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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 13, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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. . a live look outside. a little haze in the air,w3 som he lden gate bridge. it is wednesy, the middle of e weekxd already. ngratulations for ming é@ñiit, november 13th. this us "today in the bay."çót(
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the eye on the prize. one steploser t t lpweekd. it is 4:31. i'm jon kelley. i'm+xd laura garcia-cannon. let's chk the forecastith meteorologiskoko?h(r)istinlore. >> goodorning.ñiñi welcome back >> the warst day of the week, starting out inñi the 4s and 50. look where we are he 80 degrees in e east bay, 70 in the peninsula. do wt to tell you about some wind head ourxd way that will bey next report. les say good morning to mike ood morning. good night to these folk you see flashing lights ming down. this crew is startin to clear 80pproaching ts ashby avenue.çóc we will show you ts on the p ma. the sa areaxd where we see some
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slowing. as t crews start to move, that's good news, the morning commute kicks in there. one of your first spots. the approh to the bay brie moves ry smoothly. no problem3ñác aossçó the bay i téae'll track your traffic. 4:32. happening now, the search for a san franciscoity college week is ramping up thi morning. the san francisco special victs unit is now on the case derric shoe. his family says no one has heard from him since thursy when he was last seen leaving his home in theayview atcçó 10:00. collegbut never swed up. cellhone records traced h phone tohree different areas. no activity nbsince. >> to be honest, i did not think anything gd outmy of it.wg@r(tc there is no reason for him to be at candlestick recreational area. >> it is hard. eier, youok barely slee you barely e. you just want to know that hes
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safe. u famil says that derrick or of running away. they hav been posting flis foq the 16-year-old boyp, accu ofç"killing a santa clara count ramedic 7$f& be backñi in court. a routine pre-trialearing set for christian burton'st( murr 8he hasfáok being tried as an a for the murderw3f paradic, n boyer. attempted carjacking back in april. he w taken off le support just two daysw3lpçóq later.ñr oakland police think burton and fivether teens, as young as 13 yes old, were on a crime spree when theyargeted boyer. been charged in juven+ñ new thi morng, a warning for won at uc sta cruz. campus pole say recently,hey ve gotten a number of reports
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spik spiked. they don't know what kindf drug is used b one victim says she was sexually qassaulte careful.oç urgg students to be if you s seone unable to ofn and help.r we have new details on the expandingé@ super-fund site in mountainview. first broke earlier thisñr year. process sometime next yea çó thgrounduçó aloñr evandale avenue. the gl to mix the compound and salt. tci, whi is linked tofá cancer has beenound underneh and extending into highway lp1. when thisxdçó w(tju(uqák it can llect in homes orlp buildings through ac process called vap
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inusion. th can causeçó heart deformities in unborn babies as we watchok the situati in thehilippinesecome more and more dire by the day, community groups in san jose will hold añ candleght vigil for thew3 victims of typhoon hyan. members of thec communityill talk about how their families have been impacted by the meanwhile, survivors in the city of taclaban are so desperate. they dugp water pipes. others are using their dirtyt( shirts t filterw3 thexdñi water. the officialñifálp dth toll stas at ok2,27 withq tv!u number pecting toise. the leader of thejf u.s. rief effortays runwayok lhts and other equipment thatill allow anes that fly in supplies evacuate victimspo't( the way .
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thefá airport doesn't have the equipment to allow flights to landt nig. that will b a huge improvement ere are at( varie ofñi ways you can help. head to our website,koc to donate to the relief effort. they need e help. unfortunately. th one. 6pyñ riconhd police seahing chase and crash thatçó endsw3 u hurting two people. áñ the chase started yesterday afteoon when an officer spotted a man wita felony warrant. that spect was in açó car withf two other people during this chas the drir slammed right into another c with a mother ande1 her grown daughter inde. ì& critical condition. two of the suspects were cops. the third one is stillçó on the run > the family of a motr kill by a san franciscot(çó cit worker i filing a claim against the ci.ñr 35-year-oldlp christie svedmere
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wase1 lying on grass with her by up over her. a city truck backed the cla says the driver violated city policy wch mandates vehicles travel only au ths and only with a second the driver is nowlr facing felo hit and run charges.e1lp ok 4:37. if the 49t(ersc make the cplayo vin smith might he to take a break for a court pearance. with his parents by his side, he y/. a partyñi at his san jose home last summer an are tied to threeçó illeg military style assaultxd weaponó his aorneysó[ refuse to answer questions about reports that the guns werec purchased into arizoa california.e co into a board of 49ers charterw3lane. ith's next hearing is scheduled for january 15th, wherhe is expected to answer to charges oflp dui. to tell us what'sxd happening
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outside on our wednesday. another isp one>s that what we are calling it. >l'm trying be positive. >> it is oknice. it is t going to feel like november lat on tse1 afternoon. good morning,on and laur we are lking goo this morning. plenty of 50sut tre to start as we head throughouthis ñi afternoon, we are expecting nice, comfortable finish mostly reacng into the 70s and 8s. oking good there. wind wl pick up. weñi are going tofáñi see somef fierce wind at the immediate nqyou want to keep thatn mind as an even breezierç?$qpvxd wl sha- w3f we are not working with lot of fo except for up inw3 theorth ba you wantw3 to give yourself scx extra time and travelñi c cautiously. by about 5:00 p.m. once you get home, in the southbay,5t(xd degrs. looking goodthere. if you live along the jfpensula, we are talking about aok comfortable day, 65 degrees at 5:00t( p.m. in san fransco, slated t hit about 70 degrees by luncirs
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áh's a pretty day in november.#s at 5:00 p.m. in the eastbay. at 5:00 p.m. in the trñ( vall, 70s.are still goingñio be in the our temperatures crash. we bring i owers. i'll let you know when thatc returns. you can always catch your rv(p(h seven-day forecastight here a the btom of our screen. les check your dve and say i will goisit my brother we are looki to theñi peninsa, southbound 101 going away from us. these tail lights going thrgh university avue. you are blockingi yourastçó la there. not a lot ofi]roblems bause of the light volume of traffic. we'll still follow theç6o penia drive with 101 g oothly. so is 280.(açó easyrive. the dumbarton and sana5 mateocñ bridges,ñi i have arrows marked for your potential direction.ñi cler toñi the bay, moves smoothly. we will talk about the north bay. north bay. l painted orange wit theçó çó
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highlighr. the road weather index picks up traffic and weath tied tother. the golde gate doesn't see any that fog.t(çó @(t&háh&hc& we see a clear vi. prty soon, the cws will be ñ so far, nothing going on about $6 to get into the city. back toou. painful reality.tpq1qi9m a to crack down on ae1 bunch ofxdg all part of a joint effo2á( called don't trashw3 california. caltransrews w cñ beleaning up litter along b area highways that will sta today. the chp will be keepingn eye r!:%ujjt thing, tossing trash gug on the freeway. message signs will be pted on roadways to rind drivers, do notxd litter. a veryxd simple task. don doi] fáit. the cleanup runs through the ÷ejr @r(t&háhp &hc a section of gas line at san ancisco's sunset district. crews will be venting gas at
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22nd avenue along quinnara and you mayt( smell?7v gasut don't worry, the venting should last throhout the morning. still ahea troubs for the new casino, tusands of gamblers lerally left in wxñd dark. >> all because of an out o control driver. the dmatic video you will see on nbcay area. >> this possible link between a scorpion and a cure for cancer. very intesting stuff. 9ñ
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w welcome back. good wednesd rning. those responsible forhe rollout of health, committee will grill the deputy asstant secretary fori.t. at the health and human services department. the white hoe trying to delay the heang uil next month saying i.t. officials are busy trying to fix the website. this week, the obama adnistration revealed only 50,000 people sucssfully signed up for insurance on
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health in theirst six weeks. california, weave our own heth care website,, which has had far wer problems than the national website prident obama hosting hundreds of tbe balance leaders at the fifth consecutive tribalations conference. he talked about creating jobs within the communiti and about the name of washington's pro football team. today's conference will focus on broader issuesike how to improve the lives of native americans >> apple gadge topping the list o the most wanted gifts among teenagers for the holiday season. for that and more, let's turn ings over to courtney reagan, live at cnbc world headquarter good morning. >> good morning, to you. futureare a bit lower aft stocks puld back from record highs tuesday. marks were sken by comments from the top fed officials who
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say the centr bank could start reducing i economic efforts next month. economic data today but macy's will report their earnings he very srtly. investors will beisteningor comments. the dow falling t15,7. retailers are hoping to entice their employe to put in a few exa hours on thanksgiving. macy's, opening onhanksgiving for the firstime this year, will pay wkers overtime. nearly % of all macy's shifts have been filled. walmart will ge employees holiday pay. onop of the regar paycck, ey will get extra cash based on the average of the hours for the previou two weeks. walmart will give workers 25% store discount. they find 38%f consumers say they are likely to shop on thanksgiving. that's why stores are open, because we keep coming to them. yo teenage son or daughter is hoping to fd an iphone or ipad under e tree, i say that
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because o a survey by ch back shopping fds nearly 90%,9-0, of tee want electronics and the latest iphone 5 and iphone air top that listollowed by the xbox 1. >> those gifts are not cheap either. courtney, thank you very much. maybe they want to get those home so they can tweet a little bit. twitter users are most likely waking up prettyappy this morning. the company announcing its going to let customers use custom time lines. the tweets the old-faioned way. now, you wl be able to create new time les that will let you follow scific topics. >> it mas sense. >> the goal i to give more people more control over how tweets are organized and let you see e tweets that a most relevant to y. 4:37. i'll let you stop this one instead of me jumpingn front
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of you. we're a team.. casino. are back on at th >>fter a driver slammed into a utility poll knockg out power to the casino and a surunding neighborhood. it was quite mess. the p says the driver crashed into that poll nea 101 and roberts lake road it happened abt 10:30. it may have hit a transformer. you can see all the flame there. that car burst into flames. the driver gotut and left the ene. the roadway was closed for a long time, several hours. it did reopen a short time ago. like inside the casin when the lights shut off. most of the slotachines were dark. there was still enough lht inside to kp people safe. those who said eve though they were winning, the outage was not a big deal. >> they just said oo, like show was going on orsomething. there was no pan or ything. >> it's not the casino's fault
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unless ty wore all the pour out. >> reporter: . >> in all, pg&e says 3600 custers were without four f an hour and half. >> if you are at therafts table or the gaming table, there is a lot of chips out there. >> people take advantage of the siation. probably, the peopl that were wiing weren't so upset. the people that were losing, ry mad. christina loren tling us we are still dark, still kind of cool but getting better. have cameras everywhere.casinos taking a live lookt all the differenticro climates across the bay area, you can see pretty well all aoss the board. we have reducedockets of visibility u in the bay area. the east bay down the peninsula and right here in san jose, 48 degrees. mostly cloudy start to the day as we head throughout this ternoon. it is looking pretty goo for us. we are going to seeemperatures really warm up as we head
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we are talki about 72 in the south bay and san jose. beautiful today. menlpark will hit 71 degrees. mid market, san francisco, 71 degrees there and looking good throh the east bay and t valley. the0s in pleasanton. highlynusual to see these kind of numbers in november. we are n going to make you wa for your seven-dayorecast we'll have it scrolling right here at e very bottom of your screen. i' be back in a little bit. we want to tk about wind and rain both in the forecast. coming up, ba to you. jon and laura. family members of people going face to fac with the er boston crime boss just ahead of his sentencing. bull injur if you recall, was convted back in august of dozeof charges. listen to this list, racketring, extortion, conspiracy, money laundering, dr dealing and1 separate murders. prosecutors now seeking two consecutive life sentences. bu injury fledoston in 19d
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94 and was a fugitive for 16 years before being caught in santa monica. the first tower at the new world trade center site will officially open this morning. crews snt five years bending 4 world tre cent. the 72-story, 2.5illion quar foot glass buildin is designed with many morsafety featus than the original trade center. no for the first me, people n freely walk arod that site. >> no secret, scorpions are pretty sry creatures. some docto say their vom the compa meadow life march vesting ven imfrom caribbean blue skorp yons turning i into serum. it is cled escozine. ey say this wil boost t bo's ability toight cancer by killing off cancer cells. they are working to get the fda
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to start clinical trials. >> wouldn't that be azing? >>hat would be. >> d't try to go get stung. >> i'm not a fan of tse things stging you. you used to work in the desert. they can hide in your shoe. >> not my shoes but 4:5 till ahead on tod in the bay. how about taking off on brand new adventure. a local airline is stepping up to help find a bra new hom for these little guys. >> jon kelly's family needs one. >> maybe three,aybe four or five. it is all just in time for thanksgiving. feelhe love. feel the easy drive across the san mateo bridge westbound with these head lights over. we'll ta a look at your south bay comi up, guys.
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welco back, erybody. gi you a live lk over san ancisco prior to the sun comi up. cool, early morning dawn. in the christina loren willome along and tell us, i will getunny and nice. mike has your roads in a matr of mites. it is 4:55. happening toy, how about this localirline doing some goo fering free airline tickets to a bunch of puppieshat need new homes. >> this morning, virgin american will fly chihuahua from san francisco to nework in hes ofinding them hom in times of thanksgiving. th is video fro a previous
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operation, chihuahua. >> they are excited. wait up forme, man. first class. >> animal shelters in california pack with chihuahuas. on the east cot, demand for the dog actually exceeds supply. virgin americahaseamed up with san francisco animal care ancontrol to take the dogs to e east coast for the lastew years. they better put some little coats on those guys. it can be cold back there. >> look, man, we don't have to sit in cages, freecooby-doo scuits, livg large in fir class. big seats. let's check on the rhodesoads. mike is here to tl us about e driving. > you are looking at th south ba northbound, ming toward us, 280 approaching highway 17. very light, ey drive. d dimly light you will see the entire area looks really good. south 87, no incidents. down to 59 miles per hr
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through the stretch. maybe tre is one slow-moving vehicle around the ea. the far north bay, a little orange we will take a look at the bay bridge. we have no problems over there as you are approacng off of the maze. we have aouple of folks, look at that, on the far rig lane as you are approaching. they are kind of pard over on the si. don't wait there. chp sweep through the area as well. back to y guys 4:57. still ahead on "todain the bay," ght in the middle of silicon valley we tel you, a toxic fume o chemils underground wechlt will let you know about the ep a's plan tha will prote the city of mountain view.
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new vid just intour newsroom. a ash turning into a fire and an oage at the bay area casino. we will let you know what pole are tling us about the driver. the death toll rises in the philipnes as people struggle
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to survive. i'm meteorologist, christina loren. good wednesday morning. mperatures are chilly to start. th afternoon, what a treat. 80s in november. we'lhave your full forecast and let you know when tempates tumble yet again. a nice, car e. new crash for highway 4. we'll show you where thats in your commute direction. outside. show you a live look oracle ana in the east y. it is wednesday, lfway through ur workweek, november 13. this is "today in the bay." a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia nnon. >>'m jon kell go morning, everyone. this just into our newsroom. whole foods annncing a new recall stemming from the rent one issued b richmond's onion company. now, whole foods is


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