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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 13, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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desperate the philippes as a stampede at aice warehouse turns deadly. we willell you what we jt lened ahead in live report. a mtly clear start to your weesday. temperures in the 40s and 50s, headed to the 80s in se citi. i want to tl you abo some fierceind and when rain returns to the forecast. >> with the metering lights on at the bay bridge, we have the lights on. a report on t nimitz, we will thak that coming up. >> rightnow, getting a little t, a glimpse of that sun slowg starting to come upver san francisco. you can se that blue hugh in the sky. this wednesday, november th. >> from nbc bay ar, this is "tod in the bay." >> yes, it is. good morning. 00 on the nose i'm jon
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>> new this morning, whole foo announcing a new recall stemming from the recent one issue by richmond glass onion cating mpany. whole foods recalling their read to eat articho wheatberry saladnd southwest so soo-foo salad. the recalled items were sold at of the company's 40 northern ones on your screen in fremont, los gatos, redwood city, san mateo and sanfrancisco's noe lley as well as oakland, lafayette, walnut creek and napa. throw the procts away or take themack to the sre for a refund weave new video showing the fiery crash that cuts power to a popular brand new casino in sun know sonoma county. this is just off highway 101. thoseights are now back on a
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the cassie no in rnert pa. the driver who caused this caused the crash and the outage still on t run this morning. chriie smith is live in rohnert park. this video, truly amazing to look . jovnjon.ter: good morning, kind of interesting t think the person involved in this was not even on t property. i want t step aside. the good news for gamblers is that the lights are bac on. last night, they simpl ran out of luck when the lights sdenly shut o after a driverlammed into a utity pole on santa rosa avenue. this i sort of a frontage road the graton resort and casino. the driver didn't stick around long eugh to explain what happened. before 11:00 p.m. in the area leaving about 3600g&e customers in the dark arod rohnert park.
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gamblers inside the popularew casino say all of tsudden, the lights and bells inside went qut and dark. thslots stopped spinning. a few lights they say, came back on. the was a little confion over what do. th "press democrat" is repoing that dealers wereot initlly allowing customers to cash out their chips while the cano was dark but a short time lar allowed them to set up a line outde to cash out their chips. i have calls into the manager. the lights back on. machines are working again. reportg live inohnert pa, christie smith, today in the bay. new details about a deadly man shot and kille was just 26
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years d. theyound him on the parking lot of a motel 6 at 6:30 last night. >> a developing story to tell you abo over in the philippines where super typhoon iyan, relief efforts, sti underway. lots ofork ahead despite reports looting and attacks on relief workers out there. things have gotten tough. "today in the bay's" marla tallez joining us from our newsroom. ongoing story.n a fluid and tough ov there. >> reporter: looti has been rampant since typhoon haiyan hit friday. help is not arriving fast enough they are despete for the basics, food, can water and medicine. thousands have resorted to ransacking homesnd mal and ovnight a rice warehouse in tacloban was raided by thousands of hungry people and turned deadly. officials say eight people were crushed toeath when a wall
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collapsed as they ransaed the place. people carted away up to100,000 sacks of rice. exchanged gunfire wit an armed gang and this is why in some areas, security has been beefed up. in devtated taoban, a curfew 5:00 a.m.e from 8:00 p.m. until we have this new videof japanese troops just arriving in taclobanith much-needed aid. the undersecretary generalor the u.n. explains the status. >> the priority is let's gethe food in let's gethe water in. we have a lot more coming in today. en that will not be enough. we are going to need to scale-up our operations on an ongoing basis. >> reporter: another section of the popation you have to consider in all this are the neorn babies. we are hring from mothers who survive the storm and have giv birth in e last five days. their homes are destroyed. they have no place to go. many of theswomen you see here are staying in a hospital in
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sibu. and the mom and their babies are relying on wer donated b the red cross. it is such a dire sittion. now, in my last report, i mentioned the "uss george waington" was delayed as it makes it way toward the officials weren'taying why the delay. we nownow it is because of more b weather in the reege region. another toh situation to deal with there. i'llalk more about the relief effort coming3w- up in my next report about 6:. jon and laura? >> thank you very much. >> s difficult to wat that. >> isn'tit, though? all the ctures. theyeed so much help. in the meanti, in san jose, vigil held for the vtims of typhoon hi yyan. people will gather to talk about how their filies have been impacted a how to he. for more detls on how you can help as well athe very latest details from overseas, visit our websit andearch haiyan. it is reall tough. they need to get some hp
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radly to those people. >> always inspiring when you see tragedies like this bring people together and step up to help out in so many ways possible. :07. christa loren is back to tell us about our wednesday forecast. how are we looking out there? >>ooking pretty good to srt the day. good morning, j and laura. good morning to you at home. you canind your seven-day forecast scrolling at the botm of our scrn. every single region is covered. we have a reallygood-looking day shaping up. hour by hour forecast for the next 12 urs. uth bay looking good as you drop the kids off at school. 57 at 9:00 a. by 5:00 p.m. making your w homerom work, looking good. 65 degrees the. take you along the peninla where temperatures are going to be comfortable at about 65 degrees at 5:00 p.m. we are talki about the warmest day of the week in san francio. we are actually eecting plenty of 70s. the rest of bait looking good.
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70 degrees at 5:00 p.m. as you break for lunch, a comfortable 64 degrees. in ttri-valley, the warme spot across the bay ea, even when the sun sets, just before 5:00 p.m., a comfortable 71 deees. we areoing to take look at erce wind and rain. we'll let y know when that is slated to hit your orstep., let check your compared to yesterday, a much easier, more gentle commute. we have the meterg lights on there ishe backup. the cash lanes. those are thenes backed up. those cash lanes at the bottom, no problem for the hov lan. oakland, north 880. there was aog repted running around on t freeway there. no updates. flashing lights but heard of no crashes ther. that's good ns. picking up the volume from both
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dictions. that is the issue.he yellow. no problems. slowing thrgh downtown as well becae of the volume. 58 much cleer route. not much folks use that. uth 680 where a crash just head down towards walnut creek. shoulder, things have cleared up there. a nice flow of traffic. also good for 680, 580 westbou at 84 throughlivermore. those are the commute routes. steady build, nothingig or amatic. 680 down tthe bottom of your scen. as we look outside, a live look at 280 northbound. picking up the volume. ower spots comingp. ba to you. 6:09. w this morng, a plane headed to boston from miami made an emergency lanng from orlando after the pilot noticed a crack in the windshld. it happened aboardn america airlines flight last night. because the windoisouble
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threat.thereas no immediate international repaired that window and theoeing 757, american airlines eventually those passengers. for all it is 6:10 right now. still aheadn "today in the bay," a above the limit. new concerns about toxic chemicals in hotspots in t south bay. liveith new details coming up. another bay are tech company makests debut on the stk market. full covege. >> and ses sammy street at san quinton, we'll tellou why elmo is making a visit to the maximum security prison next. nice picte. you s the traffic owing. this is up in san fael. you can see the sun there. slly peeking over that horizon. that's inspiring. on a wednesday, mid-week. we hav more of that and more ne coming up on "today in the bay." we're back in a minute. welcome back.
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some sort of emergency landing at jfk aport this morning. these liveictures just coming to us from the scene. it looks like they have a couple buses and ambulances o stand by. we don't know if the buses are to transport people. were just getting this information in. we are getting new details from the st coast. loser t home, the day's othe top stories. lights are back ont the new greaten resort and casino i the north bay, this after a car crashes into a nearby utility that knox outower to the casino thousands of cusmers suffering from that. the driv still on the run this morning. >> a recent one issued by the
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class catering company. to eat artichoke wheel berry y sad and the soo-foo salad. they could be contaminated with e-coli >>out in waii, the governor expeed to sign a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. the state senateassing that bill yestery. gay marriages there couldtart december 2nd. 6:1467, the appleamsung trial gets underway toda >> we eect tm to teify this time. this is a trial we tught was over. tuesday, we s everybody lin up again for more appleersus samsung in federal court. journalists,lawyers, all there for the firstays of therial picking jury. arocess the mercury news howard mince, for my mey is
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one of tm=5$átáu at covering courtrooms. an earlier trial fnd samsung guty of copyi some of apple's ideas. the jury made a controversial decision about how much money samsung should pay. e new jury will decide only the question of money and not the original verdict. it is not as big as twitter but other bay area company is maki its debut o the stock market. chegg out of sta clara does text book rentals. it should start trading on the morning. stock exchange this former executive.osensweig, a sco makes dices that makes the intern go. it is not a glamorous company by they employ 7500 pple worldwide. wah for them to take a hit from the government shutdown all eyes are on health care hearings tomoow, the confirmation
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hearings for the bay area janet yellen, nominated to be the first woman toun the federal serve. she takes t oath thursday moing. her questi and answer session will be closely watched b politiciansnd walstreet. n and laura, it is incredibly rare youet such a direct look into the mind of a chairperson for the fed or potentialne anyway. we had to guess bernanke or greenspan, what they were thinki. tomorrow, it doesn't get a whole ask me anything.good session of >> it will be ally, reay interesting to see inside he mind. >> exactly. >> great opportunity to pick the brain of the wan with the power. 6:16. the power in our weather department belongs to ts woman. ristina loren, she tells us all wh's going on. >> i've got the power. kind of heavy when it comes t the fog in the north bay. we are looking pretty good here. nice, clear start. what a beautiful day we have on tap for you. the warmest of the weeks temperates are going t climb
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unasonably warm as we get into this afternoo we'reooking at a rlly good y. the jetstream is going to start to dip just t the south ase head throughout this afternoon. we are looking towards 73 in saratoga and 7 in menlo park. in south beach, 72 degree these numbers, your micro climates are revealing very similar temperatures. e reason why is were going to see that offshoreflow. what happens is we seehe land, the winds move from land to see. that negates the influence. we a looking prey good. we want t show you t rest of th bay area. 72 for emont. in danville, 79 degrees. staying nice and comfortable. we have major chaeseaded your way. showers are in theorecast for where you live. there are quite a few different mio climates here. stay tune to the bottom of your scen. your seven-day forecast will be scrolling the for you reports.ut all of our weather we are not going to make you wait for itny longer i want to tell you abouthanges headed our way as we get into turday. look at the dropo.
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livermore will hit 80 degrees. by sarday, 63. san jo,2 today. 50s.going to in the upper these are winterlike levels make sure you are rdy to get outdrs today and tomorrow. let's check on your dve and say od morning to mike inouye. 'll take you over here. this is north 110 where we have a sudden slowdown underneath the we'll get you situated. north 101 really slamming do, the onlyrea with anying other than green for the south bay. a ptty gentle wedsday commute. arting here, right around tully, you are going to hit the brakes and go up towards mee. this30 is allen rock road. a slowdown here and a crash that wa reported. we hope they get out there quickly. i'll track that and let you know if there are any additiona delays. expect the slowing. maybe some fks will take north 280 to get arod the area watch t surface streets as well.
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meanwhile, the rest of the south bay moves very nicely getting no proems.e tri valley. 84 has sorted itselfut. westboun 580. a mild slowing tardhe dublin interchange. expect some slowin there over the next half hour. we'll track that. castro valley, not a problem for 58 until you get towardshe down out o haywardnd toward unn ci, the typical patte paing by the s mateo brie. the dumrton bridge is ming nicely to theeninsula. 101, a nice, easy drive. palo alto heading nth past willow and up in towards san i the bridge, ease w golden gate bridge, andarther north, you do have some fog. ke that in md. the metering lights are on. typical pattern, the cash lanes
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off to the right. these lanes o to the leftor cash are ming smooty. if y can carpoo there is your big advantage as you head to and across the city from send it back to you. >> appreciate it, mike. thank you very much. its 6:20 right now. a rlly great program. ses sam sesamestreet, reaching out to chilen. they are hosting several evnent and a workshop cled little children, big challenges. this focus on carceration. includes a couple of visits by our friendly, furry guy with a video. mo doing it his voice is inspiri. the presentation is going to indu a new muppet character by the nameflex that has an carcerated father. el will be visiting san quinton tomorrow. he will be in santa rita in a jail sometime toda very importanttuff there.
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>> 20 right now. stil ahead, n chemil concerns lurking beneath homes the south bay.
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information out of new york city. a delta flight was forced into landing, 2921. a cnection fligh to minneapolis/st. pa. not a lot o information.
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we can tell you,here was no rerted smoke from the cockpi emergency vehicleare out land. there. we can see the fire trucks. earlier, we saw couple of bus. possibly transporting the ssengers off to safer areas. again, a delta flight, 21, has be forced into an emergey nding at jfk airport. weillontinue gathering info as sooas we vhave i is 6:24. concerned about their own safety and asking a lot of qstions thismorning. "today in the bas" bob redell live in mountain vie with how theepa is trying to solve the problem. good rning, bob. good morning, to you, laura. rit here at this intersection, avondale and lun in mountai view is part of the prlem. when theepa, the environmental protection ency, tested the groundwater underneath this intersecon, it found high levels of a toxic chemical
6:25 am
called tri-chloralee lean or tce. extends east. a plume tt the most rect tests at this intersection showed levels up to 110,000 parts perillion inhe groundwater. the epa considers anything over five parts per billion unsafe. last nig at a meeting to help answer public coerns, the epa announced that ear next year, it will inject another chemical into the ground that should neralize the tce. it is considered tox because it has been linked to cancer. en it evaporates, it could collect in homes or buildings through a pross called vapor intrusions andan also cause heart deformities in unborn children. >> i am concern the tc is affecting my heah and has been r many years now. the epa is not sure how e mountain vi. groundwer in it is not clear iit is leernged leerninked
6:26 am
to the fact that this chemical wa used once by the semiconductor industry roughly 30 years ago. 6:26ight now. south san francisco police oking for the women at the center of an elaborate renl scam. this woman listed a five-bedroom home on san francco drive on craigslist back i october. she then gave a full tour of that home to three 19-year-olds who decided to rentwo ofhe oms. the victims, they paid that woman $1800 andhenoved in november 1st. they lived there for a week discovered them in the house. police sayhis property was being sold and had s vacant for out two months. that was enoug time for that woman to scam somebo. they say this one is likely not e only time the woman has pull off a scamike this. 6:26. redwood city will hold an open house tonight to talk about the futuref pete's harbor.
6:27 am
a developer will talk about the future designf the area a public access. pete's harbor was the centerf a month's long fight beten the owner and 150 people that lived on the boats docked there. la month, t last holdout was evted. tonight's meeting is at 6:00 at the san piper community center. right now, 6:27. still ahead on "today in the bay," we'll te you about the fiery crash that leads ta wer outage at a casino coming up. 'll tell you about the driver who is now on the loose after slamming right into a power pole and taking down a major transformer. slamming into a mher and ter daughter on the road. in you dails about the ongoi search next.
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>>new video. a fiery crash into a per pole knks out power to a new
6:30 am
casino. we'll show you what ppened more fallout from the rollout of health why the preside is now under pressure from one of his allies l's check the market and check out chegg. scott mrew will talk about that company getting a ipo and the nasdaq, g the confetti flyi. it is a big one on ts wednesday, november 13th. this is "today in the bay." a ver good morningo you. i'm laura garciaannon. >>. >> happeningight now,ction out at jfk airport. minneapolis/st. paul from jfk, forced to make an emergency nding, had to rurn and come back to the airport. it did land saly. you can see the pla there. our time.bout 5:50.m. no reports of any smoke out of the cockpit.
6:31 am
we are working on details as to why thatlane had to be turned around and land back at jfk before heading to minneapolis, st. paul. the faa will invtigate this one and we'll continu investigatinfor any news coming out of the and what is happening on the ground. we'll have i for you as on as 6:31, new videoo show you this mornin a fry crash that knocked out power toeveral neigorhoods, including the bra new graton resort a casino. the lit pole about a mile northwest ofhe grato casino. most of the slot machines we rk but there was sti enough light inside to keep people safe. take a look across the street from the graton casino this moing. christie smi is there. she is going to have a live report coming u at 6:45. his morning out on capit
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ll, a house cmittee geang up for a hearing on the boted rollout oheealth botched is mild compad to what lot of people are saying. fr tracie potts is live. a big-time p.r. nightmare for the obama administtion. the president getting more pressure from an ally. >> exactly. rmer president xliclinton. first, take a live look here on capil hill. the house oversight committee is about to hearrom five top tech experts, including td park, the chie technology officer for the united states government. origally, the white house said he was too busy trying to fix this website. he has beenubpoenaed and will be her today. now, former president clinton said that presint obama should keep h promises i he said people can hold on to their alth care plans, they should here is mor of what he said. >> eve if it takes a change in
6:33 am
e law. the esident should honor the commitme the federal government made tthose people. like dianne feinstein of me californ are already sing they support changing the law so people can have those pla grand gran grandfathered. the focus is onhe website. we are startin to get up.ple hav been able toign ny 110,000 reported so far. 60,000 through state exchanges. they sti have some work to do. >> it is 33. the uc rents board meeting will continue th morning starting wit remarks fm new president, janet napolitano. her fst meeting since taking over as u.c. president. remarks the at 9:00 at uc san
6:34 am
governor jerry brown attending the eting, a member of the u.c. board. >> janet napolitano, historic, her first daytork. talk about our foreca.ack to >> thank you, jon and laa. want to get you ready f work it is really looki good out ther i want to sw you all the the bay climates across 49 degrees, sunny start in san jose look at this lovely sunse in palo alto. the north bay is the only spot we are going to find a little bit of fog. 53 degrees, not a bad way to kick off the day in a city by e bay. you will b at 71 degre later on this afternoon. we a looking pretty good. i kind of want to tell you the weather story f the day. peak warmth headed our way. high pressure pushes those winds from land to sea. therefore, it is going to be really nice. 80s on the wayo the east bay tri valley. getting into saturday, the next drop in temperare and even me showers on the w ase
6:35 am
headhroughout saturday. remember, ifou are trying to get your seven-day forecast, we have it f you scrolling right here at the bottom of your screen. every single region i covered across the bay area. it is a big bay area. mike, what are you acking? >> i'm tracking big traffic in the south ofhe bay area ght here. this is nor 101 where things e really jamming down. we typically have this bur of traffic. ase get thatirst burst, we also have a crash north of here. we show youn the maps. the entire south bay starting to pick up the volume a little bit. north 101 slows from capital expressway all the way up really interchange becausof the crash north of there where it says 13 that is all rock road, also calledckee. more fks will head north 280. a quk look at the live shot forfremont. south 880 picking up the lume. pretty predictable sth of the dumbarton bridge. we'l show you how traffic
6:36 am
flows. 680 with speeds coming down in the upper 50s. pical ild. no crash through that area. we continue to follow the crash in walnut cek getting closer to the maze. the etshore freeway srting to slow down. the road through oakland, more company. toll plaza to show you the pattern. all lanes filled in. e hov lanesre your only advantage. we send it back to you. >> this morning, richmondolice now searching for a suspect involved in a chase and crash that ends u hurting two ople. police s the chase start yestday afternoon when an officerpotted a man with a felonywarrant. that suspect was in a car with two her people. during tt chase, the driver slammed right io another car with a mother and her grown daughter inside. one of those women right now list in ctical conditi th morning. the o suspects,wo of the suspects, they we caught. the third one, we can tell you, is still on the run.
6:37 am
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actively seeking employment had careers their field thin 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th and find your care success in the bay area. sit > welcome back, everyone. good wedsday morning. 6:39. sales ar penng for the
6:40 am
historic cats estate in los gatos. e property is we-known to driverwho passed by t two eight-footall whiteoncrete ts thattand by the gate. >> a lite cat scratch fever. >> they guard the road tt wis up the hill. behind the gates, if you areot familiar, this is where the property is lo he kated, not far from the cats restaurant and tavern. as far as we know, the tavern is not included in the sale. sutherby realtor posted it what the estate looks it includes a main house, a gatehouse, a poet's house and an amphheatre. a 75-acre estateplit into ne parcs.
6:41 am
the askingrice wasust under $8 million. >> nine parcels and the cottage. that makes life good. >>s chrtina said earlier, t your quill penut. i have to decide which one. 6:41. still ahead, a big-time power outage at the brand new casino. the video you are only goingo get here at nbc bay area. the fiery crash takes down a wer poll overnight. we have new details about the suspect still on the run. >> plus, what lies beneath. new chemical concerns lurking below homesn the south bay. we'll take a look at the latest i.o., chegg. >> taking a live look at san brun this mning. sunshineight o the bat means peak warh today. shows and gusty wind in the forecast. we'll tel you when when "today inhe bay" comes right back. ♪
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new veo showing t fiery crash that cut power to a polar casino on roberts lake road off of highway 101. the driver who caused the outag is still on the run. today in the bay' christie smith live in roanoke park with good morningamazing video. good morning to you. that's right. the polic still want to find the driver involved ithe crash. he didn't stick around long enough to tellhem exactly what happened. that cra caused a maj power outage that affected the casino here. gamblers who wereeret the time said their machines wt dead. this morng, everything upnd running again. the crash itself was really quite a sigh before 11:00 m., a driver slammeinto a utility pole and the cart burst into flames. this knoed out power to about 3600 pg&e customers in the
6:45 am
rohnert park area, including t great resort and casino. gamblerst the pular new casino saihey had to wa outside. they say it w dim and took a while toet the machines back up and runng again. they say there was a little bit of confusion over exactly what to d >> i jt cashed out from a slot machine. i went ove to cash i my check. the lights went outnd everybody went, h, becauset looked nicer, little darker and everything about on out of ten machines was running. thelackjack tables wer covered up. >> some customers s they initially didt know how they would cash in their chips but were allowed to cash toe in customers on electroni machines say theyave their phone numbers to the casinos to make contact with them. i have calls into the manager of th casino how about how they are going to handle all of this but so far haven't heard back. everything up aunning again this morning. reporting live in rohnert par christie smi, "today in the bay." thks so much, christie.
6:46 am
6: right now. christina loren is back talking about our forecast. how are we looking now? >> looking absolutely beautiful. look at some of these live pictures coming into our neroom. safrancisco, 53 degrees. ry, very fine marine lair outhere. we are headed towards 71 in the heat of the bay in san francisco, want to take y alonthe peninsula. shaping up.w palo ao is 49 drees by lunchtime. you'll be at about 66 degrees and between 12:00 and 4:00, cking up the kids from school. really comfortable contions ter on this afternoon. we are expecting the 70s en in san francisco for today. so overall, looking good. we have changes headed our way as we hea throughout the nt couple o days. today d tomorrow, looking great for your joutdoor plan want tohow you the various highs. find your region or yr closest ighbors city. this is what you can eect. 73 in saroga. 71, menlo park. mid-market. san franciscwill be in the 70s
6:47 am
as we. north bay lks good. upper 70s headed your way. fremont, 72. pleasantonthe warmest city in the bay area will hit about0 degrees. that gs for liverre as well. look at the difference between today and saturday. those temperatures are going to drop like a ro. you can reay see that here on your union square san francisco seven-day forecast. you wantedo head out there for ice-ating, friday looking muchetter than saturday. a little bit of shower activit on t way for saturday. at lunchtim on friday,f you can get out there, 61 degrees. 59nd 5:00 p.m. that makes the ice a little b more tolerable when it is not freezing cold out there. by about 10:00 p.m., deees. let's check your drive and say looking over here around the bay. a couple of sticky spots here. the uth bay north 10 the rst of it atapital exessway. you are hitting the brakes. still, a distraction.
6:48 am
youave a slower drive he. some folks are bailingut taking capital towards 87. 280 norbound to get out o that's what's caung a b more traffic headingver to north 87 into downtown san jose. north 85 with a prett typical buildup. the rest of the sou bay, looking pret good. no major surprises there. south 880, a smooth drive. picking up the volume past the san mat bridge. no major surprises there.e. that's good news. as we travel here, 680 showing the typical try-vall pattern. we are looking at a crash as south 680. we had a crash and debris just cleari. big slowdown approachinghe area and coming off of42. a live look outside. very pleasant northbound coming througdowntown and heading up toward the bay bridge toll plaza. all lanes areacked up, only t the end of the parng lot, mae west grand avenue by now.
6:49 am
a live shot as traffic flows smoothly. here is 10 heading upo the same area. palo alto, smooth drive past llow up into sanrancisco and 280. lighter than this. you are at the mit. 6:49 right now. happening rig now, a searamping up f aan francisco college student missing for a week. 20-year-old derrick shou. his family say no one has heard from him sin thursday when he was last seen leaving his family home in the bayview around 10:00. he went to catchhe 29 bus to up for class.bute never shod show that they can trace him and his phone to three diffent areas in the bayview on thursday afternoon but there has been no activity sce. >> to be honest, i do not think
6:50 am
anything good t of it. ere is no reason for him to be at candlestick recreational area. >> it is hard either you barely sleep and you rely eat. you just want to know thahe is safe. >> difficult situation tre. his family now says derrickas no history of mental illness or history of running away they have been posting fliers hoping anybody with some kind of information will come forward andelp out. new details to tell you out about an alert sent out to students at u.c. santa cruz. e chief sent out a wning after some had tir drinks spiked. they d't know what kind o drinks or drugs we ud in those drinks. e woman sayshe was sexually asulted. officials say, if you think you have been drugged, seek immediate medical attenon. call 911. get to a hospital you never know how you may react to the drs. you should also report the cident and tell police immediately and try to preser finally, the cef says to get
6:51 am
support throh a variety of resources available at u.c. santcruz. >> peoplin the south bay feeling uneasyfter meeting with the epa talking about toxic chemicals fnd underground in thr neighborhood the epa has alan inlace to try and solvehis problem. homeowners still very concerned bob redell live in mouain view with more o this pential fix. good morning. >> the proem with the environmental protection ancy is trying to solve is t high levels of tri floraleth lean. it is in the groundwater undeeerth this interception that the epaound high levels of this toxic substance. asirst reported, thiss part east from re benooeeeth 101 and
6:52 am
moffett field. it shows levels of up to 110 parts per billion in the the epa considers anything over 5 parts per blion unsafe. the epa announced that startin ne year, it will inject another kd of chemicalnto the ground that should neutralize this. the epa has moved tons of it from underneath mountainview but admitst still has more to gallons of ctaminated billion grndwater and treated over tce is condered tox because has been linked to cancer. when it evaporates, it can collect in hes and buildings. it can cause hea deformities in uorn children. the epa is not sure how tce got into the groundwater in mountain it is not clear it isinked to the fact that this chemicalas used by the semiconductor
6:53 am
dustry ruffle 30 years ago. reporting live bob redell, "today in the ba" at 6:52, a developin story in the philippines where super typhoo haiyan, relief efforts still derway. despite ne reports of looting that's turned deadly "today in the bay's" marla taez joins us live with new details and images and stories th continuously comeout, marl >> yes, new informaon into our newsroom. this new veo has come into our newsroom. damage that can be seen ead throughout the senacentral philippis. images that paint the pture of despair and the dire need for help. these teenagers look like they are covering their nose t bodies and debris that is strewn just about everywhere. early thimorning, the national disaster agency upped the death toll to 2,344.
6:54 am
international aids arriving troops bringing instant food, medicine, bnkets and ter, cln water i the hottest >> the only source of water they have with the power lines down are wells, ope wells. they are saying it is not even fresh watter. it is part salty. >> overnight, a looting situion turned deadly. thousands of hungry people stormed a rice warehouse and officials sayight people were crushed to death when a wall llapsed athey rsacked the ace. manny pacquiao is trainin for his next fig just south of the devastation. he is in the fell peeps rigphilh now. he h come forward to say, he devastation, because he wan to stay focused onhe fight.
6:55 am
pacquiao islso a filipino congressman. it will be interesting to see how his cstituents receive how they react to him after the latest decision the best way to bring spiration and hope is to win his comeck fight on the 24th of thi month. >> that would be helpful and inspiring. hopefully, he can also donate some money, much needed. >> we can tell you a number of licon valley companies doing what they can to help out the victims of typhoon haiyan. apple giving itune users chances cross.ate to e american red allhese funds will g directly straight ove to the philippines. for more details, how you can step up as well as theatest detailfrom overseas, simply visit ourebsite at and search haiyan. 6:55. another bay area company making its dut on the stockarket. >> yes, indeed. we want toive sco mcgrew that stock market is the ny. >> the nyse and nasq compete
6:56 am
for listings. it has been the traditional new been getting theions share of these new listings. former yahoo! executive and guitar hero ceo dan rosenswg on the right of the podium doing e opening bel along with other officials from chegg, they text book rtals based out santa clara. in santaclara, theirst day of testimony in the latest value. lining up yesterdayor jury yers selection. san jo's sisco reports profits thisafternoon. th are not as gmorous as twitter or facebook they are far more important cisco ploys 75,000 people worldwide. watch for cisco to take a hit fromhe government shutdown. th make lotsf things the government likes to y. if there are two weeks in which
6:57 am
the governmt wasn't buying anything, it may affect cisco. > let's get updad with the forest witheteorologist, christina lorne. we do have chang headed our wa as we get into yr thursday, more chang. returning to the bay area. as weead through frid, that's whenhe wind is really going to crank all across t bod. you want to keep that in mind. let's get one more lookt your drive with mike inouye. >> we'll start you in the south bay where 10 northbound i moving a ltle bit bter now. we didn't see any for quite some time. we had a chp vehicle right here just past 680 and that was an additional distraction asolks headed up towards mckee aery slow drive northbound from capital expressway allhe way up to the earlier crh, which is now on t sulder. 280 and 87 taking some of the overfl as fol try to find an alternate. southbound 88 very cwded as you ar heading south out of
6:58 am
hayward and into fremont. speeds still holding up. hayward coming downore as you are approachi a street. 92 getting some business as well as 84. the rt of your bay, loong watch for fog. se the orange. maybe aath or two north of nevada. 6:58. final check of e day's top stories for you lights bac on at the new graton resort and casino after aar crashed into nearby utility casino and thousands of to the customers in the neighborhood. the drer is still on the run this morning. whole foods announcin a new recall stemming from the recent one issued by richmond's glass onion catering company the stor recalls its ready to eat wheat berry salad along with the soo-foo saladhat may be contaminatedith e-coli a candlelight vigil honor
6:59 am
the dr. martin luther king library inowntown san jose. just about 40lus days this might get your attention. the chance town your very own ghost town. >> in the spiritf ging, the current owners posted this ad on craigslist. the property complete wita bar, bunkhouses, a stret of river and even a gold mine, listed for $225,000. >> bunk houses, all right? >> there you g if seneca, onc a main stop for ld miners. now, the commuty is mostly abandoned. if you are interested, a couple of tngs you should know,he townas no electrici and the proper, well, we're jt saying it nds a little tlc but you, jon kelly, could be mayor of your very own town. >> wow, what an intguing prospect. license. it com with a liquor maybe just have parties out there and sleep it o in the bunk house. thas what's happening. local news update.5 with a live
7:00 am
>> make sure to join me ang with mla tallez. we will be on at 11:00. hope to see youthen have a great d and we will see you tomorrow. >>good morning, frustrion and fear. victims in the philippines growing more desperate by the hours aid slowly starts arrive. can anytng be done to pick up the ce? free man. his murder conviction overturned, ryan ferguson walked out of prison for the first time in nearly teyears. >> i can get back toiving my life although i dot know yet how that wl feel. >> this morning,is first live interview since his release. d trading places. >> it's italian. >> and the number one. >> the sexiest accent on the globe is -- >> french.


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