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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  November 13, 2013 12:35am-1:36am PST

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the low ro figured t it's something that we both lack ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: s, nice job. cult. nice job, you guys. thank you very much. thks, everybody. hey, i want tohanks my guests, ma lauer and, of course, carr top and cults. tomorrow nig bill cosby will join us. but jimmy fallon happening right now. jimmy! [ cheers and appuse ] ♪
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>> steve: from studio 6a in rockefeller center, the national badcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the gendary roots crew. and here he -- jimmfallon! cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers a applause ]
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>> jimmywelcome, everybody. welcome! welcome! that's a hot crowd. that's what i'm talking about. welce, everybody. i el the love. welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon." [ cheers and applause ] oh, i love you very much you make me feel good. welcome, everybody hey, it was just aounced today that theoots and i are going to be inhe macy's thanksgivi day parade. [ cheers and applause ] that should be very fun. >> jimmy: i ard that -- more big news. i heard that the ct of "duck dynasty" will also be in the parade. [ audience oohs ] those guys are erywhere. yeah, they got the tv show they g cookbooks. now they're ing to be in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. ki at the parade are going to beike, "santa's coming [ laughter ] other santa's coming [ laught ] there's another santa o." no, they're all santa's helpers. [ cheers and applause that'sight, the "duck dynay" guys will be in the cy's thksgiving day parade. and now, in order to compete with them, some ofhe other
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balloo are modifying their designs. [ laughter ] take a look charlie brown. i mean, i just don'tnow. [ audience oohs ] his beard is 325 feet long and -- >> steve: i just thought his beard was lucy. [ laughter ] ♪ >> jimmy: it's 2013,e's allowed to do whatev he wants. >> steve: whatever he wants. d bless him. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this came out today too. i thought this was kind of weird. very intesting fact about the president. it just cameut that president oba brings a portable security tent with him on overseas trs so he n read classified cuments in his hotel room. he ss up a tent -- [ lit laughter ] -- in s hotel room. obama says it's a good way to avoid being ied on while he
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keeps track of who he's spie on. he was like, "i don't nt anyone seeing" -- [ cheers and appuse ] "anyone in mtent?" of course, sompeople don't thinthat's that big of a deal. one y was like -- [ impersonating bill clinton ] "i used to pitch tents all the time when i was presidt." [ laughter ] [ dience oohs ] "i did n go camping with tha woman." [ laughter ] that's right. obamhas indoor portable securi tent while biden kes it simple and just builds himself a pillow fort. [ light laughter ] anhe sits in there lik "i don'want anyone to keep my secret. i'm writing this all down in lemon juice. put it over the toaster oven you can see what iaid." [ light laught ] biden, it says you like iderman. hh. don't tell anybody. it's secret." i saw that tim tebow iback in the news ts week. we love tim tebow. there's a report that tebow may stop playing football all togeth and look for work as a tv announcer.
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most peoe heard that and they were lik "well, he's already halfway there." [ laughter ] [ applause ] stopped playing football, so, good luck. tebow's being somewhat realistic. he saithat he's just looking for a job as a college football commentator. ort least a backup college football commentator. [ ughter ] ther way. wel take either one. [ applause ] no? not anymore? okay. is is very nice. i saw that ovethe weekend, the kardashian family held aard sale and donatedll the money they made to chaty. pele say the kardashias yard sale has a lot of good sff out fron but a ton of junk in the back [ laught ] [ applause ] ♪ >> steve: what? >> jim: ah -- so, obamacare is not reay taking off the way they wanted it to. [ lighlaughter ] i don't know if u've heard. in fact, less th 50,000 people have signed up for obamare, evenhough they were planng for 500,000 people by now. or at the makers of etchers
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shape-ups but it's"hey, it happens." [ laughter ] no o's buying our shape-ups? [ lauger ] [ chrs and applause ] ey look good. not selling ya? not sellinya on these? stildon't want em? they're shaped weird. they look real funny. >> steve: do they work? >> jimmy: theyon't work either. [ light laughter ] you sure you stillon't want em? here's an update on this spying that's been going on. now they're sang that the british governmentreated fake linkedin profiles in order to spy on other countri. because if there'sne place you can find accurate inrmation abt foreign leaders, it's the weite where everyone ls about at they've done. [ ght laughter ] this surprised a lot of people here. i was just reang this online. it's rumored that jenna jason is planning a return to e porn instry after leaving it five years ago. sir, calm down, she's not hang sex wi you. [ laught ] having sex with a paid actor. [ light laught ] don't t that excited, yeah. i don't ink your girlfriend'
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that excited nt to you. [ laughter ] shs like going, "what's going on here?" [ applause ] that's rightjenna jameson. she was like"it's been far too ng." and then people are like, hat's what you said. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] okay. all right. he's not even clapng. he'sot even clapping. he's afraid to clap now. he's just like, "i'm not clapping." 's like, "that wasn'that funny, righthoney? [ light laughter ] awful joke. who would laugh at that joke some tech news. facebook is coming out with a netool that they say wl make it easier for celebrities to chat with their fans. not to be confused with that other facebook tool. that g from high school who keeps posting workout pics. light laughter ] "who's the prom king now? cross-fit man. [ lahter ] p90x, insani. doing insanity, p9." [ lauger ] meanile, over on the dating site earmony. they have new deal. this is real.
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ere you can pay $5,0 to get a real lifmatchmaker to set you up with somebody. if you've got $5,000o spend a date, just tell ladi you have $5,000 to spend on a date. [ laughter ] they'll probly go out at least one date. [ cheers and applause ] you're gonnapend $5,000 on dinner, let's it. go s a play. $5,000, that's right, th will find you a date. they have a name forhese people, they're called pps. [ lahter ] but i guess all this social networking now is causing big problems. a recent report fod that a growing nuer of hospitals are treating patients for internet addiction. a lot of people aren't sure if they have this problem with ing the internet. here are some signyou might be addicted to the internet. first one, the only book you've read this years facebook. [ lauger ] the other one isyou slept with someone for their wifi pasord. [ laughter ] also, you won't y lemonade from the ks down the street because theyon't have a yelp review. [ ughter ]
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[ applause ] being outdoors looks weird without instram filters. [ laughter ] and finally, y only made it halfway througthis list, because yowent to go watch a video of a cat stuckn a box. [ cheers and applause ] watch out for those signs and be careful. be real careful. this isn't good, they just did this report on recent college gradtes and they're saying that most of them lack basic writing skills. yeah. when recent grads heard that, they were ke, "omg, that is totes redonk." [ laughter andpplause ] "that is redonk." little controversy here. [ laughter ] a littleontroversy. there's an airline in china that's facing critism for only hiri attractive flight attendants a lot of people are upset about this. [ ght laughter ] in fact, oneirline is fighting backy only hiring unattrtive flig attendants. here's their latest ad right
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here. they call themselvesreat personality airlines. we may be fours, butur service is a ten. [ applause ] "buckle your seat be, please, everybody. [ light laughter ] >> steve: it going to be a bumpy ride. >> jimmy: would you like a drink? oh, wee out of that." get this, resechers have found evidence of a new nosaur that's being referred to as the grandfather of the t-rex. apparentlyt's similar to the size of tht-rex, but it's way more racist. [ laughter ] and finally, scientists london are working on a substitute for alcoholhat doesn't cause hangovs. [ cheers and applause ] when asked what they're callg it, scientists said "weed." [ laughter ] we have a great show tonight. give it up for the roo.
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[ cheers andpplause ] ♪ >> jimmy: he we got a great show tonight. weome, everybody. thank you for watching. we have a giant show. e's a music supersta an uber star. yes, we love h. e has a brand new song out, thone and only mariah rey is he tonight! [ eers and applause ] she'awesome. every time she'sere, we like to do something n. so we' show you what happened last night whemariah and i surprised some of her super fans. it's really, really cool plus, thisuy, a best selling author. we've en dying to have himn. never had him on. >> steve: really. jimmy: yeah. never had him on. we asked him, he just said, "no." [ ughter ] no, thank u. he was very polite. heaid, "no, thank you." he's got his new book out caed "david and goliath," malcolm adwell is dropping b [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: always ieresting. >> jimmy: and music fr capitol cities.
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i n't wait. [ cheers and applause ] [ beatboxing ] >> steve: that's gna be great. >> jim: that sounds much better. hey, guys, is time to take a look at these stories king helines today and weigthe good with the d. it's time fopros and cons. here wgo. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ pros and cons a pros and cons and pros ♪ >> jimmy: tonight, we'll be tang a look at the proand cons of getting a prostate exam. [ laughter ] last week, matt lauer and al roker got prostate exams live on the "day" show to raise awareness for men's health. lotsf people saw it. [ light laughter ] in fact, hoda and kathie lee immediately quit drinkinafter seeing it. soet's take a look at e pros and cons of gettina prostate
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exam. heree go. o, it's a simple procedure. con, butt's a pain in the butt. [ lahter ] [ applause ] to be honest pro,he doctor gives you the sults quickly if it s a good exam. con, he gives you a cigarette if it w a really good exam. [ laughter ] [ applause ] ank you. at's nice. how are ya >> steve: how was it for you? >> jimmypro, you can do it lyg on your side, bentver or with your kneeto your chest. con, that's just for coping afterwards. [ laughter ] [ plause ] it's getti a little dramatic. pro, watching your doctoput on gles. con, watching your doctor put on marvin gaye. [ laughter ] pro, likg your doctor's facebook page after a great sit. [ lit laughter ] con, gting poked 15 more times. [ laughter ]
12:49 am
it hpens on facebook. careful. >> steve: be carul about it. just sometng to watch out for. >> jimmy: o, getting to tell ur wife you're disea free. con, having to do in a falsetto voice. [ light laught ] "i got a clean bl of health, everything was gat today. [ light laughter ] doctor'sands are really cold." [ laught ] pro, feeling your doctor's reassuring hd on your shoulder during the exam. con,eeling both hands on your shouers. [ lahter ] [ audience oohs ] that's not good. steve: that is not your thumb. >> jimmyall right. [ laughter ] o, matt lauer and al roker got prtate exams live on "the today show con,hich explains nbc's w chime. ♪ >> hoy-no-no. [ ughter ] you want to hear it again?
12:50 am
♪ hoy-no-no. y-no-no. >>immy: let's hear it e more time. ♪ hoy-no-no. [ laughter ] >> steve: huey-no-no. >> jimmy: pro, one quickittle poke andt's all over. con, that was myickup line in college. [ laughter ] never worked. never worked. o, it can be embarrassing and uncomfortae, but you'll get over it. con, that was my pkup line after college. [ lahter ] that actually worked. >> steve: thatorked. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: pro, making an pointment with someone famous in his field. con, rlizing its this guy, e.t. [ audience oohs ] e.t. probe hole. wait second. what? why? th makes no sense. >> stevewait! e.t. probe he? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's a b long setup,
12:51 am
yeah >> steve: e.t. probe hole. e.t., probe hole. [ laughter ] co on. [ cheers and applause [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeahhis long fingers. laughter ] the whole set up was for that, yeah. and finally, pro, getting a thumbs up from your doctor con, during thexam. ere you go. that is the "pros and cons." we'll be back with more "late night", everybody. stay tuned [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >>immy: welcome back, everybod welcome back -- as i said earlier, thank you s much. we'vgot the great mariaharey on the show. oh man, we le her. [ cheers and applaus] so pretty, so taleed. now, yesterd, she released her new song, he art of letting go," and we're going to talk about that wn she comes out. but we decided to doomething cool. we invited a few gups of her super fans, they'rcalled lambs, to comeisten to "the art of letting go" for the first time. okay, and told them we just wanted to lm their reactions and inrview them about the song. and that wd take their best
12:56 am
answers and show them to mariah when she's on our show. but, that was a lie. [ ughter ] we had a bigger rprise in store. chk this out. >> jimmy: hey guys, i'm here with thone and only mariah carey, we're going to dthis fun thing, we invited bunch of her super fans to this recording studio. so they get a exclusive list to mariah's w song -- >> both: "the art ofetting ." >> jimmy: and they are going to listen to it ande want to get their reactions. that's what we're teing them. they have no idea, mariah is going to be singing it live in the rerding studio right next to them, like right over there and she's going to walk out -- >> the revea >> jim: -- at different parts of the song, and they're going to go crazy. let's do this. >> lets go. >> hold my hand. >> i'm nervous. ♪ ♪ i'm making a atement of my opinion ♪
12:57 am
♪ just a brief little reminder to help myself rememr ♪ ♪ i no longer fit in your dominion no no no no no no no ♪ >> oh, my god. ♪ ♪ letting go letting go of me ♪ [ screaming ] ♪ >> i'm so excited! >> oh, my d! ♪ [ screaming ]
12:58 am
♪ [ laughter ] ♪ letting go letting go ain't easy♪ ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> oh my -- ♪ >> oh, my god. [ screaming ] ♪
12:59 am
♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: th is just so fun. oh, gosh, this is the most futhing ever. bye, thank you, thk you. [ cheers andpplause ] how cool was that. cheers and applause ] e is awesome. we'lbe right back with the great mariah carey, everody. comen back. ♪ modern/remixed version
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♪ [ cheers and applae ] >> jmy: our first guest is the be selling female artist of all time. she has sold over 200 million albums worldwide. wow. her latest song, "the arof letting go is available right now. ladies and gtlemen, please welcome mariah carey. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
1:04 am
>> jimmy: mariah, welcom >> tnk you, darling. thank you. >> jim: welcome, darling. >> it was so festive yesterday >> jimmyoh my gosh, that was so fun. >> it was the best. this guyas just a brilliant, don't kn, sense of what works and what -- >> jmy: thank you for saying that. >> it was hone. >> jimmy: but you work so hard -- >> do you remember the - ♪ all i want fochristmas ♪ that was the moment. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that w the moment, and the roots. no, you were -when you had thisew song, we're like, we have to do somethi. so've never really donany surprises likehat. it was so fun -- >> n like "wow, it's me, but wow, you don't know what you'r here for, and jimmy fallon's here, sitting withou, talking to youike you're buddies." >>immy: but when she -- her eyes are closing and they are getting to the song, they like the song and she's -- opens her eyes ander friends are already freang out. d he's like, and she's like. she's like -- are you having a stroke? like what'going on.
1:05 am
[ laughter ] [ lking over each other ] >> i didn't kn who had heard it, and who hadn't. like not everyonhas time at 11:00 a.m. on a relar day. >> jimmy: that was a good idea. that's never been done, i don't think. >> that was jd -- jermaine dup's idea. yes. jimmy: stream this song on facebook. that's geniu >> yeah, i felt it was. >> jimmy: yeah, absotely. mean -- i mean, all ese -- >> well, becau it's -- globally, it's just ght for . because a lot of times, people will say, ba in the day when you couldn't really just find anytng you wanted on the internet. it was like, i wld debut a record a people couldn't hea it for two weeks in whatever country be it anywhere around the world. >> jimmy: and now, ts is wodwide. >> yes, so immediately, they can form their opini and i didn't want anybody to have snippets or thgs prior to -- >> jimmy: and we're seeing lycs from it last nigh they're singing somethinabout mi and the -- >> well, it says "your audacity is toouch to believed, so to mimi on your contacts and press delete." by >> jimmy: and they're ing it word for word. ey're going, press delete and they're ke, "how's that out yet?" how do you know that, it's barelyut.
1:06 am
>> tt was the thing. i was like, we're just goi to have to sing idifferently every way. >> jimmy: but then it wasn't over, then i said, mariah's going to ghome. >> because my friend big jim wright had come yay, big hand for him please people. [ cheers and applause he was injured, anhe's a musician. a the roots, and he terms of musicianship, he was hurt when i fell. i dislocated my oulder this summer. it's so much fun to be like in the summerme just -- >> i have a cture of you in a sling. he's where mariah carewears a sling, by the way. there you goright there. >> it was fothe victims -- i know. it was likshe's okay, it's not a problem. but this is the victims of hurricane sandy wi major league baseball and i had committed to this previous, so i got to do it. so i was -- but i was brsed -- yocan see the bruise tre. it's everywher jimmy: but you stillook od, i mean, you know how to do it. >> but that's why pele give me no sympathy. i get sympathy. >> jimmy: i give youympathy. not that i'm saying i look good, i'm just saying i look good in that st. and that shot. i hope he knows -- >> jimmy: you always look good. well, i've goto. >> forever a mmed person at that moment. because that was hospital like --
1:07 am
my bone waliterally sticking out. and nick w directing. nick, my husband nk. >> jim: nick cannon? >> yay, nick cannon. [ cheers andpplause ] he was directing. oh, he told you this story? >> jimmy: well, heas directing. >> i would've crhed this entire side of my face, but he flew over there and saved me, but it wasrom here down, so now it's just a little bit of nerve damage. jimmy: you kept -- >> i sd, come on, nick, get the shot just push it back like you do on tv. just push the shoulder, and i couldn't see. >> jimmy: my wife would never say that to me shd be like "get away om me and ca a doctor." >> that's st me. i'm focused. >> jimmy: that's what my wife would say. but no, but then, came back. i'm like, t's get in the car and i'm like, sal, run the lit, run the light. we're in a pntom, we're runninlights and stuff. and he's ganter. >> jimmy: this is grand theft auto, it's fantast. [ laughter ] >> that's what it was. especially with the gloves, but they're here for a reason, but think 's a new moment. do we keep it? >> jimmy: yeah, keep the glove. >> keep the glove, make me lose a fan. but th is chris buckles, makeup artisextraordinaire, then i decided just in ce, i felt the bad angle coming along. >> jimmy: oh, my god. you won't haveny bad angles at
1:08 am
all. i gotta say, how are the kids, how are the twins? >> them babies, themabies, em babies. they a very good. they sing their owsongs. >> jimmy: th do? >> i told you -- first of all, congratulations. >> jimmy: oh, thank you so much. [ chrs and applause ] on winnie. yay winnie, win win >> jmy: she's so cute, thank you. i saw a picture yesterday. i was privy to, i was fortunate -- >> jimmy: wead a lot of time to hang out. i also shod tell everybody, wh it was all done, afr the surprise was done, mariadid a private concert for those super fans. >> but i w not fully up to it, i didn't know where i was going to be, because iad to fish -- >> jimmy: buit was unbelievably cool. >> it was justessing around. and even like you know, because jim is such a great musician, you can be like "oh haha, that so's in a different key, all right, let's make work. you know it's e of those things where is just fun for me, but theye right up this close to me. >> jimmy: we got a note from one of the kids that were -- there and i have to ow it to you, actlly. it was one of the swtest things, one of theest moments of her whole entire life. for me, it was too, because i never get to do that. i don'even do that in front of my friends, cause i'so -- when i hear something off, i'm li "oh hell, move on. i hate it.
1:09 am
>> jimmy: no, to see your idols that close. honestly, it was movin >> it was very close. >> jimmy: it was ming for me, i'm mod right now. >> thank you for -- stop it. thanyou for letting me do that, because i didn't kw what it was going to be, and my -- ry ann tatum, one of my vorite people, my baup singer, bushe's like her own genius singer. >>immy: i will never forget thatoment as long as i le. >> big mistake, made her cry. so when she sayss, then i'm like "okay, we didood, we're okay." >> jimmy: you really did good it's good toive back to the fans. we love you and thank you fo doing th. >> i wanted to talk about the puppies. but i guess weon't get a chance to tell the wld about my win of the best most fashionable puppies. >> jim: you have 30 puppie >> i have eight puppies. but it's not my fault. the vet lied to me and told me that squeaky bea one of my dogs -- was -- that's her name. >> jimmy: squeaky ans. i just feel bad for the dog. >> nick ught me a dog. it all started wh jack. jack had a wsite before other peoples dogs and stuff had a bsite. then you got jack jr and nick met me, and he bought me cha-cha. i named hecha-cha after the dentist. i was a little high from the whatever. >> jimmy: ok, yeah, yeah, okay >> but listen, eightogs later, we now have the rerend -- the
1:10 am
people, the fans named the on -- >>immy: reverend pal jackson. yes, the good reverend pal. >> jimmytiffany l. jackson. >> tiffany, that's our only girl. >> jimmy: motley t. gore jackson the third. >> in honor of jack, yeah. >> jimmy: jackie lamb chop >> jackilamb chops. >> jimmy: gil e. bean. >> gil e bean, like doug e. fresh. >> jimmy: and of course, squeaky beans. >> squeaky beans, moth of my several new puppies whjust, yoknow -- ueaky beans is the o who motheredhem all, but the vet told me she was spayed. m like, she's not motherly, she tried to kill her twin in the hot tub. she like, pushed herwin dog -- m not lying, jimmy. >> i don't kw -- >> there not enough time for all the material. >> jim: let's not talk about e puppies. >> i'm just telling you, it's not -- all right, pupes. >> jimmy: it's like "omice and men," this is getting azy righnow. >> let's move on from the puppies. jimmy: no more pupps. "the art of letting go" is available right now. you are crazy. [ cheers a applause ] you are so fun. i love you. >> thank you, thank you for having me. [ cheers a applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. "the art of leing go" is available now. maah carey right there, ladies and gentlemen. malcom gladwl joins us after the break. there he is in the bud light
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♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: our next guest this ening is one of the st popular wrers of his generation. you know his booksike "the tipping point," "blink," "outliers," and "what the dog w." his new book "david and goliath" is curntly number three on "the new york mes" bestseller list. we're expecting that to change tonight. take it to number one, you guys. please welcome a brilliant writer. here's mallm gladwell. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jim: malcolm, welcome t our sh. finally, we have you othe show. we are b fans of you here. >> thank you, thank you. >> jimmy: some of your biggest fans are the rootsactually. >> well, you know, i intervied them at "the neworker" festival, five or six years ago, maybe? do you remember that? >> all: yeah. >> jimmy: cause they have an album caed "the tipping point."
1:17 am
>> i know, this was -- this might have been the greatest thing to ever happen to me. >> jimmy: real, why? >> it's the ol -- and it's all been all fr a kindf coolness perspecti. it's just been dn hill ever since. laughter ] >> jimmy: that's as cool as it gets. >> i peaked, iean there's nothing you could do. >> jimmy: but you inrviewed estlove and everybody? >> i did. what i remembeabout that is -- questlove will surely remember this is that -- at the very benning i sat down. questlove was ne to me. he didn't say a word. he just reached in, pulled out his pick, his afro pick, and just hands it to me. it wasike passing of the torch. >> jimmy: yes,f course. >> one afro to another. >> jimmy: another fro, yeah. another afro. very very nice, yeah. and if you have an ao, you ve a counting in your head of the great afros. and questlov-- i mean, it's einstein, questlove,aybe questlove, einstein. i don't know whose numbeone or whe number two. i just felt like i was in the prence of greatness. >> jimmy: and did you keep t pick? no, i handed it back. >> jimmy: oh, you're a gentleman. well, i couldn't ta it.
1:18 am
you can't take a m's pick. >> jimmy: that itrue, but estlove wanted you thave one. >> oh, this is the famous black power one? >> jmy: yeah, this is the black power pick, yeah >> i had one of these when i was a kid. >> jimmy: you did? >> oh absolutelythis takes me ck. i had wamore -- i probably had -- when i was about 15, 16, i was sort of a qutlove -- density and girth -- >> questloveyou mean the afro, ght? >> jimmy: yeah, he mnt afro. >> i cut iback a little bit now. >>immy: i remember buyg an afro pick, not knowing what it was for. i st thought everyone uses them. it didt work on my hair at all, no. >> it's fantastic. >> jimmy: but you played a ge with those guys? desert island sks? >> yeah,hat thing where you aspeople if they were ing to be marooned on a desert island.
1:19 am
>> jimmy: yeah. >>ou could only take, forgot what it was,ive records with you, five albums. what would youake? and it's a fascinating kind of insight to people's tastes, and ople's -- what their motivations and inspation is, i mean it was -- >> he must have had amazg answers? >> yes. >> jimmyhe's an audiophile. what did he say? probably prince, right? questlove: that waso long ago. prably "pet sounds." >> "pet sounds." >> questlove: by the beach boys, yeah. >> i remember that. therwas a classical -- there was classical record that you mentioned, i think. >> questlove: righ of spring? >> yeah, maybe, i n't remeer. >> jimmy: what were your answers? >> well, they were lame, i mean they made the mistake, i can't -- i thk i gave mine afterwards, it was stupid, just felt like i was a doofus. you know, like -- i didn't even know. so lame -- >> jimmy: raffi >> well, first of l, i think i -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: the wiggles? >> i think i panicked. >> jimmy: oh, yodid?
1:20 am
so you gothis new book here, "david andoliath." congratulations on this. nuer three on "new york times" be seller list. we're taking it toumber one tonight. that's what we do here. that's what we do here. everyone download it on kindle. get it. i love all of ur books. i got to say -- this one is basically what you're saying, it explores the world of tse so-called undeogs. >> yeah, i'm interted in this question o when are -- when are the things that we call disadvantages tually advantages. are there ways in whicbeing forced to dealith obstacles and versity make you stronger an you would have been otherwe? we talk about at concept a lot. but i want us to dig in and sort of say well, what's a good ample of that? so i have a chapter in which i talked to very, very successful peopleho are dyslexic. and i waed them through their history. and what's interesting is that everone of them will say that i am -- i did what i d, or i succeeded in the way i did, not
1:21 am
in spi of my disability but because of it. and they'll te you if you are -- they're not typical of dyslexics, but there's a small group who e -- if you look about very successful american entrepreneurs, a hely disproportionateumber of them are dyslexic. way higher than the level inhe general populati. and it's because what do youo if you are in first grade and you're supposed to be reading and you can't. well if you're gonna makit, you learn -- you idenfy the smart kid in the class, a you make friends with them and you delega your wo to them. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you make it work. >> you makit work. your problems -- brian graves is a hollywood prucer who is dyslexic, learned -- he would simply -- he'd fail and then he'd go to the teacher afterwards and talhis way from a d to a. so he's prticing from this age on, he's practicinnegotiation. so what doese become? a producer. >> jimmy: a great producer, he works with ron howard. >> yeah, imagine yeah, he's unbelvable. i meanyou read these things, this is the one about this basketball coach, for a girl's
1:22 am
baetball team. heaid, "we spent a lot of time thking about the ways at prestige and resources and belonging to eli institutions ke us better off. don't spend enough time inking about the ways in which those kindf material advantages limit o options." he w an underdog and a misfit and that gave m the freedom to trthings no one else en dreamt of. >> this is a chaer in a book about this hilarious guy, he's from india, from mumbai. he's a software engineer in th silicon valley. and he starts tooach -- he rees to coach his 12-year-old ughter's basketball team. and he realizes, a, he knows nothing about baetball. he's from mumbai. two, his daughter he realizes is very quickly. -- has no tale. so he says to them -- he goes to some basketba games to learn about them. he comes he sayslook, we're not gog to practice, dribbling, passi, shooting, it's pntless. the's no way you're goa get up the speed. he says what we're going to do is we're gonna play uly manial defense every single -- we're going to do the full court press,nd if you play the fl court press in a very aggressive
1:23 am
manner, against 12ear-olds, they won'tet the ball inbounds, so he wins -- his team starts winning games by scores like 6-0 [ laughter ] and they go l the way to the national chaionship. [ talking er each other ] jimmy: those people must be furious. they're likewho is this guy?!" >> people were like, so angry at him. but he's just like a software guy. [ lahter ] he completely -- does he care? people are throwing chairs on the court. americans -- anyway, theunch li of this is, he justought the sacramento kings. he got so to basketball, this ea that you could -- but now he's -- he jt raised the avage i.q. of the nba owners by probably ice -- he doubled, he doubled. [ laughter [ cheers and applae ] >>immy: unbelievable. you will enjoy this book. go buy malcolm gladwell's new book, "david and goliath," available everywhere right n. capitol citieserforms after the break. stick around, evybody. ♪ hi there, lcome to the gallery.
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pillsbury grands biscuit make dner pop. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: our next guest has a
1:29 am
huge hit on the charts rightow with "fe and sound" from their debut album "in a tidal wave of mystery." here to perform it tonight, please welcomeapital cities. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ i could lift you up ♪ i could show you what you wna see and take you where you wanna ♪ ♪ you could be my luck ♪ven if the sky is faing down i knowhat we'll be safend sound ♪ ♪ ♪ we're safe and sound
1:30 am
♪ i couldill your cup ♪ you know my river won't evaporate this world we still appreciate ♪ ♪ you could be my luck ♪ even in a hurricane of frowns i ow that we'll be sa and sound ♪ ♪ on the ound we're safend sound safe and sound we're safend sound ♪ ♪n the ground we're safe and sound safe and sound ♪ ♪ i could show you love ♪ in a tidal wave of mystery you'll sll be standing nexto me ♪ ♪ you coulde my luck ♪ even we're six feet uerground i know that we'll be safe and sound ♪ ♪ come on ♪
1:31 am
♪ we're safe and sound ♪ ♪ we're safe d sound ♪ ♪ we're safe and sound ♪ ♪afe and sound fe and sound hold your ground safend sound ♪ ♪ i could lift you up ♪ i couldhow you what yowanna see and take youhere you nna be ♪ ♪ you could be my luck ♪ven if the sky is falling down i know that 'll be safe and sound ♪
1:32 am
♪ i could lift u up ♪ i could show you at you wanna see and take you whereou wanna be ♪ ♪ you cld be my luck ♪ even ifhe sky is falling wn i know that we'll be safe and sound ♪ ♪e're safe and sound 're safe and sound we're safe and sound we're safe and snd ♪ ♪ safe and und we're safe and sound safe and sound 're safe and sound ♪ ♪ hold your gund we're safend sound sa and sound we're safe and sound♪ [ chrs and applause ] >> jimmy: that's the way to do it. thank you, fels. fantasc. ank you, guys. capital cities. they go live on tour with fitz and the tantrums thrghout the
1:33 am
fall. we'll be rightack, everybody. [ eers and applause ] ♪ would you rather have spoons for hands or elbows for ears?
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cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmymy thanks to mariah carey, malcolm adwell, capital cities. [ cheers a applause ] and the greatest band in late night, the roots right there, ladies and gtlemen. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "caon daly." thank you for watching. ha a good night. hopeo see you tomorrow. bye-bye. [ cheers andpplause ] ♪


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