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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  November 11, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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5:00. nightly news is next with brn l.llia. ars of 10,000 dead ione city alone amid other devastation in the philippines. tonight an increingly desperate siation as the world now responds. our teams there tonight. inside the srm. why this one w particularly ferocious, shreddingearly everything in its path a raising new questions about e increasing destructionf these storms. and the emotional salute this vetans day. the rviving numbers of jmy doolittls raiders come together one last time. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. tonight the world is responding to a disaster in an island
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nation as were still learning just howad the situation is in a the philippines ough it is now clear it's worse than we first knew. the tellite imagery shows what is now categorized as per typhoon haiyan aits peak intensity ast slammed into and th moved across the philippine islands sending waves of sea water on land. it is now official. is typhoon was the mt powerful ever toake landfall. now to the numbe. and these are sureo change cause some places arstill cut off. the numbers of those feared dead begins at 10,000. the u.n. estimates 600,000 people have been displad by this disaer. e cost of all this damage could bes high as $14 billion. e storm surge completely washed away some vlages and towns. and it left a thriving cit tacloban in utter ruins. that'shere we begin tonight with nbc's harry smithho witnessed the destruction on the
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ground. >> reporter: it is an aching familiar sit. the aftmath of this typhoon looks ke the remnants of other sur disasters. in what we learnedrom the tsunami inapan and the tsunami in the indn ocean, and our own super storm sandy is that the unrelenting water knowno bounry. >> every building is either significantly damaged or destyed. it a 15 to 25-foot wave that came acrosentire villages. so everything wiped out. >> reporter:he city of tacloban looks to be ground zero. >> survived cause i climbed a tree. >> reporter: we met kan not far from the ruins of th airport. >> i'm very happy because i'm alive. i'm alive. >> reporter: she a her family are in a makeshift shelter becae there is nothing left of their homes. >> we dot have anything to do but live. we survived the typhooand now are questioning ourlves how to svive in terms of foo in terms of water. >> reporter: a nearby chapel serves as a makeshift morgue.
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father tells me his 2-year-old son is inside. he explains how fast the water rose. wonders how anyone rvived. people in this once bustling city of 200,000 ve seen many typhoons before. but thing like this. they are without food, without drinkable water. ey have no adequate shelter. our colleague anguwalker is in another part of the decimated ci. >> the local martplace, one of e worst affected are in taclan. all the shops and houses made of wood, now a pile of tangd timber. reya, eight months pregnant, shs me the house, o of the few made of concrete, that her father sheltered in. >> we'reotble to savour faer. veryad. >>eporter: this typhoon was differt because it moved so rapidly. because it was movinso fast d the winds were so ferocious, it piled up water in front of
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it. what you need to remember about the philippines is it's notne land ss. it's more than,000 islands. in a place like this, thwater st stacked up as it ved into bays and channels and once the water roseit knocked down everything in sight. ere is no power, no fuel. roads and bridges e out. many coastal services haveot yet been seahed. because communications areut theris no way to know th status of the re isolated communities. we hitched a ride with the u.s marines on a c-130 into tacloban. the u.s.ilitary is ferrying philippineroops by the hundre and often carrying storm victimsout. while aid is beginning to arrive, it is butt a trickle i an ocean of need. there is no other way describe the sittion in tacloban other than goawful. the stenchf death hangs everywhere youo. quite ankly, it's a wonder the people who surved have kept their sanity. brian?
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>> harry smith, back imanila tonight. hay, thanks. also among theembers of our team on the ground covering the story in the philippines, r chief medical editor dr. nay snyderman. e made her way by air to one of the hospitals itacloban. on her way the, she witnessed some of the rst devastation which is all t more alarming in the before and after photogras of the region. once on the ground she sawome of the patientsho are right nownduring some desperate hours. tonight, nancy is onne of the neighboring islands of cebu. nanc good evening. >> reporter: gooevening, brian. with roads blocked, ferries not running and airports closed, we jumped on a chopper and headed toacloban to check on the possibily of a developing health care crisis. from the air, weee stunning devastation. you pass over the mountas it looks like a major deforestation project. the trees are stripped. then y get into the fertil
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farming area and erything is flooded. villages along the cst wiped out by the massive tidal sur that left the city of tacloba in ruins. we made our way to divine word hospital, officily closed for business, but peopletill come. this doctor scrambled to save lis and medical supplies. >> we tried to salge what was left of the pharmacy. the emergency room. >> reporte the lobby has been converted into treatment area. with just bandas and antiseptic left, doctors and nurses can't handle more than simple cuts and abrasions. this woman arrived in labor. the stafis living on little sleep. you have no generator, no lights. there is no powerful lights or refrigerion and no security. across the city, the scarcity food, fresh water, and sanitation is settinthe stage r a public health nightmare. are you worried out cases of dyntery? >>efinitely. we have no potable water source here. reporter: the staff is
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haunteby those they couldn help. did patients die because you uldn't treat them? >> well, somow. we were out of resrces. we just made the mosof what we had. even as doctors, we di't go to our families immediate. we stad with the patients. >> reporter: even po operative patients were sent home because of lack of medicine. patients who died were moved into a makeshift morgue. >> this is where we ke the boes. they were actually patients. en the power was outthe water was out. no more medication bause our pharmacy was destroyed. >> reporter: it has to be toug to know you n't save everyone. >> yes, ma'am. >> repter: when patients ce in now and they're hungry and they'v had no water and they're hurting,hat do you say to them? we just say we're sorry. >> reporter: this is the beginning of tropical depression that's moving into the same place that got raved
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justive days ago. the coern is this could further damage the wer supply and put already vulnerable people at risk for disysenteryd diarrhea, andther infectious diseases. brian? >> nancy snyderman back on the island of cebu the this ening after her tr to tacloban. this is a very s story. e philippines is extremely vulnerable to storms like this. the island ss in the midst of the warm tropical wate of the cific that feed the orms alg the track. this is the fourth typhoon to t this year. in the same region dastated by an earthquake just last nth. tonit nbc's tom costello takes a look insidehis storm including how it compareso some of the strongest storms we've se here in the u. >> repter: there were no hurricane hunter aircraft inside typhoon haiyan, but meteologists believe it s among the biggest everecorded. 370 miles across with winds peaking well over 200 miles per hour and a 20-ot storm surge.
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in hurricane rankings, a category 5. >> typhoon is the word for hurricanes in the western pacific. there is no difference in the system. typhoonsend to get bigger an stronger because there is more warm wat to maneuver in befo they run into land. >> reporter: thisuper typhoon so devastating because it reached peak wind strength right before hting land. by comparison, hurrines katrina andilma in 2005 had peak winds of 175 miles per hour these are 4 mile-per-hour winds. at the university ofaryland's wind tunl researchers strapped me in toxperience storm forc winds. 74 mileser hour winds now. this woulde a category 1 storm. from 74 96. standing up is virtually impossible. then 115 miles, a frtion of the 195 winds in the philippines. this is an incredibly painful experience.
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to get blown and bufted by th's winds. as we s at the insurance industry's testi center, hom built to codes in the u.s. start coming apart at 100 miles per hour. in florida where buildincodes are strongest most can with stand winds up to 140. while scientists can't say whher climate change contributed tohis particular phoon, they believe global warming is makg storms stronger. >> we expe that as we go into the future, thnumber of hurricanes doesn't nessarily includes, but the category 4s and 5s wilincrease. >> reporter: and nothing can stand up ta category 5. tom costello, college park, maryla. the u.s government is contributi an initial $20 miion to the wldwide relief effort. thatumber will grow. this initial money wl provide emergency shelter, food, water and sanitation. tonight prerations are underw for starters to send the u.s.s. george washingto
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aircraft carrier battle group from hong kong to the philippines to help with relief efrts as well. meanwhe a lot of americans are waitinto hear about loved es and th are stepping up to help. we get more on that frombc's mi taibbi in southern california. reporter: laura henderson of pasadena has been glued to the tv and internet since last thursday >> saying all their families are gone. >> reporte she finally heard from her own fatr that he and her brother and momad made it, but hasn't heard from anunt who suffers from diates. you don't know if she can survive with a medic conditn. >> n we don't. >> repter: medications and food and wer and more are on the way. big nonprofits like direct relief in santa barbara with warehouses filled with donations will be shipped out asap. >> iwon't do any good unss it gets into the proper hands to the proper pla with the proper controls. >> reporter: elsewhere, the team rubicon squad has deployed, veterans specializing in relief
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work. >> goingo try to help at least rebuild the community and hopefullleave it a little bit stronger. >> reporter: of cose, relief efrts are ramping up within the huge phiipino-american population. checkout dations drive at popular supermarkets. >> it's very hrible. >> reporter: and in the digit age, filipino-americans are using social media to spread the word about relief efforts. >> facebook has been msource of getti that information so that ian ask my network of friends to help. >> reporter:here are still many vigils like this one. filipino em wondeng if loved ones survived. if they d and they are injur or ill, are they getting the help they need? ur daysfter the typhoon's maximum impact the relief effo is straining to mee the needs. hour by hour, even minute by minute, mo help on the way. mike taibbi, nbc ns, pasadena. and for our viewers w wish
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to know how to help, whave put thatinformation, all kinds of it, on our website tonht. and as we continue on this veterans d monday night, fighting back amid allegations of racism and bullying. a new twist in the scandal th's been surrounding the miami dolphins and later, the menho pulled off one of the most daring missions of worldar ii. e survivors raise a glass to their fallen comrades one final time.
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the miami dolphi are playg football in primetime tonight, a welcome distraction for themaving been in the news for another reasonf late. this story of nfl bullng that oke into the open last week, the ory that struck so my -- especially nfl fans -- as so unusual has now taken another turn. late today t team's owner said 'll meet with the alleged ctim this week and the player acsed of bullying has broken his silee. our rert tonight from nbc's kerry sanders in florida.
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>> reporter: nearly two weeks after jonathan mtin walked away from the miamdolphins amid allegations of bullying by teammates, one o his allege ed tormenters richie incognito has oken his silence. i'm not a racist. to judge me one word is wrong. >> reporter: incognito confirms he used a racia epithetn a ofanity-filled voice mail to martin but said that was the nature of thr relationship. ingnito said he got this text fr martin. "i wilmurder your whole family". >> did i thi he would murder my family? not one bit. >> reporter: he sa they shared more than a thousand text messages including this one four days after martin walked away from the tea >> he texted me and saii don't blame you guys. i blame stuff in the locker room. i blame the culture. blame what was going on around . >> theost important questi incognito declin to answer.
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he declined to get into the question of whether or not was told by coaes to toughen up jonathan maher ton or wheer the treatment of marti related to that instruction. >> reporter: tonight without incognito and martin suiting up, all eyes here will ben the score board as the dolphintake on a winless team and try to show fans that off-fiel distctions don't impact their ability to play here on the gridiron. kerry sands, nbc news, tampa. we are bk in a moment with big ns at the gas pump and a big change cominto sundays.
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couple of christmas-related items toght starting with something of a gift from the energy producers. whilet's hard to believe gasoline hovered around a quarter a gallon in our lifetimes, nowbout a quarter of the nation's gas stations are selling gas for $3 or less a gallon. and that's a welcome dive in
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prices. onhe retailing front, toys r us i the latest to annoue they are opening on thanksgiving night. they join macy, best buy, target, sears and others. could amazon help save the postal service? they have announced the usps ll handle its speciasunday deveries in two big test markets at first in new york and l.a. in case you didn't make any weekend plans because of the plummeting two-ton eopean sateite, it's now safe t leave the house. the space agency says it burned to a crisp in re-entry over siberia, the pacic, and parts of the indian ocean. caused no harm on earth, apparently. if you are among those who believe amican cities are beer for having ballparks in em, then you can undstand it's a sad d for atlanta braves fans who learned today atlanta won't be the home the braves for lon the team is aving turner field and moving to cobb county, 14 les away. they have been downtown since
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they moved to town from milwaukee in 1966. startingn the old fulton county stadi. > and a lovely story on this verans day. it was ainy obituary in a local paper the uk called the black pool gazette. it announced theeath of harold percal, age 99, a veteraof the raf during world war ii. itaid he was a single n and had no close family to attend his funeral. well, today hundreds of people showed up in thrain. veterans, children in uniform, a military color guard gatheri in front othe casket draped in the union jack honoring a ma o fought for his country and for winston churchill, a man whose seice was never forgten. when we come back here tonight, aight to remember after a daring mission that came at a critical me.
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honoring the nation's verans president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlingt national cemetery today. one notable guest joininthe president, 107-year-old riard overton who is belved to be e nation's oldest ling veten of world war ii. also this verans day weekend
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there was an emoonal gathering of the doolittle raiders. the men who pulled off a secret missioto strike back at japan after pearl harbor. just four of them are sll alive, andhis yearhey say it was time for one final gathering to honor theirallen comrades. our final report tonight from our pentagoncorrespondent, j miklaszewski. >> reporter: omost days you will find dick cole at home on his tractor. at 98 he's still going strong. as a boy he dreamed of becoming a military combat pilot. >> i wanted to be one of the guys to after the bad guy. >> reporter: he soon got his chance. when t japanese attacked pearl haor, cole was already a pilot in the army air corp not justny pilot. he became the copilot for the legendary jimmy doolittle and the doolittle tyo raiders. only four months after pearl
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rbor, they flew straight to thhistory books. >> they put out the word looking r people to go on a ngerous mission. >> reporter: so dangerous doolittle gave his men the chance to back down. >>obody jumped ship. nobody backed out. >> reporter: ainst all odds cole and dlittle flew the first of 16 b-25 bombers with their 80 crew members off the deck ofhe hornet for the historic sneak attack on the japanese homeland. the mission succeeded. three crew members were kied. almost all 16 planes crash landed ichina. cole himself was injur when he bailed out. >> i pullethe rip cord so hard i gave myself a black eye. >> reporter: cole insists he's no hero. but huge crowd tned out at the tional air force meum at dayton, ohio, ts past weekend to honor the few doottle raiders still alive toy. the mission itself is on exhibit with an actual b-25 bomber. who is that hanging out the ndow there?
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>> that's supposed to be me. >>eporter: the occasiowas bittsweet. for 68 yearsoolittle raiders gathered ttoast those who have died. because ofheir age, they have deded this would be their last. may they rest in peace. >> rorter: for the doolittle raiders,t was their final ssion. >> the story has r its course. it's about time to tiehings up and ride off into the sunset. >> reporr: with a legacy tha shall live on forever. jim miklzewski, nbc news, comfort, texas. that'sur broadcast for this veteranday monday night. as we start off a new week. thank you fo bei withus. we'll leave y tonight with a beautifu veterans day reminder r all those new yorkers who chse to look skyward. i'm brian williams, and we hope to see you rht back here tomorrow evening good nig.
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good evening, thanks for joining usn this veterans day. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. smokeouring into aleast the bay.unties on both sides of middle managementn redwood cityent up into flames yesterday raing health and environmental concerns ave a that thick black smoke. nbc bay area's chase cane has been looking into the coany's he joins us live fro redwood city with the details. >> reporter: we can tell you wiin the last hour the smell has return. it's a less intense version of
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wh i smelled last night when we were out here. for anyone else whoreathes in any of the smoke and wondering what is in the smok the bad news is, we can't tel you the fireepartment says they don't know, the company says they don't know what wasurning last night, but the answers that we did find today invve a prett otty history for this company, all acrosshe country. this is the kind of stuff that bued for nearly 17 hours at the sims metal recycling plant in reood ty. the company telling us today they're still not ectly sure of everything that caught fire, but anything foundn a car or in a appliance, could have burned. flame retardants onthem, at have plastic, tha have rubber. we're concern about a lot of different particles in the air that a actuallyetting into the wate >> reporter: water and air,oth concerns for the environmental watchdog oup, san francisco bay ke