the amazing jrn knee before the winterames. >>ven at u.s. post offe has a new business partner. how to ship your gifts this holiday season. >> plus, the 49ers honor a veteran in a unique way.
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the post offe is opening to open posoffices in staples stor. they hope to oer convenience staples started adding the post
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office last month and plans t open another one in san jose is cing week. eventually they're suppod to be open seven days a week. >> more people are writing th south san francisco ferry. d officials say it's all about because of theb.a.r.t. strike last moh. it hasore tha 340 daler rider, twice amany as usual. e four-b.a.r.t. strike helped boost awarens of the ferry. a one-day record was more than 800 riders. the ferry h three mourning and two evening departures. buss requireds have a new way to get around. you're looking at one. e buses include free wifi, dividual reading lps, overhead storage andigh backseats. the problem may be no one is going to want to get of >> actly. >> they were builtn hayward. >> eventually, there is goingo
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timing couldn' be better.ea. ac transit says ridership this >> the 49ers stook time out %. befo today's game to hor a bay area veteran. national guard sergeant alfro tierrez is a life long 49er he suffered a traumatic bane injury while serving in iraq. and earlier this year he wrote to 49ers coach jim harbaugh a sent his purple heart to the niners thanking them. today as you can see, the 49ers anked him and returd his purple heart. i came back home from dealing with a traumatic brain injury sitting dwou my family and my friendand watching the game, watching the ners, it helped. it helped a lot. >> tod ice natnal anthem, fa held out 50,000 cards to
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usaa was behind that ve. here in the south y, thousands people joined nationwide salute to the men a won in our litary. they took part in national veterans day run in san jose. joined about 25 thoiroth,000 or thecountry. th largest national veterans the runlso raised funds for it was just amazing running with the other fellows.
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the veteranday parade paid tribute to the forgoen war. tomorrow is is a holiday for most gov offices to mark, of course, terans day. a another nos bay seeing visibility down t two miles around novado up towards santa rosa a sneak preview now on your veteransay forecast. torrow, notice partly to mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow, in the l to mid 60s except outowards livermore, temperatures closer to 70 but on thing you'll noticeor e morning if you'ren the there going to be some of that smoke from the redwoodity fire. more o forwards towards the ea.
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on shoreinds continue to it's about 2,0 feet high tonight. as we go through the ernight hours, the ske concentrations will pbably increase around e sta clara valley, the southern half san mateo county and the southern half of alameda county you will notic that for the morning. mixing of the plans through abt 10:00, it towards tomorrow night, bigr changes coming our way. an area of low pressure akroechs e coast. this nt storm we've been watcng here, the last couple of days, is gong to impact the nohbound. tomorr, veterans day plans
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should be jt fine. we're gog to see some fog t start. a foggy start, hazy start to the mornin notice the future cast there as we get towardshe eveng. or 3:00, towards 5:0 now, mostly cloudy skies arou the bay area en and where with this particular weather sysm shows that any rain that doe fall accoing to the late computer model lbs up in the nosh. and not a lo with thethat. we can really use the rain. it's been very dry start to fall. but this ia big change from last night. i looked like it be in the northbnd. right now, the computer models have backed off on that. chances of light rain showers after this system moves out, your seven-day forecast, we're going to be seeing skies dleer and temperatures climb forhe second half of the week. sour forecast here as we go through the south bayor tomorrow, areas of low clouds and foghrough the morning, 69 in downtowsan jose. cupertino, 6degrees. los gatos about 70.
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temperaturesunning a little bit cooler around downtown san fransco. the southbound looking prey close to 70. lo60s for highs. danvle, 68 degrees for the t ri valley. could seearmer temperatures out towards no. >> all right, thanks, rob. >> the so kr hi olympicic torch return safely to earth. re it comes fro the international space statio russian astronaut took the t unlit torch t for a space lk.
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february 7 starts the winter olympic games which you can see >> coincidentally ght here. >>he raiders and giant traded blows in new jersey. it doesn't g any closer than this. a onpoint game at candlestick. we'll show youhat went down next in sports. love watching tv outside.
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>>he 49ers face theanthers behind the second-ranked defense in theleague. terrell owens, aamiliar face at candlestick. as an honorary captain. 49ers up 6-0. colin kaeperck to vernon ruled inmplete. that would not be the worst of it. a coussion. leave the game with he would not return. late second,9ers up 9-0. deangelo lliams, 27-yard toucown run. panthers down 9-7 now.
11:25 pm
calina up 10-9 with you suld a minute to play in this game. kaepernicks intercepted. 49ers lose 10-9. here is reaction fro candlestic >> the 49ers offense has scored 30 points or more in each game during i five-game winning stre. but agains carolina, it ly reached thred zone once. and it nevereached the end zone. >> today was more lack of our execution than what they were doing. >> offenvely, we didn't do what we needed to do. >> carolina made more plays. they made mistakes we made mistakes. th caused mistakes, weaused mistakes. and, y know, in the end, they made more pls. >> we y know,e just haven't been getting the job done. i watched the film, clean u our mistakes. >>e were able to do a little bit more on defense. score on degree you know or
11:26 pm
something. but i don't point fiers. we win as a team and fight as a >> san francisco suffered five inries in this game. most notably concussions to vernon davis and aaron reid. they will g through protols for the 49ers next game i new le orleans. mindy bachor nbc bay area. >> raiders, tak on the gits. oaand has lost the last 11 games on the eascoast. not good sign. first quarter, raiders up 7. blocked by moore. game tied at 7-7.scores. giants up 24-20. pryor tryg to make something happen. instead, hs back and stripped. giants recover and win this one, 24-20. sharks take on theets. 23 the muppe makingn apeerps in the game. patrick marlu picks up the
11:27 pm
bound and ns it. but it's cald off for interference. obstructs pavl from making a play. tough call there. so to a shootout. drew ladd faces antii nii. and he sres. over niemi's glove. sharks dro their fifth in row. ke at ninth-rafrked cal. second ha-ranked cal wi a fast break. later ithe half, duke up by 12 droois f the basket. to 2 2 points but duke wins 70-58. so a tough weekend for bay area sports fans, but the good thing next weekend andhroughout the week. diane and terry? >>hanks, andreandrea. and coming up next, people are paying bit less to fill up at the pump. >>
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these are the hands a pediatrician. these arpioneering advances in hearsurgery. and these are deveping they're the has of the nation's top doctors.r. and though theyare all , kaiser permanente doctors. they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancg medicine at in us, and thrive.
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. >> gas prices are down. a surveyhows theyropped for  the ninth raight week. the lowest natiol average seen 2 1/2 years. ljungberg survey of 2,500 g $3.21 per gallon of regular, 15 cents ler than two weeksago. that's nationally. we looked at aaaa. e average price of gas, .74 a gallon here the bay area. 19 cen less than a month a. a. >> gas all right, there's voluntary rell tonight of some baby food the company is called plum organics. may spoi o its pou products
11:31 pm
it could cause some products -- or pouches, thais to swell. so plum organic say patients products tho their children. the products cld be identified from the best buy datef august 5 to december 8. we have more details oen on our websit >> coming up,oo many flights and not enough trained pils. >> the system to train foreign pilots a how it cold be putting safetyt risk.
11:32 pm
too many flights andot enough pils.
11:33 pm
critics y that affects yr safety. >> this comes, of course, just months after the cross at sfo. several iestigators have scheduled public hearings out that crashor next month. those hearing are focus on the flight crew's actis and training our investigative reporter has more. >> 19 knots. >> i took 23-year-old anthony yan three years of on the gund bo study to just to get here. he's prepping his cessna 172 trning aircraft as part of the 10 to 12-month-long proce to >> i really wanted to be someone li that. because 's special. afte dream he's had since he was 10 back home in china. was.or a 10-ar-old kid like i >> dream of becoming a commercial pilot. >> this 27-year-old shares that dream. tting his tining at
11:34 pm
lifornia airways flight school in hayward. >> i like it he, flying here. >> practice these studes can't get at me, becau they don't have access there tomaller airplanes known as general aviation. >>merica is one of thbest countries in aviation. >> in fact, anthony yan had never set footn an airplane until this past new year's day. he now has about 100 hours in e cockpit. according to t faa,early 24,000 foreign pilots have gotten eithe a commercial or air transport licen over the last four year here in erica. yan d thoands of others who come here to train he to now joinhem. andalifornia is a major destination stat for these according to the faa, arizona, california anticipate florida have t mes flight schls in the country. 7 total. we visited and researcd half a dozen ofhese schools.
11:35 pm
in places like dding, around the bay area, bakersfield, a phoenix. all of the schools are either run by forei airlinesr train students already employed by those foreign alines. >> the goal of all o these is to become coercial pilots. >> ts is the head instructor of a flight training center in reading. >> you're going to carry thousands of peoplin your career thousands of people d you don't know are going torust yo so get them to their destination safely. he says all 140 stunts are from chin each are hired by ahinese airline then paid in full. each get their commercial pilot's license in about a yea >> backown to 70 knots. tehing foreign students h its unique challenges. >>omebody might know how teach, but how to teach someone whose english isot their entirely.nguage is another thing >> it's why these studes take
11:36 pm
english classes at the flight scol. he says also a lack of access to small airplanes at home is the biest obstacle for success for asian-bornilots. nonexistent in china.s virtually here thelearn the basic studts get 190 hours in e plane by t time they leave. >> we are fing every singl day. these pilots will ghome, take anoer year or so to become rated on big airplanes, gaining another 50 or 6 hours flying time and then expt to end up i theeat of cockpits as a firstfficer with only about 250 hours total flying time >> what kind of airples do you want to fly? >> here in the u.s., similarly trained pilots don't set foot in the ckpit o big cmercial vejetts until they have at least 100 hours flying time. that, sa the ctics of this concerns.ds to safety
11:37 pm
this veteran flight instructor taught aspiring pilots fr china for almost four years. he saide quit his job in frustration over safety lapses. he wanted uso hide his identity because he doesot want to opardize a future career in aviation but he wants to expose what he consirs to be critical safe issues. >>afety is lacking. they always want someby to by the flight scho and the sures foreign bas airlineto pass pilots who were not ready to fly commerci jets. >> the said well, do it anyw. even tugh i didn't feel that they should read did that create sety hazard in your mind? >> absolutely. >> weontacted that flight school located outside of
11:38 pm
california where the instrtor work. were rushed to granl wait and given commercial licenses before they were ready. >> this instructor id the pilotse trained would then go back home andithin a year, be flying as a co-piloof big jets. 73s, 777s and 747s. >> i have seen seenren all the time, th were already in wide bo aircraft. >> with three other native >> absoluteld snem. >> don't believe him -- we need t get them all trap popped. >> then listen tohis man. >> they're unprepared forhe tas taskhat they are being paid. there seem the to be, i think, an enormousindecenturry to get ung cadet co-pilots into the cockpit. >> all the flight skoolgs that full faatandards and that theyto
11:39 pm
don't cut corners. but they admitted this they have no control over what happens after these pils go back home. >> does it worry not inform enoughf those pilots don't have the skills anymore? >> n it does worry me. it shouldorry a responsible pilot, that co-pilots are tting into cockpits ese days and quite simply they aren't prepared. >> in. >> statement, cafe spafk said it had some of the most rigorou pilot training standardsn the world and it is dedicated to providing manua flight training in addion to industry standards. half a dozen other pacific rim rlines that we reach out to declined our ruest for comment. asiana airlines announcedfter the crh it washaining the way it trains pilots. . >> a cougar attack lt an animal sctuary cougar worker dead. authities say the worker was bitten by the big cat and crews could not reach the victi because several other large cats
11:40 pm
enclosure.nside that th sang sanctuary is a no-kill haven not open to the public. there are 67 animals at the sanctuary. >>despite high hopes o a dea to end iran's nuclear arms program, secretary of state john rry left geneva today empty handed. e talks invved iran and six worl power. the goal was tooax iran from curbing its nlear ambitions in change for easing economic sanctis. kerry ld nbc there's still plen of time to make a deal. crits, though, are pushing for even tougher sanctions. >> wre notn a rush. weeed to get the right al. no deal i better than a bad deal. >> we believe that sanctions and the threat of mitary force is the ly thing that's going to bring the iranians to the tae. >> tonight kerry isn the united arab em rats. rry heads back to washington tomorrow. we are getting our first look at 1 world tde centerill look likehen the spire is lit.
11:41 pm
the port authority o new york and new jersey tested 300 l.e.d. lights atop the buildg on friday night. the spire on theeacon o top can be seen up to 50 miles away. 408-fo needle brings theed bi to theeight of the 1776 it will be the tallest building in the western hemisphere and will serve as a world class broadcast center. >> the suspended miami dolphins teammate spoke out for the first time this weekend. richie incognito was suspended amid allegations he harassed jonathan marn. martin's lawyer says that threatening, racially charged voice mail that incognito lt martins just the tip of the iceberg. but in a interview with fox sports that aired in morn, incognito said martin was his wondered why h never said anything if felt bullibullied. >> this isn't an issuebout bully. this is an issue of my and may -- i've taken stuff too far.
11:42 pm
and i didn't knoit was hurting him. if you go by just all the knklehead stuff i pulled in the past, done in the pt and you'retheing this guy is a loose caon, this guy is a terrible rson, this guy is a rast. the truth. 'te farther from >> incognito also said martin sent him a text threatening to murd his family. he says it's evidence that tycal banter bween players might shockhe public. martin has yet to speak publicly. he left the team two weeks ago. the nfl hasssigned a special investigator to the case coming next, a pint siz phenom on the fieland she's deaf. >> how this 12ear-old girl is using her disability to her team's advantage. farmers esents: fifteen seconds of smart.
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>> a texas pea wee football team has a player that's turning heads. first of all, th player is team's best players. of the . that's nothat surprisg really. ile some people would consider her trait a handicap, sheees >> the pea wee trojan football team has someone most teams don't ve. a girl. >> she's one o my best linemen. plus she plays corner on defense. >>eers she's also deaf. on septemb , 2001, she was
11:46 pm
ld that in addition being deaf, her 8-moh-old daughter d a heart murmur and a hole i that heart. none of which stops her le for pling sport. >> wha does she do t hear you? >> she reads yr lip. >> the quarterback says she uses eyes of the receiver and she's earned respect of the boys with her toughness. >> eb sitshere and sayhe's a girl sheerks not goingo be able to hit. but they run the ball her way and she's hitting just as hard as the other guys on the team. >> sarkd the team played a win or gohome. th trojans lost a hard fought game by a touchdown. rebecca had three taces on the day. and she has a message for anyone line of scrimmage.her on the >> she says she's going to play -- once she gets in the seventh ade, she's going to play middl school ball. >> a message sent anreceived loud and clear.
11:47 pm
>> i got to love that. and ght now. >> looking at tonight's ather, perhaps foball weather out there around theay ea. temperatur in the low to m 50. tchy fogetting up around parts of the bay ea. visibility now around santa rosa down t about two miles. the morning commute, some of the fog could get thick enoh across the mid span. it could sw things down. if you have ear veteran day plans tomoow. one thg you'll notice around the uth bayr the east bay is that smo plume from that fire burning around redwood city. as we take a look aund the currenwin that continues to push the smoke off towards the southern half of ameda unty, you're seeing some of tha smoke. for tonight, aas in alameda county, mainly the sthern half santa cla and into
11:48 pm
we havthis air quality alert. the way it wks overnight is temperature versions the cold air at the surface. tend to actike a lid. and it trap downs the smoke. now during the day tomorr, temperatures start to climb. the wind picks . the stronger s breeze shoul start to bw out of the smoke. but what you'll also notice during the ditomorrow is increasing clouds. the syst there off to the west will bring us more clos through thday. now you're looking at mostly cloudy skies. tempatures near 70 ely in the da cooling off int the mid 60s. it will be turning eezy, partly cloudy skies to start. increang clouds in there, t. mostly cloykies as we head towards the evening. wee planning on a blustery day. high tempetures only in the low 60s. probably clor to 2:00n the afternn. and then we're going to see mostly cloy skies as we head into the eving. now for t northbound, cloudy sdie skies throughout the day. temperatures by middaystill in the d 60s.
11:49 pm
out towards the tri valley, temperatures running little bit waer in the forecast. so some of our microclimates around the bay area, upper 60s to near 70. san teo to 60 degrees. highs theren the low 60s for yourmonday. and oaand, 65 degrees. noce the northbound temperaturesn the low s for the afternoon. by the way, anineasing chance of some light rain in santa rosa aftesundown tomorrow. and then by tuday, a chance of those show irser if your for outdoor events tomorrow o the coas misty and cloudy. fine for now, could see a ltle built of snow in t high untry as we head towards midday tuesday. back to you. >> rob, thanks ry much. >> coming up next, the golden gate bridge is perhaps the most well known ldmark in san francisco. so w this police officer is being called its guardian. [son] alright,she has no idea.
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
11:52 pm
of the world's most famous landmarks, but sadly some pple ve given up hope. >> the sergean with the ph.d. ticipate a guardian athe godden gate. has saved many lives. re's nbc's kate snowith the story. >> sunprize at the golden gate bridge. you've been on this bridge? >> thousands. ousands. >> aer 23 years sergeant kevin with someone is in trouble. w are you? try to strike up a conversation. what are you doing tomorrow? >> why do you ask hem about torrow? >> bause someone s plans of suicide usually don'think about tomorrow. i want them to see someone cares. >> he thinkse's probabl help more than 200 dperate
11:53 pm
peop. kevin was one of them. >> he looked up and he goes or this il. >> hwas perched on a narrow pi. he had lt his job, had soaring medical bills for his premature infant daughter. he couldn't see a way out. >> i'm trying to get him to loo >> he's trying get you to look up at younstead of looking down. >> i heard the voices d they stopped me. >> they tald for 92 bridges before the sgeant convinced him to com over the rail. >> he sd things i never said, never knew dealing wi, never knew what i was feeling. he minded me what was imrtant to me. >> 8 yrs later, his daughter is healthy, he has a son, too, and another ba on the way with his new girlfriend. >> i look inhe mirr with myself now and the man that's ill on the bridg is not the man standing in front of you right now. >> reporter: what if he hadn't beenthere? >> we wodn't be here.
11:54 pm
it's that simple. >> ts is why i keep doing this. there hope. there's gointo be more kevins. and we're going to be able to talk to them and reach t. and say hey,rother, i'm here for you. hey, good to seeou again. >> you too. >> sergeant briggs willretire this month to work full time on suicide prevention. bo men now share t same message. just getting up in the morng is a blesing. just waking up. and want people to see that. see that it's a gt. don't throw it away. >> the power of one voice has convinced s many people to kate snow, nbc new san francisco. >> great story. >> incredible ally. >> a runner has a special partneruring a hf marathon. 'll tl you more. >> and look at your vetens day forecast [ male announcer ] step one, prepe for triumph.
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stepwo, bacoted cheese for awesome. step three, get ready to wow. step four... mmmmm. ♪ [ malennouncer ] pillsburcrescents. makehe holidays pop. he loves me. hloves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillury grands! [ girl ] makeinner pop!
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>>hank for watching nbc bay area news. >> watch tomorro at 4:30 in the morning. have a good night.
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>> tonight, class action. 'another first year teach teachings going to be hard. e first year implementing is going to be ha. >> new academic guidelines for a new way of learning. >> ting to noto that mile wide a inch deep. but really encourageust dper understaing. >> but o of the original architects oof th plan has critics.nto one of its bigge another final version of coon core is a disaster. >> giving comnds to a computer is like giving mands to a dog.


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