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tv   Today  NBC  November 13, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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local news update. >> make sure to join me ang with mla tallez. we will be on at 11:00. hope to see youthen have a great d and we will see you tomorrow. >>good morning, frustrion and fear. victims in the philippines growing more desperate by the hours aid slowly starts arrive. can anytng be done to pick up the ce? free man. his murder conviction overturned, ryan ferguson walked out of prison for the first time in nearly teyears. >> i can get back toiving my life although i dot know yet how that wl feel. >> this morning,is first live interview since his release. d trading places. >> it's italian. >> and the number one. >> the sexiest accent on the globe is -- >> french.
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>> matt and ellecreate a parallelniverse today, wednesday noveer 13th, 2013. >>nnouncer: from nbc ns, thiss "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from udio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. > and good morning, everyone. lcome to "today" on wednesday morning. i'm savannahuthrie. >> and i'm lester holt along with al roker and natalie morales. it says matt is assignment but i can't say that with a straight fe. >> matt is spending more te as a woman than a man iseems. >> we should stage a intervention when gets back. >> he doesn't do hoda justice. >> matt was leno last night anhe'll be on ellen later today. we'll have more of that >> assignment. >> exactly we'll get started with today's top story. the official dea toll in the philippines is cliing. it's rched more than 1,800 people as disaster officials work to speed up rief
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operations. nbc's harry smith in manila for us once again. good morning to you. >> reporter: the headlinhere todaeven as recovery effts are getting off e ground, a crowd of stormurvivors rushed a government rice warehouse and went iide, the walls collaed leaving eight dead things are not gettingny easier here. survivors are still trying desperely to get out of th rdest hit areas, plas where money iseaningless. where it can't buyater, medical treatment orood. >> no money. no places, ntelevisions, no cell phones, no chnology. food. we need food. >> rorter: help is now arriving, even in so of the hardest to reachocations where these u.s. veterans arheading to provide medical and srch and scue assistance.
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>> we respond very quickly before some of t larger aid organitions. >> and the u.s. mitary has now begun running round the clock relief operations. >> we ha runways set coming out to allow airplanes to land at night. towns lootinis a means of survival for som a selfish opportunitfor others. the philippine armhas been trng to reestablish security so that when a does come it will rea those that need it most. some a trying to clean up, an almost futile exerse in this staggeng mess and others he begun the task of recovering and burying the dead his litt girl was ripped fro his arms by the massivsurge that came wi the storm. ramon has been traveling for three days to ke it to his
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hometown. head no idea if his family was dead or alive or ithe house was stilstanding. the house was badly damaged t there's his youngest son, his daughters and his wife. >> thank you, lord. >>eporter: if you livehere it would bdifficult not to think of whawas and you would haveo wonder how life will go on amidst all that h been st. do you give up or stayhen all you' ever known is gone? and there's more bad news. the "u george washington,"he giant aircraft carrier tt we expected to steam into t storm zone tomorrow, has been deyed for several days because of bad weather. >> a l of people see those imagin and want to help. if you want more infmation on how you can coribute, go to here at home, the troubl alth care rollout is front and nter on capitol hillgain today and lower than expected enrollment nbers and a
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critical remark from former president bill clinton. nbc's peter alander is at the white house for us this morning. good mning. reporter: good morng, the washingt post this morning i reportg that software problems with the obama carwebsite are proving so stubborn it's unlikely to work fullyy the end the month. they wrote me lling me we're working /7 to make improvements so by the end of the moh the site is working smooly for the vast majority of users. she ded that they contin to make progress but this is certain to be another key topic during oneore hearing this morning on capitol hill. >> the enrollmenperiod -- >> reporter: tay house republicans are trying to capitalize on president clinton's comments on obama care. having statement saying clinton's remarks signy a growing recognition that americs were misled when td
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they could keetheir coverage. clinton urged president obama to make gd on his promise to t people keetheir current insurance plans if they wanto. >> i believe even if it takes a change in thlaw, the president should honor the cmitment the federal govement made to those people and let tm keep what they got. >> reporter: still clinton defended the health care law overall. >> the big lesson is thawe're better offith this law than withouit. >> repter: president obama already apologized for the fact that despite his repeated promises, roughly 3 million amerans will need to swih health care ans. the white use insists the president agre with clinton sayi its goal is to makeure people tt received cancellation letrs can afford better pla. there are success stories like janice baker, a brst cancer survivor who recently enroed in colorado's exchange and saved $300 a month. >> all of my pre-existing conditions are now covered. at's really a big relief to me. reporter: still, eay reports show in the first six
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weeks sie enrollment opened nationwide, only 11000 americans have signed up. far short the target of 500,000 for october alone. >> reporr: now as for that hearing this morningthe president's chief technology officer, his name is todd park, he's likely to testify. he was subpoenaed last week housrepublicans, a move that the white house call ote, unfortunate and unnecessary. >> allight, peter, thanks. the ather is another big story for us. that blast of arctic airs still going strong temperatures well below normal across the east. janet is feeling the chill as well. we find her in houstontexas th morning. good morning. >> reporter: hey, savann. we have gale for wind warnings across theoast. teeratures have taken nose dive across the country. it's bitrly cold. more than five weeks ahead of winter's offial start. from the midwest -- >> it's really cold. >> reporter: to e northeast. >> hopefully wdon't get too much. >> reporter: en down here in texas. >> i'm a shorts and flip flops
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kind of guy. i'm not born for this stuff. >> reporter: freing temperatur and strong winds are battering much of the country. >> it's pretty cold ouide. >> reporter: from nashville, tennese to new buffalo, michigan. many cities have already seen their first snow flas of the season, well ahead of anksgiving. >> it's believable. we woke up to wint wonderland. >> i didn'believe it until i saw it coming down. >> reporter: this morning, five weeks head of winters ofcial start freeze warnings are issu for much of the south with record breaking lowsn many cities. some of those records ted back more than a century. it cld be the beginning of a ve long winter. >> rake thleaves and then maybsnow tomorrow. o knows? one day you' leaf blowing and then snow bling. >>o immediate relief from this arctic blast. mperatures could dipower tonight. savannah, back to you. >> janet in a illy houston this morning. how long is thisoing to last? >> well,e have 48 hours more of this. it's not going awhere. 30 million people are being
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affected by is. 19 stas are looking at either ha freeze warnings or eeze warnings and here'what's happening. this is a massive area of high prsure, almost a recor tting huge high and e clockwise fl of air is brging brutally cold a out from canada. look at these temperures, wind chills li 7 ove in chicago, pana city florida feels like 26 degrees right now. here's what 'll be looking at today. afternoon highs, 14 grees below noal in d.c. new orles will be 15 degrees below normal. here's where the relief comes in. this high prsure will start to sle off. threturn flow around that is more moderating air. so that's warmer air. by friday we get a bitf a rebound. atlaa will only be 4 deges belonormal. new orleans, 3 degre above normal at 75 and bosn you'll see a high of 56 degrees and at's 4 degrees aboveormal. so guys, just hang in another two ys and it gets back normal. >> yh but winter is right
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around t corner. >> okay miss negative natalie. >> it's reality check time. >> al, thank you. >>l, thanks. natalie is herwith a check of a frightening tuation. >> yeah, this is pretty unbelievable. scary moments tuesday night for passgers on board an american airlines fght after pilots were forced to make an emergency landing. it was en route om miami to boston when e pilot noticed a big crack in the windseld. not what you want toee at 32,000 feet ifou can make out that crack the in the shield. the plane landed sely in orlando. passengers were put onnother plane to finish the trip. ter a nearly decade long fight, a msouri man is out of prison this morning. ryan ferguson was released tuesday night. missou's attorney general decided not to retry him for the 2001 slayingf newspaper
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editor kenheightthe hold. a ste appeals court pane overtued ferguson's conviction last week saying therosecution withheld key pieces of evidence. we'll have the first live interview with rn ferguson coming up in our next half hour right here on today. a california compute ience student pleadeguilty secretly photographing miss teen u.s.a. cassidy wolf and other young women by hacking into their computer webcams. 19-year-oljared abrams mitted he threatenedo post the pictures online if the women didn't send him ditional explic photos. he faces up to 11 years in prison and $1 llion in fines when he is sentencedn march. convicted mob boss james "whitey" bulger should learhis fate as his sentencing hearing gets uerway in boston. ron mott is there withore. goodorning. >> reporr: good morning to u. the were fireworks at ial and there could be fireworks at sentencing adecade of pent up emotions are about to be released.
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he's had his day in cot. two months worth, in fact, now the convictemob killer get two daysf reconning as victi famies are given their say beforehe judge hands down e sentence. the 84-year-old bulger was found guilty of 11 deaths in the 1970s and '0s beming one of the fbi's most wanted. captured in 2011 aoss country in california. his trial, much like the reputation he built s the stuff of hollywood legend. >> are you still a cop. no. >>eporter: the legend ke nicholson's gaster character was based on. witnesses d nicknames, the rifle man, executioner and bulger clashed with some of them, lobbing f bombs on the drama grew more iniguing when a potential wness turned up dead. poisoned in what officials say was an unrelated crime. bulger passed on the chance
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teify in his own defen labeling the trial aham. now will hear from victims' families. perhs those who the jury reached a final verdict where the final chaptein a book full of murder d mayhem. prosecutors are asng the judge for twconsecutive life sentences, plus fi years. >> ron mott. thanyou. orlando "big baby" davis is apolizing this morning aer his behavior in a hotel lobby. here y can see davis at the front desk of a trav lodge in lando. he ted to book a room but was told the hot was sold out. at one point he puts hisead down on the counter and minutes later davis rehes behind the desk and grabs the kboard and reaches ay from the computer and thro it. the hotel called police but no charges were filed. explains t nickname big baby. an update on the story we ld you about yesterday.
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new york is actually getng the bragging rightfor having the taest skyscraper in thu.s. being out chicago. the winner one world trade center. a committee of architects ruled tuesday that t 408 foot spire atop the new york building is part of the structure and not st an add on like an antenna. so at 1,776 feet it opped chicago's willis tower, formerly the sears tower and new york has the best piz still too. >> we have to settle the fight over pza. >> sorry. >> but nalie is determined the battle is over. >> as soone who lived in chicago 14 yearsdeep dish pizza is real good. quite filling. >> it's quite filling. >> i prefer the thin crust though. >> with the grease coming down. >> are we ill on? >> yeah. >> well, you told it's going to be co all winter. we didn't even get into
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canollis. i'm going to wk over here. anyway, so here it's cold but out west the good news is its warm. that big aa of high pressure, the return flow arnd it is bringing in milder tn normal temperates. ok at some of these gh temperatures. san francisco, 71 degrees today. that's 7 degrees abo normal. s angeles at 87. denver 66. seattlwill be 3 degrees abe normal at 55 degre and as we continue furtherest -- well, out in hawaii, they're going to see a lot of rain today. flood watches anywhere from 2 to 5 inches of rain fling they're going have a lot of problems later day. we'rgoing to get to your local forecast coming up ithe next 30 seconds. charitab giving. really. i t bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over00 people are promoted every day. healthcare startg under $40 a moh. i got education benefits. i workt walmart. i'm a pharmacist. i got education benefits. saleassociate. i manage produce i work in logistics. there's re to walmart than you think
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vo: opportunity. hat's the real wmart. 7:16. good wednesd morning. 39 degrees in the north bay. degrees in the south bay. we are head towards the warmesday of the week. 80s in some the at mostly goes for the tri vall later on today. 71, san francisc 72 degrees in san jose. >>ll right, al, thanks now to a majorhift in the way doors will be treating high cholesterol. the ameran heart association and thamerican college of cardiology released new guidelines that uld double the nuer of americans that take cholesterol lowering drugs. they comwith four major
7:17 am
criteriaor doctors and run the riskf type two diabetes. l.d. cholesterol above 190, evidce of heart disease,nd a patient's ten-ar heart attack risk. willie geist is in the orange om to tell us more about it. >> already this report bro overnight. we're gettg a lot of tweets and facebook questns about this. we thoug we would take it he on with dr. lori mosca, who is the director of eventive cardiology at new york presbyterian hospital. first of all, million americans take statins. this could double the number. at's the implicationof that? >> that's right. it's important that everybody know that now what we wantou to do is not just know your cholesterol number. we want you to know what you risk is. if you're in one of e risk groups that's defined as needing statins in the new guideli, you need to know that. >> are we past good and ba cholesterol? >> we're expanding it and we wa you to peer into the crystal ball.
7:18 am
in the next ten year what is your chancof developing heart disease or stroke. we can easily calculate that. >> and you worry about people not exercising anymore and worry about theidiet because they n take a pill. does that concern you. >> that's right. you just brought up the 80pound gorilla in the room. there's too much of a focus on drugs. we should be asking e questions y are we in the position to begin with to have so many people needing them and falling into these cegories. we need more emphasion festyle. >> by the way, she will stick around to answer yr questions. #orangoom, tweet them to us and post them on today.c and we'll t you answers. >> anyone woering what the l.d.l. is of the 800-pound gorilla. >> don't have to know anymore. >> don't have tonow. a high stakelegal fight is underway over a painting othe late farrah fawcett. it was creat by andy warhol but who es it belong to? here is nbc's mike taibbi with the story.
7:19 am
>> reporter: it's a 1980creen of theoman whose radiant beauty in showlike "charlie's angles" defined her career but who actually owned this warhol? three years before her death in 2009, she said she did. >> how many did he make of y? two. >> wow. well, he made probably three --ell, i don't know. have two. >> reporter: but o'neal, the ove story" actor that was her on againff again lover said warhol gave this one to him. he saihe only moved it temparily to fawcett's house when a new girlfrienobjected to it and brght it back to his house after fawcett's death. it was visible in his own reality show with dauger tatum. that's when thuniversity of xas made its move. she left all artwo and any objects of art to the university of texas. ryan counters that the painting
7:20 am
was always his and that the university is eedily trying to take his portrt of the love of his life. >> it may come down to h good of an actor mr. o'neal is if he caplay out that emotional side of it and 's believable. >> reporter: the lisof witnesses could cast a soap opera. son and ughter and actress and former "charlie's anls" jacqueline smith. when fawcett died, ryan talked about r on "today." >> she loved me. she said so. she loved me. >> reporter: but there's a lot of money in the balance. >> there's so much at stake and if nobodis giving ground, if there's no way to compromise, i don't kn how they would. >>eporter: an original estimates sacould be worth $30 million. for "tay," mike taibbi, nbc news, loangeles. keep an eye on that one. coming u a story we have been llowing here for yea. ryan fergun's first taste of freedom after nearly decade long campaign to get his murder conviction overtned. he'll join us live hours after his releas emotions runng high in
7:21 am
court as alec ldwin comes face to face with his accused stalker. but first, this "today" on nbc. but first, this is "today" o nbc.
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i'm jon keey. we can tell you the power, yes, is back on at a popular bay aa casino this morning. take a look at this video. showing that fiery crashhat knocks out a power line in several rohnert park neighborhoods includin the new graton report and casino. the driver crashed io a pole at about 10:50 and may have hit transformer in the press. that live pe located on roberts lake road nearhighway 101, a mile northwest of the lights this is whatt lked like when e lights did shut f. most of the slot mhines were also dark. you can te there was sll enough light for people to stay inside and keep safe.
7:27 am
also today,hole foods just annocing a brand new recall stemming from the recent one issu by richmond glass onion caring company. that store now recling is ready to eat artichoke wheatberry salad is long with its south wet soo-foo salad because both items may be contamated with e. coli. if you hpenither product, tosshem out immediately or haven option to take them back to the sre for a refund. let's take it outside and lo at the forast and say good morning tthe always futustic-looki futurist-looking christina lore 39 degrees in the east bay. 53, s francisco. the east bay at 49. in san jose as well. this will be the warmest day of the week. remember, if y are looking for your seveday forecast, find it right here scrolling at e bottom of your screen. evy single region across the y is cored. 72 degrees in los ales for
7:28 am
toy. 78 in santa ros fremont will hit 72 degrees and let's check your drive.nton. t you onhe way wh mike inouye. >> they eving. the second time 101 northund has had to recover. this shows you the second crash of the moing. slow from the bottom o your screen. up towards tollway. slowg quite a bit. the rest of t bay moving smooth, pretty well. look at oaklan we have thatjam-up happening at the coliseum. back to you. >> thank you very much. we have another local update coming your way in one half the "today" show rls on.
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and as i go to turn arnd to go to the bathroom to urine, i look and there's no turbulence by the y, this guy has urined all over the seat of the toilet. he didn't put the seat up. he left the at down. i'm notalking one drip. i don't know whether he got the hiccups or it's like, you know in t cartoons where you lose control the fire hose. >> yeah. >> but it's everhere so now the problem ishat do i do? >> right. >> i didn't have to go that bad. could have made it to landing. >> you can't leave. >> i can't leave because now they're going to go matt lauer peed all over the at. >> exactly. >> my firsthought was splash
7:31 am
water all over your shirand run out and say the sink is possesd. the air marshal esn't like that. or you can clean it . what would you have done? >> clean it up. >> yeah, you havto clean it up. it's disguing. but i'm a germaphobe so i did it. >> that's why i don't fly with other ople. >> no sentencehat starts with the word urinate ends well. >>o you think there waa little set up for that. >>ow are your cheerios this morning everybody. >> that was matt and jay leno last night. meantime inside studio 1 i'm savannah with lester and al roker d natalie morales. >> let's catch up wi headlines at this hour frustratioand desperation growing in the philippines. the u.s.ilitary now running aroundhe clock operations to get aid tohe hardest hit areas. a sentencing hearing begins day for james whitey bulger. he was found guilty back in august of rackeering, nspiracy and a string of
7:32 am
murders. and another bitter cold day is on tap for the eaern half of the countryhile part of the south have h to deal with rare early november snow. and coming up, connuing our inspired by series and today withy inspiration, a man living life to the fulle spite his battle wita relentless disease. i'm loing forward to that. but we'll begin th half hour with thfirst full day of freedom in nearly a decadeor a missouri man whoseurder conviction has now been overturned. we'll lk live to ryan fergon in just a moment. but first, here's johnang with thstory. >> reporter: aer nearly a decade behind bars, ryan ferguson is w a free man. his convtion wiped clean. embracing his sister and thankingupporters. >> it was a wild day for sure. a lot going on. a lot of emotions. >> reporr: in the backseat o his parents' car ferguson left the courthouse in columbia, missouri last night. hours before the missouri torney general said he would not retrhim for the 2001 murder of a local newspaper
7:33 am
editor. >> i didn't know this morning that i'd be standing here tonight. i didn'tnow anything. >> reporter: prin officials told him to pack but he didn't know why. when his attorney showed up, they weren allowed to speak. >> she just held ts up and this is w i knew what was gog on. >> it is over. >> reporr: it's the end of an ordeal that began in 200when a childhood friend saihe had repressed memoes that he and ferguson cmitted the murder after a night of heavy drinking when they were 17. the friend chuck arronso testified against him as part of a plea deal. ferguson was stenced to 40 ars in prison. last year, his accus took it all back. >> to get charged for a crime you didn't commit it's incribly easy and you can lose yo life very fast but to get out prison it takes an army. >> reporter:hat's the first thing he wanted to eat? >> i don't know. i nd of want some dairy queen. >> reporter: insteadin this
7:34 am
picture posted on facebook, he settled for a stk. for "tay," john yang, nbc news, chicago. >> ryan ferguson is with us along wi his father, bill, and his attorneys. good morning to you all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. ryan, something happened this morning at hasn't happened t you in almost a cade. you woke up as a free person. how d that feel? >> i haven't yet gone to sleep. so stillan't quite answer th question. it's been a wild ridand, you kn, seeing the light ce out and, you know, theun come up, it's pretty incrible. and looking out on the street with my family, with my attorneys, it's a great feeling. i was going to say ere's so ch that so many of utake for granted. today is wednesday. you n do whatever you wa today. no o can tell you what to do. what's it like to contemplate that? >> i don't know that can
7:35 am
contemplate that it's beyonmy comprehension. but definitely look foard to the day and just gng to be with mfamily and take advantage of everypportunity that comes my way. so, yeah. it will be amazing. >> c you take me back to that moment yesterday when you realized it's over, i'm free i'm out of pson? >> it came a couple of times, actually. i thought it was going to happen earlier and th we had to go through some things. so whenevei finally realized it was actually er, it was incredible relf because, you know, i waafraid -- i wasn't sure what was going to happen next. they don't really tellou a whole lot. so i mean, yeah, it was a sensation like no other and seeing my family right there and hugging themnd knowing that we're going to go home tether, was amazing. >> let me bring your dad in here because bill you have worked tirelessly to free your son. i think about your dedication, pouring ur life savings, you time intwinning this nviction to be overtned.
7:36 am
how do you fl? what's it ke to wake up to ve your son with youhis morning? >> well, it's the best feeling ever. it just fes like we rescued him fr the pits of despairnd we had a lot ohelp and the two peop in front of us were instrumental in rescui ryan. so we feeleally fortunate. >> and let me turn to your lawyer, kathleen, is this really, really over? because i think so many of us in this country areccustomed to a legasystem where there always seemto be another surpri around the corner? >> no, it's completely over. the evidence against him was fabricated. we proved that. and unless they want to fabricate more evidence, this is completely over. >> well, ryan, ipoke to your mom last week after the news of this first came out and she said the thing she was looking forward to was giving you a hug, not just f a couple of seconds under e watchful eye of a pron guard but for a gd long
7:37 am
time. did shgive you that hug an w did it feel? >> it waincredible. defitely got the hug. that's theirst thing. the second, they took the shackles off me. goto hug my mother andof course, she wacrying a little bit and nd of got me. but,eah, it was amazing to ow that, you know, we're actually ablto live our lives together aga. and move fward and rebuild our lives. >> and how do you plan to rebuild your lif have you thought about what yo would likeo do? you were a teenager whenhis all started? >> yeah, i've been writing a i have a book i've been writing for some time now and, you kno i'm just going to coinue to work hard and take advantage of every opportuny that comes my way anif there's not a lotf opportunities m going to make a few. i have an amazing supporsystem and amazing family. credible attorneys. so definitely going to move forwarand i feel very posive about the future. >> well, ryan and bill ferguson,
7:38 am
thank you. ug johnson, kathleen, thank you as well. enjoyour day. >> thank you >> and we're going to have a lot more on "dateline" with ryan ferguson's story. >> we sure are. you wonderbout a case like that. you cat get those years back. >> you can't and tre were multiple appeals. this has bn going on for years. good thahe finally won his freedom. let us take a turn now and check in with mr. roker. >> today weather is brought you by disney's "frozen." experiencehe ultimate snow day th thanksgiving with disney's "frozen" in theaters and 3-d november 27th. >> well, our frids in north carolina got areview of "fron." th got snow and rain mixed in. it obvious didn't stick. stilin charlotte, north carolina seeing that white snow letting you know winter is here. here's what's going on currently. we've gothis big area of hig pressure. that's dominating of course.
7:39 am
that'she good news. we've got the cold air coming in. the's very little moisture in this sysm right now so there not a lot to tk about as far as moisture is concerned. bu again, got nice sun skies to show you. let's #todaysunrise, st. lou, sunny but cold weaer over the next few hours by this evening it drops dowto 43 degrees. for the rest of the couny today, another stem bringing more rain to the pacific northwest. 83 degrees il.a. today. a few lake effect snow showers in the eastern great lakes. highurf advisories along the eastern coasof florida. neck of the woods aswell, al.ur i love the way those wlis kerhi kerrs are coming in. in t north bay, uer ful sunshine, safrancisco looking good forhis afternoon's highs toasily hit the 70s with ul athe sunshine coming in early. some sicities are going to end
7:40 am
in the 80s. that's a warm november 70 along the peninsula and 72 in the south bay. your seven-day forecastn moments. >> that's your latest wther. coming up next, the fireworks and tearat the trial of alec balin's alleged stalker. you've seen the movie. you are watching the sw. show. prepare yourselfor anchorman the hibit. willie has a sneak peek. but first, these messages. i'll call you in a ltle bit. ogle... how do i get home? getting dictions.
7:41 am
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7:45 am
>> reporter: alec baldwin outse court amid the cru of repoers he often faces on new york city streets. althou the cameras couldn't follow him insid the drama did. baldwin told the court he felt extremel extremely threatened by his accused slker genevieve sabourin. even tearing up saying i wanted her to leave me alone. in e-mails released evidence, the french canian actress seemed to grow increasiny i want to be your wife now. say yes. callhe fbi and tell them that by tomorrow i' be in front of thdevonshire building. i'll buy expensive tickets actual event evenings, galas where you ll be. go ahead and throwe to jail. >> i td alec you're a liar. >> after the jge threatened to hold her into contempt for repeatedly interrupted baldwin's testimony she pleadeher case to reporrs. >> it'not like you're sayi. the judge gave me thpower to ask, but the thing is its outrageous that heaid we
7:46 am
didn have any romance. >> sabourin's claims was backed up by baldwin's long time friend hollywood movie producer. >> in the boat coming over. reporter: accordingo the w york daily news, "scarface" producer said baldwin was involved wh her at the same time he was dating his wife hilaria. marty told me and to me he needed my he. he was ending s relationship with her. baldwin's wife took e stand saying sourin sent her thatening messages on itter and that she had never been so afraid in her ev hire life after she show up at their now she is to ta the stand later today. she is charged with counts of rassment and stalking. while e maintains they hadn ongoing relationship, baldwin says they went to dinner once. now she is sayg she is trying
7:47 am
to get closure. back to you. >> kattur, thank you so much. >> criminal trial is not really the st way to get closure. >> yeah,eminds me of that "fatal attraction" mie. >> not going to be ignored >> no. coming up, who inspis you? the man who gives inspiration no natalie and miions of others. >> and willie's got what hot in the orange room, includinno shave november. do you feeleft out? whoops. >> get on board lester. you have until the end of noveer to redeem yoursel la's known definitely for its affic,
7:48 am
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and knows what youcare at so erything you love is right there when you turn it on. w featuring over $600 in added value. including msung hub and google play. live picture of central park. let's swing live into the orange room and talk to willie and get a situatn report on the beard. >> there is situation here. we are 13 days nownto no shave november. a little progress rert. matt isooking down rig distinguished this point. al. i love al's look. coming in silver. good look- me, let's not focus on me so much. carson i feel is eating. he has hollywood people shaping it up and making itook beautil. he looks almostoo good. there's something you should know about baby face. baby face, gs that can'trow
7:52 am
beards. we have one in our ctrol room. >> loo athat face. >> it's a handsome baby fa. but a baby face nonetheles lester, don't think you have a baby face but you nd to get in on the action. >> this was a lt minute gig i must say. i tried oncend ian gro things. >>well,nd then i have too many jobs,dateline and nightly news, som of those places are not facia hair fendly and i did the mustache which back in the day was okay. but it has a very 70s timestamp. >> yeah. >> speing of ron burgandy, right? >> keep it classyan diego. >> you'r captain's log,ay of discovery. today oujunior crew members declared their new found independence.
7:53 am
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e time now is 7:56. od morning. m jon kelley. the search for a san francisco city colle student missi now for nearly a week is ramping up this morning. the san francisco special viims unit now o the case of 20-yr-old derrick shau. his family ss nobod has heard from him since thuray, when was last seen leaving the family home in the bayvi at about :00. in other news,he 49ers making the playoffs. alvin smh might hav to take a breakor a crt appearance with h parents by his side, smh pleaded not guilty on felony weapons charges in court those charges smming from a party in san jose ltsummer. they are tied t three illegal litary style assault weapons. smits next court hearing is scheled for january. ght now, time to take things outside and say good morning to christina loren checkg that forecast. good morning to you jovnn.
7:57 am
good morningo you atome. highs the warmest of the we, expecting 70slong the peninsula. san francisco looks good. temperatures wille very warm . in the north bay. santa rosa 78. room temperature in fremont. 80 degreesn november, believe it o not in pleasanton. ur ven-day forecast scrolling at the btom of your screen. let's check your drive with mike. ok at th, northbound 101, ill creeping and crawling north of 680. it starts back at highway 85. we'll show you the maps here. a very slow drive. crawling below 20 miles per hour. up past the airport. folks are takg north 85, 87 and 280 to get out of the backup. there you g south 880 crawls from hayward. slowing through palo alto and
7:58 am
we'll have another upda comingn one halfour at 8:26. we hope toee you then. when our littlgirl was born,
7:59 am
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♪ 's 8:00 on today. coming up spired by. natalie reveals her ro who's tackled adversity with remarkable strength d love. >> his spit feeds stronger than ever. ♪ plus, the very first looat the sts of "fifty shades o ey" together for first time. and stay classy, america. ron burgundy takes the nation's capital by storm and willie gives us a sne peek. >> willie, you sexson of a gun. >> today, november 13, 2013. ♪ >> good morning, mark!
8:01 am
from texas >> good rning, cape cod. go red s. ♪ >>ood morning, lester. we watch yr son every morning. >> in chicago. >> just married and today's great day. ♪ >> that was a good smooch. good morning. welcome back t"today" on a chil morning. i'm vannah guthrie, alongside lester holt. al roker and willie geist. good morning, guys. >> gd morning. >> warng up. >> chilly out here. we have a lot to get to this half hour. let's check in witon the top storieof the morning. natalie is over at the newsdesk. >> good morning to you. good morning. internatnal relief agencies are struggling to me the need for food, water and mecal care in thoon ravaged parts othe philippines.
8:02 am
nbc's ief medical editor d nancy snerman is there to sh us how one group is brinng hopeo the desperate. >> reporter: good morning. it's fe days after the typon struck and any mass graves that have beedug, they're being taken care of. now theye concerned about infectious deases because people don't have cess to clean water. so drrhea and dysentery e every day problems. and we see people o were inred by flying debris, metal ying through the air, they have been shock, they have been looking for fooand water. they haven't taken care of themselves, but now they're coming in to hospitals. at least t ones that are still standing. toy, we took a choppero the small town andedical miracles are being performeon very little. back to you.
8:03 am
>> dr. nancy, continuing our coverage in the pihilippines. >>tonight, a look at t highly publicized trial of a door convicted of killing his wife. it only took a jury hours of convicti macneil. new developmen in the bullyingnvestigation that rocked the miami dolphin the planned meetinbetween the team owner and martin has been put on hold. the nfl officials asked ross to waitntil they had a chance to with meet with him. mart left the dolphins lt month complaining harassment. mean te, richie incognito returned to the miami area on tuesday. the art world has a new record holder. three sties of freud by painter francis baker sold at christie's for more than $142 million. that's the most everaid for an
8:04 am
arwork at auction. bidding for the 1969 painting surpassed the nearly $120 million pd for a version of edwavard munch's the scream last yr. > and look at the spanish basketball league, there was less than a second to go on the clock there, real madrid inbounded the ball from the base line. anthe pass is catch, heaves it ov his head while fallg out of bounds, sinking tt improbable three-poi shot. that's a beauty. real madd went on to win it, 111-63. it's 84. let's go back outside for anothecheck of the weather withl. >> hanging outwe have got the little one bundled up. at's your name? what is it? where are you from? >> from soutcarolina. >>ou're bundled up. i love that hat. let's show you what wee got ing on for today.
8:05 am
our pick city of the day, alny, georgia. nbc 10. they're going to be looking at temperatures warming back by friday to 74 degre. afternoon highs,ell, it's going to stay chilly herin the northeast. mid at l midded mid-atntic states. 85 in phoenix. look for shors in the pacific northwest and windy coitions >> hey, thank you, al. it is goingo be such a nice day across the bay area. want to show you the sou bay where temperatures are expected to cli from the 50s into the upper60s by lunchti at 4:00 p., 72 degrees. staying nice and comfortle today. highs elsewhere work like this. about 73 degrees in saratoga. 71 in menlo park, and 71 in the mimarket section of sa francisco. 78 f san jose, and 72 toy.
8:06 am
>> and that'your latest weather. thank you so much, guys. get excited. >> yeah. >> we are about to show you the first clusive look at the "fifty shas of grey's" cast. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> and the hollywood stars complaining about the costf red carpet dresses. >> tn at 8:38, hair repair. shouldou go shockingly short? >> maybe you should. >> i already going shockgly shor that's right afterhese messages. first, i took waarin, but i wondered, "could up my game?" my doctor told me about eliquis and thr important reasons to take eliquis inead.
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8:11 am
we are back at 8:11. here is what's trending today. and question. what would you do for a free morning commute? wod you break a sweat? >> well, i bike in in the morning. >> subway riders in mosw are being given an unusual option. get physical and the ride is three. do 30 squats two minutes and you d not have to p the 92 cents for a tick. >> you're thinking i can trick my way through this. but no there's a special machi to make sure you're acally ing the deep knee bes.
8:12 am
russian officials hope the program will encourage people to get in shape bore the winter ympics in sochi. >> wdon't have that machine. we jushave natalie with th whistle whistle blowing ] >> how many can you do? >> come onsavannah suggested this. >> great ia, savannah. >> this uld take all day. >> let's go guys. >> where are we ing? >> right here. >> who gave r the whistle. >> start. one, two, three -- [ whistlblowing ] >> eight, ten -- al id forget it. >> you get a free metro card. >> and you get a card. and u get a card. >> yeah and you gu got quite the view. rry, folks. yway, lester you happened to comen an excellent day aund hereecause we are now geing our exclusive first look at the "50 shades of grey" -- >> i've already seen it. >> amazing. >> you have it blown uon your mputer already.
8:13 am
dakota johnson and a.k. dornan, anastasia and chstian, who got togetheror the pictures last week. going to be published in the new issue of entertainme weekly. i have to say, having done all the research, having read l the books, they look the part. they look terrif together and some interesting this to point t, dakota says she doesn't want herarents to see the film. her parentof course being -- u think? melanie griffith and don johnson. the movie will be released valentine's day 2015. >> what kes so long to do this movie? >> it takes a long time to get itight. >> if only he had a great modeling nickname. what were you telling me? >> a former calvin klein model. his ckname is the golden torso. >> can you imagine -- just with the thumb,ust the -- >> yeah, i did but i was 1 at the time. >> that was good, al. >> wre used to seeing a-list celebrities rocking the latest
8:14 am
fashions. now kate hudson revealina lot of people mafind unbelievable. she says she can't aord the pricey drees. telling harper bazaar, pple think we own all these dresses but we borrow them i can't afford that stuff. i wish i could buthe truth is things are just so expensive. she credits her mom, goldie ha, with her ability to look great for ss. if you look it up, somof these esses you see actors and actresses wearing, $30,000 and up. so even if you're a rich hollywood star, th's a lot of cash. >> yeah. >> thi how many dresses they have too. >> and you can'tear it twice. >> you can't wear it twice. >> especially during the award season. going to those once a week. >> yeah, no. i don't think anybody can afford those. that's for sure. >> no. they get it for fr. >> well, matt has been busy while "on assignment." earlier we showed you his appearance last night with jay leno. matt also stopped byllen's show and, what a surise, matt got dressed up as a woman to be one ofwo women we all know pretty well around here.
8:15 am
>> the sexiest aent on the globe is -- french. myavorite -- i like th british. i like the southern. >> you do? >> yeah, i like uthern. there's something about a southern. >> she livedn the south for a long time fos. >> tre's something about that accent i just like, it's slow, it's st. >> it's seductive, yes, ma'am. >> these arectual transcripts from kathie lee and hoda's ogram. >> yeah, you got a problem with that? >> did they nail it? >> yeah. >> oh, yeah. they're ready for saturday night li. don't you think? >>llen sounded just like you kathie l but matt not so convincing. >> he's got the world'sorst wi >> he oked like donald trump. >> exactly. he did. snl ed to spoof us and ihink they used ouexact transcripts too. >>o. >> no they didn' >> there's no iters material. i like when they dohat you
8:16 am
guys do which is say things togeth. >> yes. >> hi, khie lee. good to e you. >> the's nobody like you gs. >> well, it's been fun. >> bye. >> a that's what's trending today. and, natalie, we have en looking forward to this. your turn to sre your inspiration. >> that's right, guys. we, today is my turn. i chose augie mano,omebody i've come to know very well in the past seven years having done stories on the "today" show. hes battling als, a relentless degenerativeisease, but somehow he transformed adversity into strength and along thway he has become a hero to so many people. sometimes in life,ou cross paths with seone, even if you just meet them in an insnt and they impact you so deey, perhaps in ways u never imagined. for me, that pern is augie. >> you can either cebrate what u can do or mourn wh you can't.
8:17 am
>> i first met him and h family seven years ago back in 2006. he foued life fitness among the very firsticycles and treadmills at the gym and heas su a huge force in the industry but in peakealth at the e of 46 he was diagnosed with als. or lou fwarg gehrig's diase. it's a fast ogressing and cruel disease that paralyz the body and sadly most people die within a few short yrs. >> my mind is sharper than eve >> after he was diagnosed, he felt prey powerless. in fact, he tried toake his own life. but then, he rebounded wita vengeance and he and his wife founded augie's ques in conjunction with the muscular dystrophy association, their go and mission was t help adicate this cruel disease.
8:18 am
>> we now have a new goal. 30 million in five years. >> the last time i saw him was back in 2009 and i honestl feared it might be t last time i would see m. but today, miraculously, he seems toe thriving by leaps and bounds. hoare you? you look great. >> hi, natalie. >> he cat move his body. he can't speak. buyou can see the fire in his eyes. his energy, his love, and his passio >> i feel very fortuna to be inhe place i am in life. >> augie's quest now h raised almost $40 million andmazingly s spirit seems stronger than ever >> he'll whisper tme in bed in the morning ansay i'm happy. >> reporte it's amazing to see him in action. he uses a roller ball typing with his foot and the comper speaks what he wants to say. >> it's azing that i watched you th morning and you are with us. >> for the first time in years
8:19 am
he's actuay working out again. it's a mind-boling feat. he is rking out at a special recovery facility called project lk. >> hhas moved his hands for the fit time in eight years. >> he is now tining with one singular goal in mind. >> i want to walk lisey down thaisle. >> his dauter lindsey's wedding is next summer and augie will be ere. he is able to physical move his legs now? >> i love you. you're doing a great job. >> i think this is a new place foaugie both physicalland emotionally. >> augie is a mar inspiration. >> he's your hero. >> oh, yeah, he is definely a hero. recently i met corereach, just 27 years old. the peak ohis life and is battlingls.
8:20 am
>> augie wou never allow it to keep him from doing what he wants to do. >> i get so much strenh from you anyour family. >> i think wt's so inspiring about augie is he'a fighter, a force, appreciate, positive, and fearss. if he can do it, the rest of us certainly ca wow. >> augie as you sethere lives and he loves everyecond of every day. he's still incredibly active. not only with augie's quesbut also on the business front too. he is the chair of octane fitness, even on thboard of curve fiess. so he is busier th ever if you can belie that and his mind is sharper than ever. >> and his condion seems to have not oy stabilize but in some ways isetting better which seems so unheard o >> it . reality check here because it is als, it is a fatal disease. but has had a tracheoto which helpedith his breathing. he has a feeding tube and he
8:21 am
also -- he's in a very fortunate situation that he can afrd the best medicalare and techlogy. so that's how he fills his life and he is one of those guys at he's going to fit it to the bitter end. >> but just moving his hand. >> for t first time in eight year and you saw how hisife got so emotional. >> what a moment that will be next year if he's le to walk her down the aisle >> july. >> thank you for intducing us to aug. >> and kathie lee we get to meet your inspiration in a little while in the 10:00 hour. >> right. is thiwhen i'm supposed to tell everybody who it is? >> right, sure >> i went down the other nig to billy gram's 95th birthday party,nd when i was 12 years d i went to a movie lled the restless ones. that's billy -- he was on one of my christmaspecials. but i went to a movie caed "theestless ones." it was the first movie that the billy graham organization had put out. like theerson in the film, i was onhe very cusp of
8:22 am
womanhood and you can go to world's way and i feltike god was saying no why don't you trusme with your life. i'll maksomething beautiful t of it. it was a movie theater but i went down to the end of the altar and asked jesus to my het, and it completely transformed and has affected every moment of my days since. so you'll meet billy if you haven't already, on the 10:00. and we'll hear matt's inspiration tomorrow. >> yeah, y're a great woman of fah and that's somethi that billy gave to you. >> he introduced it. my wle family, actually. my whole famil so i -- d i got a chance to say at the very end of his birthdayarty the other night i was able to goight up to him and say billy, it's kathie lee and he could focusnd he said, i love you. >> aw. >> i could die happy. we'll see more of tt at 100. >> thankou. meantime, everyone'favorite anchorman ron burgundy is
8:23 am
heading back -- >> wow. >> i only trust my newfrom him. >> i'm tryg to deal with my inspiration. yway, ron burgundy and willie you have t experiences. >> feel like we're shiing gears. >> i thought it was in the same family as iniration. >> he is ainspiration in many ways. ron burgundy and me evidence that he's a big deal. on a recent visit washington d.c. wl ferrell and his cody routine suggested to the newseum th building an anchorm exhibit would be a good idea and boy, were they right. >> hey, america, did you ms my hot brth in your ear? >> you've se the trailers. >> is that your foot between my legs? >> and rewatched the original. >> i don't know how to put this, but i'm kind of a g deal. >> america's number one fake anchormaand his many leather bod books are back. >> i'm going to do the thing that godut ron burgundy on
8:24 am
this earth to do. have salon quality hair and read the news. >> reporter:anchorman 2" doest open until next moh t beginning tomorrowthe annel 4 news team stars in a new hibit at the newseumn washington d.c. in a museum thathow cases the best of serious journalism through the year the anchorman exhibit shows off, well, something else in a light hearted celebration of '70s tv news. >> even museums can have a sense humor and, in fact, they should he a sense of humor because sometimes learning happens a ttle bit better with laugher involved. >> reporter: nbc got an exclusive look at me of anchorman's most famous props and coumes. as with any great artifas, certain precautis had to be taken. >> now, put on some gloves i you're going to touch that. >> put on oves. >> absolutely. >> youuys are not messing around are you? >> no. reporter: i began to explore history. may i touch itith the glove. >> y, absolutely.
8:25 am
it's me of the finest polyester. >> reporter: you can justeel the magic. i'm a better anchorman for hang touch that. this is unmistakable. >> thiis ron burgundy's jazz flute that he playso expertly. >> a little m and eggs coming at you. >> this is the whip from o of the rival anchor >> the sewers run red with burgundy's blood. >> reporter: visitors even get their n shot at being ron burgandy. >>ho would have thunk it? cat that juggles. at's going to do it fr us at the knew sm. we'll send it back to e studio and you willie, you se son of gun. >> yeah. >> thankou very kindly mr. buundy. this ithe official i love scotchy scotch scoh that can be purchased a the newseum. it opens tomorrow and runs through next summer. "anchorman" hits theaters in december. >> i love the mug you brought me
8:26 am
>> the billy graham museum is in charlotte, northarolina. >> thank you for keeping us on the straight. >> good morning to you. 8:26 i'm lra garcia cannon. e environment proteion agencyownvestigating harmful chemicals found underground in a mountain view neighborhood. next year the epa will start a press drilling holes ahen into the ground along edendale avenue. the go is to mix that compound th a harmf chemical of pce to turn it io carbon dioxide and salt. the chemil is linked to caption and it has been found underound and extending under highway 101. speaking of highway 101 this morning, jus talking cars here let' check that morning commute
8:27 am
with mike. >> it was jammed up. we have heavy traffic flow through the 101. also, as you head towards half-moon bay and highway 35 just pas280 there's a crash recorded. a big rig with busted axle there. the bridg themselves are mong all right for your commute, and southund 88 jams up through hayward and passing whiple road there's a new crash. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. thanyou for joining u as ll. another cal news update coming up in half hour.
8:28 am
to those who've waited. worried. poked and prodded... taken risks. and lived in atate of "what if?".. welcome to a new state.. of health. welcome to covered california. the place toind quality, affordable coverage. financial he for those in need. and body can be denied cause of a pre-existing condition. enroll n at or call 1-800-752-6631.
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8:30 am
30 now on a wednesday morning. is the 13th of november, 2013. we've got a happy cwd o our plaza this morning as we dosey do amonghe anchors re. it's a squar danc >> there's no offial line-up of how we're supposed to stand. >> holon. >> ready, go. >> okay.
8:31 am
what's coming up. >> coming up, the cronut craving. >> i haven't had one. >> i haven either. >> we'llalk to the m behind it and find out what he thinks about the imitators out there d what his next big idea is and then we'll give it a try. >> we don't have to stand i line for that? >> no. >> i can't wait. >> when it comes tohair, lot of starsre going short by the route of the pixie cut now but is a chop the only way to fix ur damaged locks? we he solutions whether your hair is too brittle, too thin, you me it. >> all of us have bn tking this morning that the studio smells likeheaven. we kno why. >> why? >> cheffed todd englisis here with a tury free thasgiving feast. >> first, let's get a check of the weather. >> all right. we'll start it off and show you what you've got going on. it's a beautifulday. looking at sunshine in the northeast althoug it is chillier than usl. 83 i l.a. look for 39 in chicago. wind chills about 10 to 15
8:32 am
degrees colder. then for tomorrow we hav enty of sunshine forou up and down the east coast. only showers in the pacific northwest and a few lake effect snow >> good weesday morning. welcome to the warmest day of the week. into the 50s.right now warming we have a beautiful day shaping up. we want tohow you san francisco. we'll see about 71 degrees. erall looking good there. saratoga. 71 in menlo park. walnut creek, 79 griz. and that's your latest -- >> no problem at all. >> hey. >> thank you. >> come on in.
8:33 am
>> what havyou got there? >> we, we have lots of treats here. >> maybe i should introduce this segment. >> good idea. >> now to the man behind the year's tastiest phrase, the cronut craig mvin sat down with him. good morning. >> ever since it burst on t scene back in may is been nothing but sweet suess. he has a new creatn out. we'llample that in just a moment. first, the man behind the treat andis take on the copy cats. >> guilty or innocent here at 4:58 a.m. >> for doted fans ofhis pastry it's like aeligious experience. >> i think crons are what jesus eats on a sunday rning. >> hundreds linep, wait and camp out like teenagers for concerts. >> i've had dreams about a
8:34 am
crut before but i never actually had one. >> a 6', soft spoken 34-year-old frenchman strolls the sidewalks every morning thking the faithful for contuehe craves. >> this pastry cnged my li. >> people said this pastry anged my life? >> tt's right. many times. >> reporter: it's a croissant doughnut hybrid that takes three days to meeally dothat? i was skeptical. >> you canee all the flaky layers and we have the cream and the ja >> oh okay. you kw what? the hyp is real. the hype is real. >> reporter: all agreed. first snap a pos andhen arf it down. he grew up very poor. the youngest ofour an hour north of paris. with no education he lked for kitchen work. >> i drove not knowing anyone
8:35 am
and ended up working for one of theighest bakeries i pari >> rorter: 8 years later he got a call from a renowned chef that workedn new york. two yearsgo he stepped out on his ownnd this spring introduced the world to the cronut. >> ianted to make a difference. >> reporter: he was sprised by the success. >> and second day we open the op, we had 50 people at the door, th third day wead over 100. >> reporr: because the kitch is so tiny, only 350 to 400 a madedaily. the costsre $5 each. >> you could charg more too, you know? >> i don't want to charg more. it's a fair price. >> reporter: they are becoming popular, impostor are turning up everywhere. an exciting victoria beckham put breakfast, cronuts. he teted who tricked victoria
8:36 am
beckm into thinking thoseere re onuts. >> do you worry that you'll be knowas the cron guy? >>'m creating new things actually. >> reporter: buthose waiting in line are just thankful to have one before it sold t. >> what? >> cronut. >> that's pretty good. >> there it is. >> that' pretty good. they change the flavo every month. this is the dolce daleche. >> it's like fine wine. >> he resisted opening additional bakeriess well because he wants to control the ality. if he makes beten 350 and 400 can make sure they' good. this is a magic souffle and it's insi this onge blsom -- >> what's thi chocolate tree thing. >> i have no idea what i is. >> why is it here? >> that's the savannah guthrie
8:37 am
pine cone. they sent it over. >> is this a trick? >> youhould eat that. no, seriously. >> how do you think should approach it? remember the edible wrapper? >> that's what i'm afraid of. >> is this a fake desert or real desert? >>t's a real desert. >> how are you goio attack that. >>ust -- >> don't push my head into it. >> . >> go. >> you guys talk toach other. >> oh my -- heaven. >> what's in there. >> ion't know. >> you go it in your ir. >>t's a cream. >> it's a cream with like a chocolate tray. >> the souffle is good >> it'not so sweet. >> i'm good. >> it' very good. >> poor people watchin us t. >> thank you very much. >> cing up next repair f damaged ha. >> and at8:51, hd the turkey.
8:38 am
a delicus thanksgiving meal without the bird. but first, thiis "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
hollywood ctainlyeems to be loving short hair these days. beyonce posteder new do on instagram, rember that? pamela anderson is sportg a short new pixie cut and jennifer hudson has also gone super short laly. the most rece membersf the club jennir annisto and jennifer lawrce. th reportedly made the change because they wanted to repair their damaged hair is tt look for you? is tt what you need t do to repair yourhair? harry, good morng to you. >> good morning. >> sheas comaining about damaged hair. what didou feel about your ir? >> y know,basicay, kind of -- i would feel it would go flat on me and it's a ltle thinnethan it w before and
8:41 am
no matter what products i p in, it would eventuay go flat. >> think we have a before picture. >> wdo have a before picture. >> tell us wha you recommended. >> with a lot of women - for starterers healt hair sov rated. by coloring her hairhe will have more body. a lot of people don't have tt issue. if you don't wt to color your hair, moose is going to beour best friend. 's a lightweit styr and actually putting in a velcro roller willive you body all dalong. >> you put aittle color in to increase volume. >> we didn'today. my advice for eryonet home that has virgin hair that is really fine. color will expand theair shaft and allowt to not get greasy an flat which fin hair does often. >> thank you so much. have our next patient, she cacome on in here. w are you?
8:42 am
>> good. >> tell us what your complaints were about your hair? >> my hairas gotten damaged because of years of putting relars in it and color in it and it was very thicand it's been getting very thin. >> this is a problem with a lot of african american hair. you want to pross and change the xture. but we're going to embrace the texture. instead of having to be consntly ironing it an flattening it we're going to rk with her texture. we're going to cut the dead ends off and really start to work with her natural texture and get it back to nice curly spot where she can wear it natural. silico products are perfect for herair typeo really isolate the curl andreate a nice xture. >> have you heard about the things -- >> yeah, they -- >> do the work? >> yeah, all of the fish oil supplements, the mn ingredient is fish oil. fishil is the number one ingredient tha hydrates hair fromhe inside out allowin
8:43 am
healy, shiny hair. >> are you going to give her a little cut? we ar we're going to cut a little bit of this but my scissors aren't on the table. >> wll do air cu >> oh, wait, someone igoing to hand us the scissors. >> at the end of the day, what we want to do is cut the damag off andtart from scratch. thank you very mh. >> jt kidding. just a little trend to get it going. i say probably -- i don't know, you seem prett comfortable. how about mething like that. about thr inches. she has been tryg to grow her ha out. oh, weave to go. >> i promise to do the make over off mera. thank yoso much. >> we' check back in with you. t's bring beth in right now. shelso has damaged hair and she habeen saying she wants to see it- tell us what you would recommend here. >> this is an extreme case overprocessed, fine hair, it's rely brittle. >> you're going t chop it?
8:44 am
>> this is gng to go somewhere in just a by trim. ho about that. >> oh. >> i promise you darling you will look fabulous by the end of the show. you' have a beautiful bob. >> are you ready? >> i'm scared. >> ireaking out. >> don't be. >> but if anyones going too it, she going to do it. >> you'ren great hands. you're going to love how you look. we'll show it at the end of the show and online as well. >> excellent. >>hank you to our gorgeous dels. >>ery good. >> coming up next, a you man that fouhe way to make the dreaded commute less streful. but first, this is "toda on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
wre back a 8:46. today's america's story comes from detroit, the biggest city in america ever to go bankrupt. but bankrupy doesn't mean a lackf good ideas. bob found one in the shadows.
8:47 am
>> reporter: these a dark tis for detrt, literally. 40% of its strtlights are broken. 78,000 bldings have been burned or abdoned. and nearly that many bus riders in this bankrupt city are left to wonder whe or if they'll get to wo. ter $7 million was cut from the transit budg. >> wn is the bus comi? >> well, two psed by five minutes o. >> vera plays thatuessing game every day. en they do stop >> get on. >> t nurse's a had been waiting aotal of 45 minutes. >> i can't believe this.
8:48 am
andy offered a simple solution. he back six o buses, hired a grfiti artist to spiff thep and installedlectronic trackers. >> we can send buses wherever they need to go. >> commuters tap their location into the company web ge. or watch their bus approh on a smartphone. >> many of these people never worked in transit in their lives but thehave theense of what important in a city >> of course little business thatould can't compete with detroit's big transit system. so andy is trying something the city needsven more. buses rarely roll through thi sohwest neighborhood bause so many people have moved out. >> any number betwe 0 and infinity. >> still, there are 40 after scho programs forchildren. they just can't get to them
8:49 am
safely. 15% of the homes are rble and ash. >> evething is gone just abt. >> except the mcphale family. ey worked long hours at six jobs. >> are you ready? >> so they can't always catch up e littlest when she com home from the community center after scol. before andy's bus company gave he a lift,he sometimes had t walk. >> it was scary there's a lot of dangers stuff in the alleys we had to go through. >> theuses are moving cotantly picking up kid. two can do t work of 20. they carry 1,100 children each month to a bette place. >> theseids are more likely to graduate, more lely to go on to college and more likely to bring the the success back to their nehborhood. >> something few thought possible a first.
8:50 am
>> there have enany times this bus company has terrified me. >> he was told the insurance for these buses would cost more than all the aernoon rates mbined. called them par service and we had ourbuses. >> there are deep shadows, but kiara n longer dread the darkness because good idea lights her way. for "today", nbc news with a amican story in detroit. >> great idea. ifou're wondering, kids ride free to the afterchool activies thanks to a grant by the stillm foundation. >> somebodysays, i don't care what yousay,'m going to go ahead and do it.
8:51 am
>> who doesn't wan to ride in a party bus? >> we have to get us one. up next, chef todd's recipes for activitiyurkeyless thanksgiving. but first is is "today" on c. "today" on nbc. would look like johntamos. wow! wow! and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too wish graed.
8:52 am
dannon oikos gek nonfat yogurt. it's thick, creamy but 0% fat and twice the prein. sounds tooood to be true... huh..! where didtamos go? he's here, the oikos are on him. this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogur too delicious to be so nutrious. ♪ dannon. we areack with today's kitchen and we askhe question what would thanksgiving dinner
8:53 am
be without the tuey? well, something fabulous. good morning to you. >> good morng. i often get asked this, if there'an alternative to thanksgiving, maybe, do a ham. why not? >> yeah, it's not against t law. >> no. >> or if y're cooking for a g crowd, bring in the ham too. >> what kd of ham is this? >> it's a spiral cutham. virginia ham. it's been smoked and cooked already. when they say spiral cut, they do itnd it's own the bone. it's bter on the be because the flar is much, much better. you can see how it's cut so it's spun around the bone. >> it's precooked. so what are we doing? >> we're going t make a glaze foit and heatt up and cook it and tenderi it evenmore. what i'm going to do isut water in there. it acts as a steaming technique to heat ithroughout the ham and we're going to tint i with alumum foil. >> tint as good different tn a covering. >> same idea. >>ut you lve a little room arnd the side. but u allowt to steam.
8:54 am
the spiral hams tend to dry out a little bit if you don't have the moisture i there. i'll have you help me with this too. >> h long do you leave i in to steam? >> about twohours. >> all right. >> now we're going to make a glaze. this is an old fashioned gze that we have rene. >> okay >> ginger, shallots, brown sugar and jalapeno. >> should i put it all in ere. >> yeah >> fresh pineapp juice. >> rember the old pineapple glaze with t cherries. yes. >> jalapenost's a littl unual. >>f you want to leave t seeds in it makes it much more -- i've got maple syrup in there. >> all right. >> so you've got theice sweet and sour glaze. you let that ruce down to tha and you add pineapple chunks to it as well. >> okay. >> and we're going to show you here, we're going to finishhis glade. we add scaions a butter. buer helps to coatr blanket the ham. >> so in real life, how long do yolet that cook? >> aut -- well, ts reduced down to --ts about 45 minute
8:55 am
>> ok. >> okay and we're going toake that over here and i've baked thisow for about an hour and a half and we' going to finish this -- look at the beautiful juices. i'm going to show you how we're going to d this. put a little bit of this ontop. glaze it over the top and we're gointo put the blanket -- get t the pineapples. put them onop like that. >> here i am cooki again. >> we're going to blanket this. thiss thinly sced fresh pineapple. >> okay. >> use fresh. always available. okay. we take that. we come arod to the side here. >> yeah? >> so this has been in e oven for about -- put it back in for about 20o 30 minutes and look at that. >> that looks beautifu >> n tell usbout your sides. i hear you have tofu today. >> are you a tofu fan? >> . >> okay. maybe today you will be. >> we use regular bacon but we can also use tkey bacono
8:56 am
liten it up. a little olive oil and red wine vinegar. there he is. >>ou guys downstairs. >> and real quickly what do we have he? >> we have our pimp kumpkin her this is like pumpkin pie. >> i can'tear you. >> thank you guys. >> let me carve this up for you. >> you carve, the recipes are on and remember we ve harry dostairs hard at work o our hair models. if you wan to see the fin >> a man found in east san jose last night. he was pronounced dea soon after. we'll bring you mor information as it com into our newsroom. right now time t get a look at the forecast with meteorologist ristina loren. >>hey, good morning tu, ura. good morng to you at home. we are warming nicely out there.
8:57 am
plenty of sunshine to go around highs are going to jump from th mi50s into the 70s a we hea throughout theecond half of e day. expecting degreesn san stick around.e east bay.d 80 we'll ha your sen-day focast in just a few ments. hope youave a fantastic day. [ male announc ] you cachange your tomorrow
8:58 am
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if you do someing today. and ere's never been a better time because this year, devruniversity has $45 million dollars in need and met-based scholarships a grants available to those who qualify. and this degree can make a differee. in 2012, % of devry university grads actively seeki employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your ti. apply by january 6th anfind your career sucss in the bay area.
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visit this is todas take with al roker,atalie morales, and willie geis liverom studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welme to "today" on this chilly new york wednesday morning, november 13th, 2013. i' willie geist along withl roker and natal morales. u'll forgive us as we continue to digest that ham. >> oh mygosh. itas aming. the todd english ham. go to >> unbelievable. it's sh's tenth birthday today. >> is it really? >> you should bring him a ham. >> maybe i will. look what i brought you sweee. >> i remember being on the sw pregnant with him. it's amazin >> a big d for you and you introduced uso an incredible
9:01 am
man in your inspired by ece. >> we're so luc toet to know people that reall inspire us ery day. augie is somebody i got to know several years ago and he is battling alsnd back then when i firs met h he couldtill walk and still talk andver the years i have seen how this disease has progressed and has robbed him and his family of all that was augie. he w a fitness pioneer. founded le fitness. he had done something le 26 marathons. this was guy at top of h ga when al ruck. it's such a horfic disease. >> improvement. >> you know, it's interesting. he's had a traeotomyecently which help wit the breathg. he's eaten with a feeding tube but he's started t eat soft foods agn. sot's almost lik the progression of t diseaseas slowed down some what and stopped. it's great and his daughter is getting married soon. his goal is t tryo wal down the aisle and heas movement
9:02 am
again in hiseet and hands. so we'll see. he'sorking out with that goal in mind. >> that was t part of the piece that got m the most. in fa, i think we have it right here. >> it's amazing to seeaugie in action becau he sti very much is active. he uses rler ball typing with his foot and then the mputer speak what is heants to say. it's amang that i watch you is morning and you are with us. >> for the first time in years, he's actually working outagain. it's a mind bogglg feet. he's working out at a speci recovery facility called project walk. >> he moved his hands for the firstime in eight years >> his daughter lindsey's weing is next summer and augie will be there. >> a beautiful family. lot of grand kids now in the family. a lot to live for and he is fighting everyday. >> i don't know anyby in the family but i'm chod up already thinkingbout the wedding next year. >> that's amazing.
9:03 am
>> it's going to incredible. that was a great piece. >> thank you. well, fromy inspiration to kindf what inspiredou some what in washington.c. >> h inspires all of us in som way esn't he. >> the anchor people in us. >> mr. ron burgundy. >> there's turn. >> whiplash. >> the museum i washington d.c., a very serious museum with journalism and the history of journalism, now welcong ron burgdy. it is -- it opens tomorrow and it's an exhit of all the artifacts and use the tm artifacts because when i went in there they made me put on the blue gloves that you see right ere because these are historical pces of course. they got t sus. th've got the jazz flutes y saw there. the whip from the fight scene. take a look at some of the other stuff i sa >> w, you he to put on se glov if you want to touch that. >> put on gloves to touch the ron burguy su. wow. you'reot mesng arou. >> no.
9:04 am
>> oh my goodness. >> it's made of the finest polyesr. >> i'm a better anchorman for having touched at. >> who would have thunk it? a cat that juggles. that will do itor us here at the studio and you willie, you sexy sonf a gun. >> since they are artifac i uldn't put on the suit, i brought that blazer with me to the shootn the off chance that i could find an opportunity to wear it. i ownhat jacket. a maroon blazer. i've had it aut ten years. >> have you everorn that on ai >> no. >> i got my start doi local weather, syracuse, new york, 1974 around was a college studt. so i went to jcpenney and i got th polyester four-piece suit. it had two pairs of pants, a reversible vest and a jacket. >> four looks in one. >> it actually had 88 different coinations. >> come on. >> that's what they sa. >> how much di it cost? >> it co 29.95. >> 100% fint polyester. >> thas right.
9:05 am
it was the best. >> what would happeno the polyester suit iyou didn't wear the gloves >> i would burst into flames. >> it was cted in flame retardant. so it'okay. the museum opens tomorrow in washgton. thmuseum is great on its own buthis is a nice little side. runshrough next sumr as well. e movie comes outn december. >> can'twait. billlinton in the new this morning. he sadng his vce to the growing pressure on president obama in the white hse over his problemlagued hlth care plan. on tuesdayresident clint spoke about the affordable car ac in an interview with an online magazi. >> iersonally believe even if it tak a change in the law thathe president should honor the commitment the federal govement made to those people and let them keephat they got. >> so president cnton there is talking about the people that have had their insurance cancelled in favor of th policies that came as a surprise to many people because psident obama id from theeginning if you like yrealth care you keep your health care.
9:06 am
>> over and ov again he made that promise. >> this i a big move f clinn to side with the growing chorus. it's not just republicans. it's democrat >> y have to do something. this is -- >> right. >> it's not just republican issue, it's a biptisan issue. we have to d something and you have to do something right now. >> but it's interesting he's speaking t. now a lot of people saying what does this mean? ifhere's a possible 2016 run for hilary down the road. >> i d't think it's -- >> . >> i think it's just pragmatic as you have to do something. >> y haveo make good onhat promise. >> everyone has recognized it's more than a website problem now. there'structural things that have to be aressed. speaking of the health ca law, a new series of online adds featuringyans gossng. he doesn't know about that. >>no. unveiled yesterday by suppoers
9:07 am
of colorado's health insurance exchange. one ad reads hey girl, you're excited about easy access to birtcontrol and i'm excited abou getting to know you. she got insurance and now you can to thanks obamacare. >> ron burgundy. >> well, you can rea the second ad. >> second . let's get ysical. omg he's hot. let's hope he's as easy to get as birth control. my health insurance covs the pi which means all haveo rry about is getting it beeen the vers. >> much better. >> thank you. >> all you needed was -- >> can you do an imitaon of ryan gossling's lawy. >> s sells. if only they could get the website to work, ough. >> i guess traffic to the websit features the ads. it exploded yesterday. >> literallyexploded. >> there you go. it's workin >> so they s they nee t reach 20omething women. they hope ts roundf ads will do it. a lot of people are offended by
9:08 am
this for obvious reasons. >> youthink? >> it will oy be on social media. not billboards or buses. >> thaakes it better because social media is n everywhere these days,ight? wow. let's move o to something think is a ltle more inspiring. somean say it maybe controveial as well but i think this is a great message. an all female colge in kentucky has a new ad campaign telling students they should not think th they're princees. th mercy academy campaign tells young won life is not a fairy tale. another says you're not a princess. other says don't waifor a prince. be able toescue yourself. prepare foreal life a lot of young girls grow up and i think we're alluilty of it. you watch the hollywood romance movies and you see the happy ending and the guy alwaysomes in and saves everybody and everybody lives happily ever ter and thas not life. >> no we got a statement from the school. they say this is a risky
9:09 am
campaign for us so many young wom grow up in a society where they want to be a princess. our message is y're not a prin prince, you're more. our girls write eir own story. our curriculum is built to prepare our young women for the real worldy teaching them to wo through real rld problems. >>t's a great message. >> good for them. >> those ofs tt have daughters appreciate th. >>o you do the whole princess thing? the girls le that. >> wlie and i do the princess thing. >> together. >> yeah but our girls -- >> i didt know we were going puic with at. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> that came out. >> but iave a 6-yearld dahter. the's no harm in herearing a hallowee costume forrincess as long as you teach her the right things. >> and that she can conquer the world. >> and she will. >> of course she will. >> go conquer the world. >> it haseen chilly. you wouldn't believe how cold it can be even in ourstudio it'sust -- i mean,e've got hard freeze warnings and freeze
9:10 am
warningsrom new mexico all the way to the rolinas. it is cold out there and here's thdeal. we've got a big area of high pressure that is dominating the mid-section ofhe country. we've got tt cold air coming in out of canada. and that is just going to stay here for the next 48 hours. ok at this right now, boston, it feels like it's 1 above. lexington, keucky, 28. it feels like it's 31 in new orleans today for a high. it's only going to get up to 58 in houston. that's 15 degrees below normal. lexington 44. boston, 15 degrees below normal. but here'she good news, in 48 hours, this high slideso the east we get the moderatin air and temperures will be much more normal by the time we get into friday bac to either 9: wednesday morning. good mning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are sti in the 50s,ut we are reachg the low 6 0sn many cities along the
9:11 am
pensz la. san francisco looking go. as we ad throughout the day today, san francisco, what a treat we have in sto for you. right around 71 degrees in the heat ofhe day. it'sard to believe it's nomber when it feels thisarm ouide. 72 in san jose. s 71 for san mateo, and 69 in the inner rhmond dirict. erall looking good. tomorrow we drop off a touch. and that's your latest weather. >> cominup, i'm excited about a segment. 's hard to stay motived or beotivated wit something in mind. well, i have been trying to challenge myse to do 15,000 stepa y. i wear a nike fuel band to help me get there. i decided you guys are going to join me in the challenge. this one is als. >> i've aeadystarted. >> you've got one. >> you've already done 5,463 steps. i've done only 1,000 something. what time did you get up this morng? >> 3:15. >> what did you do? walk to work? >> i walked the dog before i
9:12 am
come iand do errands in the house. >> i come to wo in a chairi. noteps volved. >> what are you doin today? big active stuff going? >> i better find something to do quick. >> so this, i guess itoeso the app on your phone. we'll check in torrow morning with that. but we're going to talk more about that segment coming up. how to get motivated. let us know how you stay motited with your #motivates me we'll look at what you have to y and share your own goals for we'll look at what you have to y and share your own goals for the rest of the year rig after i started partime, hool. tirement pla ll the doctor. text t groomer. find gear fosoccer. send invites to a party. post kare pics. help sean with history. bale of hastings... 10. all that with my anoid from tracfone... now with three times the talk, te and data for as low as $7 a month. unbeatable natnwide coverage without a contract.
9:13 am
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9:16 am
holidays coming up too. sohings get in th way of tryingo keep motivated. at are things we can do in order to set a goal and keep to it? >> the first step is to create a vision. what do you wanto eate? i ll it point out the telescope. what do you see as the end result. then the microscope. these are the actio you want take the realize t vision in the telesce. >>ll right. >> so i'm going to layout my goal. that's to do 15,0 steps a y. it's getting colder. it's hard to be motivated and can reach that goal when i go for a run and take the dog for a lk but there's days when i'm like i don't really want t go for run. >> i feel the same way. the best advice i received, the only pern on the planet to colete six doue iron man trtholon. last timhe did it he was 59 yes old. i sai how did youo it? >> he said i learned to talk to myself insad of listen to myself. if i listen to melf i hear all the negative, all the
9:17 am
complaints, all doubt. but if i talk to myself i can feed myself with thwords and the encouragement and the reason why i'm doi it that fuel mess toward that finish line. >>ust talking in a positive way. so we've gotur littletep things going here. so we'll meare our steps. >> 12,0. >> 12,000. so if you atome want to join with u as well l us know your progressoo. start working right now. >> that's more you arms. >> oh, yes. >> all of it. >> all rit. mine is not s physical. this is one tha plagues me throughouthe year. it's doing a better job keepi in touch with friends. gu that have been my best friends my whole lif and when i see them in person i reaze we haven't spoke in six months. you feel like you're in touch because you send a quick e-mail here or there. how can wbe better at that? >> we nee to create rituals and routines. do e-mails, make a few calls, a few texts, a few posts on facebook. whatever it is tha you want to reach o tond that best friend, get together, mayb
9:18 am
once a month, once eve two weeks. get togeth. eate a ritual and routine that helps us through t busyness of our lives. >> you have to work a it. >>t's really focus. >> al, yo hav a basement issue. >> yeah,ave a basement. i have to clean the basement out. i jus shut the door a walk away. at do i do? >> what can he do. >> i livin florida. we don't even have basements. >> so your first goal is to get a bament. get a basement but we have messy garages. so i know how you feel. break it up int smaller chunks. don't try to do it a at once. >> find onearea. >> right. one area or clear out all the clutter first off. i'm getting rid of all the things i don't want a i'm going to give it to chary. thenake all the stuffou want to keepnd then oanize it. next step, g and clean everything up. >> make se the kids aren't down there, then. >>o work on your sts. you're goingo walk to the orange room >> 487. 88. 5,000 --oh, very good. >> some of the aice you say is
9:19 am
create small ods. follow routines an rituals. u say visualization is importt. what do you mean by one word? >> it can be a driving force toward us fo our vision. my word ts year is serv i wa to make sure i serve others. my wife'sord is consistent. she wants to beore consistent as a mom. my s who is 13. his words focus. he wants to focus on school and tenn court. my daughter, her word is tential. so we canll choos a word that drives us andotivates us to be our best. >> speaking of motivation. >> here we go. we got a tweet in here. during myeight loss journey begin each day with aositive message on my facebook. >> i'm at 5,548. >> yeah, youe blowi usaway. >> i think i'm at 1,188. >> i'm at like 14. >> and willie is at 2. >> yeah. >> john gordon. wel update you on our progress by tomorrow morning. up next, we'll get you caught up on the headlines you need bore
9:20 am
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♪ that's my kind of hoday. ve big all season lg with 5% off plus freshipping with your debit or creditedcard. > there are new guidelines th morning an how the cholesterol lowering dgs ould be prescribed. millions o americans take one or a combination of tse drugs to get theirholesterol down to a specic goal but new guidelin prompt doctors to move away from a focus on cholterol levels to simply getting pele in high risk tegories started on the medications. they'reikely to lead to a jump in prescriptions. new study suggests severe depression doesn'tust effect the mind but can speed up the aging process. researchers found associaon beeen major depressive disorder a accelerated cellular aging. people with depression are at an increased risk for deases that
9:24 am
can ce with agingike dementia. >> they're creatinghe world's bigges airline. the justice department cleared the merger on tuesday. it could mean more competitive prices in busy markets like new york and washingn d.c. but analysts s it could actually lead to fare increases in smaller cities. tens of millions of amerans will be hitti the road this thanksgiving holiy on the hhways and in the ai where is everybody going? the most popular hometown destination is detriot, michigan. that is based on the perntage of peopleeturning to the city, the busiest rest stop is delaware's welcome center in newark a the country's busiest airport shouldn surprise many, it's atlanta's hartfield airport. >> an intense bidding war lead to a world record on tsday night. three studies sold for more than $142illion in new york. that's t most ever bid for a work o art at a aucon
9:25 am
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9:26 am
wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cere. >> 9:26. i'm laura garcia cannon. the power back on at a popular bay area casino. there was a fiery crash that knocked ou power to seval walnut park neighborhoods, incling the gratton resort and the driver crashed into a pole abt 10:50 last night and may have hit a transformer. the driver actlly ran from t scene. th light pole is locatedn roberts lake road near highway 101 about a mile northwest of the graton casino. this iwhat it looked like when most of the slot mhines in the people safe. inside to keep wholfoods justnnounced a new recall stemming fm the recent one issued by richmond's glass onion catering compy. the store is recalling et cetera
9:27 am
ready to eat arthoke wheatberry salad and its southwest sufu salad because they could be contamited about coli. if you haveither of the products, just toss tm out or take them back to the store for a refund. we're going to have a quick break. we'll have a look at weather and affic right after this.
9:28 am
>> welcome ba. happy wednesday morning. temperaturesre warming so cely. we're at 60 degrees now along th peniula. justant to give you an idea of yo hour by hour changes in san hose wa we'll be at 68 at lurchl time. 72 degrees by 4:00 p.m. elsewhere i'm forecasting 80s in some cities. 73 degreesor saratoga. 70 in menlo park. inner richmond distrt today, 72 degrees, and look at this. 80 degrees in pleasanton. remember, can you get your seven-day forecast. it's scrolling at the bottom our screen, and we have every entire bay area cored.he whole speaking of which, who is covering your drive? mike. >> sometimes i go over to her desk and just ask her. you guys can't do that iguess. we're looking over here towards
9:29 am
oaklandhere traffic is going away fromus. southbound is jammed up. so is the northbound side. this is just south of the coliseum the map will put it int it is very slow, but startg to recover over the last 15 minutes. it's been a veryough drive. the southbou direction to the bottom of the seen arash involving a motorcycle andwo other pickuprucks has finally cleared at marina and tha will cause late flowing through the area. once you get to the san mateo bridge, it's okay. crash at 29 repting blockin two lanes in the northbound diction. watch th. slowin through fremont heading southbound 0 down in towards milpedis. that's the las of the morning commutinto the south bay. >> thanks for the update thank you r joining us as well. another update in half hour. have a great day. [ female announcer ] now yr most dazzling accessory can be your smile. colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than
9:30 am
a leading itening toothpaste. and whiten even me, with tic white mouthwash and t whole colgate optic white line. >> welcome back to "tod" on this wednesday morning, novber 13th, 2013. i' willie along with al and natalie. >> andour elfie friend. >> my little elf friend. this is of course the elf on a shelf or elf in pocket. >> it's your pket el >> you can touch it. >> it watches over houses during christmas time and makes sure the kids are nice and not naughty. well, heas new competition. this is very citing. f w great is that. >> mens on abench. >> how great is is.
9:31 am
>>hey're already sold out. but you can get one. >> how gat is th? >> so f the 8 days you have the mensch on the bench instead of the elf on a elf. >> can i take this out w? >> no, you can't touchhim. you have to leave him there the rest ofhe show. >> okay. it will be natural. >> he'll have to jump and fly and hide away somewhere. anay, how about a check of the ather, al. >> see, now we're getting into creepy -- it's a lovely wholome thing. >> he has a earring. >> is it a she elf? >>he has earrings and eyelashes. >> oh,ou just touched it. no. >> i ruined christmas. i ruined christs. >>verybody set your watches. this is where it all went downhill on chstmas. take that tree down. >> take down boys. >> rget it. >> it's over. >>ye bye. you can ank willie geist for that. >> sorry ki. >> but we stl got the mensch
9:32 am
on the bench. >> if you think that's a bench, i've got a bench for you. okay. let's check thweather. you'll like it,maybe, i don't know. oh, look,hey, l.a., some of my frnds are there. lookt that weather. that's a sunrise. #today sunrise, it's fantasti and we have high surf visori advisori. most pt it's a nice day except it's chilly t eastern two-thirds ofhe country. tomorrow, yolike today, you're going to love torrow with breezy conditions and sunshine in n england. clouds and showers in the pacific nohwest. >> i like the nsch al bter than the al al. >> is that where you're gog to go? you're sayinthis to me in my face. i don't believe this. >> you have toalk like this more.
9:33 am
not pecting any of that in this area, bute are goingo be warm today. in the 80s. ramping up in the upper 60s by lunchtime. at 4:00 p.m., 72 degrees. we're looking good eewhere with tempetures climbing from e upper 50snto the low 60s and 70s latern toy. 71 degrees in san frcisco. east bay looks good. 80 degrs. our next chance for rain mov an area of lowressure starts move into the area, and this could bring us maybe e-tenth of an ch of rein. andhat's your latest weather. >> you're normal w. what happened? >> does this happen to you? yourab a handful of pas thinking it's the perct serving and you endp with a pot fu of left overs? we'll help youecome a prin the kitchen. the five things you need to know from theuthor of latin delight. delicious tin recipesith a healthy twist. good to see you. >>ood morning,l and, no, bacon isot included >> oh.
9:34 am
>> you're going to show us how to make the perfe sunny se up egg, right? >> make sure you sta at your heat mium to high. rfectly preheated. you do your egg fst in little cup so that you make sur you don't break your yolk. >>right. >> you put it in -- >> does it have to be a nonstick pan? >> yes. i like using corn oil because it doesn't change my flavor. lowered m heat tomedium, low, cover it. that way it cooks evenly from the heat retention from the lid. we'r going to leave it but this is how it's going tolook. >> how long doest ke? >> it would be aut three minutes. >> three minute egg. perfect. >> i am always one of these people that grab the whole box and om. >>our it all in there, right? >> i always use this rule of thumb. u grab a fist full like a quarter. >> yes. >> and that's like a portion, right so in it goes. salt, now people think that you do salt for -- so that it cooks more and faster, that's not
9:35 am
true. it only 2 degrees so it doesn't make aifference but you want to do that for flavor. the big n no, no oil. >> really? why? >> because it creat a bayer for later the sauce t flavor it. so what you do want to do al, you can lp us is the first three mite of the pasta, you stir it. that's when the pasta releases it's starch and tends to ge together. only the first minute you stir. >> in the pot. >> she swears by this thing. >> i know. she does. but okay so apparentl it's got fo one ption and f two but this is a portion if you're on a mega dieif you ask me. this is for you al. >> one person. >> so go with the two. >>ammie whatever works for yo and this is thewo portion. >> for little ks that might be a person. >> yeah. >> so how about -- >> hf a cup or 2-third of cup. >> marinade. this is basic.
9:36 am
half aciditynd half oil. you can do lemon or orange, negar if you want. oil, we do some, smash three garlics and now here you get to pl whatever fresh herbou have at he is fine. we have rosemary. let's put it in with thyme and fresh o regulregano. just go to yr spice cabit. >> how long do you leave it ? it's already starting to cook a little bit here. >> actually steak, easily two to four hoursou can do. if you're goingo do fish, only minutes because youill ck like that -- >> there yougo. >> shrimp i hard to get it just right. >> remember the abc's natalie. >> okay. >> we pu it t cook. once it shrinkso an o it's overcooked. c is cooked. this is perfely cooked a --
9:37 am
>> too much. >> overcooked. >> okay. >> salad dressing. >> saladressing we start with half a c of oil and then you do four tableoons - you always want too a little bit less of the acidity thanou do for the oil. >> apple cider vinegar which is neutl, a little bit of mustard, a ltle bit of salt. >> herbs. >> shake it up and guess what, al? i use a sippy cup, a baby sippy cup because it's even distribution that way you don't douse your salad. >> kathie lee and hoda usehat same thing. >> takes them all day to drink. >> thank you so much. >> thankou guys. >> coming up next, afterore than 30 years, willie reunites with a chihood friend. turns out she isn big fish right here in new york city. big broadw star right after this. my name is lee kaufman. married to morty kaufman. [ lee ] now that i'm getting older some things are harder to do. th is not a safe thing to do.
9:38 am
be carel babe. there should be some way to make it easie [ doorbl rings ] let's open iup and see what's cookin'. oh i like that look at this it'sot a handle on it. i don't have tclimb up. this yellow part up here really catches a lot of the dust. did yonotice how clean it looks? morty are you listeng? morty? [ morty ] i'm listening! i want you to know i got is. [thinking] is it that time the son picks up the check? [thinkin i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's ving. i ho he saved enough. o matters most to you says the most out you. at massmutual we'rowned by ourolicyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401) you are ready for retirent, we'll help you gethere. [ corbett ] if you haven't checked your medicare druglan this year, you could be at e corner of "i'm throwing awayoney" an"i had no idea."
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9:41 am
sleenumber stores tionwide. sleep mber. comfort individualed we all say whatever happened to- >> yeah. >> ahildhood friend, someby yo worked with. and ol friend we have been talkg it's easy to lose touch overti. >> for me itas a little girl med katieith the red hair. we were born hours apart.
9:42 am
we were best nursery school buddies but when i was five my family moved away and thatas the last i saw of her. the other day i found her, now a tony nominatedtar on broadway. >> this is the sto of katie with the red hair. at's me in the picture wit her. the year i 1978. toy i'm abo to see her for the first time in me than 30 years. >>ll right katie with the red hair, let see whatou got. >> kate baldw as the rest of the world knows her stars in the broadway show big fish. >> hi. oh my gosh. it's so gd to see you. >> good to see you. i'm so proud of you. >> thank you. >> you were inedible. >> thank you so much. >> they didn't have daffodils but they' yeow. >> tt's perfect.
9:43 am
>> what have youeen up to the last 33 years? >>et me tell you. >> wre were we? let's take it up to 1980. just fill me in o theast 33 years. >> oh my goodness. so made itn theater predictably. moved here in 1999. this is my fifth broady sh. [ singing ] >> i was bornt evanston hospital less than 12 hours after kate. >> our moms friended one another. >> your mom chose the daycare center which m momaid now in hi hindsight was a little gritty. >> i think ssmoked. >> in the classroom. >> everyone di >> i guess it was a couple o years ago my mom calls t mend says katie with the red hair is a huge broadway star. and i said come . and by the way, we sll call
9:44 am
you katie with theed hair. kate baldwin reduced t katie with the red hair. >> what's reunion without going through embarrassing old phos. >> this is somhing i never gave up. i still do it. >> there's t garland. my mom labeled it under the mi miletoe. you were a kisser. >>o you remember that >> yes i do. because my babyrother was born. >> right. >> and i spent the night atour house. >> and that's wh i put the moves on you? at age 2? >> i don't think it was quite that. >> whoa. >> i want to apologize for that. that sous very traumat for you. this one i know you take particular pleasure in. >> how cute is that? >> that's a 70s romper aou had the knee socks to go with it. >> sure i did. >> there's jodi geist. >> our moms were beautil, wen't they? >> withhe 70s feathered ir. >> a long way from the nursery
9:45 am
scol to the great white way for katie with the red hair. >> it's so cool to see you. >> it'sool to see you too. >> and i'm so proud of you and you're out of diapers and not drooling anymore >> i don't have a sandwich in my face >> eight piers you learned your abcs. congratulations. >>ice to see you. so great to see her. yocan catch tony nomineeate baldwin, aka katie with the red hair in big fish through december december 29th. you hit it off again. >> i haven't see her since we re five yea old. our moms kep in touch and she turns up on broadway. incredible. >> ntastic. coming up next, it's one of the most prevalent diseases in this country, diabetes. >> what u need to kw to keep you and your family healthy after these ssages. across america peoe are taking charge of their type 2 diabeteswit. for a while, i took pill to lower my blood sugar,
9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:49 am
[ cats are smart. lgate® slimsoft™. so they deserve new fresh ep scoopable litter. it eliminates odorwith carbon annatural plant extracts. it's the sma litter for smart cats. nearly 26 millionhildren and adults inhis country have diabetes. according to t american diabetes associationnother 79 million have what's called ediabetes. >> so what are the sympts of the disease and how can you prevt it? shes at the johns hopns
9:50 am
diabetes center and david is a regiered dietitian and autr of the best things youan t. od morning to both o you. >> good morning. >> let's talk first about when you educate pients and you he the question allhe time, what's the differee between type one diabetes an type two? >> education is so key to what we do. in type one diabetes, the ncreas cannot produ any insulin at all. so patients need to be on insulin right away. type tw the pancreas sti produces insulin but the body doesn't know what to do. can't respond. insulin resistance is a problem type one is more common in kids. pe two diabetes i more linked family history and obesity. >> what's some of t risk factors as we talk about those? >> fily history is a bigisk factor for type two abetes. ethnicity, minority populations, african american, asn, indians, hispic. overweight or obese, physical inactivity.
9:51 am
gestational diabetes is a big risk factor f women as well. >> let's talk about symptoms really quickly. what do you look for? >> we call them the polys, freqnt ination, frequen thirst and feeling hgry a lot. metimes nauseous. weight loss is a common sympt people will see because the body can't metabolize glucose as well. >> what are we looking at? >> we've seen a tremendous grth in wt we can offer our paents with diabetes in terms of the devices and technology we have. this is what we call a self-monitor glucose meter and what the patientill do is ty will take a test strip and insert the tt strip in the meter. >> right. >> it will calibrate to make suret's the right met and the right test strip and then there will be a sign that say apply blood. on this end is where the pient will apply blood. they'll do susing a lancet.
9:52 am
now we have devices that ma it easier for patients to use. yocan see the needle here. tiny. they put the cap on. they press the button, the nele comes in and out. >> and you can adjust the depth as well. >> so much better than i used to be. we'll this >> wwant to get to the nutrition over here. >> welcomeo my world. >> okay. let's tk about what the diet looks like for somebodyho is en prediabetic ordiabetic? >> the main message here is don't look at this a diabetic diet. this is acceptablfor the entire family. aot of tse things we thought maybe shodn't be in the diabetic diet, i'm here to show they're perft. >>ugar is a lot of tho that people think you can't have sugar at all. >> we have a lower sug chocolate milk. berry. blueberries, raspberries, strawberries. anything of that natu.
9:53 am
it's a great choice. we he rich eggs which are ntastic for helping toeduce inflammation. key message is sta off your day with 15 to 25 grams of protein you don't overeat. >> what should by looking at on the lel? >> carbohydrate is the mn thg you want toook at and corol that thughout the course of the day. >> thank you so much. quick segment and we're back in a mome. this is "today" nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
> kathie lee and hoda are u next. ladies, what can we lk forward to? >> i have no idea. >> you're inspiring . >> yes, you e. this is a big one. >> the blacklist? >> that's one thing. >> and we have the blacklist
9:56 am
good morning to u. 9:56. just into our newsroom, a 3.4 gnitude quake has shaken the east bay. itit about 3 minutes ago nea san mon. no word on any injurs or dama, but certainly a story we will keep our eye on for you.
9:57 am
anwhile, the search for a san fransco city college studen missing for almost a weeks ramping u today. the s francisco special victims unit is nown the case of 20-year-old dek schau. his famil says no one haseard om him since thursday when he was last seeneaving his family home itheay view about :00. if the 49ers make the playoffs aon smith might have to take a bak forhe court appearance. smh pleaded not guilty in court sterday. those charges stem from a party at his home and are linked to thremilitary-style assault weapons. it is thearmest day of the week i thinkhat's what christina loren, you said that earlier. >> yeah. it's going to be a reay nice day toy. good morning. temperures right now climbing into the 60s. st bay looking good. safrancisco, check this out, 70s in november. 71 deges at 4:00 p.m., and highs elsewherere going to be comfortable. 72or san jose. 70 at menlo pa.
9:58 am
the inner ricond distct, 69 degrees, and we're forecasting 80sike pleasantton. if you get the seveday forecast at the bottomf our scre. every single region acrosshe bay aa is covered. always covering your eire drive, here's mike. >> most ofur drives are covered with cars. right now the worst is ove here three fre meopolitan. south 880, you're really packed in here traveling downowards dixon movied. thers a stretch of orange and yellow staing to lighten ua crash that caused a late backup ading to the south bay, and we typically see late clearing through the ares well north 101, 280, and 88 on the south bay. over on the pinsula we had an earlier alert that has cleared, marla. back to you. >> thanks. we'll be back 10:26.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, th is "today"ith kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, on this kind of chilly wines day wednesday, novemr 13th. it's a great show today. we've been here a long time already. >> yes. you were tsing your big piece that you're going to have on. >> yes, my most inspirational. was and continues to be the rerend billy graham. anyone who knows him, he insists being called billy,hich is precus. i han'teen it yet. looking forward to it. >> c't wait to s that.
10:01 am
and "the blacklist. >> thais a runaway success. this is really h breakout role. >> we've been talkg about her hair, whether you like theig she wes, her own hairdo. we'll talk about it. let's ta about our matt. >> out in los angeles, on his y back now. he was a veryusy boy. >> he was. heas on leno, which we'll talk out in a moment. he was on ellen, okay we wondered last time he was on eln, he dand a little. >> something you don't usually see them doing, which i a great show. >> which also is wt happened sterday with matt. >> sexiest accent on the globe is -- >>french. >> fnch. >> i like the british. i ke the southern. >> you do? >> yeah i like southern. ere's something abo a southern. >> she lived inhe south for ng time,folks. there's something about that cent that i just like. it's slow. it's soft. >> it's seductive, ye ma'am.
10:02 am
>> we uld like to apologize sothing. apologize. here why. there's a global wine shortage. >> global wine ortage. it's coming. that was an actualtranscript. i don't knowhat they're doi there. >> i think i saw that show. >> really? >> i did, yeah. that's not out of theordiry. >> no, it is not. thatig was -- matt's wig was awful. >>eally bad. really bad. remember theast time you and i did ellen, i took -- she had t huge glass of red wine in front of me and i chugged the whole thing and you all fell for it. you thought it was rl wine. it wasn't >> no, it wasn't, indeed. >> it wasn'tood. itas grape juice. >> gra juice. it's kind of sad when they read oxact transcripts. was at really it? >> yeah, that was it. why did you go to college? >> i don know. anyway, th whole tng will be on ellen's sho today. >> today. >> and matt was on jayleno. >> a lot of people have been asking mattbout that bathing
10:03 am
suit he wore for halloween and how it all came to be. >> and loo so womanly. >> to look so -- he is tly a man and we know. >> oh, really? >> uh-huh. >> yway, let's listen. >> willie geist decided he would do did hasselhoff anthey needed a pam anderson. >> did you volunte for thi or -- >> yeah. >> wow. oh, w. >> it's freaking my kids out. they sayo me after halloween, dad, y're making it tough at school. you really are. >> how do you keep everying in place in a suit like that? >> that isalled the "turday night li" people and our rdrobe people call i a concealer. ithighghts what women wear under their eyes for wrinkles. it was aevice invented durg the spanishinquisition. this doesn't look like much, but this is like anx injected with plutonm. this thing is a little torre chamber. >> i assume you can have no more children after wearing this. >> no, no, there are no more
10:04 am
children. i had to wear this for an hour and a ha. it basically puts them where you can't see them. >> right. right. >> and then you keep your fingers crossed wn you take it off they come back. >> right. >> we kept looking, too. we kept looking. you couldn'teep your es off hi >> yououldn't tell. well,peaking of man/woman nfusion -- >> are you going to tell that story, ho? >> no. okay so, what hapned -- okay. soe went outside. >> we went t sayi to everybody, very nice people. >> people are bundled . >> quickly, we re saying hi hi, hi, hi, hi. we came up to a person a kathie sd oh, my go we he to keep h hands warm. and then she took a double take and said her hands. she had such a tight hat on and no makeup. >> and you couldn't tell. i'm not sure you'reright. i'not 100% su.
10:05 am
>> iust wanted to warm up her hands, that's all. u wanted to get a first look at thelovers? the lovers. >> "fifty shades of grey," jamie dornin and dakota joson. in clothes, which i doubt they'll wear for much of the movie. >> he does have his t wrapped around his hands, that will be a prominent player, that tie, in the actual movie. >> yeah. >> anyway, i don't knowow i ctured them. i pictured -- >> youead the book. i didn't. i was so busy reading my bible, hoda. and i didn't he time. wanted to ask you, is that the way you pictured christian grey and anastasia someing? >> pictured him more as the gordonecko type. i liked michael douglas, like in that time- michael douglas in "fal attraction." >> oh, my gosh i did. i like him in almost everything. >> also like him i "last
10:06 am
vegas." she did apparently say she doesn't want her mother and father to seehis movie. that's what you and i talked out when i -- youknow cas just nished, wrapped a second fi this past summ. i think about it all the me, what's going toappen if she ever does somethi that she's not gog to want me to see. >> this is a tough withino shoot. if you've read the book, i don know how you're going to shoot a lot of that movi >> ihas to have an x rating doest it? >> i guess. >> it hits theatersn valentine's day. >>o you know what cracks me ? you read one, and that was enou for you. natalie, of all people, read all three books. >> aouple of times, i thk. not just one read through. i think she went backnd went back again. >> and joanne st m -- i told her i hav no intert in reading the book. she sent it to me five times. i haven't read . i'm not going t read it. >> lady gaga- i saw you reading it. >> i did not rea it. although frank -- this is funny. frank was on a plane.
10:07 am
he saw it at a boo stor one of those hudson news' or somethg and he said what's everybody taing about? he had no idea. frank gets it. >> did he get it? >> ye. he read about -- >> did he rd it? >> yeah. i said youalked around with that? >>ecause everyone knows that cover. >> eept for frank. >> so ladgaga, you guys, is on the cover of lamour" magazine. wh that "glamour" awar ceremony -- was itast night? >> no, night before. >> monday night. >> she said i wish i didn't look glamorous on the cov of the magazine. i wish it wasn't quite -- my hair didn't look so soft and my skin so air brushed. >> and she was air bshed by the -- >> the ton of her thing s, you know what? shwas bullied when she was yoger and doesn't think anyone should be perfect.
10:08 am
when shehowed up at the "glamour" awards with thehite wig and pasty makeup, pt of it seemed like a bit of a statement. she did thank "glaur" and said can't thank the people from "glamour" enough. whoever, i wishhe cover would have gone to lala, t young pakistani girl. >> i wishhe nobel peace prize hagone to her. i think a lot of pple do. >> "glamo" magazine did respond to gaga's comments. it says we lov the cove which captures exactly the way gagalooked at oushoot. but we think her bigger pot, that women le malala a cover worthy and we couldn't agree more. we'rproud of the diversity of thwomen we show on our pages and th diversity of opinions they reprent. frankly, gaga's willingnesso challenge the american institutions think is the rson we decided to honor her. >> good. >> they do tk about body image. on "accs hollywood" or one of those shows i was watching,
10:09 am
jennifer -- >> jenniferlawrence. >> yeah, from -- >> she' at, 22 years old? >> she ss she's tiredf women criticizing others and let's take listen to what she has to say. >> when girls are so mean to each other. 're so unpportive. i watch these shows a the media and wch these women on the television shows pointing to these women and judging them and calling themgly and calling them fat. it's jt like, where have we come? why are we here? why are we doing this t each other? women thatre not suprtive of other women probabl makes me the most angry. i was also a tnager watching these older women who were role models a celebrities and lookinup to themnd i thi that the media does turn bli eye to the responsibility that we have to set a good example for how to talk to each other and how to relate to each other. >> every timehe speaks i like hemore. >> i know. >> every time she says sothing. >> yeah. there's something aut her. >> yeah. >> "t voice"as on last
10:10 am
night. >> everybody pformed, 12 people, right? >> the was an elimination. two peop got cut. >> oh, dear. >> fit, though, sah borellis perford. let's tch a little bit of this. ♪ i wonder what would happen if youay what y want to say lethe words fall out honestly i want to see you b brave ♪ >> a bunchf the gls sang with her. what happened yesterday was two people got iminated. instead of showing you all of them -- keep in mind most people made it. there were three in the bottom tier. of those three, one got saved. one got saved thrgh twitter. >> okay. >> soeople vote for the record one. let's see if we c choose which one made it out of the botto three. ♪ i wt you to know i artin' with the man in the rror i'm asking him to change his
10:11 am
ways ♪ ♪ and no message could have been any clearer ♪ ♪ maybe could c for help maybe i could kid melf blame it on the addaby ♪ ♪ear of god try it's another day another day for you and me in paradise ♪ >> what do you think? >> i think that america, twitter, would heaved the second singer. >> that's what i wasoing to say. in the short amounte goto e, the most dynamic performance. >> performance. >> right. >> so, wer we ght? >> the artist in third place based on the instant save and, therefore, leaving us tonht is
10:12 am
johnny give him a round of applause, everybody. america instantlyave d -- kat. >> that's justmean. it must seine seem likehe longest time. >> the credits we rolling. the show was over. they me you wait until the st second >> that's why like watching it with you the next day. >>ne of the talents, johnny, he's going to come singor . kathie l is going to tell us alabout t remarkable person who inspire her. the one, the only billy graham. >> he ha been my dear iend for years. i can't wait to see what our produc, allie berger, put together.
10:13 am
we'll chat with megan buhne from "the ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] kleenex tissues help stop moistu better than the lding competitor.
10:14 am
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10:16 am
offer valid through 12/31/. apply today. walmar "the blklist," tv's number one new drama. >> what did you say? >> numr one new drama. >> starring jes spader as a fugitive who turnsimself in and megan boone who plays an agent. althoughhe may be a rookie -- >> a rookie and a cookie. >> did you hear me? i said i needis new name. give it toe or i'll have your field office faster than you can say tummy tuck. >> it's not always a comedy. how are u? >> pretty well. >> i would say, yes. the hours you're working, but you're oa hit show, baby.
10:17 am
working across from james and all the great actors o that show. itas to be like a pinch me. i can't belie it's happening to me. >> i don't feel like it's me. i feel le it's a movie unfolding before myyes and i'm like, w, thatirl is really lucky. >> you've actually been wking an actress for a long time, haven't you? >> ah. i've been worki in edutional thter and i've gwn up ting. with his a 5-year-old girl puttinglays on, on my back porch wh my coin, you know? >>right. >> it's always been a pason of mine. i love it. i think that thiis all happening at the right time i came together with this role. and -- >> h did you get therole? ho did that come to be? >> iought for it. i w like a little soldier tress. >> really? >> yeah, elbowing through the trenches. >> hdreds and hundreds of actresses for these roles but you knew when you read through the script tha it was going to be magical.
10:18 am
>> i did. i'm not the kind of person that i can think of a role i would like to play. i n't ever project that but when i readit, i know. and iust knew. >>'m sorr just real quick. the hair, we need to get that voting going. >> the voting thing. >> how does my hair look? >> iove ithort like that. >>ut your character is wearing a wig? >> tt's right. >> we want to know, while we' talking abouit, we want our viewers too to and vote. do you like this shorter look -- >> sexy a flirty. it's te. >>r do you like the long and flowy lookhe has for the show? is it comrtable wearing that wig when you're acting or do you notice it? >> sorry, were you asking a question? >> you know,here are some acrs who -- like british tors wear ws a lot. >> helps them get into charact actually. >> i find it to be a nice ritual at the end of the day to take the wig off, can the makeup off, go home.
10:19 am
>> and take the character off, too. >> leave work behind me. >> what does happen when you go me, miss boone? >> iearn my lines for the next day. >> oh, is that right? >> then i go to sleep and get up and i shoot the show again. and on days that you're off, like today, you come and talk about the show. it a grind, we know. we're glad y're here. >> no, i glad i'm here, too. you guys are a blast. >> you sweet ing, where did you get that gorous complexion? >> i grew inflorida. myfamily's retirement mmunity. >> oh. that's the business, so -- >> okay. >> i gre up with golf cart lanes, golf crses everywhere you can look. ana lot of wondeul family who isery supportive of me now. >> it looks like you've never been out in e sun aay in yourlife, though. >> you look eat. i keep telling hoda. >>sucreen, guys. sunscree >> tell her, please. >> we're going to find o right now, immediately. that's howe do. weighing in on your hair. would you li to know what people think is th.
10:20 am
>> what do you think they said? >> i think that they said short hair. >> that they lik better? >> if i had to guess. >> go short or stay lg for the show, 55% want you to stay long for the show. 45% sd short. soong is the winner. >> are you serious? >> but it was cle. it was very close. >> ok. >> now if it was an election -- butt's no >> thankfully. >> you looadorable. happy for you. say hello to james for us, okay? >> thank you. >> you can catch that hot new show "the acklist" on monds, 10:00, 9:00 central rightere on nbc. fun ge of "who knew" you'll want to take stock in with a very special guest. >> he sure is. lookut there. itooks like we're getting a special delivery from the postal rvice, hoda woman. >> we can't tell you what it is. we promise you'll be spellbound >> we can't tell you what it is. we pr[ male aouncer ]spellbound this is ji a man who doesn't sta still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation -- irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve proem. that puts m at a greater risk of stroke.
10:21 am
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10:22 am
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crave thoscrazy squares®. all the natural energy fod in peanuts? innamon toast crunch caramel works. payday. crunchy, roasted peanuts and soft, licious caramel come tether to give you sweet energy. fill up and go. da and i are about to get a verypecial delivery fromhe united states postal svice. if y're a fan of the harry
10:24 am
potter sir serie you're familiarith the owl both in which they deliver the mail. >> what do we ve here? >> randy, thank you. do you have a package for us? of course you do. smile there. thanksrandy. >> it oks like this holida season you'll able to send yourwn magical card and letts with the new limit edition harry pott stamps. >> harry potter stamps. >> and the postal services giving u an exclusive look. since they're a littlesmall, there are 20 in this, but we'll show you five of them. are you ready? >> ready? >> firstne is -- >> go! >> go! >> there's hry. >> harry potter. >> and t second one is -- whoop! >> hermione. >> bring it down, sister. d -- >>hoop! >>hat guy. >> oh, that's dumbledore. >> and -- whoo that one. oh, that'soldemort. and -- wop!
10:25 am
and to the end, everybody. whoop. careful. >>edwig. we're playing a very special "who knew." >> yes, we are. >> joanne who sha remain nameless -- there should be some way to make it easier. [ doorbell rings ] [ morty ] re's a box, babe. open it up. oh my goodness! wh is a wetjet? some kind of a mopping dice. the's a lot of dirt on here. morty, ok at how easy it is. it's almost like dancing. [ both humming ] this is called the swiffer dance. [ both humming ] instant sk smoother.? l' erases my lines andrinkles. my skin looks rbrushed. erases ma true mirac!nkles. miracle blur. in seconds it eras the look of lines. anwrinkles. and pores see it, believit, try it. l'eal miracle blur. [ ding! ] losing your chex mix too easil time to deploy e boring-potato chip decoy bag.
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10:27 am
neighborhoods in the north bay, incling the new graton resort and casino. the driver craed into the pole about 10:50 last night and may haveit a transformer. the light pole is located on roberts lak road nr highway that's about a mile northwest of the gron casino. this is what it looked like inde the casinohen the lights shut off. most othe slot machines were dark, but the was still enough light inside to keep people safe. we'll check the forecast a the roads aftethe break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
>> temperatures e going to he wanted up in the 70s a 80s for today making this the wmest da of the week. rit around 70 on th peninsula today. the sout bay willit 72, and the warm spotill be out in the tri-vall at about 80 degrees. just want to show youhe difference, though, between temperaturesre going to those tumble. expectinplenty of 60s and upper 50sn saturday with the storm syem headed thiway. remember, you can cch your seven-day at the bottom of the screen. we'll time out that storm system today at 11:00. here's mike and your morning drive. >> good morng. we're looking overere towards the san mateo idge. it got a lot lighter or the last half hour, and as you loo at the maps, tffic flows smoothly, except for south 101. the latest crash still took a while to clear from third, but nowe're seeing the lanes recover as tho cars have mov to the shoulder there. nice easy drive across the bay. we're looking at fremont also with se late slowing. an earlier crash at dixon landing road have thingsied up, but a much smoother drive,
10:30 am
lighter traffic approaching missioboulevard. southbound 880. >> we'll hav much more local news comg up in 30 minut at 11:00. we hope to see y then. "today" on this winesay wednesday. we're read to play"who knew," marking the anniversary of the debu of the first stockicker with someall street tri wra. >> we ar >> yes, we are. thie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store, ready to hand out 0 bucks to thos who got the answer right. to those whodon't, they get kathie lee cd. how lky are they? power lunch ancho tyler maeson, who we should disclose, happens to behe husband of our senior producer joe ann lamarca. why is your wife scared ? >> i don't kno maybe i'll have to get the answers wrong and have to go
10:31 am
back wh five kathie lee cds. i don't know. >> tyler, i going to forget you said that,ll righ thisovely lady is celebrating her second or9th or -- she sa she's 39 again. yway, you're from pennsylvania? >> yes. happy birthday. >> tnk you. >> here is your question. hog, h-o-g, is the sck symbol for whichcompany? horm fos? >> hormelfoods. >> no, but you lucky birthday girl. >> t correct answer is harley davidson. >> harley davidson, the acronym for harley owners group and the g bikes called hogs, which originated with a harley motorcycle gro that raced and thr mascot was a ho when theywon, they would put the hog on the bike. now you knowore than maybe you ever wanted to know out hogs. >> y're right. harley davidson, hog is their ticker. >> how a you doing, joanne?
10:32 am
>> what does ipo stand for, investment plan option, initial publ offering, immediate paper orr? >> b. >> you are right, indeed. >> absolutely right. that is theirst day that a company begins to sell its stock on the open market. last week,f course, twitter, e most famous one. >> how is twitter doing now? >> it's come dn a little bit om the first price that day, but up from its initial offering pre. they raised aut $14 billn, $1 billion. >>hump chan. across again to kathilee. >> in the film "wall street," gordon gekko pyed by michael douglas said all othe following expt, life allomes wn to a few moments. thiss one of them. lunch is for wis. debre for lack of a bter wordis good. blue who are shoe loves annicott steel. >> the third e. >> no >> no, no, no no, no. it's a lovely, lovely good thing. >> the correct answer is, a,
10:33 am
life all comes downo a few moments. >> that is thene he didn't say. my apologies whos from my wonderful hometown o arlington, virgia. michael douglas won the oar for that, his portrayal of gordon geo, the 20th most memorable movie characterf all times. >> is that right? yes. >> i didn't know that. back acros the stree to kathie lee. >> of the following, who has not ru the opening bell at the new york stock exchange ronald reagan, her, the aflac duck or kathie e and hoda? >> i hope iwas theafc duck. [ buzzer ] >> . go, enjoy. >> theorrect answer is us. we are the only ones who hav't ru -- >> in that gro you're right below a duck. >> that's rude, tyler. >> but you two rang the opening bell over at nasdaq. >> we did. did. i think the's proof we did it. >> back in 2009, the you are. >> that was a long time ago. >> to mark, among other ings,
10:34 am
the appearance of miss america on your oadcast. >> we have time for one more. >> marion, indiana. >> the bull and the bear are symbolic of wall stet. the bearymbolizes when stocks are down becausehey squat down, swipe their paws down when fighting, are always grumpy or all the above. >> i guess it's all of the above. [ buzzer ] i gue it' no i guess you're one lucky guy. >> good day for kathie le the correct answer is >> is b. there are lots of legends about th. onef them that mosy has stuck is the ia tt bears sw their bear down when they're battlg the py and bulls swipe up withheir horns. if you buy that, you buy that. >> joan? how did he do? >> okay? athie lee's inspiration is probably familiaro you. wel talk about and to hi an ""the biggest loser" trainer ♪
10:35 am
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tell youroctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swellin trouble breathing, ra, hives, blisters, changein eyesight incling blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, or tired feeling. common sideffects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, le and feet. don't dri alcohol while taking lyrica. don't driver use machinery untilou know how rica affects you. those who havead a drug orlcohol problem may be more lily to misuse rica. with less fibromygia pain, i'feeling better with lyrica. asyour doctor about lyrica today. now to our specialeries "ipired by," sharing our
10:39 am
personal stories. on tuesd i shared the story of two people who inspiredme. today is your tu. >> y, it is, hoda woman. i've bn inspired by this person for nrly 50 years. to me, he's much me than an inspiration. he is my dear friend. and las week i had the privilege of celebrati his 95th birthday with him. here is a look atow billy graham inspired me. >>f you were not saved. >> nothing is toe compad to the ve of go >> god is to be trusted en when life seems at its darkest. what is need is a moral and spiritual renewal. >> i've never met, in my life, a more powerful man who is as humb as billy is. >> jesus said, i am the truth. >> i was 12 years old, almost 13. and i walked in the door while my mother and sister weren
10:40 am
their knees sobbing a i ought maybe the president had been killed o something. and they said, no, they had just tched billy graham and both of them had bee saved through watcng the power of his message through aelevision screen. a few weeks later "the resess ones" were playing thrgh this theater. it's about a young girl on the cu of when you start to make big decisionin yr life, the kind that your parents don't make for you. am i going to go toward that way of faith and trust god to make something beautiful out of my life or a i going to go the world's way? >> the moment you receive him, he gives you a new nature and the por to live the kind of life that you suld live. i felt that i hrd god say to me, and not audibly -- it wasn't weird thing. it was magnificently sweet and simple thin i lov you, kathie. and if you'll tru meith your life, i will make something beautiful of it.
10:41 am
>> get out of your seat, come up out of your seat. >> ge us analter call like in a movie theater and saidhoever would like to comeorward and ma this leap of fth and i could not t out of my seat fast enough. i haveever stopped believing it. i'm then, i'm 60 now. greast decision i ever made in my life. my entire family came t faith through bill >> this fine gentlem here has been sopecial iny life. >> i was doing a christmas special re at my house. fit people said, you know, he never ds anything, ever. i said okay, i understand. next thing you know, theyalled me and said billyould be delighted to ba part o your special. so, was so touched. i was so grateful. he shows up at my house! and i said, billy, iust want you to know, if there's anything we can get you, anythin you would like. he has a littlewinkle and he
10:42 am
goes, anything? and i went, yeah. he goes, could iave aig mac? and i thought, billy graham likes big macs. you've got to ve it. he's just human. when i wt through very, very tough times, when ias accused of awful things the first pne call iot was from billy graham. when my husband was unfaithful to me and it was a terble me, you know w bil called first? frank. he called fra first. and he wantedo talk to both of us. he knewhat healing had to be r both o us. the dayhat the lord finally calledilly home, i will be overwhelmed th sadness tha my friend is physically gone and i will be overjoyed with love for himnd gratitude tt he is in heaven and his struggle will be over and the lord will say to
10:43 am
him, well ne, my good and faithful servant. i hope i can wrapy arms around his deareck as i have so many times thugh these years and say, for t last time, thank you, lly. iove you. >> and iid get that oppounity just last thursday night, hoda frank and i flew down t asheville, nnessee. andhere were so many people around him. but at the vy end, i was able to just walk over. like the sea parted. there he was. i got up real close to him and i id, billy, it's kathie lee. and he goes, oh, kathie lee, i love you. >> oh, my. >> i sa, billy, how can i thank you what you've done for me and my family? i love y so much. and the second time, he said, and i love you, kathie lee. and i hav't stopped cryi, thinking about it, since. i send my love to him.
10:44 am
>> that was beautiful. that was really beautiful. >> thank you, allie berger, who did a beautiful, beautiful job on that >> ye tomorrow, matt is going to tell usis most inspiring. >> a carson will sha ♪ christmas opping is done!!! go unload the ca weaven't even decorateyet. butop brands with confence with our new christmas ad match. even if you find a lower advertised price later, we'll give you the fference on a gift card. butop brands with confence with our new christmas ad match. walmart. i'my body doesn't work the way it used . st my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. eat grains protein blend. protein fr natural ingredients like seeds a nuts. it helps support a healthy metaboli. great grains protein blend not financily. so we switched to the bargain detergent
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for 15 seasons, n's "the biggest loser," has been helpi contestants get healthy. >> ruben stodda, who hadeen bootd off the ranc >> dolvett convince, trainer on thshow, and also trained angela bassett and justin bieber. he is proming to help you drop 10 pound in 21 days th ts from his book "the 3-1-2-1 diet." >> how are w going to do it? >> how will we lose all that ight in that little time?
10:49 am
>> cousion, strength and cardio, your body responds to that. you eat clean three days, cheat on one day, e clean for two days and cheat for one day. and then go back. there's portion control throughout the book. specifrecipes, smooies in the book. >> whenou deprive yourself of something you crave it constantly. >> and think aut it so much. >> you go right back to . >> a eat more of it thanou would have. >> this is lifestyle book. >> you can lose weight by doing thcheatays every so often? >> not that the are che -- >> all right. moving on. >> angela basset don't. >> oh, no, she doesn't. >> iit hard t train celebs, by the way? no, it's not. they have an agenda. >> it's their job. >> they wanto look the best. so, it's not hardt all. >> show u a couple of exercises we can do. a lot of people do sit during their day atomputers and
10:50 am
things. >> hoda,ou go here. kathie lee you go here. >> we don't hav too much time. >> you don't have a lot time. yeah. >> put youhands on the back of a chair, f example, and do leg extensio. >> i do that. >> keep isolated. feel it in your hamstring and your glut >> uh-huh. >> add twis raise the knee up, take itown and take it back. >> h! >>on't fall on me. >> now you'reorking your quad. >> one more. what's your best one >> go wi. >> you go wide. >> we have spanx on. we can't do that. >> that'sy -- >> that's just wrong. >> thas doable. >> there you go. she's doing it. you can do it. do yours in a little -- get hip action in there. >> talk to hoda tha way. >> the 3-1-2-1 diet. >> sticking around to answer your diet and exercise questions. u can catch "the biggest
10:51 am
loser" tuesday nhts at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc. >> so go. >> oe you get in shape you'll wanto show off your toned bodies in sexy lingie. >>hrowing a pajamaarty next. >> hello! [ female announcer ] now your most dzling accessory can be your smile.
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wheyou curl up in bed at nit do you throw on a t-shirt and comfy eats? the majity of you said yes, that's exactly what you ar. >>hat's what you wear, hodie. >> tt's what we. >> comfy i't always sexy, hoda woman. here with linrie looks t keep things looking hot this winter stylexpert jene luani. >> you didn't get the memo to wear your pjs? i evenave my stuffed anal. >>e have jny first. >> shisticated woman. she's in an oscar de la renta
10:55 am
gown and robe. even when theemperatures drop, can you still look super sexy withou showing a lot o skin. >> that's gorgeous. >> high heel and everything. the robe is velvet. i don't kn if you can tell. ally super warm for the winter. >> very etty. >> thank you, jenny. >> really good prices. >> somethi more casual, we have clarissa. >> short and sweet andhe loves show offer shape. a ttle cleavage is always good. this isromlus size lingerie, hips and and really great for pear shapes, appl shapes, anyone who wants to show off cleavage and hide troub spotsbelow. >> in other words female shapes. >> every fale can wear these shapes and sizes. >> thank you. >> now we have jenea, name very close to yours. >> one of my best friends growing up. she has a secret to tell >> this is important.
10:56 am
>> just wt dow ten dress sizes. she worked really really hard. >> wow! yep. she's really actually showing at you can lookeyond the lingerie drawer. this is called hook-up shapewear, prevents thatread ed rolling down problem with other shapewear. >> like i have w. >>he went from a size 14 to a size 4. congratulations. >> alicia is here with something sportier. >> well, who says that -- >> i could wea that. >> y-inspired look from calvin klein. i added the frederick maribou slippers because she is all woman. >> yes, she is. i lovehat robe. it's adable. she canear these with anything. >> let's bring out our man of the hour. >> i'm sorry, but i see bulging
10:57 am
riles, arms. >> kathie lee. >> among other ems. >> i love a multipuose item. >> i bet youo. >> kath, you are nahty. long sleeve tee, it'srand new. great. it's anti-microbial, and -- >> we're not listening. >> tha you so much. >>hank you very much. >> coming up. >> thank you. >> the cast-o from "the voice wgs. >>hat's not a nice wor cast-off. >> he a happy wines day wednesday, everybody. god bless.
10:58 am
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i'm jon keey. >> i'm marlatellez. >>police in san jose are inveigating the city 40th homicide of the ye. this happened last night on east san antonio avenue right near the 680 on ramp. nbc ba area's bob rdell is live athe scene in eas san jose now with all the new informion. bob, good morning. >> good morning tu maa. according to family, this was it happened here in this cul-de-sac in the 2100 block of ea san antonio street. the son and dghter of the man who died arrived here this rning to see where


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