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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 12, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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shows this morning but only over certa parts ofhe bay ea. we'll te you how long that will last and what the rest of the day holds in your full forecast. >> and i'm looking he toward 880 whe there are reports of a stall hding tard the bay bridge. that could be an issue for one of your coectors. i'll show you what i find. >>plus, the project years in look at the new and old bay e bridge today you crews begin the sk of takingpart the old eastern span o thisbridge. >>e'll have o eye on that we take you down to the south mike inouye always on board to fi you in on whatt's going to look likeetting you to where you need to b on tuesday, day two of the work week, november 12t this is "todayn the bay." good morning. thks for being with us. i'm marla tellez in for lau garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley.
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we have breaking news in the east ba fire crews are tre mopping up following the ely morning apartment complex fire forcing a total of 15 people out of their homes. this one happening o whitman interstate 880 in hayward where "today in the bay's"ob redell is live at t sce. bob, you hearne pern, he had to during the flames jump out of the second story building. >> reporter: yes. spoke with that gentleman, a n, his brother-inaw, his sister and niece. an infant that lived in this unit. the way he described it tos when this fire staed just before 3:00 this morning, his sister and his niece, his sister took his niece out of the buding by craing down the stairs. that's how heavy the smoke was. by the te he got to the door to get out him and his brother-in-lawhey couldn't get through the smoke so they had to, no choic but jumput of e second floor window. when he turned around it was
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smoke. the nex moment there were flames so he me t decision to jump out. he had mor cuts buts okay. the niece, the infant, had to be checked for smoke inhalation. she is doi okay right now. yove got 15 people from three units nowho are meeting with thred cross tryg to find another ple to live because the thr units are uninhatable. an apartment excuse me a kitchen fire, it sead up to the two units above. two units are heavily involved the way hayward fire described it. and a third unit suffering some smoke dama. the fire is out of cose, and the people, the 15 people, they are out fely. again, one man had min cut to his arm, the bab had to be check forwardmoke inhalation. she is remarbly doing fine just a matter of trying t find a new place to live wit theed croshere. reporting live, b redell, oday in the bay."
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>> tha you very much. happy erybody's safe. >> me on the developing story in the philippines this mornin we are learning the number of people killed by typhoon haiyan is now 1,744. thisumber is expected to climb. close to 10,000 as rescuerews continue to search for survivs. a few hundred survors in the ty of tack la ban made it out buthose left are searching for od, water and shelter. move people and supplies and the u.s. government is sending $20 million inid to the area. but it's not going to arrive f a couple of days. >> we're limited by ss and wind a things of that nature how fast we can go. we'reoing to gos fast as we possibly can. >>he pentagon is sendingwo other cruisers and almost a dozenircraft toeliver supplies and help rescue those who ma still be alive.
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suppt for victims continueso grow in the b area. a group of stunts for san jose state is holding a relief drive starting at 100 this morning. they will have tables aoxes in front of the event center where classmas and the public can drop off items like cand goods, baby food a medicine. the drive wil contie through thursday and all of thfood and supplies will be sent to the philippine red cross. >> theeen accused of killing a bike rider in june expected to enter a plea i court. cody hall stands charged with murder. police say he hit 58-year-old diana and her husband on foothill road back on june 9, killing her a seriously injuring her husband. he was reportedly driving 43 miles per hour or the sed limit and polic tell us hall actually bsted on twitter about speedg and tt is what led to the murder charge.
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also in court today t two san francisco health inspectors accused of taking bribes from restaunts in exchange for food safety certification. the two hav pleaded not guty. the will be a preliminary aring this morning to try to determine if there isnough evidenceor the case too to trial. investigators say the sold certificates toearly 350 restaurants in san francisco, dating as far back as2007. >> happening today it'sime to start saying good-bye to the old eastern span of the b bridge and a few hours from nowrews wi start domelition work. christie smith i live with a look at how caltransill te wn the old span. this is goin to be huge project. good morning. >> reporter: gd morning to you, it seems we'veeen tking this. this and talking aut filly a pce of bay aa history is coming down. i' going to step aside so you casee what the newridge has
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done to the old. you can barel see it off to the righ because the new bridges so bright. taking apart is a delicate somewh dangerous operation. e steel is cracked and rued. the canlever section,hat part willome down first. the way it was built, every weld a balanced design.lly a link in it's under a lot of pressure like a boy and arrow. if the wrong piece ces down parts of the bridgeould spring apart. you have workers and cars going by. to take apart this half mile sectiothat weighs about 15 million poun. caltrans needs to clear this out of crse to finish the bike and pestrian path there on the new eastern span. they need t cplete a permanent eastbound on ramp. as you drive by you may not see
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a lot itial by but they are goin to have jack hamms. this i going to take three years to totally colete. cong up in abt 30 minutes we'll come back a talk to you about how theyo something so massive andeep the project sa. rerting live christie smith, "today in thbay". >> the city of san carlos ly. getting an update on the condion of gas line47 thou. the pipe is operating at reduced pressure, some city leade are worry the had could be an explosionhe one in san bruno. tonight theyill get anupdate work on the pe. pg&e working on the pipeecause it has welds when it shoulbe seamless. the utility making that public in july. t a judge for the commission sayst kw about that problem as far back as last year.
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the judge wroposing a near mlion fine for what s the puc will considert in c. deceer. may help you n be it would blo panndlers begging for money. they will consider passing a law bank or twn 50 feetf a officers were called in casesf aggressive panhandling. it will ao pertain to captive audiceegging at bus stops an cafes where people cannot  walk away. >> thisorning oakland's safety commite will consider new gressive rules aimed at getting kids to class. one councilman's plan would apply to unaccompanied minors found in public during schoo hours between:30 and 1:30.
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it would als apply to kids out in public or 18 business on a week y. kids could face nes, communi service or even jail time parents could be penalized i their kids are found outde during curfew. >> tonig santa clara counsel, trying to make w for parking at the home of the 4rs. the council expected to approve aeasibility study tonight. one pposal is to move the mplex onto the natural area. the city recently found out the new 49ers staum is short several thousand parki spaces d plans t bull doze the colex to make room. create urban villages.nning to in a coupl hourshe counc holding a study session talking about how to best implement the urban llages.
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th council hoping to havehem completeby 2014. they pvide walkable mixed use neighbhoods. catering to youn people and the elderly. organizers sayhey know the city is growing and they want to be better prepare forward the future. >> little of moiure in the air on this tuesday. les talk to meorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you, marla, jon, everybody. a little bit of rain and mild out there. are really here's the deal. we have those showers mostly impacting the north bay. but it till i sw you your radar. all of the micro climates show you mostly cloudy conditns, it's still bark. the sun will come up at aut 6:45. let's get right to the radar. right now still hitting the showers in theorth bay along 101. as i wid out you can seehe weather story of the day. we've got an ar that is actual organizing, you see that red, that yellow. could move over the south bay
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through the morng hours. so not great for the commute but we nd that rain. we're in a moderate ought in the area 46 days sin we had any signicant rnfall here. we're loing pretty good. most of the activity, we get to the second halff the day. 72 at 4:00 in t southbay, go along the peninsula, the low 70s, looking good in san francisco as well. a comfortable day. out 68 degrees later on. 75 for the north bay, tri-valley the warm spot. ditch that jacket at 4:00.m. you can catch your seven-day forecast here at the pot tom o the screen. mike is a fan of that. >> i am a big fine. more information when w need . that what we're all out. flow, best whe you need it ic early in the morning got to get up toward bay bridge les look at the map. we have the coliseum area. where the warriors are going to
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business tons. play the to 880 as you make the bend around toward toll plaz still reports of a stalled vehicle. that is on the approach tohat we're looking at whhe bay bridgeoll plaza. a smoothrives well. a smooth flow farther south on the peninsula, 101, no proem onhe peninsula. >> mike still ahead the investigation after t oer of restaurants disappeared. >> we'll tel you about hundreds of cruis passengers the dispu with aalet company and employees. nowhey are trying to find their car keys. >> apple puts that newini ipad on forale.
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>> wcome back. apple we knows well kno for doing things huge, but this morninthe company quietly putting its newest ipad mini up for sa. ott, this one should sell out fast. >> both because of demand b new ipad min we the retina t display ha faced manufacturi challenges. it was announced weeks ago but only this morningas it become available for order. apple says you can g one in one to three businessdays. it mighte available in stores today. we don know because the stores are not open yet. p apple lawyers will b in a federal court at 8:30 f apple veus samsung, round- we lost cot. probably round possibly 5. this dates back to the billion dollar judgment against samsung afr samsung was found guilty of copying apple's intellectual
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the judge reduced the total damages from a billion to about a half billion, butow decided to pick a new juryo make a whole new decision about damages. this at the bottom of the hour. in theeantime let's check the markets. courtn reagan is live at cnbc world hequarters. good morning. >> good mning to you. closed at another record high on monday, it wast light volume trading. the bond markets were closed and ere is no data this day but listening to comments from two federal reserve official on the economy. the nasdaq inching up to 3920, th's where things get us started whenhe bells sound. back to you. >> tha you. the average price of g in the y area has dropped 6 cents in the last week. people in san jose now pay on average $3.59 a llon.
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in october of last year we were in ct, jon and marla, in ore. october last year we hit the highes prices in gas history. now we're hded the other way. it's just as hard to expla low gas prices as high we had noig hurricanes, better supply, perhaps a slower economy is helping gas prices. i donow everybody gets on the high.nt when gas prices are ion't hear anybody give credit when theas prices are low. >> going t start runng erywhere. >> you already do. scott, thank you. always ad. i don't care how it happens as long as the gas prices are gng down. >> meteorologi christina lon, what's coming down, a little bit of rain. >> little bit of rain out there. temperatures are ptty comfortae. 58 degrs. in pces along the pinsula you stay good at 57 degrees and mostly cloudy conditions for mostf the bay area but san francisco and the north bay a
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lile shower activity. expecting more ofhat as we head throughout day. let me show you what we're workg. this isour radar. you can seehehowers are coming down in th north bay. as i widen out for u, you can see there is a ptty goodatch that just develops,his area we're getng the red and orange, just organized and it's throughout the next hour or so. so it's about 55 minutesway fr san jose, thatould impact your morning drive. we're going to watch thatike a hawk cot on slick conditions ssibly. pretty good today,emperatures e going to end up in mid-70s in the south bay, 72 foran jose, men low will hit aut 70 degrees, great looking day and atherton, 68 degrees, and the inner chmond toda 65 degrees. remember, you don't hav to wt for your seven-day forecast. we've got it for you right here ot the bottomf the screen and
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acrosshe bay area. i want to checkour drive g. morning to me inouye. good morning. south here toward the christina points out the communities. we're lking at norbound 101, we have arash here. we have no slowing even on the approach as you come off of mckee and the 68 look at the camera. i turned it towd this area. we see this volume around the bend. this amount of th taillights heading up to a grash even if it moving quickly cld cause ely sldowns. we see thebuild, there you see 0. looking back at the map, 68 and 0, no major pblems for the bay or along the water here. out of the altamont pass. coming into almo, then it is y io livermore. slowing as the car mes to the
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shoulder. >> no big surprises. no problem bought bigger value than sterday. we'll show youow traffic flows. we'll end here. ba to you. >> thanks. it's 5:. a public meeting will beeld in east palo alto tight to tk about the discovery of toxins alg two resential stets. the environmental protectn agency will update the community on new ground water testing in the area of evandale and leo drive. it comes after high levs of tce were found in this ar. tc sks aleaning solvent once used byhe military. it's been linked to cancer and heart defects in unbo children. >> unusual story here, rocker this morning, the doo of the d
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bar and gll in roseville cked afterhe controlling owner of the locationvanished steve's familreported him missing back on hallown. this yeek the restauran closed temporarily. the owner's family has also filed aissing persons report in the ft. bragg area. hagger was the for a fund-raise the rocr has not commented on the owner' disappearae. >> in miami doesesre missing keys after angry workers thr the employees dumped the keys during a dispute wh lot owners abou not getting paid so. told they were in a container and needed get them. people luckynough to find their key and couered another road block whe they discored thr cards we parked back to
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back so they were stuck even when they hkeys. cruise, get back, wt -- good luck finding your car. 5:22. coming up we'llell you about a bay area woman getting a special call from vice presidentn honor of veterans day. i love watching tv tside.
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yesterdaon veteran day a sweet bay aa woman receiving a big time hor and special call all the wafrom washington, d.c. president biden.iden, vice >> well, how do you do. >> i want to tell you someing. i' like to invite you and as you said the other women, the
5:25 am
five otr, you know, known as to have you come to washington.e i know you worked, you were hired at kaiser shipyard in richnd, california, as one of theirst six women welders. that's pretty impressive, kid. >> i believe you. god love you. i'm anxious, i tell youwhat. what i'm looking for you said you' looking for a big biden hug. i'm looki for the retur hug. >> that would be wonderful. >> so -year-old phyllisf richmond cght the v.p. attention wh she wrote thim. she says visiting the white house i the las biggy on her to do list before she dies. >> joe biden iso cool, calling her kid, i like his attitude. phyllis taking her siste and a few friends ang for that historic run to d.c. they plan toake the trip >> they pbably booked their
5:26 am
tickets. >> she is flying high. can't wait to see my man joe, big hug, share the love. >> we're talking about a little rain today around the bay area. >> we do. good mning to you jon and home., good morningo you at mperatures are mostly in the 50s. light showers coming down. in san francisco and the north bay later on temperatures ar going to be comfortable for outdoor plans. we expect plenty of 70s for today. even with the shors inhe forecast because of that mild art we're going to show you the radar, tracking the storm system minutey minute. let's say goodorning to mike. b.a.r.t. that on the rails w richmond line toward fremont or basically there is a major medical emergency we're hearing abou not a lot of deil. here we're looking at 880, smooth fast coliseum. noh we tked about that stall. that h cared from reports but nort 880 does slow as you
5:27 am
head past 980 around the bridge to the bay bridge toll plaza. we'llrack at. down ithe south bay we're seeing a little more build but the crash is not creatin a big slowdown. >> thanks. it's 5:27. giants plays out in a san jose courtroom. what icould mean for the fure of saung and apple. >> along wh that, aldon smith getting ready to makeis first courtappearance. we'll tell you what's expected toappen for the star 49er.
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>>eporter: a daring jump t saty at an ernight apartment fire. i'll take y live to the scene inward coming up. >> we could hear from t east bay teen accused of setting another teen on fire aboard an ac trait bus. >>appy tuesday. we are wching your micro
5:30 am
climate forecast, very closely with showers on the radar. we'll show you where they are, they will clear out.nd when your fulforecast. >> i'm watching your traffic carefully. for a lot of folks, this is a traffic tuesday coming back stng. we already have an issue forhe ils, the b.a.r.t. update as we. give you a nice shot of san francisco. clea skies ahead. decent sunsne, a little moistures well. on this tuesday, november 12th, this is "today in the bay." >>ood morning everybody. it's 5:30. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. we are following baking news in the east bay. place to stay this morning after an early morning apartment re. th flames grew so fast one man had to jump o of aecond
5:31 am
story window. this happening on whitman street near mission bouleva and interstate 880 in hayward. bob redell is le at the scene. we kw you spoke with this man who jumped out of his wiow. how is he doing? >> reporter: good morning. considering what he had to d to escape the fe he is doing remarkably well. you n look at some video we have of him. he only sustained cuts and scratches on his arm fro the jump. he tells us how fast this fe consumed his home. around quarter to 3 his sisr grab hird baby to escape. e smoke was so thick s had to crawl down stairs with the little one. the fire department did check t the infant because they were worried about smoke inhalation. he amend his brother-in-law wanted to get out the front door. by the time the got there too hard to get tough sohat they
5:32 am
had to dos go to the second floor ndow balcony and he says they had to jump. th is how he says it looked before they made that leap. jump i saw that the fir like it turned from smoke to fe and it was about to catch fire to the upper unit. so the wasn't much time so i ha to jump. reporter: so we talked to the haywarfire department, this started on the ground floor, it was a ground floor unit. the cl came in as a kitchen fire it gutted the two units before there are four upstairs. th are not gted b did a total of six units uninhabible. place to stay.e without a red cross is trying to assist them. outside that man with aut and scrah on his arm, everyone made it out okay.
5:33 am
>> thank in the bay." >> 49e star aldon smith set to be in court this afteoon. ou investigative unit told you, he's scheduled to be arraigned on three felony weapons charges. rifle in his home lt year c during a party he threw. smith facing a dui charge for a septembe crash and will face the linebacker did return to the team and the field and he played aring in in the losso the pantrs on sunday. harris set to be sentenced on domest violence andattery charges. harris also is a stanford alumni. he is facing up to a year in prison. the urt says he will probably only get ten daysn county jail with probation. these crges stem from a fight in a parking lot of a restaurant. thisappened against his
5:34 am
ex-boyfriend. the fight said to be over table manner >> a 16-year-old oakland boy accused of setting another teen on fire is street enter plea in court. richard thomas has been charged as an adu accused of liging sasha fleishman's clothes on fire. accoing to papers thos did it because he homo foeb phobicut his family says he is not aateful person. the victim's mother tells us her child identifies as gender neral. the seni from berkeley w wearg a skirt when he was set on fire aboard the bus. fleishman remains in the hospital in stablecondion. >> apple and samsung heading back to court 18 case tha wil determine w much money samsung owes to apple. scott taking a look what time thisould mean for the future >> good morning.s. the apple samsung case get as
5:35 am
new jury to decide. samsung's ilty. the w jury is going to decide damages, they will be assigning valueo ape's ideas. if y cop a idea how much should you owe? a dl, $10 a phone? th worry is whateve the new ry decides others are going to try to figure out future violations that will s some precedent. you see scenes from theirst samsungapple trial. whoever is chosen for t jy will be fro a cross section o folks fm the south bay, 14 phil hogan was the foreman of the last jury that found samsg guilty h.y holds his own patents d thread jury to rule on the decion. hogan got criticism from samsung for lending his own tech
5:36 am
expertise to t jury room but i suspect that's wt you'reoing to get whe you are tried in silicon valley andury selection ts under way at 8:30 this morning. >> we'll have your eyes on it. >> a few hou from now crews ll start demolishing the old eastern span of the bay idge. christie is liv acrop you're ba buena islan it's going to take time. good morning. >>eporter: good morning to you. d that's exactly righ if you are feeling nostalgic about the old bridge it's going to start comin down but it's ing to take abouthree years to comete the entire demolition. yocan see it in the background. with the new bridge next tosee e first section closest to the island ishere the work starts toy. they are gng to start on the upper de about the first 1400 feet. the trusses, decks and piers on
5:37 am
the 77-year-old strture will be taken do. caltrans, they wt to do thi first because they want to clear the way to make room to complete the path that goe to the island and finish a permanent this is a real challenge even for ssonedontractors to do this. sort of a b and arrow. each pce haso come out at the right order. contractors will use gauges to measure a piece yoorks facts to value the load and get support from koum pewter models tha nothing suddenly springs apart on all of the woers. heavy equipment is ruled out to strip away mlions of rebar and steel. aftethis section is complete, thisirst section, they are goingo work in the direction toward opening. theinal step moving the
5:38 am
foundation and everything below the water line. itill tak at leas 3 ars. bay."t smith, "today in the >> wt a project. thank you. mind blowing how they tear that down. 5:38 now. the engineering behind. speaking of a weather. >> goodorning to you. >> i guess we're dng traffic first. sorry. >> with mike inouye. >> oh, well. the you go. that'scool. i like it here. youave to wai for christina. she is lookinghere, thi traffic not snding by, it' fling by this camera nth 101 look athe build typical before we get -- the first burst before the 6:00. this is kicking in ptty strong. yesterday d a vacation day so a lot of folks cating upn e-mail. you look at the map, a slower ive,sensors,eading up to
5:39 am
the scene of a crash. the crash went off of the roadway. some dustas kicked up. there maye arew on seen as they have to pull that 40 the ditch. again yosaw that volume of trafc so expec slowi heading through the area. the dbarton and thean mateo bridge, from our foster city camera. off of the highwa smooth, a the cashanes only. maybe 20 minutes because it's a traffic tuesday, what else do w have? >> we've got showers on the way, we have a good looking day shaping up. you don't have to wait for your februa forecast. wee got it here at the bottom of your screen. start with all of e different micro climates. a few shors to theorth bay that goes for san francisco as well. you can seetill getting light
5:40 am
showers along 101 north of petaluma. i want to sw you wt's deveping along the peninsula starting to get activity now. we do he a pretty good looking batch of rain on the y to san showers.t rdy for those abt 25inutes from now and it's not just the north bay or the peninsula expecting rain. we'll see a little in san jose as well. we head through theext hour, hournd a half. hour and 57 minutes away from lirmore. so pretty cool stuff this morning. 're tcking these swers and need rain. 46 days in the bay area since we had any significant rainfa. otherwise looki good. 72 ithe southbay, 68 degre lookin pretty good along the peninsula north bay 75. inhe tri-valley the warmpot at 77 deees. back to you. >> thank youo much. >> 5:40. coming up, just released new nbc pol looking at w had the shot at the whi house. talking about this.eople
5:41 am
>> help is othe way. philippines afterhe stef he dati and deadly high foon haiyan. an update o when this help will arrive.
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> we continue following news out of thephilippis. we have video appearing to show lootin in a mall. the cy hit so hard by typhoon haiyan. nbcewsannot confirm the authenticity ofhis but there have been reportsf mal and stores being strped of fo and water after tha typhoon made landfa on friday. rescueorkers worked har trying to ntinue and recoveng the bodies of all of the vicms outthere. there e nearly 1800 deaths s far. the reality is it's possible that number could reach as many as 10,000.
5:44 am
have been there set up to try and treat all of the injured pele. trac potts now live in washington wre theilitary says the u.s. war ships are heading othe way to the gion, acie, the dr station unbeliable. >> it'seally bad. countries are ting to get helper there as soon as they can but a lot this stuff is comin by ship and it's going to tak several days and they have other shments that will come about a the commitment by the u.s government has been $20 million, half for supplies and emergcy assistan and thether half sily for food. therare tens of thousands of ople, hundrs ever thousands who are displace so we're sending adestroyer, sending 55 tons of food they lso hope will fee tens of thousands of people. it wille a few days before it really serious situation and the u.s. and other countries are trying to hel out.
5:45 am
>> so hard to watch. thank you so much. >> support for the victims of haan continues to grow here in the bay area. fi groups at san jose state for instance, hope their classmates will drooff cned goods before going to clas the group having a relief drive. they will have tables and boxes in front of thevent cente where the public can drop off ems like canned goods, baby food and medicine. >> this will help them because they don't have fo, water, shelter, anything so hopefully everything we can give them can help them out. >> the relief drive starts at 11:0this morning and will continue through thursd. the food and supplies will be sent directlyo the philippine red cross. >> new this morning a few hours ago we learn who the pubc beeves has the best shot at the white house 2016. th nbc news poll finds in the democratic primary if it were held today hilla clinton would the choice of 66 of democrat only 14% say they
5:46 am
would vote for somebody else on the flip sidehe most talked about republican, no shocker, chris christie would have a ugh time getting support from his party only about 32% say they would voteor t new republican primary were held toda a lot of internal battling on the reblican side. 31% say they would voteor somebody else. whenou put the two against each oth ter poll shows clinton the likelywinner, 44% of the vors saying ty would vote for her compareto the 34% tt would vote for christie. 12% at this pnt say they're not sure w they wld vote a lot of speculation. that's what politics iall about. >> this means perhaps in our lifetime wll see a female in the white use. >> wouldt that be awesome. you know we wanted that for a while. good morning to you. we have a good looking day aping up. upper 50s for most of the bay area. mostly cloudy conditions. the blanket of clouds keepingt mild.
5:47 am
you might not need havehe heater on. we get a f showers starting to push ove the pensula, san frcisco and the north bay. let's get to your radar. i want to show you all of the different micr climates across the b area. mostly cloudy s rise. at abo 6:45. so look at this. showers on the radar from san san francisco.outh to south as weead throughout theay wee going to ctinue to see all of this activity push to the ea. and for us that means a little bit of wet weather for the morng drive. remember you may be driving with your wipers on through slick conditions. this is headedoward san jose, throughout the next half hour or sot will be in the livermore area by about an hour a 48 minutes. a lot of this is goingo fall apart. we're goingo be tracking it for you all morng long. so wre going to en up in the 70s becaus we're srting out mild. lots of sunshine on tap for t second half of the day. san mateo, degrees,0 for menlo park, 7 degrees in saratoga and looking good in the inner richmond district at 65
5:48 am
degrees. e north bay wl be warm, even with the shors coming rough. 75 for santa rosa, fremont today lookg good. the east bay nice and comfortable in the tri-valley we'll be the warm spot, upper 70s, i'm going to let younow when the 80s return. if you don'tanto wait you don't have to. we'vgot yr seven-day forecast here at the bottom of your screen. ery partf the bay area covered. let's check your drive. >> good morning.. we're covering the roads and the rails, we're lookingt the roads, no major emergenci we'll pointut the red zon here so let's take you up toward thisarea, the east bay where the rails are the issue. starti up in richmond, repor of a major medical emergency there that's holding up trains creating delays. all trains originating ithat area coming down to fremont over to millbrae that's the reason for the delay on that line. the rest of the lines coming over toward that trsbay tunnel those e okay. the tube i should say. that's a smoother drive.
5:49 am
we're trackingthat. that mightean more hit the roadway. we haven't sn a bump. we'll look for a live shothere we do have cash lanes all backing up. a bum upn traffic from yestday. traffic tuesday andhe day after. so we see a lot of folks catching up on e-mail getting into the office early. ere is the fast tck lane. we'll watch the lighting shortly. ck to themaps, the track through the area, a nice drive through the caldett tunnel. here is the tri-valley. gentle build but a burst cause asslowdown. more tffic coming in out of the aa mont pass that will continue to build. northbnd 101 not a big deal. an earer crash off into a ditch. but not a lot of slowing there. there is the rest of the south peninsula and a le look at palo alto, traffic flows between the city, 101 and 280 moving nicelydown to the south bay. back to you. thank you so much, mike. 's 5:49. popular bay are talk show host mon bruce of knbr radio is
5:50 am
schedud toing back on the air todaafter being suspended. knbr susnded bruce after coents heade about wen thursday.s las show last his on air rant mad natnal headlines. bruceelling his audience that a lotf sports have lost its way bause women are giving directio. >> it is 2013, right. >> i have a hard time. outraged listeners and vertisers had complaints. knbr and bru have yet to respond publicly. i challenge bruce to at ast like a free throw. >> how about an arm wrestling contest. >> 5:50. garbage workers are threaning to strike about 100 drivers clericalorkers and equipment operators at sanateo count evolved in labor negotiations battle. all three current contracts will be expiring by the end of t ar. a meeti is set for today.
5:51 am
it provis recycling compost and garbage collection for several cities including menlo park, belmont and redwood ty. >> 5:51. the work that will changehe fa of the san francisco skyline. we'll talk about tt comg up. >> we'll check your money and ogle glass moves to ur ear.
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back. cotruction officially gets under way on san francisco' newest high risend it is expected to forever change the city's iconic skyline. a groundbreang ceremony is
5:54 am
being heldhis morning for 181 fremont, the steel and glass, 54-story office and residential tower is going up next to t new transbay tnsit center between mission and hard streets. at 802 feet tall, the high rise use office and housing buiing on the west coast. 181 fremont is scheduled to open in 2016. >> we're seeing new pictures of apple's newestcampus. better sketches. >> underground lair. blgers enjoying commentg on the underound theater that's going toe part of the new cupertino campus. a light and airy entranceike the apple store in timesquare new york leading to a huge underground theater where apple is goingo hold future announcents. you never know. thoughoogle glass this morning
5:55 am
is going to add music function to its glass. you will be able to command glass to play music. special new google ear buds. u can't use spotify and you n't use itunes. ogle cuttinghe price of its googlewns motorola. it may iroduce a cheaper phone as well. award feeling between goggle and samsung because msung uses gole's android system but competes against google phon. the dow hitnother high, maybe some pressure after pointing out th fed easin can'tontinue forever. shares settled down a bit. around $43 a share. we'reeeing regularityow so i is going t settle in.ere twitter some bought in at 50, it's do
5:56 am
43. i think we'll see it stick to about ere. >> t dust is starting to se settle. >> scott needs to be a design apple. >> e ball. that cool. >> youeard it first. >> save the tape. >> 1 through 6 first. so get working. christina loren is her to talk about wt we've got outside. good tuesday morning. >> good morning to you. everybody at home. we're acally tracking showe inan francisco t north bay and along the peninsula but you also noticeow mild your temperatures are out there. mostly in the upper 50s, kits balmy for thi time of year, through th afternoon because showers clear by about lunch time and hit the low 70s in the south bay looking comfortab today. we'll take aloser look at the forecast and track tho showers coming up first, let's check your drive. here's mike. >> loong toward the bay bridge toll plaza. the fast track still has a big advantagif you have a transponder, hom you do, look
5:57 am
toward oakland, wld of a csh north 880 and fifth avenue that is at the embarcadero off ramp. look at all of that traffic. to the south bay you're okay but there is build. >> 5:57. coming up on "today in the b" talk aut a dtination dding, the state that could make same-sex marriage legal. >> a bayrea city talking about tough new rules for kids caught parentsould be held responsible. >> we continue flowing breaking news. an early morning apartment fire jolting people awake forci one n to jump out of a second story window. mping to safety. b redell is talking to survivor we'll have a le report next. would you rather have spoons for hands or elbows for ears? i'd rather have food. [gas let's make a late night foodcall and get - my munchie meal
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with the new hella - peño burg. it's loaded with sced and stuffed jalapeños, lting cheese, and spicy taco sauce. i'll eat it with my... spooooonnnnn haaaaaand at? i can't hear you... talk into my elw!
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if you do someing today. and there's never been a bett time because this year, devry university has $45 million doars in need and merit-based scholarships a grants available those who qualify. anthis degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employmt had caers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th and find youcareer success in the bay area. visit breaking news. a fire victim crawls down sirs
6:00 am
carrying a babyhile another jus from the second story to escape flames. we'rlive as firefighters check for hotpots at a burning bay ea apartment buildi. >> we'reetting some mucheeded rainfall this morningt the very top of the pensula, also have showers headed toward the sth bay as we head through about the next hour. we're tracking these to your door stethis morning in your >> a crash on the nimitz plus a problem for the rails for b.r.t., we'll give you bh of those an the delaysoming up. >> we give you live look at you'll get a brand n view from the eastern span, wll explain all on this tuesday, november 12, or we mig say 11-12-13. kind of unue on "today in the bay." good morning. it's 6:00 on the nose. i'm jon kelley. >> i'marla tellez in


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